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DMK's and AP Target - Hindu Temples

Not DMK, not AP. But still christianism.


Quote:Forsaken by the Government, Goa Temple Panels Unite to tackle thefts, desecrations

08/01/2011 01:51:39

300 temple panels unite to tackle thefts, desecrations


PANAJI: Around 300 temple managements across Goa, from all eleven talukas in the state, have organized themselves under the banner of Gomantak Mandir and Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh to tackle cases of temple thefts and desecrations.

[color="#FF0000"]Speaking to reporters on Thursday, the Hindu leaders likened the state government's approach to the cases of desecrations of Hindu places of worship to that of the Portuguese regime in Goa during the colonial rule.[/color]

Co-coordinator of the Mahasangh, Jayesh Thali said, "In the past six years, more than 50 idols in temples have been desecrated. More than 250 temples have been looted. The government has shown apathy towards this issue and not worked out any effective solution to stop the attacks on temples."

Rajkumar Dessai, who is part of management of a temple located at Porvorim, said, "Portuguese laws are still in force in Goa to deal with temple thefts, only the name of the act has been changed. Under the act, there is no difference between a cupboard that is damaged and an idol in a temple that is desecrated. We want such laws to be discontinued."

The Mahasangh has mobilized the faithful from across the state for a joint meeting to be held on January 8, 2011 at the Sri Sant Gadge Maharaj hall at Porvorim starting 4pm.

During the meet, free of cost legal assistance will be provided to temple committees with regard to cases of thefts and desecrations and participants will be mobilized "to compel the government to work out effective measures to curb the desecration of idols of deities and the increasing temple thefts."

The Mahasangh is also against the state move of demolishing temples and Hindu shrines existing in government land.

Ramesh Shinde, head of the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti for the regions of Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra, said, "The Goa government should draw a concrete plan to stop these attacks on temples. The Sateri temple in Curchorem has been looted five times. In the last one year, there were 13 cases of temple thefts in Mapusa. This means there is no fear of law and order in the state. If there was patrolling following the thefts, these incidents would not have occurred over and over again."

If it all looks like an 'unfortunate' invisible assault on Hindus (i.e. if identity of virulently anti-heathen assailant is 'unknown') then it's christianism. (Even when it additionally benefits from contributions to this by its twin-self, islamania.)

Plus the local govt and its laws letting the Hindu temples get pillaged is christism too: christianism is leaning back and watching the destruction. It's all planned. But you know that.

Can't be caught forever with the finger in the cake (christianism was caught in documentation in the case of Rome, and caught on camera in the recent case of S Korea; christianism has been learning a thing or two since then of how openly to proceed, at least in early stages).

1. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...067&SKIN=K

See how Valayar Checkpost Auithorities welcome Ayyappa Devotees

11/01/2011 11:46:14 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du0xZwRV77M


Quote: Sunil

12/01/2011 07:53:57 We are far behind..

Good work by Manorama News.. But we should also have our own TV channel, I don't know why nobody is taking interest !!!

We are not able to bring such incidents to public notice as we don't have TV channel..

GSK Menon

12/01/2011 02:30:00 See how Valayar check post

This evidence is more than enough to file a complaint against the officer, and seek his immediate suspension.

Contrast this with how Haj pilgrims are treated. They are given a separate enclave itself in the Airport, no Immigration or Customs will dare ask them anything.

Hindus have to aggressively assert and dominate.


11/01/2011 20:47:42 shabrimala devotees

Can you please upload a similar vedion on how Haj going moslems are teated. Its a shame on Indian GOvt for votes they please moslems to send them to Haj on our tax money and treat hindu (majority) poorly.


2. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...092&SKIN=K

Quote:Sabarimala Tragedy and the death of Outrage

15/01/2011 01:26:42 Dr Babu Suseelan

[color="#0000FF"]The Sabarimala tragedy and untimely death of over hundred Ayappa devotees clearly demonstrates the callous disregard and devilish indifferent of the Marxist government’s apathy and disregard for Hindu devotees life. The Police and the Marxist government officials knew or should have been known that millions of Hindu Ayappa Bhaktas visit Sabarimala every year. Instead of providing effective services for Hindu devotees, successive anti Hindu governments in Kerala have been collecting increased taxes from Ayappas devotees for minimum services government agencies provided to Hindu pilgrims.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Age-old christian tactics to discourage heathenism in action.)[/color]

Several attempts were made previously to destroy Sabarimala Ayappa Temple. Timely Hindu outrage has stopped or prevented the destruction of one of the greatest Hindu Temples of Kerala. This tragedy again proves reality gives ways to illusion. This reckless and irresponsible behavior of the government again conclusively proves their disrespect and disregard for Hindus in Kerala.

We see such tragedies again and again in India. In Kashmir, Hindu devotees are forced to pay Jasiya to Muslim rulers while central and state governments are paying extra money and spent millions for Muslims to visit Saudi Arabia for beheading animals.

[color="#0000FF"]In much of modern India, there seems to be a belief that anything that involves mass death of Hindus ought to be forgotten. The government collects millions of rupees from Ayappa devotees year after year. The Marxist government in Kerala considers Ayappa devotees a good source of revenue. Today we see little public outrage about discrimination and harassment against Hindu devotees. The central and pseudo secular state governments controlled by Jihadis and the Sonia gang have constructed a defensive wall built of bricks of diversion, blame game, half-truths and deliberate indifference towards Hindus.[/color] There is lack of outrage when tragedy strikes. The modern allergy to and indifference for Hindu lives is deeply problematic. [color="#0000FF"]The willingness of our citizens to make judgments about serious matters involving our life and death is pertinent for our cultural continuity.[/color] A nation can survive only on the people’s capacity to make reasonable judgment based on moral principles.

Many citizens no longer express their anguish and outrage when the victims are Hindus. When people do not think, react, express their outrage, then they have decided to submit to the dictatorial will of the Marxists, atheist, Jihadis and the missionaries. If people choose to make no effort to understand the dark forces behind such tragedy then they have chosen to be victims. If people choose to disregard past tragedies and highhandedness and abuses, they choose to sacrifice themselves to the next killers. This Sabaarimala tragedy reminds Hindus again not to be lethargic and indifferent and never expect any great leap forward from anti Hindu governments. Hindus cannot ignore the problems of the past and the present. To preserve our culture, to save our temples, and to promote our sacred values, Hindus must act now. If not now, when?
(Warning: image of bodies of Hindus at link.)

At least they died as Hindus and the christo-disease didn't get them. Better to die on a pilgrimage to see beloved Swami Ayyappa and thereby obtain immediate moksha to join him, than being traumatically gunned down or chopped up by christoterrorists as happens in the christo-infested NE.

Still, next time Hindus, don't die. Stampede the christoislamicommunist government instead.

3. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...086&SKIN=K

Sabarimala Stampede - More than Hundred Dead - Updated 3.30 am IST

14/01/2011 15:19:39

4. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...083&SKIN=K

Quote:Lakhs witness Makara Jyoti

14/01/2011 11:01:48 www.kaumudi.com

SABARIMALA: Lakhs of pilgrims today witnessed Makara Jyoti, the most important and the last festival in the two-month Mandala Pooja—Makaravilakku Kalam—at the famous Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple.

Thiruvaabharanam (gold ornaments), specially brought from the Pandalam Palace, reached Sannidhanam at 6.45 in the evening. It was later taken to the Sree Kovil (sanctum Sanctorum) around 6.55 pm. Lord Ayyappa appeared before the devotees fully attired in the Thiruvaabharanam <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

As usual an [color="#0000FF"]eagle[/color] hovered over the Sabarimala Temple before deeparadhana. Then the Makara Star (Makara Jyoti) appeared on the sky. The appearance of Makaravilakku followed then. Makaravilakku is the light that appears three times in the distant hill at Ponnambala Medu.
<img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

There used to be tigers and other wild animals on the prowl in the dangerous path to Ayyappa before. But the Hindoos would do it anyway, because their God was at the top of that hill waiting to see them.

Now there are the profoundly evil and even more deadly christo-islami-communiterrorists waylaying the Hindus, and Hindus still insist on seeing their God.

So, despite all the christo-islami-communi-terrorism, as with the Amarnatha yatra, there are still all these loyal Hindoos being Hindoos: they will go on the very difficult pilgrimage to see their dear Gods. And they are entirely unmoved by christoislami attempts to prevent, divert and convert them.
1. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...093&SKIN=B

Quote:Temple Razed, To keep Muslims happy!

15/01/2011 04:33:19 HK

NEW DELHI: Inorder to regain the ‘Secular’ credential who was in dock over demolition of Jangpura Mosque , [color="#FF0000"]Sheila Dixit[/color] send Bulldozers to raze a temple in South Delhi’s Pushp Vihar.[color="#0000FF"] Despite the protests by Hindus in the area – Authorities went ahead and within minutes the temple was in shambles.

As reported in Times of India, The residents alleged that CPWD staff had approached them more than once and asked for a bribe for sparing the temple. "We didn't give any money. The bulldozer hit the temple directly and even broke the idols. On one hand, the Delhi government says that it would provide legal assistance on the issue of the Jangpura mosque against DDA's action while on the other this place of worship is demolished without even any warning," complained Pushp Kumar Aggarwal, a resident.[/color]

The local Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leaders on Friday sat on a dharna at the temple and demanded action against CPWD and its engineers. They even threatened to mobilize more people and organize protests. "If the temple is not restored then we will hit the roads tomorrow," said Shailendra Jaiswal, president of the Delhi unit of Bajrang Dal.

The women of the locality performed a 'kirtan' at the site of the temple, where the debris had yet to be removed, as a mark of protest. The priest of the temple, Bipin Tiwari, said, "I was performing prayers when suddenly a bulldozer entered the temple. They should have informed us in advance so that we could take out the idols and other items."

And as Fresh news comes in Sheila Dixit have apologised for the demolition of mosque and pledged to rebuilt it at the earliest. She blamed DDA for the whole fiasco over Mosque demolition – But not a single word over Temple razing.

From these incidents it has been clear once again about the policies of our ‘Secular’ Governments is to

1) Hurt the sentiments of Hindus in order to nullify or make Muslims happy

2) Apologise and wash the hands if Muslim sentiments are hurt at the earliest

3) Completely ignore the sentiments of Hindus as they are the ‘Cattle Class’ citizens in the eyes of Congress

It's quite likely Sheila Dixit (it's *so* easy to make something suitably obscene with that surname - look how I resist) and her mob of minions are cryptochristians.

No Hindu would break Hindu vigrahas.

Breaking Temples and vigrahas for "secular" looking reasons such as keeping "islam" (the 3rd component to the story) happy makes christianism invisible. Christianism likes to invisibly destroy Hindu religion.

2. Meanwhile, compare:


Quote:As Expected, Sheila Dixit pledges to rebuild mosque, Blames DDA!

15/01/2011 01:16:08

Faced with protests, CM pledges to rebuild mosque


NEW DELHI: A wavering government buckled under the pressure of a belligerent Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid and waves of angry namazis rustled up by him to concede on Friday that the mosque in Jangpura, declared illegal by the Delhi High Court and pulled down on Wednesday, would be rebuilt.

[color="#0000FF"]Chief minister Sheila Dikshit blamed the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for acting in "an unfair way" by demolishing the mosque without letting the Delhi Wakf Board present its case before the court.[/color] "I have sent a note to the Prime Minister apprising him about the situation," she told TOI.

[color="#800080"](An option Hindus never get. Cryptochristo govt bulldozed the temple without even listening to the Hindus. Even when Hindus imagine there's a chance of taking it to court, christian goondas cause a huge terrorist incident in Tamizh Nadu to prevent the Hindu case - for keeping the christogovt away from taking over Chidambaranatha Kovil - from being heard. It's all christianism. There is NOTHING secular/coincidental about targetted anti-Hinduism. It's deliberate and planned, and when not planned, christianism seizes on the opportunity.)[/color]

The DDA had, however, acted at the court`s behest which was prodding it to give a compliance report of its demolition order. In fact, when the Wakf Board filed an application before the High Court on Friday seeking a review of its order, the court rebuked it and threatened to impose a hefty fine on it. The board hurriedly withdrew its application.

Obviously, a complicated situation has arisen. On the one hand, there is the court, determined to uphold the law and not allow illegal structures to come up in the name of religion, and on the other, there is rising passion, and a government apprehensive of the political cost of protests escalating and opposition leaders exploiting the situation to their advantage.

The action through the day was at two city locations 8 km apart — the Jama Masjid and at the site of the demolished mosque in Jangpura, bordering Nizamuddin. Early in the day the CM reached Jama Masjid for a meeting with Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari. She assured that Imam that prayers would be allowed at the site and mosque itself would be rebuilt.

Some time later, Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav reached Jama Masjid to lend support to a large crowd that was progressively getting angry and restive. "Mosques are the identity of Muslims," he told the crowd. "By demolishing them the government is trying to oppress the community. We will fight against it."

Egged on by the Imam and pledges of support from politicians, a sizeable crowd reached Nizamuddin on taxis, motorbikes and buses. The heavy security bandobast, comprising 1000 policemen, six armed companies RAF, Rajasthan Armed Constabulary and Delhi Police reserve battalion, put up a feeble resistance before wilting.

During the brief face-off, six people, including four policemen, were injured and 23 vehicles damaged. Early in the morning 250 locals from the Nizamuddin J J Colony had entered the disputed site. By 10.30 am, a crowd from Jama Masjid began swelling at the barricade on Mathura Road near the Nizamuddin police station. The stretch from there to the Ashram Chowk had already been blocked off.

Around 1.30pm, the Imam reached this spot. The steady push against the barricade became a shove, and even as the Imam urged use of "dimag" (brains) rather than muscle, the picket line collapsed and the crowd surged to the site of the demolished mosque.

3. The following came with a 'curious' comment:


Quote:Temple looters now quote the price for Hindu's life

15/01/2011 13:20:49 HK

KOCHI : Shameless Chief Minister who is responsible for holding a irresponsible Ministry now comes in front of camera and announce – [color="#0000FF"]Government and Devaswom Board will give 5 lakh Rupees altogether to those who lost their life in Sabarimala stampede.[/color] How much money Government is willing to give from it's treasury is not yet known. How much money Devaswom board should give or should not give should not be the concern of Chief Minister – He should say how much money his government is willing to give. We as Hindus should know what is the price tag you are going to quote for the life of Hindus.

[color="#800080"](I.e. they are using only the Temple's own money, rather than govt money. Meanwhile whenever a christoislamic terrorist dies - probably because they were crusading/jihading each other - the govt pays them from tax money. See further quoteblocks below.)[/color]

More than 132 crore rupees have been amassed by the Government from Sabarimala – until a day before Makaravillaku. Devaswom Board should announce separate financial assistance to the families of those who lost their life and got injured.

If the Government had spent half the amount which is now going to give as financial assistance in Pullumedu , Then this much casualty shouldn't have been happening. Lack of Basic infra structure was the sole reason for the tragedy and those who loot the devotees money are the responsible.

Ayyappa devotees who believes that state govt. is doing excellent service during Sabarimala season by providing security (thousands of Police), electricity, water, transportation etc. don't know the fact that govt. is charging two to three times more than the normal charges for each facilities providing for Sabarimala. Providing law and order to it's citizens is the basic duty of any elected government in a democracy – But strangely we see even Home Ministry send a massive bill to Devaswom board for providing the service of Police!

One of the comments there (sound familiar?):

Quote: SS

15/01/2011 16:29:04 A probe by agency is reqd

It is very hard to see a pile of deadbodies loaded in a truck with out any respect .I remember reading some news about jihadis trying to create stampede and there by causing death to innocents in major temples and it was there in a media a while ago. We need to chekc how this incident happened. There are different stories floating around and that itself is adding more suspicion to this incident

Note the important statement in article 3 above:

"5 lakhs altogether" for the families of the 100+ Hindus dead. Compare that to the 10 lakhs the Kerala govt gave for each christists and islamics who died last time they deservedly butchered each other (don't be concerned about it: genocide is what christoislamaniacs DO - but it's *good* when they do it to each other instead of to innocent heathens):


Quote:Christian- Muslim Riot - 5 Killed

18/05/2009 12:32:55 HK

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Five persons were killed and about 35 injured in clashes between Muslims and Christians at Cheriyathura here on Sunday.Those who were killed all belong to Muslim community.

[color="#4169E1"](But some christomaniacs may have been injured. They ALSO get compensationSmile[/color]

Within no time State Government declared 10 lakh Compensation for those killed in the riot and 1 lakh compensation for those injured. [color="#0000FF"]It is worth recollecting to note here that State compensation to the families of 8 Hindus who were butchered in Maradu by Jihadi terrorists were declared only after continuous protest by Hindu organisations[/color]

1. So when christoislamics DELIBERATELY hurt and kill each other, they get PAID from the govt coffers of *(mostly Hindu) tax-payer money.

2. Meanwhile, when Hindus are killed by christo-communi-govt's DELIBERATE NEGLIGENCE (or worse, see HK comment 2 quoteblocks up), *after* they are highly taxed for their pilgrimage, their families get paid a tuppence from the *Hindu* Temple money collected.

3. Also, when jihadis massacre innocent Hindus (that's what jihadis DO) like in Maradu, the Hindus had to protest and protest to get any compensation from the govt.

This is christianism. Can Hindus tell?

I hope I live to see the day when the christoislamaniac disease is driven out of the country, the subcontinent, the continent and the world. But it's too much to hold one's breath over (or at least, it's unlikely India's native religionists would do anything about the virulent christoislamaniac disease. If anything happens to christoislamania at all, it will be external/incidental and providential.)

Anyway, this next comment is relevant to the article of point 3:



15/01/2011 08:11:29

Act ,atleast now.

[color="#FF0000"]The Kerala government that has paid Rupees 5 crores to the flood victims of Pakistan[/color] must pay atleast 10 lakhs each to the devotees died in Sabarimala.We must remember that Kerala Govt.paid Rupees 10 lakh each to the people died in Marad violence.The people died in the unfortunate mishap are not cattles but Ayyappa devotees and bred winners of their families.

[color="#0000FF"]Sabarimala Master plan that was finalised in the year 2006 is yet to be implemented till now ,the reason cited is 'constraints' of money.It is a big joke when hundreds of crores rupees is the income from Sabarimala each year.The first phase of the project need only Rs.130 crores.However no govt.is ready to spend this in the absence of any protest from hindu organisations.[/color]

Justice Paripoornan Commission has submitted a report years back with many proposals to effectively manage the Sabarimala pilgrimage including valuable suggestions for crowd management.But none of the proposal is implemented till now.

The governments will only act if there is a strong pressure from the affected parties and unfortunately the hindus in Kerala are in deep slumber.

- Hindu tax money going to TSP flood relief (TSP is famous for using donation money on jihad rather than victims of natural disasters). TSP is a christoislamic terrorist nation. Not OUR problem.

- Meanwhile, Hindu families won't even get money from the govt when they lose family members. Instead, the Temple itself has to cough up the money - and that's *after* the Temples have already being taxed to extremes to pay the christo('communist') govt so it can fund evangelical programmes and jihad. PLUS, even then, the govt only allows the Hindus' own Temple to pay Hindus a pittance - just 5 lakhs in total to cover all the 100+ Hindus dead - the rest goes into the christo-govt's pockets to give to haj, TSP, christianism and families of christoislamics who butchered themselves.

Are people blind that they don't see the parallels with what christianism did to Rome? Can't they tell the obvious christian hand and thought behind all this? It's not some secular 'godless/atheist' or secular-communist govt doing this. If any of it were secular, it would be taxing and attacking christoislamaniac buildings to the same extent. But it's ONLY after the native heathen religion. There's nothing 'secular' about it.


4. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...102&SKIN=K

Cause of disaster uncertain

15/01/2011 16:45:48 VR Jayaraj | Idukki - Daily Pioneer
Several important posts still on ^that^ topic.

Post 1/3

This is christianism. Crypto-christanism is still christianism. It remains christianism even when it hides behind labels of "communism/marxism/maoism" or "atheism/rationalism" (note how it exclusively goes after what it calls "paganism", in this case Hindu religion, and tries to get even Hindu practices banned).

Note how after the families of the 100+ Hindus who died in the Sabarimalai stampede altogether got earmarked 5 lakhs in total (whether they actually ever received anything, or whether it went back into christianism, I don't know), and that too from Hindu Temple money, not "govt" money (itself largely Hindu temple money).

First a bit of a repeat for overall context:


Quote:Sabarimala Tragedy and the death of Outrage

15/01/2011 01:26:42 Dr Babu Suseelan


Several attempts were made previously to destroy Sabarimala Ayappa Temple. Timely Hindu outrage has stopped or prevented the destruction of one of the greatest Hindu Temples of Kerala.

And then this next is the angle from which christianism is attempting the same now. De-sanctification for intended deheathenisation purposes.

Note that it's exactly the same christian tactic as already seen employed in recent times:

"Rama is a myth/apotheosised (semi-)historic human character <=> Time to destroy the RamarSethu".

In the Ramarsethu case, the LHS was declared by the 'secular' christogovt of India including TN. In the Sabarimalai case, the LHS is declared by some self-declared "rationalist" club of exclusively anti-Hindu terrorists. Can tell both voices are christian, because their demands are christian being pointedly anti-Hindu.

1. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Sabarimalas-Makara-Jyothi-is-man-lit-TDB/articleshow/7397707.cms

Quote:Sabarimala's Makara Jyothi is man-lit: TDB

31 Jan, 2011 1731hrs IST PTI

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Seeking to downplay the debate over 'Makara Jyothi' of Sabarimala temple, Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) today said it was known to most believers that it was a man lit-fire, but there was a Hindu belief behind it.

"It is known to everybody that Makara Jyothi is a fire lit up by men at Ponnabalamedu and TDB also recognises this',TDB President M Rajagoplan Nair told reporters here today.

However, he said the board was not going to run a campaign to propogate that it was man-made as there was a belief behind it into which the temple board did not intend interfere , he said.

Kerala High Court had recently asked TDB to clarify whether the Makarajyothi is man lit light or celestial phenonemon, in the wake of the Pullumedu stampede in which 102 devotees died on Janauary 14 while returning after witnessing the jyothi.

(Note how despite the crypto-christo-terrorist govt having *caused* the misfortune to happen by negligence - and very possibly by fouler means - the christogovt then uses *that* set-up as an opportunity to break Hindu traditions. Again, christianism's signature tactic.

They will jump on any occasion to bring down the Temple and its sacred festivities. They just *need* an opportunity - some opportunity - to do it.)

Nair was briefing media after the discussions the board had with high priests, members of the Travancore and Pandalam Royal Houses and authorities on temple rituals and architecture.

The TDB president said it was not the Makara Jothi question which was the main topic of discussion of the meeting, but other issues like whether the temple should be opned for throughout the year for deovtees to offer prayers and avoid huge rush during the two-month pilgrimage season starting from mid-November

The unaimous opnion of the meeting was that keeping the temple open all through the year as it was against the unique traditions and customs of the Hill shrine of lord Ayyappa.

The authorities concerned were also against the proposal to broaden the " holy 18 steps" leading to the shrine since altering it was against principles of temple design.

It was pointed out by authorities concerned that the "18steps" itself has divinity attached to it and making any alteration would not be right.

(Another indicator for why this is christoism: It always wants to break all the crucial heathen observances. E.g. at Chidambaram Kovil. It did this in Greece and Rome too. And that's again one of the ways you can tell it is *christianism* that's behind all this.

It aims hard to break important Hindu practices and observations: it tries to change the dates, change the times, change what songs are rendered from where, change the layout. Change everything that is important and prescribed in Hindu religion.

That is what christianism does when it can't *yet* break heathens' Temples openly - though it has actually tried to destroy Ayyappa's Kovil before, as Babu Susheelan mentioned above. Christianism *studies* what is important to heathen practice and then it waits until it has the opportunity and power to break the practices. Then it waits yet again until it has the chance to break your Temples physically. And in all the meantime, it will try to de-heathenise heathens.

Christianism knows what it's doing. It's done it before.)

The views that emerged out of the meeting would be discussed and finalised by the Board, and, based on it, a report would be submitted the High court.

(Why are the courts involved: why is the High Court now involved in deciding even on the practice of Hindu religion?

Because it is christianism. Trying to break your religion. Notice how christianism has got bolder by the decade, year, month. Rather like it did in ancient Rome and South Korea of our own time.

It's because it has been cementing power. What ideology is sitting=guiding the Kerala courts? "Oh could it perchance be" the same ideology over-represented in S Korea's army, government and judiciary? And the same takeover of Rome's governing forces long before that.)

The High Court had also sought the opinion of the TDB if the temple could be opened throughout the year to reduce the rush. According the custom followed by the forest temple, the shrine opened only five days every month of Malayalam calendar besides the November- January 'mandala pooja' and 'makaravilakku' pilgrimage season.

Temple High Priest Kandararu Rajivaru and Vasuthu Expert Kannipayur Narayanan Namboothri were among those present at the meeting.

2. "Oh, who (what ideology) could be on the Travancore 'Devaswom' Board...? And who (what ideology) could therefore have appointed the board...?"

Well here's an instance where the active ideology has been exposed:


Quote:What next? Maulavi as temple priest?

29/01/2011 02:55:38 HK

Thiruvananthapuram: [size="5"]The appointment of a Christian in Travancore Devaswom Board[/size] has invited wide spread protest from Hindu organisation considered the recruit's previous work experience in working in a church and think will be a suitable person for this post in temple!

Jose Rajan , native of Amaravila is a practising Christian belonging to CSI sect. Previously he worked in Udayankulangara CSI Church. In the employment records also his religion is marked a Christianity.

(The CSI/Church of South India? As in, the one that was pumping money into the LTTE to convert the Hindus and blow up the Buddhists? They're active in TN also. Oh what a grand surprise.)

He has been recruited to Kollam sector of Travancore Devaswom Board , when lakhs of unemployed Hindu youth are in the state. VHP demanded immediate cancellation of his appointment.

Majority of Hindu temples are now under the siege of Anti Hindus recruited by Atheist politicians.

(Can stop pretending the politicians are "atheists". They're after *one* religion alone. Which also tells you what ideology they are.)

Don't get surprised if such advocates of Secularism recruits a Maulavi as temple priest considering his work experience in mosque!
Can read the comments. Includes the likes of:

Quote:gsk menon

30/01/2011 02:31:25 what next, maulvi as temple priest

This is a very dangerous and sinister development. The cross bearers are being given open and legal access into the very core of Hindu belief and divinity. A legal fight assisted by dharna, satyagraha, threat, force should be employed to get this diabolical appointment revoked. The local Hindus can warn him and get his resignation by force.

Ajit V Gupta

28/01/2011 20:19:09 A very sinister brain behind these things

Whenever an appointment like this happens, wont there br anyone of sense who would think twice before appointing people who describe others as pagan worshippers.

Or maybe they have taken hindus for granted, they wont protest againt these as they do not care, and if they protest, we will brand them as hindu fundmentalists or saffron terrorists.


28/01/2011 15:05:05 dangerous

this is dangerous, where are we leading to....
Where do people think Temple money and the jewels of the Gods are going to? Christians loot from Hindu and other heathen Temples (see Rome). That's why christians are installed in our Temples: 1. for looting and 2. for 'having a man on the inside' to destroy the Temples.

3. Better to read the full articles and comments at the links:

Am pasting excerpts as they reveal something very important about the Motivations (hence ideology behind it).


Quote:Hindus object to court’s query on Sabarimala’s holy flame

22/01/2011 15:58:13 VR Jayaraj | Kochi - Daily Pioneer


Kerala Viswa Karma Sabha president PR Devadas alleged that the Pullumedu tragedy and the controversy over the Makara Jyoti (actually, the sensationalist controversy is over the Makara *Vilakku*) were indications of a conspiratorial move to sabotage the Sabarimala pilgrimage. The move was to tarnish the divine image of Sabarimala through smear campaigns, he said.

Quote:Hindu organizations allege that anti-religious materialists (it's past time for Hindus to stop the apologetics: the culprits are *christians*) are making tirades against the Makara Jyoti, the ultimate event of the annual two-month pilgrimage of Sabarimala, to tarnish the divine image of the shrine. The materialists (*christians*) are arguing that the disaster at Pullumedu would not have been so huge if so many pilgrims had not reached there to behold the Makara Jyoti.

While examining the possible reasons of the Pullumedu disaster, the Kerala High Court had the other day asked the concerned authorities to make clear whether the Jyoti was divine or artificial. On Saturday, petitions were filed by rationalists* in the Supreme Court and Kerala High Court seeking orders to end the ritual of Makara Jyoti.

(* cryptochristians, same as the goondas in Tamizh Nadu who prevented the Hindus from defending their Chidamabaranatha's Kovil in court.

Recall also how christoism managed to effect a ban on Hindu elephants blessing Hindoos in Tamizh Kovils merely because christianism couldn't inculturate on that extreme heathen practice, as non-existent gawd's first commandment forbids it. But they inculturated on the decorated elephant and all.)
That last is how you can tell it is christianism: it plays at being secular while making very christian demands of the heathen. It's going to court specifically to get the heathens to stop their heathenism.*

One of the comments:

Quote:Hey Hindus U wake up!!!

We must look more deeper into the reality of the tragedy to know the facts behind Sabari Mala Tragedy.

I was commented many times that Sabarimala Tragedy was well planned by Christists. Yes theme of Sabarimala Tragedy and its objective was well written in advance by them. They want to make Sabarimala is fake. Now they have made a report saying that it was accidental. And atheist and court wanted to prove that Makara Vilakku is not real (Everybody know how makara vilakku is performed). Court directing Central Govt. to involve in this issue. Tell me what Central Govt. Central do in this issue? Central Govt is a Mafia ruled by Sonya. What Sonya will do for Sabari Mala? Think... Now Judiciary is in the hands of Sonya. What u are hearing from Atheist team and Court are Sonyas commands. Pls think and say your comments here. Hey Hindus we are tooo late.... wake up!!! wake up!!! wake up!!!

They did all their dramas when CPM is in power and about to go out of power. Becouse CPM now is in stage of collecting vote. They will not utter a word agains Christians now.

Theme written for Sabarimala

Stage-1 Create a tragedy to invite attention

Stage-2 Prove that tragedy was accidental

Stage-3 Use Court and Atheist team to RAPE Sabari Mala and hurt the feelings of Hindus.

Stage-4 After many many developments prove that Lord Ayyappa was a man made story.

Stage-5 Bring attention towards Christianiy and Convert Hindus to Christianity.
The last point does not sufficiently cover the christo-aims: the aim is to destroy the Kovil and/or break the attachment heathens have to it (and then destroy the Kovil/take it over). They've tried often enough.
Post 2/3

4. http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.as...136&SKIN=K

Why is Makara Jyoti being targeted ?

22/01/2011 07:43:17 GSK Menon

Two of the comments


29/01/2011 09:00:55 Atheists are biased

There is every reason to believe that Kerala Yukthi Vadi sangham is a brain child of church agents. Yukthivadi people always target hindus and their faith. They never come across other faiths. They do not dare to question miracles perforemed by kadamattathu kathanr, sain thomas, Alphonsamma and Pentacosts. They never speak about compulsory Sunday prayers and Friday prayers.What is special about Sunday and Friday. Let the Yukthivadis explain?


27/01/2011 21:24:37 Link between Atheists and Church

I always observe that the so called atheists targets only Hinduism. They never uttered a word against Christinaity and Islam. Now that they are targetting "Makara Jyothy" - but never uttered a word against the fake miracles/things happening in Muringoor/Potta divine centre and Alponsa centre in Bharanamganam. It seems that these atheists are sponsored by church or bribed by them. Beware, hindus....

(Actually, these so-called "atheists, rationalists" are mostly cryptochristians. Just like the communists/maoists/marxists tend to so frequently be christians. Just like dravoodianism including DMK are cryptochristianism.)


25/01/2011 08:59:38 Idiots are ruling

In malayalam there is phrase "vedakkakki thanikkakkuka". Meaning is, spoil a good thing so that every others try to get away from it, then grab it and make it your own.That is the CPM policy in each and every matter.Let it be Education, Health,PSC,PWD,Co-operative Banks,Trusts..or Sabarimala.First they destroys the pleasant atmosphere in that unit so that others are forced to get out of it.Then they grab the unit and make it their own.They are such ugly minded crooked Political Criminals.In 2009 and 2010, Sabarimala season functioned well under the supervision of former President.This year, just before the starting of the season, former President was replaced with a CPM puppet to destroy smooth functioning of Sabarimala Devaswam and to prevent the growth of Sabarimala.I doubt the Pulmedu accident is a planned murder, planned by CPM.[color="#0000FF"](You may recall the event of Parassinikkadavu Snake Park in which CPM workers killed all snakes and animals by setting them on fire.And in seminars they act as saviors of animals and nature!)

(How very christian of them.)[/color]

Parrot: http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...083&SKIN=K

Quote:As usual an eagle hovered over the Sabarimala Temple before deeparadhana. Then the Makara Star (Makara Jyoti) appeared on the sky. The appearance of Makaravilakku followed then. Makaravilakku is the light that appears three times in the distant hill at Ponnambala Medu.
No christomedia screeching on how much the Eagle supposedly gets paid to make a regular appearance around the deepaaraadhanam? No one suing the Garudan for "misleading the Hindu public into thronging at the Kovil at this time of year"? (In fact, surprising that no one is yet claiming it's "actually" the labarum flitting across the sky... Where's that bloody consty and his delusions - eusebius tells us so - when you need it?)

Of course, a Hindoo Eagle appears after certain yagnyas have successfully concluded as well (while some yagnyas bring Rains and Other Indicators). After all, this is Shinto ... error... I mean Hindoo religion.

Or maybe the CPM christos - famous for killing our Sarpas and other Hindoo animals - will also try to extinct all Eagles of Bharatam for the unforgivable "Hindu Terror" act of being Hindoo. After all, while certain types of modern-day 'Hindus' (esp. the mis-educated/macaulayised/christo-conditioned) can easily be converted into anything, Hindoo animal species remain Stubborn Hindoos permanently just like the insubvertible Hindoo human animals still extant in Bharatam. And as one knows of christianism's convert-or-kill routine: if conversion doesn't work, only death by genocide can "cure" these animal species of their Hindooooism.

5. http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.as...118&SKIN=C

Quote:Atheist lobby launched Smear campaign Sabarimala

20/01/2011 00:22:02

Smear campaign on against hill shrine

VR Jayaraj | Kochi - Daily Pioneer

The 2010-11 pilgrimage of the famed Lord Ayyappa shrine at Sabarimala in Kerala, which on January 14 witnessed the fourth worst pilgrimage-related disaster in the country, concluded on Wednesday evening even as the atheists’ lobby launched a smear campaign against hill shrine by demanding open admission that the holy Makara Vilakku was artificial and not a celestial occurrence.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple would close after the brief rituals on Thursday morning but it was effectively closed to pilgrims late Wednesday evening. Only the representative of the Pandalam palace, where Lord Ayyappa was believed to have grown up, would be allowed to have darshan on Thursday.

The shrine had opened for the two-month annual Mandalam-Makara Vilakku pilgrimage on November 16. The shrine had closed on December 27 after the Mandalam Pooja to reopen three days later for the Makara Vilakku festival, which fell on January 14, the day 102 pilgrims were killed in a stampede at Pullumedu, on the way to Sabarimala.

Instead of taking the Government to task for failing to avert the disaster, a lobby of rationalists and materialists has launched a smear campaign against the shrine by saying that the temple authorities themselves were responsible for the tragedy as they had been attracting pilgrims claiming that the Makara Vilakku was a celestial occurrence.

(Amazing isn't it, how these invisibly 'secular' entities descend from all corners on Hinduness, demanding that Hindus stop with their peaceful Hindu practices in their private Hindu Temple lands. Except that there's nothing secular about these entities. It's christianism, incensed against the existence of "paganism" anywhere in the lands claimed for the non-existent jeebusjehovallah famous for commandment #1.)

The ultimate event of the Sabarimala pilgrimage is the sighting of the Makara Jyoti, a star appearing in the eastern horizon and the Makara Vilakku, a flame that flickers thrice at Ponnambalamedu, a distant summit. A minimum of two million pilgrims had reached Sabarimala to view these occurrences on January 14.

The Kerala Yuktivadi Sangham (KYS), a rationalists’ forum, and the pro-CPI(M) Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishath (KSSP) argue that the temple authorities have been hiding the fact that the Makara Vilakku is a man-made occurrence in order to attract more and more pilgrims.

The KYS says that it had on several occasions since 1980 come out with pictures of this artificial light being lit by employees of the Travancore Devaswom Board, the body in charge of temple administration, and the Kerala State Electricity Board with the assistance of the police.

The KSSP wants the temple authorities to tell the people that the Makara Vilakku is an artificially made flame so that devotees from other states would have the freedom to decide whether they should undertake such a tedious pilgrimage to see behold it. People are thronging the shrine on the particular day because they think the light is divine, the outfit says.

(Actually, Hindus come to see Bhagavan Ayyappa and everything associated with him. Hindus are supposed to go at that auspicious time when all these sacred events take place: the Star, the distant Deepam, the timely appearance of the Garudan - if they possibly can catch sight of the last -, his Forest, his Hills, the Sacred Steps up to him. And of course, the Centre of it all: their beloved Father, attired in his sacred gear and in full alankaaram.

Because *all* these things are part of his Mandiram and known to be part of his worship: the Vilakku is considered like an outdoors Deepaaraadhanam.)

Nalinakshan Nair, former Devaswom Commissioner, said that he knew the people who used to create the flame at Ponnambalamedu but he did not want to reveal their identity. According to Rahul Easwar, a member of the Thazhamon family of priests who oversee the spiritual affairs of the temple, Makara Vilakku was being lit by Malayarayas, an Adivasi tribe.

However, Tantri Kantararu Rajeevaru, the traditional chief priest of the temple, refused to be dragged into the controversy. “Has anyone said that this is not artificial?” he asked the media. “The controversy is unnecessary. This (flame) is part of worship and it is approved by all. I don’t want to say anything more than that,” he said.

4 of the comments

Quote: samanwaya

20/01/2011 12:51:51 Makara Jyothi & Vilakku, controversies are created by misinformed people.

Makara Jyothi & Vilakku

citing the difference between Makara Jyothi & Makara Vilakku in Sabarimala. Makara jyothi is the star that appears in sky and makara vilakku is the symbolic lighting of lamp in ponnambalamedu, a hill higher than Sabarimala. The controversies are created by misinformed people.

Rahul Easwar, clarifying Makara Jyothi & Vilakku


Shyju , Thalasserry

21/01/2011 01:40:58 Swami saranam

It's very true that makara jyothi (he means the Vilakku) is man made thing .In this world many of them knows the truth. And if you proove also do you think from next year onwards no ayyappa devotees will visit sabarimala ??????????????????????????????

It's very clear that all communist and anti hindu parties are jelous to see every year crowd is increasing in sabarimala temple .
So what ever campagin u conduct against sabarimla nothing will going to happen. Every hindu devotees have a place for ayyapa in his / her heart. And a ayyapa devotte who took 41 days of vow and go to sabarimala will know who is swami ayyappa.That's the divine power of Dharmashasta. <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

[color="#FF0000"]Prof. C.I.Issac [/color]

20/01/2011 10:08:11 Sabarimala

A calculated conspircy is going on in Kerala against Hindu faith and places of worship. The result is the unending controvercies over Hindu places of worship. The main agenda is to make hindu and his faith in defense. Some times Sabarimala, sometimes guruvayoor, or entry of non-hindus in temples, etc are some of the arrows towards Hinduism. Any how, these all said mistakes are with other religons also. But nobody make it as an issue. The ultimate end of all the controvercies regarding to Hindu is to kill the residue fasith through mercy killing. Thus I request all that why we cannot in offensive/

(Like I said: the whole hue and cry about the Makara Vilakku is expressly to deheathenise Hindus. When in reality, Hindoos are going to see their Father - Ayyappa, the God of Shabarimalai who is the Father of the Universe (witnessing the sights associated with him are part of his worship). The Hindoos undergo great penance to go see Him and his darling feet; to see the Bhagavan who resides in his Forests and Malai and who waits bright-eyed and smiling, beyond the Sacred Steps, for his Hindoos. And the time when the Makara Jyoti star appears in the skies is the prescribed auspicious time to see Bhagavan Manikandan - or maNikaNThan as I imagine itrans would require its spelling.)


20/01/2011 01:03:30 Artificial or Natural makes no difference

The Makara Jyothi fire (of the Vilakku) might be artificial or natural. But the Jyothi is certainly God. Hinduism does treat Jyothi as the embodiment of God. So even if one lights the fire there is nothing wrong in it. It is like Thiruvanna Malai maha Jyothi. <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

ExMuslim (<- natural consequence upon learning about Manikandan)

20/01/2011 01:07:15 Is Hajj rational ?

Why doesn't Kerala Yuktivadi Sangham raise slogan against stoning of Devil in Hajj ? Devils are a mere figment of the mind. Every year hundreds are injured and many also have died in the stampede in Mecca during. CPI(M) is truly shameless when it comes blaming Hindus.

6. http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=13154

Quote:If Makara Vilakku is a continuation of a traditional worship of tribals, what is wrong in that?

(The answer to the question - from the POV of christianism - is that "paganism" is not a private business of the "pagans" as Hindoos imagine it is, but is something to be exterminated by christians who have a mandate from their gawd to do so. *Wherever* such "paganism" exists - even if it is in the privacy of your own home or Kovil - the christians insist on descending to stomp it out. Francis Xavier style or by cryptochristianist means.)

25/01/2011 01:41:25 Krishna Kumar

Makara Jyothi being dragged in to an unnecessary controversy. To divert the attention from the gross failure and injustice done to Hindu devotees now Kerala Govt, it's Dewaswom Board and Police are playing blame games. It is also an opportunity for Hindus of Kerala to take some bold steps and decisions. If Makara Vilakku is a continuation of a traditional worship of tribals (Vanavasis, i.e. Hindus), what is wrong in that ?

Those who have witnessed the crowd at Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu on Karthika Deepam festival, would understand this better. There, a heap of camphor is lit on top of the mountain on the night of Karthika which can be seen from miles away. Lakhs of devotees assemble there to take part in the festival and worship the flame which they consider as sacred. (Exactly.)

Devotees believe that Ponnambalamedu is special among the eighteen holy hills surrounding Sabarimala. So devotees will bow down to everything in Poonkavanam because they worship Ayyappa as the God who dwells in the nature. (Parrot: Exactly.)

They worship those hills symbolically in the form of 18 steps. The whole of poonkavanam and all the creatures dwelling in it are sacred to devotees. Devotees used to address him as 'Ponnambala Vasan' even before the temple was covered by gold plating. So what is wrong in offering deeparadhana on the auspicious occasion of Makara Samkramam at Lord's natural abode ?


(Don't quite agree with the rest of the article: with allowing the christo Temple board the chance to insinuate themselves into the peaceful lives of the Hindu Vanavasis. Just be grateful that the deepaaraadhana is continuing. Be grateful to those Hindus for their celebrating Bhagavan and thereby sharing the vision of their deepaaraadhana with the Hindus who see it from Sabarimalai.)
It's like how Daoists - uh Hindus, go to see the Gods in full alankaaram. The point is not who applied the alankaaram: it is to catch sight of the accurate *vision* of the moortis of our Gods whose splendour of beauty illuminates the Hindoo mind with an understanding of all the divine features of their Gods. Having the darshanam itself is a traditional part of (the practise/observance of) *Hindoo* religion. All the particular visions/sounds/etc associated with the Gods in a Temple pilgrimage - be they natural sightings like the Star or carried out as a ritual by Hindoos (like alankaaram, deepam) - are part of the experience of it. These are *all* considered sacred by the ancient Hellenes I mean Hindus. All of it is considered the miracle of the presence of the Gods. Just like the great celebration of the Mystery of the Birth of Dionysus - I think it was - brought on great joy among the Hellenes who came to witness its celebration/reenactment. (As I recall - but don't quote me on this, people should look up the accurate version of events as my memory could have become confused: the Greek ... pujaris.. would produce the Baby Moorti from behind the ceremonial positioning of a cloth: Now the Great Dion had been born in the world! And then the Hellenistic laity who came see it would be thrilled, rapt in the sacred celebration of the arrival of their beloved God.)

This is *heathenism*. This is what Daoists I mean Shintos I mean GR Hellenes - error - I mean Hindoos do. They experience the Cosmic in terms - even re-enactments - that seem 'simple' and 'backward' to the very Progressive and other such hopelessly christo-conditioned, but that are in fact great and true visions of the Divine Gods themselves.

Note that it is specifically nothing like the perverted shadow imitations in the inculturating fraud religions. That empty derangement just copied/stole everything and never had anything of its own (except lying, stealing and genocide).
Post 3/3

7. And the more disturbing facets of the situation.

Pasting, in chronological order, a few of the comments at the following:


Cause of disaster (stampede that killed 100+ Hindoos on the Sabarimalai yatra) uncertain

Quote:Prof. [color="#FF0000"]C.I.Issac [/color]

16/01/2011 09:33:52 Pullumedu disaster is doubtful [color="#800080"](he means: "suspicious")[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]I have serious doubt over the Pullumedu disaster. The terrain of the region is no at all a disaster creating one. It is friendly terrain. For the last 50 years the Lord Ayyappa devotees using this place for seeing Maakara Jyothi. The nearest town Vandiperiyar is the seat of jihadi activities. Another thing is that when the stampade is occured the shopkeepers of the Pullumedu region behaved violently towards the Ayyappa devotees who took assylum in their shops.[/color] So I doubt (as in "suspect") that behind this disaster some black hands operated well. [color="#0000FF"]The government and opposition parties did their best to conceal the actual cause behind the disaster. The jeep which said to have instrumental to the disaster[/color] is a private vehicle. It is no more a taxi vehicle. Why and how such a private vehicle reached there? What is the role of the vehicle in this disaster? So the investigation over the disaster should begin from this private vehicle and its owner.


17/01/2011 08:20:51 This is a planned incident

Incident took place at 8.15 pm. 11 pm Oomen Chandy goes to the site. 11.30 pm Sonia Maino Ghandi express condolence and issues it as a national tragedy.

11.35pm M.A Baby talks to National english television headlines today, 11.40 pm Thomas Issac talks to national english tv. At the same time P.c.Chako and other Pauls, Thomas, chandy and others christian leaders talk to national english tv.

Where was our Hindu leaders from kerala. No where to be seen on national english channel tv like IBN, NDTV, Headlines today etc...

Read between the lines. I said at that time 11.30 pm(when sonia expressed condolence before any other national leader and OOmen chandy visited the place so fast) this is a conspiracy[/color]


18/01/2011 09:38:53 the christians....

the jeep driver (the jeep that caused the stampede that killed the 100+ Hindoos at the Sabarimalai pilgrimage) was [color="#0000FF"]Nelson[/color].He may be worker of some christian missionary group or congress-i.the next five years of oommen chandy-ruled kerala will be the last period of kerala hindus.Christians have conquered whole of kerala.the lands...the police force...medical field...jwelleries...politics...everything...now they are killing hindus by creating artificial stampede.the jeep driver should be hanged to death.


18/01/2011 01:01:01 Hey Hindus U wake up!!!

Yes it was the right time for Christists to kill the AYYAPPAS. Since LDF is going out of power, Christists still want it when LDF is in power. And LDF will still expect minority votes and will be inactive on AYYAPPAS massacre as wee see now. Hey Hindus U wake up. You can 100% trust Muslims when compared to Devil Christians. Aaatttin tholitta achayananu Ayyappan mare konnathu.

Achayante lakshyam ennum Musliminem Hindunem thammill thallikkuka ennathanu. Oru Malappuram registration jeep kandarum samsayikkandaa. Everything is possible when Sanya Miano Gandhi is in power. Hey Hindus U wake up !!!

But it is a miracle. A "miracle" of an opportunity for christists to latch on to ban "pagan" (here: Hindoo) religious practice "in the interests of public safety". (Where have I seen this before....)

8. But how can one tell it is christianism?

Well, because christianism has been trying this for years, declaring they want to "expose the fraud" of the Shabarimalai pilgrimage (when their multiple attempts to destroy the Temple outright failed because Hindus stopped them). E.g. some years ago, that openly christochannel NDTV had a piece of drivel on it too - with the exact same contention that it was the "cause of stampedes".


‘N’ation ‘D’amaging ‘T’ele ‘V’ision (NDTV) hangs head in shame

12/01/2007 04:55:50 B.R.Haran

Wherein one can find evidence of the long-term design. One of the hired stooges, sorry participants (next to that Temple board plant Sudhakaran) already declared the following on NDTV in Jan 2007:

Quote:Mr. Rajan Gurukkal:- Such a farce has resulted in many stampedes and unfortunate deaths. It is condemnable that the government itself is involved in such set ups. [color="#800080"](Yes, why is the christogovt involved with Hindu Temples? LET GO.)[/color]

Christianism does this around every major Hindu event: it attempts to discourage future Hindoo participation in some manner. Either by sabotage, outright destruction, take overs. Any reason, any opportunity. All orchestrated.

Christianism monitors every single major Hindu festival, event and Temple gathering for level of adherence, and based on how popular for the masses of Hindus an event is, the christian zombies in govt/media/law-enforcement thereafter take proportional action against it whenever anything Hindu is found to be of such great meaning for heathens that the heathens massively gather. E.g. Kumbha mela, etc. <- This behaviour is another signature of christianism. The article Can Hinduism face the onslaught of Project Thessalonica? at http://www.christianaggression.org/item_...e=articles explains how this works, the christian psychology and methodology behind it.

9. http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.as...147&SKIN=K

Quote:Bid on to destroy Hindu beliefs: Sabarimala priest

23/01/2011 14:48:43 VR Jayaraj | Kochi - Daily Pioneer

The controversy over whether the holy flame of Kerala’s Sabarimala pilgrimage centre is a celestial occurrence or man-made is the result of a conspiracy of atheists* against Hindu religious beliefs, says Kantararu Maheswararu, senior member of the Tantri (traditional chief priest) family in charge of Sabarimala’s Lord Ayyappa shrine.

(* "Atheists" and "impious" - devoid of devotion to the Real Gods - became ways of referring particularly to "christians" in Hellenistic Rome as well; it is certainly applicable here as the wrongly-termed 'atheists' in this case are cryptochristians masquerading as univeral atheists.)

Certain sections were using the January 14 stampede at Pullumedu near Sabarimala during the pilgrimage in which 102 devotees were killed to destroy Hindu religious faith and to sabotage the pilgrimage, he alleged while talking to mediapersons in Kochi on Sunday.

“Instead of trying to provide security and facilities for the devotees who trek to the Lord Ayyappa temple, these people are trying to ridicule Hindu religious beliefs by triggering unnecessary controversies,” the Tantri said. The controversy over Makara Vilakku (the holy flame of Sabarimala) was part of this bid, he said.

Rationalists and materialists of Kerala have launched an alleged smear campaign against

Sabarimala claiming that the holy flame appearing at Ponnambalamedu, a summit away from the Sabarimala shrine, on a particular day was no divine occurrence but is created by employees of the Electricity Board and Forest Department with the help of the police.

Tantri Maheswararu said that the fame of Makara Samkramam (the evening of the last day of Dhanu month of Malayalam calendar) revolved around the Makara Jyoti and Makara Vilakku. While the Jyoti was a star, the Vilakku was the light of Deeparadhana, worship with lights, performed at Ponnambalamedu.

“This Deeparadhana is a symbolic ritual, which used to be performed by Adivasis earlier. I don’t know who is performing it now. All I can say is that the Thazhamon family (of the Tantris) has no connection with it,” he said.

(Actually, isn't it the tradition that no Hindu should ever pry the forest to 'discover' who/what is causing it - besides, its origins/causes are irrelevant to Hindus, only its presence matters - but just be appreciative of the presence of an outdoors deepaaraadhana at this time? That would mean it is quite likely that the Kovil's Tantri Vadyars of old - of the many generations before now - would not have broken the taboo to 'investigate' it. (Alternatively, maybe it was merely to discourage other Hindus from badgering the Vanavasis if they carried it out back then as well?) But who or what did it in ages past appears to be unknown/unrecorded - and the Vilakku event does predate (see Rajeev Srinivasan's observation that) Chinese Buddhist visitors from centuries ago noted it.

While it was I think the Somnatha Kovil (was it?) that no longer has a Lingam mysteriously suspended in the akasham - the temple has been broken and desecrated so oft by islamania, along with the invisible power of its traditional sanctity thereby becoming severed - the fact remains that when the islamaniacs first recorded the wonder of whichever Temple it was, they admitted in displeased marvel that the Lingam was in the air held up by unseen forces. For that reason, they proceeded to break the Temple repeatedly each time it was rebuilt: was it not yet more proof of the Hindoo Gods, Gods who are opposed tooth-and-nail by jeebusjehovallah in the christoislamic's biblical commandment #1?

Anyway, whatever or whoever causes the Makara Vilakku now - after the Sabarimalai Kovil and lands were taken over by a cryptochristian Temple board, and the Temple's traditional sanctity slowly destroyed through break of practice and other deliberate christo-desecrations etc - need not have been what caused it in the past, unless there are Hindu texts of the time that plainly reveal this. So whatever caused it in the past seems unlikely to be discovered: since, again as far as I know, Hindus never broke that taboo of leaving the irrelevant 'mystery' (or not) of its cause alone.

So wouldn't even be surprised if christogovt plants such as in the Temple board - and no longer any Vanavasis=Hindus - were lighting the lamps now, just so they can first charge Hindus more money for it AND to eventually spring the story via the christomedia of how they are the ones causing it, just so the christomedia can then advertise it as being a "great Hindu fraud" in their effort to close the Temple in the "interests of public safety" etc. It's what christianism does after all.*)

Rationalists have approached the Supreme Court and the Kerala High Court seeking issuance of orders to the concerned to end the practice of creating the Makara Vilkakku, which they allege is being used by the temple board and the Government as a means to promote the shrine among devotees from other States.

[color="#800080"](Note how angry christianism is that Bhagavan Ayyappa is so irresistible as to attract Hindoos from so many states. So they reason - very christo-terroristically (yes I made that word up, I'm clever that way) - that it "must be" the Makara Vilakku that is exclusively attracting his Bhaktas rather than himself.)[/color]

What was going on in Kerala presently in the name of the Makara Vilakku was a conflict between belief and atheism, Tantri Maheswararu said. He alleged that the atheists and the media had joined hands to tarnish the divine image of the Sabarimala shrine.

The Sangh Pariwar and various Hindu organizations in Kerala have already aired sharp criticisms against the alleged bid of the atheists to sabotage Sabarimala pilgrimage through the controversy over Makara Vilakku and the Kerala High Court’s query whether Vilakku was a divine occurrence or artificial creation.

The Kerala BJP criticised the High Court’s intervention in harsh words. According to State party president V Muraleedharan, the court was crossing its limits with such observations and inquiries. The court’s job was to interpret laws and not to decide whether a faith-based event was divine or artificial, he said.

(In heathen religions, everything in nature is divine. All worship of the Gods is divine. Whether I/another Hindu such as the Vanavasis of the Hill wave the aarati about or whether it mysteriously waves about on its own is irrelevant: the act of deepaaraadhanai is associated with the worship of the Gods, which is an act of Divine communion/experience/vision - it thrills the Hindoo's heart. See brief ref to Mystery of Birth of Dion again, somewhere above.)

Kummanam Rajasekharan, general secretary of the Hindu Aikya Vedi, says that Vilakku is deeply rooted in religious belief and therefore it is objectionable to make it a controversy. The Kerala Viswa Karma Sabha alleged that the Pullumedu tragedy and the controversy over the Vilakku were indications of a conspiratorial move to sabotage the Sabarimala pilgrimage.
Yes it is "conspiracy": the court case is christianism's bid to prevent Hindus from being Hindoos - i.e. from going to see their Bhagavan at Sabarimalai at the Right time in the Right manner and observing the Right practices. That is, it is to break their heathenism (adherence to traditional religious practice is heathenism), and thereby break the sanctity of the Kovil, paving their way to break the Kovil itself.

The court case (pseudo-secularly phrased though it is, with cryptochristianism hardly keeping its crypto-cover) is christianism's manner in attempting this.

* The point is:

Look how christianism has now proceeded to the next level: taking Hindus to court over the continuation of Hindu practices. Even carrying out Hindoo traditional practices in their own Temples is something Hindus are no longer allowed to do in peace. Crypto-christianism operates this way (that's why cryptochristianism should have been exposed). When christianism grows it is *always* at the expense of the rights of the heathen religions.

Elsewhere, at some other point in history, christoism "secularly" started by closing down temples under crypto-christian excuses that included "in the interests of public Roman safety". There were *court* cases then too. The Hellenistic Romans tried to keep the Temples open by fighting it in court. Of course, it all ended in tears for them heathens - literally. (Because peaceful means of protest are so "fruitful" against christoislamism's total war.) And that was just the beginning. Eventually, christianism would establish sufficient power to stop all pretence of heathens having any say to prevent christian destruction of Temples, and christianism just started mowing down the GrecoRoman Temples at will.

Actually, I've been inserting my own words unnecessarily. People can work all this out for themselves. There's only one thing in all this Series of Christo-Orchestrated Events that Hindus need to recall: the [color="#FF0000"]Codes of Theodosius and Justinian.[/color]

If any Hindoo doesn't know what that is, it's in the interest of the survival of their Hindooness to learn: it's a set of increasingly anti-Hellenistic laws enacted against the indigenous GrecoRoman religion by successive christian emperors of Rome, who were slowly proscribing (banning) the religion of Hellenismos from the GR countries.

See http://freetruth.50webs.org/B3b.htm#EdictAndCodes

(The section on the Theodosian & Justinian Codes starts a bit further down.)

"increasingly anti-Hellenistic" laws <=> slow frying of the heathen frog in the frying pan.
Mangalore, Goa again - both 2011, and Sri Lanka and Jarkhand (both 2010):

1. http://www.chakranews.com/1219-hindu-and...-area/1035

Quote:Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

1,219 Hindu and Jain Temples Face Demolition in the Mangalore Area

By Arun Shanghvi

[color="#800080"][Image:][/color] A Hindu Temple being demolished by the Indian Government

Mangalore, India (CHAKRA) — The Supreme Court has stated that 1,201 Hindu and 17 Jain places of worship are currently under threat of being demolished because they are considered to be religious institutions that are located in public places and apparently fall under a list of unauthorized religious construction.

Mohan Gowda, Hindu Jana Jagruti Vedike spokesperson stated that the government has decided to go ahead with demolishing this large number of religious structures.

The verdict of the Supreme Court clearly states that all religious structures that are built after December 7, 2009 must be demolished and most of these religious structures are Hindu temples across Mangalore. With regards to those places of worship built before December 7, 2009–they will be examined case by case before a decision is made for whether they will become regularized structures, relocated or demolished.

[color="#0000FF"]A very short notice has been given with no opportunity for appeal and the state government in its affidavit to the Supreme Court has agreed to clear all illegal religious structures by the end of this month.[/color]

Gowda further stated that although the Supreme Court has allowed for temples that are over 30 years old to be regularized, the Karnataka government is simply seeking to demolish because the process of regularizing will be time consuming and not worth their time. [color="#FF0000"]It’s unfortunate according to him, that temples over 300 years old are at risk of demolition.[/color]

Some temples that have received demolition notices are over 100 year old including the Kateel Temple in Dwara and the Mukhya Prana temple in Mangalore.

The same government that had promised to protect the Hindu temples is not supporting and acting towards a demolition drive.

Three hundred temples have now been given orders to relocate but there are many problems finding a place to relocate such a high number of temples and with so many restricted areas for religious structures present.

2. On post #61 - but contains a few paragraphs more:


Quote:Saturday, February 5th, 2011 | Posted by Editor

250 Hindu Temple Thefts and Desecrations in Goa Unite Temple Panels to Take a Stand

By Linda Brock

Panaji, Goa (CHAKRA) — Gomantak Mandir and Dharmik Sanstha is the new name of approximately 300 temple boards that have come together from all eleven talukas in the state of Goa, to deal with cases of thefts and desecrations in Hindu temples across the state.

The manner in which the Goa state goverment is dealing with the damage to the sacred shrines is being compared to the way in which the Portugese regime handled similar issues during colonial rule. Representatives of the temple associations are not happy and have emerged together to try their best to make a difference.

Jayesh Thali, co-coordinator of the Mahasangh stated that in the past six years, over 250 temples have been ransacked in addition to 50 desecrations of Hindu idols. He further stated that the government has displayed indifference to these constant incidents one after the other and have not come up with any solution or ideas to stop the abuse to the temples.

From a temple located in Porvorim, Rajkumar Dessai, bluntly stated that Portugese laws, as existent in the past are still present in the state of Goa, with only name changes to seemingly portray that laws were changed to revolutionize the state handlings of Hindu temples. Nothing but the name of the act has been changed. According to Dessai, the laws made for a cupboard being damaged are equivalent to the laws that exist for the damaging of idols in temples. He strongly believes the laws are outdated and must be revolutionized to make a greater difference for the Hindu community in Goa.

A meeting was to be held by the Mahasangh to mobilize the faithful from across the state in order to unite and share similar viewpoints and ideas to create change.

Legal assistance, free of cost was to be given at the meeting relating to cases of thefts and desecrations. The purpose of the meeting was to mobilize individuals so that they are better able to take control and report complaints about desecrations and damage to their temples.

In addition, the Mahasangh, is strongly against the demolitions of Hindu temples that already exist on government property or land.

Ramesh Shinde, head of the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti for the regions of Goa , Gujarat and Maharashtra strongly condemned the inaction taken by the Goa government to put a stop to the damage and looting of sacred Hindu temples. He thinks the Goa government should create a clear plan to stop the attacks on temples. He has concluded that there is no fear of laws in the state of Goa, especially since there have been repeated cases to the same shrines over and over again. The Sateri temple in Curchorem has been looted 5 times as stated by Shinde and just in the last year there have been 13 successful temple theft cases in Mapusa. When the same damage happens to the same temple over a number of times resulting in laws being discounted continuously, a state of chaos is near if not in existence already.

3. http://www.chakranews.com/sri-lankan-pen...uments/218

Quote:Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 | Posted by Editor

Sri Lankan Peninsula Road Expansion will Demolish 27 Hindu Temples and Monuments

By Sukhdharshan

[color="#800080"][Photo:][/color] A roadside Hindu Temple in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Jaffna, Sri Lanka (CHAKRA) – Many Hindus and Hindu cultural organizations are shocked after hearing about plans to demolish around twenty-seven Hindu temples and ancient cultural monuments, as a result of a road expansion program in Jaffna, Kankesanthurai.

Many organizations are voicing their concerns about the threat to Tamil cultural symbols under the guise of a development process.

[color="#800080"](Uh, these Hindu Temples are Hindu Tamizh religion.)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]The Sri Lankan government has entrusted a Chinese organization the task of reconstructing four major road stretches in the Peninsula. A Chinese organization was given was selected over local contractors to undertake the new construction plan. Hindus are doubtful of this decision and are questioning the choice.[/color]

All Ceylon Hindu Federation (ACHF) has taken steps to help prevent the demolishment of twenty-seven Hindu kovils and cultural monuments under the developing process of Peninsula—KKS main road. ACHF has met the Governor of the Northern Province, Major General G.A. Chandrasiri and has requested them to take alternative steps to prevent the demolition.

Government ministers have failed to address this issue and concern. Tamil Ministers or Tamil Parliamentarians have not taken any steps to halt this construction. Those same Ministers are the ones who on any other occasion take responsibility and credit for any source of development in the North and East.

Out of nine Tamil Ministers representing the Peninsula, not one has taken a stance against the development plan or even brought it up for that matter. Local Hindus feel that those who identify themselves as the leaders of the Tamil people are showing a blind eye. As a result, the general Tamil population is feeling hopeless and has lost faith in their representatives.

Sri Lankan Civil War Caused the Damage of 500 Hindu Temples - August 15th, 2010

Quote:Last year in July, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in India had requested the Sri Lankan government to reconstruct the temples damaged during the LTTE but they still remain to be fixed.

4. http://www.chakranews.com/bjp-fights-for...uction/881

Quote:Sunday, September 5th, 2010 | Posted by Editor

BJP Fights for the Protection of 39 Hindu Temples from Unfair Destruction

[color="#800080"][Caption:][/color] BJP offers free food to poor villagers as part of a public kitchen campaign

Ranchi, Jarkhand (CHAKRA) — The BJP Party has given support to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) supporters who are protesting against the demolition of 39 Hindu temples which are constructed on government land.

The shutdown of such a sponsorship has been openly stated by the VHP party which the backing of BJP officials. Raghubar Das, the state BJP president said he is shocked to see that temples will be demolished at a large scale in the state. Thus he has stated his party’s moral support to the VHP’s fight against such destruction.

Uday Shankar Ojha, president of the Mahavir Mandal, another religious organization, stated that the group has demanded a shutdown of such a sponsorship by September 24th.

Many of the 30 temples have been constructed over 50 years ago and are regularly visited by thousands of people. The Hindu community is outraged and upset after hearing such news regarding a place of worship where they go to seek peace within.

[color="#0000FF"]Many Hindu critics are okay with the Government’s decision to demolish Hindu Temples on Government land if houses of worship from all religions are treated equally. This comes after there has been exceptions made for Christian churches and Muslim mosques from being demolished on Government land. Critics say this isolates Hindu temples and is a form of religious discrimination against the Hindu community.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Again: "Oh what ideology could be behind this selective anti-"paganism".)[/color]

The fight to withhold the destruction of temples will continue until the protesters win and are served justice. Protests are to continue over the weekend until a response from government officials is received.
4 items

1. Christianism "cryptochristianism" defiling sacred Hindu land.


Quote:Hindu veneration to Panchabhutas.

14/02/2011 04:09:17 http://savehindutemples.blogspot.com/201...eport.html

Three NGOs submit detailed report on the plastic Waste to TTD; EO to take immediate action;

“Verily, the whole world is the body of God [color="#800080"](Bhagavan, Vishnu)[/color].” Vishnu Purana 1.12.38

Earth, in which lie the sea, the river, and other waters,

in which food and cornfields have come to be,

in which live all that breathes and that moves,

may she confer on us the finest of her yield....

Set me, O Earth, amidst what is thy center and thy navel,

and vitalizing forces that emanate from thy body.

Purify us from all sides. Earth is my Mother; her son am I;

and Heaven my Father: may he fill us with plenty....

Atharva Veda 12.1

Sri Kamal Kumar Swami of Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samithi, Sri D. R Narendra of TTD Parirakshana Samithi, and Narra Munichandra and A. Subramnayam of Praja Front toured, studied and inspected the practice of [color="#0000FF"]plastics disposal on the Seven Hills of Tirumala, where the most sacred Lord Venkateshwara Temple is located. Following their inspection, realizing the damage the disposal of plastics is causing to the seven hills, earth, water, air, trees, health of the devotees and ecological imbalance, they submitted a ten-page report with all the details of their investigation to the Executive Officer of TTD along with a number of recommendations.[/color]

As a way of background we want to inform that about 4 years ago TTD has given a contract to Mohindra and Mohindra Company to dispose of all the plastics either by recycling certain types of plastics or dispose of all non-recyclable plastics in a manner that would not affect the ecology of Seven Hills. Also the company agreed to process the biodegradable items so that the manure can be used as fertilizers. According to the three NGOs mentioned above, the company employed hundreds of people to collect all the water bottled, plastic bags and other items going around the hills. According to the contract no payment will be made to the Company. The company did it as voluntary service to the Temple. The Company used to take all the plastics from all the hills and take them out without leaving any wastage on the hills. In fact they used incur loss in this operation.

[color="#0000FF"]After Sri Adikesavulu Naidu was appointed as Chairman of Trust Board of TTD, he cancelled the contract with Mohindra and Mohindra Company and gave it to one of his benefactor by the name Kiran Royal. [color="#FF0000"] Instead of employing people to collect all the plastics, Kiran Royal is using the TTD employees to collect the plastics making TTD to incur several lakhs of rupees every month. He also stopped collecting biodegradable items leaving them on the hills as an eyesore for the pilgrims. Further, instead of taking plastic wastage away from the hills and dispose them properly, he was piling up all the wastage on the hills.[/color] These NGO leaders also noticed the employees of TTD burning the plastic wastage on the hills causing thick smoke covering the hills area. They also felt the pungent smell of the burning of these plastics. During rainy season, the residues of the burned plastic waste are going to spread around and down the hills affecting the trees, plants, rivers and the water causing untold damage to the ecological serenity of the hills. [/color]

[color="#800080"](Cryptochristian deliberately appointed to dump such toxic waste on Mahavishnu's sacred hills and to poison the Hindu pilgrims in order to discourage them from coming to see Bhagavan + Lakshmi.

And then they deliberately burn it their too. Breathing in toxic fumes.

And so cryptochristianism - christianism=terrorism - is trying another avenue of convert-or-kill: if the Hindus insist on coming to see their Gods, the christians will kill them with toxic fumes.)[/color]

On February 4, 2011 the three NGOs submitted a detailed report to EO of TTD who was very sympathetic to their study and their recommendations to alleviate the disposal problem. He agreed with their assessment and promised to look into a permanent solution to the issue. Since the submission of the report, EO inspected the disposal practices to take proper action.

Christianism has done it all before. E.g. christo US pointedly went after a most sacred NA native American hilly site (Dhu made a post on this once) and turned it into a mass-garbage dumping area.

It's "secular" (aka cryptochristian) genocide of heathenism. They do it on purpose. First thing people need to understand.

Remember, all 7 of the hills of Tirumaal (Tamizh name Mahavishnu) have already been claimed for jeebus. This is merely one of the ways in which they are trying to achieve it.

One of the comments:

Quote: k.v.raghavan

15/02/2011 00:17:17 Do not worry

Dont worry sir. So called liquor baron Mr. Adi Kesavalu Naidu might be appointed again to the post of TTD Chairman by Madam Sonia Gandhi very soon.

Yes. Mr. Naidu, being a broker, brokered for the entry of Mr. Chiranjeevi into the fold of congress. In return, Mr. Chiranjeevi, is strongly recommended the name of Mr. Naidu, to the post of Chairman of TTD to Madam Sonia Gandhi.

Do not raise following questions.

1. Who is she to appoint officers to the posts of Hindu Temples?

2. How come Mr. Naidus corruption dealings were ignored?

3. What made Mr. Chiranjeevi to become a broker, after having earned quite a lot of money through celluloid?

4. The NGOs report will meet its natural end - the death in the dustbin. Hail Mr. Jairam Ramesh, the Environmental Minister, who is sleeping.

The real questions are:

- how many cryptochristians are there in the Indian govt/positions of power and who are they

- and WHEN will modern Hindus finally gain the spine to expose them?

2. More christianism:


The on-going loot of Hindu temples

09/02/2011 03:46:52 By MV Kamath


[color="#800080"](HRCE)[/color] The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act of 1951 which allows State Governments and politicians to take over thousands of Hindu Temples and maintain complete control over them and their properties. It is claimed that [color="#0000FF"]they can sell the temple assets and properties and use the money in any way they choose.[/color]


Stephen Knapp in a book (Crimes Against India and the Need to Protect Ancient Vedic Tradition) published in the United States that makes shocking reading. Hundreds of temples in centuries past have been built in India by devout rulers and the donations given to them by devotees have been used for the benefit of the people.


It would seem, for instance, that under a Temple Empowerment Act, about 43,000 temples in Andhra Pradesh have come under government control and only 18 per cent of the revenue of these temples have been returned for temple purposes, the remaining 82 per cent being used for purposes unstated.

Apparently even the world famous Tirumala Tirupati Temple has not been spared. According to Knapp, the temple collects over Rs 3,100 crores every year “and the State Government has not denied the charge that as much as 85 per cent of this is transferred to the State Exchequer, much of which goes to causes that are not connected with the Hindu community”. Was it for that reason that devotees make their offering to the temples? Another charge that has been made is that the Andhra Government has also allowed the demolition of at least ten temples for the construction of a golf course. “Imagine the outcry” writes Knapp, “if ten mosques had been demolished”. It would seem that in Karanataka, Rs. 79 crores were collected from about two lakh temples and from that, temples received Rs seven crores for their maintenance, Muslim madrassahs and Haj subsidy were given Rs 59 crore and churches about Rs 13 crore. Very generous of the government. [color="#FF0000"]Because of this[/color], Knapp writes, “25 per cent of the two lakh temples or about 50,000 temples in Karnataka will be closed down for lack of resources”, and he adds: “The only way the government can continue to do this is because people have not stood up enough to stop it”. Knapp then refers to Kerala where, he says, “funds from the Guruvayur Temple are diverted to other government projects denying improvement to 45 Hindu temples”. Land belonging to the Ayyappa Temple, apparently has been grabbed and “Church encroaches are occupying huge areas of forest land, running into thousands of acres, near Sabarimala”.

A charge is made that the Communist [color="#800080"](code for cryptochristo)[/color] state government of Kerala…. wants to pass an Ordinance to disband the Travancore & Cochin Autonomous Devaswom Boards (TCDBs) and take over their limited independent authority of 1,800 Hindu temples. If what the author says is true, even the Maharashtra Government wants to take over some 450,000 temples in the state which would “supply a huge amount of revenue to correct the state’s bankrupt conditions….” And to top it all, Knapp says that in Orissa, the state government intends to sell over 70,000 acres of endowment lands from the Jagannath Temple, the proceeds of which would solve a huge financial crunch brought about by its own mismanagement of temple assets.

[color="#800080"](Note: christianism appoints itself to mismanage Hindu Temple asets and then declares to pay off the debts they put Hindu temples into by selling off Hindu Temple lands to christo-islamania)[/color]

Says Knapp: “Why such occurrences are so often not known is that the Indian media, especially the English television and press, are often anti-Hindu in their approach, and thus not inclined to give much coverage, and certainly no sympathy, for anything that may affect the Hindu community. Therefore, such government action that play against the Hindu community go on without much or any attention attracted to them”.

Such "secular" and hidden crimes are exactly what the christobrits did to Hindu religion too. And they are repeated by the christo govt of India today.

But only permanently blind people won't be able to tell that The Above Is Christianism.

3. Islam. Learnt from its criminal master christianism how to "secularly" (i.e. invisibly 'subtly') destroy heathenism:


Quote:E Ahamed's last gift to Hindus before he left Railway Ministry

23/01/2011 13:42:32 HK

Ardent Anti Hindu Central Minister and Muslim league leader from Kerala has been shifted to his favourite Ministry of External affairs from railway Ministry . Now he can make frequent Gulf trips and can meet Anti Nationals whenever he wishes. He left the Railway Ministry with a special gift to Hindus in Kerala who frequently goes to Mookambika Temple.

Currently there are five trains having stoppage at Mookambika Road (Byndoor) viz.

16312/16311 Trivandrum-Bikaner express

16334/16333 Trivandrum-Veravel Express

16336/16335 Nagercoil-Gandhidham Express

16338/16337 Ernakulam-Okha Express

16345/16346 Trivandrum-Lokamanya Thilak Terminus

All the above trains except 16345/16346 arrives between 07:00 hrs to 07:30 Hrs at Byndoor. This has been very convenient to Mookambika devotees. From April-2011, only one train will have stoppage at Mookambika road that is 16345/16346

Apart from this, as of now, there are no immediate connection trains available from Mangalore to Mookambika
. The trains Maveli Express-08:05, Malabar Express 10:00 , Mangalapuram Express 11:15. The first passenger train from Managalpuram to Byndoor starts at 06:20 Hrs. After that the next train is 12620 at 14:40 Hrs.

[color="#0000FF"]The passengers who are arriving by the morning trains like Maveli, Malabar and Mangalapuram express has to wait till 14:40 for another train.With the cancellation of stoppage of the above trains at Mookambika road (Byndoor) the life of devotees will become more miserable since they have to depend upon Taxi/Bus services who are collecting exorbitant charges. With the recent increase in petrol charges the taxi fare has gone up like anything. The poor section of passengers will have to wholly depend upon inconvenient bus services.[/color]

This is the benefit extended by the MOSR Sri. E.Ahmed when he left Railway ministry

Some of the comments (not in order):

Quote: rajakumar.Keralam

11/02/2011 00:02:18 IDENTIFY THIS TERRORIST

He is a jihadi and he earlier had taken a decision to demolish all temples within the railway compound.He made restrictions to offer pooja during Navaratri celebrations by the Railways. He is an intellectual TERRORIST.


24/01/2011 04:37:04 E Ahemed marad culprit

E Ahmed destroyed evidence of marad massacre .He is a culprit in the conspiracy to massacre hindus,Why we left him to wander freely?

Raj Puducode

24/01/2011 21:44:41 He is anti-Hindu & anti-national

This anti-Hindu & anti-national dog called E.Ahmed is a symbol of all the problems facing our country. We will be sold to Pakis by these goondas. [color="#0000FF"]He is the guy who refused to light the oil lamps before any function by the Railways which has been practiced for ages. Now this dog is out of Railways & we should reintroduce lighting of lamps in Hindustan. r[/color]

[color="#800080"](Because christoislamism knows that the lamp isn't secular, but Hindoo.)[/color]


25/01/2011 10:43:00 Kollur Mookambika temple

Kollur Mookambika temple is a very important pilgrimage destination of Hindus of Kerala. [...]


24/01/2011 02:16:29 Pls suggest ways of protest...

Ahmed might have done this probably thinking it as his religious duty. Let the world decide on the quality of his belief. Let's try to think of what we can do to restore our rights. Can't we all write to Railways protesting against this ? This issue has the potential to trigger a mass protest as Mookambika is a favorite temple of all Malayalee Hindus. VHP and other Hindu organizations have to give necessary co-ordination for this protest. For example select a dozen main railway stations in Kerala and ask passengers to write complaints and post it in complaint boxes there. I think railway online complaint system is malfunctioning. Write to newspapers complaint columns and mail groups. Use online fora to expose the true color of secularism. If things do not change Hindus may need to go for Rail roko etc.

[color="#800080"](This is a better suggestionSmile[/color]


24/01/2011 08:58:47 Lets do this

Whats the point? [color="#0000FF"]People should keep pulling the chain every time the train approaches the platform. Do it 5 times a day, 30 days a month.[/color] That will knock some sense into the fanatics heads that their writ won't go unanswered. This is a simple, non violent way of going about business. Gandhigiri at its best. Jai Ho!


23/01/2011 22:58:02 Khangress dogs allow this anti-Hindu bastards.

Khangress dogs allowed this anti-Hindu bastard E.Ahmed to do what he wants to do. Khangress rascals in delhi with the connivence of the Italian donkey Sonia Manio allows these things to perpetuated on Hindus.

See, christianism encourages and trains islam. Even tells it what lines to speak: e.g. to change the train schedule.
I'm sure that christianism wrote Ahmed's script. Islam is not that clever.

4. http://haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?P...132&SKIN=B

Quote:Kashmiri land Sharks swallow Temple land

22/01/2011 04:45:27 Chitranjan Sawant

Vitasta ambles through the Kashmir valley. The hills around and the natural forests comprising deodar and pine trees present a pleasing sight to residents and visitors coming to the Kashmir valley from far and near. Of course, Vitasta is now renamed Jhelum and the demography too had undergone many changes many times.

Kalhan , the great Sanskrit poet sat in the thickly wooded picturesque Kashmir valley many thousand years ago and wrote Rajtarangini describing the important kings and queens, men and women who had contributed to the rich cultural heritage of the valley, hills and dales. Even the invaders from Central Asia who showed the prowess of their arms in the culturally rich valley were in turn influenced by the Kashmiriat of the pre-Islamic era. The history of Kashmir bears out that the Shiva temples and the Shaiv heritage was flowing in the veins of an average Kashmiri as smoothly as the Jhelum river through numerous bends, twists and turns without losing her majestic gait sans a sense of hurry.

The Afghan invaders wrested the peace and culture of the Kashmir valley from its rulers and residents forever. He Mughals were also lured into the heaven-like hills and dales and went in for laying the large scale gardens. The maximum damage was, however, done by the Afghans to change the skyline from the temple dominated Kalash to roof-hugging minarets of mosques and Sufi places of worship that meant singing praise of the Lord for long. The Sanskrit language was replaced by the Persian language and some non-descript dialects like Dardi and Pushto from Kandahar region also made a debut. An upheaval of sorts in the realm of religion, culture, languages and apparel of both sexes was in the offing. The milieu of Kashmir stood changed in the middle ages. However, Kalhan and his Rajtarangini were as dear to the linguistically transformed man and woman of the middle ages as they were to the pre-Islamic people.

The Hindu resurgence brought the Dogra rulers back to the throne and temple Kalash were more in evidence on the Kashmir skyline than ever before. The Hindu-Dogra kings encouraged the composite culture of Jammu and Kashmir and it continued to be called a Heaven on Earth.

[color="#800080"](What "composite culture"?)[/color]


The Wheel of Time is never stationary. It moves on and on. The Dogras were replaced by an elected government but the Peace on Land remained as elusive as ever before. In 1990, the Islamist Terrorism came with full fury. The Hindus were driven away but the Hindu temples remained. The famous Shankaracharya temple on the high hill dominating the Srinagar valley is the most important landmark for locals and visitors alike. A large number of Hindu temples with land attached to them for maintenance remained at their respective places. The Mahants and Purohits were, generally speaking from the Kashmiri Pundit class except for some who came from the famous Namboodari family of Kerala. By the way, the famous Adi Shankaracharya who defeated the Buddhist bigwigs and revived the Hindu Dharma in Bharat,[color="#800080"]*[/color] belonged to the Namboodari class of Brahmins from Kerala.

[color="#800080"](* Actually other Veda Brahmanas starting from well since before Shankaracharya deserve most if not all the gratitude for that.)[/color]

Right from the year 1990 when the full fury of the Islamic terrorism came into evidence, a large scale exodus of the Hindus from the Kashmir valley took place. When the rank and file of the Hindu community, but for a few, left Kashmir, what was the point in the Priest class staying back? In some parts of the Kashmir valley, not even a single Hindu family stayed back because even the local Muslim population had turned hostile. In some cases the local Muslims had their evil eye on the property of the Hindus and also on their pretty nubile girls. So, the Hindu population migrated to the Jammu region of the State, notwithstanding half a million strong Indian Army being stationed in the valley. The Indian Army was not permitted by the local government to intervene as it was only a law and order problem and not one of foreign aggression. Thus almost three hundred thousand Hindus became refugees in their own country and their own soldiers were toothless to protect them. The posterity will not pardon the decision makers who let this ethnic-cum-religious cleansing take place in blatant violation of the constitutional law.

[color="#0000FF"]Fake Mahants replaced the real mahants in temples. The fake mahants stepped into the shoes of the real claimants and started administering the temple property. Now it has come to light that one such mahant was not even a citizen of India. He slipped into the temple administrative hierarchy surreptitiously and acted in a manner that was detrimental to the interests of the Hindu temple. Initially, the Hindus were dazed because of the lethal blows of terrorists but once they regained their senses, they questioned the impropriety of transferring Hindu temple immoveable property to non-Hindu parties. The sale deeds were fake like fake mahants in some cases that were rightly challenged in due course of time. It is rather surprising that the State government was as immobile in questioning the illegal transfer of land of the Hindu temples as the surviving mahants in limbo in some secluded corner of Jammu.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Just like southern India has both declared and crypto christists on the christogovt-appointed Boards of Hindu Temples.)[/color]


Justice Sunil Hali took cognizance of numerous law suits pending in lower courts where the Kashmiri Pundits had challenged the transfer of temple property to business houses in Srinagar for purposes other than the advancement of the Hindu Dharma. It may be recalled that the House of Dogra Kings had created Dharm Sansthan in the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir over two centuries ago. Extensive land was attached to the temples to bear the expenditure of their maintenance. The land in Srinagar appreciated many fold over a period of time and the builders, property dealers etc eyed this custodian-bereft property. The present state government took little interest in the upkeep and maintenance of temples and other Hindu charitable institutions created by the Hindu endowments. This was the golden opportunity for the land sharks to make a kill and they did so. Many temple properties created by private Hindu trusts and left abandoned since 1990 after the mass migration of the Hindus were transferred to business houses for commercial motives. The state officials colluded in the illegal sale and transfer of property. The High Court has now asked the state government to stop such transfer of temple property and take possession of property lying in limbo.

[color="#0000FF"]But for the intervention of the judiciary, the private trusts would have become defunct and fake mahants would have sold temple lands to new non-Hindu commercial establishments and lined their personal pockets. It may, however, be mentioned that the temples and their appurtenances governed by the high powered religious trusts created by the Dogra kings are protected and well administered. Dr Karan Singh, a direct descendant of the Dogra kings is himself taking personal interest in the management of temples and property attached to them.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Typical Hindu Raja, protects Hindus by protecting Hindu religion, starting from the worship of the Gods.)[/color]

The need of the hour is to remain alert and prevent transfer of temple land to land sharks. Retrieval of land lost owing to fake transfers must also be pursued vigorously by the state government under the supervision of the Hon’ble High Court of Jammu & Kashmir.

Quote:No plan to tag Jains, Sikhs as Hindus for now

TNN, Feb 24, 2011, 01.12am IST

BANGALORE: Bowing to opposition from representatives of the Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists for giving them the Hindu tag and bringing their religious institutions under the muzrai department, the state government has decided to drop the proposal.

The decision was taken in the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, a week after the announcement was made. "Instead, the government will bring a new legislation benefiting their religious institutions," muzrai minister V S Acharya told TOI.

TOI in its edition dated February 17 had said the cabinet would approve the amendment to the Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments (Amendment) Act, 1997, to bring Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists under the term `Hindu' and have control on the religious institutions run by them. While giving the nod to this clause, the cabinet kept mutts out of the purview of public scrutiny.

[color="#0000FF"]The religious minorities associations have welcomed the government's move of keeping them out of government's purview. Harminder Singh, general secretary of Sri Guru Singh Sabha, a Sikh religious organization, thanked the government and said the gurdwaras come under the Sikh Gurdwara Act, 1925 and the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Act, 1971. "Hence the Sikh gurdwaras can not be clubbed under the KHRICE Act, 1997 and Sikhs cannot be clubbed as Hindus," he said.

Milind Dharmasen, national president of All India Buddhist Youth Organization, and S Jithendra Kumar, president of Karnataka Jain Association, also welcomed the government's move.[/color]
Such great mobility.

Lucky escape for them. (Christianism intends to come for them later: when the majority heathenism of the land has been subdued. Then it will take christoislamism a very brief space of time indeed to crush the other remaining Indian religions in India.)

But I do agree: Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists are NOT Hindus. The feeling is mutual - no one wants to be forcibly clubbed with unrelated other religions. (Including a religion that may have started off in Hindu religion but drifted permanently away and changed its God to "Not any Hindu God". Not my problem.)

Hindus follow the religion of the subcontinent's ancient Gods, i.e. the Hindu Gods. Just like Daoists follow the religion of their region's ancient indigenous Gods. Like Shintos and Hellenes follow the religions of their Gods. (Etc.)
This belongs under christianism. But then, so does the DMK.


Quote:Sujeev said...

Off Topic: More loot for government?


Nothing in the Malayalam media about this? Seems this is the second case I've heard about in less than a year. The first was [color="#0000FF"]the find of silver at the Puri Jagannath temple. There are also regular strident calls to account for jewellery associated with temples by government officials.[/color]

Is there some kind of renewed effort to find and appropriate every last gram of gold associated with Hindu temples in India?

7/04/2011 8:49 AM

This seems to answer that last question (parroting Smith writing about Julian):

Quote:what Constantine had done for the Church. Behind the success of his reforms had stood the brute force of money.135 Vast sums were spent on the building of basilicas, and there were grand endowments of land to the Church. That land, moreover, was to be exempt from tax. Clerics were excused the burden of costly public offices, even personally subsidized. There were food allowances for Christian widows and nuns. To pay for it all, Constantine looked to a source of funds accumulated over centuries: the huge treasure house of precious metals lying to hand in the ancestral temples. Pagans, it has been nicely said, had financed their own destruction. 136 Julian's most pressing task in this connection was to do the same in reverse, to restore the temples as the perceived focus of public beneficia at the expense of the Church.137

Win-win for christianism:

- Hindu religion's wealth stolen away from it (Temples often stockpiled for a rainy day; it's given to the Gods of the temple to safeguard for the populace: since Hindus generally don't steal from their Gods).

- Christianism=terrorism pockets Hindu religion's wealth.

From the Sunday Morning Herald link:

Quote:India and the temple of jewels

Ben Doherty, Som Patidar

July 5, 2011

NEW DELHI: It's the stuff of Indiana Jones films and pirate X-marks-the-spot folklore: a 500-year-old treasure trove of unimaginable riches - gold necklaces six metres long, satchels filled with diamonds and gold coins from the time of Napoleon.

After initial scepticism, the city of Thiruvanantapuram, capital of the state of Kerala in India's far south, is the focus of national attention after the discovery of an ancient hoard of riches hidden in at least five secret vaults beneath a mediaeval Hindu temple.

A sixth vault, unopened for more than 140 years, is to be inspected overnight, while a seventh, with reinforced iron walls, cannot be opened without a further court order.

The stockpile, which also includes a gold sheaf weighing 500 kilograms, a 36-kilogram golden veil and a massive idol of Lord Vishnu studded with diamonds and other gems, has been uncovered in the previously locked vaults of the Lord Padmanabha temple.

Estimates of the treasure's worth continue to climb as more and more is uncovered.

The government is saying it is worth somewhere in the order of Rupees500 billion ($10.2 billion) but a retired high court judge, C.S. Rajan, who is helping evaluate the find, has said it could be worth up to Rupees1 trillion ($20.4 billion).

Publicly, however, no one has yet seen so much as a bangle.

The treasure trove is being kept a closely guarded secret while the court-appointed panel of experts sorts through the vaults and makes a formal evaluation.

Unsurprisingly, security has been stepped up at the temple, with surveillance cameras and alarms installed and armed commandos drafted in to stand guard.

Despite the intense security surrounding the temple, some tantalising snippets of gossip about what lies within continue to leak out.

It's been reported that nearly 1000 kilograms of gold coins, some from the East India Company and others from the Napoleonic era, are in the vaults, along with sacks full of diamonds from Burma and Sri Lanka, rope wound from gold and pure-gold human figurines.

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, one of Hinduism's pre-eminent deities, the Padmanabha temple was built in the 16th century by Travancore (the forerunner to the modern-day state of Kerala) kings. The reserve within is believed to be the royals' secret stash.

Since Indian independence in 1947, a trust run by descendants of the Travancore royal family has run the temple and the government has offered assurances the cache will not be seized.

''The wealth belonged to the temple and it will be preserved where it was found. There is religious and historical significance to the findings. The state will ensure its security,'' Kerala's chief minister, Oommen Chandy, said.

A historian and former director of the Indian Council of Historical Research, M.G.S. Narayanan, warned estimates of the treasure's worth could be wildly inaccurate.

''These are antique pieces and it's not possible to determine their prices,'' he said.

with Som Patidar

About this:

Quote:''The wealth belonged to the temple and it will be preserved where it was found. There is religious and historical significance to the findings. The state will ensure its security,'' Kerala's chief minister, Oommen Chandy, said

Oomen chandy is a famous christian=terrorist:

1. That he is a christian, one can read in post 163 of http://www.india-forum.com/forums/index....__p__46579

2. Plus, that he is famous for terrorising Hindu temples (well, when he's in charge, Hindu temples get terrorised - you do the math):


Quote:In Kerala, when Mr Oomen Chandy was the Chief Minister, an attempt was made to divert Guruvayur Devaswom funds for installation of a sewage treatment plant and a water supply scheme for the area. In Orissa, lands belonging to the famous Jagannath Temple at Puri are being sold by Government to deal with the temple's financial crunch- something brought about by gross mismanagement of the temple's affairs by the Government.

So how will the Temple's wealth be magically preserved in the Kovil? Why, by installing fakes to take their place, as has been done often enough - while christian looters make away with what belongs to Hindu Gods/religion. Same as that other christian=terrorist Prachanda and his "maoist" christian gang have been attempting with the Pashupatinath Kovil in Nepal.

The following HK comment was already posted earlier on in the christianism thread:



31/01/2011 05:10:32 Repeat of Tamilnadu Temple loot

All the gold and jewels of Lord Padmanabha will henceforth adorn the ladies of commie and congi dealers, just like DMK and ADMK bastards looted Temple jewels of Sri Ranganathar, Srirangam and all other Temples of Tamilnadu, replacing them with fakes over time. Kudos to Demonocracy. Hindus of entire country must rise up as one person and stop this loot.
[url="http://expressbuzz.com/biography/Integrity-of-Padmanabha-dasas/291645.html"]Padmanabha dasas and political class[/url]

S Gurumurthy

Quote:The wealth of Lord Padmanabhaswamy, kept unbelievably safe, so far counted is estimated at Rs1 lakh crore. The committee appointed by the Supreme Court has till July 2 so far opened five of the six closed chambers in the temple and inventoried the contents leaving one yet to be unsealed. Here is the brief history of the Lord’s wealth and its significance.

In 1750, King Marthanda Varma, the most powerful of the Travancore rulers, pledged that he and his descendents would serve the kingdom as servants of Lord Padmanabha (‘Padamanabha Dasa’) the Lord being the King. The British had observed the tradition and honoured the Lord with a 21-gun salute.

When the Indian states were merged, independent India appointed the Travancore royal head as the Raj Pramukh; but he preferred to be known as Padmanabha Dasa, not as Raj Pramukh.

The government had continued to honour the tradition of gun salute to the Lord till 1970 when, along with the abolition of princely titles, the honour to the Lord was withdrawn! Yet, even today Lord Padmanabha is regarded as the deity of Travancore. To cut a long story short, the Travancore royalty was the servant-trustee of the Lord. M G Gopalakrishnan, a historian of Kerala, says that Tipu Sultan, who had invaded Malabar and destroyed many temples, had conquered Thrissur in 1789 and made it his headquarters, posing a threat to Travancore.

This seems to have persuaded Dharma Raja, the then king of Travancore royalty to bury and seal the wealth of the Lord in secret chambers to keep it beyond the reach of the invader. But, in 1790, Tipu withdrew from Thrissur when the British raided Mysore, de-risking Travancore from invasion. Still Dharma Raja and his successors opted to keep the Lord’s treasure buried, safe from risk of loot.

This is how Justice C S Rajan, member of the committee to inventory the treasure, describes the Lord’s treasure which speaks for itself: “The secret cells were like a dream world, unbelievable and unexplainable. Huge stones, which a team of eight strong men had to struggle to remove, had been placed well to conceal the cells. The cells were small. They could accommodate only four-five persons. The invaluable treasure - gold, gems, stones - offered to the deity by the Travancore royalty, from time to time had been kept in teakwood boxes stacked one over the other. Whenever the kings or their friends or other kings had darshan of the Lord, they used to offer gold coins; one lakh such coins have been found. It is all temple property”.

The Justice is only saying the obvious, as does M G S Narayanan, the historian. And this is precisely what the Indian Treasure Trove Act says, under which only unclaimed wealth discovered is declared as state property. Here the Lord, a juridical person under the law, is the owner of the wealth.

What has been missed in the discourse on the Lord’s wealth hijacked by hype and excitement is that even when the Travancore royals were in danger of losing their kingdom, they never thought of touching the Lord’s wealth. When Tipu was driving down southwards, the kingdom itself was at risk. And yet, the royalty had continued to keep it buried so that it ever remained the wealth of the Lord; it did not unseal it even after the danger had diminished. This shows the unmatched height of honesty and integrity of the trustees, the royal family.

Had any one of the several successors in the royal family been less than absolutely honest, the whole or part of the Lord’s wealth would have moved from the secret chambers to their personal chambers. Nothing of that sort happened for 158 years from 1789 to 1947. In 1947, when the Indian states merged into the Indian Union, the Travancore royalty totally lost its power and wealth. And yet the wealth of the Lord hidden by Dharma Raja remained untouched.

Thanks to such high character and morals in the Travancore royalty, the wealth of the Lord remains intact. The nation should be grateful to the successive members of the Travancore royalty for maintaining such high standards of morality and trusteeship. But with the media hyping the Lord’s wealth wrongly as the treasure trove, some, whose right thinking seems to have left them, even began saying that it should be taken over by the state, and kept in exhibition!

And more. If the Padmanabhaswamy wealth was global news, the 98 kg of gold and `11.5 crore brought to account by the trustees in Satya Sai Baba’s ashram in Puttaparthi earlier had made national headlines. The trustees of the Satya Sai Trusts ensured that the gold and the cash were inventoried in the presence of respectable witnesses - former judges of courts - and deposited in banks.

Had any of them - or any one else in the ashram - been less than honest, would they have deposited the gold or the cash in bank? If they had removed any part of the cash or gold, no one would have come to notice it. In spite of gold worth over Rs 70 crore and cash of Rs 11.5 crore having been duly deposited, the media went hysterical - and some continue to make noise - in respect of a comparatively small amount Rs 35 lakh (some 2 per cent of the cash and gold deposited) seized by the police from a contractor to whom it is claimed to have been paid by devotees for constructing the samadhi of Sai Baba.

While why there should have been un-deposited gold or cash could be a genuine question for the trustees to answer, the trustees certainly deserved a word of compliment for having brought to account the gold and cash offered to Sai Baba when he was alive.

PS: It cannot end without an inevitable question. Can the political class today lay claim to the kind of honesty that the Padmanabha Dasas and the Baba trustees have shown?


Do the treasures belong to the temple?

R Nagaswamy

The question whether the treasures (temple offerings) recently brought to

light in the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple belong to the state or the temple

is debated, with some asserting they belong to the state while others claim

they belong to the temple. But neither of them seem to know either the

ancient tradition or the modern situation. The entire nation and perhaps the

world must pay the highest tribute to the Maharajas of Travancore and their

families for having preserved this collection meticulously all these years

as true servants of Padmanabhaswamy as they called themselves Padmanabha


The main question that has escaped the debaters is to whom were these

offerings made? There is no doubt that these were devout offerings to Lord

Padmanabha. We have tens of thousands of written records by way of

inscriptions spread all over the country from early historical times to

modern times which show that such offerings were made to the God and not to

the temple. From the second century BC to the modern times the offerings

were recorded to have been made to the deity. In the Pallava inscriptions

assignable to 3rd or 4th century we find specific mention that the gifts

were made to the deity. There are many inscriptions from Kerala almost from

9th century onwards recording gifts to the deities.

A question that caused intricate examination was whether an all-pervasive

and omnipotent God could be treated as a juristic entity. Whether He can own

property? The ancient Indians got over this subtle and abstract theological

point by holding that God acts through his representative. In the case of

Siva temples the transactions were made in the name of Chandikesvara, and in

the case of Vishnu temples it was Vishvaksena and so on.

This question had come up in many court cases in the late 19th and 20th

centuries in different parts of India during the British rule. In all these

cases the courts have delivered judgments that the main deity is accepted as

a jurist entity. The latest significant judgment on this point came in the

London Nataraja case wherein the trial judge of the London High court

mentioned that in the western world this question does not arise because

they do not believe God could be a juristic person, but in India and Asian

countries this is an accepted position in law. Delivering his judgment the

judge observed that the ruined Chola temple of Pattur, so long as even one

stone belonging to the temple built by the Chola chieftain remains in situ,

the temple continues to exist in the eye of law and has the right to own the

property and so the metal image of Nataraja must be returned to the temple.

The judge came to this conclusion after examining many decisions of court

cases conducted in India. According to the ancient Hindu law (the Dharma

Sastras) one cannot make a gift unless it is legally acquired. (The ancient

Indian law does not permit acceptance of illegal money or the conferment of

spiritual merit for the same). Such gifts are brought under the category

called Dana. This is signaled by the donor who had the legal right of

ownership relinquishing his right over the material or property gifted, by

pouring water in the hand of the donee. An exemplary instance of 12th

century in 1111 AD (exactly 900 years ago ) is recorded in an inscription in

which Kulottunga Chola I entered in the Uraham temple of Kanchipuram and his

queen gave a golden vessel with water and the king made a gift of land by

pouring water in the hand of the Lord. Once the gift is made he had no

further claim over it.

All the money, jewels, coins, etc. found in the Padmanabhaswamy Temple were

presented with great veneration and with sincere prayers that their family

and the public at large will be bestowed with prosperity.

According to a modern professor who neither knows ancient history nor modern

historical data, the kings acquired these treasures by looting in wars. But,

according to ancient Hindu law, recorded in the Raja Dharma of the law

books, the king had the right to capture treasures in war and it becomes his

legal property.

These do not invite the provisions of the Treasure Trove Act for the simple

reason that the ownership of this wealth is not under question, but is well

known and is documented even in living memories and was not found lying

buried. These were kept safely in the temple bhandaras, as they were meant

for use when required and its ownership by the Deity Padmanabha is beyond

dispute. Another curious suggestion is that they should be arranged in a

museum for the people to see. This question also came up in the London High

Court in which I appeared as a witness. The judge asked me the question

"Suppose I give you back this Nataraja would you like to have it in the

temple or in museum, where visitors could see? And the judge wanted me to

answer as an archaeologist and not as a devout Hindu. I answered it must be

back in the temple. "Why?" asked the judge.

I replied that the main intention of the donor was not to make it an exhibit

in a museum, but it was a pious religious gift with many sacred acts

associated with it, many other associated activities like music.

The judge agreed with me and mentioning it ordered the return of the image

to the temple. If a foreign court could respect the piety and sentiments on

scientific lines and return to the temple there is no reason why India

should respond to these self-styled historians. Let us not forget that the

priceless treasures in Indian museums are stored as junk with no proper

preservation. Then the question arises who will administer these articles

of wealth. Certainly not the state. First of all it is secular and secondly

we know in the past few decades what has happened to the valuable treasures.

The administration has to be in the hands of legally eligible to be the

trustees as per the existing Acts. The Travancore royal families who have

saved these wealth for Lord Padmanabha all these centuries should continue

as the chief trustees with whatever safeguards required for preventing

misuse. The state government quite rightly has taken the stand the status

quo will continue and we are also happy that the learned judges of the

Supreme Court have ordered what should be done. It is not the value of the

wealth, but the greatness of Kerala that has been brought fully to the

people of the world.

(The author is Former Director of Archaeology, Tamil Nadu.
[url="http://expressbuzz.com/biography/Treasure-belongs-to-temple/292582.html"]Padmanabhaswamy treasure is temple property[/url]

Balbir Punj

Quote:Ever since the discovery of invaluable treasures in the vaults of Sri Padmanabha Swami Temple at Thiruvananthapuram, the secularists of various hues—atheists and Marxists—have been pleading for its transfer for public purpose like poverty alleviation programme. Apparently, either they have all missed the import and significance of these priceless findings or they think that Hindu temples are easy targets for such outright confiscation of what millions of devotees over centuries have donated as a demonstration of their faith.

Once you concede that these treasures have come from the devotees across centuries, there is no other rational explanation—the demand for confiscation is dishonest and an outright insult to their faith. Even Jesus Christ had said, when a Roman coin was shown to him, that one should give to God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s, thereby keeping the assets of the two apart. This is the basis of public trust which succeeding generations should respect if society is to have any meaning.

Considering that such vast treasures stated to be worth Rs 1.50 lakh crore or more (antique values have still to be accounted for) were safely kept away from predators for such a long period through turbulent times, it is a tribute to the Travancore Royal family that they did not succumb to the temptation of appropriating at least some of it. The presence of treasure was never a secret. Most likely its extent and vast spread was not known.

For centuries, till today, the king visits the temple like everyone else with his upper torso exposed, underlying his position as the servant of the deity. After the temple visit, the king gets his feet cleaned only to

ensure that he did not carry even a particle of dust from the temple to his home. That was the scrupulous commitment the Hindu royalty had with referenced to the temple. It is, therefore, in the fitness of things that the newly installed UDF government in Kerala has refused to listen to the Leftist pleas to divert the treasure for purpose other than what the donees themselves wanted. It has also decided to consult the royal family regarding the upkeep

of the treasure.

In fact, the title “God’s Own Country” for Kerala comes from the large number of temples and their properties in the state. The Leftist evil influence in the state has seen to it that almost all the temples are deprived of the lands they had and instead depend upon government’s annual grants managed by special statutory

bodies called Devaswom Boards.

Not surprisingly, in the environment that the Congress and other ‘secularists’ have created in the country since Independence, the Hindu interests do not count and Hind sensibilities could be trodden down freely, but when it comes to Muslim and Christian sentiments, it is another matter. Any attempt to take over the properties of churches and masjids for better management immediately raises the ante.

Why is there not a body like Devaswom Board to take over and manage the considerable Church properties? Interestingly, I am told, there is a 60- year-old dispute between two factions of a Christian sect in central Kerala. Even violent incidents have happened in the scuffle for property among these but the state as such has refused to intervene. Why ?

With the discovery of so much wealth in the Padmanabha temple in Kerala, it is important that this does not go into the hands of the politicians of various hues and what is the temple property remains part of the temple itself. It may cost a fortune to protect this treasure, but it can be met from within, and need not be a burden on the state budget. Many countries do so to preserve their heritage by keeping them open for public viewing and charging a fee to meet the cost. God’s Own Country would only be adding to its tourist attraction by providing public access to this treasure trove for a fee.

The writer is a BJP MP.
Quote:With the discovery of so much wealth in the Padmanabha temple in Kerala, it is important that this does not go into the hands of the politicians of various hues and what is the temple property remains part of the temple itself. It may cost a fortune to protect this treasure, but it can be met from within, and need not be a burden on the state budget. Many countries do so to preserve their heritage by keeping them open for public viewing and charging a fee to meet the cost. God’s Own Country would only be adding to its tourist attraction by providing public access to this treasure trove for a fee.

The writer is a BJP MP.

Of course he'd be a BJP MP.

There is something profoundly wrong with every Indian vocalist I've ever seen writing in English trying to "defend" - what is it again - our "culture"? "civilisation"? "heritage"?

This matter concerns Hindu Temples. And this Kovil - as all other ancient Hindu ones - belong exclusively to the Hindus devoted to their Gods.

Hindu Kovils and kshetras - like Ramarsethu - are NOT "Indian" heritage.

They're not "heritage" at all: to Hindus (I mean exclusively ancestral/native Hindus not foreign "converts") - who are the only ones that are concerned here - the ancient Kovils are abodes of their Gods who have manifested there. This is a living religion.

It's NOT a museum.

It's NOT some Indian's "history", "culture" or any "artistic/architectural" marvel. It's not the "heritage", "civilisation" or "achievements" of some population. <- That's for people for whom all this is dead. They look at the Nataraja vigraham and see pretty, even impressive "art" and hold it up as "our" (define "our") "artistic abilities".

While I agree these things are beautiful (beyond beautiful) - though what Hindus see when they look at their Gods is of course profoundly different from what deheathenised and non-Hindus see - but they are not "architecture/art" to Hindus.

There are insane websites out there by *Tamizh* 'Hindu' persons - of all things - (angelsk-speaking of course) blogging on Tamizh Hindu Kovils as if these are "architectural treasures". Oh No. NO. That is not what (any Hindu) Kovils are.

Moreover, discussions on art and architecture - as all discussions on civilisation, culture, not to mention "public access" and "tourism" and "heritage" - issue an open invitation to all Indians (and all aliens) to join in. Not just the alienated "cultural Hindus" for whom all this is no more than a matter of pride/achievement (as in: not their living religion, but their heirloom instead <- can a heathen be more dead/deheathenised than that), but it also invites Indian christians to dialogue: they think they have a right to speak or participate or read discussions on Hindu Kovils when these same Hindu matters are re-framed as "art and architecture" by foolish Tamizh "Hindu" blogs devoted to this very topic. Which is why Tamizh christians actively seek to take part in said blogs. And who invited them? The very people who turned Hindu Kovils and their moorties, paintings and sculptures into "mere art/architecture".

I will make no effort to explain myself, I merely state it categorically:

Hindu Kovils belong exclusively to the Hindus devoted to their Hindu Gods. Because Hindu Kovils belong to the Hindu Gods presiding there. It's something the de-heathenised will never know: all they are able to see is "architecture/art", they are incapable of viewing/experiencing it the way Hindus have always done thus far. (And so they are therefore incapable of seeing in ancient Kovils what there is to be seen. "Things" which traditional Hindus can still see - after all, this is Hindu religion, right, and it concerns ancient Hindu temples.)

Hindu Kovils expressly do NOT belong to:

- tourists of any stripe. Special mention to aliens. Not invited.

- they do not belong to "converts" (aliens). Not invited.

- being Hindu Kovils to the Hindu Gods, they do not concern other Indic religions let alone terrorist religions like christianism/islam.

- being Living Hindu Religion and not "quaint heirlooms", they do not belong to the deheathenised and deheathenising. I.e. they do not concern the cultural Hindus for whom all this is so much "culture" and a matter of mere pride ("oh look at the pretty 'architecture' and 'sculping capabilities'/'artistic abilities' of our ancestors - it's all just amaaaazing"). Cultural Hindus jettisoned themselves when they self-deheathenised, when they ceased to be able to view these things the way their ancestors - who *made* all this and for a Hindu purpose - viewed them.

It is NOT their "civilisation" - which is a possessive term - it is the Living Religion of others whose religion it STILL is. It is the religion of Hindus, their lifeblood. Kovils belong to those Hindus whose lifeblood it is, who retain their ancestral attachment to their ancestral Gods and to said Gods' abodes and manifestations. Hindus go to their Kovils to see their Gods - it is a very deeply Hindu (and involving) religious practice. That is the sole purpose of Hindu Kovils. That's why you can see Hindus go to not only distant pilgrimages, but can also see them visit their local and ancestral temples over and over and over again: they don't experience a "been there done that" attitude exclusive to the native tourists. They are going for a very different reason.

In the same way deheathenised/cultural Hindus have no business/right to keep preying on the still-heathen by trying to intermarry with them (it's that word "Hindu" that keeps duping poor Hindu parents into selling off their kids to seriously deheathenised who also call themselves Hindu - with as result that their next generations are all cultural Hindus at best (propagating/spreading the mutation of deheathenisation), seculars more generally, and even anti-Hindus all too often),

in that same way, the deheathenised have no claim and no connection to Hindu Kovils. Because these things are not "inheritance" (if you're not a *heathen* anymore, heathenism doesn't concern you anymore. The way Greek Temples don't belong to just any "Greeks" but to Hellenes and Hellenes alone). Living Hindus to whom Hindu Kovils and their moorties still mean what these meant to their ancestors are not extinct yet. And even when they do become extinct, the Kovils will never become "heritage" as if these are but dead things: because the Hindu Gods - who own them - do not ever die. Hindu Kovils forever belong exclusively to Hindus. I.e. the argument still stands if in a 100 or even 50 years time every Hindu-origin person becomes deheathenised and even if it then continues to call itself a Hindu. (Even if the word "Hindu" itself is open to interpretation and application as many insist, the *particular* meaning I allude to in using it is NOT.)

Kovils and their moolamoorties, vigrahas and other sculptures cease to concern such persons at the point of their loss of ability to properly view them, i.e. to view them as the ancient Hindus did (whose religion this was, and who built their Temples etc).

For once, I'd like to NOT have to be the one to say all this.

Can the countless Balbir Punj-es out there be told to BE QUIET instead of them forever offering the worst possible "suggestions" (well-intentioned threats) such as opening Kovils up as "tourist" centres for "public access" to raise money to protect "heritage" or whatever.

Maybe they mean kindly, but if they were to Shut Up altogether I am sure they couldn't do more damage than they do now by offering to sell off others' living religion by their thoughtless words.

And tourism of all things? Tourism? Since when did Hindus invite "tourists" to their temples? Tourists don't belong in Hindu Kovils: I don't care how curious people from wherever are to see "what's inside a Hindoo Temple" - Kovils are not there for the purpose of satisfying their curiosity.

What is this new trend of inviting unHindu/desanctifying presences over to "please come sightseeing". Hindu Kovils are not for sightseeing, they're not tourist attractions. No Hindu goes to a temple for "sightseeing" and they certainly wouldn't want tourists anywhere near our sacred sites and Kovils.

I still can't believe I had to say all this: to a Hindu audience in response to a piece by a Hindu. Surely you people must realise how *dire* your circumstances are as a population when your most potent enemy are the "brilliant ideas" of your *home team*.

Anyone else try this sort of thing again and all non-Tamizhs can permanently consider themselves desdecardos vis-a-vis Tamizh Hindu Kovils. (The gangreen has to be stopped somewhere.)

If people want to defend Hindu matters, then do it correctly or not at all. So far, all attempts have only resulted in more harm, which includes more people entertaining=adopting bad/unheathen views/suggestions.

As concerns the motives for Punj's terrible suggestion:

The concerned Kovils' wealth was never threatened before - not by Hindus: Hindus don't loot their ancestral Kovils. The only protection necessary, therefore, is Shoot On Sight orders: any looting that happens points the fingers to only non-Hindus. Which includes anyone suggesting to use the Kovil's treasure trove for (predictably a very general 'Indian') "poverty alleviation" as Kerala's and Nepal's anti-Hindu christogovts have been suggesting. Hindu temples already look after Hindus: providing far more than merely mass free meals daily and conducting mass marriages - as their Hindu beneficiaries know personally. Moreover Hindu Temples' treasure - even if Temple-going Hindus ever decide to resort to it in times of need - specifically do not concern the 'poor' of other religions. Too bad for them. How does Temple wealth concern them. They already get crores of Hindus' tax money and free or subsidised access to everything in society (deliberatedly at the expense of Hindus of course; see precursor of the christian parasitism in Rome), not to mention them receiving more crores from alien missionary and jihadi organisations.

Hindu Kovils in Bharatam should be permanently off-limits for all aliens and all those of other religions. With no exceptions.
It took some serious looking, but I found it again. This next quoteblock is relevant to one bit of what I've been complaining about above.

Stolen from an excerpt Dhu pasted in post #114 in the MF Hussain thread. My inserts in purple.

http://www.india-forum.com/forums/index....__p__80251 (Also look up post on "kitsch" there, which also discusses alienation)

Quote:Entire modernist movement aims to impart sense of alienation from Indian "art objects" as separate from Indian cultural matrix.

Quote:The neurological basis of artistic universals V.S. S. Ramachandran



A strange thought occurred to me as I looked at the stone and bronze sculptures (or "idols", as the English used to call them) in the temple. In the West these are now found mostly in museums and galleries and referred to as "Indian art". Yet I grew up praying to these as a child and I never thought of them as art. They are so well integrated into the daily worship, the music, dance and into the very fabric of life in India, that it’s hard to know where art ends and where life begins; they are not separate strands of existence, the way they are here in the West.

[color="#800080"](The above is the untouched/unsubverted i.e. Hindu POV. Next comes the transformative/destructive contact with the west and alienation ensues, followed by the pompous certainty that the new, alienated view is the "Right and True" way of looking at Hindu thingsSmile[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]Thanks to my Western education, until that particular visit to Chennai, I had a rather "colonial" view of Indian sculptures. I thought of them largely as religious iconography or mythology, rather than fine art. Yet on this particular visit, these images had a profound impact on me and started haunting me even in my dreams. One day, when I woke up, I had an epiphany of sorts and I began to see the sculptures as indescribably beautiful works of art, not as religion. Thus began a love affair with art that has continued unabated for the last five years.[/color]


When the English arrived in India during Victorian times, they regarded the study of Indian art mainly as "ethnography" and "anthropology". (This would be equivalent to putting Picasso in the anthropology section of the national museum in Delhi.) They were appalled by the nudity they encountered and often referred to the sculptures as "primitive" or "not realistic".

It sounds so "reasonable", doesn't it? To see sacred Hindu 'scultpures' and Kovils - undoubtedly beautiful, I'd be the last person to contest that - as "art/architecture" at the expense or eclipse of religion.

And the more reasonable you think it sounds, the more de-heathenised (in this case de-Hinduised) one is.

Repeat - good line, must steal:

Quote:[color="#800080"](Dhu wroteSmile[/color] Entire modernist movement aims to impart sense of alienation from Indian "art objects" as separate from Indian cultural matrix.

1. Actually, 2nd to last word should be "religion" (or heathenism) not "culture" - in this case Hindu religion. But Hindus tend to use the words interchangeably, since they think the two mean the same thing. They *should* mean the same thing - or rather, something intrinsically interrelated (all heathen culture is born of heathen religion, being outward symptoms of it and hence inseparable from that heathen religion) - but they don't mean the same in English.

2. And it's not just modernist movement that imparts this. It doesn't even need to be consciously attempted.

The phenomenon can easily become aangeleerd, a word which I don't know to translate into English in context (note I don't mean "nurtured"). I mean... Actually, I mean exactly the example of the person who went west above:

- he went west (but he could just have stayed in India and deHeathenised his brain there by mentally going "west". Same thing - all you need is the tendency for it)

- and by contact with and appreciation for and consequently internalising the *understanding* of how the christowest looks at Hindu temples/moorties and all heathen temples, heathen literature and heathen rites, the Hindu got alienated. And that's how s/he starts looking at the same things in future. The minute he (shorthand for he/she/it) understood their way of thinking and made it his own, he created distance from his Hinduness (the Hinduness/view which a heathen upbringing had instilled) and he could no longer see his temples and moorties in the heathen manner anymore. And was moreover convinced that his new way of viewing was the Superior (therefore Right) way of viewing the same - note use of word "epiphany" - which makes the alienation more permanent and the original heathen views unrecoverable*. Interestingly the subject described viewing Hindu religious depiction as religious iconography as "colonial" whereas his "epiphany" to see them as but "fine art" instead is submitted as the improvement/correct way.

* But then, de-heathenisation is a one-way process. A one-way valve. (And self-deheathenisation is deservedly so.)

It's also besmettelijk to heathens - I think that would be "contagious" in English: Heathen "contact" with deheathenised heathens is even more dangerous than heathen contact with the christowestern unheathen views of heathenisms. Because

a. not all heathens have a tendency to self-deheathenise (to the same extent) when exposed to the same experiences/influences

b. BUT a de-heathenised heathen can transmit deheathenisation better to heathens (even those immune to *western* views): the deheathenised has better access to heathens, has a common background/way of thinking (starting point is the same), hence can translate alien thinking to the heathen (using the very manner in which the self-deheathenised translated alien thinking patterns into something acceptable for itself). And by bridging the gap from a heathen's natural way of thinking to alien thinking patterns, he/she/it can lead heathens by the hand from A to B to start thinking in the same manner. That's why I complained about Tamizh Hindu blogs with alien views: they have the power to [and *do* factually] influence Tamizh Hindus - who would have been entirely immune to western aliens - to start viewing deeply Hindu things in the same self-alienated manner. Which is exactly why you can also find Tamizh christians and even presumably alien 'Indian art connaisseurs' eager to take part in the "discussions" at these blogs: it becomes a secularised, secularising space, even though the subject matter was and should have remained intensely privately Hindu: Hindu moorties and Kovils.

It's amazing how irretrievable heathenism is. Even knowing to value one's heathenism - what's left of it - is a notion already lost on so many. But if one were to only know to value it, I think it will teach one to hold on more consciously to it and be wary of letting go so easily. Or so I suspect (a theory).

Quote:There’s a complete record of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple treasures

Dr R Nagaswamy

Last Updated : 17 Jul 2011 01:01:36 AM IST

The offerings of gold and gems to Padmanabhaswamy, valued in billions, are not anonymous. Records of the gifts have been properly documented for centuries. Padmanabhaswamy temple archives contain several hundred bundles of palm leaf manuscripts called “churunai”, each bundle containing one lakh manuscripts of documents detailing the day-to-day administration and events of the temple. These documents are in Malayalam, Tamil, and Koleluttu scripts. It is estimated that there are 3,000 bundles of records, meaning that the total number of palm leaf documents would be about 30 crore! Unfortunately, these have not yet been deciphered and published. The few that have been published so far show systematic recording and documentation of gifts to the temple which would give enough information to fix the date, even the type of donors, of this huge wealth in the temple treasury.

In early 15th century (1425 AD), the then King Vira Ravi Varma constructed a record room in the temple compound. Another record (1486 AD) says that two categories of accountants were appointed—one, Karana-kanakkan, an accountant or caretaker for legal documents; the other, Pandara-kanakkan for maintaining accounts of valuables and jewels. The duty of the Pandara-kanakkan was to write and preserve day-to-day accounts of the temple and also maintain correct account of the temple treasury and the revenue collection. It was all very strictly done.

It is now known that in 1931 there was an effort to open the vaults of the main cells in the temple. They could not be opened; the attempt was abandoned. But a few other rooms were opened, and inventories prepared. Therefore, the present wealth consisting of treasures, jewels, gold image, coins, vessels and the rest belong to an earlier period. There is yet another record of 1874, which registers and seems to suggest that a great number of gifts were pouring into the temple through pilgrims like Sankaracharya, who offered kanikkai (offering). The record also says the Hindu representatives of Mohammed Ali Nawab of Arcot and the British government, besides the rulers of Kashi, Nepal, Vijayanagaram, Kashmir, Mysore, Gwalior, Cochin, Kozhikodu, Pudukkottai and others had paid homage to Lord Padmanabha during that period. It shows that the donors representing all of India have visited the temple, a unique record of national integration. It is likely that the treasures now being inventoried were presented mostly between 1700 and 1900. One of the great personalities who gifted enormous wealth was the illustrious Rani of Travancore, Gowri Lakshmi Bai, early in the 19th century. In addition to these offerings, it is seen that the revenue realised from the temple land and other possessions, meant for meeting the expenses of the temple services, were also turned into valuables and kept in the treasury.

It is clear that the rulers of Travancore protecting the Padmanabhaswamy temple have taken adequate measures almost from the 12th century onwards to safeguard and administer the wealth of the temple. This is what has preserved the Lord’s wealth. It is not unlikely that documents about the wealth after 1900 are also available in some of these churunai bundles. Significantly, nowhere is there any mention or suggestion that the king’s treasures could have been kept in the temple for safety as has been surmised. According to 11th century Chola inscriptions, which ought to be the Agama tradition applicable to all Agama temples, it is not permissible to bring an outsider’s property inside the temple.

The foremost need, therefore, is to put a batch of youngsters under competent directorship and get these manuscripts digitised and transcribed in modern characters. This temple, which follows Vedic tradition, had a great Rig Vedic school that existed for over 500 years but was closed down about 40 years ago, when the temple lands were taken away under the land reform programme. This remarkable school had preserved the Vedic tradition from 15th century and had produced two of Kerala’s two tallest and outstanding scholars, namely, Narayanan Nambudri, who wrote Tantrasamuccaya, a book on architecture, and Narayana Bhattathiri who wrote Narayaneeyam, a book on Lord Guruvayurappan. Bhattathiri ’s work bears the testimony to the ethos of Kerala’s devotion and Nambudiri’s is the basic text of Kerala’s architecture. There must be only 15 survivors from the last batch of students, all above 70.

What should be done now to bring this tradition back alive? A small amount of money can revive a great devotional tradition, the principal drive that promoted such gifts of wealth, and, more important, preserved it with the highest integrity and honesty.

The writer is former director, Tamil Nadu Department of Archaeology

What closed the veda-pAThashAlA down? Choose from:

a) christianism (masquerading as a "secular" land reform programme, strategically taking away Temple lands for this *very* purpose)

b ) christianism " " "

c) christianism " " "

d) any one of the above

About the following - probably (hopefully) no more than a communication error (but it is yet another annoyance on top of other annoyances that brings out the pedantry):

Quote:The record also says the Hindu representatives of[/b] Mohammed Ali Nawab of Arcot and the British government, besides the rulers of Kashi, Nepal, Vijayanagaram, Kashmir, Mysore, Gwalior, Cochin, Kozhikodu, Pudukkottai and others had paid homage to Lord Padmanabha during that period. It shows that the donors representing all of India have visited the temple, a unique record of national integration.
Why do Hindus keep couching Hindu religion in "nationalist" terminology every time they speak in English? (It also has the disadvantage of making younger generations misinterpret everything that's specifically Hindu as generically 'nationalist' or 'Indian' instead.) Hindus doing Hindoo things - like going on pilgrimages to visit all their sacred ancestral kShetras to see their Gods as they reside there - has absolutely nothing to do with "national integration". Hindus were always one in exactly such matters.
[url="http://www.thehindu.com/news/states/kerala/article2235449.ece"]Temple treasure: petitioner dead[/url]

Quote:T.P. Sundara Rajan, member of the committee appointed by the Supreme Court to take an inventory of the underground vaults at the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, passed away here early on Sunday morning. He was 70. He was cremated later in the morning.

It was a petition filed by Mr. Sundara Rajan, a former IPS officer and lawyer, that led to the Supreme Court directive to open the temple vaults and the subsequent discovery of a treasure trove of gold and other valuables.
^ Shamu beat me to it. Longer version of events:


Quote:Padmanabhaswamy temple petitioner is no more

Express News ServiceLast Updated : 18 Jul 2011 12:41:29 PM IST

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Former IPS officer T P Sundararajan, 70, [color="#0000FF"]a Supreme Court lawyer[/color] who was instrumental in bringing the fabulous riches of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple under public scrutiny, died here on Sunday.

He was living at Saranagathi, West Fort, near the ancient temple.

Sundararajan had been running high fever for the past two days, family sources said.

He died at 12.45 am on Sunday. The cremation was held later in the day.

Sundararajan, a bachelor, had come into spotlight after moving the Supreme Court that the wealth of the famed temple should be assessed.

Consequent examination of the temple vaults revealed the presence of priceless wealth in the form of gold ornaments and coinage, sparking worldwide interest in Thiruvananthapuram and also a debate as to what to do with the wealth.

[color="#0000FF"]Rumour mills went abuzz soon after Sundararajan’s death, with the local people fearing that he had invited the wrath of God upon himself by going to court to get the wealth assessed.

They also cited several legends of the old temple vaults that bodes ill for anybody who dared to open them.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Well, let's hope so. After all, stealing a bunch of Hindoo diamonds from the Hindoo Temples was blamed for killing off the middle-men upto even monarchy back in France and Russia IIRC. Nothing like some good spook stories that at least have a bodycount to show for them.)[/color]

However, his family rubbished such stories saying that Sundararajan had been ill for the past two days.

The former Supreme Court lawyer had also declined his family’s offer to move him to a hospital.

[color="#FF0000"]“He left this world with extreme gratification that his efforts had yielded results,’’[/color] said his nephew, who is Sundararajan’s namesake.

[color="#800080"](Surely a curious gratification on the part of Sundararaajan: one that inflicted misery on so many devoted Hindus, distraught at their Sripati's Temple's vaults being invaded in this manner.)[/color]

Till his end, he had remained firm on his conviction that the temple wealth should be subjected to proper scrutiny.

Sundararajan belonged to the 1964 batch of IPS officers.

He served in the [color="#FF0000"]Central Intelligence Bureau[/color] during Indira Gandhi’s prime ministership.

Later, he put in his papers and returned home to care for his ailing father T K Padmanabha Iyer.

<Snip comments>

Anyway, reminded me of a comment at the Rajeev2004 blog. It's the blue bit near the end of the quoteblock:


Quote:Saturday, January 08, 2011

sanjeev nayyar: Arrest of Kanchi Sankaracharya + Swami Aseemanand - Insights into their Arrest jan 8th, 2011

i too have more to say about this, will post on my blog and give a link here. it's basically a xtist-induced conspiracy to defame hindu leaders and if possible bump them off.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: sanjeevnayyar


Swami Aseemanand's supposed confession to being responsible for the Samjhauta Train blast is all over the papers. These are select media leaks. Acc to American investigators the Lashkar-e-Toiba etc were responsible for the blasts (see B Raman article below).

[color="#0000FF"]In 2004 when the Kanchi Sankaracharya was arrested the Indian Media converted the arrest of the Kanchi Seer into a great public event. Cannels like Star News actually came out with graphics depicting the manner in which the Seer is said to have confessed to the crime.[/color] The state government's legal council or was it Attorney General Mr. Tuli became a television celebrity. When the matter went to the Supreme Court it threw out the allegations made by Tamil Nadu police. To read supreme court judgement http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters...rry-1.aspx.

[color="#800080"](Like the "big coverage" christochannels gave on how Shabaramalai is a "fraud" and the big coverage on "why Padmanaabha Kovil's wealth MUST be opened up for inspection (and eventually for universal poverty alleviation)" and the 0 right/chance to defend the Chidambaranatha Kovil from christogovt encroachment, and the total silence now on Ramarsethu as regards the general public's access to such info.)[/color]

Arrest of Kanchi Sankaracharya, Swami Aseemanand, Swami Nithyananda and killing of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati's in Orissa by Christians. While the Courts will decide who is guilty WHAT IS COMMON to them is that they were all against CONVERSIONS to Christianity and doing good work to prevent conversion.

Also read:

1. The Samjauta Express Explosion: The Follow up by B Raman - http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/papers4...r4265.html

"According to American investigators, the LET (Lashkar-e-Toiba) and Al Qaeda were responsible for the Samjauta Express blast and the HUJI( Harkatul-Jihad-Al-Islami) for the Mecca Masjid blast (in Hyderabad).If the American investigators, who have better sources in Pakistan, are correct, how can our investigators claim that some arrested Hindus were responsible for these incidents? Justice and fairplay demand a thorough investigation into the two different versions that have emerged from Indian and American investigators. While the American investigators have blamed the LET, Al Qaeda and the HUJI, Indian investigators have blamed the Abhinav Bharat. Both cannot be correct." So I wrote in an article of August 7,2010, titled ARREST OF SOME HINDUS AS TERRORISTS: CURIOUSER & CURIOUSER at http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/%5Cpape...r3971.html".

2. Insights on Arrest Of Shankaracharya Of Kanchi by sanjeev nayyar http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters...hts-1.aspx

With Regards

sanjeev nayyar

To unsubscribe write back

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 1/08/2011 10:11:00 PM



Sameer said...

what else can one expect from these congressi christists?

they want to remove Hindu from Hindustan... which will be like taking life out of body.

1/09/2011 1:23 AM

kk said...

Beware divine retribution.

[color="#0000FF"]First the writer Anuradha Ramanan, then the police officer who dared to humiliate Kanchi Acharya: both died horrible & painful deaths.


Jaya-rakshashi lost power, and it is not sure she will ever regain it.


As usual, our ELM didn't give these events much coverage. Or how one by one all the witnesses have

turned hostile.


1/09/2011 9:00 PM

Random or not, it can keep happening to Hindoos' enemies for all I care.
An older piece by Haran. But has information about the two lawyers - including the "Sundararajan" mentioned in the above 2 posts - who started the trouble against Padmanabha Kovil. Note also all the christian "coincidence" I mean "miracles".


Quote:Temple, not Court, is supreme in Bharat – B. R. Haran

“Shockingly, no Hindu organisation, ostensibly existing to defend the Hindu dharma and the Hindu people from precisely such assaults from the secular state and its soulless institutions, spoke ONE WORD in defence of the Temple, the Deity, the Royal Guardians of the Temple, nor dared condemn the Supreme Court Order. Only the Revered Kanchi Acharya came out with a clear and categorical statement saying that wealth belongs to Bhagwan and the Royal family is its custodians.” – B.R. Haran

Shame on us! I mean, shame on Hindus! Something outrageous has been happening since the first of this month in one of the most sacred places on our bhumi, and we, sons of this bhumi, are shamelessly watching the sacrilege without an iota of fury. The Supreme Court of India, which is just 60 years old, has constituted a seven member committee to take inventory of the centuries-old treasures kept safely inside secret vaults of the famous Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Tiruvananthapuram.

Why? Because, a small time advocate filed a case against so-called mismanagement of the temple by the Travancore Royal Family. Before going into details, let us go to the origin of this case. It all started like this:

Maharaja of Travancore Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma wanted to fulfill his ancestor’s (Swathi Thirunal) wish of gold plating of the Artha Mandapam in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum. As sufficient gold could not be procured, R. Sashidaran, an executive in the administration of the temple, released a circular dated 2 August 2007, in the name of Marthanda Varma, permitting opening of the secret vaults.

Advocate T.K. Ananthapadmanaban challenged the circular and approached the court. The Trivandrum Sessions Court ruled that the existing management had no legal claim to administer the temple and asked the state government to take over the administration of the temple. On 31 January, the Kerala High Court upheld the lower court’s order that the state government must take over the temple.

The Royal Family was outraged and a member, Rama Varma, challenged the order, after which the dispute went to the Supreme Court. After staying the High Court order asking the state government to take over the temple, the Supreme Court constituted a seven member committee to take inventory of the “treasures” inside the temple, on the basis of a petition filed by another Advocate T.P. Sundararajan.

(Do the math.)

Now let us leave Trivandrum / Delhi and go to Chennai.

On 25 May 2010, the Chennai Corporation demolished a Devi (Selli Amman) Temple on First Avenue, Shastri Nagar, Adayar, in the name of clearing unauthorized encroachments. After razing the temple to dust with a bulldozer, the authorities advanced towards the Srinivasaswamy Temple located some 100 yards from Selli Amman temple. Fortunately, local citizens thwarted this attempt before the authorities could complete their evil job.

Next morning, a fish stall and a mutton stall, owned by minority communities, sprung up exactly at the spot where the Selli Amman temple stood! When concerned citizens approached the corporation authorities to remove the stalls, they were treated with contempt.

Five months later, the corporation officials came again to demolish the Srinivasa Temple on 16 October, the sacred day of Saraswati Pooja. Outraged by this arrogance, well known writer and activist Radha Rajan filed a Writ Petition at the Madras High Court, praying for stay of demolition of Srinivasaswamy temple and removal of the fish stalls from the said place. The “Honourable” Bench of the Madras High Court refused to stay the demolition, but ordered removal of the fish stall. But before doing so, the “Honourable” Bench had the “intelligence” to ask Radha Rajan the golden question in any court of law, [color="#0000FF"]“What is your locus standi?”[/color]

(Which religion do you think would come to demolish a Hindu temple particularly on Saraswati Pooja? Think deeeeeply.)

Now, let us get back to Supreme Court, Delhi:

The law of the land is NOT supposed to be different for a temple or a church or a mosque!

What is applicable to Selli Amman Temple is applicable to Velankanni Church and Thousand Lights Mosque – or should be. So if Selli Amman Temple could be demolished for illegal encroachment, the same should have happened to Besant Nagar Church and Thousand Lights Mosque which have also illegally encroached corporation lands. But, it never happened! That’s “Indian Secularism” for you!

Similarly, the law of the land should NOT be different for Radha Rajan and Sundararajan! What is applicable to Radha Rajan should be applicable to Sundararajan. Is it not?

Sorry readers, it is not! That is what we can infer from the Supreme Court order!

The “Honourable” Madras High Court with a sadistic smile said straight to Radha Rajan’s face, “Removing a fish stall is easier than removing a temple” and asked with temerity, “What is your locus standi?”

What for? To remove a fish stall run by a Christian from the site where a Hindu temple existed for years until it was callously uprooted? (Ironically showing scant regard to the High Court’s order [read contempt], the Christian reinstalled his fish stall within days of the judgment! The corporation of course allowed it.

(What is the religion of that corporation do you think? Think Deeeeply again. It all sounds preplanned to look so innocently secular: fish stalls on a Temple site desecrates that site as Hindus know and christians know too well.)

The “Honorable” Supreme Court never felt any compunction in ordering the opening of the secret vaults of the centuries-old Padmanabha Swamy Temple. [color="#0000FF"]Nor did it ask petitioner Sundararajan, “What is your locus standi?”[/color]

What is involved here is not a few thousand rupees worth of fish stall, but an ancient temple of immeasurable sanctity and wealth of unknown value.

In both the courts, it is the “Hindu” who has been at the receiving end of Justice (sic). That is “Indian Justice” for Hindus – based not on Law – but on “Indian Secularism”!

The Presiding Deity of a temple is the owner of the concerned temple and whatever is present within the premises belongs to Him. The Presiding Deity is also a juridical person as confirmed in the recent Allahabad High Court’s Ayodhya Verdict which confirmed that Sri Rama as owner of His place of birth. In another case related to Ayodhya, the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court confirmed that a temple belongs to its Presiding Deity, which is believed and recognized as actually living inside the temple.

In the light of these facts, the Supreme Court should have asserted that Bhagwan Padmanabha Swamy is Presiding Deity of the temple, its owner, and everything inside the temple premises belongs to Him. It should have outright dismissed the petition filed by the petitioners. At the very least it should have waited for the outcome of the Chidambaram Natarajar Temple case, which is pending before the very same apex Court.

Instead, the “Honourable” Supreme Court preferred to entertain the petition without even going into the antecedents of the petitioners and determining if there was any prima facie evidence in the allegations made in the petition regarding so-called mismanagement by the Royal Family.

When devotees and general public have no grievances with the management and the Royal Family, the Courts should have refrained from going to the extent of forcing open the secret chambers. The Supreme Court could have solved the case without ordering this ‘sacrilege’.

Was the Supreme Court’s order really sacrilegious? Yes, of course! As Hindus we do not worship the deity alone; we worship the entire temple; the Temple Tower; the Dwajasthambam; the Bali Peetam; the walls; the pillars; the Temple Tank (Theertham); the Temple’s Tree (Sthala Viruskham); the ornaments worn by the deity; the clothes worn by the deity; ultimately we worship everything inside the temple premises! The entire Temple is sacred for us!

Neither the government nor the court has any business to meddle with the things belonging to the Deity. Ordering the opening of the secret chambers was uncalled for, and this sacrilege has been committed to satisfy a frivolous petition. By this order the Supreme Court has opened a can of worms.

First, a closely guarded secret has been made known to the entire world in a very cavalier fashion. Second, the temple’s security has come under permanent peril. Third, anti-Hindu forces have started demanding inventorying the wealth of all major temples, as if they have a rightful claim to it. Fourth, the religious sentiments protected by the Constitution have been mauled and will continue to hurt. Finally, the apex Court has set a bad precedent and if it does not reconsider this path, the consequences will be dangerous for communal harmony in the country.

If one can file a case against an ancient historic temple making flimsy allegations and get one’s petition admitted by the Supreme Court and receive a favourable order, then a petition with irrefutable evidences must certainly be admitted, heard and given a favourable order. Here are just two cases for the readers’ attention.

The first is about Santhome Cathedral, Mylapore, Chennai. History has enough proofs that Santhome Cathedral was built on the ruins of Mylapore Shiva Temple. When the Portuguese invaded the Indian coast, they also landed in Madras, destroyed the magnificent Kapaleeshwarar Temple and built Santhome Cathedral over its ruins. They looted the entire wealth of the temple, and the present day Kapaleeshwarar Temple is a latter-day construction.

Until recently, many people are believed to have seen ancient stone carvings, stone walls and even pillars with Hindu signs inside the Bascilla. But it is learnt that the Mylapore Archdiocese destroyed the remaining evidences indicating the presence of a Shiva Temple underneath the Cathedral. In fact, the Church is peddling the nonsensical theory of a Saint Thomas who came to India, in cohoots with a conniving media. School children have been fed with this farcical story as “history” for years!

This writer and lakhs of Hindus firmly believe the Church was built on the ruins of a Shiva temple after demolishing it, and that despite the destruction by Church authorities, evidences will remain of the existence of an ancient temple. This writer believes the Church authorities could have hidden a portion of the looted Temple wealth in secret vaults inside the church.

Now, will the Supreme Court order an investigation by Archaeological Survey of India, first to ascertain the presence of an ancient Shiva Temple, and second, to take a complete inventory of the wealth inside the Church? If a petition is filed showing historical evidences, will the “Honourable” Supreme Court dare entertain it and issue a similar order as given against the Travancore Temple, or will it revert to its secular style of asking, “What is your locus standi?”

The second case pertains to “Amir Mahal”, the palace of the “Prince” of Arcot in Royapettah, Chennai. The Nawabdom was established by Aurangzeb and the Nawabs ruled the Carnatic region from 1690 to 1850, with their seat in Arcot. Their territory extended from Krishna River to Coleroon and up to Madurai in the south. They looted many temples and the Virinchipuram Shiva temple, with only one tower, near Vellore, is standing testimony to the destruction caused by the Arcot Nawabs.

The Arcot Nawabs have usurped and looted all the territories and wealth of the Hindus. At a later stage, they returned some lands and tanks to the temples due to political compulsions, but claimed to have “donated” these with magnanimity! The present “Prince” of Arcot in Chennai has been peddling such outrageous stories at every opportunity, as if his ancestors had donated their own hard-earned wealth to Hindu temples. Who donates whose properties to whom, eh?

Mind you, when all Hindu Kings, true sons of this punya bhumi, acceded their rightful kingdoms after independence with passion, patriotism and magnanimity, and lived as ordinary citizens, the so-called Princes of Arcot, descendents of invaders, enjoy all privileges, including the title and tax-free pensions in perpetuity! And they have the temerity to say they have donated a lot for the wellbeing of Hindus!

This writer, like many other Hindus, strongly believes that “Amir Mahal” Palace of the “Prince” of Arcot has many ancient hidden treasures looted by his ancestors from Hindu temples. Once it was even believed that there was an underground connection by means of a tunnel, from Arcot to Amir Mahal.

So, will the Supreme Court constitute a committee to investigate Amir Mahal and take an inventory of the wealth there? If a petition is filed, showing historical evidences, will the “Honourable” Supreme Court entertain it and issue a similar order as given against Travancore Temple, or will it play the old ‘secular’ game and ask the petitioner, “What is your locus standi?”

When the Supreme Court has not bothered to ensure a “Common Civil Code”;

When the Supreme Court has not nullified the HR & CE Act, which is against the Constitution;

When the Supreme Court has not brought Churches and Mosques under the purview of Government Religious Endowments at par with Temples;

When the Supreme Court has not put an end to subsidizing Haj Pilgrimage;

What is wrong in saying the Supreme Court has erred in the case of Travancore Temple?

What is wrong in saying the Supreme Court had committed sacrilege?

What is wrong in saying the Supreme Court had hurt our religious sentiments?

Shockingly, no Hindu organisation, ostensibly existing to defend the Hindu dharma and the Hindu people from precisely such assaults from the secular state and its soulless institutions, spoke ONE WORD in defence of the Temple, the Deity, the Royal Guardians of the Temple, nor dared condemn the Supreme Court Order. Only the Revered Kanchi Acharya came out with a clear and categorical statement saying that the wealth belongs to Bhagwan and the Royal family is its custodians.

Handing over Bhagwan’s wealth to the government, which is full of corrupt elements and criminals, or keeping them in a government museum, or using them for ‘secular’ expenditure which is anti-Hindu in Indian parlance, is not at all acceptable. The status quo must be maintained and the matter must be closed at once.

The Supreme Court must unequivocally declare that all temples in India, in their entirety, belong to the respective Bhagwan, relieve them from the government’s stranglehold and handover their administration to locally eminent and honourable bhaktas or Hindus associations that have no foreign or minority representation in their ranks. – Vijayvaani, New Delhi, July 9, 2011

» B.R. Haran is a senior journalist »

There appears to be more articles on the current christoterror against the Kovil of Shri Padmanaabha at

[url="http://ibnlive.in.com/generalnewsfeed/news/shop-gutted-in-fire-near-padmanabhaswamy-temple/771421.html"]Shop gutted in fire near Padmanabhaswamy temple[/url]

Quote:Thiruvananthapuram, July 31 (PTI): A handicraft stall near the famous Padmanabhaswamy temple, which is in the news after a huge treasure trove was found from its cellars, was partially gutted in a fire tonight. No casualties were reported in the fire, police said. Fire tenders rushed to the spot and extinguished the blaze, preventing it from spreading to other shops. Police said the fire broke out in a shed which had remained closed for the last few months, about 200 metres from the temple. The invaluable articles found during an inventory included rare jewels, stone-studded crowns, heaps of gold and silver coins, idols and gold, silver and brass platters and lamps, whose value is estimated at nearly Rs one lakh crore.

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