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DMK's and AP Target - Hindu Temples
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These are all christian "miracles".

1. Cryptochristian govts have been selling off Hindu temple land to christianism and islam. As a direct and deliberate result:


Quote:International Islamic College coming near Tirupati after encroaching land belonging to Vishnu temple

18/09/2013 13:08:59 [color="#0000FF"]www.savetemples.org/2013/09/14/international-islamic-college-coming-near-tirupathi-is-there-a-plan-to-silence-the-bells-and-stop-aarathi-at-balaji-temple/[/color]

After we received an email from different sources indicating that Heera International Islamic University is being built near Tirupathi with pictures of seven storied construction and the architect’s view of the University building, we have approached a number of our friends and other leaders in Tirupathi and Hyderabad to investigate the accuracy of the location and the status of the building.

[Image: 20130909_145832_2.jpg]

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) was able to get about ten pictures of the building and the nearby places. Many of our friends have been trying to find out the sinister plans of starting Islamic College near Tirupathi. Following information is being provide for your purview

1. The seven layer/storied building is being constructed in Chandragiri village which is about 13 kilometers from Tirupathi.

2. There is big sign posted on the main road to indicate that it is the home of “Heera International Islamic College (HIIC).” On the same sign board it is written “Women Arabic College.”

3. Down below the sign board, on the ground there is a sign “Swarnamukhi River Rejuvenation Project.” The name Chandragiri is also printed on the sign board.

4. HIIC is being built approximately in a seven-acre lot. It appears that this land is parceled into few pieces of lots.

5. It is noted that this land was acquired in 2007. Research is ongoing for the authenticity as well as the circumstances under which this land was acquired.

6. This land belonged to a VISHNU Temple, known as Timmappa Temple, with a very tall Rajagopuram according to the villagers. They were in dilapidated condition for many years.

7. We have taken TEN new pictures to indicate that they are building the HIIC in the Vishnu Temple complex. The pictures indicate the dilapidated Rajagopuram on the left side (Westside of the building).

8. It appears that HIIC never got permission to start the college. No permission was granted before they started the construction.

9. Tirupati Urban Development Authority (TUDA) area includes 70 kilometers radius from Tirupathi. Chandragiri is only 13 kilometers from Tirupati. Any construction in Chandragiri should have the prior approval from TUDA. No such permission was granted to start this construction.

10. According to TUDA zonal rules no permission to construct any building can be granted, if it has more than five layer/stories plus stilt.

11. It appears that a letter was sent to the Special officer in Collector’s Office to grant approval for permission for construction, which is totally against the Zonal rules.

12. Villagers in the area feel that some local politicians are behind this idea of constructing an Islamic College at this location.

13. Villagers feel that Vishnu Temple land is illegally occupied by HIIC and building is being constructed illegally.

[Image: 20130909_150848_1.jpg]

Why near Tirupathi ?

Is there a plan to silence the bells and stop the aarathi at Lord Venkateswara Temple ? Is there a plan to keep buying lands as close to Balaji Temple as possible to start Minarets with high volume loud speakers announcing that “Allah is great.” Do you think that it is a far-fetched imagination ?

Please take a look at few examples of the recent times

1. The present government has asked some Temples in old Hyderabad to stop aarathi and also stop ringing the temple bells as the Muslims celebrate Eid.

2. Swami Paripoornananda was asked not to visit the Bhagya Lakshmi Temple because Muslims may be upset. He was arrested and taken in a car to have darshan only from the police car; never allowed him to get down and go to the Temple.

3. In Hyderabad, the Hanuman Temple was desecrated by throwing Beef into the Temple compound and splashing the green color water on the walls to create animosity in the community.

4. Akbaruddi Owaisi made a statement to remove the Bhagya Lakshmi Temple from the premises of Charminar in the old city. He even made a blood thirsty pronouncement that “We are 25 crores, you are 100 crores. Remove the police for 15 minutes and we will show you who has more courage and strength.”

Now you can imagine what they might do at this Holy place for Hindus!

1. For many years the Christians and Muslims have been eyeing on Tirupathi to make it their place of worship. For the last ten centuries Muslims have targeted the most auspicious places where Hindu Temples were located. They have a history of occupying, and destroying Hindu Temples and rebuild Mosques either on Top of the demolished Temples or next to these Temples because their religion teaches them to dispel Idol worshippers.

2. The Muslims headed by Ms. Aalima Shaikh Nowhera started this HIIC to provocate, demean and destroy, over a period of time, the most scared places for Hindus. Once they start this College, they will start expanding to places as close to Lord Venkateswara Temple as possible and create terror and rampage in the villages, the techniques they have perfected over the centuries.

3. Why not Hyderabad ? Chandragiri village where this HIIC is being built has less than .05 percent Muslim population. Chittoor district, where Tirupathi and Chandragiri are located, has about 9 percent Muslim population. Hyderabad city has about 40 percent Muslim population. It is only natural to think that an institution like HIIC should have been built near Hyderabad or some other major city in India.

Few examples of the possible Evil Plans at Tirupathi

1. Christians under the leadership of the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy had devised a plan to break up the seven hills, make five hills as the property of the State and eventually convert it into a Christian property to build Mega churches next to Balaji Temple. In 2004 it was announced that the five hills would be taken over by the government for converting them into a picnic spot with multiplexes, food courts, commercial lots, sports centers and entertainment infrastructures including a rope-way to reach the top of the hills. The whole objective was to destroy the Hindu culture and convert Hindus into the Christian faith with malice, incentives, deception, allurement and lying.

2. Christian propaganda on Tirumala Hills has been continuing for years, with distributing the Christian pamphlets to the pilgrims on the hill and trying to convert them to Christianity. Even today no body knows how many Christians are employed. Even with a strict ordinance for TTD against the employment of other religious people, they get employment with false statements and deceptive arsenal they have in their hands.

3. Now, Muslims have joined the bandwagon to continue their unfinished business of converting Bharath into an Islamic State.

Approached Political and Community Leaders

We tried to approach different community leaders and politicians of different parties – Congress, BJP and TDP. We could not reach any Congress leader so far. TDP representative asked us to approach the concerned minister.

We were able to talk to NVSS Prabhakar, BJP leader who also started investigating the matter. He had a news conference on Friday (12th). He questioned the motive behind the construction of HIIC. He even traced the history of religious activities of Christians and Muslims in and around Tirupathi for the past ten years and their attempt to take over the Temple property and their missionary activities. More details will be forthcoming.

Who is building the Islamic University ?

Ms. Aalima Shaikh Nowhera, Heera Group is a Global Fortune Company with business in the commodity as well as educational chain. The first Muslim woman of India to lead a company, Ms Shaikh is a renowned entrepreneur. It is a business conglomerate in various economics fields.

She even received an award from Indian Economic Development and Research Association for attending a seminar on “Outstanding Achievements and National Development” in July 2013.

Website of Heera Group : heeraibg.com

Website of HIIC : heerauniversity.com

Facebook: facebook.com/nowherashaik

Read detailed report @ Source : Save Temples



19/09/2013 22:08:15 Heera international islamic university

I went through their company website and read about the chairperson a women clad in burdha - it appears to me from their wordings the CEO women is a fanatic islamic lady with the sole intention to spread islam in andhra. More than their exportable products, much talk about ALLAH and Prophet. i feel this company is funded by a saudi arabian government. Congress at their end of tenure wants to destroy ram sethu and allow a islamic university in tirupati the holy place for hindus. can we establish a hindu university in mecca or even in ajmir or in agra ? please spread the news to all. However the trouble started for congress in andhra becouse lord srinivasa will punish them immediately like what happened to YSR.


19/09/2013 00:09:56 true fact

My native village is chandragiri, what was said above was true. Intact many of the locals say the Vishnu temple shown was destroyed by aurangazeb. I would like to mention that there is an old Agastyeshwara (siva)temple and feet of lord Vishnu (vishnupad) near it (500m from above place) Their lands were encroached/diverted by govt/politicians. I shudder at the very thought if my village loses its identity where Hinduism still existsand Vedas are heard. I dont know what TTD is doing . It is now controlled by congressmen

(No Indian wants to notice that Congress party = cryptochristian party. Hindus are so brainwashed by words, they insist on believing what cryptochristian govt declares/pretends that it is, i.e. a "secular" party, instead of Hindus actually looking at the *actions* of the Congress, which actions repeatedly underline that it is CHRISTIAN.

That is why TTD - as all HR&CE type boards in India - keeps appointing christians, islamics, communists, who all specifically loot Hindu temple wealth for funding jihad and missionising in India.

Why do Hindus insist on blaming the non-entity of "secularism" instead of identifying and naming the real culprit, (crypto)christianism?)

Pramod Kushwaha

18/09/2013 21:36:02 Only polarisation of votes can help

Hindus need to be taught that the only uniting force is Religion and not Development. There is need to hold workshops all over India to explain to Hindus that how Polarization can help in solving almost 80-90% problems of India. Example must be taken to show that Development based agenda has only been fractionally successful in only two or three countries like Russia, China etc. The Polarization based agenda has yielded 25-30 prosperous states each of Islamic and Christian type. The theory that the Development is a uniting force is nothing but a decoy by Congress and Leftists to keep the Hindus divided.

The Hindus are being repeatedly decoyed away from being polarized by Congress and Leftists. The false argument given is that Development is more important than Polarization. Hindus must be made to realize that it is impossible to fight the menace of Islamization and Christianization without Polarization of votes.

Raj Puducode

18/09/2013 19:09:58 If you elect anti-Hindus to power, pay the price


This is not an isolated incident but an overall indication of the state of hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh. In this state, the Endowment department controls more than 31000 temples and all the bureaucracy and corruption has taken the life out of these temples. Their lands and properties worth billions have been illegally occupied and the government has remained a mute spectator or an accomplice. But in case of Christianity and Islam, their places of worship are not under the government's control.

Few years ago, Andhra Pradesh government issued an order to allot 6 out of 7 hills to other religions on Tirumala hills, claiming Balaji owns only one out of the seven hills. But Balaji's another name is 'Lord Of The Seven Hills' and after the Hindu leaders protested, the governmen

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17887

Quote:Say NO to Islamic university in Tirupati

19/09/2013 13:28:02 G V Chelvapilla

The ruling Congres party is an ally of Ittehadul Muslimeen party which is a successor to Razakars. Razakara led by Kasim Rizvi massacred thousands of Hindus in Nizam ruled parts of Andhra, including Hyderabad until it was liberated by Sardar Patel. It did not take long , once inimitable Sardar was gone,for Congress to make allies with Moslem league in Kerala and with this outfit in Andhra.

Asaruddin Owasi and his brother Akbaruddin Owasi inherited the party from his father who was a speaker of Andhra Pradesh legislature and prevented vote count in the assembly that would have gone against Congress in favor of N T Ramarao.

Asaruddin Owasi, you can view his speech on you tube, demanded 'just 15 minutes without police or army'. Perhaps to renew where his predecessor Razakars left of. Congress is discharging its obligation for the vote bank support by permitting an Islamic University in Thirupathi, one of very few temple towns left any more in the country. Congress also toyed with idea of taking over 5 hills of 7 hills of Thirumala to build churches and mosques. Already a church and a mosque were built in compound of Sri Venkateswara university that came up from temple money. Reserve Bank of India, a tool of UPA run Government in New Delhi wants list of gold in the temple for use to shore up rupee which was falling due to many 'ghotalas' or 'gates' of VViPs of UPA.

So for proposed Islamic University if money comes from the same temple funds it will not be surprising. More over when Aligarh Moslem university built, the donations in huge amounts came from Hindu princes like Ananda Gajapathi of Vijayanagar (different from Hampi Vijanagar) in Andhra. Now there are no more such charitable class in ruling Congress leaders both in Andhra and in Delhi, to donate from their personal possessions but they are very generous with other people's money like tax payers in India who are largely Hindu and of course from Hindu temples. Actually it will be good start for Islamic University because this way an important Shariat provision is being implemented right at the start.. Shariat insists on Jijya from Dhimmis.Secularism in India upholds Shariat provisions. Congress upholds secular principles.

Perhaps here Congress is discharging its obligation for vote bank support. Already you can see place in Thirupathi selling beef.

Even Pakistan bans sale of beef in what ever left of Hindu areas there. In Indian army serving pork is banned, but beef is allowed. All these and more like polygamy which is also banned in Pakistan, but not in secular India, constitute practices of secularism . And if such practices result in turmoil like what is happening in Mujaffarnagar it is all the more preferable. Because same secular leaders go there pretending they are saviours, pay money, not thier own of course, and collect votes. Both Manmohan Singh and his 'inspiration and guide',( in hia own words) SoniaG are engaged in such fishing expedition in UP. Of course their ally in Delhi but not in Lucknow, another great secular party Samajvadi, resents their presence which may cause split in their same vote banks.

No country can make progress with such entities holding reins of power. In fact the progress after so many centuries being held back, India made just two decades back, that growth story was reversed with leading headlines world over of India's information technology acumen, are now replete with falling Rupee, rising Riots. Only thing held safe is secularism like of which does not exist anywhere else in the world. And if tomorrow another Mujaffarnagar type riot takes place, May Sri Venkateswara forbid, in Thirupathi , credit must go to secular Congress and its allies.

India does not need an Islamic university complete with burka clad vice chancellor which will be a glorified madrasa from many of which came terrorists There is Pakistan next door. Like Indian students going to Oxford or Harvard, those who are interested may go to Pakistan, or one in UP, Deoband, world renowned for Wahabi school of thought,which is inspiration for Al Qaeda.

Instead let there be a computer school or like Tata's an institure tor research in subjects ranging from Atom to Zoology, none of them you come across in Quran or Hadith. And those subjects can be taught without Burka.

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17888

Protect Ramasetu, Scrap Sethu channel project : Rameshwaram Ramsetu Protection Movement

Pasting only to indicate the unresolved nature of the matter.

The article itself provides only the usual arguments. No mention of it being important to Hindoo religion, which personally is the *only* reason why Hindoos should bother mobilising against it. Else all citizens may care. (And if the matter only concerned thorium etc, the christo govt wouldn't have been destroying the resource in the first place.)

I wonder whether the nationalists would have been writing about the "importance to the nation to retain/preserve the Iridium in the temple dome" if the famous temple with the Iridium dome had been the Hindu item under threat. (<- This was just an example. As it happens, IIRC the iridium dome has already been spirited away by christoislamics and sold off overseas. Confirmed, see haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=14880 "Kerala temple’s iridium dome stolen" 22/10/2011. If not for the theft, the nationalist slogan today for why the christogovt must save the Iridium dome might have been: "Because it is rare and precious".)

Anyway. Not a single direct attack "problem" that ("crypto")christianism has foisted on Hindus/Hindu religion has ever been resolved - certainly not since the Pope declared on Hindu soil in 1999/2000 that the conversion of Asia (starting with India) in the 3rd millennium was the task at hand for Asian churches aka "Onward Christian Soldiers".

Ramarsethu is a case of unresolve church-inflicted Hindu 'issues'.

Another is that the Shiva temple connected with Tirugnanasambandhar in about the 5th or 6th century CE (and predates him) is regularly on-again off-again on the way to being demolished. The cyclic pattern is: christianism conspires to demolish it (still under a "secular" ruse of course, to fool anyone who's still gullible), then Hindus protest, then christianism backs off for the moment until Hindus are not looking and tries again. And again. And again. And then one day....

Well, the example of the sort of consequences that Hindus will face "One Day" was already evident in point 1 (and 2) above.

Quote:Solicitor General declines to appear on Ram Sethu case

22/09/2013 13:17:01 VSK Chennai

Solicitor General of India, Mohan Parasaran has declined to appear before Supreme Court on the Ram Sethu case.

"I have faith that Lord Rama exists and he used this bridge,' he said. UPA Govt has now asked Constitutional expert Rajeev Dhawan to appear for the shipping ministry.

Earlier, the Centre rejected the Tamil Nadu government’s stand that the Sethusamudram project must be scrapped “as the project is of questionable economic value and not in public interest.”

The Centre stated that it did not accept the conclusions and recommendations of the Expert Committee headed by Dr. Pachauri that it was unlikely that public interest would be served if the project was implemented as per Alignment No. 4A (alternative route suggested by the court as against the original Alignment No. 6, which will cut through the Ram Setu.)

Also at:


Quote:I have faith that Lord Rama exists: Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran

September 21, 2013 20:11

Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran has declined to appear before Supreme Court on the Ram Sethu case.

"I have faith that Lord Rama exists and he used this bridge,' he said. UPA Govt today asked Constitutional expert Rajeev Dhawan to appear for the shipping ministry now.

Was he called in to appear for the "prosecution" type side (a.o.t. the "defence") - don't know the terms, I am ignorant about law in general - and hence refused?

Or was it that he could have appeared in court and that he could have argued the case for preserving the Ramarsethu? Because if it's the latter...

It says here he's a lawyer for the UPA govt. So I think it's the first: he turned them down.


Quote:Additional Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran is all set to be appointed as the new ... Mohan Parasaran, Solicitor General, UPA II. Last Updated: Saturday

Saturday, February 09, 2013, 00:28

Parasaran, a senior advocate of the Supreme Court and son of former Attorney General K Parasaran, was appointed as ASG by the first UPA government in July 2004. He continued in office in UPA II.

When asked about his priority as the second senior most law officer, Parasaran, said "We have to be responsive to the present needs of the society." He said matters relating to public interest would be his priority.



Quote:Coalgate: UPA fields Solicitor General in its defence

By Niticentral Staff on May 3, 2013

Amid allegations that the Government has altered the CBI’s probe report on Coalgate, an embarrassed UPA on Thursday fielded Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran in its defence. ...
What about sticking up for the population against the christo govt that scammed them of their wealth (again)? Otherwise why not take their Rama's bridge away from them too?

I mean, the Hindoos are Rama's vanara sena (albeit mortally wounded) - and so of primary interest to Sri Rama, as he is to them. So concerning coalgate, why not have stuck up for them - the populace - instead of the christogovt?

Anyway, back to the HK Ramarsethu news item:

Quote:Earlier, the Centre rejected the Tamil Nadu government’s stand that the Sethusamudram project must be scrapped “as the project is of questionable economic value and not in public interest.”

The Centre stated that it did not accept the conclusions and recommendations of the Expert Committee headed by Dr. Pachauri that it was unlikely that public interest would be served if the project was implemented as per Alignment No. 4A (alternative route suggested by the court as against the original Alignment No. 6, which will cut through the Ram Setu.)

But look how the christian central govt rejected out of hand even the TN govt's stand (on what is closer to TN than to the national capital in Delhi)? Christogovt decided long ago that the alternative alignments that don't break=destroy the sacred Hindoo bridge - despite being "better" overall - does not destroy Hinduism (christogovt's primary goal), therefore it is not what they want. Further underlining that the Congress is a christian govt.

I note Hindus are reduced to Libanios' "Pro Templis" - i.e. pleading that the christian state spare the natives' sacred heathen religious sites. But your enemy is christianism: don't you know it wills your religion to die? It planned the murder all this while and had signed the execution warrant.

So Hindoos lie bleeding here. They bleed, they bleed... to death it seems. Please stop bleeding all over me.

If you're going to die, just die already. But if you're going to live, then Fight damn it. You know I'd shoot you myself, if I just knew for certain that it was the former.
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Related to post 101 above, on the "International Islamic College coming near Tirupati after encroaching land belonging to Vishnu temple".

1. Perhaps not in chronological order. HK links for archival purposes. But I think all Hindus should read them, as they document really important details.


Report on Islamic University by the Fact Finding Committee


Tirupati - Stop work in arabic school: High Court


Tirupathi - Five Floors of Islamic University are ordered to be demolished


Demolish Islamic Varsity Near Tirupati, Say Seers

Note: 5 out of 6 or so floors are to be demolished, but the court has not told islam/the islamic "university" to leave from the Hindu temple grounds that the christian AP govt confiscated and handed over to islam. So even if 5 floors are taken down, islam will tomorrow reconstruct them or just expand horizontally. Oh you know they will.

2. Islamics had recently organised a jihadi (i.e. islamic-terrorist) attack on the Brahmotsam at Tirupati but been thwarted.


Police Foil terrorists Blast plan at Tirumala - Studio N


<<<<<<< Terrorist Plan to attack Tirupati Brahmotsavam >>>>>>>> [color="#0000FF"]http://t.co/FKdaP876vg[/color] @SRIRAMChannel Oct 05, 2013 09:52:50 GMT Follow @SRIRAMChannel

which links to


[Image: 1186350_686949907984751_1324812826_n.jpg]


already covered the news:

Quote:Police seized small weapons and explosives from a house in Puttur area of Chittoor district and said Isamail and Malik may have been planning to target the 'Brahmotsavam' celebrations at the Tirumala-Tirupati temple starting next week.

and linked to:




(Original article contains lots of links in the body of the text)

Quote:Bangalore BJP office blast case 'cracked', three held

Express News Service : Hyderabad, Sun Oct 06 2013, 09:39 hrs

[Photo caption:] Isamail and Malik were held after a 10-hour-long operation near Tirupati. PTI

Bangalore BJP office blast case 'cracked', three heldExpress News Service : Hyderabad, Sun Oct 06 2013, 09:39 hrs

The Andhra Pradesh Police claimed to have solved the Bangalore BJP office blast case of April 17 with the arrest of two murder suspects and alleged members of the Islamic Liberation Force from a house in Puttur area of Chittoor district on Saturday, after a 10-hour-long operation.

Three arrested in Tamil Nadu for blast near BJP office in Bangalore

Panna Isamail, 38, and Bilal Malik, 25, reportedly planted the bomb outside the BJP office, that left 16 people injured. The two, along with Fakhruddin, 35, who was arrested on Friday in Chennai, had been named by the Bangalore police as the main accused in the blast.

Tamil Nadu terror cell behind blast near BJP office in Bangalore: Probe

Isamail and Malik are also wanted in the bid to attack L K Advani's convoy at Madurai in Tamil Nadu in 2011.

Suspected to be Islamist radicals with links to several terror outfits, they reportedly targeted leaders of Hindu organisations in Tamil Nadu. The Islamic Liberation Force was founded by Imam Ali of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. They are allegedly also a part of the proscribed Al Ummah, which was responsible for the 1998 Coimbatore blasts, again targeting Advani, that killed 58 people.

Terror strikes Bangalore again, 17 injured in blast outside BJP office

The arrests come ahead of BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's planned visit to Chennai.

The operation by the Tamil Nadu Police and Andhra Pradesh's anti-terror unit Octopus started at 4 am in the town, located 60 km from the temple town of Tirumala-Tirupati, and ended with the arrests at 2 pm.

[color="#0000FF"]Police claimed to have seized small weapons and explosives from the Puttur house and said the duo may have been planning to target the 'Brahmotsavam' celebrations at the Tirumala-Tirupati temple starting next week.[/color]

The duo were allegedly also involved in the murder of Tamil Nadu BJP general secretary V Ramesh on July 19 in Salem as well as the killing of Hindu Munnani Tamil Nadu state secretary N Vellaiyappan in Vellore on July 1. The Tamil Nadu Police had announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh for information on each of the three, Isamail, Malik and Fakhruddin.

[color="#0000FF"]T S Anbu, SP, Tamil Nadu CB-CID, who led the operation, said that when they tried to enter the Puttur house, they were attacked by Isamail and Malik and, in the confrontation, Constable Lakshman was stabbed. He is critical. Isamail was reportedly injured when an inspector opened fire in self-defence.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Hope he dies for their typically christoislamic cowardice in stabbing the Hindu kShatriya Lakshman. Hope all the christoislamic terrorists - now and in the future - just die. They may choke on their own blood as befits them.)[/color]

Officials said they proceeded cautiously as Malik's wife and three children (ages 5, 3 and 2) were present in the house.

[color="#800080"](Oh, he's been busy trying to produce future jihadis. Need to deprogramme them all from christoislamism and then repatriate them as members of humane - i.e. non-christoislamic - society. Hindus really need to get organised on deprogramming. To counter all the conversion/brainwashing being done by christoislamism including evangelists and love jihadis kidnapping women into madrassa-harems.)[/color]

Chittoor SP K R Tata said they first drilled holes in the roof of the house and dropped stun grenades and tear gas shells. "This forced them to move to the front room of the house, where a negotiation team talked to them. First a girl came out, then two other children and a woman. The injured Isamail came out an hour later, followed by Malik. They were taken by the Tamil Nadu Police to Chennai," Tata said.

According to officials, Isamail and Malik, who are originally from Coimbatore, had been hiding in the house in Puttur — known for its bone-setting clinics — for the past six months. They pretended to be iron scrap merchants, and would allegedly venture into Tamil Nadu to conduct operations.

Tamil Nadu Additional DGP (Intelligence) Ashok Kumar said information about the Puttur hideout was given by Fakhruddin. Fakhruddin, who was allegedly involved in the attack on BJP leader Ramesh, reportedly told the police that Isamail and Malik had rented a house in Puttur and were living there with their wives.

Based on the information, the Tamil Nadu CB-CID team rushed to the spot and surrounded it. As the two suspects were presumed to be armed, help was sought of the Octopus unit.


(The original article again contains lots of links in the body of the text)

Quote:Two men with ‘terror links’ arrested near Tirupati

Express news service : Hyderabad | Sat Oct 05 2013, 21:57 hrs

Two men linked to an attempted attack on L K Advani’s (above) convoy in Tamil Nadu in 2011, were captured on Saturday. (Reuters)

The Tamil Nadu Police and Andhra Pradesh’s anti-terror unit Octopus arrested two men with alleged terror links, wanted in the bid to attack L K Advani’s convoy at Madurai in Tamil Nadu in 2011, from a house in Puttur area of Chittor district on Saturday after a 10-hour-long operation.

Murder threat to the leaders of various Hindu outfits

Panna Isamail, 38, and Bilal Malik, 25, were arrested after a commando operation starting 4 am Saturday morning and lasting till 2 pm. Suspected to be Islamic fundamentalists with links to several terror outfits, they reportedly targeted leaders of Hindu organisations in Tamil Nadu.

Punish murderers of Tamil Nadu BJP leader, demands Narendra Modi

They were allegedly involved in the murder of Tamil Nadu BJP general secretary V Ramesh on July 19 in Salem as well as the killing of Hindu Munnani Tamil Nadu state secretary N Vellaiyappan in Vellore on July 1, apart from the bid to attack Advani’s convoy. The Tamil Nadu Police had announced a reward of Rs 20 lakh for information on them.

According to officials, Isamail and Malik, who are originally from Coimbatore, had been hiding in the Puttur house for the past six months. They pretended to be iron scrap merchants, and would allegedly venture into Tamil Nadu to conduct operations. Located 60 km from the famous temple town of Tirumala-Tirupati, Puttur is known for its bone-setting clinics.

Police claimed to have seized small weapons and explosives from the Puttur house and said the duo may have been planning to target the ‘Brahmotsavam’ celebrations at the Tirumala-Tirupati temple starting next week.

T S Anbu, SP, Tamil Nadu CB-CID, who led the operation, said that when they tried to enter the house, they were attacked by Isamail and Malik and, in the confrontation, a constable named Lakshman was stabbed. He died later in a Chennai hospital.

The assault force was reportedly cautious due to the presence of a woman and three children in the house. Chittor SP K R Tata said they first drilled holes in the roof of the house and dropped stun grenades and tear gas shells. “This forced them to move to the front room of the house, where a negotiation team talked to them. First a girl came out, then two other children and a woman. Isamail, who was injured, came out an hour later, followed by Malik. They were taken by the Tamil Nadu Police to Chennai,” Tata said.

Tamil Nadu Additional DGP (Intelligence) Ashok Kumar said information about the Puttur hideout was given by one Fakhruddin, arrested in Chennai on Friday. “Isamail and Malik are wanted in several cases in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka,” Kumar said.

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Quote:Today's Newspaper

Powder keg: Alarm over Islamic college in Tirupati

Friday, 18 October 2013 | Kumar Chellappan | TIRUPATI

The peace and tranquility of Tirupati has been disturbed by an international Islamic women's college set up by a mystery woman in this holy city.

[Image: T330_25501_5.gif]

Tirupati, in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh is the abode of Lord Venkateswara and Goddess Padmavathi and draws millions of pilgrims every year.

The Heera International Islamic College-Women's Arabic College, is a massive six-floor building at Chandragiri village in the suburbs.

This college, which is protected by a four-meter-high compound wall, has given rise to a lot of apprehensions in the minds of the people and Nowhera Shaikh, founder of the college, finds herself in the centre of a controversy.

Even prominent Muslim leaders warn that the institution will create distrust and misunderstanding between various religious groups in the temple town. Shamir Basha, a widely-respected Muslim businessman in Tirupati said the Islamic college established last year was shrouded in mystery. “Nowhera Shaikh claims she is from Tirupati. But nobody had heard her name before she started the college. This is going to be a major issue, perhaps more in intensity than the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid issue,” Basha told The Pioneer.

[color="#800080"](That is why most of christomedia won't even cover it. They want the place to be successfully christoislamised in complete media silence.

Soon neo-Buddhist and Jain Minority Forum types will descend - as they did in Ayodhya - to declare that Hindus have no right to Tirupati either and that it's originally christoislamic.

Wish neo-Buddhists and JMF could be shipped off to TSP too. They can play their minority card there. Certainly lots of *actually* historically Buddhist and Jain sites commandeered by islam in TSP that they can get all activist over.)[/color]

Basha, who worships daily at the Lord Venkateswara temple, said the college was a matter of concern. “The college will draw a number of people from West Asia to Tirupati. We are not sure about the kind of people who will be visiting the city. Tirupati is already facing threat from various terrorist groups,” Basha said.

Sorakayala Krishna Reddy, Tirupati's historian and chronicler said the Islamic college has been built on land reclaimed from a temple pond.

[color="#FF0000"]“The land on which the college has been built belonged to Thimmapuram Venkateswara Temple. This temple was built in 1542 by the grandson of Sant Annamacharya, the music composer. The temple was destroyed by Hyder Ali in 1782. The original statue of Lord Venkateswara measuring 14.5 feet was there in the temple land for a long time,” said Reddy.[/color]

[color="#800080"](That is WHY christianism sold the temple land to islamania - and behind Hindus' backs. It's what christianism does.)[/color]

Krishna Reddy said the temple land had been given to the priests of the temple by the then administrators. “How this land reached the hands of the present owners is shrouded in mystery. A thorough probe should be ordered into the transaction details of the land,” said the septuagenarian scholar.

The women's college is yet to get affiliation from any of the universities. Recently Shaikh held a Press meet and introduced the media to more than 300 burqa clad girls who are studying at a madrasa for which Shaikh has the permission.

[color="#800080"](Send these girls off to Afghanistan where they won't be allowed to get educated ever again. On pain of islamic death.

Afghan muslimah moved from TSP married to Afghan guy. She insisted on studying at uni. He got furious - so did her dad back in TSP - but neither of them had the numbers to force her as they would back home. She split from him. Don't know what happened.)[/color]

Heera International Islamic College-Women's Arabic College is yet to take off though the social network media and websites are full of encomiums for Shaikh and her projects.

A senior Intelligence official in Tirupati said he was flabbergasted at the speed with which Shaikh amassed wealth during the last ten years. “She was a non-entity even in 2007. But she married two men in quick succession and was operating from West Asian countries,” said the official.

[color="#800080"](Suddenly ammassed money eh? Oil money or Congress/christogovt kickbacks from HRCE temple funds redirected to fund christoislamania?)[/color]

Prasanna Kumar Reddy, Congress leader and former vice-chairman of Tirupati Municipality, warned that the college has all the potential to upset Tirupati's communal harmony. “There are hundreds of Muslims in Tirupati who daily pay their obeisance to Lord Balaji and Goddess Padmavathi. Islamists are known for their intolerance to idol worship. What will happen if they unleash a campaign is anybody's guess,” said Reddy.

Adi Kesavulu Reddy, district president of the farmer's wing of the YSR Congress said the land on which the Islamic college has come up is temple land. “There are discrepancies and irregularities in the acquisition of this land by Shaikh. Moreover, there is a sensitive installation of the Indian Space Research Organisation here,” said Reddy.

Shaikh is the Chief Executive Officer of Heera Group which she claims is a Fortune global company. But she declined to reveal information about her educational and professional background.

When it was pointed out that the world has a right to know about the academic qualifications of the self-styled educationist, Shaikh said she was educated in an Islamic school in Chennai.

Reacting to apprehensions expressed by the local BJP leaders about her college, Shaikh said it was sheer jealousy on their part which made them raise such suspicions. “There are 3.5 lakh Muslim voters in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh and there are six lakh Muslim girls here. I want all of them to get modern education,” she said.

M Venkiah Naidu, BJP MP, said the setting up of the Islamic college at Tirupati was a matter of concern to all. “Muslims constitute hardly 0.9 per cent of the population in Tirupati. The college could have been set up at a place where there is a considerable Muslim population,” Naidu remarked.

SV Badri, religious scholar, pointed out that the Heera Group claimed in its website that it functions according to the framework of the Shariah. “How can a group functioning as per the edicts of the Quran be tolerant towards the idol worshippers of Tirupati,” asked Badri, grandson of late Kalyanam Iyengar, who introduced the world-famous Tirupati laddoo. The district administration too declined to reveal how Shaikh managed to usurp the temple land.

Amazing how Hindus don't notice how deliberate, how planned this all is. How much thought has gone into it.

The fact that the christogovt *silently* sold the Hindu temple land - behind Hindu backs - and that the islamic madrassa silently came up illegally shows that it very planned. The fact that they picked Tirupati is *very* planned. The crusade is on. And they will use jihad for it, since Hindus have refused to allow christianisation/missionising on the Venkata hills.

Note in that photo above how these muslimahs cannot be natives. They didn't use to wear full-burkhas - not in the south at any rate. This is an extra-Indian - certainly extra-southern - operation. If not Arabia or Afghanistan or Pak, then Kashmir. The facebook page was correct in saying that TSP/BD/Afghan/Arab islamaniacs are going to descend on this madrassa. Initially pretending to come to study, but eventually it will just be jihad central. And Tirupati and the other famous Hindu temples of the region will be its first lookout.

Muslimah universities (should try building those in Afghanistan: the Taliban will skin these muslimahs alive. Taliban not fond of "eddycation" and universities for muslimahs)... Muslimah madrassas where the "students" wear full burkhas are no more than an intended hideout for islamic armies. Britain has frequent reports of male islamic terrorists making get aways dressed in female burkha attire.

I recall a ME muslim girl from my uni years reminiscing fondly about some of her islamic "heroes" of the past: a female faithful who had been incarcerated by "infidel" Arabs, but she worked herself into a position of power and eventually her islamic men who were in disguise attacked the stronghold/city(?) - can't remember - and took over, and converted/killed the infidels. I thought of that story of hers when I looked at the pictures of the buildings and the

Also 6 floors? Obviously for stashing arms and explosives to attack Hindus with when islam decides to indulge in terrorist attacks or - more importantly - for the day of open jihad.

Of course, Hindus will insist that Sri Venkatesha will protect them and his temple - and the Hinduness of his hills and city - stand the test of time. The Gods may or may not lift a finger. It won't be the first time that heathens - or even Hindus among them - lost. Countless ancient powerful Hindu temples - e.g. Somnath - were destroyed by christoislamania. Christoislamism is convinced all it takes is time: time for christoislamia's determination to convert all Hindu spaces to jeebusjehovallah or else kill the incovertibles. They will try try again. Christianism sold the Hindu temple land to the islamic madrassa/jihadi outlet only out of spite because they weren't yet able to successfully plant their crosses there.

Hindus NEED to make a stand. Make it now while you have the numbers. And since it's war they want, make sure Hindus are the last persons standing at the end of it. They want a bloody mess, if it were up to me, I would give it them.

There's no second place and no consolation prizes for the losers in Total War. You either care for your religion/temples to survive - and yourselves as Hindoos - or ya don't. But if ya don't, why then do you have children? If not out of mere habit? Creating generations of victims for christoislamania to feed on or else convert where they're subvertible.

The catholic paper (and an 'opus dei' mouthpiece, which is just a scary word for catholicism's covert PR/media/education arm) - the catholic paper by and for catholics and convertibles - has a brief entry. I'm surprised that for once they don't go all out to spin this as a "fundamentalist Hindus" and "poor innocent oppressed islam" angle:


Quote:September 14, 2013

Furore over establishment of Islamic University in Tirupati

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has raised serious exception to the establishment of an Islamic University on the outskirts of the temple city of Tirupati.

The Heera International Islamic University is being established as an Arabic learning centre for women at a six-storied building on the banks of the Swarnamukhi at Thondavada village, 11 km from the city centre.

Speaking to the media on Friday, the party’s State official spokesperson G. Bhanuprakash Reddy demanded an explanation from the State and Central government on the setting up of the Islamic institute at a place considered sacred for Hindus.

“In recent times, there had been several intelligence reports about a looming security threat to the temple city. In such a situation, is it necessary to set up a centre dedicated to Islamic studies at the foot of the Tirumala hills?” Mr. Reddy said the party was not against the university and Islamic studies, but had serious concerns about the place where it was being established.

Voicing serious doubts over the activities of the university, including its funding pattern, international grants and reported encroachment of land, he demanded an inquiry by a sitting judge to unearth the facts.

BJP city president K. Ajay Kumar and leaders Samanchi Srinivas and Nageswara Rao spoke.

Meanwhile, Adi Hindu Parirakshana Samithi also wondered how the government gave permission for an Islamic centre in Tirupati. [color="#800080"](Because AP's is a christist govt, duh. And openly christist, not even cryptochristian.)[/color] Though Lord Venkateswara was adored by people of all faiths, establishing such a centre in Tirupati, which was already on the terrorist radar, would amount to buying trouble, said its State convener Kalluri Chengaiah in a press release.

The Samithi, which represents Adi Andhra, Adi Dravida and Adivasi communities, also demanded revocation of permission for the centre here.

Oh for goodness sake. Just blow the illegal encroachment sky-high. (Not to mention it's to house a jihadi force that will bare their weapons tomorrow.)

And if islamaniacs or their bleeding hearts christo supporters "protest", point to TSP/Afghanistan/BD and tell them they can always move to the islamic pardees carved out for them.

And if they riot, time to airlift them to Afghanistan.

Why do Hindus even take this crap?

Islamania is carving out spaces in Hindu India - in major temple towns - all the time, for "islam only": where islam is banning Hindu presence, Hindu rituals and Hindu temples and suppressing/ethnically cleansing Hindus. Even in the south now.
Post 3/3

'Islamania (like its fellow conspirator, christianism) is carving out spaces in Hindu India - in major temple towns - all the time, for "islam only": where islam is banning Hindu presence, Hindu rituals and Hindu temples and suppressing/ethnically cleansing Hindus. Even in the south now.'

-> Examples:


No Bhagyalakshmi Temple in Walled City of Hyderabad But Build Islamic Univ in Tirupati despite Security threats !! http://t.co/PH1DUHk368

As also mentioned in the HK article seen in post 101


Quote:2. Swami Paripoornananda was asked not to visit the Bhagya Lakshmi Temple because Muslims may be upset. He was arrested and taken in a car to have darshan only from the police car; never allowed him to get down and go to the Temple.


4. Akbaruddi Owaisi made a statement to remove the Bhagya Lakshmi Temple from the premises of Charminar in the old city.


via haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18165&SKIN=B

Quote:Fatwas ban outsiders’ entry into Rameswaram villages

Monday, 16 December 2013 | Kumar Chellappan | CHENNAI

Ramanathapuram district, 527 km south of Chennai, which houses Rameswaram Temple and many holy shrines, is getting out of bound for outsiders. Local Jamaath Councils have issued ‘fatwas’ declaring Muslim-majority villages out of bound for people even from the district itself.

Entrances to Athiyuthu, Puthuvalassai, Panaikulam, Azhagankulam and Sitharkottai sport such boards, all put up by the local Jamaath Councils. “There are boards deep inside these villages which declare outsiders are not allowed,” said B Arumugam, who acted as a guide to this correspondent. Interestingly, all these villages have a strong Muslim population.

“Advertising (banners, posters and pamphlets) and honking (from vehicles) without permission is prohibited inside the Panchayath. By Order - Muslim Jamaath Thajul Islam Sangh, Pottakavayal”, is the board which welcomes the visitor to the village entrance on the Attrankarai Road, hardly 10 kilometre from Ramanathapuram town. “For the last 20 years, only Muslim candidates had been elected from this constituency. Only Muslims could be elected from this Assembly constituency,” said N Suriyaprakash, a civil engineer-turned-politician.

Ramanathapuram is represented in the Tamil Nadu Assembly by MH Jawahirullah of the Muslaim Munnetra Kazhagam (MMK), an Islamic outfit. The MMK was an ally of the AIADMK in the 2011 Assembly election and switched over to the DMK camp during the July 2012 Rajya Sabha election. “Both the Dravida parties are responsible for this sad state of affairs,” said Kuppuramu, a lawyer. He said the DMK, the Congress and the AIADMK, in order to appease the minorities look the other way when Islamic fundamentalists unleash a reign of terror.

Kuppuramu took this reporter to Pamban, a village near Rameswaram island, the birth place of Pamban Swami, a great Saivite saint. The Panchayath road has a board put by the Islamic extremists banning outsiders from the road: “Not a public thoroughfare. Ladies move about in this place,” says the board.

Pamban Swamy (1848-1929), who preached love, compassion, kindness and equality, would be turning in his grave if he comes to know what his successors have done in his place of birth. The Hindu community is a scared lot because of the ever growing Islamic extremism in the district. “During the DMK regime in 2008, some Muslim youths hoisted the national flag with chappals at Vethalai village. The case was hushed up by Hassan Ali, the then MLA of the Congress,” said Kuppuramu. He said there was another instance of tricolour with chappals being hoisted in Puthumadom village which too was hushed up Hassan Ali.

Efforts to contact the district collector and superintendent of police were futile. Though e-mails were sent to both the officials, there were no replies. “The collector is busy in meeting senior officials. We are yet to check the mail,” Dharman, his personal secretary told The Pioneer on being asked about the email.

R Nataraj, former director general of police, Tamil Nadu, said it was not proper to put up such boards. “I don’t think even the government has the power to put up such boards. But we have to find out why they have put up boards like this,” said Nataraj. BR Haran, a political commentator, and Gowthaman, director of Vedic Science Research Centre, Chennai, who accompanied this reporter to the spots, were told by villagers of Azhagankulam that they have no other way but to fall in line. “We can never survive here without their cooperation. We are all businessmen and why should we bother about such boards?” asked Nithyanandam, a building contractor at Azhagankulam.

The villagers are still in a state of shock as some Muslim youth slaughtered a cow in front of the Muneeswarankoil Temple. “The Jamaath Council president and secretary told us that they were helpless as the youth would not listen to them,” said Senthilvel, a foreign exchange dealer in the village. Suba Nagarajan, a BJP leader in Ramanathapuram, said the Muslims in the district are on a warpath with the Hindus since 1981. “Religious conversion and smuggling are rampant in the district. Panna Ismail and Bilal Mohammed, who murdered Hindu leader Vellaiyappan in July 2013 at Vellore had come to Keezhakarai after the murder. The police should probe the details of their visit to Keezhakarai,” he said.

According to Kuppuramu, nearly 50 per cent of the business establishments in Ramanathapuram are owned by members of the Musilm community. “A Hindu can launch his business only if he gets approval from the Muslim community. This is an unwritten rule in the district,” said Kuppuramu. He said his efforts to meet the superintendent of police ended in futile as the officer was busy most of the time.

The local population is of the view that Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is the only person who could solve this fundamentalism tangle. “She made the police track down the killers of Hindu leaders by constituting the Special Investigation Division. The same SID may be able to resolve this issue,” said Shiva Thavasimani, Hindu Munnani leader.

On a trip by train about 20 to 30 minutes out from Bangalore, entire slums have green flags with the crescent on most houses. I did see a lone house bravely flying an orange flag.

There are mini-jihadistans and mini-christian territories and states being created all over. They're taking over India one village, one city to one newly-declared state at a time.

The christoislamic jihad is on. But Hindus don't want to notice it. Mizoram "christian state", NE for christ etc, and "christian only" villages in AP and TN. The christianisation of Hindu centres like Kanyakumari and Thiruvanantapuram. TSP/BD carved out as islamic pardees and yet now also islamising Hindu temple cities in Hindu India. Creating bottlenecks for accessing Hindu spaces. Amarnath in Kashmir is well-nigh inaccessible to Hindu pilgrims - unless you'd like a high chance of dying - being fraught with regular terrorist attacks, and they christoislam wants to create similar bottlenecks to Rameshwaram and Tirupati. (And the christoislami govt of Kerala has created major obstacles for Sabarimalai pilgrimage too, what with regular orchestrated stampedes and other occasions for killing of Hindu devotees, impossibly high charges, nowhere Hindu to stay for Hindus, etc.) This is all part of an organised christo-masterminded pattern to force Hindus to drop Hindu-isms like getting darshanam of their Gods. But Hindus - refusing to the observe the obvious let alone the pattern - just continue to wring their hands and wonder/wail why-oh-why "secularism" is treating them in this way. Because it's not "secularism". It is systematic christianisation. Christianism is willing to sell off Hindus and their sacred sites and space even to islam when it can't easily claim them for christianism - Anything at all, but that the Hindoos and their Hindooism should continue unencumbered in their "paganism". When the Pope said the 3rd millennia must see Asia converted, he wasn't expressing a wish. He was giving an order. To catholics he's gawd's representative on earth. They obey.

And another thing Hindus refuse to notice is that christoislamism is acting in tandem. That's why Hindus won't take note of the mutual backscratching between the two intimately-related/identical monotheisms.

On the topic of christianism that Hindus can't/won't identify - even in cases of takeovers of Hindu temples:


Quote:Musings on the Future of Hindu Temples under HR & CE Department !

23/12/2013 12:28:43 G P Srinivasan

For 50 years or more , the term HR&CE Admn. Dept. has been mis- interpreted, mis-used used and abused by diehard anti-Hindus. The words “Religious" and “Charitable" are only adjectives of the word endowments. There is no mention of temples.

The HR&CE Admn. Dept's domain is confined to endowments. It has no jurisdiction over the functioning or administration of the temples. While the Govt. pokes not even in the endowments of the minorities, it is a clear case of interference in and violation of the liberty of the majority community under article 26 of Indian Constitution. It is strange that the main stream Hindu Organizations have not joined the struggle to liberate the Hindu Temples from mismanagement of a corrupt Government department.

The Britishers raised the bogey of anarchy to hide their unwillingness to handover India to Indians. Yet, India has not perished in 66 years (since 1947) . History has exposed the desire of Britain to rule the countries colonized by means fair & foul. [The HR & CE is a remnant colonial vestige that has not fallen off of its own.]

The former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Mr.M.Karunanidhi, who is keen to [color="#0000FF"]take over of the Chidambaram Temple[/color] that belongs to the Dikshitars, by using the bogey of mismanagement , has created a 'struggle front' [color="#0000FF"]by using a stooge called Arumughasami.

It is doubtful how the likes of Arumughasami, could pay the fees of a high profile lawyer like Colin Gonslves, a Christian[/color], raised the bogey of the minority denominational status of the Deekshitars in the Court?

[color="#800080"](My christian hands are everywhere on matters where Hindu temples are involved. What a great and "mysterious"... uh "miracle". Aka systematic execution of another item in the list of things christianism wants to accomplish concerning Hindu religion in India)[/color]

Likewise, the HR & CE Dept. in TN is raising a Spectre of mismanagement of temples to delay the handing over of the management of temples to an autonomous body. During the appointment of IAS officers to head the Dept. there was at least one saving grace. With the Democle's sword of sudden transfers hanging over them, the IAS Officers thought twice before taking any crucial decision.

Now, the appointment of HR &CE staffer as head has turned the status of temples further bad. Like Indians ruling India in pre -British India village-level teams of Hindus can & will better the future of temples.

Cases are cooked up against Deekshitars to divert public attention (Indian Express Dec. 7th) . While apex bodies of most Depts. have built- in Internal probing Internal Audit system why special judicial powers to HR&CE Dept.?

A litigant giving judgment is a mockery of Indian Judiciary.

Claims by the HR&CE Dept. about the numbers of temples under its Controls are inconsistent. Records of how each temple came under its control is not available. While census of India 1961 books on TN could provide around 20 facts about each temple it is ridiculous, that in computer Digital age the HR&CE Dept does not publish all available facts of temples claimed as under its control.

Similar and more factors not only disqualify HR&CE Dept from controlling Temples but also attract action against it by the SC.

The news in this 3rd post was:


Fatwas ban outsiders’ entry into Rameswaram villages
Post 1/?

Archiving more on Tirupati

1. haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?PAGEID=17993&SKIN=B

Quote:Islamic University at the foot of Thirumala

25/10/2013 13:35:18 B R HARAN - www.vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=2991

The world’s busiest pilgrimage center; hundred per cent % Hindu in character and identity; great religious, cultural and educational hub; rich in Hindu Temples and educational institutions - that is Tirupati! Ancient temples and the sacred Swarnamuki River assert the character and identity of this magnificent place. People owe their existence to Bhagwan Venkateswara and everything is done in Bhagwan Balaji’s name only.

Now the pilgrimage center is on the verge of losing its peace and piety due to the attempt of a Muslim business group to establish an Islamic University at the foothills of Thirumala. Heera Islamic Business Group, which has its head office in Hyderabad, is constructing a massive six storey varsity in a village called Chandragiri in Tondavada Panchayat, just 13 kms away from Tirupati town. Named Heera International Islamic College, the construction has caused huge concern in the minds of the local populace and the town could soon witness a series of protests and legal wars, thanks to the government authorities who have allegedly given permission for its construction without application of mind.

Religious significance of the place

SV Badri, a social activist and freelance journalist, and grandson of late Kalyanam Iyengar (“Laddu Iyengar”, pioneer of the internationally renowned “Tirupati Laddu”), explained the religious significance of the place: “As per the Sthal Purana, Bhagwan Srinivasa married Devi Padmavati at Narayana Vanam near here. After marriage, Bhagwan with His Consort shifted to Srinivasa Manga Puram (near Tondavada) where a temple for Bhagwan Srinivasa and Devi Padmavati exists. Both Bhagwan and His Consort used to go to a Shiva temple located on the banks of the sacred Swarnamuki River to serve Sage Agastya. This temple was said to be consecrated by Sage Agastya and hence the Deity attained the name Agastheeswara. Bhagwan Srinivasa served Sage Agastya at this temple for six months before shifting to Thirumala. In fact, Sage Agastya had consecrated five temples along the river Swarnamuki. It is really shocking that an Islamic Institution is being established in such a great Hindu pilgrimage center”.

Heera Islamic Business Group

The Group’s Mission Statement says, “It is guided by Iman, following Shariah Law engaged in Halal avoiding Haram. It is on a mission of spreading the knowledge of Allah to the four corners of the world.”

The history of the group and its CEO is interesting in the sense that such a phenomenal growth in just a decade is unimaginable! Ms Shaik Nowhera is the Founder and CEO of Heera Group. Her profile, as per her official website, says that Ms Shaik was born to Shaik Nanne Saheb and Shaik Bilkis in 1973 and that her grandfather Shaikh Kolkar Madaar Saheb started “SNS Transports” in 1920 and soon became successful in the wholesale business of fruits, vegetables and textile products. It adds that she inherited the religious, cultural and business traits from her father and started an Islamic School for women in Tirupati by name “Madrasa Niswan” in 1998 with 150 students, most of them from poor families.


Then comes the mindboggling information that she started Heera Gold Exports & Imports in 2008 in order to meet her expenses which increased along with the increase in the number of students. Within five years, she started many more enterprises under the banner of Heera Group of Companies – Heera Jewellers, Heera Pure Drop, Heera Textiles, Heera Granites, Heera Rice, Heera Electronics, Heera Real Estates, Heera Developers, Heera Foodex, and so on…

Nowhere in her official website are her educational qualifications mentioned; there are no details about her early life in school and university. However, under the title ‘Islamic Scholar’ there is mention of her starting a madrasa with six girls at the age of 19 to teach the Quran and the Hadith. This madrasa now supposedly has around 300 girl students.

At the same time, Shaik Nowhera’s rise as a business entrepreneur is stupendous. While there is absolutely no information regarding her grandfather’s transport business, which he supposedly started in 1920, her father’s continuation of it and the other wholesale business of vegetables, fruits and textiles on the Group’s official website (http://heeraibg.com/heeraibg/), her diversifying from Islamic teaching to gold trading is mentioned.

Having ventured into gold trading in 2008, she diversified further into many other fields (mentioned above), establishing branches in states such as Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, West Bengal, and countries such as China, Canada, the Gulf and west Africa - 19 Companies in just five years!

While the web domain for the group was created only in December 2012, each company in the group has its own website. But none of the companies gives us details regarding turnover, balance sheet, etc. All websites carry the profile of CEO Shaik, but nothing, absolutely nothing, about other officials or board of directors. This gives a feeling of a sort of dubiousness about the business conglomerate.

Ms Shaik has a Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/nowherashaik) since August 2013, where she blows her own trumpet, showing photographs of her sitting at the head of a table surrounded by men and women.


While construction of the Islamic College was going on silently in Chandragiri village, the Bharatiya Janata Party was the first to smell it locally. The official spokesperson of the State unit, G. Bhanu Prakash, convened a press conference and demanded an explanation from both Central and State Governments regarding the proposed establishment of an Islamic University at such a sacred Hindu town. Stating that the temple town and the hill temple have been on the radar of terrorists, as per various intelligence reports, he questioned the need for such a university when the local Muslim population is only 0.9%.

Another organization, Adi Hindu Parirakshana Samithi, also issued a protest statement. Its president, Kalluri Chengaiah, questioned the need to set up such a university in the sacred temple town particularly when it is on terrorist radar. He felt it amounts to buying trouble.

The US-based Global Hindu Heritage Foundation’s Prakasarao Velagapudi conveyed deep anguish over the development in Chandragiri village, “We have got much information from our contacts in Tirupati about the construction going on there. It seems it is being built on a Temple land and that it also violates the rules and regulations of Tirupati Urban Development Authority. Tirupati is a sacred temple town for Hindus worldwide and apart from the world famous Venkateswara Temple at the Seven Hills and the Padmavati temple at Thiruchanur downhill, we have several ancient temples in and around the town. When the Muslim population is almost zero in the town, we don’t understand the need for such a University there and we suspect there is more to this proposal than what meets the eye. We appeal to both the Central and State Governments to stop the construction immediately.”

Surprisingly, while the Heera Islamic Business Group with 19 companies in several countries, has its registered office at Tirupati, the locals seem totally unaware of such a big business conglomerate operating from their town. Congress politicians and former Municipal Chairman of Tirupati, Prasanna Kumar Reddy, said, “Muslims who live here are few in number and they revere Lord Venkateswara greatly. They mingle with us as brothers and sisters and this place is absolutely peaceful. However, this kind of an institution may bring students and faculties from outside, and over a period of time if they start indoctrinating the locals and impose Wahhabism on them, it would greatly affect the harmony and lead to untoward incidents resulting in division among people along communal lines”.

Adikesavulu Reddy, district president of YSR Congress farmers’ wing, said, “Tirupati is an important education hub of Andhra Pradesh. Sri Venkateswara University has lot of technical and academic institutions under its belt apart from primary and secondary schools. We have the Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth also here. The local Muslims, who are just 0.9% of the town’s population, are truly satisfied with the available schools and colleges and their curriculum, and they live in harmony with us. So, there is no need for an Islamic University here. Moreover, it looks like the Heera Group has not obtained permission from the Board of Intermediate Education and the University Grants Commission to start either a College or a University. It must also be checked if they have violated the TUDA rules while constructing the building and there are allegations that they have usurped temple lands to construct their college.”

Shamir Basha, a market contractor for over thirty years said, “We are living peacefully here. Local Hindus also participate in our festivals. We have not heard of this lady or her business group until she started constructing this college. The local Muslims will not accept such an institution, which is shrouded in mystery. We do not want any controversy and I feel controversies may erupt when outsiders start coming and settling here. We are blessed by the Lord of Seven Hills and this beautiful town should not lose its peace because of outsiders.”

Manoharan, tahsildar of Tondavada, participating in an agitation against a separate Telengana, said permission was given for construction as the land is a patta land. He said the Tondavada Panchayat has given a No Objection Certificate.

Heera Group press meet

This writer visited Tirupati on September 17, 2013. After meeting the locals, the writer proceeded to Chandragiri village accompanied by SV Badri and was surprised to learn that a press conference had been convened by the Heera Group the same day. This was a stage managed and well rehearsed program. Hundreds of chairs were put under a shamiana and an overhead projector set up with a big screen to show audio visuals. Buses came in succession bringing hundreds of burqa-clad girls who took their seats obediently. Media persons were given seats and provided with a bottle of “Heera Pure Drops” packaged drinking water.

Suddenly the overhead projector and screen were removed without giving any reasons. Ms Shaik Nowhera came with two women and men and addressed the media for about half an hour, in Telugu.

She attacked the BJP spokesperson, “Bhanu Prakash of BJP has made a lot of baseless allegations against us. We have not done anything illegal. We are a big business conglomerate with 19 companies operating internationally. I am a local person; I hail from Tirupati; In fact, my grandfather had started a transport company by name SNS Transports here in 1920 and I inherited the business from my father and diversified and developed them to the present level. While focusing on business development on the one side, we pay our attention for the empowerment of Muslim women on the other side. As I belong to this place, I personally want to help the educational empowerment of the girl children. As there are 3.5 lac Muslims in the voter list of Chithoor district, we would like to serve at least 6 lac girls in this college. The BJP is making empty allegations. We are constructing this building on patta land which we bought and registered in our name. This is not temple land. We have got permission for construction. We will go step by step. The education which we impart in our Madrasa is equal to Secondary School Certificate, as we teach other subjects like Maths, Science, History, etc apart from Urdu and Arabic. We have value addition of Islamic tradition and culture. We also impart training in Nursing, Computers, etc.”

She went on and on, talking about Hindu-Muslim unity, secularism, human rights and her love for the Indian government which takes care of the minorities. She said, “I can start a university abroad or wherever I want. But, I want to serve the Muslim girls of India and I would like to start from Tirupati, my native place”.

A woman sitting next to her, introduced as the “Principal” of the institution, carried a bunch of papers and showed them whenever Shaik prodded her during the course of her speech. The girl students applauded at regular intervals by clapping. However, nothing was given to the media persons; no printed press statement was issued even after asking for it several times. And no explanation was given for not showing the audio visual.

Shaik failed to give convincing answers to pointed questions by the media. The journalists asked her why she was not popular locally despite being a native and owning such a huge business group; how she arrived at the figure of 6 lac Muslim girls from 3.5 lac Muslim voters; about the courses being offered; whether permission was obtained for construction of a college or simply a madrasa? She gave evasive answers. Asked about her educational qualifications, she first refused, but later said she studied in an Islamic school in Chennai.

Media persons were surprised to note that she could not speak even a few words in English despite being CEO of such a huge business conglomerate. One reporter commented privately, “Was it really Ms Shaik who addressed us? We have never seen her before. Had they shown the audio visual, we could have identified her. But now, we are not sure if the one who addressed us was the CEO of Heera Group”.

A State Intelligence Official who came to the meeting said she was not known in Tirupati at all until 2008 and that she had grown too big in too short a time, which could be possible only due to her Gulf connections.

Temple, Land, Water

Sorakayala Krishna Reddy, an academician and historian based in Tirupati, revealed that, “You could have seen the dilapidated temple tower very close to the college. This temple was built during the 16th century (1542), by Shri Thiruvenkata Nathudu, grandson of the great musical saint Annamacharya. The presiding deity was Bhagwan Venkateswara and this temple was later destroyed by the Islamic invader Hyder Ali in the 18th century (1782). The college which is being constructed now actually stands on the temple’s pond. It is not clear how the land got into the hands of this Heera Group. A transparent investigation must be done”.

Just outside the 12-foot high compound wall, the institute has placed a name board: ‘Heera International Islamic College’ and ‘Women’s Arabic College’. However the Group’s emblem has the abbreviation ‘HIIU’ meaning ‘Heera International Islamic University’. Below the name board stands a signage made of stone reading, “Swarnamuki River Rejuvenation Project – Construction of Sub-Surface Dam, Chandragiri”.

The project was undertaken with a mission to rejuvenate the Swarnamuki River. Some NGOs of Chithoor district formed a consortium under the leadership of the Rashtriya Seva Samiti (RASS) to take up the Swarnamuki River Rejuvenation Project. The project received support from CAPART, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India and Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD).

RASS website (http://www.rassngo.org/natural_resources...ement.html) says, “The implementation of the Swarnamuki River Rejuvenation Project is expected to bring about the augmentation of drinking and irrigation water in 400 habitations in nine mandals of Chithoor district; augmentation of drinking water supplied to important pilgrim towns like Tirupati, Tirumala and Sri Kalahasti, increase in bio-mass in 49,411 hectares of un-cultivable area; assured irrigation of 70,799 hectares of cultivable area and stabilization of agriculture; increase in per capita income and employment generation. This innovative project got afforestation not only in the country but at international level also.”

So, the main allegation that the land could not be a patta land cannot be ruled out. There is a possibility of manipulation of documents and the onus lies on the government to find out the truth behind the land on which the college is being constructed.


BJP Spokesperson Bhanu Prakash demands a Commission of Inquiry headed by a serving High Court Judge to find out the authenticity of the Heera Group, the antecedents of Ms Shaik Nowhera, the group’s financial resources, funds for the construction of the college, accounting and IT Returns, etc. He said the college would not be allowed to come up and widespread protests would be undertaken until the Government stops it. Kalluri Chengaiah, president of Adi Hindu Parirakshana Samithi conveyed similar sentiments.

This issue is similar to the situation which prevailed in 2006 when the then Chief Minister Samuel Rajasekhar Reddy, who was encouraging Christian missionary activities in Tirumala-Tirupati, released a GO saying Bhagwan Venkateswara’s assets were only two hills covering an area of 27.5 sq. kms., and the other five hills would be taken over by the government for converting them into a picnic spot with multiplexes, food courts, commercial, sports and entertainment infrastructures, including a rope-way to reach the top of the hills. He was forced to beat a retreat after fierce agitations by several Hindu organizations. The AP High Court also quashed the Government Order.

Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra are already volatile with protests against the separation of Telengana. In this scenario, the onus lies on the Government to act decisively on this communally sensitive issue, as several questions remain unanswered.









One of the comments at HK states the obvious:

Quote: Vivek

26/10/2013 00:19:19 Another gulf backed assault .

[color="#0000FF"]With the recent arrest of Tamil terrorists at the base inclusive one burga clad woman who smashed a cop's rib things are indeed dire. Of course it is a Taliban school preparing with female assault front line.[/color] Where did this semi literate devil got her money.?

("Where did the muslimah demon get her money?" What kind of question is that? From christian AP govt's kickbacks to christianism and islam taken from the confiscation of Hindu donations to Hindu temples of course. Where else?)

Another source of funds is indicated by another comment:

Quote:Raj Puducode

08/11/2013 23:31:20 Religion of terror coming to your town

KOZHIKODE: Officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) arrested two women, including a woman flight attendant, for trying to smuggle 6kg gold valued at Rs 1.84 crore at Karipur airport on Friday.

The DRI officials, acting on a tip-off, nabbed V S Hiromasa (22), a woman flight attendant with Air India Express, who landed at the airport after a private visit to Dubai on Air India Express (IX- 344) flight at 4.55am. Her co- passenger and friend Rahila Cheerayi (31) of Thalasseri has also been taken into custody.

DRI officials said both of them had strapped three gold bars each wrapped in a cloth around their waist and wore jeans on top of it. "We had carried out a detailed search on receiving specific information that two women passengers were trying to smuggle in gold. When intercepted, the duo said they were not carrying any gold but a body search by our women officers revealed the gold bars," a DRI official said.

Air India Express spokesman said the airline had suspended Hiromasa pending a probe. "We have suspended the crew pending a probe. We are waiting for a report from the DRI and will be conducting an internal probe as well," the official said.

DRI officials said the women were carriers who were working for an organized gold smuggling racket. They said the duo had admitted to smuggling gold earlier as well.

A major joint christoislamic venture of gold smuggling going on. Can't remember too well, but IIRC recently christist with cine contacts were nabbed for this in Kerala as per HK.

And 3 of the many comments to the same article at VV:

Note the first of these comments is by Syrian christist "Varghese", a regular at HK (and apparently VV too?) - monitoring Hindu responses to cryptochristianism of course. Note how he pretends all innocently that christianism had nothing to do with the deliberate illegal sale of Hindu temple land to islam. Meanwhile, AP has a rabidly christo govt famous for confiscating and distributing Hindu temple lands to christianism and islam (the way the christogovts in the south regularly do, same as they confiscate and distribute Hindu temples' wealth to christoislamism).


Quote:It does not require huge intelligence to see that this 'Ms Shaik Nowhere' is a fictional character, and at the bottom of the whole enterprise lies something monstrous and sinister. The character the writer encountered at Tirupathi might just be a proxy and a cover.

A check on the website immediately convinces one that the whole corporate thing is make belief. The so called businesses listed are most likely shell companies, but there is huge money coming in from some mysterious source.

This is a good case for sleuthing. The intelligence agencies need to find out who is behind the whole sinister enterprise.


October 25, 2013

Muslims will not allow Hindus to live in peace. They will keep on inciting them to pick up a fight, if and when Hindus respond they will cry wolf. In 2006 had gone to Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling near Nasik there was no mosque. In 2009 a mosque had come up close to the temple.

Soon there will be AZAAN blaring from loudspeakers at such high volumes that all devotees and prayers wd be distrubed.

Outside Sankaracharya Mutt at Kanchipuram too a mosque came up in the 1980's. AZAAN loudspeaker is so loud that it can be heard in the temple complex, disturbs prayers.

Hindus refuse to understand the Muslim mind and act accordingly.

sanjeev nayyar

October 25, 2013

The venal Congress government in the center and the state has taken the most obscene liberties with the Tirupathi temple. For more please visit Radha Rajan's 'Trifling with Tirupathi' at


Radha Rajan

October 25, 2013

The answer to Varghese's pretence of christian innocence in the christian plot to invite islamania to islamise (and hence destroy Hindu religion) in Tirupati is available even in a comment at that last link given by Radha Rajan:

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]During the Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy regime of Andhra, it was reported that valuable lands in Hyderabad, belonging to the Tirupathi Dewasthanom were sold off by the Minister for Endowments of his own, worth several hundred Crores, and when this fact was revealed all what Samuel Reddy did was asking the Minister to resign and status quo atnte was not restored. ## In the entire Country, temple lands have become a favourite target to be taken possession of by the intersted with connivance of the Govt. be it through land reforms as in Kerala or by straight appropriation as in Andhra or Kashmir.

BJP should include in its manifesto that all temple lands as on 1947, would be restored to the temple trusts and managements irrespective of the fact whether they have been sold or titles goven by Govt. to others for these lands.[/color]

(Very important. MUST be done.)


December 03, 2010 Report Abuse

Continued in next
Post 2/?

In fact, Radha Rajan's own article shows the obvious christian hand behind the setting up of islam in Tirupati - 6 floor building on Hindu temple land was able to come up only due to concerted christian blackout of the matter:

2. vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=1522

also at vigilonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1423&Itemid=71

Quote:Hindu temples: now golden goose, now street dog – I

by Radha Rajan on 03 Dec 2010 7 Comments Tweet

Trifling with Tirupati

‘Sankaralayam’, the Chennai abode of Pujya Acharyas of Kanchi Kamakoti Matham, hosted an emergency dharma sadas comprising over twenty mathathipathis, acharyas and sanyasis from Andhra Pradesh on Monday, 29 November 2010. The sadas was convened by Pujya Kanchi Acharya upon learning that the dharmacharya sadassu scheduled to be held on Tirumala Hills on 29 & 30 November 2010 had been abruptly called off by the Specified Authority which currently administers the Tirumala Venkateswara (Tirupati Balaji) Temple.

The dharmacharya sadassu scheduled for 2009 was also cancelled, not once but twice. After announcing the dates for the dharmacharya sadassu the first time, it was cancelled by the TTD Board headed by Chairman Adikesavulu Naidu without explanation; announcing new dates for the sadassu for the second time, it was cancelled again. The tenure of the TTD Board headed by Adikesavulu Naidu ended in August 2010 and in the wake of serious allegations of corruption involving TTD funds and abuse of schemes and tickets for ‘Arjitha Seva’, the then Chief Minister K Rosiah dissolved the Board and constituted the Specified Authority to cleanse the administration of all corruption and malpractices.

Shri Rosiah, a good and decent man and a devout Hindu, also constituted a two-member commission of the Vigilance and Enforcement department comprising two senior IPS officers to investigate every charge and allegation of corruption and abuse of power leveled against not just the 15 member TTD Board, but the entire TTD administration. It is not surprising that, forced to cancel the dharmacharya sadassu for the third time, a wounded Rosiah, unable to deal with the pressure being brought to bear upon him by Christians and other minorities in the state and in Delhi, chose to step down as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh rather than endure being constantly undermined and humiliated by the anti-Hindu elements in his party.

The Specified Authority TTD comprises three IAS officers - Dr. J. Satyanarayana, Special Chief Secretary, Medical and Health, as Chairman TTD Board; I.Y.R. Krishna Rao as Executive Officer; and V. Nagireddy, Managing Director of AP Industrial Development Corporation (APIDC) as the third member; the last two are IAS officers of the rank of Principal Secretary. The writer has it on excellent authority that all three officers are fine and decent officers who however are not being allowed to function in the best interests of the temple and the temple’s bhaktas. While the TTD Board is a willing and happy puppet body manipulated by the President of the Congress party, the Specified Authority is a helpless entity subject to enormous pressure to do the bidding of Madam and all Madam’s men.

The Specified Authority was ordered to cancel the dharmacharya sadassu scheduled to take place on 29 & 30 November 2010 by the same forces that compelled Shri Rosiah to step down as Chief Minister. The writer’s source claimed that one of the three officers requested in total despair that the dharma sadas to be held in Chennai should sharply rebuke all of them for canceling the scheduled sadassu in Tirupati.

The presence of revered acharyas Pujya Viswesha Teertha Swamiji of Udipi Pejawara Matha, Pujya Vidya Narasimha Bharati Swamiji of Pushpagiri Matham and Pujya Dayananda Saraswati Swamiji, Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, at the dharma sadas in Chennai is an indication of the nature of the outrage. Lest any Hindu fails to comprehend the enormity of this adharmic action, India’s anti-Hindu polity which controls our temples in several states, including Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, decided that Hindu Dharmacharyas cannot be allowed to meet in the Tirupati Balaji Temple, the richest temple and historically one of the most important Hindu temples in the country.

A small group belonging to the Congress party in Delhi (one, allegedly a person close to the party president and the other, a Congress functionary in charge of Andhra Pradesh) arrogated to itself the extraordinary and asuric power to cancel the dharma sadassu. Sonia Gandhi effectively rubbed the Hindu nose in the dirt, for the nth time, when she and her minions in the Congress demonstrated their control over Hindu temples.

It must be added that the Congress in its entirety and shameless Hindus belonging to political parties which have prided themselves at one time or other in being allies of the Italian Roman Catholic-led Congress party, must try playing this game with the Catholic Bishops Conference or the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board or even the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee. Hindus for their part must ask themselves how Muslims, Christians and Sikhs would have reacted under similar circumstances. The root of the problem of repeated slight offered to Hindu sensibilities by India’s politics of minority-ism lies in the answer to this last question.

Tirupati Balaji temple is administered by the all-powerful Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) Board. The functioning of the Board is governed by the TTD Constitution which is a separate chapter in the Andhra Pradesh Hindu Religious, Charitable Institutions and Temples Act. The TTD Board is supposedly an autonomous board; a patently false and laughable claim considering the fact that the Board with a tenure of two years, comprises 15 members whose Chairman, like the CJI, CEC, CVC, NSA, CBI and PM, is directly appointed by Sonia Gandhi; and also considering the antecedents of past Chairmen of the TTD Board thus hand-picked by Madam.

The TTD Board, besides the Chairman, who is a political appointee, comprises 11 members chosen from different walks of life and three members who are MLAs belonging to the ruling party in the state. This corrupt political body wears a virtuous fig-leaf of mandatory inclusion of a SC, ST and woman member in the team. The 11 members are like some members of the Rajya Sabha who, although they may represent a diverse non-political segment of civil society, nevertheless require political backing to become members of parliament in the Rajya Sabha. All members of the TTD Board are thus political appointees, no less. The TTD Board is therefore not an autonomous entity owing allegiance to the presiding deity; it is a political body owing allegiance to the Chief Minister of the State and if the state is ruled by the Congress, to Sonia Gandhi.

In recent years the choice of two persons as Chairman TTD Board deserves special mention – Bhumanna Karunakara Reddy and Adikesavulu Naidu; both were given the golden goose called TTD as reward for services rendered: Bhumanna Karunakara Reddy was rewarded by Y Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy (hereafter Samuel Reddy) for Bhumanna’s devotion to Samuel Reddy’s father Raja Reddy who lived a chequered and violent life until 1998 when he was allegedly murdered by workers belonging to the Telugu Desam Party.

In the late 1970s decade, both Karunakara Reddy and Samuel Reddy’s late father Raja Reddy were serving sentences for different crimes in the same prison. Karunakara Reddy’s initiation into Samuel Reddy’s family began then. After his release from prison, Bhumanna Karunakara Reddy hitched his wagon to the rising star of the politically ambitious Samuel Reddy family. One of Samuel Reddy’s first acts as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in 2004 was to make Bhumanna Subramanya Reddy, Karunakara Reddy’s older brother, Director of Sri Venkateswara Employees’ Training Academy or SVETA. Karunakara Reddy was made Chairman Tirupati Urban Development Authority or TUDA.

[color="#0000FF"]Through a Government Order (GO) Samuel Reddy introduced a new custom by which the Chairman of TUDA would now be an ex-officio member of the TTD Board; this unprecedented move was effected only to place both family minions within the TTD empire as an interim measure in some capacity before presenting younger brother and family faithful par exemplar Karunakara Reddy with the prestigious Chairman TTD Board Golden Goose Award in 2006. Karunakara Reddy succeeded Subbarami Reddy, Congress MP Rajya Sabha to the post. Subbarami Reddy in TTD was akin to Sharad Pawar in the BCCI, now ICC, and that should say it all. Political power driven by money power bestows more power to the same individual enabling the making of more money. It is a dichotomous self-perpetuating creature.

It is not mere coincidence that during the tenure of the three Reddys – Samuel, Subramanya and Karunakara as Chief Minister Andhra Pradesh, Director SVETA and Chairman TTD Board respectively – that Christian missionary activities in the TTD administered universities in Tirupati and missionary activities on Tirumala Hills gathered unchecked momentum culminating in a situation where Christians were employees of the TTD on Tirumala Hills! Whether the Christians used SVETA to infiltrate the Tirumala Hills or whether Samuel Reddy politely looked the other way as evangelists climbed the seven hills to convert TTD employees to Christianity is not clear, but what was established beyond dispute was that evangelism and Christian missionary activities had not only begun but were visibly increasing in Tirupati-Tirumala courtesy Samuel, Subramanya and Karunakara Reddy.

The story of how Adikesavulu Naidu, the liquor baron with huge assets in Andhra and Karnataka, was presented the Chairman TTD Board Golden Goose Award first in 2003 and again in 2008, is even more enthralling.[/color] Adikesavulu Naidu was Treasurer, AICC, when P.V. Narasimha Rao was Prime Minister. Quitting the Congress party like rats abandoning a sinking ship, Adikesavulu Naidu joined the politically ascendant Telugu Desam Party; gratified that the phenomenally rich and powerful liquor baron who also owned sugar factories in Andhra Pradesh chose to throw away the Congress Party in favour of the TDP, party president Chandrababu Naidu presented Adikesavulu Naidu the Chairman TTD Board Golden Goose Award for the first time in 2003. From one Naidu to another Naidu in 2003, from one Reddy to another Reddy in 2006, from one Reddy to another Naidu, both Madam’s men in 2008, the stench of corruption and vice from within the TTD resembled the Augean Stables in 2010.

In 2004, after completing his first tenure as Chairman TTD Board, Adikesavulu Naidu contested the Lok Sabha elections in 2004 as TDP candidate from Chitoor. In 2008, when the UPA faced its first real crisis in Parliament over the Indo-US Nuclear Deal, Adikesavulu Naidu once again played rat-in-a-sinking-ship, turned back on the party which elected him MP to the Lok Sabha, violated the party whip and voted for the UPA in favour of the Nuclear Deal. Notwithstanding the fact that his vote was invalidated by the Speaker, Sonia Gandhi and Samuel Reddy, as wages for betrayal, bestowed upon Adikesavulu Naidu the TTD Chairman Golden Goose award for the second time in 2008.

The TTD had thus become a prestigious parking place for unworthy, undeserving moneybags and even scumbag sycophants of the state’s ruling political class. With Sonia’s Congress as the ruling party in the state and in Delhi, the defiling of Tirupati had fallen to new depths. The V&E department recommended filing criminal and civil cases against three members of the TTD Board, eight superintendents, fifteen senior assistants, five junior assistants, twelve attendants and two other persons employed as personal assistants of members of the TTD Board.

The V&E probing the multi-crore Srivari Arjitha Seva Ticket scam, charged the TTD Board and administration of colluding with hoteliers and travel agents in a network of deep and well-entrenched racket where seva and darshan tickets were sold to the management of these hotels and travel agencies for a higher price which in turn sold them to bhaktas for an even higher price. There was also talk of missing jewellery from the TTD coffers. The V&E found former Chairman TTD Board and Congress MP Subbarami Reddy guilty of having booked in 2008 seva tickets worth several lakhs of rupees in the name of several members of his family until the year 2060!

Expressing deep sorrow at the unfortunate state of affairs within the TTD Board, Pujya Swamiji Dayananda Saraswati speaking at the dharma sadas on 29 November in Chennai observed that it was extremely unfortunate that the Specified Authority had cancelled the dharmacharya sadassu in Tirumala. Dharmacharyas have historically and for centuries gathered at such dharma sadas in different temple towns and teertha-kshetras to deliberate upon issues pertaining to Hindu dharma and dharmi. Administrative bodies like the TTD must not interfere in the religious affairs of temples, Swamiji added.

Pujya Kanchi Acharya while deploring the decision of the Specified Authority to cancel the dharmacharya sadassu, referred to the general and pervasive maladministration of Hindu temples. Pujya Kanchi Acharya called upon Hindus to find ways to ensure that the revenue earned by our temples was used only to serve Hindu dharmic interests – upkeep and maintenance of small temples, maintenance of ancient temples located deep in the hearts of our villages, for gau samrakshana and for dharma pravachan. All sanyasis, acharyas and mathathipathis at the dharma sadas agreed that religious conversion powered by foreign money to Abrahamic faiths constituted the biggest threat to Hindu dharma.

Concluding the day-long dharma sadas with a resolution condemning the TTD for cancelling the dharmacharya sadassu for the third time, it was decided that the resolution would be sent to the Specified Authority TTD, to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, and to the Prime Minister in Delhi.

- The Acharyas present have noted with distress the development in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam in cancelling the Dharma Prachara Sadassu, scheduled to be conducted on the 29th and 30th November, 2010.

- It is obvious that the secular government has once again interfered with this Hindu religious body committed to sanatana dharma and Hindu dharma pracharam. Also the act of cancellation of dharmacharya sadassu is tantamount to interfering in the spiritual and religious functioning of Hindus as also the functioning of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam.

- This conference expresses its displeasure at the casual manner of dealing with Hindu religious leaders and advises the government not to exert political pressure on Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam or on any Hindu religious body carrying out its dharmic responsibilities and urges the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam to convene the Dharmacharya Sadassu every year without fail. (Excerpts from the resolution passed by Hindu Dharmacharyas at Chennai on 29 November 2010)

Passing resolutions and sending them to the government, online petitions and angry or distressed letters to government officials about the state of Hindu temples, about the barely concealed disrespect for Hindu sensibilities demonstrated routinely by officials in government and administration, are but impotent expressions of a weak people. This was the path along which Dadabhai Naoroji, Surendranath Banerjea and Gopalkrishna Gokhale led the Indian National Congress; Gandhi modified this effete approach to dealing with the colonial government by making his brand of satyagraha the only instrument with which to deal with the British; by and by Hindus had allowed their martial limbs to atrophy with disuse and today Hindus cannot think beyond sitting the whole day lamenting their fate, and passing resolutions of condemnation.

The issue is not corruption or maladministration of our temples; the issue is Hindus have allowed and continue to allow anti-Hindu governments to control temple administration, temple revenue and actively intervene in the religious affairs of Hindu temples, eroding the very sanctity of our temples. Temple affairs are today subjected to the political whims and caprices of Nehruvian secular Indian polity. This cannot be ended by resolutions drafted by Hindu bhaktas or Hindu dharmacharyas. This can be ended the day Hindu dharmacharyas collectively threaten to launch sustained and intense mass protests calling upon governments to surrender their control of Hindu temples.

Arguments about which body will administer the temples, resulting chaos and instability do not hold water because these were the same arguments that the British government used when asked to quit India. Hindus have managed their temples centuries before the HR&CE, TTD, Congress, TDP, DMK or AIADMK were even conceived of. Chaos and instability are poor excuses for looting temple money and plundering temple wealth and property.

Hindus must emerge from their cocoon of self-interest and cowardice to see how the Abrahamic religions twist hardened Indian politicians around their fingers, tie them up in knots and lead them down the garden path of de-Hinduising the nation with a ring around their nose. Hindus and Hindus alone can end this terrible state of affairs in our temples and this can be ended only forcefully.

(To be continued…)

The author is editor, www.vigilonline.com

As IF members stated before me: Hindus should throw the christoislamaniacs (which includes communists under the "christian" heading) out of India.

The comments at VV to the above article:

Quote:Incisive and heartrending.

Also, currently reading " Eclipse of the Hindu Nation" currently.

Your work for the Hindu cause is invaluable.


December 03, 2010 Report Abuse

[color="#0000FF"]During the Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy regime of Andhra, it was reported that valuable lands in Hyderabad, belonging to the Tirupathi Dewasthanom were sold off by the Minister for Endowments of his own, worth several hundred Crores, and when this fact was revealed all what Samuel Reddy did was asking the Minister to resign and status quo atnte was not restored. ## In the entire Country, temple lands have become a favourite target to be taken possession of by the intersted with connivance of the Govt. be it through land reforms as in Kerala or by straight appropriation as in Andhra or Kashmir.

BJP should include in its manifesto that all temple lands as on 1947, would be restored to the temple trusts and managements irrespective of the fact whether they have been sold or titles goven by Govt. to others for these lands.


December 03, 2010 Report Abuse [/color]

Before samuel rajasekran came to power,there were only 3 churches in tirupathi but not it has totally 7 churches thanks to the conversion agenda of YSR. why andhra people are after his bloody son Jagan who put tilak in his head [color="#800080"](=cryptochristianism, should have been exposed since it's what has murdered heathen India)[/color] but is a strong follower of false man made religion having is convered brother in law mr.Anil kumar engaged in evangalism. Let andhra people realise this and should not be after christians and cine actors. Let them follow first their own faith.


December 04, 2010 Report Abuse

laudable work for hindu cause. Before independence of country from British colonialists, the fight for Independence was hijacked from hindus by secularists and Hindus were denied their rights and were and are being looted of their culture and heritage. Now awakening is on the rise; beware again the second awakening in the nation is again hijacked by so called secularists and again the voice of Hindus is suppressed by yogis and self styled swamis in the couch of secularism or some other equally coined words.


December 04, 2010 Report Abuse

Excellent write-up! I entirely agree with Radha ji. It is time we asserted ourselves! The uncouth politicians are treating us like dirt only because we are behaving like dimwits. A foreigner like Sonia had the audacity to declare that she wants to 'uplift' the minorities in India, and MM Singh said that Muslims have the first right over the resources of the country, and that 15% of our funds would be used for ' minority welfare'. But there was no uproar in the country, so the anti-hindus boldly went ahead with their de-hinduisation agenda. Already it is these 'minorities' who are ruling over us!


December 04, 2010 Report Abuse

Only Remedy is Hindus should unitedly change the Govt.

Sonia and present congress Govt. should be punished for their anti Hindu activities,,,,,,,,

Awake Hindus... Unite and show your strength...

Hindus are capable ... Pl. show to the World......

Unite ..unite...unite....

Sundar athreya

January 22, 2011 Report Abuse
Post 3/5

3. There are some further HK comments at



13/10/2013 22:11:58 International Islamic college

This is a very diabolical plot with far reaching implications. The best time to resolve it is now, make it an election issue, it is of national importance like temple at Ayodhya.

Raj Puducode

12/10/2013 13:11:43 Be aware of the danger posed by these terrorists to Bharath mata & her existence.


09/10/2013 21:53:03 International Islamic College

Start Counter-Jihad against anti national forces. Drive them out of Tiupathi.

[color="#800080"](It will only delay christoislamism. All christoislamania need to be sent to TSP, which was carved out specifically for the monotheisms.)[/color]

Indu Menon

08/10/2013 21:48:52 International Islamic College

Start a "Save Tirupathi Campaign", on the net and facebook


08/10/2013 03:06:12 International Islamic College

The seeds are being sown for future communal violence and tension. Slaughtering of dumb and mute animals is a compulsory ritual in Islam, whereas it is anathema to Hindus. In the days to come pilgrims to Tirupathi will have to cross through slaughter houses. It is better to stop this dangerous construction forthwith.


06/10/2013 03:29:08 International Islamic College

Telugu Hindus are busy fighting and in a self destruct mode over Telengana a project initiated by Congress Chief Sonia. By the time they fight among themselves and destroy public property, Jihadi elements would have quietly comquered several important towns to establish Madrassas and Islamic cultural centres. Many more crucifix would be planted in the mayhem and Hindus will be the final losers. [/color]

Raj Kumar

26/09/2013 02:58:58 International Islamic College

This is shocking news and unbelievable also. What can be the reason for locating it in Tirupati except to provoke the Hindus ? Why not relocate it to Deoband, Akilesh and Mulayam may give a special grant also. This project has to be stopped at all costs. Call for a Tirupati Bandh

Interruption: No, they don't want to "provoke" the Hindus - since this entire operation was done silently/the first 6 floors were built silently. They want to ethnically cleanse the region and take it over for christoislam. I.e. they want to silently organise til they reach full-strength, and then genocide Hindus when they're ready. Christianism has greenlighted islam and has paved the wave to make it possible.

As it is, I heard the christogovt is thinking of giving union territory status to Hyderabad. Prediction: it will be ethnically cleansed of the native Hindus and turned into another jihad-central like Kashmir.

Hindus need to retake the country. First, retake the country from the illegal govt being foisted on Hindus by Indian christianism puppeted by alien govts/aliens' foreign policy - the Raj2004 reveals that NYT has been told to now switch over to projecting AAP as the crown prince when Yesterday they were still canvassing for Raoul Gandhi as the crown prince. Apparently, for the purpose of controlling the voter and international sentiments of the next Indian elections obviously, NYT - that diseased compulsively lying genocide-negating/covering up mouthpiece of US govt and hence US foreign policy in India - has now started the grand work of spinning lies on Muzaffarnagar, to serve as the latest rallying point for bashing Hindu India as Godhra riots were previously, by projecting it as poor islamaniacs versus evil Hindu mob, whereas the facts - long revealed - was that it's an organised islamic mob hired by the christo-planted govts in India who attacked Hindus. Of course, the christogovt of India is organised, funded and works for the US and its foreign policy interests in India, hence even India's Supreme Court noticed that the christogovt's favoritism for the islamics it hired in Muzaffarnagar:


Quote:Why Communal favoritism in riot rehabilitation? - Supreme court to UP Govt.

24/11/2013 23:32:11

Upananda Brahmachari | Hindu Existence News Bureau | New Delhi | 21 November 2013:: Supreme Court of India came down heavily on the Government of Uttar Pradesh on the procedure and its notification for the rehabilitation of Muzaffarnagar riot victims. The apex court on Thursday asked the UP state government why it is showing favoritism towards Muslims only? The designated Bench pointed out: Do not Hindus suffer in the Mujafarnagar riots ?

Note how Indian christo and cryptochristo govts all have the same opinions as the US/alien christowestern govts. Because India govt works according to western foreign policy on India. That's why NYT is being negationist regarding Muzaffarnagar, and why the Indian christogovts have been instructed to support only the islamic so-called "victims" of Muzaffarnagar and let the actual victims - the Hindus - rot. After all, didn't the islamic footsoldiers act exactly as per the christian script? Christianism/christogovt is merely tended to the injured of its own christoislamic army.

In India, the US doesn't even have to invest in their fake colour "revolutions". All they need to put up is just the money it costs to get some lousy ameriKKKan "journalist" (or even Indian echoing mouthpiece) to type out an NYT trash article. With that they control what the stupid secularised "progressive" angelsk-speaking masses believe, sympathise with and vote for. Tomorrow christoislamism will jihad the Indian seculars and blow them up. Hindus should not lift a finger on their behalf. They deserve it.

But Hindus are so stupidly sensitive and merciful, they will no doubt take pity on the treacherous seculars, the way Hindus stupidly fawn all over alien "converts" as poor innocents - despite all alien dabblers in Hinduism being exclusively the products of all those treacherous historical entities that converted to christianism and thereupon genocided the native heathen Europeans.

Returning to the HK comments at haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17883

Quote:Mohan Raj

25/09/2013 21:34:28 International Islamic College

[color="#0000FF"]The face of Tirupati town will be changed, first college then a gigantic mosque, then Dubai shopping mall,slaughter houses and shawarma shops,separate Haj terminal at Tirupati airport,all shops will be purchased from the Hindus and in the next one decade Tirupati will become another Muzzafarnagar, complete with regular communal violence, curfew etc.[/color] Will the BJP come forward and make this an international issue. Tirupati is a world heritage and it should not be destroyed.

Rama Rao

24/09/2013 21:38:17 International Islamic College

This is a very serious matter which is going to affect Hinduism in a big way. Thirupathi holds a great special place in the eyes of Hindus all over the world. [color="#0000FF"]There is absolutely no need for Muslims to come and start an Islamic college there, except with the intention of making it a battle ground like Ayodhya in the near future. The people of Andhra are stupidly fighting for Telengana and Seemandhra, while the Muslims are making a silent takeover of the sacred town.[/color] [color="#800080"](That was the Indian christogovt plan all along, duh. It's been called divide-and-conquer for so long, I thought even Indians may have heard of the old technique?)[/color] The BJP, VHP and other Hindu organizations should start a mass campaign now to stop the situation from going to worse. Once the building is completed then it will be impossible to stop it functioning. The pseudo-secularists will help the Muslims gain control of Thirupathi town. This is election time and BJP should make this into an election issue.


24/09/2013 09:18:30 International Islamic College

[color="#0000FF"]This is plain invasion of Hindu pilgrimage sites, in a planned move. All our famous Hindu pilgrimage sites have been forcibly occupied by these foreign religion enthusiasts, whether it is Varanasi, Ayodhya, Mathura,etc. The Christians have clandestinely set up Diocese at Ujjain, Cuttack(Puri) etc. There is not a single Hindu pilgrimage centre which is not being shared with foreign religions.[/color]Will it be possible to set up even a small temple in Jerusalem, Vatican or Mecca ?

What needs to be probed is who is funding this massive project ? From where has the money come ? If no permission has been given, how is such a gigantic venture coming up ?

[color="#800080"](Again: the money has come from christogovt diverting Hindu temple funds to christoislamania. At a minimum, informal permission was given by the christogovt which enabled the illegal centre of jihad to come up quietly. Islam was *assigned* the land by christianism - some token money may have even passed hands to close the land deal - with the express purpose of jihading the place on cue.

Christianism was unable to christianise it fast enough and hence got sour when it still remained Hindu as Hindus kept rebuffing christo advances.

And BTW, the trend of christoislamic centres deliberately mushrooming smack next to/on heathen sites owing to hijacked govts assigning the land to them for this purpose is a TYPICAL tactic of missionary religion. Buddhism [and Jainism] did that in India's history for centuries. It's the reason why a great many Hindu sacred temple sites magically got to see Jain and Buddhist temples mushrooming up right next to them - many centuries after the Hindu temples at these sites, when Buddhism or Jainism was ruling the region - and NOT for the silly lovey-dovey reasons that modern Hindus imagine that Jain and Buddhist temples came up there. Better examples are there in Buddhism's modus operandi in E Asia which not even universalist Hindus can contest.)[/color]

GSK Menon

23/09/2013 08:48:36 International Islamic College

This mischievous project should be nipped in the bud, otherwise scoundrel Hindu politicans will try to browbeat the Hindus into submission by talking of secularism and other such bullshit. If timely action to stop this insidious project is not done, alien Islamists will flood the place, mass slaughter houses will emerge in every street, mosques with loud speakers will be set up, bawling out in alien language, burqa clad women will be brought in large numbers for multiple sex orgies in the name of religion. Start a massive online petition to stop this project.

[color="#800080"](Actually, the islamic centre is intended for out-and-out jihadi purposes.)[/color]

[color="#800080"](And the previously reproduced commentsSmile[/color]


19/09/2013 22:08:15 Heera international islamic university

I went through their company website and read about the chairperson a women clad in burdha - it appears to me from their wordings the CEO women is a fanatic islamic lady with the sole intention to spread islam in andhra. More than their exportable products, much talk about ALLAH and Prophet. i feel this company is funded by a saudi arabian government. Congress at their end of tenure wants to destroy ram sethu and allow a islamic university in tirupati the holy place for hindus. can we establish a hindu university in mecca or even in ajmir or in agra ? please spread the news to all. However the trouble started for congress in andhra becouse lord srinivasa will punish them immediately like what happened to YSR.


19/09/2013 00:09:56 true fact

My native village is chandragiri, what was said above was true. Intact many of the locals say the Vishnu temple shown was destroyed by aurangazeb. I would like to mention that there is an old Agastyeshwara (siva)temple and feet of lord Vishnu (vishnupad) near it (500m from above place) Their lands were encroached/diverted by govt/politicians. I shudder at the very thought if my village loses its identity where Hinduism still existsand Vedas are heard. I dont know what TTD is doing . It is now controlled by congressmen

Pramod Kushwaha

18/09/2013 21:36:02 Only polarisation of votes can help

Hindus need to be taught that the only uniting force is Religion and not Development. There is need to hold workshops all over India to explain to Hindus that how Polarization can help in solving almost 80-90% problems of India. Example must be taken to show that Development based agenda has only been fractionally successful in only two or three countries like Russia, China etc. The Polarization based agenda has yielded 25-30 prosperous states each of Islamic and Christian type. The theory that the Development is a uniting force is nothing but a decoy by Congress and Leftists to keep the Hindus divided.

The Hindus are being repeatedly decoyed away from being polarized by Congress and Leftists. The false argument given is that Development is more important than Polarization. Hindus must be made to realize that it is impossible to fight the menace of Islamization and Christianization without Polarization of votes.
That last comment remains important.
Post 4/5

4. Comments at haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17887

Say NO to Islamic university in Tirupati

19/09/2013 13:28:02 G V Chelvapilla

Quote:GSK Menon

23/09/2013 08:37:40 Say NO to Islamic University

The best course is to file a PIL in HC/SC immediately and obtain a Stay. [color="#0000FF"]Tirupathi which was a peaceful Hindu town will become another communal cauldron. Christian missionary gangs have converted a sizeable section, there are big churches downhill. Mosques have sprung up and now a gigantic Madrassa. Pilgrimage to Thirupthi will become as difficult as going to Amarnath.[/color]

Raj Puducode

21/09/2013 10:26:39 No terrorist University in our Holy Town of Tirupathi

[color="#0000FF"]Congress have allowed Jihad to spread all over India.[/color] [color="#800080"](The anti-Hindu nexus thread ought to identify the christo KKKongress as a major source of anti-Indian threat.)[/color] Congress allowed China and Pakistan to take away Aksai Chin, POK and Azad Kashmir. Congress bought India disgrace in 1962 because of Nehru’s leadership in India’s humiliating defeat by China. Congress allowed Missionaries to convert almost all the people of North East, now every state is having a separatist movement supported by various foreign churches. Congress made Afzal Guru our Ghar Jamai. Congress chief couldn’t sleep when a Muslims terror suspect was caught in Australia, but MMS did not lose any sleep when numerous blasts & terror incidents killed thousands of Indians. After Iraq (a country at civil war) more people died in India during last 6 years due to terrorism .Congress allowed DMK to dredge the Ram Sethu. Congress Christian minister Ambika Soni said that Shri Ram was fictional. Congress allies called Ram as drunkard. Congress PM said that Jihadis have first right to all Indian resources. Congress is promoting Christian Missionaries to convert whole of India into a Christian Nation. Under Congress rule 224000 farmers committed suicide. Under Congress rule inflation went to 14%. Under Congress rule farm land was sold for pennies to big Industrialists. Dogvijay is the chela of Osamaji. Congress has done one thing only-Divide and rule, on the basis of Caste Religion Conversion Manipulation Bribery. Congress is party of Italy. Congress is a party of sycophants. Congress & its supporters are India’s & Hindus enemy no 1. Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular; Mandir is communal, Masjid is secular; Sadhu is communal, Imam is secular; BJP is communal, Muslim League is secular; Dr. Praveen Thogadiya is anti-national, Bhukari is national; Vande Matharam is communal, Allah-O-Akbar is secular; Shriman is communal, Mian is secular; Hinduism is communal, Islam is secular; Hindutva is communal, Jihad is secular; SIMI is secular. Kick the Italian lady & her cronies out.


21/09/2013 08:45:25 Does Hindus have control over their places of worship?

Several years ago Sonia Gandhi had visited Thirupathi temple. The rule book in Thirupathi says that any person who is not a Hindu should write their names and sign in a register kept in the temple. But Sonia refused to do so since rules and laws are to be obeyed only by lay people. The temple authorities did not make a fuss about this either. How can anybody expect Hindus to protest a structure being built some kilometers away if they can't insist something that should be observed in the temple premises itself?. Unless and until Hindus become a political force things like these are bound to happen. Hinduism is open to all, Hindu property is open to all, and Hindus are open-minded to all. There lies the whole problem.

[color="#800080"](Actually, the presence of mlecchas - "convert" dabblers included - in any heathen temple has always brought on misery for the natives and their temples. Just like allowing - and even enabling! - mlecchas to dabble in the Vedam.)[/color]

Kashmir Hindu

21/09/2013 05:29:59 door to door pamphlet

BJP should distribute door to door pamphlets regarding this in Seemandhra districts where they have some presence.In the end breakup of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Seemandhra is good.

This last Hindoo being from Kashmir may not be aware, but the whole splitting thing was a bad idea or at least very bad timing: the split has got hijacked by cryptochristianism (which will over time become more apparent). And what's to stop people from arguing:


Quote:If you are making Telangana, give Tirupathi to Tamil Nadu, says Ramadoss

IANS Chennai, August 10, 2013 | UPDATED 21:11 IST

[color="#0000FF"]As Andhra Pradesh burns over the creation of Telangana as a separate state, PMK founder S. Ramadoss on Saturday called for the transfer of eight zones like Tirupathi to Tamil Nadu, saying a large number of Tamil people live there.

In a statement issued here, Ramadoss said: "The time has come to set right the injustice done to Tamil Nadu when states were reorganised on linguistic basis in 1956. Efforts should be taken to merge eight zones including Tirupathi, Thirukalahasthi, Chitoor, Puttur and Sathyavedu and others with Tamil Nadu."[/color]

He said all the political parties in Tamil Nadu have to raise this demand in one voice, and a special session of the state assembly should be convened to pass a resolution to this effect that should be sent to the centre.

Ramadoss said a large number of Tamils lived in these areas, which were transferred to Andhra Pradesh under the States Reorganisation Act of 1956.

[color="#0000FF"]Interestingly, Tirupathi and Thirukalahasthi are temple towns. It is through Tirupathi that pilgrims travel to Tirumala, considered the abode of Lord Balaji, which is also one of the richest temples in the world.

According to Ramadoss, the imminent formation of Telangana would provide an opportunity to intensify the demand for the merger with Tamil Nadu of around 200 villages that are now in Andhra Pradesh.

Ramadoss said that a large number of people in these villagers were Tamilians who were discriminated against when it came to job opportunities.

He claimed that during the re-organisation of states in 1956, Tamil Nadu lost a total of 70,000 square kms of territory to neighbouring states; of this, 32,000 square kms were lost to Andhra Pradesh alone.[/color]
The split opened a pandora's box. Andhra Hindoos won't want to be parted from these temples and the Gods residing there. Will be an impetus to stop AP from discriminating against the Tamizh Hindoos of these villages then.

Many Tamil Hindu areas - even important, key ones - were transferred to other southern states, not just AP. (A notable exception being that Tamil Nadu managed to retain Kanyakumari, an ancient Tamil Hindu region.) Many major Tamil Hindu temples were transferred to nearby states along with them - temples housing Tamizh Hindus' all-important kuladevas even, which have since become important ancestral temples for natives of other states. (As it is, so many southern temples in general are attracting Hindus from all over the Hindu homeland including Nepal. Even Ayyappa is now attracting crowds from regions where he was not previously known that much, which is understandable since the Hindoo Gods are irresistable. They're now playing songs for Ayyappa in Marathi and Hindi too in Sabarimalai, I understand, because so many native Hindi and Marathi speakers are pilgrimaging there. But we have to share our Gods and temples with other ethnic Hindoos, because these are ultimately the ancestral Gods/Divine Parents of all ethnic Hindus.)

If TN was Hindoo-controlled and AP remained christo-controlled, I'd have agreed that Tamil Hindu areas in AP should be returned to TN. But as it is, sacred Hindu regions will be no better off under the cryptochristogovt of TN. The temples will be taken over and systematically destroyed under the garb of "secularism" (aka undercover christianism) there as well. What's the point/difference then? And Hindoos are discriminated everywhere, whether they remain in AP or move to TN will not make much difference to their experience.

Quote: Dr. Rajesh

20/09/2013 09:47:15 Question Begging for Answers

1. Already a church and a mosque were built in compound of Sri Venkateswara university that came up from temple money > How could these happen? Where were these Hindu organisations? Since Christians and Muslims are already what is the big deal no?

2. No permission was granted before they started the construction - If so, why aren't the Hindu organisations stopping the illegal construction?

3. Heera International Islamic University is being built near Tirupathi with pictures of seven storied construction - How could anyone get to build 7 stories we've come to know only no?

4. How can such things happen without the silent support of the local politicians / people?


19/09/2013 20:13:34 i want to protect

Being a native of chandragiri, I am deeply concerned about these. I request haindavakeralam to ask bjp to raise this issue in parliament. I hope modi becomes pm and destroys all illegal masjids,churches on temple lands
Post 5/5

5. Involving the BJP - as also requested by the poor Hindoo "vijay" in that last comment - has apparently had its own fallouts, as noted by comments to the following (in blue):


Quote:Tirupati rises as one against Islamic varsity

23/10/2013 10:19:41 Kumar Chellapan - The Pioneer

[color="#800080"](I note Indian and international christomedia blackout on these things yet again. Same as for the Amarnath protest, or Yogi Ramdev's protest against corruption, etc. <- One of the ways you can recognise the Indian ELM is christo.)[/color]

Hundreds of activists of various Hindu organisations staged a demonstration on Sunday at Arani, the Silk Town, 132 km west of Chennai, in protest against the setting up of an Islamic university at the temple town of Tirupati, abode of Lord Balaji and Goddess Padmavathi.

People of all faiths and political affiliations in Tirupati, have expressed strong reservations against the Islamic university, which has been built on land belonging to a centuries old temple.

The Pioneer had recently published a report about Heera International Islamic College-Women's Arabic College and Nowhera Shaikh, a mysterious woman who is founder of the project. Sunday's demonstration, organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, an umbrella organisation of various Hindu outfits, saw the participation of many sadhus and sannyasins.

“The Islamic university coming up at Tirupati is a hidden motive to destroy Hindu culture and temples. Babur came to India and built the Babri Masjid near Ayodhya, Aurangzeb built mosques near Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Mathura's Lord Krishna temple. We will not allow this to happen in Tirupati,” said Uma Ravichandran, co-ordinator, HJS.

[color="#800080"](Yes, it's a missionary tactic. Count the number of christian temples initially built near Hellenistic sites even in Julian's time - not counting those built ON Hellenistic sites. Or count the number of Buddhist temples built on Daoist and Shinto sacred ground right next to Daoist and Shinto temples. This step always just signals the beginning of missionising.)[/color]

She pointed out that Muslim residents of Tirupati have also come out openly against the Islamic university. “There are hundreds of local Muslims who worship at the Lord Balaji Temple everyday without fail. [color="#800080"](Such muslims should fully=properly revert to their ancestral Hindu religion/Gods all ready. The time for half-heartedness and dilly-dallying in mutual exclusive oxymoronic territory as half christoislamic and half-Hindu is past. Their indecisiveness only gets Hindoos killed and Hindoo temples destroyed, the way the Buddhist Sangha in SL doubly goes after Hindoos/Hindoo temples when semi self-reverted Buddhist laity keep thronging Hindoo temples.)[/color] For them, the temple is part of their life and heritage. They are afraid that Islamists from West Asian nations would try to enforce Shariah law in Tirupati and that could lead to serious social problems,” said Ravichandran.

The demonstration and protests against the Islamic university has been launched with the blessings of various Hindu acharyas. “We called on Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi, the pontiff of the Kanchi Mutt, and he asked us to go ahead with the protests,” she said. The next demonstration is at Madurai on October 25.

[While the essentially anti-Hindoo Rajarant and similars will be busy attacking Hindu acharyas and laity for their grave crime of remaining Stubbornly Hindoo, all while he plays at being a self-declared "intellectual warrior against islam" himself (well, at least NSRajarant won't be be seen terrorising-by-frequenting any Hindoo temples incl Tirupati - and if he ever does, he and his family ought to be immediately kicked out, since they're banned forever: hey, he badmouthed the Vedam and the Agamas - Hindu temples, certainly all the southern ones esp. Tamil ones, are built as per the Agamas and involve Agamic rites and concern the Vedic Gods and cosmology - so no way back for Rajarant and his christianised family Ever :hurrah: :mean chuckleSmile

anyway, so meanwhile, the cuddly Kanchi and other Hindoo Swamis have taken a Hindoo stand as always: that of supporting the Hindoo Tirupati temple town's right to be free of christoislamanic encroachment=terrorism.]

But the comments concerning BJP/nationalism's regrettable approach are important:

Quote:Raghu Menon

31/10/2013 02:04:09 Tirupati rises as one

India should not buckle under the pressure of these foreign funded institutions. [color="#0000FF"]The students appear to be outsiders from other states.[/color] Is there any shortage of Madrassas in this country ? What is the logic in multiplying Madrassas and the States funding them for payment of salaries from the Government coffers. It is time to freeze the Madrassas to what was existing during Independence time. Time for tough actions and decisions.

Indu Menon

30/10/2013 21:30:18 Tirupati rises as one

It is time to tell the Muslims where to stop, when they live in a multi religious society. No one is complaining about their setting up Madrasas or burqa factories, but do not enter holy places of Hindus, and set up such obscurantist institutions, in order to create communal tension and violence. Do not allow Tirupati to become another Muzaffarnagar.


30/10/2013 02:46:57 Tirupati rises as one

People of Andhra are entangled in the Telengana mess created by our rouge politicans. The jihadis are quietly entrenching in Tirupathi. More than 98% of the people are not aware of this gameplan. These are all long term projects, it has to be stopped, demolished and erased from Thirupathi.


28/10/2013 21:36:38 Tirupati rises as one

Approach the English TV channels and tell them to carry this news item, even many Andhraites are unaware of this dastardly plan. What is the point in fasting in Madurai ? The fast should be done at Delhi in front of Parliament house, Rashtrapati Bhavan and Minorities Commission office. Inform TV Chaannels like BBC and CNN, only then will world attention be focussed on such dastardly projects.


26/10/2013 08:24:46 Why we need accepatance from the people of Islam when we are opposing Islamic university to be built

1.Why invariably everytime we,Hindus, display unnecessary guilt and try to include other religion endorsement when we fight against that religion's school near our temple? What is our guilt? are we doing any wrong? are we worried some higher authority to become angry?If so, who is that authority?

2.Why Sankaracharyas and big matts sit before this building and protest?

3.And why no legal action yet?


25/10/2013 10:59:02 THE HINDUTVA FOR ZOMBIES

An intellectual grassroots movement lead to this present Hindu wave.

As usual sycophancy and anti-intellectualism has seen to that all this is frittered and wasted into a secular wave of zombieism.

As long as it was not apparent that the Hindutva works of social media had no palpable impact the freedom was there- but as soon as it became clear it was creating a youth wave as Dr Babu Suseelan told me, the likes of him were out.

As a result- Hindutva now 'hijacked' once again.

Its rudderless and is heading for another victory that will be a spectacular doom.

Here is how- by way of how the Talibanisation of Tirupathi gets mishandled and with critical ideologues out.

For almost a year this Taliban University at Tirupathi was doing rounds at internet and grassroots movements were mobilising the protest.

When we recently criticised Sangh and BJp are shying away from Community Disasters and leaving fire fighting to ill equipped grassroots like HJS and Hindu Samajuta of Tapan Gosh- it did impact and Sangh and BJP declared they are entering the protest.

Till then they rushed only to 'se

cular' disasters like storm Phalin-

Since no Critical analysts had outlined issues for them - the Zombie hindutva made a self defeatist go at it like this-

'even local Muslims are with us, they also oppose the Islamia centre".

Results will be predictable-

All that anti Hindu TV channels need is to demolish this movement is by 'debunking' exactly this Muslim endorsement?

Islamists will have to just do more tabliqi (reformation) so no Muslim supports the idolatry movement and fatwas will force the rest to toe line.

Why they got a wrong start is this new stubborn secular hindutva!

What this means is Hindus must at every issue obtain a Validation Certificate of 'muslims also' 'christians also' have nodded thier demands.

By themselves Hindus have no right of protest to anything seems the zombi Hindutva logic.

A victory is turning to a pathetic defeat.

[color="#800080"](Don't know why Aron has a Judaic (?) name yet sounds Hindu otherwise, but he - and the blue bit of the comment by Thinker above him - are right for critiquing how BJP is secularising a purely Hindu issue by seeking endorsement from christoislami voices, whose endorsement or condemnation Hindus need neither seek nor care about.

Well, at least Modi hasn't openly declared something about "Toilets Before Tirupati". But I guess it was already included in his "Toilets before Temples" statement.)[/color]

Jai Sri Ram! [color="#800080"](Great subject heading.)[/color]

24/10/2013 23:15:09 Hindus Be Alert!

Nobody knows from where this Nowhera Shaiakh (Is she a no where shaikh?) The money flowing from the middle east through hawala and black money is utilised in such a way to destroy the culture and heritage of this holy city. These are open violations of the existing laws of the country in connivance of some powerful politicians and bureaucrats. Be aware of the activities of such antinational elements. Only recently some persons were arrested while planning some terrorist activities against the abode of Lord Vishnu in Tirupati. HIndus should unite and speak in one voice against such hooligans.

[color="#800080"](We need to be past the speaking stage. We need to be in the stage where we have the one-way tickets to send christoislamics to TSP, have got them boarded on Air Pakistan or whatever - and where they are currently flying over TSP about to land in Rawalpindi(sp?) Airport to settle in TSP for good/until the next major earthquake strikes TSP and takes them away to jeebusjehovallah's never-neverland in the sky.)[/color]

Raj Puducode

24/10/2013 07:57:47 NO Jihadi University in our Holy Land

I can see the dirty hands of secularists, to placate the jihadis to garner their votes, behind this dangerous & divisive move. First let them give permission to build a Hindu temple in Mecca [color="#800080"](Hapless argument: no Hindu wants to go to Mecca or have a temple there. Hindoos simple want to retain their ancient temples and sites in the Hindoo homeland, free of christoislamic terrorism. And christoislamism will not even allow that.)[/color] or atleast take my Gods photos through their Airport. Jihadis are not special & they have NO special rights in this world. Let the communal harmony of Tirupathi continue without foreign intervention.

GSK Menon

24/10/2013 00:22:32 Tirupati rises as one

Call for an All India Bandh, this is the only way to create awareness to stop this mischievous project.

Even if Hindus went so far as to riot over Tirupati and get the islamaniac madrassa removed in full and the muslimahs back into their houses, the christowest - who no doubt was advising the Indian christogovt in this matter too all along (they're in every major anti-Hindu movement in India) - will spin it into the way they presented Ayodhya, i.e. how Hindus were evil and islamaniacs were victimised, and use this inverted spin to control who gets to govern India during the next elections and use it also to justify all islamic terrorist attacks on Hindus hereafter. Remember the regular BBC/NYT type justifications for islamic terrorism on Hindu soil: "It was because of Ayodhya" and then "It was because of Godhra" ... ?

A half-hearted response is useless. All christoislamism infesting India must be expelled into TSP without exception (including all traitors married with christoislamic families). Else such problems will never actually go away and will keep returning, getting worse at each stage. Christoislam is always going to be an aggressor and attack Hindus, their Gods and Temples, with the aim of killing Hindudom. This is ALL that christoislam does. There's no living with it, so need to declare a divorce and implement a restraining order yourself.


At an *absolute* minimum, the following is what Hindus - including Hindu rule - should do (repeating 2 separate excerpts):

Quote:Julian's most pressing task in this connection was to do the same in reverse, to restore the temples as the perceived focus of public beneficia at the expense of the Church.137

A clear step in this direction came as early as 4 February 362. An edict decreed that temples of the gods that had been put to improper use should be rededicated, and that those which had been destroyed by the Christians should be rebuilt at the Church's expense.138

Owners of land which had formerly belonged to the temples were to give it back, and a special tax was levied on those who had used the fabric of sacred buildings in the construction of new ones.
The importance Julian attached to the issue is clear from a further edict of 29 June: the rebuilding of temples was to take priority over all other building projects in the provinces. 139 In parallel, in March, the clergy's tax exemptions were revoked, and their judicial power and exemption from service as decurions withdrawn.140


His [color="#800080"][Julian's christist][/color] brother Gallus, as Caesar, had had the bones of the Antiochene martyr Babylas transferred from the city to a new sepulchre built adjacent to the temple of Apollo at Daphne, and columns from the temple had apparently been used in the construction of the Christian monument. En route to Antioch, Julian gave orders that the columns be restored to the temple;94 having arrived, he was dismayed to find that Apollo's oracle was still silent. The cause was plain to him: in October, he had the remains of Babylas removed, and the sanctuary at Daphne purified.95 The episode is further evidence that the palpable well-being of pagan cult ritual was central to Julian's hostility to Christian belief and practice - and it is not to be reckoned an eccentric act of a theurgist obsessed with purificatory rites: in various cities,96 pagans quickly followed Julian's lead, dealing similarly - and less gently - with the tombs of local martyrs.

It wasn't entirely unexpected yet it remained absolutely gutting to discover that Modi promised "toilets first before temples", outlining his priorities so clearly. Guess that's the difference between heathens (e.g. Julian) and Indian nationalism.

Even with the likes of Julian etc Hellenes/Hellenismos lost. Hindus don't even have that much in their favour.

Nationalism/"Development" and other slogans have utterly hobbled Hindus and the re-assertion of the Hindu character of their nation.

Just to be clear: Hindus *have* to vote Modi/BJP (there really are no alternatives, since everything else is unsecular, cryptochristist not to mention anti-national), but be prepared that even BJP/nationalist party will be a secular govt - consisting of private Hindu individuals - and not really a Hindu one, so protecting Hindu religion/temples and Hinduisation of the character of the nation will have to be carried out by Hindus on the ground.

Why is it Hindus alone refuse to give rise to political parties/leaders who act on behalf of heathenism? Every missionary religion, when it takes power, is always filled with zealous, missionary rulers who impose their religion on the heathen population. That's one of the things that makes Julian so great: he was totally ruling for heathen purposes.



Islamisation of America

09/10/2013 12:48:45

(Some video at link)

But about the title:

When that land could be stolen from its rightful owners - the native Americans - by christo "settlers" (invaders) from Europe, the way the christoterrorists stole the sacred Hellenistic site to build the Sophia church on it (using Hellenic temple parts, what's more), why can't islam take over AmeriKKKa (the way it's turning Sophia into a mosque)? The christian settlers invented the "Finders Keepers" rule and so it should still apply when christian terrorists are at the receiving end and islamania becomes dominant in America.

And don't know why Hindus should feel any sympathy. AmeriKKKan policy on India is to actively christoislamise it via violence and genocide (meanwhile reducing world "overpopulation" by writing off such genocided "coloured" people). After all, it's US govt initiatives that more recently funded the christianisation of India's NE and which is flowing into christoislamic jihadi orgs. Even Harvard indologists - another mouthpiece for long-distance alien govts' meddling in Hindu India - regularly defend and work with christoislami jihadi entities. And NYT is working on generating the moral acquiescence for the forced christoislamic takeover of Hindu Bharatam. Why have any sympathy at all.
More pre-meditated christoislamic (posing as "secular") terrorism against Hindu pilgrims at Sabarimalai. Christos orchestrate something to kill off or scare off Hindus every year. Was it 2 years ago that a christian was found to have organised a stampede that killed so many and then last year (as usual) the christoislami government prevented Hindu pilgrims from having access to security, food and shelter during pilgrimage (same christogovt keeps diverting Hindu temple funds to provide Hajj and Jerusalem "pilgrimage" for islamics and christos)


Quote:Kummanam condemns police action against Ayyappa devotees.

07/01/2014 21:47:32 Twitter@Kummanam

Quote:KummanamRajasekharan @Kummanam

Yet another bid to sabotage Sabarimala Pilgrimage.Ayyappa devotees wer beaten up in Sabarimala by police.I seek enquiry into this brutal act.



Quote:Yet another move to sabotage Sabarimala Pilgrimage; Devotees Lathicharged at Sabarimala.

07/01/2014 21:37:42 www.newindianexpress.com.

High-handedness of police personnel on Sabarimala pilgrims has surfaced at the Lord Ayyappa temple, even as the Kerala High Court on Tuesday directed the special police officer deployed at the hill shrine to avoid any kind of such action on the pilgrims.

The police late on Monday night resorted to caning the pilgrims who were waiting in queue for climbing the Holy Steps at the Lower Thirumuttam here.

The pilgrims, who were in the jam-packed queue for eight to nine hours for darshan, were beaten up without any provocation.

It is alleged that in the absence of senior officials, young policemen of armed battalions, resorted to this brutal act.

Warnings from onlookers, including mediapersons and devaswom employees, went in vain as the skirmish turned violent.

Absence of chief coordinator since the temple reopening for Makaravilakku season, lack of proper briefing for the police personnel to handle the crowd and posting of inexperienced cops are [color="#FF0000"]said[/color] to be the reasons.

[color="#800080"](Pathetic cover for deliberately orchestrated anti-Hindu violence. What, christianism can't even spin a convincing sounding "secular" reason now? Christianism in Kerala must be more sure of themselves - more sure of getting away with brutal violence against Hindus - than I realised.)[/color]

A Division Bench comprising Justice T R Ramachandran Nair and B Kemal Pasha ordered that cops on duty will have to take steps for crowd management and should avoid complaint of high-handedness from pilgrims, it said.

Read More : newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/Pilgrims-Lathicharged-at-Sabarimala/2014/01/08/article1988780.ece
Every year now, christoism pulls something on the Hindus to dissuade them from flocking to Bhagavaan Ayyappa at Sabarimala in future.

Note: the Hindus visiting Sabarimalai are highly focused on getting darshanam of Bhagavaan. They prepare for it well in advance through stringent rituals and observing sacred vows. Even during the climbing of Each Sacred Step up to the Kovil sannidhi, they say stotras (at each step, they say a shloka, a shloka in turn to each of a famous set of Hindu Gods worshipped as related [i.e. family] to Ayyappa: IIRC Saraswati as lokamaataram and Ganapati and Murugan as brothers of Ayyappa, Shiva as father of Ayyappa, and Parvati as mother and lokamaataram, Vishnu (and again Vishnu as both Rama and as Krishna/Guruvaayoorappan) as the parent of Ayyappa, and Lakshmi (also repeated as Sita) as mother and lokaamataram, and Navagrahas, and Hanuman as Raamadoota for being dear to Ayyappa's parent Raama, and then the Hindoo reaches the top and gets to have darshanam of Ayyappa and worships him, having remembered and adored all his relations first. <- I.o.w. these Gods are the same as all the Hindu Gods worshipped in Sannidhis in most Shiva Kovils of the region. For obvious reasons. Not to mention that the moolamantram to Ayyappa is the same as for his Father.)

So the brutal degenerate [crypto]christoislami police - who were specifically posted to beat up the Hindoos - will be caught out as the evil liars that they always are (inspired by his evil non-existence jeebusjehovallah) if said christoislamic police hereafter decide to claim that the Hindu pilgrims "provoked" them in any way. The Hindoo pilgrims' minds are occupied and filled with their Gods. Quite unlike the evil chrisoislamaniacs, who are filled only with the vile evil that always emanates from that great source of evil - jeebusjehovallah - and which therefore always results in the terrorising of heathens minding their own business in their own lands/spaces.

So when are Hindus finally going to kick out christoislamicommunism (including cryptos) out of the country again? You know, ALL these problems will vanish instantly when subcontinental christoislamicommunism is well-settled in TSP E & W, where the monotheism belongs (TSP was carved out specifically for the ideologies of the non-existent monogawd).

Or maybe Hindus want to extinct. That's possible too I suppose. I never thought of that.

Extinction is fine. Just take christoislamicommunism with you then. Because a christoislamised India will be hell on heathen Japan, Taiwan and the remnants of heathenism in SE Asia and E Asia (including China). Indians are responsible for subcontinental christoislamania. Contain it.

via rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/quick-notes-metro-man-water-footprint.html

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]Ohio museum: Sculpture may be idol stolen in India[/color]

March 6, 2014 9:43 AM

View photo


[Image: f58e23b0-a540-11e3-90c4-034f66f6546a_n4tma-1.jpg]

The 11th-century Indian statue depicting the deity Ganesh, known as the Ganesha, owned by an Ohio art museum may have been stolen before the institution purchased it. (Courtesy of the Toledo Museum of Art)

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — An 11th-century Indian statue owned by an Ohio art museum may have been stolen before the institution purchased it.

The Toledo Museum of Art said it saw no signs of trouble when it bought the small bronze statue of a Hindu deity in 2006 from a New York dealer now charged in India. The statue resembles an idol now listed as stolen in India.

A museum spokeswoman tells The Blade newspaper (http://bit.ly/1eYBd8b ) that it is cooperating with a Justice Department inquiry into the statue's origin. For now, the museum is keeping the figure.

The institution has twice returned ill-gotten items. A mermaid figure stolen during World War II was returned to a German museum in 2011, and an illegally looted ancient water jug was handed over to Italy last year.

The Indian statue depicts the deity Ganesh, known as the Ganesha, and is on display in the museum's Asian Sculpture Gallery. [color="#0000FF"]The museum acquired the figure in 2006 from Subhash Kapoor, who later gave the museum 56 small terracotta idols that have never been displayed.

The museum also bought seven other pieces from Kapoor between 2001 and 2010, according to the newspaper.

Kapoor is facing trial in India on charges of illegal exportation, conspiracy and forgery.

Last month, a sandstone sculpture considered one of the world's most wanted stolen artworks was returned to India along with two other pieces that U.S. customs officials say Kapoor kept in a storage facility in New York City.[/color]

Museums don't carry insurance against the loss of pieces discovered to be stolen goods, said Brian Kennedy, director of the Toledo Museum of Art.

The museum has not been asked to turn over the Ganesha, which closely resembles a figure listed as stolen in an Indian police report. The museum says it did adequate research before buying the statue.

[color="#800080"](Christo-Indian govt can drop dead. Hindus should approach the US museum and ensure it gives the Tamizh Kovil vigrahas back.)[/color]

The item is one of 18 metal idols missing from a village in Tamil Nadu, a state in southeast India. The Indian police department sent the museum copies of the report along with photos of the looted goods in July, according to the museum's website.

[color="#800080"](Note that one Kapoor - not a Tamizh Hindoo name at all - illegally acquired these Tamizh Kovil vigrahas. How did he do so? By the usual method: christo converts, when they try to convert Tamizh Hindu villages, often resort to kidnapping Hindoo vigrahas from the village Kovils as an early step in the conversion process. These christists sometimes directly put it onto the alien black market via known christist channels - which would be where the Doniger types used to illegally thieve them from - though in this case the christians may have sold the vigrahas they stole onto the cryptochristist Kapoor, who then sold them onto the American museum.

Subcontinental christoislamics are a great threat to Hindus.)[/color]


Information from: The Blade, www.toledoblade.com/

And read the comments there.



Where did all the vocalists go who were so loud about MFH and the likes' "attacks on Hindoo Gods", when no Hindoo really noticed what MFH-types painted (it wasn't the Hindoo Gods, was it?) But our sacred vigrahas of the Gods have been kidnapped from the homeland by aliens and the (obviously christoislamic) middle-men who sold it to them, and there's just a single line about this major catastrophe at some single nationalist blog on the internet.

Misplaced priorities.

NRIs have written a thousand articles on Doniger's spew over the years and how "hurt" they feel by it.

- But libel and slander do not affect the heathens and their heathenism. (Sure, such lies can subvert the subvertibles. But subvertibles are a liability anyway, being a ticking timebomb. So it's better their subvertibility be exposed sooner rather than later.)

- However destruction of our Temples and theft of our Vigrahas (and kidnapping and murder of heathens by islamaniacs and christos) do directly affect the heathens.

Quote:Tuesday, March 18, 2014

theft of hindu images by italian

deja vu? this is in bali.


why on earth this reporter called them 'effigies' i don't know.


sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity Posted by nizhal yoddha at 3/18/2014 02:44:00 AM


Quote:Hindu leaders demand return of sacred effigies

Luh De Suriyani, The Jakarta Post, Denpasar | Archipelago | Tue, March 18 2014, 11:24 AM

Dozens of Hindu high priests, community leaders and members of the Indonesian Parisadha Hindu Council (PHDI) in Bali have strongly urged the police to return confiscated sacred objects to their original places in several temples across Bali.

The leaders visited the Bali Police headquarters on Monday morning and met with deputy Bali Police chief Brig. Gen. I Gusti Ngurah Rahardja [color="#0000FF"]Subyaktha[/color] to discuss the possibility of returning all the sacred objects that had been confiscated from several individuals proven to have stolen, sold and bought the objects.

The visit was in quick response to the news that [color="#FF0000"]the Bali Police planned to return the confiscated objects to an Italian art dealer, Roberto Gamba, who had previously been imprisoned for his involvement in the trade of the sacred objects.[/color]

In 2010, Gamba and a number of local people were arrested for their involvement in art thefts.

[color="#800080"](Christianism is growing in Bali. The Bali police who intended to return it to the Italian christist thief are no doubt converts and in on the christian racket.

Same as how the Indian christist police of the previous post did not ask the US museum to return the Hindu vigrahas stolen from Tamizh villages, despite knowing these were stolen by a known thief.

Notice the CHRISTIAN pattern.)[/color]

Among the seized goods were 100 sacred objects including pretima (small effigies), bronze statues portraying Hindu deities and other items considered sacred by Balinese Hindus.

In 2011, the Gianyar District Court sentenced Gamba to five months in prison.

[color="#0000FF"]I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana, PHDI chairman, insisted that the pretima and other stolen objects were the souls of the Balinese people.[/color]

“They are our sacred objects and must be returned to the temples or be preserved in a local museum as our precious heritage,” Sudiana said. Meanwhile, [color="#0000FF"]Subyaktha[/color] told Hindu leaders the police would not return all the seized goods to Gamba.

Sudiana said since 2013, the PHDI had called on the police to return the sacred objects. The PHDI, he added, had even sent a letter to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono about the crucial issue of the ongoing thefts of sacred Hindu objects.

The Bali police chief Brig. Gen. Subyaktha is obviously a convert.

The above is unmistakably a christian tactic. It is a conversion tactic: christians steal and sell off sacred vigrahas when the locals refuse to convert to the demon religion of christianism. Christianism regularly steals vigrahas and other sacred objects from heathen religions - using christos and islamic thieves in the native land to procure the items - and then stashes these things in alien museums, the Vatican and alien private collections (often by "converts" to others' heathenism = a people that make the most selfish thieves in the world.)

In Bali's case the go-between/"native" thieves are more likely to be christian converts than islamaniacs. The same is true for cases in S India: christians more often than muslims are the thieves.

If only Hindus would implement islamic law for once and behead christist thieves of Hindoo vigrahas - or was it that islam lops off the hands of thieves? Whatever. (Though head-hunting is preferred in this case.*) That may slow this christian theft of Hindu vigrahas.

*What, are only the christobrits allowed to encourage head-hunting? I remember a famous british WWII officer - remembered as a "scientist" in later days - encouraging the headhunters of I think an Indonesian island/some native ancient tribe in the Pacific to hunt and decapitate Japanese soldiers during WWII. [IHJ-4]

If it's civilised of the oh-so-just christobrits, then - surely - it becomes no less civil now? This is no time to feign selective shock.
Oh-so-obviously christianism behind the following. Since it was already in the news that (among other red flags):


Quote:Sree Padmanabha's Treasure CD smuggled to Foreign countries

29/05/2012 12:42:48


Quote:•Temple wealth in Psecularistan: [color="#FF0000"]Is Padmanabhaswamy temple gold getting pilfered?[/color]

Posted by Pagan at 4/19/2014 04:07:00 PM

which links to:


Quote:[color="#FF0000"]Is Padmanabhaswamy temple gold getting pilfered? Fears of fake replacements[/color]

The writer has posted comments on this article

Dhananjay Mahapatra,TNN | Apr 19, 2014, 01.21 AM IST

[color="#800080"][Img caption:][/color] Rare jewels of value estimated at nearly Rs 1 lakh crore were found in the temple in July 2011 making it one of the richest in the country.

NEW DELHI: The untold riches of Thiruvananthapuram's Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, which was discovered three years ago and was estimated at Rs 1 lakh crore, may be getting pilfered, an explosive report on the state of affairs in the temple submitted to the Supreme Court said.

Amicus curiae Gopal Subramaniam, after a 35-day inspection of the temple, told the court in his report about recent discovery of a gold plating machine in the temple premises and expressed apprehension that some original temple gold and ornaments may have been pilfered and replaced with fakes.

Subramaniam, tasked to report on the state of affairs of the temple as well as the wealth, said there appeared to be a deep-rooted conspiracy in the apparent mismanagement of the temple wealth and suggested a detailed audit by former comptroller and auditor general Vinod Rai.

Importantly, he urged the court to open Kallara (vaults) 'B' and assess the wealth in it. Till now, Kallara A to F had been opened and valuables listed, except 'B'. There was opposition to the opening of vault 'B' on various counts, which ranged from religious to dogmatic.

Interestingly, Subramaniam found two more vaults and named them Kallara 'G' and 'H'. He urged the court to order authorities to open these two new vaults and inventorize the valuables.

He also found discrepancies in the general account kept by the temple management and suggested an audit of it. Subramaniam said for the last 30 years, the receipts from devotees had not been accounted for properly and said this was an additional reason for a detailed audit of temple accounts.

Rare jewels, stone-studded crowns, heaps of gold and silver coins, idols and gold, silver and brass platters and lamps, whose value is estimated at nearly Rs 1 lakh crore, were found in the temple in July 2011, catapulting it overnight to one of the richest in the country.

Mounds of precious gems, lakhs of gold coins, long gold chains, gold rings and bars, gold barrels etc were discovered when the metal doors of the secret cellar were opened.

Several bags of coins from the erstwhile Travancore royal family rule, coins from the Napoleonic era and the East India Company period were also discovered from the secret cellars.

The SC had ordered preparation of an inventory of the articles owned by the temple. It had stayed a Kerala high court order directing the state government to take over the temple from the trust controlled by the erstwhile rulers of Travancore.

The deity of the Padmanabhaswamy temple is the family deity of the Travancore royal family. Members of the erstwhile royal family had dedicated their kingdom to the Padmanabhaswamy deity and pledged that they will live as servants of Padmanabha.

- Interesting that they admit that fakes are being installed to replace the original treasures of Bhagavan - and this was obviously only possible because the christo-govt (via its HRCE-type christoterrorist dept, installed specifically to loot Hindu temples) had forcibly opened the first set of vaults to allegedly "audit" them. Now, despite admiting that the treasures are being looted, they insist on opening the remaining temples, again for allegedly "auditing purposes" (which they pretend to the TOI audience will keep it safe), when really opening the vaults up is only because it's "all the better to loot these too". Besides, it's already known that christos in the auditing dept/christogovt-installed chain of command had been smuggling the CDs of the treasure inventory to foreign countries. (And one already knows that aliens regularly steal - or get christoconverts in India and Bali to smuggle out for them - various temple treasures. As also seen in the examples pasted in the previous 2 posts.)

- Also interesting is the phrasing that there was protest (from Hindoos obviously) "which ranged from religious to dogmatic" to the vaults being opened. What reasons could be more valid than dogmatic religious ones? After all, this concerns Hindoo religion and only Hindoos and Hindoo reasons count where Hindoo temples are concerned. All (christo) state usurpation of Hindu temples is specifically illegal and it is ethically imperative and sanctioned that the christogovt's HRCE govt control over Hindoo temples must be brought down, by absolute force if necessary.

But is it at last time to boot christoism from the Hindoo homeland?

Send christoism to TSP where it is - by all accounts as I have read on the news - treated exactly as it deserves to be.
Post 1/3

[color="#0000FF"]Cryptochristist takeover of supreme court.[/color]

Kerala's cryptochristo-communist government is on to step 1 of turning Hindu religion (Hindu temple treasures) into "Indian heritage" (aka for "all" to ogle at in a secular museum). Could have predicted this was going to happen when cryptochristos ensured that the Hindu temple vaults would be opened.

Next step - oh you know it will happen - Kerala's christogovt will stage a heist/break-in using jihadi mercenaries. Then the Kerala cryptochristo govt will pretend in public that it is deeply distraught over the "unexpected" turn of events, while behind the scenes it will split the stolen Hindu temple treasure's wealth 50/50 with the hired jihadi mercenaries who stole it for them.

1. zeenews.india.com/news/kerala/kerala-govt-ready-to-display-padmanabhaswamy-temple-treasure-in-museum_940546.html

(Link stolen from twitterfeed at Rajeev2004 blog)

Quote:Kerala govt ready to display Padmanabhaswamy temple treasure in museum

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 15:34

[color="#0000FF"]Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala government is ready to exhibit the treasures discovered in the cellars of the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in a museum with the permission of the Supreme Court, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy told assembly Wednesday.

This kind of treasure trove was "no where" in the world and preservation of treasures till date by the erstwhile Travancore royal family was a clear example of royal families conviction and trust, Chandy said during question hour.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Look how easily and casually Hindu religion is turned into all-Indian birthright/heritage, and world tourist destination. = A christian tactic.

As I recall, Hindus are not allowed to worship in the famous cave temples in Maharasthra etc either, as these have been turned into "heritage" spots aka off-limits for Hindus to do Hindu things like poojas at, never mind that they are Hindu temples.)[/color]

There should be reservation while criticising the royal family, which had managed the temple affairs, he said.

Government has not received the report of the amicus curiae submitted to the Supreme Court about the alleged smuggling of temple treasures. The case was coming up in the apex court on August 6, he said, adding, the state would submit its response on the matter before that date.

Minister for Devaswom V S Shivakumar said government would take action, if necessary, on the alleged smuggling of treasures of the temple as per Supreme Court order.

[color="#800080"](Except that the christo govt is in on the smuggling itself.)[/color]

The state would inform the court the cabinet decision to set up an administrative set up like in Tirupathi or Guruvvayour Temples for the management of Padmanabhaswamy temple, he said.

All necessary security has been installed at the temple as directed by the apex court. Auditing of the assets and wealth of the temple was progressing. Government would take a decision on a comprehensive law to take over the temple after Supreme Court verdict on the matter, he said.

[color="#0000FF"]It was during the LDF rule, the case connected with the temple started. At that time the government had given an affidavit that it would not interfere in the powers of royal family.

Though there was an order of the High Court before a new government came in May 2011 asking the regime to take over the management of the temple, the government did not act on it, he pointed out.

The Royal family went to apex court and got a stay on the High Court order, he said.

Supreme court had recently appointed former Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai to audit the entire assets of Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple here.[/color]

The Court had also appointed a five-member management committee, headed by additional district judge for the administration of the temple, virtually decontrolling its powers from the royal family.


First Published: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 15:34

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18771

Quote:Display Golden Crosses and Tippu's pistol's in Oomen chandy's museum not temple offerings

18/06/2014 14:53:31 HK

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala government is ready to exhibit the treasures discovered in the cellars of the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in a museum with the permission of the Supreme Court, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy told assembly Wednesday.

Who is Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy to declare this intend without consulting with Royal family the custodian of the temple nor with Hindu devotees? If Oommen Chandy is so keen to generate income by displaying antiques get it the golden crossed lamps from church nor confiscate the blood stinking pistol of Tippu sultan kept in Kondotty and display.

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18781&SKIN=K

Government's plans of constructing a museum to display temple treasures against secular values of nation: Kummanam.

19/06/2014 20:13:05 Press Release

And if there's any doubt that it's christianism behind this latest supreme court order, can lay that to rest. Can see how far christianism - including global christianism - has seeped into the Supreme Court's rulings. See next post.

Time for the usual phrase: "Wish Modi would do something about it."

But BJP didn't even pretend that it would ensure a Sri Rama temple at the ancient Sri Rama temple site in Ayodhya. And Padmanabha Swamy Kovil is even further away from the "Centre" and from its "development for all including christoislamania" agenda.

Stolen from Rajeev2004's twitterfeed:

https: // twitter.com/ShivaRamKrshna/status/478424047173111808/photo/1

Quote:@HinduIDF Kerala Ex CM V.S Achuthanandan says PFI trying to convert Kerala into Muslim country newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/article186328.ece [color="#800080"](news article from a few years back, but it stands)[/color] … pic.twitter.com/CuowbckLTl https: // pbs.twimg.com/media/BqO0IkMCYAEntbk.jpg

[Image: BqO0IkMCYAEntbk.jpg]

Oh well. Jihad will destroy all attempts at development. The Shiites of Iraq - including muslimahs - have all armed themselves with huge rifles (and they mean business) to take on their islamic Sunni brethren the ISIS. Shiite volunteers are undergoing army training to fight back. Lots of photos in the news on this. But modern 'Hindu nationalist' vocalists and their political leaders will do nothing of course. The PFI is coming - it is certainly preparing for the day. As part of their programme for converting the nation, even if it has to be one state at a time, the christo-islamics are massacring Hindu leaders in TN and BJP members all over the nation. But should continue ignoring that and focus on developing "India for all", so that tomorrow all the (then developed) South and NE will be for christianism and all remaining directions of the (then-developed) nation will be for islamania.

It's not like no one can see more replays of Kashmir and the NorthEast coming in the rest of the country. It's that they *choose* to do nothing worth a dime about it.

Hindus voted in the BJP and Modi as their leader. Other than praying for the victims of christoislamic terrorism, does he (forget the rest of the party) have any other intentions to protect Hindus, Hindu temples and Hindu-dom? Or has he too succumbed to seeking the secular stamp of approval, though in his case it's at least not psecular.

Everyone wanted to believe a "Hindu nationalist leader" means a leader who will work to protect and strengthen Hindu religion in its homeland once more. More fool everybody I suppose.
Post 2/3

[color="#0000FF"]Another recent example of the cryptochristist takeover of supreme court.[/color]

Project Thessalonica strikes again.

Not only has the cryptochristo Supreme Court declared - in an exclusively christian fashion (would you EVER see this happen in any other country?) - that Padmanabha Kovil temple's treasures will be on display in a museum henceforth (all the easier to stage a heist and steal it from under the public's nose that way), but in TN it's also banned Jallikattu.

You know it's christianism because even their ALIEN HANDLERS apparently descended to witness the Supreme Court's verdict. Just like Alien Handlers descended to ensure that christian maoist terrorist Binayak Sen wouldn't do life for his crimes against humanity (and more recently he was predictably fielded as a member for AAP, the People's Party of India (Communist)). Not many others have had such a wide career spanning the extremes of going from being on the verge of a highly-desereved execution - for mass-crimes against humanity - to being on the verge of hijacking the nation.

Anyway, the news was cryptochristian takeover of the Supreme Court and banning of yet another Hindu tradition. (Remember that the crypto christo TN govt already banned Hindus piercing themselves as a sacred religious observation for Murugan during his sacred festival of Thaipusam. But seculars and christos and islamaniacs piercing themselves for fun is not banned of course. It's only banned when Hindoos do it for Hindoo purposes. More proof of christogovt.)


Quote:Supreme Court ban on Jallikattu is erroneous

by Senthil on 14 Jun 2014 28 Comments

Jallikattu is a socio-religious festival, and not entertainment, though it has come to be seen as an entertainment sport by urban people who have started witnessing the event in recent years due to exposure by the media. But it is essentially a religious tradition. The Tamil people conduct this festival as an offering / commitment to their grama devata; they believe that conducting this festival brings a good harvest and negates bad omens.

In Alanganallur, Jallikattu is conducted for the Muniyandi and the first bull which runs off in the arena is the divine bull (dedicated to the temple) which no player touches. Only subsequent bulls can be embraced by the players. This native tradition has been converted into a tourist sport only by the Tamil Nadu Government, just as it converted every temple into a tourist spot. This has led to the urban (mis)perception of Jallikattu as some kind of entertainment sport, but Tamil society is in no way responsible for this.

The Madurai Nayaks, who started ruling Madurai independently, elevated Jallikattu into a martial sport to boost the bravery of its army men. They announced a price tag (hence the name Jallikattu). Their army was made up of pastoral communities (of Andhra, like Gollas) who had a natural affinity to this bull festival. Brave men who successfully embraced the bull were appointed army chiefs. Even today, many Jallikattu players are police men.


Tamil literature contains references to Krishna taming seven bulls to marry Nappinnai, a Konar bride. Indeed, Tamil literature has many references to the Konar (also called Idaiyar, or Aayar) and their bull festival, “Yeru Thaluvuthal” (bull embracing). All these qualify the bull festival to be recognised as a bio-cultural community protocol as defined by the United Nations’ Bio-Cultural Community Protocols

[color="#800080"](UN does NOT care about anything Hindu. Don't expect their rules ever to apply when it should favour Hindus.)[/color]

Some of the comments:

Quote:dont waste your energy in jumping and barking... Thanks to Supreme court for for this wonderful order.. games in the name of hindu festivals should be banned without any second thought..

Jose vargheese

June 14, 2014 Report Abuse

The legal persecution of Jallikattu is the work of the American-funded PETA and its desi supporters - the state government should file review petition


June 14, 2014

[color="#0000FF"]Just see this 31. year old xtian spent 3+ crores alongwith her gang for lobbying and the case. She is not even graduate but has foreign agencies funding her so poor animal shelter. Believe me she is very poor!?! and in SC there were a dozen foreigners who were attending on judgement day

Her funders are HATSUN agent chidamnaram ex fM Kevin Care of Karunadhi n sons Xtian.missionaries Muslim beef n leather lobby run in proxy from Dubai by Dawood and in TN by AIADMK head O Paneerselvams brother

Mission...to break TNs agri backbone

Her prof Sunitha Christy, NGO https:// m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004068271740


June 14, 2014[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]The Dravidian masquerading Xtians and MNCs have funded animal rights gangs to ban this. They have argued this to be a sport in SC as they aare afraid of resurgance if it is mentioned that it is held as a religious ritual in temple grounds commemorative of Krishnas valour.

Think Modi sarkar must pass a central act ...n just see...the impending El Nino will vanish!

Plus whole spectrum of TN is for jallikattu except the paid ones.


June 14, 2014[/color]

@jose varghese

/** . Thanks to Supreme court for for this wonderful order.. **/

bcoz those bulls would end up for your dinner?


June 14, 2014

Why should we fight so much to keep our Hindu religious traditions alive? This is India! Are we living in an alien country ruled by aliens that Hindus should fight for their religious rights ?


June 14, 2014

[color="#800080"](Why? Because christianism conspires against Hindu rights in India. They can't stand that Hindus exist anywhere and are allowed to observe Hindu religious traditions. They did the same in Rome: went after *every* single Hellenistic religious practise and inculturated on it even as they banned it among the Hellenes.

Comments critiquing Radha Rajan's anti-jallikattu article at indiafacts.co.in indicate that christoislamaniacs in the south of India have inculturated on Jallikattu as well, even as christoterrorists are getting it banned among Hindus.)[/color]


That krishna tamed 7 bulls is explained in Shrimad Bhagavatham. That the fact that taming of bulls was kept by king Nagnajit as kanyaSulka - the eligibility condition for a brave man - to marry his daughter --- shows that taming of bulls was prevalent not just in tamizhnadu but as well prevalent in uthara bharatha



June 16, 2014

[color="#800080"](And christoislamic demons cryptos also came to terrorise at VV under obviously-assumed Hindu names. To which a Hindoo respondedSmile[/color]

@ fake Krishnapremi (Paundraka premi)

Yes we do play the flute.

Bring a serpent as big and also a musth pachyderm. Also hoist the hill on my fingee. I will lift it with Krishnas grace


We are talking about the continuum here..not your fake profile hoisted slimy propaganda. Knights got damsels ..they did not seek em.

And we know you are dastardly xtian above from ur beef downsized brain...you nazrene mallu hybrid...go back to your Syria and fight the ISIS.


June 14, 2014

[color="#800080"](Should have said that last to Jose Varghese - Syrian christian surname - as well: he's another syrian christian still infesting and terrorising India.)[/color]

While christo-aliens playing at being animal rights activists have descended in TN India to take the matter to the Supreme Court and there control its outcome, in order to slowly implement project thessalonika among India's Hindus, the same types are taking photos of inculturated once-heathen festivals revolving around kine in now-islamaniac ME and Indonesia:

Quote:Week in pictures June 20

Two bulls challenge each other during traditional bullfighting at Fujairah Corniche on June 13 in Fujairah, [color="#0000FF"]United Arab Emirates[/color].

Francois Nel/Getty Images

[Image: week2.jpg]

(http:// asset.ninemsn.com.au/img/000/000/419/192/week2.jpg)
What no cryptochristos - pretending to be animal rights activists - taking this to UAE's supreme court?

When christoislamaniacs involve animals, it's all "rich tradition and deep culture". Something admirable. Something to take pictures of and make postcards out of.


Quote:Mud cow racing in [color="#0000FF"]Indonesia[/color]

These incredible pictures show an annual cow racing competition in Indonesia.

Photos: Zuma, Getty Images

Caption for photo 1: The Sumatran sport of Pacu Jawi or 'Mud Cow Racing' is held at the end of each rice harvesting season by the Minangkabau people in West Sumatra.

Remember that Minangkabau used to famously be Hindus before islamania took over Indonesia.

Also need to bear in mind that it is well documented that Minangkabau continue to practise several of their Hindu + regional traditions from before islamania appeared. Islamania was forced to live with these festivals since it couldn't eradicate them. Same as how other missionary religions have been forced to retain original heathen festivals and practices and merely dubbed them "cultural" or repackaged them as part of missionary religion.

So now the same tradition is acceptable among Minang because they've been converted to islam. It is therefore acceptable to recognise it as a festival commemorating the end of rice harvesting. But were they still Hindus doing it, aliens would have it banned as cruelty to animals. The same aliens who never get western mass breeding of animals for human consumption banned, despite there being obvious maltreatment. The reason is obvious: these are christo-aliens and they are only pretending to care about the animals as a means to limit Hindu religious observances. Same as christoism conspired when it banned piercing during Thaipusam. See also the stated intent for Project Thessalonika. See excerpts at end.

Quote:Caption for img #8: This traditional activity has been around for hundreds of years.
Before islam, by the way.

Quote:Caption for img #6: They encourage their steeds to go faster by biting their tails.
Again, where have the animal rights activists run off to?

And compare the way international news describes this with the words they tend to use to describe Jallikattu. "They encourage... by biting" the animals in islamic Indonesia's case. It's all positive or neutral. In Hindu India's case however, it's all about how the "evil Hindoos" "evilly treat" the suddenly "poor animals", but which are not poor in the christo-islamaniac setting, note. The same careful distinction seen when christos tried to pin animal fights and events exclusively on Romans, but then - after banning it among the Hellenes - it was all the rage among christos (see McCabe) and the animals were treated at least as bad and by some accounts far worse than ever before.

And no mention of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, where several humans get run over/skewered every year? The bulls don't want to be in it, and it's not an agricultural rite. Then why does everyone advertise for the event on TV, such that now westerners from all over Europe and AmeriKKKa come to Spain to take part in the yearly routine? Why have non-Spanyards and non-Basques not descended into Spain to get it banned?

So how then does the Hindu case become something that christoislamics let alone alien ones have any say on? And how are they allowed to drag it into the supreme court too?

Reprise on Project Thessalonika - excerpts. Copies of the full text still at IF

Quote:Can Hinduism face the onslaught of Project Thessalonica?

Posted October 24, 2005

Alex Pomero

in a Croatian Newspaper


Project Thessalonica aims to stop or limit Hindu activity by converting people who form the pillars of Hindu culture, festivals, traditions and activity. Traditionally missionaries hate any public expression or display of heathen religions in the form of festivals and temples. Missions want to ensure that no new temple construction activity starts. With this objective they are converting masons, craftsmen and others involved in temple construction activity.

The First Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee adopted towns where the annual Kumbh Mela takes place and has been actively converting the locals so that visitors face extreme hardship during their next visit trying to find services and supplies. Another mission group is adopting boatmen of Kasi where Hindus drop rice balls in river Ganges as an offering to their forefathers. The boatsmen are being trained in other fields so that they abandon this profession. They are making environmental groups raise the voice so that Ganesh processions, Kumbh Melas and Jagannath Rath Yatras are limited.


One big worry seems to the extremely popular Hindu television programs. Christian agencies have decided on buying these prime slots at a premium and are actively working with programming sources. Over the past 20 years, missionaries also appear to have invested a lot in handling the political leadership, so much so that their activities appear to be almost immune to the ruling political party. It seems that a good section of media is also on their side to such an extent that any group opposing their activity finds itself identified as a militant or extremist group in the news media.


About the line:

"Over the past 20 years, missionaries also appear to have invested a lot in handling the political leadership, so much so that their activities appear to be almost immune to the ruling political party." And the Supreme Court. As seen in this and the previous post.

The news:


Supreme Court ban on Jallikattu
Post 3/3

[color="#0000FF"]Tamizh Nadu Hindu temples hijacked by christian government-control are selling these temples' cows for butchery in Kerala. E.g Tiruvannamalai and Sri Rangam temples are mentioned:[/color]


The section on Temple cows in this Radha Rajan article:


Temple cows

As wretched as the plight of cows, bulls and buffalo transported to Kerala for slaughter is the plight of cows and bulls given by temple-worshipping Hindus to Tamil Nadu's government-controlled temples as "daana", as an act of piety, of worship. In October 2013 the Vice Chairman of the AWBI informed the writer about the shocking state of affairs in the goshala of the hoary Tiruvannamalai temple

[color="#800080"](Tamil Nadu's government: Joylolita is a cryptochristian - a catholic - after all.)[/color]


The Madras High Court unfortunately did not declare that cows given as "daana" cannot be given away by the temples under any circumstances and that the temple to which it is given must maintain the cows and cattle until their death. The Madras High Court too made a commodity of the cow and made the distinction between milch cows and cows past their milking age. From giving them away to third party so-called goshalas, the Tamil Nadu government is now giving them away to Self Help Groups. We do not know if the recipients of these temple cows are religious Hindus, or non-Hindus.

This is nothing short of sacrilege and at the heart of this wretched state of affairs is the fact that Hindus are rapidly losing all sense of sanctity and reverence and do not react to any provocation or outrage.

(Maybe because the angelsk-speaking "Hindu nationalists" are usually busy blogging else tweeting in meaningless online arguments and declaring they've won. Alternatively, they're busy reviewing gadgets (badly) or having "deep political discussions/monologues". Or people intellectualising on their blogs. Or declaring themselves intellectual warriors - e.g. Rajarant. Or delivering presentations/speeches/writing pamphlets/articles/books. They then call this "Hindu nationalism"/activism on their part, and pretend that all their Mere Talking covers their duty and their obvious lack of spine in actually tackling the murderous enemies. Leave that to the real men among Hindus after all. <= Who, by the way, are being daily murdered by christoislamaniacs in India. So all people are left with is that word that IIRC Pandyan used - "Napumsakas" - hosting dreary online deliberations to no actual purpose, even as most of them subvert Hindu religion away.)

[color="#0000FF"]In his contempt petition filed in 2001 against the HR&CE, Dr. Garodia pointed to the fact that notwithstanding the court directives of 2000, the Srirangam Ranganathar Temple was auctioning and selling the temple cows and calves to third parties including butchers![/color]

"HR&CE" is the famous christoterrorist govt department in TN for destroying Hindu temples.

Again: "Wish Modi would do something about this." Etc.

[The rest of Radha Rajan's set of 2 articles at vijayvaani - and there's two more at indiafacts.co.in - appears to be about her position on Jallikattu: she's against it. But at least two of her arguments are incorrect. 1. That such practices are exclusively Tamil in any way - NO, they're not, and they're *ancient* among all Hindus of the subcontinent. (BTW, Kamasutra - still dated some centuries BCE - lists even animal fights as part of something that Indians who were considered cultured back then would partake in.) 2. Radha implies that meat-eating Hindus can't get moksha until they give up non-vegetarian fare. This last is obviously not true either, as e.g. the hunter Sri Kannappa who worshipped Shiva - and affectionately offered of his own non-vege food to the Shivalingam he had discovered in the forest - attained Shiva in life itself and the beyond, and is remembered by Hindoos as being a hunter. IIRC the Shivalingam he found is that of Kalahasteeshwara.

Also, Shiva and his Wife themselves manifested as chief Hunter and Huntress - with all of the Shivaganas appearing as female huntress entourage to point out Shiva as the puruShottama - with Shiva famously killing an asura hiding in the form of IIRC a boar. Of course Shiva himself appeared as a Boar at another time. And Uma and Shiva manifested as Fisherwoman and Fisherman, with Nandi making his appearance as a giant shark-like creature that Fisherman-Shiva caught and saved Uma's fishing village from.]

Besides the fact that TN Hindu temple cows are sold to Kerala butchers by the christian HRCE govt dept appointed to loot Hindu temples, and christos including aliens have guided the Supreme Court to ban Jallikattu,

the major news was that the cryptochristo govt is poised to take sacred Hindu temple treasure away from Hindu purview and into the "all-Indian" "secular" arena. It's their first step to have better access to loot it. Again, thanks to the crypto-christian control of the Supreme Court:


Quote:[color="#0000FF"]Kerala govt ready to display Padmanabhaswamy temple treasure in museum[/color]

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 15:34

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala government is ready to exhibit the treasures discovered in the cellars of the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in a museum with the permission of the Supreme Court, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy told assembly Wednesday.

Post 1/2

The first good news for HindOOs in a long time (as far as I've seen/can remember): The Australian PM will finally be returning the Nataraja and Ardharaareeshwara moorties to Modi which had been stolen from Tamil Nadu Kovils and which had been sold to Australian museums/galleries.

1. m.theaustralian.com.au/arts/visual-arts/home-at-last-looted-shivas-to-be-handed-over-in-meeting-of-pms/story-fn9d3avm-1227048275134?nk=5475024e42b726b900d6bd268606b763#

Quote:Visual Arts

Home at last: looted Shivas to be handed over in meeting of PMs

Michaela BolandNational Arts Writer

Sydney Sid Maher National Affairs Editor Canberra



The Australian September 05, 2014 12:00AM

DANCING Shiva is finally home. Seven years after the bronze Hindu statue was wrenched from a crumbling temple in Tamil Nadu and trafficked internationally, before being sold to the National Gallery of Australia, Tony Abbott will hand it to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he meets him in New Delhi today. The Australian can reveal the Prime Minister wanted to have his plane transport the $5.6 million Dancing Shiva and a $300,000 stone Shiva with Nandi from the Art Gallery of NSW but they were too heavy and were dispatched on Wednesday by jumbo jet instead.

2. www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2014/09/05/abbott-to-return-stolen-indian-statues.html

Quote:Abbott to return stolen Indian statues

Published: 4:10 pm, Friday, 5 September 2014

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will personally return two revered Indian statues sold to Australian museums in murky circumstances to his counterpart Narendra Modi.

Mr Abbott will make the symbolic gesture to India on Friday before formal talks with the Indian prime minister in New Delhi.

One of the ancient statues - estimated to be 900 years old - was bought by the National Gallery of Australia for more than $5 million in 2008 from a disgraced art dealer.

(The disgraced art dealer is that evil and obvious-convert-to-monotheism, Subhash Kapoor, who sold off a huge number of Hindoo moorties - looted from esp. Tamil Hindu temples by christoislamics - to western museums. SK and his minions need to be locked into a prison cell and the key thrown away.)

The other stone statue of a Hindu god was bought by the Art Gallery of NSW.

The Indian government had formally requested the artefacts be returned to their homeland.

Mr Abbott will also present Mr Modi with framed pictures of Australian and Indian troops serving side by side at ANZAC Cove at Gallipoli.

More than one million Indian soldiers served during World War I for the British Empire in Europe and the Middle East.

Mr Abbott laid a wreath at India's national war memorial on Friday.

Earlier in the day, he was welcomed to India by a full military procession at the presidential palace.

He will later visit an trauma centre to announce new funding for medical research co-operation between Australian and Indian scientists.

Aside from the statues, Mr Abbott will present Mr Modi with a jacket and a traditional kurta garment made from Australian wool, and a shawl for his mother.

India is Australia's second-largest market for wool.

The two prime ministers are expected to announce a major deal allowing Australia to sell uranium to India later in the day.


The interesting thing to note is that Indian christomedia - and their master the BBC - puts the word stolen in quotes, as if it is merely an allegation, practically unfounded.

However, every Australian news source (and the UK paper Guardian) I looked at did not put quotes around the word stolen, which at least shows that the Australians have verified for themselves that what the Hind side has been stating so far is true: that the Hindoos' moorties had been stolen and sold off and hence were in illegal possession in these Australian and other foreign museums.

In future, India should place an irrevocable death sentence on any entity that steals (or damages or otherwise desecrates) Hindoo moorties from Hindoo sites like temples, let alone sells them off to foreign nations or non-Hindu/secular institutions.

3. www.businessinsider.com.au/australian-pm-tony-abbott-returns-national-gallerys-6-million-stolen-shiva-sculpture-to-india-2014-9

Quote:Australian PM Tony Abbott Returns National Gallery's $6 Million Stolen Shiva Sculpture To India

Simon Thomsen Today at 9:01 AM

[photo caption - note, beautiful photo of the Divine Father of Hindoos, Nataraja:] Tony Abbott will give Indian prime minister Narendra Modi a 900-year-old bronze statue of the god Shiva, looted from a temple in Tamil Nadu, when they meet in Delhi today.

Shiva Nataraja (dancing Shiva) was bought by the National Gallery of Australia in 2008 for $5.6 million, but earlier this year, its provenance came under a cloud because it was bought from New York art dealer Subhash Kapoor, who is currently facing trial in India over the theft of multiple artefacts. Kapoor’s former gallery manager was found guilty of trafficking stolen art by a US court.

The scandal of artworks stolen from India temples also embroiled the Art Gallery of NSW, which paid $300,000 for a stone idol, Ardhanariswara, in 2004. It was also stolen [see businessinsider.com.au/galleries-surrender-two-stolen-sculptures-worth-6-million-to-hand-back-to-india-2014-4] and is being returned.

The Australian reports [see theaustralian.com.au/arts/visual-arts/home-at-last-looted-shivas-to-be-handed-over-in-meeting-of-pms/story-fn9d3avm-1227048275134#] that the Prime Minister wanted to take the sculptures in his plane as he headed to India, but they were too heavy.

(Abbott has sent the vigrahas on ahead, see TheAustralian news.)

India’s Government sought the return of the dancing shiva statue back in March after it was removed from the country in contravention of international laws protecting cultural heritage. It sparked an investigation into the provenance of the statue.

The NGA has maintained it made appropriate checks about its provenance. The purchase was made during the tenure of Ron Radford, who steps down as NGA director at the end of this month.

(Oh come on. The provenance of the moorties is obviously Hindoo land, they know that. They know also that it's 900 years old, Chola era. So did the NGA/National Gallery of Australia really mean to pretend they imagined that 900 year old priceless Hindoo moorties grew on trees, free for anyone to pick and sell? No. They know full well these are *temple* moorties (by and for ethnic Hindoos alone), from Hindoo temples. In Bharatam. And that therefore these moorties must have been looted from the temples, in order for foreign institutions to have even caught sight of them let alone acquired them. Hindoo temple moorties do NOT belong in foreign countries, and/or with non-Hindoo persons, and/or in secular/non-Hindoo sites like museums.

I can understand that American, Australian and German etc museums may feel embarrassed to admit they *knowingly* bought looted Indian and Balinese Hindoo Temple moorties, but the play-acting of innocence needs to stop. They knew it was looted, everyone does. There is no other way for foreign institutions to have come by centuries-old authentic Hindoo moorties.)

4. smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/dancing-shiva-to-be-returned-during-abbotts-india-visit-20140905-10cqvy.html

Quote:Dancing Shiva to be returned during Abbott's India visit

Political News Art and Design ACT News

Date September 5, 2014 - 10:03AM

Latika Bourke

National political reporter

The Shiva statue Prime Minister Tony Abbott will return to India during his visit. Photo: Jay Cronan

The $5 million illegally trafficked dancing Shiva that ended up in the National Gallery of Australia will be handed back to Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi as part of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's visit to India.

Mr Abbott will also return a stone sculpture of the Indian God Ardhanarishvara. The two sculptures were bought from disgraced New York based antiquities dealer Subhash Kapoor who is now on trial in Chennai.

The 900-year-old bronze Shiva as Nataraja, Lord of the Dance dates to the Chola dynasty and was stolen from a temple in Tamil Nadu, before being sold to the National Gallery in 2008.

The returning of the sculptures ends a long-running battle that had become an irritant in the Australia-India relationship, along with the former Rudd government's decision to abandon uranium sales to the sub contintent in 2007, which was then reversed by former prime minister Julia Gillard in 2011.

Mr Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis decided at a dinner last month that he would personally oversee the return of the artworks.

The Indian government requested the return of the statutes in March under a UNESCO agreement governing stolen artworks, to which Australia and India are both signatories. India indicated at the time that it expected they would be repatriated within 30 days.

The director of the National Gallery, Ron Radford, removed the statue from display at the end of March and said a few weeks later that the institution may have been "the victim of a most audacious fraud" over the purchase of Indian antiquities from the disgraced antiquities dealer.

The return of the moorties is a great victory for Hindoos and their heathenism. Now Hindoos in the home country will be reunited with these sacred moorties of their Divine Father and Mother. Poor Hindoos in the relevant temple(s), how miserable they must have been these past 7 years to have been been forcibly separated from the divine beaming faces of their Gods' moorties blessing them. I have seen old Hindoos panic and go into grief and shock in a matter of moments when their home pooja moorties appeared lost - even though these turned out to be merely temporarily hidden from view, such as by a resident clueless/underage bandit. I can't even imagine what a 7 year separation must be like for the temples' Hindoos who knew the stolen Nataraja and Ardhanaareeshwara moorties and their temple-home well; they must have felt forlorn at the thought of never being reunited with these moorties of their Gods.

Modi's work is not over and is in fact un-ending (that's the problem with a job well done): not only must he next ensure that the sacred moorties are returned directly to the Hindoo kovils in TN where these Gods belong (and specifically not let the evil christo instutitions in India like HR&CE confiscate them and put them in India's secular 'museums'), but he must next exert his influence on the German and American museums too to get them to return the many Hindoo moorties that were similarly stolen from our temples by Subhash Kapoor's christoislamic gang.

Further every last penny must be squeezed out of Kapoor and his cohorts (before locking them up for good) to reimburse the foreign museums - fair is fair - but with a stern warning that if foreign nations' museums ever come by Hindu "art" works again, they need to be aware that these are invariably looted, that Hindu nationalist authorities - if any are in power - else Hindoo organisations must be notified of both the "art" and its "seller", and the "art" must be repatriated to the Hindoo nation (India/Nepal/Bali etc) and the Hindoo temples they were stolen from. And that anything less is a crime against said Hindoo country and its people and an act of cultural genocide. (Though it's specifically an act of genociding heathens, but heathen religion is dubbed mere "culture" by foreign countries, just like moorties are dubbed mere "art", in order to secularise these immeasurably sacred aspects. But western institutions/museums and often even their govts do not understand heathen explanations of living religion, and so their reason must be appealed to with terms like "art" and "cultural" "heritage" etc.)

Modi, being now in a position of power, needs to take the opportunity to broadcast it clearly to all foreign nations that there is no such thing as ancient or otherwise priceless Hindu "artwork" that is not looted from Hindoo temples, so that all such works acquired by foreign museums are illegal acquitions by definition and must be returned. Foreign museums are allowed to send their gangsters/loan sharks to get illegal dealers like Subhash Kapoor to cough up the money they paid him, or else use force to "convince" him to return it (i.e. make looters like Subhash Kapoor the kind of "offer he can't refuse").

Further examples of how the Australian (and Guardian UK) news reporting - seen above and immediately below - does not have the word stolen in quotes:

Quote:Abbott to return stolen Indian statues - The Australian (a video)


PM Tony Abbott will return two Indian statues sold to Australian museums to his

counterpart Narendra Modi.

Abbott to return stolen Indian statues - The West Australian

au.news.yahoo.com/.../abbott-to-return-stolen-indian-statues6 hours ago

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will personally return two revered Indian statues sold to Australian museums in murky circumstances to his counterpart Narendra Modi.

Abbott to return stolen Indian statues

www.9news.com.au/.../05/15/03/abbott-to-return-stolen-indian-statuesPrime Minister Tony Abbott will personally return two revered Indian statues sold to Australian museums in murky circumstances to his counterpart Narendra Modi.

Stolen Indian statue, Shiva Nataraja, to go home during Tony Abbott ...

www.theguardian.com/.../stolen-indian-statue-shiva-nataraja-to-go-home- during-tony-abbott-visit‎Cached

7 hours ago ... The prime minister will hand back the $5.6m, 900-year-old statue to India at a

formal reception on Friday.

Compare all that with Indian christomedia and BBC UK news reporting, who all consciously host the article with the word stolen in quotes:

Quote:Australian PM Tony Abbott to Return 'Stolen' Statues to India

NDTV - 3 hours agoAustralia's prime minister Tony Abbott, during his meeting with PM Modi, will hand back two statues allegedly looted from ancient temples in ...

Australian PM Tony Abbott to return `stolen` statues to Narendra ...

zeenews.india.com/.../australian-pm-tony-abbott-to-return-stolen-statues-to- narendra-modi_1465275.html‎Cached

4 hours ago ... Tony Abbott will return the sculptures during his meeting with Narendra Modi in

New Delhi, following allegations the pieces, which had been ...

BBC News - Australia to return 'stolen' Hindu statues to India


2 hours ago ... Prime Minister Tony Abbott will return to India two ancient Hindu statues

displayed in Australia, but allegedly stolen from Indian temples.

More proof Indian English-language media is christomedia.
^ Australian PM has stated his intention to return to Modi/Hindoos 2 vigrahas that were looted from Tamil Hindoo Kovils and which had been sold to Australian museums.

Post 2/2

Earlier news, of how Germany is complicit in the genocide against Kashmiri Hindus. Someone should take the German museum to the Nuremberg I mean Hague tribunals.

Alternatively, maybe Modi can talk to some higher-up in Germany first and use prime-ministerial leveraging - whatever it takes - to get the Durga Amman back to Kashmiri Hindoos.




via rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/quick-notes-eurabia-holy-rubble.html

Quote:Stolen Valley Durga in Stuttgart, ASI builds case for its return


Photo caption: The Tengpora Durga, on the cover of art expert Pratapaditya Pal’s book. Written by Sumegha Gulati | New Delhi | August 12, 2014 2:55 am

A rare 1,300-year-old stone Durga that disappeared from a small temple in Kashmir at the height of militancy in the mid-1990s has been located at the Linden-Museum in Stuttgart in southern Germany.

Two experts from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) visited the Linden-Museum this May, and the ASI last week submitted several documents to the museum through New Delhi’s embassy in Berlin in order to make India’s claim over the idol “absolutely watertight”, officials said.

The museum has, however, said that “a lot of research” needs to be done before the “rightful owner” of the Durga is identified.

Officials said the 8th century idol was stolen from a temple in the Tengpora locality of Srinagar, and is suspected to have reached the alleged antiques smuggler Subhash Kapoor, who might have sold it to the Stuttgart museum.

Kapoor was arrested in Frankfurt in 2011, and extradited to India the following year. His trial for smuggling antiques began in Chennai in March 2014.

ASI Additional Director General B R Mani told The Indian Express, “The registration number of ‘Tengpora Durga’ procured from the state government was sent to the museum. We have also provided them with a copy of the FIR lodged with the J&K Police after the theft… Pictures of the idol published in earlier issues of Indian Archaeology, A Review, have also been provided.”

Mani said a copy of the report submitted by Superintending Archaeologists Sunanda Srivastava and K C Noriyal, who had visited the museum in May to physically examine the piece, had also been sent to the German authorities.

“We have absolutely no doubt the idol belongs to India, and Germany must return it under the 1970 UNESCO Convention on Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, of which it is a signatory,” Mani said.

Sources said India first took up the matter of the idol with Germany in January 2013, after Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh, who was at that time New Delhi’s ambassador to Berlin, arranged a meeting between the Indian side and Germany’s Ministry of Science, Research and Art.

According to Mani, the ASI was first tipped off about the Durga’s whereabouts in 2011 by Rakesh Kaul, a US-based Kashmiri Pandit industrialist whom Subhash Kapoor had allegedly tried to “cultivate” as a client.

Kaul told The Indian Express over the phone from New Jersey that he had come in touch with Kapoor after he moved to New York in 1997. “Kapoor had come to the US in 1974. He started a store, Art of the Past, in Manhattan, and quickly established himself as a leading dealer in antiquities. He tried to cultivate me as a client and, frankly, I was stunned by the quality of the pieces he had. I first saw the Tengpora Durga then,” Kaul said.

In 2007, Kaul met Dr Pratapaditya Pal, continued…

a leading authority on ancient Indian and Himalayan art and culture. Kaul was co-chairman of an exhibition on the arts of Kashmir, which had been curated by Pal.

In 2010, Pal — who had been honoured with the Padma Shri the previous year — published a book of essays titled Godess Durga: The Power and The Glory, which had a picture of the Tengpora Durga on its cover. Pal sent Kaul a copy, Kaul said.

“I was as intrigued by the murti as Pal… The murti is a dynamic energy centre, and has been part of the Kashmiri Pandit culture. In the 1990s, this piece, like many others, was taken out of the temple and picked up by someone in the trade. It eventually landed up in Kapoor’s New York store. Pal, while casually walking around the store one day, spotted it. Since he had documented it in his book, he confronted Kapoor, who said it might be a case of mistaken identity and promised to do the needful,” Kaul said.

(Pal made a grave error. NEVER trust people who peddle Hindu imagery in alien climes targeted at all including esp aliens. Such peddlers are *all* thieves and anti-Hindus.)

However, some months later, Kaul said, Pal visited the Linden-Museum to deliver a talk and, while he was being given a tour of the museum’s assets in the building’s basement, he saw, “to his horror”, the Tengpora Durga.

“The then curator of the museum’s Indian department, Dr Gerd Kreisel, informed Pal that Kapoor had sold them the piece, along with all necessary paperwork and invoices. He (Pal) immediately got in touch with me, and I flew down to India in 2011 to inform ASI officials about Linden-Museum being in possession of the idol,” Kaul said.

Despite repeated attempts, Pratapaditya Pal, who is based in the US, could not be reached for a comment.

Among the documents submitted to the museum by ASI is the “eyewitness account” of Asian arts scholar John Siudmak, who has claimed to have seen the Durga in the Tengpora temple before it was stolen. Siudmak’s account makes the ASI’s case “extremely strong”, Director (Antiquities) D N Dimri told The Indian Express.

Siudmak was in charge of the department of Indian and Islamic Art at auctioneer Christie’s before becoming a private consultant. He has claimed to have seen the Durga in 1990 in the “village of Tengpura” along with the great oriental scholar, Prof Simon Digby, and Assadouleh Beigh, who was at the time assistant curator of Srinagar’s Sri Pratap Singh Museum, “who have now both passed away”.

“It was in a small shrine protected by an iron grill. Ironically, the villagers would not allow us to photograph the piece since they thought that this would result in it being stolen. Beigh supplied me with the photograph that was used in my PhD thesis. At the beginning of the militancy, I was informed that it had been stolen, and I sent copies of Beigh’s photograph to Martin Lerner (MET) and Stan Czuma (Cleveland) to alert them. Dr Pal was also informed and certainly knew about it in 1994 since he was one of my examiners,” Siudmak is learnt to have written in an email continued…

to Rakesh Kaul.

The ASI is learnt to have perused this communication. Siudmak was travelling at the time of filing this report, and was unable to give a comment.

Linden-Museum director Dr Inés de Castro told The Indian Express by phone from Stuttgart: “We do not know at the moment how the piece has gone out from the country (India) and how it landed up in Germany. The team of Indian archaeologists who visited Linden have said they believe the piece must be returned. But we will take action as per German laws. Right now, Germany has taken no official position on this matter. Germany too has lost a lot of Holocaust heritage but never got it back. Both sides need to do a lot of research to establish the claim of the rightful owner.”

What kind of lame-ass excuse is this: "Germany too has lost a lot of Holocaust heritage but never got it back"

Also, did they lose their stuff to Hindus? No. And why are they not retaliating against those who *did* steal their stuff?

Answer: it's just their *excuse* to continue to hold on to the Durga vigraham, just as their final statement is an excuse too:

"Both sides need to do a lot of research to establish the claim of the rightful owner"

Honestly, it is beyond clear that the vigraham's rightful owners are ethnic Hindoo heathens of Bharatam onlee and NOT anyone or anything German. Let's not pretend that 1300 years ago Germans magically made a Hindoo vigraham to the exacting Hindoo moorti specifications. Why are they even pretending to have a leg to stand on? They're embarrassing themselves with their excuses/lies.

Well, since the Stuttgart "Museum" - aka German centre for Stolen Loot - won't return Durga Amman's vigraham despite the insurmountable proofs given by the ASI (none of which evidence Hindoos should even have had to furnish: it is obvious even to German museum curators that the Durga Amman moorti is a "statue" made in "India" and not anything Germans ever made 1300 years ago), the Stuttgart Museum's real reason for keeping it is clearly oryanism. They/their govt is holding on to the vigraham by "Oryan Right". Like all oryanists=alien dabbling demons, they believe that all things concerning the Hindu (i.e Vedic) Gods and religion is "actually" theirs by Oryan Right. It doesn't matter to them that native, ethnic Hindoos made it just 1300 years ago in Bharatam (many millennia after the alleged pure alien oryans descended to India and left their alleged miscegenated puddle behind). No, the Germans insisting on keeping it only care that it is an authentic image of a Vedic God, and hence - their being the "True Oryanists" as per self-election - they feel they are the True Rightful Owners. The way Germany and UK regularly acquire stolen, rare Tantric and Vedic manuscripts from India and feel they have a right to loot and acquire it and dabble in it.

Stuttgart museum should be made famous for their very real and extreme complicity in the genocide of the Kashmiri Hindus.

Timelines detailing the genocide of the Kashmiri Hindus should include this devastating event too.

Kashmiri Hindoos want their Durga Amman moorti back. They've been robbed of their ancestral land and driven from their homes and have had their sacred temples to their Divine Parents destroyed and supplanted by disgusting islamania. And while one Durga Amman moorti of theirs has survived, it has been kidnapped by christoislamaniacs and is being held hostage in some oryanists' museum. All Hindoos - starting with PM Modi, who must find an excuse to visit Germany and engage in talks with its officials soon - must work to rescue Durga Amman's moorti from the mleccha clutches that are holding her against Cosmic Law (i.e. holding her Illegally with a Capital I), and reunite Amman's moorti with the Kashmiri Hindoos. It is the least the Hindoo collective should do for Kashmiri Hindoos. And then, their being reunited with their Amman again will thereby strengthen the Kashmiri Hindoos and may turn into the beginning of all kinds of restorations for them.

- Today, the Australian PM is going to give Modi the NatarAja and ArdhanArIshwara vigrahas back that had been looted from Tamizh Hindoo Kovils.

- Modi should get the German Rijkskanselaar to return the Durga Amman looted from the Kashmiri Hindoo Kovil.

- And he should get the Ohio museum - seen a few posts back - to return the Ganapati and numerous other Hindo moorties looted from Tamizh Hindoos.

- Then Modi should put Indonesia on his itinerary, drop by Bali, pressurise the Balinese officials to get all the stolen Bali Hindoo moorties and sacred Hindoo artefacts back (mentioned a few posts above) and make them return these to the currently-distraught Balinese Hindoos and their temples.

In a fictional but popular IIRC Korean drama series, a native official went about meeting with members of the British monarchy and other European dignitaries and, as part of the mutual friendship he had cultivated with them all, he brought them to the point of having to return to his country all the ancient and sacred Korean artefacts that had been stolen from Korea and which had been stashed away in European museums for foreign ogling.

Although that was a fictional drama, it provided a clear depiction of what (non-christian) Koreans wanted their official dignitaries to do: to get back from Europe the stolen sacred artefacts. This is exactly what Modi can use his PM-ship for too, being a very highly-placed Indian official and in the position of interacting with important foreign officials. Foreign govts are ignoring or brushing aside other Indian officials (see relevant statement from the article repeated below), but they won't lightly do the same to Modi.

Quote:Sources said India first took up the matter of the idol with Germany in January 2013, after Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh, who was at that time New Delhi’s ambassador to Berlin, arranged a meeting between the Indian side and Germany’s Ministry of Science, Research and Art.
Cows, Hindu temples, Hindoo Gods - are all the same thing. So these belong here:

1. indiafacts.co.in/cows-becoming-endangered-tamil-nadu/

About cryptochristianism aka "Hindu* Religious and Charitable Endowments" (HRCE) govt dept appointed to loot/drain temples in Tamizh Nadu:

* About as Hindu as the Chindu newspaper, which is another christianism.

2. indiafacts.co.in/anti-cow-slaughter-activist-brutally-assaulted-by-muslim-mob/

Overt islamania in Bangalore, Karnataka. And covert christomania too: the christogovt of Karnataka - KKKangress - got christomedia to black-out the islamic terrorism. (And elsewhere christianism always pretends islamania doesn't get along swell with it...)

These days islamic mobs are mustered by means of the mobile phone.

Faster than the way the islamaniacs used to call mobs together in the medieval islamic-invasion age.

And christianism also uses modern technology: owning most of India's English-language media, christianism is lightning fast in suppressing the jihadi activities of their brothers-in-monotheism (since christianism is one of the greatest sponsors of jihad in India, including financially). The indiafacts article linked to TOI's lonely coverage of the news: totally no mention of islam's involvement. Deliberately made it seem like some unknown "random" mob was to have attacked. Christomedia always blacks out christian terrorism against Hindus and makes jihadi terrorism against Hindus sound anonymous, ideologically-unaffiliated/unmotivated. It is all pre-meditated of course.

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