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DMK's and AP Target - Hindu Temples
Forgot to paste the following article here.


Quote:PM Modi's visit to Sabarimala will hopefully end the numerous woes of the shrine

by Rajeev Srinivasan Oct 24, 2014 16:17 IST

#BJP #christians #communist #Congress #ConnectTheDots #Devaswom Board #Hindus #Kerala #Lord Ayyappa #Muslims #Narendra Modi #pilgrims #Religious Apartheid #Sabarimala temple #State Neglect


The hill abode of Sri Ayyappan in the Western Ghats has become one of the most-visited temples in India, and it is in the list of places where the most places converge in the world (Source: The Economist, 2013). Unfortunately, it is also a testament to the incompetence and uncaring attitude of the Indian state, because pilgrims suffer greatly if they wish to visit.

Therefore I am delighted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi may visit the shrine this year, according to G Ananthakrishnan (“Sabarimala on PM radar”) in The Telegraph, as it may force the authorities to improve the critically deficient infrastructure that they could easily upgrade, but won’t. It is also a metaphor for what appears to be active official hostility to Hindu pilgrims.

I know because I just went to Sabarimala for Deepavali. I have done the pilgrimage five or six times over many years, and can testify first-hand as to how it has deteriorated over time. My very first pilgrimage was when I was 17, and at that time there were no permanent settlements on the summit of the hill, where the shrine is. People only went there during the season (November to January) and for a few days at the beginning of every Malayalam month.

The main difference is the number of pilgrims visiting, which has grown exponentially, as it is an attractive, albeit difficult, trip, and the worship of Ayyappa has grown dramatically in the southern states. Then, I walked alone up the hill through rough paths, and I encountered only a handful of people who were going down the hill. When I went to the summit, I could pray for as long as I wanted in front of the deity’s tiny abode.

A few days ago, there were thousands of pilgrims at the summit, and I encountered hundreds returning down the arduous climb. During the season the numbers swell to hundreds of thousands of black-clad visitors, as the total number over the truncated period comes to over 30 million (which is the entire population of Kerala, to give some perspective).

Unfortunately, this tsunami of pilgrims has overwhelmed the carrying capacity of the area, and it makes the strenuous climb far more difficult than it needs to be. For, from the Pamba river staging area where vehicles park, it is a vertiginous climb up a few thousand feet through dense tropical forest to the small plateau where the shrine is. It is hard on the feet (we climbed barefoot up the granite and concrete path), on the heart (every year a few people have cardiac arrest), and on your system in general (there are only a dozen or so toilets on this path).

Once you get up to the plateau, things don’t get any better. Often, in peak-season, you have to wait for up to 10-12 hours in line in concrete sheds with corrugated-iron sheeting as roofs, which gets stiflingly hot on sunny days. Accommodation availability is utterly minimal: many sleep in these very sheds. Toilets, bathrooms, a clean place to sleep, decent food to eat, medical care – all are scarce.

The amount of plastic trash around the place is startling: bottles, bags. There are feral pigs – yes, wild pigs with mean-looking fangs – rooting in the food waste and human waste, and they add their droppings to the mess of mud and paper and flowers and plastic.

And there have been several stampedes in the past, which obviously is a problem of poor organisation and crowd management. (Tirupati, with an equally large number of pilgrims, has figured out crowd control; there is no reason why this cannot be attempted in Sabarimala too.)

This is no way to run a holy place. Nor any way to treat poor pilgrims who come from far away. I once met a barefoot pilgrim who was a Sri Lankan-origin investment banker in London, but many are ordinary folks from villages in interior Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh. They come, black-clad and bearded after 41 days of penance, carrying on their heads the twin coconuts filled with ghee that they will use for ablutions. These are the believers, that vast and invisible substratum of India that Dharampal once mentioned: they follow ancient practices of pilgrimage to holy spots, ignoring the cities and other distractions. This is eternal India, sanatana dharma.

You get a glimpse of this true India when you finally reach the sanctum with your aching and weary body, your only thoughts those about Ayyappa. Strangely, when you try to get your micro-second glimpse of the presiding deity before you are shoved forward by the press of those behind you, you tend to forget all the hassles.

Because it is a point of singular power, and it has been so for millennia

The criminal neglect of the temple is mostly due to state hostility and partly to sheer incompetence. Kerala alternatively has Communist-led and Congress-led governments, which for practical purposes means a Communist/Muslim coalition or a Christian/Muslim coalition. The Hindu vote is fragmented and divided, to the extent that the BJP is yet to have a single MP from the state, although O Rajagopal almost unseated Shashi Tharoor in Trivandrum last May. Modi appeals to the OBC Ezhavas (the mainstay of the Communists) and to the SC Pulayas; and this may lead to some electoral realignments, and that is surely part of his calculations.

There is a monstrous entity called the ‘Devaswom Board’ that controls all Hindu temples (and note please: only Hindu temples, as Christian and Muslim places of worship are entirely free of control or even audit or tax. I read a ruling by an Income Tax appellate court that Hinduism is a way of life, not a religion, and therefore Hindu temples are not tax-exempt!)

In fact, in an allegedly secular state, there should be separation of ‘church’ and ‘state’, that is, the government should not interfere in religion. That is true for Christians and Muslims: the State leaves them alone to do whatever they want with their churches and mosques. But in the case of Hindus, the government expropriates whatever Hindu temples have. The Devaswom Board is a violation of the constitutional principles of equality before the law and freedom of religion.

This is the principal reason Hindu temples are in trouble in Kerala, as the Devaswom Board, with atheists and Communists often as board members, acts as a mechanism to commingle the revenues of temples with government revenue. In other words, the Devaswom Board, and thus the Kerala government, steal the money that pilgrims donate to Sabarimala (and other large temples like Guruvayur). No more than 5 percent of this is spent on upkeep and maintenance and infrastructure development in the big temples; the rest is swallowed by the state treasury.

Many of the smaller temples under Devaswom control are closing because there is no money spent on them at all (I read a report quoting the Travancore Manual that were some 10,000 temples in Travancore a hundred years ago; while today there are fewer than 1,500). This verges on extinction.

Temples are torn down for ‘development’. For instance, the 1,800 year-old Parthasarathy temple in Aranmula is slated for severe downgrading for an unnecessary airport project there which is basically a land-grab. Dozens of temples were torn down to create Cochin’s airport. In the 1950s, a planter tried to burn down the Sabarimala shrine to grab the forest land around it.

All this is simply abominable.

A visit by the Prime Minister should shine the spotlight on this unsavory aspect of what is quite simply apartheid against Hindus. In addition, he will see first-hand how his idea of a Swachh Bharat has a long way to go: unlike most temples in Kerala, where the abundance of water, and related habits, ensure cleanliness, poor Sabarimala is the epitome of unsanitary conditions.

The PM’s visit should create an awareness of the problems faced, and perhaps it will lead to the dissolution of the Devaswom Board, just as that other white elephant, the Planning Commission was disbanded. That would be not a day too soon. Kerala’s temples deserve the right to manage themselves without busybodies from government interfering in them.

If the PM were to visit during the season, the difficulty in ensuring security will mean disruption for pilgrims, especially if he were to make the full trek up and down the hill, which, he, as a physically fit individual, should be able to do, unlike all other PMs so far. Still, that would be a small price to pay for the possible improvements it might bring.

Truncated a paragraph. (The reason for doing so is explained over 10 posts elsewhere.)

Anyway, Rajeev may be wasting his breath. Modi isn't likely to even be re-building Sri Rama temple built at Ayodhya - although I suppose for that to be undertaken under Modi would be regarded as risky. Then again, all the BJP will forever regard it as risky. It has become a project some may still talk about but no one will ever actually do. (=Victory by communists, who didn't submit a shred of evidence for their lies, but still prevented Hindu nationalist govts forever from rebuilding the Sri Rama site. All hail christo-communist shrieking.)

But who's betting the Sri Rama temple will never get built at Ayodhya? = Summary of the future of Hinduism in India (aka extinction). And with it, the guaranteed extinction of all the whiny Indic minority religions and ideological movements (dravoodianists, psecularists, etc), so they don't need to cheer just yet.

Unconverted Indians in current generations are in such a state of secularised stupour that they will never take any important matters into their own hands. Even when it regards the future of their own survival.

Why doesn't BJP just start building the temple, release an immediate press-conference summarising that the courts had granted the right for the Sri Rama Temple at Ayodhya and that even if a whiff of a single riot takes place it WILL be because of the christo-islami-communist-terrorist "minority" only and that any of this kind seen partaking in any riot will be put behind the slammer for good (or shot on sight if they're violent). After all, Hindus won't be rioting against the rebuilding of their long-awaited temple.

But BJP won't do that. They'd rather cowe in fear that the terrorist minority will call them fascist (or other terms that are similarly exclusive synonyms for christo-islamics*) if a Hindu temple were to be rebuilt on a Hindu site in a Hindu country.

* True in every sense. Since all fascists that Ever Existed (and ever can exist) are christoislamic Onlee - e.g. the infamous islamic hanschar division who worked for the nazis - because fascism=christianism, see IIRC Dr Michael Hakeem's articles on why christianism is directly responsible for the Holocaust, published by Freedom From Religion Foundation. Or "What is the Vatican hiding? The Vatican's Complicity in Genocide in Fascist Croatia - The Suppressed Chapter of Holocaust History" by Barry Lituchy, copy at web.archive.org/web/20130209235823/http://freetruth.50webs.org/Appendix4.htm. With chapter titles like "Vatican Sponsorship of Fascism" and "The Vatican's Holocaust" etc.

Heathens should really save these pages. And also paste them everywhere. Let every christo-islami-communist who ever dares yell fascist to Hindus or to other heathens - who merely wish to rebuild their temples and merely wish he missionary parasites would stop from missioning on heathens, and stop trying to legislate against our equal rights - be silenced by the following:


By Michael Hakeem, Ph.D.


Series of 5 articles

The sub links have been saved at archive.org:


Part 1: Christianity's Propensity For Ferocity


Part 2: Holocaust (Pogroms) In Christian Russia


Part 3: Its Foundation In Christian AntiSemitism


Part 4: Catholic Reaction To The Nazi Holocaust


Part 5: The Protestant Reaction To The Nazi Holocaust

(Of related interest, see "Hitler's Religion," by Anne Nicol Gaylor.)

(More at web.archive.org/web/20130319143530/http://freetruth.50webs.org/A7a.htm)

Every time Indian christo-islami-communists=nazis even open their mouths and name-drop "fascism" and "Hindu/tva" together, just link to all the above.

In fact, Google for pictures of the SS hanschar (=islamic nazis) and of the German and Austrian churches proudly displaying flags with the infamous nazi German hakenkreuz symbol, and of nuns in the nazi SS, siegheiling that catholic (and never excommunicated) Hitler.

NOTHING shuts Indian christoterrorists up faster than witnessing how their vituperative attacks against Hindus has merely resulted in the public exposure of the demonstrable, undeniable nazism=fascism that's exclusive to their own christoislamic religion.

In fact, Modi govt should release a book on the real nazism/fascism in all schools bearing all the above articles and countless images of openly and proudly nazi christian organisations.

Make it a compulsory part of the Indian syllabus. Every single time stuff the images of the islamic SS hanschar and the German Christian nazi movement and Youth in the student's face.

And any christian school/uni that refuses to teach this history will result in automatic fail and to be closed down. And don't forget them to call them holocaust-deniers and anti-semites - which christians are, including Indian christians (especially when they pretend that christianism had nothing to do with it).

And book any christoislamic/communist/psecular minority for accusing Hindus of "fascism/nazism" under libel. Only christoislamics can be nazis/fascists, and may therefore legitimately be called so. (And the christist National Socialist[=Nazi] Council of Nagaland is literally - even in its name - nazi. But also in its behaviour: its genocide and ethnic cleansing of the native heathens.)

So if the terrorist minority or their crypto-christo/communist supporters don't like the Sri Rama temple being re-built, well:

the terrorist minority (including cryptos) are always welcome to move back to the lands of monotheism in the Islamic State (IS) or nearer by in the Taliban headquarters of AfPak TSP-E/W. I mean, no one *wants* them in India. And no doubt christos and communits and other pseculars will be happiest with their brothers in monotheism, the muslims.

Repeating this little bit that was dropped like an anvil:

Quote:the 1,800 year-old Parthasarathy temple in Aranmula is slated for severe downgrading for an unnecessary airport project there which is basically a land-grab.

You know, it's a certainty that this would never be happening if all the christo-islami-communists=terrorists infesting the subcontinent had moved to TSP-E/W (=where they all belong).

Amazing how mentally-challenged India's native population has become. They can't recognise the fingerprints of christianism even after knowing what it looks like. They're just in Deep Denial. Even anno 2014, most people will probably conclude it's all some "secular mistake/random disaster" - that is, if they ever even find out about such things that no news channel in India seems to report on (=another christian tactic: christomedia hogging the media so that the systematic destruction of Hindu temples and of Hindus such as in the NE is never covered, and so that the heathen masses remain in the utter dark about the very matters most precious to them: heathen sacred sites. Media blackout is not a coincidence, right? It's christian pre-meditation).

It's too much to hope that another partition will happen and that this time, every single anti-Hindu is re-located to the lands that were specifically set aside for monotheism/one-troo-gawdism during the last Partition: TSP-E/W. (It's all the land they can have. And dravoodianism and p/secularism are monotheisms too, being a spin-off from christianism, so they can move back into Paki-land too. Dravoodianism did always pretend the IVC was theirs, it's also there in Pakiland, so they should be happy. And all ex-Hindus who willingly married something christoislamic should feel right at home in monotheism-central where they belong too.) Of course, the islamaniacs will there cannibalise all the other kinds of their anti-Hindu brethren that come to join them - this is guaranteed - but that's an intra-monotheism problem, and one which no media in India need bother covering. It doesn't concern the unsaved kafirs. There are more serious humanitarian issues to be worried about. Like African nations being afflicted by Ebola, and poverty and malnourishment among heathen Indians and Africans, and education for All (starting with cultivating the use of common-sense and an ability to reason based on facts rather than speculations and pseudo-analysis).

And the news was:

The Hindu God Ayyappa's Shabarimalai temple and other Hindu temples in Kerala endangered, including:


Quote:the 1,800 year-old Parthasarathy temple in Aranmula is slated for severe downgrading for an unnecessary airport project there which is basically a land-grab.
Christianism is behind ALL 4 of the following.

The first 3 are obviously follow Joshua Project outlines on how to prevent Hindoos from doing Hindoo-ism.

The 4th is definitely christian probably catholic: smuggling from Hindu kovils directly correlates to regularly suddenly discovered wealth in Vatican (after Vatican was earlier declared broke).

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19322

Quote:Sabarimala Pilgrims Routed via Bharanaghanam: Christian Nexus to Belittle Kadappattoor Mahadeva Temple?

13/12/2014 16:13:37 Courtesy: Janmabhumi

Kottayam: Sabarimala bound pilgrims who travel via Pala, Ponkunnam, Chirakkadavu, Cheruvalli etc are now being diverted via a totally different route. The new route, which is via Bharanghanam andEerattupetta is said to be dotted with sign boards in all South Indian languages highlighting Christian saint Alphonsamma and the Aruvithara Church. This move is being seen as a deliberate one, diminishing the significance of an interim holy halt, that of Kadappattoor Mahadeva Temple, there by belittling the sacred place.

The route via Kadappattoor has been an oft used path for those bound to the holy shrine fro North Kerala and other states in the same direction, which mounts up to 40% of the pilgrims. Sources have indicated that pilgrims are now being directed via a new route, with sign boards calling for a change of route from Koothattukulam in Muvattupuzha- they are being directed to go to Kanjirappilly via Bharanghanam, Eerattupetta and Aruvithura and proceed to Erumeli from there. This is being discerned as belittling of the Lord at Kadappattoor.

Also, the new route offers very few places of respite for pilgrims.

Until last year, Sabarimala bound pilgrims would pay obeisance at the

temples in Amanakara, ramapuram, Palliyapuram etc when they pass

Koothattukulam and then offer prayers to Lord Mahadeva at Kadappattoor. The place has also been a long term resting point for pilgrims.

This time, the route has been changed under pretext of construction

and renewal of roads. However, it is widely suspected that pilgrims

are being diverted from their route so that they take notice of the

Christian shrines of Alphonsamma at Bharangyanam and Aruvithara Church

in Eerattupetta. This, especially since the entire way has been dotted

with sign boards in South Indian languages, with directions on how to

reach these places. The sign boards, according to sources, have been

set up with the beginning of Mandalam season.

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19317

Quote:Sabotaging Sabarimala Pilgrimage: Pilgrims Stopped from using Pulmedu Forest Path

11/12/2014 06:50:35 HK

Idukki: The Forest Department is the latest to add to the woes of Sabarimala bound pilgrims. According to latest reports, they have caused undue obstructions to the passage of pilgrims hailing from other states, who have made the offering of reaching the shrine by foot, by sealing the jungle path to the holy shrine via Pulmedu.

Sources have stated that the Forest Department has resorted to this gross injustice by quoting a non-existent court order. According to Deputy Director of Periyar Tiger (West Division) Babu, the Court had issued a directive of not granting permission to Sabarimala bound pilgrims to travel on foot via the customary forest path, following

the disaster that took place in Pulmedu. However, the statement made by Babu sharply contradicts reality.

“The Court directive clearly states that Government vehicles alone can ply in the route between Naalaam Mile and Uppupaara. There stands no Court objection to the passage of pilgrims from Vallakadavu to Sabarimala via Pulmedu. This being the scenario, the actual sabotaging of Court order is being done by Forest Department and District

Administrative authorities. Also, pilgrims on foot had in fact resorted to the path via Pulmedu the previous three years, following the tragedy that had happened. They were provided with quite a lot of facilities by Water Authority and Electricity Board. There were shops sponsored by Eco Development Committee that provided provisions and

food supplies to pilgrims,” said sources.

Hindus in the past had to put up with the arduous trek and wild animals. Nowadays they have to put up with pre-meditated christian state terrorism such as the above.

And it's that time of the year too: when Rajeev Srinivasan will once more parrot the Lokesh Chandra nonsense that Ayyappa/Sabarimalai was somehow Buddhist/Potalaka (and Rajeev will go off to lala-land developing on his fantasy about his alleged buddhist ancestors and imagining historical buddhists trekking to Sabarimalai). Genuine Ayyappa bhaktas (i.e. Hindoos) will have to again put up with that kind of crap too from the likes of Bauddhified subversionists. Fortunately most Hindoos don't read nonsense on the internet. Only the delusional wannabes read that and then even applaud and then repeat it on. Don't know why these blind parrots don't all convert to Buddhism already and stay away from all things Hindoo thereafter (including from Ayyappa and Vamana and Mahabali. <- Such matters are exclusively Hindoo after all, and don't remotely belong to "all Indians", despite Lokesh Chandra wishfully declaring Sabarimalai as "all Indian" with his delusional drivel). I'm never going to let this go. These lies should be held against the treacherous subversive claimants forever.

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19321

Quote:Political Agenda behind Sabotage of Vedanta Study centres in Temples

13/12/2014 16:02:19 Courtesy: Janmabhumi

Kochi: The Vedanta Vidyala Curriculum programme to be initiated under Travancore Devaswom Board has been sabotaged, thanks topolitical agenda of certain officers in the board. The original proposal to set up Vedanta schools in temples 10 years ago, so that children learn Puranas and Ithihasas and enrich themselves with

knowledge of Hindu culture, has been a total failure, with the project not being implemented in a single temple.

The project was chalked out and envisaged with the aim of inculcating

in young minds, messages that have Dharmic and cultural allusions. The proposal was to impart instructions on Vedanta Pradhama, Dwitheeya, Thritheeya, Chathurtham, Panchamam and conduct examinations at graduation level for ‘Vedantacharya’ and issue certificates along with. The Board had conducted a detailed scrutiny of the proposal in

September 2005, giving a green signal thereafter. The matter was even brought to the notice of the Board last month by the Cultural Director of the Board. This however yielded no result. In short, the Board sabotaged its own project.

Apart from the specified project, the Devaswom Commissioner had put

forth the proposal of publishing study materials in ‘Sannidhanam’, the

official magazine of Devaswom Board, this year. This has also not been

implemented. The syllabus includes Geeta Paddhavali Part 1, Sarala

Samskrita Paddhavali Part 1, Mantra Bhajana ganavali, Sanatana Dharma

Ratnangal, Ramayanam Balakaandham Part 1, Dasavatara Stories, Life and

times of Sree Chattambi Swamikal and Sree Narayana Gurudevan, Kali Santharanopanishad, Eashavasyopanishad, Lalitha Sahasranamam, Vishnu Sahasranamam etc.

The plan was to impart lessons based on Bhagavad Geeta to children in

a phased manner, by clubbing the first three chapters as part one and teach in a year’s time, with rest of the 15 chapters being grouped into 4 books. Ramayanam, Dashopanishath, Kalisantharanopanishath etc are to be taught in 5 years. Children will be made familiar with a brief history of the life of seers, spiritual gurus and poets in a year’s time.

Awareness on Sanskrit and simple lessons on elementary Sanskrit was also part of the project, with the aim of familiarizing children with the language in 4 years. Apart from these, art forms like Thottampaattu, Pulluvanpattu, Sheethangan Thullal, Parayan Thullal, Padayani, Velakali figure in the list of 30 art forms that have been included in the syllabus.

The grand scheme, which will be of immense benefit to the entire crop of new generation, has sadly been sabotaged. There is now wide spread protest against incapacitation of the project. It is being seen as a gross violation and double standards by a set of officers who have their eye solely on temple wealth, who plan to usurp and deny the next generation the precious cultural wealth they are entitled to.

4. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19310

Quote:Attempt to smuggle sealed container from Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple under instructions of Amicus Curiae?

08/12/2014 21:14:57 HK

Thiruvananthapuram: Reports of Gopal Subramaniam, the Amicus Curiae issuing directives to take out a sealed box containing treasures from Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala have shocked the devotees.Similar looking boxes are currently being used for keeping the famed valuables inside the vaults, which roused suspicion.

According to sources, the incident which took place on 29 March, saw the Expert committee members taking away a stainless steel box allegedly containing the treasures, which according to the Amicus Curiae, contained confidentail documents.

According to reports, the incident took place on "29 March 2014 on the occasion of 'MannuNeeruKoral' Utsav day in the evening. The Amicus Curiae left the temple soon after.

The first instance was in March, when the Amicus Curiae first came to

assess the situation in the temple. According to sources under condition of anonymity, a letter was written by the Expert Committee set up by Honourable Supreme Court of India to Shri Sukumara Pillai, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of temple security, seeking permission to "take sealed stainless steel boxes which contains some important documents from work area to Expert Committee office as per instructions from Amicus Curiae." The letter was dated 29 March 2014.

Lt Col Bhuvanendran Nair, Temple Executive Officer made it clear that the box will not be allowed to be taken out, unless he received a written letter granting permission from the Amicus Curiae. Later Amicus Curiae send a letter asking to release the sealed container. However, in spite of the Amicus Curiae's letter, the officer denied permission as the box was sealed, which was not done in the presence of any temple authority.

"The sealed stainless steel box carried from work area to the expert Committee has been checked by the Guard Commander. But unfortunately the box is sealed and the sealing was not done in the presence of any Temple authorities. There is a need to explain further on this," says the letter by Bhuvanendran Nair.

Also a Malayalam media house which claims to have exposed the matter has stated that they possess all documents and letter transactions facilitating the lootThe fate of the box containing the treasure, however remains ambiguous! It is the duty of the state government to conduct an inquiry regarding the same. With devotees having every right to know if any foul play has been committed or not, it is important that the Amicus Curiae comes clean in this allegation.

Media’s in Kerala apart from a Malayalam Channel and a Malayalam online portal are keeping silence on this exposure.

Comments at HK on the last:


11/12/2014 03:02:25 Money matters

Where there is money and wealth, marxist and rationalist is their making claims and allegation , with only agenda to take over ?


09/12/2014 19:47:00 Amicus curieae

As far as my knowledge goes, amicus curieae is not an independent authority but is appointed by the court to assist it in finding facts on the spot. He has no right to take anything, confidential documents or anything else, out of the temple premises. People of Kerala should agitate against it. This exposure should be published in all major newspapers.

Can compare the ongoing temple theft by aliens and their native converts acting as intermediaries with the 'miracle' that, after the Vatican was known to be hopelessly broke, on 5 Dec 2014 news was suddenly released that


Vatican finds millions of euros "tucked away" (christian 'miracle' aka foulplay)

Christianism is behind ALL 4 of the above.
While christomedia has been headlining once more for their christian churches being vandalised (recent case is by random drunkards) even as the christoterrorists have been doing their best to pretend to it is all some sinister pattern (probably self-inflicted again to blame Hindoos, see further below, in order to prevent Ghar Wapasi),

there is indeed a very sinister pattern. It's the one that is barely reported. That of theft of Hindoo vigrahas etc from Hindoo temples.

Now, christians are *known* to vandalise their own churches - both in Sri Lanka and India (see further below again) - but HindOOs would never vandalise Hindoo temples or steal their moorties and sell the off. That's because christian churches are not actually sacred even to christians (they don't do idolatry), whereas Hindoo temples are the literal bodies of the Hindoo Gods and the moorties are even more condensed forms of the Gods.

So it is beyond certain that the vandals and thieves are christoislamics. Probably christos, as the moorties always end up in the hands of western dabblers (remember how Doniger said she had acquired many "antique" moorties, and lamented that stricter Indian laws were making it harder for her to get her claws on more? She and her anti-Hindu kind - besides the alien "vedicists" and other dabblers and "converts" - must be on the buyer's end.

Christian missionaries and their converts always steal Hindoo vigrahas from temples as an attempt at spiritual defeat of Hindoos, to force Hindoos to convert. It is part of the great christian convert-or-genocide program.

You *know* none of this would be occurring if christoislamicommunism were kicked out of India.


Quote:Jan 17, 2015 at 11:32am IST

Bihar: Idols worth Rs 1 crore stolen from temple

Press Trust of India@ibnlive

Katihar: Miscreants stole 'ashtadhatu' idols of Ram and Sita worth Rupees one crore from a temple in Katihar district of Bihar during the early Saturday morning.

Falka Station House Officer (SHO) Satyanarayan Rai said, "The idols were around 90 year old and were worshipped by devotees, who thronged the temple at Baretha Thakurbari. The priest Munna Thakur said he had locked the sanctum sanctorum late last night, but found the locks open when he reached the temple today morning."

(Christian demons regularly invade Hindoo temples. Remember that christian demon on facebook who had broken into a Hindoo temple and took a selfie stepping on a Shivalingam and promised to repeat the same in other temples? The incident is documented in the christian missionary thread somewhere.)

The SHO said an FIR has been registered against the unidentified thieves and investigations have started. He added that the theft could be a handiwork of either antique smugglers as such idols command a high price in the international market, or of local gang of thieves, who melt 'ashtadhatu' idols to extract gold and silver used in making them.

[Image: stolenidolsssssssssss.jpg]

Img caption: The SHO said an FIR has been registered against the unidentified thieves and investigations have started.

3 giveaways that the piece is written by a christist:

1. Refers to "idols"

2. The Image doesn't show Rama and Sita but Nataraja-Shiva and Ardhanareeshwara in the usual pose of leaning against Nandi

3. Name of the image file is "stolenidols" with an endless number of terminating s-es (doubt that was randomly generated):


A big Thank You to all the evil "Hindus" who've been inducting aliens into Hindu religion. This is all really their fault (and they'll never even notice how it is actually their fault, because they're that stupid). It is because aliens get "initiated" into Hindus' religion and because they acquire "certificates" of their unrecognised "conversion" that enables these alien demons to invade Hindoo temples in India where demons see our vigrahas and want to acquire some for their dabbling at "pooja" at home: they want powerful vigrahas, because they like dabbling in tantra and mangling mantras and terrorising the sacred Hindoo imagery of the Hindoo Gods.

The other aliens are tourists who also are suddenly allowed to invade Hindoo temples too, and whom modern "Hindus" have been trying to woo into "admiring" the "aesthetics" of Hindoo "art", aka invitation to plunder. <- This is that other crime of "Hindus" behind the current alien lust to acquire Hindoo vigrahas.

There is a massive theft of Shiva and Uma imagery in India. I am quite certain it is correlated to the growing number of alien dabblers in Shaivam/Shaktam/tantra. Some of them are seriously anti-Hindu and deny that Shaivam/Shaktam/tantra is Vedic. An example of these types of alien "convert" demons can be seen at the koenraadelst blog, which evil example goes on and on about how Hindoo religion doesn't exist and that brahmanas don't have anything to do with Shiva and Shakti (mwhahahahahahaha, Shiva and Uma are quite as much brahmanas' ancestral Divine parents as the Divine parents of every other type of ethnic Hindoos. But Uma Shiva specifically have NOTHING to do with alien demons, let alone anti-Vedic alien demons). But worse examples than the one highlighted (overall positively of course) by Elst in his blog litter the internet.


The comments are totally spammed by the alien demon, attempting to justify his right to dabble (his alleged authority) and his denial of Shaivam/Shaktam/Tantra being Hindoo/Vedic.

This guy was "initiated" by "Hindus" (aka traitors), and despite conspiring against Hindoo religion, he has been forced to acquire a certificate of conversion* to Hinduism just so he could invade and terrorise Shaiva temples in India. His pretence at knowing and being an authority is another laugh. Typical new-ageist declared that Shiva/Ardhanaareshwara was equal to jeebusjehovallah and the fictional Avalokiteshwara (I know Bauddhified "Hindus" would agree with that last) - i.e. that Shiva belongs to christoislam and buddhism - but yet denies that Shiva belongs to Vedic religion. That is always the kind of demons "attracted" to Hindoo religion and which treacherous "Hindus" "initiate".

* When was this invented, and why didn't ethnic Hindoos get a say on whether aliens could even be recognised as Hindoos let alone be allowed to invade Hindoo temples? Since when did reversion of ethnic Indians to Hindoo religion allow aliens automatic right of entry into Hindoos' religion? Aliens have opportunistically piggybacked. They're just vile.

The worst traitors to Hindus and Hindu religion are those who will teach the aliens anything of Hindoo religion, and/or will "initiate" them and allow the aliens to "dabble" let alone "convert". NOTHING but nothing good ever came from the aliens.

The only good western people are the non-political atheists and of course the western heathens - who are indeed Very Excellent (i.e. the western people practising their *ancestral* heathenism, not dabbling in others' heathenisms like Hindoo or Taoist religions).

And now, the new trend is how lots of the alien dabbling demons tend to vampire-suck the life out of Hindoo religion piecemeal before they then proceed to terrorise Taoism next. (Some actually do this for cryptochristian purposes: they feel compelled to learn about and then destroy heathenisms. But many others are christoconditioned dabblers who like to dabble even as they jealously conspire against the native=only true adherents of the ethnic religions. They are jealous because deep down, they know they have no right to parasite on others' ethnic religions. So they want to get rid of the native adherents/destroy the heathenism in the native adherents, in order to then claim the natives' heathenism for themselves)

Am very slow to learn. The wise L/N/Dakota native Americans - having learned costly lessons from their unfortunate past experiences - were right all along in issuing their Declaration of War against alien dabbling and against traitors who would allow and/or facilitate alien dabbling (including turning the native heathenism into new ageisms).

Hindoos should have long ago have followed the example set by those heathens far more clever than themselves - the native Americans of the L/D/Nakota communities.

It is too late now, but Hindoos really should unanimously issue it:

1. Ban on treachery and traitors (i.e. those who would teach/induct aliens) to be banned from Hindoo temples etc

2. Ban on anyone alien doing anything Hindoo (and Skt IS Hindoo too, BTW. No, it does not magically become "equally Buddhist" etc, just because Buddhism tried to poach on that too eventually.)

So angry. Look at those moorties, stolen away, to end up (as always) in alien dabbling demons' hands. And if internet "Hindus" feel no anger, then you please stop pretending to yourself you're heathen already.

Meanwhile, the christists get a lot of screentime and are interviewed to whine and float conspiracy theories, despite even the police admitting that it was mere drunkards, unaffiliated with anything the church had in mind:


Quote:Three held for vandalising west Delhi church

Last Updated: Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 15:48

Three held for vandalising west Delhi church

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Thursday arrested three men in connection with yesterday's vandalism at a church in west Delhi.

Police said the three men were not related to any group or party and vandalised the church under the influence of alcohol.

(Probably christians. Christians "drunkards" attacked Buddhist shrines in South Korea too.)

Watch: Two men, who vandalised church in west Delhi, caught on CCTV

The act of vandalising the church in the wee hours on Wednesday was caught on a CCTV camera.

The footage shows a man, who came on a scooter at 4:19 am, entering the church premises and breaking a glass pane with his fist. He then leaves before returning again after about a minute along with an accomplice, who is riding a motorcycle. The miscreant then pulls down a statue.

Police have registered a case at Vikaspuri Police Station and efforts are on to nab the attackers, police said.

The incident came to light around 6:30 am when Assistant Father Balraj reached the 'Our Lady of Graces Church'.

The attack came more than a month after a mysterious, early morning fire destroyed St Sebastian's Church in Dilshad Garden, prompting allegations of foul play by Christian groups.

Delhi Archbishop JT Couto yesterday expressed concern over "growing attacks" on churches, terming them "orchestrated".

"A clear pattern of orchestrated attacks on churches is emerging as more and more churches are targeted, vandalised and set on fire. This is very disturbing and we request the local authorities to take adequate measures to bring to book the miscreants...," the Archbishop said.

He further alleged that the attacks are aimed at creating a fear psychosis and tension among different communities.

"As a minuscule minority, we focus on serving the poor and the nation at large. But the growing number of attacks on churches and personnel in different parts of the country is aimed at creating a fear psycho and tension among different communities," he said.

(With agency inputs)

Christians are SUCH compulsive liars.

* What "miniscule minority"? 150 million christians in India - a figure boasted by American missions, why does it suddenly become untrue when it is inconvenient to the christian sobstory - is 15% of the population. And they own more land in India - usurped temple land (see Ishwar Sharan's work) - than anyone except the govt.

* Christians are trying to insinuate that Hindus are behind it, just like christians had in earlier instances of church vandalism unsuccessfully accused Hindus of the same. But sadly for christianism, no one believes their crying wolf anymore. Indian AND Sri Lanka are used to christians vandalising their own churches to blame the unsaved infidels, to bleat "persecution" and to acquire more money from western christian nations for conversion and building bigger and flashier churches, and to enlarge their pockets. And in other famous cases of church vandalism, islamania was infamously behind it, also trying to blame Hindus. Examples to support all my statements:

1. Here is a *christian* site that reports how christians themselves vandalised their church and as part of a conspiracy to blame Hindoos for it. Sadly, they were caught and their christian plot to cry "persecution" and play victim was exposed:


Quote:Thursday, March 19, 2009 10:20:53 AM (IST)

Mangalore: Weeds within - Seven Arrested for Damaging Church Property

Pics: Dayanand Kukkaje

Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore (SP)

Mangalore, Mar 19: In connection with indulging in rampage in a banana plantation belonging to Babbukatte Nityadhar Church and trying to disrupt peace in the region, Ullal policemen arrested seven persons on Wednesday March 18.

They are Jayson Verghese (23), Vijit Sunny Rozario (21), Araki Alfred (20), Roshan Cutinho (26), all from Nityadhar Nagar and Ronald Roshan (22), a resident of Kuttar Prakash Nagar. They were produced in the court on Wednesday.

(Intriguing how there's a Syrian christian from Kerala - a Verghese - infesting Mangalore Karnataka among the 7 catholic terrorists arrested.)

Monday morning, the banana plantation was found to have been damaged heavily to look as if people belonging to a particular community had barged into the plantation, and a saffron flag had been planted there, signifying that Hindu outfits had been involved with the destruction. The incident took place at a time when Hindu Samajotsav was being organized in the city.

The policemen said that during interrogation, the arrested persons revealed, they wanted to disturb the peace in the region by projecting the incident as a handiwork of a particular community.

(I.o.w. the arrested christians revealed that they had tried to frame Hindus for their crime and at a Hindu festival time too, so as to bleat persecution (and to turn the festival day into a local christian mourning day/guilt-trip day). Remember, as the catholic church has said for centuries: "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church" or something. That is, playing at persecution is a means for acquiring converts, meaning: generating persecution sobstories are an evangelisation technique in itself.

Plus heathen festivals were often replaced by commemorations of alleged=fake "martyrs" in christianism. Christianism is also trying that in India: can see how christianism is trying to turn Pongal into a fake "martyr" day at haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16667)

While making inquiries about those who inflicted the above damage, the policemen could by chance, lay their hands on the two accused, who had burnt down a motor bike on November 30 near Pandit House. Joy D'Souza (20) and Calvin Johnson D'Souza, from Nityadhar Nagar, accused of this act, were arrested and produced in the court on Wednesday. The policemen are also looking at the possibility of these two having been also involved with the destruction of the banana plantation.

Under the guidance of the city rural inspector Lingappa Poojary, Ullal sub-inspector of police Shivprakash has been conducting investigation.

Comments on this article

Alphanso, Canada

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kudos to the Ullal police. Let us hope the Police goes to the bottom of this and publish the findings. These are all just scapegoats. The real villiians are enjoying behind the scene. Hope there is a confession from the churches and that they take true responsibility.

(Alphonso is implying that the church officials/congregations themselves were behind their own churches' vandalism, and that the nabbed christians are merely the footsoldiers.)


2. In Sri Lanka too, christians vandalise their own churches in order to blame the unsaved majority:


Quote:Attacks on Christian Churches are Self-Inflicted

Posted April 15, 2005

Sarath Bulathsinghala



During the last few days there were reports of attacks on several Christian Churches by unidentified persons. In one recent case the Minister of Christian Affairs and the former Interior Minister himself accused the Evangelical Christian missions as the perpetrators of the crime. There are also reported events where the Evangelists themselves setting fire to their well guarded but ramshackle and illegal structures with the hope of building better structures - in the end with the full compliance... Read full source article.

3. Islamania attacks christian churches to get their brothers in monotheism - christians - to blame Hindoos.

In fact, I now suspect that maybe christian churches were in on it and had plotted with the islamaniacs to get their churches done in so as to whine to the international community about "Hindus persecuting christians". Sadly, these christoislamic terror attacks were exposed too:


Quote:Media Black Out - 23 Jihadi's convicted in Serial Church Blasts

22/11/2008 16:43:13 HK

Bangaluru: Special court convicted 23 Jihadi’s belonging to terrorist outfit Denndar Anjuman (often spelled Deendar Anjuman) in connection with serial church blasts in Karnataka, AP, Goa and Maharashtra in 2000.

the 23 were guilty under Sections 121 (waging war against the government), Section 121 (a) (conspiracy to wage war), 124 (a) (sedition), 153 (a) (disturbing communal harmony) read with section 120( b ) (conspiracy to commit offence) of the IPC. They will be sentenced on Saturday.

Blasts were conducted to accuse Hindu organisations and to destroy the communal harmony as well as to create friendship with Christian organisations!

Interestingly our Medias who are busy with Malegaon , Sadhwi, ATS etc haven’t felt it worth to report this-as the culprits are peace loving Jihadi’s!

(That's cause christomedia's silence on the islamic identity shows that christianism was in on the jihad against their churches for the sake of squealing persecution AND because christianism didn't want to get caught - again - in having attacked their own churches. Hence they worked with islam and got islam to do it, so that if the islamic culprits were found, it would be less of an embarrassment for christianism than if christians themselves were revealed to be behind it. Christoislamic motives aligned as always: to blame Hindus for their self-"persecutions". They're good at playing martyrs.)

This again:

Quote:can see how christianism is trying to turn Pongal into a fake "martyr" day at haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16667


Quote:Cardinal Angelo Amato agreed to designate January 14 as the day to celebrate Devasahaayam Pillai Festival to mark the canonization of Devasahaayam Pillai. The date January 14 is significant. Januray 14 is Pongal, the joyous Hindu festival of harvest, celebrated with fervor in Tamil Nadu, Northern Sri Lanka and South Kerala. The Makara Jyothi of Sabarimala also appears on that day.

The website of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI) announces that Devasahaayam Pillai was murdered on January 14 or January 15. (http://cbci.in/FullNews.aspx?ID=648) (Retrieved on 30.11.2012). The CBCI is keeping the date of the murder of the “historic” Devasahayam Pillai conveniently open and flexible for only one reason.

The reason for this "seeming vagary" is that the Thamizh month of THAI is sometimes born on January 15. The design behind this "seemingly innocent vagary" is very apparent -to link the Christian Devasahayam Pillai Festival to the Hindu festival Pongal so that Christians may celebrate both. The ignoble motive being – to appropriate Pongal sometime in the near future as also being a Christian festival.

This is typical Church modus operandi in Enculturation.

The actual news of this post was:


Quote:Jan 17, 2015 at 11:32am IST

Bihar: Idols worth Rs 1 crore stolen from temple

Press Trust of India@ibnlive

Katihar: Miscreants stole 'ashtadhatu' idols of Ram and Sita worth Rupees one crore from a temple in Katihar district of Bihar during the early Saturday morning.

Falka Station House Officer (SHO) Satyanarayan Rai said, "The idols were around 90 year old and were worshipped by devotees, who thronged the temple at Baretha Thakurbari. The priest Munna Thakur said he had locked the sanctum sanctorum late last night, but found the locks open when he reached the temple today morning.

You know who would never do it (Hindus).

And who would (christoislamics).

And that if christoislamics (christians include communists) were in TSP where they belonged, this wouldn't be happening. But christoislamics are festering in India, hence this is a regular occurrence.
More christianism.

1. KryptoKristian-Kangress (KKK) govt infesting Karnataka, having taken over all major Hindoo temples, now has plans to take over Hindu Mathas there too:


Quote:Karnataka Govt.'s nonsensical move to take over Hindu Mutt's

23/12/2014 16:39:06

The proposed Hindu Mutt Takeover bill of Congress govt in Karnataka has drawn ample flak and ire from Hindu community all over the world. Here is a compilation of a few points on the same by Kiran KS, made by P Thyagarajan.

P Thyagarajan exposes the bill thoroughly thus:

1. It is nonsensical to state that “the government will take over, only when Mutt Swamis voluntarily proposes the same”.

All long, in the history of the land, there has never been an instance where a Mutt Guru has done this or can do this. This is because no Hindu Mutt belongs to a Swami. A Swami is a seer, a soul who is on the path of renunciation, who has no possessions or worldly belongings. His role is provision of spiritual guidance, along with administrative services. Mutts belong to devotees- the Bhakts.

2. The second claim is that a take over will be done "if the Guru is mentally or physically unstable or under-aged".

This again is a nonsensical claim- Hindu traditional Mutts have stipulated rules and regulations while anointing a Swami. According to rules and regulations, a minor or a physically/ mentally challenged person will never be a choice for such an elevated post.

3. The third claim states that a take over will be done when “Muttadhipathi dies or succession becomes difficult".

Karnataka has over 3000 Hindu Mutts, with every single Mutt having junior Swamis, who are entrusted with the task of aiding and assisting their seniors. Most Mutts have more than 3 junior Swamis. Therefore the claim of there being “an orphan seat” is never bound to arise. In case of any dispute related to succession arises, the Mutt is duty bound to resolve the same, within its own framework, as they have been doing for over thousands of years.

In such circumstances, there is no need for the ‘secular government’ to poke its meddlesome nose in these matters. Also in situations of disputes, the matter is always resolved by legal cells- the Court of law. Siddaramaiah's sleeping anti-Hindu government’s interference is least welcome.

4. The last clause stated by them runs thus: “When the contract entered at the time of taking over the Mutt…”

Siddaramaiah must make himself aware that Mutts don’t have any contract similar to the ones signed by Yeddyurappa-Kumaraswamy on a 20-20 basis.

Karnataka is blessed with some of Hindu Dharma's best Mutts- the ones at Siddhaganga, Sringeri, Udupi Pejawara, Adi Chunchanagiri, Kaginele, Taralabalu, Murugharajendra, Sirigere.... They run some of the best schools and colleges having made an exemplary mark of their own. These Mutts provide free food throughout the year to any single human who approaches them.

With regard to their administrative set up, they stand leaps and bounds ahead of Siddharamiah’s perpetually slumbering Congress government. Isn't it time Sonia Gandhi’s partymen laid their hands off from Hindu Mutts and their wealth?

Hindus should really have exposed cryptochristianism and should have started sending all christians (esp cryptos) back to TSP. But "Hindu" vocalists - sensitive only to christoislamic sentiments - always adamantly refuse to expose christianism. Anyway, as things are progressing, soon christianism will (most deservedly) be terrorising them and their families too. It's time they, sitting pretty so far, started to share the same fate as the poor Hindoos attached to their temples and mathas which are being taken over by christianism.

2. Kerala govt is christian, headed by christian Oomen Chandy.

Christian-infested and christian-appointed, too, is the Devaswom board leeching on Kerala's Hindu temples (c.f. the christian-controlled/infested HRCE board leeching on Hindu temples in TN).

Christian, too, is the Mayor "Rajan Pallan" who greenlighted the sudden encroachment on a Hindoo temple under the usual excuse of "road widening" (or airport, or any excuse at all).


Quote:Temple land encroachment in the name of Road widening

31/01/2015 04:59:42 Mohandas

In Thrissur Municipal Corporation area, nowadays, the Congress leaders and its Mayor are on an inauguration spree. Recently Poonkunnam Junction was widened and even before tarring one side road, Mayor Mr. Rajan Pallan inaugurated the road.

The shocking part of the game was that within a few days of "opening" of the road there were picture in morning newspapers that Rajan Pallan and a Devaswom officer standing on the temple ground giving instructions to some officials for widening the other side of the road. The other side of the road, which is a temple property, also immediately widened. Now you can see a large area of temple property is taken over for road widening.

My question is how could the Mayor all of a sudden take over the temple property?

Did Devaswom Board give permission for surrendering the temple property for widening?

(Probably. Devaswom is crawling with christians and appointed by christian govt.)

If yes, before granting of permission did the Devasom consult any Hindu organizations? If not, why?

(Because christianism doesn't want to be prevented or even unnecessary delays in its christianisation agenda.)

Have the Devaswom Board received any compensation (The property worth crores of rupees)

(All of which have now been swallowed up by christianism, obviously. No compensation to the Hindoos, as anyone can see. Devaswom board is already christian: already gets to leech on Hindoo temple wealth.)

I am not against widening of the road. My only grievance is that how the temple property could be all of a sudden and that too without any discussion taken over by the Corporation?

Are Temple property anybody's property? Can Rajan Pallan who is a Christian can acquire the Church land of Poonkunnam Church in such a "speed' for widening - without compensation?

And christoislamics were appointed to the Devaswom board by the christian Kerala govt.

All morons who imagine all such occurrences to be "secular" - instead of the obviously christian machinations that they are - please raise your hand.

Again: All cristians - islamics, communists and their bleeding hearts - infesting India really have to be sent back to TSP, which was partitioned for the monotheists. They *really* have no business continuing to infest India and terrorising Hindoos. The Natives of India should really tell christoislamicommunists to Get Lost.

Again: start a Quit India movement. The Brits/colonials forgot to take their baggage with them last time.
Nigh on the 2 year anniversary of the previous installment pasted on IF in post 96 point 3 about a major Hindoo temple site that has been commandeered by christianism, come the current developments. Note how Hindoos have still not been returned their temple site even though the govt survey proved the christian usurpation of the Hindoo temple site was illegal/unauthorised. <- Another christian 'miracle', all because christianism=islam and thus will not give up any heathen site commandeered for the christo-class meme. Same as with Ayodhya.



Church steals temple land: Devotees confront the administration.


Govt against consent of tribals for displacement: The NDA govt is on the verge of passing executive orders that would do away with the veto powers of tribals that protect their fores tlands in most cases.



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The Chindu link:


Quote:National � Tamil Nadu

ERODE, April 3, 2015

Updated: April 3, 2015 05:34 IST

Temple devotees arrested

Hundreds of devotees taking part in the festivities of Sri Periya Mariamman Temple were arrested on Thursday when they were proceeding towards a land under dispute to prepare Pongal.

An area of 12.66 acres under the possession of Church of South India is claimed by Sri Periya Mariamman Temple Land Retrieval Movement as the original property of the temple.

Representatives of the Movement questioned the rationale behind permitting CSI to retain the land even after a government survey establishing that it was under unauthorised possession.

They criticised the district administration for not doing enough to retrieve the land for the purpose of laying 80 feet road linking the Brough Road with the Chennimalai Road.

Referring to the speed with which land was acquired from private owners for the proposed traffic island at Government Hospital Junction, they charged the government authorities with double standards.

Soon the Indian christo puppets will bleat to their international paymasters that they're being persecuted again and that the 'evil Hindoos' want to take over "church land". Christians need to be thrown out of India. Starting with that Syrian judge infesting India - the latest in a line up of Indian christians whom the church/christowest has tasked to make trouble - and who bleated to the media that "secularism" was under threat/catholicism was being "persecuted" all because he was expected to turn up for a meeting on good friday. Everytime these things fell on Hindoo sacred days, Hindoos were expected to suck it up. Don't know why India's Hindoos don't tell christians to Suck it up and do your job, or Get Lost.

Compare to how christian madrassas are persecuting Hindoo students for taking sacred Hindoo festival days to the Hindoo Gods off - yet students are not govt officials who're expected to turn up:
  • indiafacts.co.in/ground-report-treatment-of-hindu-students-in-christian-colleges/

  • indiafacts.co.in/how-hindu-students-are-treated-in-the-christian-voorhees-college/

(Hindoo girl even got killed undergoing christian punishment for taking a day off to celebrate the day marking IIRC Ganapati's birth.)

Christians further beat Hindoos black and blue for wearing the bindi and Hindoo ornaments.

The same christian terrorists - doubly so the insidious catholics, the most devious and scheming christian cult of them all - turn the bindi and Hindoo religious ornamentation into "Indian culture". By essentially banning it among Hindus, christians will declare that they themselves are the only ones who still wear these things and that christianism therefore "saved/preserved" "Indian culture". Then they will speak of it as "therefore it is Indian christian culture".

Same old pattern. (Actually, christianism isn't the only missionary ideology that inculturated on heathenism even as it tried to ban the same heathenism among heathens. Hindoos have faced this before.)

2. And related to the latter half of post 123 above (on how christians vandalise their own churches and then fake persecution on christomedia to get international attention/more conversion money):


"Stones were pelted on Mangalore church by disgruntled former employee"

So their own convert-slave did it since the church was underpaying him.

which links to


Quote:Stones were pelted on Mangaluru church by disgruntled former employee, say police

Mangalore Church 2

The News Minute| March 10, 2015| 5.00 pm IST

The Mangaluru police have arrested a person in connection to the stone-pelting incident that took place at the St Joseph Vaz prayer centre in Panir late last month.

A glass frame housing a statue of Mother Mary and Infant Jesus was damaged in the incident which took place on the night of February 24.

The arrested person has been identified as Ananda (30), a resident of Ukkuda, Kinya.

"The man was working with the church till a month ago and he was unhappy with the pay. He was drunk that night and was the one who threw stones at the prayer centre." Police Commissioner S Murugan told The News Minute.

Mangalore Church 3

Ananda, a painter by profession, was arrested on March 9 and sent to judicial custody the next day.

The investigation of the case was taken up by the ACP south, on the instructions issued by the police commissioner and a special team was constituted.

The Commissioner also said that the Panir incident was a random act, but that it had got attention from the public and was given a communal color. "The media gave it a communal color, now the media needs to clarify," he added.
But the christomedia which famously howled "churches are vandalised (by Hindus), christians are persecuted (by Hindus)" never print a retraction of course. It would admit to christian lying/manufacturing sobstories, which defeats the purpose of inverting christianism into a persecuted martyr religion of innocent christians and Hindoos as persecutors. Christomedia already knew the truth: it already knew that christians (pretending to be drunk, for deniability if they got caught) were behind the church attacks. Like in the Mangalorean case in post 123 above, the church hired its own to vandalise its buildings and blame Hindoos for it. But because the christians were told to play drunkards when vandalising, they could pretend to be acting under the influence of alcohol if they were finally caught by the police, so that the trail leading back to christianism is still concealed and so christianism's devious reasons for the self-afflicted vandalisms are not outed.

In S Korea, christians regularly pretended to be drunkards or mentally deranged when they burnt down or otherwise vandalised Buddhist pagodas and images, and native Korean heathen sites and totems.
  • https :// web.archive.org/web/20110830200043/http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/2.html

  • https :// web.archive.org/web/20111005212442/http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/3.html

So heathens and all unconverted need to remember: "drunkards" or "mental" cases caught vandalising their own churches are a clear sign of christianism. Playing drunk or the assailant pleading he has "mental issues" when caught is to avoid giving a bad rep to christianism/to avoid implicating christianism (and to pretend the christian drunk was acting "as an individual") and is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for christianism.

But christianism's first aim is to not get caught, of course. Both for the "persecution" dramas it creates, and for the terrorisms it orchestrates against heathenisms and other religions like Buddhism.
Post 1/2

Only point 3 in the 2nd post is new. The first two news items, both in this post, were already linked to in another thread, but archiving the full text here for searchability.

1. in.reuters.com/article/2015/04/10/india-gold-temples-idINKBN0N02BW20150410

Quote:Business | Fri Apr 10, 2015 6:05pm IST

Related: Top News, Business

India's rich temples may open gold vaults for Modi

MUMBAI/NEW DELHI | By Meenakshi Sharma and Krishna N. Das

Commuters get out of a taxi in front of Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple in Mumbai March 12, 2015.

Reuters/Danish Siddiqui

(Reuters) - The two-century-old Shree Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai devoted to the Hindu elephant-headed god Ganesha bristles with close circuit cameras and is guarded by 65 security officers.

It is one of India's richest temples, having amassed 158 kg of gold offerings, worth some $67 million, and its heavily guarded vaults are strictly off limits.

India is the world's biggest consumer of gold and its ancient temples have collected billions of dollars in jewellery, bars and coins over the centuries - all hidden securely in vaults, some ancient and some modern.

A few years ago a treasure of gold worth an estimated $20 billion was discovered in secret subterranean vaults in the Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple in Kerala.

Now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to get his hands on this temple gold, estimated at about 3,000 tonnes, more than two thirds of the gold held in the U.S bullion depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky, to help tackle India's chronic trade imbalance.

Modi's government is planning to launch a scheme in May that would encourage temples to deposit their gold with banks in return for interest payments.

The government would melt the gold and loan it to jewellers to meet an insatiable appetite for gold and reduce economically-crippling gold imports, which accounted for 28 percent of India's trade deficit in the year ending March 2013.

India's annual gold imports of 800 to 1,000 tonnes could be cut by a quarter if temples decided to participate in the scheme, say government and industry sources.

"We would be happy to deposit our gold to nationalised banks if the policy is beneficial, safe and earns good interest," said Narendra Murari Rane, chairman of the trust for the Siddhivinayak temple, portions of which are gold-plated.

But some Hindu devotees are not happy with the idea that their offerings could be melted down.

A Mumbai-based gold merchant, who said he and his father had donated around 200 kg of gold to Siddhivinayak and other temples over the years, said it would be a sin for the temples to earn interest on the gold offered to the gods.

"I make donations to God; not to any temple trust," the 52-year-old merchant said.

Modi would also like to convince Indians to open their family vaults, which hold an estimated 17,000 tonnes of gold in jewellery and other heirlooms.

But it will be much harder to convince Indian families, who sometimes have little faith in financial institutions, to break tradition and hand over gold passed down the generations.

India's love affair with gold spans centuries and is rooted in the Hindu religion. One of the biggest annual buying seasons is the Diwali festival around October to November. Gold marriage dowries are widespread and with 70 percent of the population rural, gold is financial security.


Key to Modi's plan will be the interest rates offered for gold deposits.

A similar gold monetization plan launched in 1999 proved ineffective, in part because the interest rates offered on gold deposits were regarded by temple officials as too low.

Under that scheme India's top lender the State Bank of India (SBI.NS) offers 0.75 percent to 1 percent and only 15 tonnes of gold has been deposited so far.

Temple officials at Siddhivinayak and Shri Saibaba Sansthan in Shirdi, both in Maharashtra, say they expect interest rates in the new scheme to be much higher and so would consider participating.

The government plans to reveal rate details when it launches the new scheme. Siddhivinayak's Rane said he expected at least 5 percent interest on gold deposits.

Rajendra Jadhav, executive officer of the Shri Saibaba Sansthan temple trust, said rates will also be key to his temple's decision. He declined to say how much gold the temple, dedicated to a 19th century saint, had in its vaults.

A successful gold monetization programme could go a long way in helping India reduce its trade imbalance.

India raised the import duty on gold, the country's biggest non-essential import, and imposed other restrictions in 2013 after the current account deficit hit a record $190 billion.

If India can cut imports, that would pressure gold prices that fell to a four-month low last month before recovering. Lower gold prices will help India cut its import bill.However, a successful scheme could also expose the government to potential risks, if gold prices were to take off and depositors decided to withdraw at the same time.

"There is going to be a lock-in period under the new gold monetizing scheme," said Sudheesh Nambiath, an analyst at precious metals consultancy GFMS. "Banks will have to replenish the stocks with imports later (if temples withdraw gold)."

(Editing by Paritosh Bansal and Michael Perry)

Already briefly indicated - in some para in the middle of another post - why this can well be the Next Bad Idea of the BJP for Hindoos.

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19500

Christianism (and it IS christianism, nothing else) poised to take over temple wealth of another HindOO kovil.

Quote:Devaswom to confiscate Poornathrayeshan's gold - Hands off; Devotees to mull massive protest

12/04/2015 00:07:01 HK

Safeguard of Lord Poornathrayeshan’s Temple Wealth: Confluence of Devotees on 17 April

Kochi: There is a mass protest against the bid being made by Kochi Devaswom Board in confiscating the temple treasures of Lord Poornathrayeshan and transferring the same to Thrissur. In connection with this, the Hindu Aikya Vedi will organize a protest meet in Thripunithura on 17 April, demanding the Devaswom to retract its decision.

The move will result in priceless jewels and ornaments belonging to the temple worth crores, being cluelessly lost. They have been stored and safely kept in temple vaults since centuries. Removing it from there is thoroughly against the wishes of devotees,” said Aikya Vedi leaders.

Sources have indicated that the latest budget of Kochi Devaswom Board has chalked down its decision of transferring ornaments and priceless jewellery belonging to Poornathrayeshan temple, to its on locker and thereafter making a sale out of the same.

“All ornaments which are not being used during daily pooja or during festivities are to be gathered and melted and sold off. The Devaswom Board plan includes other principle temples like Chottanikkara Devi Temple, Kodungalloor Bhagavathy Temple, Thrissur Vadakkumnathan Temple etc. The Board, which is facing acute financial crisis plans to level its losses through these means. However, the financial crisis happened as a result of corruption, involving political leaders as well as Devaswom Board officers, along with sheer negligence. They must resolve the crisis and find a solution, but not at the cost of temple ornaments,” said a devotee.

In 2006, Kochi Devaswom Board had secretly smuggled away a sizable portion of poornathrayeshan’s wealth to its own private vaults. Later it disappeared from Devaswom Board registers. Documents were later tampered with here it was shown that ornaments were in reality cheap imitation jewellery.

“But it has not been documented as to who examined these ornaments and who put an estimate on its worth. A case was initiated by Crime Branch and police, but it was hurriedly hushed beneath the carpet owing to political interference. If the rest of the ornaments belonging to the Lord are also taken away, the same fate will befall them too,” stated a devotee.

Various bodies of devotees have come forward, demanding that the Devasom Board retract from its decision of selling temple ornaments to meet their daily expenses. The protest meeting scheduled for 17 April will be inaugurated by RV Babu, General secretary of HAV.

Under Modi's Watch: nothing's changed. Christianism is still allowed to commit daylight robbery from Hindoos.
Post 2/2

3. (Cont.)

Speaking of which - and also under Modi's watch:


OpIndia Staff / March 24, 2015 / Reports

(And just look at the dates)

Quote:1. On 22 March 2015, a sadhu was killed in a Durga temple near Shimla-Solan border and robbed the temple. The thieves robbed Rs. 25,000, two LED TVs, smartphones, etc. and killed the Sadhu.

2. On 23 March 2015, a robbery in Tirumala temple was reported. Rs. 17,300 was stolen from mobile Hundi.

3. On 15 March 2015, six idols of Gods and Goddesses made of brass along with the donation box were stolen from Radha Madhav Jagannath temple situated in Pilibhit.

4. On 14 March 2015, news broke out of a brutal rape of a Sadhvi from Ram Krishna Mission in West Bengal, and the refusal of local cops to file her complaint.

5. On 13 March 2015, The Hindu reported a robbery in Chikkaballapur. 11 panchaloha idols which are estimated to be 500-year-old, worth about Rs. 8 lakhs each, were stolen. The miscreants locked the door of pujari’s house and robbed the idols. This was the second time the idols were stolen from the temple.

6. On 4 March 2015, Sai Baba’s padukas were stolen from a temple in Ananthapur district. The culprit fled with the silver Sai Baba padukas worth Rs 60,000.

7. On 25 Feb 2015, PTI reported that some precious idols from a 200-year-old temple stolen in Masauli. Thieves broke into Radha Krishna temple in Tikaitagar and stole three ‘ashtdhatu’ and five brass idols worth crores of rupees.

8. Yesterday, Senior Journalist tweeted about an incident in Kochi, where a temple was looted and deity was destroyed.

9. Today, Editor of Headlines Today, Gaurav Sawant mentioned a similar attack in his tweet:

Quote: GAURAV C SAWANT @gauravcsawant


Theft at temple in Gole Market. Donation worth 'lakhs' stolen. Police investigates. #justsaying

8:34 PM - 24 Mar 2015

And add to that:


Quote: Sri @srithh · Apr 11

300 years old Panchaloha idol of Sri Medha Dakshinamurthy was stolen from Kasi Viswanath Swamy #Venkatagiri #nellore




" 3 statues stolen from Nepali Indian temples allegedly sold knowingly by NYC antiq dealer Nayef Homsi " @HKupdate

12:13 PM - 11 Apr 2015
(Pics at link.)

All that's just some of the accounts and only those in a space of little over a month.

It's India-wide. And it isn't some "random" little robbery ring either.

Stupid Indians can't even tell that the above is christianism and is a very calculated, systematic religio-cultural genocide of HindOO religion.

Proof? Because it is a *repeat* of what christians did to South Korea:

https :// web.archive.org/web/20110830200043/http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/2.html

https :// web.archive.org/web/20111005212442/http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/3.html

The whole "churches are being attacked" (self-inflicted by christians) sobstory peddled about the christomedia was just to set up pre-emptive deniability for how *christians* (and none other) are committing said systematic genocide of Hindoo temples/religion.

Because there have been countless christian vandalisms and especially thefts of Hindoo temples in India seen in the last few years.

Indian vocalists - I mean "Hindu" "nationalists" - have been busy ignoring or else dismissing all such christian attacks against Hindoo temples over the last years as mere "theft".

I don't know how dimwitted one has to be to not see that - same as with S Korea - a christian genocide campaign (part of the "project thessalonika"/prevent Hindoos from worshipping Hindoo Gods) is going on against Hindoo religion. Not just proscribing all things Hindoo via getting the supreme courts to ban them, but even stealing moorties from temples.

None of the Indian "Hindu" vocalists/activists has bothered to set up a timeline of the countless thefts, vandalisms and murders of Hindoo temple priests at all. But I can guarantee that if they had been documenting the huge number of thefts against temples, it would be obvious to anyone and everyone that it was a very clear and very monotheistic (specifically christian) attack on Hindoo religio.

There is *nothing* random and "just bad luck" about this. It is very much another thought-out scheme of christianism and there is a very obvious pattern and a largescale one at that. I've lost count of how many Hindoo temples have been robbed of their moorties in recent years. It matches the spate of coordinated christian attacks against Korean Buddhist and native shrines in S Korea, also made to seem "random" until some people collated some data points into a christian crimeline against S Korean Buddhism.

The double-handed reporting by christomedia is part of this and is deliberate: deliberate in its attempt to hide else dismiss the christian assault against Hindoo temples (and as being its primary objective), by projecting christians as victims via the self-inflicted 'church attacks' sobstory spiel. Even hinted at in the following comment at


Quote:Mahesh Gupta

Many ground reporters of NDTV etc are saying they get extra money to report church attacks while at the same time their bosses in Delhi are unwilling to entertain any news items of attack on temples. This is the truth face of Indian media





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Also this comment (same link), which summarises in a nutshell how utterly fake and orchestrated the christian whining of "christianism persecuted" is:

Quote: Venkat Sundaram • 20 days ago

saw this tweet describing agenda of MSM linking the Church attacks "better" than any investigative agency

[Image: original.jpg]

Christians need to be deported from India to TSP where they belong and where I hear they are treated as well as (or, rather: better than) they deserve.

Hindoos loyal to their Gods should take matters into their own hands. Guard their own temples. Not wait for christo-infested police* to keep declaring this systematic christian attack on Hindoo temples as "random" "thefts" etc. (* Just like the christo-infested police of S Korea did. <- More signs of christianism.)

Again: Hindoos loyal to their Gods should take turns guarding their own temples. Then, if they catch any christo terrorist invading temple grounds or running off with Hindoo moorties (or attempting to kill more Hindoo sadhus and poojaris), just slit the terrorists' throats. <- And if that's too much for Hindoos to do - hapless as they are to stick up for their religion, thanks to gangrene in the form of the spineless, neutered and neutering "Hindutva" - then give me the knife, and I'll show you how it's done. They deserve death for physically terrorising Hindoo Gods. I care nothing about christoislamic badmouthing about HindOO Gods='Hinduism' - they can verbally attack it all they like - but the minute any christoislamaniac oversteps that boundary and physically prevents (in any way) Hindoos from worshipping their Gods in their temples in their homeland (such as by stealing vigrahas of the Gods), they warrant death.

BTW: I'm not the one who's violent. They started it. But I'm more than willing to finish it.

Don't give the christos caught invading Hindoo temples to the police, else India will end up like S Korea: where christian terrorists go unpunished, and none of the moorties are returned to the temples (as is already happening in both Indonesian and Indian Hindoo temples) and christian terrorism rings return the next day to attack the next Hindoo temple.

In AmeriKKKa, rifle-toting christo morons regularly shoot any persons tresspassing on their homes (e.g. seen in everything from "Neighbours from Hell" and other shows and documentaries). So Hindoos certainly have every right to destroy christoislami terrorists coming onto temple sites, and terrorising the Divine Parents of the Hindoos.

BJP is fomenting violence by letting the countless christo terrorisms against Hindoos continue unabated. There is absolutely no justice. Indian christo-infested police can't be bothered to catch the perps, other than saying some "random" "theft" happened, and when they are forced to catch one or two, the police were then repeatedly seen in news reports to consciously choose to never get the moorties returned to their village temples. (2 examples documented further up in this thread). I.e. the christo-infested Indian police are in on the largescale christo-plot to prevent Hindoos from having moorties for worshipping in their temples.

Ultimately nothing's changed for HindOOs under the BJP govt. And it's increasingly clear that nothing will either. Modi prefers to make India known on the global stage while heathen India is getting hollowed out from the inside by the christoislamic termites. Modi should have had his government pursue both matters, not just the first. Else it's just meaningless posturing in the end.

OffStumped types - you know, last seen arguing on cue for BJP's stand on Sadhvi Pragya and others accused of being "Hindu terriers", who sold innocent Hindoos down the drain in favour of secular "nationalist" politicians who only remember Hindoos when it's time to get Hindoo votes - will also still be arguing on why 'development' is the imperative item on the nationalist agenda.

It is always secularism that comes first for these people ('cause they're not heathens and they don't care, their "Hindutva" mutterings are merely to hijack the larger Hindoo masses into working toward their own secular agenda for India). But the truth is, HindOOs' heathenism - at least, rendering justice to it and protecting it from further unlawful missionary vulturing activities - is nowhere on BJP's ToDo list, nowhere on their agenda.
Post 1/

Anyone who can't see the attacks on Hindoo temples is christianism - it is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for christianism - should first read how the SAME was done in south Korea
  • http :// web.archive.org/web/20110830200043/http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/2.html

  • http :// web.archive.org/web/20111005212442/http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/3.html

  • http: // web.archive.org/web/20111005210807/http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/pic1/list.html

(The last link above contains pictures from a BBC news report showing the scale of the christian terrorism in S Korea. This is how Korea was made 30% christian. Note that AmeriKKKan christians interacting with their Korean convert slaves, bragged that S Korea had experienced another wave of christianisation in 2004-2006 IIRC. That is well after the timeline in the above links. Although many are leaving the church in massive numbers, some are still "christian", and they are all still unheathen and at least subtly anti-heathen, and more prone to sinking back into some christian cult themselves if not producing progeny who have this propensity. That is to say, heathenism has lost these S Koreans. It no longer computes to their christomeme-addled brains, thanks to the mental forest-fire that is the christoclass virus. Even Buddhism and Confucianism seems to have lost most of them.)

Before continuing with actual news on more attacks against Hindoo temples:

All the christo theft at Indian and Nepali Hindoo temples is part of the *same* spectrum of behaviour exhibited by christians like that Lax-man Johnson. Johnson is that christoterrorist seen a few years back who dared to invade a Hindoo temple to lay his foot on a Shivalingam and then took a picture of himself at it, to boast on facebook about his christian desecration of heathen "idols" and that he intended to do more of the same.

Wonder if he has died horribly yet?

Oh, he hadn't kicked the bucket by 2012 yet Confusedchade:


(Interesting to read in full.

Don't know why they have a problem with the name Muni though. Married Rishis had that as their name/title. E.g. Rishi Gautama.)

And it seems Mumbai police expressly resorted to using the given Hindu cryptochristian names of Johnson and his brother to pretend they were Hindus.
  • pardaphash.com/news/man-standing-on-the-shiv-linga-arrested-identified-as-muni-kumar-tirupati/694979.html

  • hindujagruti.org/news/14568.html

(Typical that the Johnson family should turn out to be christo-converts of Tamil origins. Something for all those Tamil "Hindu" protectionists of christianism and its position in the anti-Indian nexus to look forward to.)

a. The first excuse the police made up was that Johnson would have been 'angry' at Shiva for his flunking his own exams. Yet he was posing -not angrily- but triumphantly, like a typical convert, with his foot on Shiva, as argued at the "defenceForumIndia" link. Not to mention his facebook page with the infamous photo had text that was widely quoted wherein he boasted about his jeebusism (that he was the "son of jesus") and its triumph over Hindoo 'idolatry'. E.g.


And others had noted that Johnson had, since well before his anti-Hindu desecrating activities were made public, been consistently wearing the cross in his photos. E.g.


Quote:Jk Nissan · Top Commenter

I saw his all pictures he was wearing holy Cross on his chains during his musical compitation & other occasions...this article is rubbish!

Reply ·

· 2 · August 15, 2012 at 3:52am

b. So then, with their first lie blown out of the water via the long record of Johnson's own words and pictures affirming his christianity, the Mumbai police were forced to make up their next desperate lie to once more absolve christianism and magically blame Hindoos "somehow":

Now Johnson was to have been a Hindu trying to incite Hindus against christianism. <- Which is even more proof of Mumbai police being infested with christianism: Were they Hindoo or any other type of heathen, they would know full well that not a single Hindoo would ever desecrate any temple or moorti of the Hindoo Gods, not even for the sake of destroying christoislamoronism. (Which is exactly the sort of behavioural feature held against the much-maligned Hindoo kshatriyas who had killed themselves rather than drink water from a well that their islamic opponents had deliberately polluted with murdered cows, to force the Hindoo warriors to die from thirst. <- More proof that Hindoos would NEVER desecrate the Gods.)

Whereas christoislamics do NOT worship images/they know there is nothing sacred to their images (which is why they don't consider themselves idolators): their churches and mosques are *mere* buildings even to them, just a place of pointless congregation and dawaganda. And hence christos don't care about their churches and idols and so will destroy these readily, if they can thereby bleat persecution to get funds or guilt-trip unconverted as a means to making & keeping converts (=psychology of martyr sobstories).

Hindoos and other heathens are dead-serious about their moorties. Heathens may even resort to killing others who desecrate them. But heathens would never desecrate them themselves. <- Extended definition of heathenism.

For the Hindoos, it ultimately does not matter whether the faithful christian Johnson was re-invented by the cryptochristos in the Mumbai police as a DMK member, a communist, a random secular, or anything else. What matters to the Hindoos is that their adored Gods are avenged. Even though the Hindoo Gods cannot actually be harmed by the christoislamorons (whereas jeebusjehovallah never even existed), it is important for the sake of heathens' own heathenism to stand up for their Gods and protect the sanctity of their moorties. (Can contrast this with the fake freeloaders of the "I'm a nastika/charvaka Hindu and I disapprove of Hindus criticising PK" variety.)

Am so ecstatic to find what the ShivaSena did in response - ("Shivasena" would earn its name hereby):


Quote:12 FIR Lodged Against Laxman Johnson who put step on shiv linga

25/07/2012 13:06:47 bharatpress.com/12-fir-lodged-against-laxman-johnson-who-put-step-on-shiv-linga/

12 FIR Lodged Against Laxman Johnson a Man Put His Foot On Shiv Linga,Shivsena Demand to police That Take Strong Action Against This Person Or They Will Do Protest against Laxman Johnson In Nation Wide ,Uploader Of Photo On Facebook A Week Before,A Mumbai Resident Converted Christian Laxman Johnson Comes In Controversy When He Uploaded His Photograph On Facebook profile , This Man Facing So Many Criticism On All Over Social Media by every Religion People,

An Unofficial Report Said That Shivsena Members Burned His House In Mumbai And he and his family members ran away leaving his house and hiding out from mumbai,Here Is One Of FIR Copy Which Lodged In Mumbai Police Station.Many more complaints has also been filed Against Him In Different Part Of India.People demanding strong action against him so that no else dare to do this kind of shameless act for hurting religion belief.Hindus are very much upset by this incident across the nation they are showing their anger on social media site like facebook and twitter

A copy of FIR/Complain Against Laxman Johnson Lodged by youth BJP

My kind of people.

Though I'd not even have checked first to see if anyone was still in Johnson's house before I burnt it down. (Besides I'd have preferred the family as charcoal. Johnson should have let sleeping dogs lie, after all. If he gets bitten and rabies afterwards, it's his own fault.)

The Shivasena however seems to draw the line somewhere. <- Well, Hindoos being heathens have ethics whereas I choose to have none (can't afford to have principles when dealing with christoislamania, after all - they'll devour you along with your principles. So what use are these thereafter?)

Most satisfying is that the idiot christo-infested Mumbai police's massive lies - trying to present Johnson as a "Hindu" - turns out to have had a great but entirely unintended use:

christians can't now squeak "persecution" for the fact that Johnson, his evil brother and their christomoronic family members were driven away from the house they were infesting: Mumbai police, desperate to bat for christianism, had tried to pass the christo-terrorist family off as "Hindus" and that they were trying to "incite" Hindoos against christians. Their lies have worked in Hindoos' favour, by the blessings of the Hindoo Gods. So the Hindoos who burnt his house down and sent his family skipping (hopefully to TSP/back to Syria) can simply say they taught these 'random' fanatics - as the police swore they were not christians - a lesson. "See, no christians got injured in any way." I mean, christianism can't have it both ways.

And Johnson et al will be ostracised by all, since no christians can be seen associating with them - else it would give the Mumbai christo-police's lie to their face (and not bode well for them) - and no Hindoos should let Johnson's family exist in peace anywhere within the bounds of Hindoo land: they made their choice to terrorise and now have the right to live with the consequences.

Shiva, the other Hindoo Gods and their loyal HindOO bhaktas proved the winners overall: Johnson had flunked, he would have lost his job, his house and valuables it contained were devoured by Agni, his christomoron family all chased away by Vayu, he and probably his brother were sent to prison by Dharmaraja. <- Wonder whether he thinks his stepping on Shivalingam in an attempt to desecrate Shiva to boast of jeebus' greatness over Shiva was worth all of that?

Moral: Johnson and family shouldn't have abandoned the real Gods to go chasing after non-existent mono-gawds. By his own logic: proves jeebus ain't real.

Still remain hopeful that Hindoos will finish the job, though: as there are still sufficient Hindoos - even in prison - who will avenge their beloved Hindoo Gods. With any luck, Johnson and his brother will be corpses in prison now. Like one of those gangrapist-murderers of Jyothi Singh Pandey was murdered by other prisoners for having tormented their Hindoo sister, and the one in the christoBrit documentary was also beaten within an inch of his life by Hindoo prisoners.

Perhaps the lesson is that it is much easier to get rid of christians when the christo moronic police and christomedia tries to trick people by presenting the christian terrorists as DMK, communists, "independent unaffiliated agents" etc, anything but recognising their christianism. Because that blunder surely makes Hindoos free to retaliate with full force and do in these christian terrorists under their assumed communist/DMK/etc false covers, surely? Cryptochristianism can be made to work both ways. E.g. If Sagarika Ghose et al were to hang themselves tomorrow because of cyberbullying say - hint hint: #SagarikaIsSoUglySheShouldKillHerself (well, it's true, so I may as well say it) - christians can't whine "persecution": doing so would admit that all such christomedia terrorists were christian.
Post 2/


Quote:Times of India Verified account


Six ancient idols stolen from Ramanathapuram temple http:// timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/Six-ancient-idols-stolen-from-Ramanathapuram-temple/articleshow/46994429.cms via @TOIChennai

[Image: CDG1V3UVAAEedbr.jpg]


Quote:Six ancient idols stolen from Ramanathapuram temple

J Arockiaraj & B Sivakumar,TNN |

(J Arockiaraj is probably a christian name: like "Arogyaswamy", and spelling Augustus in cryptochristo fashion as "Agastya" - where christians have inculturated on Hindoo names and terms.)

Apr 21, 2015, 02.49 AM IST

MADURAI/CHENNAI: Six brass idols and a spear were stolen from the 1,000-year-old Adhi Ratneswarar temple at Tiruvadanai in Ramanathapuram district on Monday night.

The idols stolen "of Vinayaka, Murugan, Bhavani, Sita, Chandrasekar (Shiva) and Soolapidari (Kali)" were one foot and two feet tall and belonged to the Pandya period. The theft was noticed after the temple was opened on Monday morning and the authorities filed a complaint with Thiruvadanai police. Fingerprints have been collected and sniffer dogs were pressed into service.

TN government had said closed circuit cameras (CCTVs) would be installed in big temples, after the spate of thefts in recent years. But many temples including Adhi Ratneswarar do not have CCTVs yet.

"It is only due to renovation of the temple that the miscreants were able to get access to the idols. We will strengthen security in temples across the state," said a senior Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) official in Chennai. "The stolen idols have been photo-documented and we will be able to provide evidence about the idols to investigating authorities," the official told TOI.

Locals suspected to be involved in idol thefts

Ramanathapuram SP N M Mayilvahanan said, "It is only based on the photos provided by the HR&CE department we came to know that the idols are made of brass, not panchaloha." He ruled out the involvement of any international gang as the idols were not that of the main deity.

"We suspect the handiwork of locals in the theft. A special team has been formed to nab the culprits. We will be able to secure the stolen idols soon," said Mayilvahanan.

(They better. And they better publicly reveal the very christian religion of the thieves too. Indian christomedia will be most careful to remain silent when that detail is known, or else churches will immediately self-inflict damage to a church somewhere and bleat persecution to deflect the attention from their own crimes.*

Maybe the christo media will stop being silent on the christo identity of thieves (and start bleating "persecution of christian thieves of Hindoo temples") if people were to start breaking the necks of said christians who stole the vigrahas - and the terrorist-thieves ARE christians - when they're finally nabbed. <- Isn't death the prescribed Shariah punishment for stealing/various crimes? And don't the secularists in India keep insisting that India capitulate to shariah already and have it apply to the monotheisms under the current tendency for a non-uniform code? Hindoos should agree that Shariah should apply to all in India who are willingly of the monotheisms=mono-moronisms. Every single christo who even attempts to attack Hindoo temples deserves death.

And if they play at being communists or DMK rationalists - as christos do at various times - it won't matter. For all adhering to non-Indic religions in India, apply Shariah punishments. That way cryptochristos posing as communists and DMK etc will still get their comeuppance.)

The temple has Adhi Ratneswarar (Lord Shiva) and Snehavalli (Parvathi) as the main deity. Other idols are taken around the temple during festivals or important days.

"Saint Thirugnanasambandar has sung about the deities in his famous treatise Thevaram. The temple was renovated by the later rulers of Madurai, Nayak and Sethupathis. The idols are certainly antique no matter which era, Pandya, Nayak or Sethupathis," said retired archaeologist V Vedachalam.

This is one of the Shiva temples where pujas are conducted for Sun god.

Sun is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva placing him on a stage made of sapphire gems, hence the name Adhi Ratneswarar, said a temple historian.

Any christian church caught self-inflicting vandalism in order to screech "persecution by Hindoos" should be demolished immediately for being a centre of terrorism, and its pastors/reverends shot (I'm sure shariah must have some death sentence for false witness a la babble, so invoke shariah, since it applies to adherents of the mono-moronisms). Enough of christians' genocidal scale of lying - like they did in Rwanda.

Why don't the christians infesting India move back to Syria/Levant where their religion is from=where they belong?

Why do Hindoos suffer their temples and Gods to be attacked by people who WILL NOT let heathens be?

Christoislam gives the heathens the convert-or-die choice. That is, the christoclass meme offers total war, which - seen from the light of those who would resist - presents the resisting with two options: kill or be killed. India's unconverted may at last accept total war and show that payback -when it comes at last- ain't pretty.
2. More proof that christianism has gone onto full-scale jihad/genocide and ethnic cleansing in TN. In 5 years time, TN will become like S Korea or India's own NE. They will call it a "christian miracle".

Make no mistake, christianism is going to make the south a hell. And all those Tamil "Hindus" who were busy protecting christianism's hand in the anti-Indian nexus from being revealed are going to pay in relatives getting tormented and probably genocided or ethnically cleansed.

This next too is planned christianism. It is christianism attacking Hindoo priests under the guise of "rationalist" DMK, so they even threw in a DMK slogan here. (Quite like how in Orissa, christians brutally murdered Swami Lakshmananda under a "communist" cover - after first trying to brutally murder him 8 or 9 times before. Chrisitanism always uses "secular", "rationalist", "DMK", "communist", "random/non-ideological", and other ruses to prevent chrisitianism from getting blamed/to preven christianism from deservedly getting killed off in India as a result.)

Anyone who can't see this is christianism is blind else probably one of those BR entities famous for sleeping with christianism.


Quote: L M SriNivasan Iyer retweeted

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate · Apr 20

3 Hindu Priests, including a 81yr old attacked in Chennai ysterday in different areas at same time.

Chk @ranganaathan 's TL for update

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Quote:L M SriNivasan Iyer retweeted

Ranga @ranganaathan · Apr 20

.@NewIndianXpress @thenewsminute.. planned attack on Brahmin's in Chennai between 7.30-8pm yesterday. 2 in Mylapore & 1 W.Mambalam

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Mylapore is infested with christianism.


Quote: L M SriNivasan Iyer retweeted

Ranga @ranganaathan · Apr 20

.@narendramodi ji 3 attacks on Brahmin Priests in Chennai. 2 in Mylapore & 1 in West Mambalam between 7.30PM-8PM yesterday. #EVRGoons

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Quote: L M SriNivasan Iyer retweeted

Ranga @ranganaathan · Apr 20

.@narendramodi ji #SaveTamBrahm from #EVRGoons...there is well planned & concerted attack. @tamilnadubjp should ask for CBI enquiry.


Quote: L M SriNivasan Iyer retweeted

nidhi bahuguna @vinirish · Apr 21

@ranganaathan @narendramodi #EVRGoons the DMK cadre did forcible Thali and poonool aruuppu (cut)

Christianism - such as seen in the catholic ragazine The Chindu - has been busy writing psy-ops against Thaali. It is the SAME agenda spelled out in the catholic Chindu newspaper.

Yet more proof the above is merely christianism terrorising again from under a "rationalist" "DMK" cover.

For each gang that attempts to cut a poonal (yagnyopaveetam) or thaali (mangalasutra), Hindoos have the right to cut their throats in retaliation. The violent only understand violence. Give them the total war they want. Whether the christian terrorists die as cryptochristo "DMK" or "communists", or are outed as the christians they are (the way DMK head Karunanidhi's daughter is married to a christian evangelist from Singapore, which totally gives it away) is beside the point: dead terrorists will no longer be able to terrorise Hindoos. "Problem solved."


Quote:L M SriNivasan Iyer retweeted

Ranga @ranganaathan · Apr 20

.@narendramodi ji, when someone threw stone on church you called up Police chief. Hope you will act on attacks on Innocent Brahmins in TN.

Why do people keep pleading to Narendra Modi, when his track record in protecting the fast-diminishing Hindoo interests is ... what exactly?

I'm sure he will continue to do nothing for Hindoo-dom. Until he hears a vocal rubbishing of his continuous inaction by Hindoos and comes to fear that he may not get elected for a subsequent term. Then he may perhaps decide to do some token thing, in self-interest.

His amazing apathy and inaction is second only to that of a cryptochristian. Then again, secularism is hard to distinguish, in its determined disinterest in preserving heathenism from the predatory missionary meme.

Modi cares only about secular/christian approval. He bends more and more as christians disdain his overtures more and more - he's already met them more than 60% of the way and they've not budged at all (and why should they, when his behaviour promises that he will keep inching further towards them for their favour, especially the more they kick at him). Why in the World would he do anything for Hindoos or Hindoo-dom?

Christoislamics have only become more brazen in forcibly converting Hindoos, in vandalising temples, kidnapping moorties, killing sadhus and gangraping sadhvis - they seem to know that Modi will do nothing, probably too afraid of another Godhra and getting blamed. But Hindoos should not allow christoislamics to genocide them again, for fear of Modi or the BJP being held responsible for any Hindoo retaliation to christoislamic terrorism.

Modi has made it clear that his agenda has no thought for Hindoo-dom, so Hindoos can stop constantly considering how anything may reflect on his reputation too.

Christoislamic leaders *daily* threaten outright genocide of Hindoos and to plant crosses on temples. They make their threats openly in christomedia, which condemns them not at all. In no other country would this ever happen. Only in christo-oppressed India.

Hindoos are damned if they do and damned if they don't. So DO. Smash the enemies to pieces. Stop cowering in fear of secular (aka christian) and international (aka christian) "condemnation". The west is already planning on framing Modi/BJP with a "crimes against humanity" and planning riots to this effect - Rajeev Srinivasan had already quoted the west's sinister statements on this, indicating their designs - so instead of Hindoos being punished despite being innnocent, may as well be guilty.

In the CAR (Central African Republic), christians=christomaniacs had already genocided and ethnically cleansed 1 million islamaniacs as at several months ago, who knows what the score is now, and barely an international newspaper mentioned it.* Instead, a few islamaniacs on a refugee boat from Africa pushed 15 of their christian brethren into the sea to a watery grave, and it made international headlines, while Italy arrested the islamic culprits. Like, Who Cares? If all the christoislamics in the planet killed each other off - sooner rather than later, please - that would be like, what, 3 billion people less? World "over-population" problem solved overnight. And then Europeans will never complain about the "refugee" problem ever again, as they regularly do. It is christowest's deliberate fueling and funding monotheism (=monotheistic wars) in other continents that has created the current refugee problem in the first place.

* The catholic=christist ex PM of the UK Tony Blair and his faith foundation deliberately downplay that christianism is a driving reason in the majority christian retaliation against earlier islamic violence. Blair's sycophants pretend that the christians infesting the CAR are doing it for plain-vanilla "revenge", not for their faith.** Yet it is only the smaller number of the native animists of CAR that are retaliating against islam for reasons of revenge (not spurred on by their religion: the total war concept only exists in christoislam.)

The fact remains that the anti-Balaka militia is largely christian (the CAR is 71% christian, with only the north being an islamic majority), and for the christian militants, their genocide spree is driven entirely by their christianism. [** tonyblairfaithfoundation.org/religion-geopolitics/commentaries/backgrounder/what-antibalaka]

It remains a fact that the christian anti-Balaka militia - which has merely hijacked the animists, who are desperate to defend themselves, as footsoldiers (a la christo LTTE did in SL) - again: it remains a fact that it is the christian anti-Balaka militants that are into raping "muslim" women in CAR and keeping them as sex-slaves. It is SOP for christoislamics. Anyone else who might have committed atrocities or might do so in future would be doing it out of revenge alone.


Quote:Central African Republic: Muslims Held Captive, Raped / UN, Government Should Free Ethnic Peuhl Women, Children Held by Anti-Balaka

Posted by: APO Posted date : April 22, 2015 at 6:43 am UTC 71 views In : Press releases

Quote:Central African Republic: Muslims Held Captive, Raped

UN, Government Should Free Ethnic Peuhl Women, Children Held by Anti-Balaka

April 22, 2015

That is, the very christian and jeebus-inspired anti-Balaka militia is doing EXACTLY what the islamic Boko Haram is doing in Nigeria, Chad, etc, and the islamic ISIS are doing in the Levant: gangraping and taking sex-slaves.

Where is the condemnation? Where does the international christomedia give this its 15 minutes in the news?

Nowhere. It has been dead silent for months. The very months when christianism has been genociding islamania in the CAR.

The point being: christianism WILL commit genocide and WILL be allowed to get away with it.

Christian bishops agitating over the Hindoo Western Ghats - since christians have started planting churches there - are already on record threatening to turn Kerala into Kashmir: i.e. christians literally threatened to ethnically cleanse Hindoos from Hindoos' Kerala, the way christians forcibly-converted, genocided and ethnically cleansed Hindoos from India's NE.

Two can play at that game: Hindoos all over the country should kick christianism out.


Quote:Madhav Gadgil Committee Report and the Catholic Church of Kerala

by C I Issac on 29 Nov 2013


Amidst the recent agitation against the Gadgil Report, the Catholic Bishop of Idukki threatened, "in Kerala they will create another Kashmir" if the Government did not discard the proposals of both Gadgil and Kasthurirangan. This threat is still alive. The malady is that so far the Bishop has neither tendered an apology nor withdrawn from his stand of civil war against the nation. The defunct Government of Kerala has not responded to this call/threat and its machineries are in torpor. Thus no action has been enunciated against him so far. Similar calls by priests in Nagaland in the 1960s had consequences from the 1970s onwards, for which we are still paying a heavy price.

Do NOT ignore christian threats for jihading Kerala (and everywhere else, including Tirupati), because christians have done JUST that in India's northeast.

This IS what christians do when they have political and numerical power.

Kick, kick, kick christianism out of India first.

Then the fight will be between islamaniacs and Hindoos alone. A much fairer fight. And Hindoos at least stand some chance winning that, as they will no longer be paralysed by christianism's doublespeak (speaking of 'religious freedom' and yet ethnically cleansing and genociding Hindoos).

In a 2012 article John Dayal et al were arguing "'There is nothing illegal in evangelisation'"


(Last updated on: January 16, 2012 14:54 IST

Compare with how christians and communists=cryptochristians want to make Ghar Wapasi illegal. (Islamics care less about what secular law says: They will simply take the law into their own hands, but less subtly than christians do: islamics will force-convert Hindoos whatever be the law, as they have been doing again recently - examples here, just as islamics will threaten to or eventually even try to massacre apostates - no matter who rules in India, apathetic Modi-led BJP or anti-Hindoo KKKangress, or pro-christian anti-Hindu "Hindu" "nationalist" BJP in Goa, which also effectively banned Ghar Wapasi.)

Anyway, an important comment at the John Dayal interview shows yet another example of how christians readily kill Hindoos:


Quote:Re: help naxals,

by Rajendra Rao (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 12:57 AM

The Xtains are pure terrorists. Mr. Agarwal was putting together photographic evidence of evangelical activities in TirupathiWHENYSRwas in pwer- he was hunted down in Karnataka, extradited to AP, and no one has heard from him again. We think he is killed.

This is what xtains are doing in reality in India. How long will it be before they claimTTDhillsFORcheeesus?
Post 3/


The first item at this indiafacts link is about how an ancient Hindoo temple is burnt to the ground. Just like christians in S Korea regularly burnt down Buddhist and native shrines there, as seen in the buddhapia links. <- More proof of christianism.

Quote:1. Kullu's ancient Shangchul Mahadev temple burns to the ground

Report: The historic temple of Shangchool Mahadev and three four-storey houses were destroyed in a devastating fire at Patahar village in the Sainj valley. All ornaments and stock of the temple were destroyed, however, the rath (palanquin) of the deity was preserved.

Link: sanskritimagazine.com/newsworthy/kullus-ancient-shangchul-mahadev-temple-burns-to-the-ground/

The Rajeev2004 blog liked to repeat the phrase of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

And the ignorant half-islamic/half-Sikh Aatish Taseer wrongly pretended Nara (man) in Narendra was a cognate of Latin Nero (black).

But in one thing there may be an (accidental) connection between Nero and Narendra after all: "Modi fiddling while Hindoo temples burn (and have their vigrahas stolen/kidnapped)"?


Quote:12.66 Acres of temple land usurped by CSI Church, TN police arrest 100's of devotees

18/04/2015 14:31:59 HK

Tamilnadu Police arrested hundred's of Hindu devotees including large number of women in a temple land encroached by CSI church in Erode. Devotees wanted to conduct Pongal after reclaiming the temple land.

Sri Periya Mariamman Temple Land Retrieval Movement have been mooted to reclaim the 12.66 acres of Sri Periya Mariamman Temple. Even after taking the legal course and government survey establishing that the land belonged to temple, no action was taken by authorities to hand over the land to temple.


Quote:Delhi Church "Attacks" And The Bag Of Tricks- Understanding 'Persecution' as Propaganda War

26/03/2015 10:42:55 Aron

The Secular rhetoric in India is all about Delegitimizing the Hindu element.

Haven't finished reading the above, but this next bit is very relevant to the topic of how the demons=christians use self-inflicted attacks on churches to proscribe Hindoos' rights even as it increases its evangelical activity and the government wouldn't do anything about it:

Quote:The Church Trick at Karnataka

To understand how Churches methodically keep working against any perceived Hindu Party, would be the Tricks they played in Karnataka as soon as Yedurrappa formed the BJP government.

If we revise the huge Controversy and ruckus in Karnataka back then and now the Delhi "Church attacks" issue, we can see unmistakably they are from that Bag of tricks.

All over Karnataka, and in Bangalore too Churches suddenly claimed Vandalism.

Church spokesmen became better in Forensics than Investigative Cops.

Underlying this new skill of course was political positions of Churches- to insinuate the 'Hindu right wing' BJP.

How can we trust a police Force that functions under a pro- Hindu government and is "unable to clamp down on Hindu extremist groups"?

Police found later these acts were done by some Christians themselves, which was embarrassing after all the fuss.

But the real objective was to make the Hindu outfits to bear the weight of Police repression.

To deny rights of association and meetings to Hindu groups.

So that, the aggressive evangelism and conversion drives can go unchallenged by both the Government and Police.

The Government embarrassed by any insinuation that it is anti-Christian, or anti-minority, would make extra efforts to prove Christian missionary activities happen smoothly.

On the other hand, Hindu outfits that want to stop their rapid expansion into their areas and aggressive evangelism would be facing their own Government's Police denying those rights to converge there, or arrange any counter activity.

In this game playing- the Hindu mandated Governments would keep swearing by its Neutrality, and strain its relations with Hindu groups and finally commit political Hara-kiri asking- "who told you we are for Hindus ?".

On one side the government that Hindus surely helped to assume office would be trapped to disown its responsibilities to them. On the other, Non-hindus would be mobilized on that very thing denied- that this is a Hindu Sircar.

As an icing on the Cake, the church would heap insults on that very same Government as Persecuting Christians in a worldwide smear campaign.

(Just deserts for the "Hindu nationalist" government betraying its Hindoo votebank.)
Found via the Rajeev2004 blog's twitter feed:

1. https:// twitter.com/TvrmConnect/status/592293268232122368

Quote:Trivandrum Connect


Suspected pipe bombs found submerged in pond near Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple; Five bombs, one reportedly live, being defused.

Concur with the conclusion of the first comment there:

Quote:Anant Patel @AnantSDL 3h3 hours ago

.@TvrmConnect from the recent events I can safely assume it's the work of Christian's as now I have seen they r bigger monsters than muslims

7 retweets 7 favorites

4:44 AM - 26 Apr 2015

News links:

a. www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/five-pipe-bombs-found-in-sree-padmanabha-temple/article7143545.ece

Five pipe bombs found in Sree Padmanabha temple

Thiruvananthapuram, April 26, 2015

Updated: April 26, 2015 18:33 IST

b. m.newshunt.com/india/english-newspapers/kaumudiglobal/kerala/explosives-found-near-padmanabhaswamy-temple_38905574/c-in-l-english-n-kglobal-ncat-Kerala

Quote:Explosives found near Padmanabhaswamy Temple

By kaumudiglobal, 26 Apr 2015 02:57 PM

Explosives found near Padmanabhaswamy Temple (26 Apr) THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A collection of explosives were found abandoned in a sack at the Sreepadakkulam of the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in the capital city. The explosives were noticed when work on cleaning the pond was progressing. The police immediately reached the spot and examined the premises. The bomb squad defused he bomb. An entrance from the pond to the temple was also found. The pond is being cleansed by a team led by the Archaeological Survey of India.

2. The above is not to be confused with the mock drill that police held on Friday the 24th of April also at the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Kovil, which the same tweeter had already recorded on the 25th:

https:// twitter.com/TvrmConnect/status/592181071430553601

Quote:Trivandrum Connect


Temple security takes half-hour efficiency test - The Hindu http:// www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Thiruvananthapuram/article7140455.ece …

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9:19 PM - 25 Apr 2015
Found among HaindavaKeralam's tweets is a brief archive of 3 Kerala Hindoo temples vandalised and moorties kidnapped by christoislamaniacs.

They're all committed by christoislam, that is beyond dispute. Two of them are possibly christianism. Christianism is to be suspected unless there's proof of islam (mainly because christianism usually makes better attempts at not getting caught).

1. Screenshots from 3 news sources about Hindu temples vandalised in just Kerala in just the last week:

https:// twitter.com/HKupdate/status/580158709801852928



3 Temples Vandalised in Kerala in lst week (Mid March)

'Milk is only 4 crying babies'

Learn tht art frm ur Xian neighbbours




[Image: CA0jPY3XEAAiZmZ.jpg]

[Image: CA0jQj9WoAAsiiI.jpg]

[Image: CA0jRVuWQAAw79G.jpg]

5:06 PM - 23 Mar 2015

The third links to catholic mouthpiece The Chindu, which admits:


Quote:ATHANAMTHITTA, March 18, 2015

Temple vandalised at Vallikkode

A Siva temple atop the Thadiyurulippara hillock at Vallikkode near here was found vandalised on Tuesday morning.

The temple atop the rocky hillock of Thadiyurulippara has been managed by the Malanada Devaswom Trust.

Devaswom authorities said an idol and a spear brought from Kashi had been installed at the temple by Tantri Akeeramon Kalidasan Bhattathirippad.
Must be christians.


Quote:Saurabh Palkar @SauPa Mar 23

@HKupdate @surnell I thought that happened only in America...

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mskumar#HDL @Satya2184 Mar 23

(Yeah, Catholic KKKristians in AmeriKKKa vandalised a temple in the US too. Saw news of this somewhere, may have been in the R2004 blog's twitter feed or the one at the indiafacts site.

Then again, what does one expect from KKKristians, AmeriKKKan or Indian or other?)

@HKupdate @DrGPradhan @surnell Secularism word work only for muslim christian RT @TimesNow @ndtv @aajtak @abpnewstv @newsxonline #shameless

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2. More details on the first temple vandalism below, where one islamic has been identified in the tweet's comments section:




ForestOficers dstroy temple & tak away AyappaVigraha -Situat'n tense



http:// www.mangalam.com/pathanamthitta/296016


Image also at: pbs.twimg.com/media/CAiyD3uW4AA53fA.jpg

[Image: CAiyD3uW4AA53fA.jpg]

6:17 AM - 20 Mar 2015

Archiving the title of the news item that documented the Ayyappa temple's vandalism:



അയ്യപ്പവിഗ്രഹം നീക്കി; കണമലയില്‍ സംഘര്‍ഷം

Story Dated: Friday, March 20, 2015 04:28

Don't know why the Hindoos whose beloved Ayyappa has been kidnapped and his temple abode destroyed by "Forest Officers" (=cover for christoislamic demons) - again: don't know why the Hindoos don't just destroy the "Forest Officers" in return. Push them off a cliff or something. No one will care. And I certainly won't tell on the Hindoos.

Look at Bhagavaan (Ayyappa) in that photo: how irresistibly darling he is. Hindoos should not let christoislamic demons kidnap their Gods/destroy their temples. Must free Bhagavaan Ayyappa from the christoislamic demons' clutches. He will destroy all Hindoos' enemies (he's famous for it).

Here are some of the comments on the tweet's page:


Quote:KRSN SAYS @YashasviSpeaks Mar 21

@HKupdate @Mahadevanmenon @SHAMMI_S Aisi Saari Shaktiyan Krsn ki Daasi Hain

(I don't understand the above line.)

InnovativeHindu @InnovativeHindu Mar 21

@HKupdate wht is the name of RDO

#Hindu Volcano @truevirathindu Mar 21

@InnovativeHindu @HKupdate DFO.

InnovativeHindu @InnovativeHindu Mar 21

@truevirathindu @HKupdate but wht his name

#Hindu Volcano @truevirathindu Mar 21

@InnovativeHindu @HKupdate Should be some muzee or xtian, hold on.

InnovativeHindu @InnovativeHindu Mar 21

@truevirathindu @HKupdate bcoz name is hidden in news reportage

#Hindu Volcano @truevirathindu Mar 21

@InnovativeHindu @HKupdate Aneez Jalaludeen I think?

Aneez Jalaludeen. Is he still alive? Or has he been found dead of unnatural causes already? (And if not, when shall it be? Should make it both him and ALL his kind.)

The christian Oomen Chandy govt christo-terrorising Hindoo Kerala may have carefully appointed such christoislamics in the Forestry dept.

Alternatively, it could be like how islamaniacs in Kerala have been dressing up as police to christo-islamically terrorise the Hindoo state:


Quote:Muslim Youth League Goons Dons Police Uniform, Masquerade as Law Enforcers

22/04/2015 04:39:19 Courtesy: Janmabhumi

Quote:Devaswom Board Eyeing Temples that have Sturdy Income: Kummanam Rajashekharan

05/05/2015 09:31:21 HK

Sultan Bathery: Hindu Aikya Vedi General Secretary Kummanam Rajashekharan has lashed out at Devaswom Boards for “hovering around with vulture’s eyes near temples that have a substantial inflow of wealth.” Exhorting the Hindu society to stand united against these atrocious deeds, Kummanam said that the Hindu society now stands united in spite of various opposing opinions.

“Devasom Boards have been eyeing temples that have a substantial in flow of wealth and are hovering around them like vultures that are on the look out for a prey. But the Hindu society will stand united against any such moves,” he said while addressing the audience the renovation programme at Bathery Ganapathy temple.

Referring to the scramble being made to take over Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple, he said that “those who have been showing undue enthusiasm in trying to shoulder responsibility of Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple must venture forward to renovate other temples that have been wallowing in ruins. How come they don’t show the same zeal in taking under their protective wings, churches and mosques that have tremendous wealth flow?”

Stressing the need for Hindu unity, Kummanan said that the wave of spiritual awakening being witnessed in the Hindu society is solely because of Hindu unity. “In Kerala, as many as 64 churches and mosques have faced closure owing to disputes in legal rights. But such an instance has ever taken place in the case of a single Hindu temple. Hindus might have differences of opinion, but they stand united. Their sense of unity stands unshattered.”

Horrific evidence of christoislamaniac genocide of Hindoo heathenism concealed by the ever-complicit christomedia.

And of course, TN (where christoism is on overdrive) and UP (where islamania is on overdrive) lead the counts for the most number of attacks as reported in newspapers between the start of Oct 2014 to end March 2015.

With 48 temples the victim of christoterrorist attacks in TN, followed by 36 in UP followed by 27 in AP, and 24 in Kerala, 23 in Telangana, 22 in Karnataka, 21 in Orissa, 17 in J&K, 16 in Bihar, and subsequent states have 7 or less attacks, totalling 145 temples -by far mostly Hindoo- attacked in the same time that a measly 4 churches were self-vandalised by christians and their islamic brethren themselves.

However, the formerly joined-Andhra Pradesh (AP and Telangana) truly leads at 27 + 23 = 50 temple attacks, over a third of the total.

Note also that all the major attacks are mostly in the states being heavily christianised. More proof of the culprit being christianism in most if not practically all of these cases is not needed.

Quote:The 145 incidents of attack on temples were covered by 293 news articles from various publishers and media outlets—that is, there were an average of 2.02 news articles published per incident.

Whereas christianism's alleged "persecution" by self-inflicted church attacks was blared throughout the country.

Christianism should be evicted from India.

Hope the BJP that has promised Bangladeshi Hindoo refugees citizenship in India (if BJP wins in Assam) doesn't mean to then declare - if they are put in charge in Assam - that christians from Bangladesh will ALSO suddenly get the same rights. I wouldn't put it past BJP to cheat Hindoos just so: using Hindoo votes to get themselves elected to then implement a secular=pro-christian=pro-terrorist agenda.
2 items from some months back.

1. Gujarat,


Quote:Burglary at 'Kashi of Gujarat': Lord Lakulish's crown stolenfrom Kayavarohan temple

VADODARA: Crown of Lord Lakulish at the historical Bhrameshwar Yog Mandir, Kayavarohan, was stolen on early Saturday morning. The burglars stole the silver crown and other silver articles used for 'aarti' along with an ornate collection...

[Opening still of video showing beautiful Bhagavaan]

Quote: "The heavy collection box contained Rs 10,000. The box was found damaged at the backside of the temple campus,"

The Times of India 2015-02-08

That last line links to


Quote:Burglary at 'Kashi of Gujarat': Lord Lakulish's crown stolenfrom Kayavarohan temple

TNN | Feb 8, 2015, 12.11PM IST


VADODARA: Crown of Lord Lakulish at the historical Bhrameshwar Yog Mandir, Kayavarohan, was stolen on early Saturday morning. The burglars stole the silver crown and other silver articles used for 'aarti' along with an ornate collection box. Kayavarohan, known as Kashi of Gujarat, is a site of religious and archaeological significance with the Lakulish temple being the most important shrine there.

According to temple functionaries, the ornate collection box weighed nearly 100kg. The accused, who took the heavy box, opened it later using an iron rod. "The heavy collection box contained Rs 10,000. The box was found damaged at the backside of the temple campus," said Patel. Burglars entered through the temple's rear entrance after disconnecting CCTV cameras. The unidentified persons forced open the inner sanctum's door before fleeing with the collection box and silver articles weighing around 4kg.

"The incident happened between 2am and 3am on Saturday. One of the security guards on duty saw the door at the backside that was ajar. He called other guards and informed us about the burglary," said Arun Patel, trustee of the Kayavarohan Thirth Seva Samaj. "We are conducting further investigation to find out the culprits," said Dabhoi police inspector I S Gohil. The Dabhoi police also sought assistance of the Forensic Science Laboratory, finger print experts and a dog squad. Kayavarohan, 40km from the city, is the birthplace of Lord Lakulish, the 28th incarnation of Lord Shiva and is enlisted as a heritage site by the Archaeological Survey of India.

2. Two Himachal Pradesh temples attacked (by christians obviously). Pujaris who tried to defend their temple brutalised.

Besides the violence to the Hindoos, the christo(islamic) demons destroyed temple property and stole money + a poojari's phone.


Quote:Posted at: Apr 4 2015 9:18PM

Two Palampur temples ransacked

Our Correspondent

Palampur, April 3

Bhedu Mahadev and Akshyana temples in the Sulaha area of Palampur region were ransacked by some miscreants last evening. Not only this, pujaris of both temples were also beaten up mercilessly.

Some antisocial elements entered the temples, attacked the pujaris, ransacked all rooms and fled with the mobiles phones of pujaris and cash.

Villagers said the matter came to light in the morning, when pujaris of both temples reported the matter to the members of the temple management committees and panchayat pradhans.

They said the burglars had weapons and iron rods, adding that they also destroyed the temple property and searched all rooms.

They decamped with Rs 9,500 along with the mobile phone of one of the pujaris at Bhedu Mahadev.

There was no cash with the pujari at Akshyana temple, but burglars fled with the change from the “dan patra” and mobile phone of the pujari.

Both pujaris told The Tribune that they resisted the attempts of the burglars to loot the temple in the beginning, but were mercilessly beaten up later and thrown out of the temple complex.

They said there was threat to their lives and they could be attacked again since there was no adequate security for them.

Strong resentment prevails in the entire Sulaha area over the incident. Villagers have decided to provide security to both temples as they did not expect much from the police. They said in present situation even temples were not secure and demanded that night patrolling be geared up in the areas to restore the confidence of people.

(Heroic Hindoo heathens in Himachal.)

Meanwhile, SHO Bhawarna police station Raj Kumar said the first information report had been registered against unidentified people, but no arrest had been made so far.

He said different police parties have been sent to to arrest the culprits.

Hindoos at temples need to keep knives and other weapons and just kill any christoislamic trespassers. These terrorists clearly invade the temples armed, so Hindoos have need to be prepared and have every right to protect themselves and their Gods.

Honestly, when are Hindoos finally going to kick all christoislamaniacs infesting India back into ISIL territory where they all belong?
Via twitter feed (HKupdate) at HK, which retweeted



(Ramesh Ramachandran has a famous Ayyappan image as his twitter background):

Quote:Remesh Ramachandran @Remesh2015

@HKupdate @RSS_Org In ambalappuazha sreekrishna temple premises,One pan outlet is operating their shop with Jesus photo on its wall.

Retweeted by HaindavaKeralam


Remesh Ramachandran @Remesh2015

@HKupdate @RSS_Org eds.Other than Hindu community,will anyone tolerate this kind of propagation in others religiouse place.

Retweeted by HaindavaKeralam


Found via above tweet-er:


Quote:Strong India


Xtians in SV college Tirupathi

Hindu religious leaders paintings were [vandalised with crosses] & they complain Christian persecution?


[Image: CAtoVDXVIAAfhRv.png]

It is by and large christians who have been attacking Hindoo temples in India. Certainly in many of the attacks on Hindoo temples in the southern states and Orissa etc.

The crosses used to vandalise the paintings of famous Hindus above is quite part of the age-old christian strategy used from the Roman empire (where GrecoRoman vigrahas of the Olympic Gods were tattooed with crosses by christian demons), also seen more recently in South Korea where christians similarly mutilated Buddhist artefacts (and also Korean Shamanist religious items, btw) with crosses:
  • http :// web.archive.org/web/20110830200043/http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/2.html

  • http :// web.archive.org/web/20111005212442/http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/3.html

  • http: // web.archive.org/web/20111005210807/http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/pic1/list.html

Found #2 via HK twitter feed which also led serendipitously to #1.

1. Good news for a change:


and twitter.com/DigestionResist/status/576992566169640960/photo/1

Quote:Subramanian SwamyVerified account


Union Govt's ASI has under the leadership of a Director named M. Mohammed moved four masjids to a new spot to allow restoration of temples

annapurnapande # HDL ‏@ManyaPande Mar 14

@Sallu141990 nice ,why not in ayodhya if possible :::

0 retweets 0 favorites

Quote:J Gopikrishnan ‏@jgopikrishnan70 Mar 14

@Swamy39 He is KK Muhammed, Regional Director (North) Archaeological Survey of India. He was head of Delhi also..He is a Keralite.

26 retweets 12 favorites



@jgopikrishnan70 recd a WhatsApp msg. Same person? He has grt respect for Shiva @Swamy39

https:// pbs.twimg.com/media/CAHjrd9VAAARoYL.jpg

"He has grt respect for Shiva". <- If I follow correctly that the ref to "he" is Muhammed KK, then

that would explain everything:

is obviously a revert deep down, or perhaps even consciously reverted*, which could then even make him a crypto Hindoo possibly (i.e. hyper-revert arch-Hindoo. Need many more of those.)

* And if so, welcome back to your home=the home of your Divine Parents - the Hindoo Gods - KK Muhammed. Mi casa es su casa.

2. Retweeted by HaindavaKeralam twitter feed:


Quote:The Good Doctor @Kaalateetham · 3h 3 hours ago

patheos.com/blogs/warrenthrockmorton/2015/05/14/money-travels-with-the-passengers-on-gospel-for-asia-mission-trips-to-india/ …

Not only Indian laws but US laws are broken too by Gospel for Asia to deliver cash illegally in Kerala India


Money Travels With the Passengers on Gospel for Asia Mission Trips to India

May 14, 2015 by Warren Throckmorton 29 Comments

(Information confirmed by several honest commenters there.)

Background pic at twitter.com/Kaalateetham/


Two Hindoos - including the tweeter 'Kaalateetham' - seen worshipping their beloved Divine Parents.


Quote:The Good Doctor


Guess what is this


[Image: CFCk5ESVAAA7Xx3.jpg]

0 retweets 0 favorites

It looks like the Divine Father (Parents) of the Hindoos, abiding in the Himaalayas.

Although, should say that I'm no expert on geography: any Giri looks like The AmmaAppa to me. (As it does to Shintos too and other heathen populations, btw. So.)

2. The above Hindoo - "Good Doctor"/Kaalateetham - retweeted the following:

Quote:Harbans Singh


How come Shiv Bhoomi is Chinese when throughout history it is only Dharmic Hindus that have worshipped/ pilgrimaged to that spot? @PMOIndia

Gurgaon, Haryana

Exactly. Manasarovar-Kailasham and some border areas were in ancient times Hindoo inhabited territory. (And never understood how Hindus could have ever been okay with that part of China's swallowing of Tibet.)

BTW, since the meaning of Hindu has become totally ambiguous: Kailasham~Manasarovar is not "all-Dharmic". It was originally exclusively Hindoo. Parts of Tibet were overlap area where Hindoos meets Tibetan Bonpos - spill over region. Since ancient times, Hindoos have had a home there. Bonpos have ancestral connections with Uma-Shiva and other Hindoo Gods too, as these were known to them and part of their pantheon. Bon used to be closely related to Hindoo heathenism* (something Buddhism specifically took advantage of again, by its masking Hindoo Gods as Buddhisms to replace Bon. BTW, Bonpos also had Taoist Gods in their pantheon, Tibetan Buddhism hijacked these too, as Taoists in SE/E Asia point out.)

* Can compare with meeting of Taoism and Hindoo heathenism seen in parts of SE Asia like Indonesia, where local Taoists worship Gods of both pantheons.

Good question:

Quote:Mallikarjuna @HariHaraBhakta 3h3 hours ago

@brfharbans @PMOIndia Even if Tibet becomes a reality, will Tibet gives Manasasarvoar and Shiv Bhoomi and its corridor to India?

Well, if Tibet is reverted to Bon, they might do so. Or, at such a point in time, transfer won't even be necessary: can keep border open, since ancient Bonpos worshipped Uma-Shiva too and knew use Hindoo rituals for this. (C.f. how SE Asian Taoists who include Hindoo Gods in their pantheon also use Hindoo rituals for the Hindoo Gods; or unBauddhified Shintos who include Hindoo Gods in their pantheon specifically use Hindoo rituals for the Hindoo Gods.)

Quote:Harbans Singh @brfharbans 3h3 hours ago

@HariHaraBhakta Have proposed Shiv Bhoomi be jointly governed by Tibet, Nepal, India. Sort of Dharmic Fed. in charge of the spot. @PMOIndia

2 retweets 2 favorites

Harbans Singh @brfharbans 3h3 hours ago

(But it doesn't become "equally Buddhist/Jain etc", right? Not "all-Dharmic". Only Hindoo-Bon. Else Buddhist inculturation/encroachment tactics regarding the sacred Hindoo site will inevitably return in time. Hindoos)

@HariHaraBhakta Ram Bhoomi, Krishna Janmbhoomi, Shiv Bhoomi: All 3 are not in the hands of Dharmics. This is to be reversed. @PMOIndia

1 retweet 1 favorite

3. A comment at Kaalateetham's question to "guess [mountain picture]" seems to indicate - via a link to a modern 'art' picture (don't like modern art esp of the Hindoo Gods) - that the mountain was indeed Shiva.

Anyway, that commenter retweeted:


Quote:"asia is the land of buddha, asia is the land of buddha".... - @narendramodi_in

where Rama & Krishna from africa??

Yeah what is up with the 'asia is the land of buddha' claim? No more than Europe is the land of jeebus. Or what is claimed of S Korea now: "the jerusalem of the east". In fact, jeebusites are now claiming that Asia is the land of jeebus too.

Asia is the land of its native heathenisms, all of which are pre-Buddhist (and pre-Jain and pre-christian etc).

Missionary religions. Bah. They rewrite everyone's religio-geography with their replacement theology.

Hindoos really need to stop peddling the Indic missionary religions.

Am so glad learned classicists* keep referring - with the power of primary sources - to the "brahmin/brahmana gymnosophysts" known to the GrecoRomans. <- No way for Jain Minority Types to inveigle themselves there.

* I think I even saw that pro-heathen (and probably heathen) RSmith do so too.

The relevant news was:


Quote:Subramanian SwamyVerified account


Union Govt's ASI has under the leadership of a Director named M. Mohammed moved four masjids to a new spot to allow restoration of temples


Quote:J Gopikrishnan @jgopikrishnan70 Mar 14

@Swamy39 He is KK Muhammed, Regional Director (North) Archaeological Survey of India. He was head of Delhi also..He is a Keralite.

26 retweets 12 favorites



@jgopikrishnan70 recd a WhatsApp msg. Same person? He has grt respect for Shiva @Swamy39

https:// pbs.twimg.com/media/CAHjrd9VAAARoYL.jpg
1. stolengods.org/temple-theft-in-nepal-scratching-the-surface-of-a-complex-problem/


The sacred art of Nepal is in demand.

Why? See above. Western interest in Nepali sacred art is centuries old and hit pop status in the 1960s and 1970s. There is a booming market for Asian art in general and both Nepali Buddhist art and Nepali Hindu art plays to a certain Western desire for the Eastern. It is common to see replica Nepali art in Western decor so it stands to reason that wealthier individuals would be willing to pay to decorate with the real thing.

(Alien dabblers "converts" are the greatest offenders/demons of them all. And indological types. And all oryanists without exception.

On this last, Nazis were famous for collecting Bon religious iconography, and even for manufacturing nazi forgeries as replacements for Bon to market such fake planted 'Bon' imagery as "proof" of super-oryanism in Tibet.)


The sacred art of Nepal is looted.

Jugen Schick’s hauntingly-titled “The Gods are Leaving the Country” (amazon.com/Gods-are-Leaving-Country-orchid/dp/9748299198) documents 10 years of Nepali idol theft. Since it came out, there has been 10 more years filled with robberies (ekantipur.com/the-kathmandu-post/2012/09/27/oped/stolen-statuary/240146.html). A simple online news search turns up more recent examples than even I expected. Indeed, I’ve talked about remote, unguarded locations but that paints an incomplete picture. Nepal experiences sacred art theft from some of its most well known, most sacred, and (one would assume) best guarded sites. To grab just a few articles (my internet is slow, there are certainly more):

March 2010: Idol of Ardhanarayan stolen from Bhaktapur (where I am now, a World Heritage Site). stolengods.org/article/idol-stolen-from-bhaktapur/

February 2014: Idol of Lord Ganesh stolen from Bhaktapur district. stolengods.org/article/idol-of-lord-ganesh-stolen/

July 2014: Theft of a Tara Devi from Kathmandu. stolengods.org/article/idol-of-lord-ganesh-stolen/

2. From HK twitterfeed:

Quote:Stolen Gods @stolengods

India: Millennium-old temple idol stolen in Kasaragod http:// www.stolengods.org/article/millennium-old-temple-idol-stolen-in-kasaragod/ … pic.twitter.com/7rJuK8ftMQ

https:// twitter.com/stolengods/status/606769184702394368/photo/1

Retweeted by HaindavaKeralam

Links to:


which in turn links to the following virulently catholic ragazine, and even it has to admit the following (perhaps as a way for concealing the christian criminals in this, by hiding behind the old 'why would we report on it if we had committed the crime' excuse):


Quote:Millennium-old temple idol stolen in Kasaragod

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 12:27 hrs IST

by Our Correspondent

Millennium old temple idol stolen in Kasaragod

Two idols of the over 1000-year-old Kammadath Bhagavathy Temple in Kasaragod district have been stolen.

Kanhangad: Two idols of the over 1000-year-old Kammadath Bhagavathy Temple in Kasaragod district have been stolen. The idols, one of them being made of 'panchaloha' (five metal-alloy of gold, silver, copper, iron and lead), are estimated to cost Rs 16 lakh in the market.

The theft was noticed by the employees who came to clean the temple in the morning on Wednesday. They found a rope which was used by the thieves to enter the temple. The door of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple was found broken.

The main panchaloha idol, believed to be millennium-old, was stolen in 1985 too. Another idol, made of bronze, was installed in the sanctum sanctorum during that period.

In 1993, the main idol was recovered from a hole of a tree on the premises of Thirumeni Konichal Temple in the Peringom police station limits during the probe and was re-installed in the temple. However, the bronze-made idol was retained in the sanctum sanctorum. This time, both the idols have been stolen.

Chittarickal police have launched a probe into the incident based on a complaint filed by the temple trust board chairman K. Jayadevan.

More proof of christianism of the ragazine:


where the catholic ragazine peddles a book by some christist about some Indian 'monk' who has to choose between being a sannyasi and having a girlfriend.

Reminds me of S Korea, where a world-famous (among western christians) catholic S Korean director made a movie (IIRC called "Samsara") about a Buddhist monk running after a woman, getting married to her and then dumping her and their kid in pursuit of Nirvana again. The woman then IIRC confronts the man, who's now monk again, for his cowardice, selfishness, inconstancy and abandonment of his family.

It is pure fiction of course, the typical sort of Korean catholic psyops against Korean Buddhism.

3. Backing up in case it disappears:


Quote:Stolen statuary

The logic is irrefutable for the restitution of stolen Kathmandu Valley statuary from Western collections. But will we be able to protect the gods when they return?

- Kanak Mani Dixit

SEP 27 - A stone image of Uma-Maheswar, the celestial couple, sat atop a hiti in Nasamana Tole of Bhaktapur for 900 years. It disappeared on 23 May 1984 and is today in possession of the Musee Guimet in Paris, bought off the Sphinx art dealership in London. It is not on display, as this writer confirmed walking through the Himalayan section of the museum earlier this week.

There used to be hundreds of Uma-Maheswars dotting Kathmandu Valley’s lanes and bahas. The image of Shiva-Parvati couple in agreeable companionship atop Mount Kailash was obviously much-liked by the nobility and public centuries ago - also why most have been stolen today to feed the ‘Asian art market’ of private collectors and museums.

The statue kept by the Musee Guimet in storage needs to be restored to its place of origin. Till the time that our society and government are able to mount a campaign for return, the museum should consider itself custodian rather than title-holder. It keeps the Uma-Maheswar as a naaso, held in trust for the people of Nepal.

The idol mafia

The statues that populated our temple sanctums and courtyards were ‘experienced’ exclusively by the locals till the 1950s. The lowering of the national drawbridge allowed the overseas world to finally witness the art and architecture of Nepal. This star-struck gaze of the Western world was gratifying, but a new source of statuary opened for the ‘Asian art market’, and the loot began immediately.

The idol mafia includes the local thug and middleman and extends to dealers, ‘art experts’, private collectors and museums from Tokyo to London to Los Angeles. All modes were used to get the idols out, from stealth to false certification. The Kathmandu elites were involved, as were so many diplomats, development experts and so-called adventurers. The gods travelled as personal baggage, by diplomatic pouch, in false bottoms of international overland buses, and by ship or air cargo.

Amidst the turbulence of modernisation and never-ending political instability, the Valley’s lay population and clergy alike was unable to organise against burgeoning industry. The plunder peaked in the 1970s-80s but continues to this day. On 19 September, this newspaper reported of 10 statues valued at USD 200,000 put up for sale by the Christie’s auction house.

Logic of restitution

The logic of restitution is remarkably simple and, it would seem, irrefutable. These statues are not the excavated remains of a long-lost civilisation, but part of a living, breathing culture. The gods are lifted even as they receive the worship of devotees, the achheta and abir. The psycho-social impact is incalculable when an important cultural anchor is gone from the baha, leaving the plinth or niche empty.

Especially in the case of historical stone sculptures, one can categorically confirm theft, beyond the Nepali law that bans export of ‘antiques’ more than 100 years old. One can be unequivocal because the stone images are invariably found in public spaces, with no private person or entity with the right to sell or ship.

When the statues were carved and consecrated, neither sculptor nor benefactor would have considered that, centuries later, they would be the target of collector-bandits. This is why they were not anchored securely and why they are so dreadfully easy to lift.

Lain Singh Bangdel, the late artist and pioneer against idol theft, told this writer in 1999, “The collectors in the West should know that almost all Nepali art that came into the market over the last 30-35 years was procured through theft. Almost all the idols in the Western collections are definitely stolen.” A Unesco official in a communication had this to say: “...the possessor of a stolen cultural object must return it regardless of personal involvement or knowledge of the original theft.”

Divine contraband

It is sad and strange that our population has not risen in protest despite the decades of continuous pillage. The scholarship is weak, the cultural activism tepid, and the Department of Archaeology but a passive recipient of the rare statue that is returned.

One cannot deny the possibility that, amidst the raging impunity, the statues will once again be lifted when they are returned. Which is why the campaign for restitution must involve not only restitution, but the development of a ‘half-way home’ at the Department that will treat the returned gods with dignity, and security for the gods once they are back in their original sanctums.

Fortunately, experience indicates that the logic of restitution is strong enough for individual collectors and museum administrators to readily agree to give back statues when approached. In August 1994, an American collector voluntarily returned four gods after he was shown Bangdel’s photographs proving their public ownership - a 12th century Saraswati, 9th century Buddha, 14th century Surya, and 10th century Vishhnu. In 2000, the Museum fur Indische Kunst of Berlin returned a 12th century Uma-Maheswar taken from Dhulikhel in 1982.

The champions

While the loss of idols is felt deeply by the bhaktajan, the communities do not understand the intricacies of the ‘art trade’ to mount a response. The best they can do is to lock the remaining statuary, toranas and mandalas behind ugly iron armatures. Meanwhile, the flame of concern has been kept alive by a handful of individuals, around whose efforts the future campaign will have to be constructed.

Bangdel and the German travel guide Juergen Schick spent much effort, and braved suspicious locals, to photograph hundreds of idols on their pedestals and niches. In 1989 and 1998, respectively, they produced documentation of the deities in situ, in order to protect them and help retrieve those that might get stolen.

In early 2011, historian Ramesh Dhungel published a survey on Nepal’s “lost heritage” kept by New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The conservation architect Ravindra Puri has just opened a gallery in Bhaktapur that exhibits replicas of stolen idols as a way of highlighting the reality of the divine contraband.

Archaeologist Sukra Sagar Shrestha has started the Nepal Art Register on the web, as a means to “disrupt the market for stolen Nepali sculptures and facilitate the return of those now in exile.” Ulrich von Schroeder, who has watched horrified as the gods disappeared since he first arrived in 1965, is working on a comprehensive catalogue of 2000 Valley statues. Sharing the truth with those who hold the idols will help in their return, he believes.

A campaign for restitution

The campaign for restitution would include: technological innovations to prevent theft; sensitisation of local communities; tracking of auctions; court cases nationally and internationally; pushing the Department of Archaeology into action; and building on the photography of Bangdel and Schick. Unesco and concerned groups in the idol-recipient societies must be asked to help.

To begin with, we must bring home the gods whose present overseas address we know, including the Uma-Maheswar at the Musee Guimet. And we must follow the trail of the 15th century Laxmi-Narayan from Patko in Patan, sold by the Sotheby’s auction house in 1990.

This article is based on a presentation on 24 September made at the conference “Objects, journeys and transformations” organised by the research organisation CNRS in Paris

Posted on: 2012-09-28 07:17

Kick out christoislamicommunism from the subcontinent (pseculars are included in christo-communists) and stop aliens from visiting/"converting" (especially from invading temples and coveting our imagery of our - note: not their, never their - Gods),

and looting of Hindoo and other Indic moorties will stop altogether.

A significant part of the alien demons' coveting of and interest in Hindoo moorties is owing to the type of mischievous "Indian aesthetics" lectures that jetsetters/NRIs (unHindus) like to give aliens about "Indian 'artistic' superiority", and their lessons to aliens on "how to 'appreciate' Indian 'art'".

Hindoos in Nepal and India should thank these Indian traitors - as also all those who invited aliens to "convert" or otherwise dabble in Indic religions* - for their hand in this mess.

* Lots of western converts to Buddhism, being new-ageists, like to collect Hindoo made vigrahas of Hindoo Gods too, and pretend they have a right to this. Alien dabbling is pure evil. It could never have happened if 'Hindus' hadn't opened the doors and invited aliens or let them get any glimpse of Hindoos heathenism which is totally private and belongs to ethnic Hindoos alone.

Does one ever see western converts to Hellenismos kidnapping the moorties of our Gods? No. (They don't even kidnap the Greek-made moorties of the Greek Gods. But that's a separate matter, and touches upon a more genuine inclination towards heathenism never seen in western dabblers in eastern religions.)

It is only western dabblers in Indic matters ("converts", indologists/oryanists/vedicists/sanskritists and of course 'Hinduism studies' people like Doniger) that terrorise Hindoo heathenism, who feel they have a right to invade Hindoo temples in Bharatam, who feel that they have a right an indological/oryan/'recon'/convert's right (e.g. Witzels, Staal, Vedic Recon types) to witness Vaidika homas conducted by vedabrahmanas in India and to vampire on said vedabrahmanas' knowledge, and who covet Hindoo moorties and would 'collect' these on the side, like the typical thieves they are.

4. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19616

Heli-Camera's - A security threat to temples

04/06/2015 15:16:37 Courtesy: Janmabhumi
Found via the Rajeev Srinivasa[n] twitter feed. (Hmmm, he's changed over to spelling his name in Devanaagari now, after using the Malayali script for the same a few days back. Probably the constant change is to provide variation.)

Related to post 544 of the christianism thread and post 128 of this thread, where a typical christian=terrorist dared to invade a Hindoo temple and set his foot on a Shivalingam. The Shivasena sent his family packing.

But now another christian - and it IS a christian, this is what they do, see their identical modus operandi in S Korea (links to documentation here) and their known abhorrence for images of other people's Gods deriving from their biblical commandment - has invaded yet another Hindoo temple and tried the same on an Ambaal vigraham.


Quote:Gautam Sen


Gautam Sen retweeted ॐ भारत ॐ

Secularism is alive and well in Hindu fascist India, but he us not urinating on the idol,as recommended in Harayana.

Gautam Sen added,


Quote:ॐ भारत ॐ @dharam_vj

Hindus continues to be Persecuted. Yes, under Modi's India.

The dharam_vj tweet that Gautam retweeted contains the first image below (the secodn is of the earlier Lax-Man Johnson terrorist, who should have been fed to the headhunters of Indonesia/Polynesia)


Quote:नंदिता ठाकुर


And many want us to allow non Hindus in our temples ... For this ???

(Alien tourists and "converts" and other dabblers regularly desecrate sacred Indic imagery too. E.g. they illegally shoot porn movies in front of Buddha images in SL, Himalayan and SE nations, which is clearly meant as a desecration. One group was recently in the news on being caught. And IIRC French "tourists" kissed a Buddha etc. All aliens without exception, and all unHindoos of India, should be kicked out of Hindoo temples & sites and banned from these spaces for good.)

[Image: CG1a0CRUQAA8Az9.jpg]

[Image: CG1a0DVUQAEVLB9.jpg]

Stupid comments at the above tweet show excuses pouring in that these might be "atheists".

- Atheists have no reason to attack heathen sites. They would then equally (actually sooner) attack christoislamic stuffs.

- And Laxman Johnson - both of whose feet would be broken now, if it were up to me - is a known christian (see the links to the related posts mentioned at the start of this one), as also his christist brother who took part in the crime.

- This is the SOP of christianism. See S Korea.

- It is a distinctive feature of missionary religions that outlaw 'polytheism' and 'idolatry' to attack sacred images of others Gods.

Where are all those self-described "Yindoos" who declared that christoislam was no threat to Hindoo heathenism and that therefore it was morally unfair to out the christoislamania in the anti-Indian (actually anti-Hindu) nexus? Their infernal stupidity is coming home to roost now. Just as anyone with half a brain could have seen coming long, long ago.


Death to christians infesting India.

Stupid cowardly English-speaking types will continue to take this. But then, they did re-define "Hindu" to be atheist and agnostic too (to feel included), so they never had anything to lose as none of this concerns them, besides their occasional pretence of such matters being (magically) their "heritage" or something. As if it were but a dead thing. Hindoos need to permanently distance themselves from this gangrene trying to graft itself illegally onto heathenism (and which regularly seeks to present heathenism as an atheism) and then kick out christoislamania from India/Nepal/SL/Burma/etc into TSP/ISIS territory: christoislamis - note DMK like communists are cryptochristians - can go willingly or they can go Dead.

Total war is what they insisted on, right? I'm not beyond issuing ultimatums anymore either.

Ooh, look a non-coward commenting:

Quote: rohini kulkarni ‏@rohinikulkarni6 6h6 hours ago

@nanditathhakur @ani30oct my blood boils.....is their not single Hindu to teach these bastards a lesson WHAT SORT OF TOLERANCE IS THIS.
Rohini's a female name, right? Explains the non-cowardice.

Most male Indian "Hindu" nationalists have already converted to Buddhisms and new-age agnosticisms/atheisms (peddling a Hinduism devoid of the heathen Gods). Bunch of shove-overs. The rot goes deep among modern angelsk-speaking "Hindu nationalists". Maybe they should pen some more articles for their blogs or something, or play some more at being "intellectual warriors" as advocated by that incapacitate anti-Hindu coward, NS Rajarant (who himself playacts - to his gullible audience - to have taken over the mantle and even the baton of SR Goel).

On another matter: Rajeev Srinivasa(n)'s been tweeting about the Grantha script too. (Had very recently seen comments at Indiafacts - on the article about the christo+communist hijack of IIT-M - bring up the subject as well.) Can't think of anything to add on that subject beyond what I'd already spammed about earlier, but the subject has reminded me of some aught-else.

The news was:

There's yet another photo of an obvious christo convert=demon who's had a pic taken of himself proudly daring to set foot on an Amman vigraham. Warrants a right to a kill. Surprised if Hindus allowed him to still be alive.

If the christo infestation wants to deny he's one of theirs for fear of totally justified retaliation, they similarly won't suddenly complain that he was a christian and list him among their sobsotries of christians=terrorists "being persecuted" if he and his entire converted family were to suddenly turn up dead. I mean, if christists claim he is a 'secular' now, he'd have to be identified as being just as 'secular' too when they read his name in the obituaries, nah?

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