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DMK's and AP Target - Hindu Temples
Quote:Anyone else try this sort of thing again and all non-Tamizhs can permanently consider themselves desdecardos vis-a-vis Tamizh Hindu Kovils. (The gangreen has to be stopped somewhere.)

Missed this earlier.

First what do "non-Tamizhs" have to do with the viewpoint of one person named Balbir Punj?

Second Balbir Punj's stupid suggestion was for the Padmanabhaswamy kovil which is in Kerala not Tamilnadu.

Don't know what leaps of logic made you give out the above statement which somehow turned it into an issue of Tamils vs non-Tamils.

At least should read the section What Hindus should know at the above link. It starts with:

Quote:HR & CE Dept. officials carry out of a lot of illegal activities in temples and other religious institutions. Most of their orders replacing Trustees or interfering in temple matters are without jurisdiction or in abuse of it. The general impression of Hindu devotees is that these officials have the power under law to do such acts. Nothing can be farther from truth. Every Hindu Devotee should be aware of the following facts:

More excerpts:

Quote:HR & CE: Rogue department of the Government of Tamil Nadu – T. R. Ramesh

Posted on August 1, 2011 by IS

Hindus should question any attempt to takeover temples in their respective areas by HR & CE Department. They should remember that HR & CE officials have no right to takeover temples that are run by devoted trustees. HR & CE Dept. is only a supervisory department even for temples under its administration, and cannot decide matters pertaining to rituals and religion. – T.R. Ramesh


Huge corruption money flowing out of such transactions is the main reason Government does not want to give up its hold on Hindu Temples and institutions. Highly inflated project costs are another way by which HR & CE officials loot temple moneys. For example, Podu Dikshitars of Chidambaram had dismantled the Paniya Nayagam temple dedicated to Lord Subramanya, within the Chidambaram temple precincts, as the roof and pillars were bound to cave in due to loose soil in the basement. This was done as per advice of engineers and stapathis; a new construction plan drawn at a cost of Rs. 90 lakhs and work begun. The Executive Officer after assuming office in the Chidambaram temple stopped the sponsors from continuing the work. He has now given a proposal for the same work at a cost of Rs. 10 crores!

A luxury Toyota car was bought for Sri Maasaniamman Temple near Pollachi at a cost of Rs. 11.5 lakhs. The first question that comes to mind is why a luxury car is required for a temple. It has come out in newspapers and through RTI queries that this car was used for private purposes of the HR &CE Secretary in the Tamil Nadu government. It is also now known that the monthly petrol bills of this corrupt official were taken from Temple funds.

Funds accumulated in fixed deposits in the accounts of rich temples would suddenly be transferred for flood relief, tsunami or Chief Minister’s relief fund. Funds were repeatedly taken from Tiruverkadu Mariamman temple to conduct free marriages by the Tamil Nadu government. This temple which had huge deposits of money became almost bankrupt.

Temple Jewels

Since the HR & CE stopped having external audit from 1985, it is almost impossible to gauge how many antique and valuable temple jewels have been looted. There is widespread belief that valuable diamonds and stones in jewels have been removed and replaced by ordinary stones in many temples. Missing Maragatha lingams worth thousands of crores have not been recovered. Jewels from 215 temples have been stolen and this rogue department does not even reveal the actual value of the jewels stolen. In many cases the loss of jewels is not known to the outside world at all.

On 22 December 2010, devotees discovered that about 156 globes made of gold and 108 globes made of silver, in the palanquins of the God and Goddess in the Perur Temple, were missing. This came to light only when the Golden and Silver palanquins were taken out in procession.

Temple Icons

More than 400 antique metal icons have been stolen from temples under the administration of the HR&CE department, which has not taken any credible follow-up actions to recover the valuables. Instead of installing closed-circuit cameras, burglar alarms and modern safety locks, the Department keeps many icons belonging to various temples at one safe room in a big temple. These icons are thus deprived of poojas and maintenance. Continuous neglect of these icons can result in irreparable damage. Further, these sacred icons were meant for worship and this Department willfully ignores this primary purpose. While millions are wasted and looted by Dept. officials no care is taken to protect these treasures.

Festivals, etc

Another crime commonly perpetrated by the department officials is soliciting sponsors to celebrate festivals even for temples that have sufficient and surplus income. Two things are achieved in this manner. One, the unscrupulous officials are not called upon to show the incomes realized from specific endowments meant for such festivals. Soon the endowments or their existence would be soon forgotten and those properties can be sold or leased out for a pittance. Two, bribes can be taken from competing sponsors or accounts can be easily fudged when there are multiple sponsors.

Kapaleeshwar temple in Mylapore has many income generating properties. Still, the Department takes more than 80% of the money required for the Arupathi Moovar festival from sponsors who are given undue positions of importance during festivals ignoring devotees whose families and communities have contributed for generations.

Prasadam Stalls

Prasadam stalls are amongst the biggest frauds openly committed by this rogue Department. Only food prepared piously in the temple kitchen and offered to the deities in the temple in traditional manner can be termed as prasadam. However, Prasadam Stalls are auctioned by the Department (needless to say many improprieties are committed in these auctions and allotments) to the public and supposedly the stalls are allotted to the highest bidder. This means the Department openly allows third parties to produce food items to be manufactured outside the temple premises and packages them to be sold at temples. This is an act which is at once blasphemous and anti-religious besides being a huge fraud on devotees visiting the temple.

Besides, prasadam shops and stalls, other shops and commercial activities are permitted by the Department. These acts of the Department are detrimental to the serene atmosphere that needs to be maintained in temples and commercialises Hindu religious institutions.


Hundies serve the Department in two ways. One, they generate income which the Department fails to realize from the properties of the temple it is administering. Two, they are the easiest source of income that can be looted. In most temples, the real amount generated by hundials is never accounted for. The only exception to this story is the tale of the Hundies illegally installed in Chidambaram Shri Sabhanayagar temple. At Chidambaram the Department is trying to prove a point by showing a big collection of hundie monies. In the first place, the Hon’ble Division Bench of Madras High Court in 1951 had clearly ruled that the Podu Dikshitars are justified in not having any Hundie in the temple and further stated installing Hundies and introducing archana tickets commercialises the temple.

But after assuming office in the Chidambaram Temple, the Executive Officer came with a posse of policemen and installed Hundies in the temple that never had Hundies in its entire history. This is against the law, temple tradition, and in contempt of the Hon’ble High Court of Madras.

After installing Hundies, the Department did two things to ensure it is able to show good collection in the Hundies. It did not handover the second key of the Hundies to the Trustees and they do not seal the Hundies each time after they open it for counting. When it was pointed out the Podu Dikshitars’ collection in gold and other valuables far exceed the Hundie collections even today, and the public have not contributed a single gram of gold to the Executive Officer like they do to the real owners of the temple, the Podu Dikshitars, about 4 gms of gold suddenly appeared among the hundie collections!

What Hindus should do

Hindus should question any attempt to takeover temples in their respective areas by HR & CE Department. They should remember that HR & CE officials have no right to takeover temples that are run by devoted trustees. HR & CE Dept. is only a supervisory department even for temples under its administration, and cannot decide matters pertaining to rituals and religion.

Devotees should ask HR & CE Dept. pertinent questions regarding the temple properties, the income realized, in whose presence Hundies are opened, what are the procedures followed in making and distribution of prasadams, salary arrears of temple employees, income arrears for the properties, why Executive Officer was appointed for each temple, for what period the appointment has been made, order copies of the appointments, arrears of income pending from temple properties, action taken by the Executive Officer, the festivals celebrated in the temple regularly 25 years ago, festivals celebrated now, vehicles bought for the temple, who uses the vehicles and for what purposes, etc. under the Right to Information Act.

Hindus should remember that it is not the duty of a secular government to manage the affairs of Hindu Temples or institutions. They should also remember that the same Government keeps away from mosques and churches.

Hindus should join together and petition the Government and the Courts to bring back outside agencies to audit the HR & CE Dept.

Hindus should take legal action against the Government to restore the temples back to the Trustees or to appropriate Hindu associations. – Vijayvaani, 27 July 2011

» T.R. Ramesh is a banking professional and research scholar on Hindu religious affairs

And as already in some news piece seen before, even christians "miraculously" get appointed to head HR&CE type operations in Hindus' Kovils.

Quote:Don't know what leaps of logic made you give out the above statement which somehow turned it into an issue of Tamils vs non-Tamils.
What? What?

And I was referring to Tamizh Hindus Kovils not "Tamizhs".

Quote:First what do "non-Tamizhs" have to do with the viewpoint of one person named Balbir Punj?

Second Balbir Punj's stupid suggestion was for the Padmanabhaswamy kovil which is in Kerala not Tamilnadu.
(Why mention recent geography? Don't you know the history of that temple? It's both an ancestral Kovil of many Malayalees and Tamizhs, kuladevas to both. Of course, it's also a kShetra of pilgrimage to all ethnic Hindus of the subcontinent.)

No one else corrected him. In this case silence will be construed as acquiescence. (You are only the first person to say it was a stupid suggestion. But not until now, though.)

But the point made at the stage was not even about that particular Kovil anymore: it was that Balbir Punj (and any others like him who want to turn any Hindu Kovils into tourist centres) - no one criticised him, I note - can try arguing for such unforgivable things in their own locality (i.e. about the temples of their own kuladevas), I'm sure they'll soon be disinvited by the locals. But they have even less right to sell off Kovils elsewhere.* But as I'm hardly allowed allowed to issue uninvites to Kovils shared with Malayalees or all Kovils India-wide, I can at least do so for my own ancestral Kovils. (Note reference to gangreen.)

You really should stop going on and on about "North Indian" vs "South Indian" - like I care - and "Tamizh" vs "Non-Tamizh" as if I would ever make these arguments generally.

And, as I recall, I spent an inordinate amount of my free time doing (obviously futile) stuff for the poor Kashmiri Hindus protecting their=my Amarnatha. And I've never even been there. (But did you see me threatening to turn that Kovil into a "tourist" attraction? As if I would ever. And I don't remember anyone else harping on the threat to Pashupatinatha Kovil on IF. I've never been there either... Clearly - and you *know* all that - I don't really distinguish between the Nepali, the Kashmiri and Tamizh Hindus, so the obvious conclusion is that the form of my argument meant something else.)

* About this, though:

Quote:Not sell off Kovils elsewhere.

This happens all too frequently these days. In quite a stunning contrast - for me - to my abiding interest in Pashupatinath and Amarnatha, I have on several occasions now read Indians (not at all anti-Hindus) from various places of Bharatam - including Hindus who didn't know better - ready to donate away every famous ancestral Hindu Kovil of Tamizh regions (but not only of Tamizh regions) to "Buddhism and Jainism" based on mere claims by self-appointed spokespersons for B&J. (And I'm hereby not at all referring to the Shabarimalai Kovil housing the kuladevam of many Malayalees and Tamizhs - since my comments on that were on claims further advanced by Hindus, a.o.t. B/J claims that Hindus acquiesced/applauded to.)

The aforementioned Indians showed how they didn't know anything about the history of those temples, who built it or for what purposes (they were built by Hindus for Hindu purposes - the history of the Temples and Moortis in question is known at least to those of the locality), and yet after 1 article - of very dubious sources - staking a claim on Hindu Kovils too far away from the general readers' ken for them to be bothered investigating, they are quite willing to undermine the Temples' actual Hinduness off-hand for the suddenly "equal possibility" of said Kovils - obviously unknown to them - being "Buddhist (or Jain)".

I look forward to the day when Hindus - including you - will lecture *those Indians/Hindus* for readily giving away Hindu Kovils they know nothing of to opportunists. Instead of interrogating me on oh what was it now... "north injuns south injuns". (Yeah right, I never even cared about stories of "oryans" and "dravoodyans" - I'm sure I had made that much obvious too.*)

And it wasn't only Hindu temples of the Tamizh region that was claimed for other Indic religions. Other ancestrally Hindu Tamizh things/persons have been claimed also. But all of this has gone ever uncommented by the very Hindus frequenting such sites.


* But I forgot, you essentially told me I have no real right to ridicule the concept of "oryans and dravoodians".

Kids these days and their arguments. Hold Rwanda up as a parallel of the AIT, and they will tell you to be quiet. When next Rajiv Malhotra or whoever else brings up the same - many years later - they're all worshipful gods.

Ironically, there are many other - IMO quite nasty - parallels to the AIT elsewhere. But I - silently of course, I promise - await the day/month/year (vielleicht niemals?) when those Indians who are allowed to speak on the AIT find these. I'm not holding my breath.
Quote:(Why mention recent geography? Don't you know the history of that temple? It's both an ancestral Kovil of many Malayalees and Tamizhs, kuladevas to both. Of course, it's also a kShetra of pilgrimage to all ethnic Hindus of the subcontinent.)

No one else corrected him. In this case silence will be construed as acquiescence. (You are only the first person to say it was a stupid suggestion. But not until now, though.)

But the point made at the stage was not even about that particular Kovil anymore: it was that Balbir Punj (and any others like him who want to turn any Hindu Kovils into tourist centres) - no one criticised him, I note - can try arguing for such unforgivable things in their own locality (i.e. about the temples of their own kuladevas), I'm sure they'll soon be disinvited by the locals. But they have even less right to sell off Kovils elsewhere.* But as I'm hardly allowed allowed to issue uninvites to Kovils shared with Malayalees or all Kovils India-wide, I can at least do so for my own ancestral Kovils. (Note reference to gangreen.)

You really should stop going on and on about "North Indian" vs "South Indian" - like I care - and "Tamizh" vs "Non-Tamizh" as if I would ever make these arguments generally.

And, as I recall, I spent an inordinate amount of my free time doing (obviously futile) stuff for the poor Kashmiri Hindus protecting their=my Amarnatha. And I've never even been there. (But did you see me threatening to turn that Kovil into a "tourist" attraction? As if I would ever. And I don't remember anyone else harping on the threat to Pashupatinatha Kovil on IF. I've never been there either... Clearly - and you *know* all that - I don't really distinguish between the Nepali, the Kashmiri and Tamizh Hindus, so the obvious conclusion is that the form of my argument meant something else.)

You *dont* remember do you, well that's convenient. Go check the Nepal thread and one of the earliest warnings about the Pashupathinath mandir came from Bodhi.

Quote:Unfortunate but not surprising.

Next will be the host of other important Hindu shrines and maTha-s including Gorakshamatha and Devi Pattan, that were protected by the royal family and even Nepali government.
Next we would see burning of ancient libraries so far maintained by Bhatt�s. Only a few years back a team of German-American Indologists Led by anti-hindu Witzel had digitized most of these manuscripts, including probably some rare ones relating to tantra, vyAkaraNa, shaiva siddhAnta and mahAyAna buddhism, which are otherwise are not accessible to the rest of the world.) Next, they would bring down the roadblocks which have so far prohibited missionary activity in Nepal. Cultural Revolution in Mao�s footsteps.


Quote:So, here it is as predicted before...

After kumArI tradition, indradhwaja tradition, and tradition of Nepal's Royals being the first to offer prayers at gorakShanAtha and devI pATeshwarI during the sacred navarAtri-s... now another attempt of secularization at the famed shrine of Lord pashupati.

Indeed, as they say, Maoists have designs from Tirupati to Pashupati...


Quote:No one else corrected him. In this case silence will be construed as acquiescence. (You are only the first person to say it was a stupid suggestion. But not until now, though.)

Now what does this have to do with my very specific questions to you?

Not everyone has the time to write long, verbose posts about each and every article we dislike. My posting on this forum has been much reduced than in the past.

Quote:You really should stop going on and on about "North Indian" vs "South Indian" - like I care - and "Tamizh" vs "Non-Tamizh" as if I would ever make these arguments generally.

Do quote posts where I went on & on about North and South India, seems like a case of projection.

You made the arguement here so I responded.

Quote:What? What?

And I was referring to Tamizh Hindus Kovils not "Tamizhs".

To refresh your memory about where you turned it into non Tamils vs Tamils:

Quote:Anyone else try this sort of thing again and all non-Tamizhs can permanently consider themselves desdecardos vis-a-vis Tamizh Hindu Kovils. (The gangreen has to be stopped somewhere.)

Quote:* But I forgot, you essentially told me I have no real right to ridicule the concept of "oryans and dravoodians".

Didn't say anything like that, you must be thinking of someone else.

I rarely posted about the AIT issue.

Quote:Kids these days and their arguments. Hold Rwanda up as a parallel of the AIT, and they will tell you to be quiet. When next Rajiv Malhotra or whoever else brings up the same - many years later - they're all worshipful gods.

Ironically, there are many other - IMO quite nasty - parallels to the AIT elsewhere. But I - silently of course, I promise - await the day/month/year (vielleicht niemals?) when those Indians who are allowed to speak on the AIT find these. I'm not holding my breath.

What does this all have to do with the topic at hand?

Seems like you are suffering from some self inflicted victim syndrome.

You are freely allowed to speak about AIT and you have already done so on this very forum, question is did anyone read those 10 page long posts of yours.

If you wrote it all out in a book in a coherent way using formal language and promote the book then you maybe too can become a "worshipful god" and share the "glory" with Mr. Malhotra.

Instead you write emotional 10 page posts spread out over years on an internet forum and then expect people all over the net to notice and hail Husky the anonymous poster at India-forum for pointing out the parallels between AIT and Rwanda.

If you have issues with Mr. Malhotra or his admirers take it up with them or write your own book (or start a blog) instead of bitching about it to me (I don't remember making any posts promoting his book here), as if I gagged your mouth (what's all this melodramatic nonsense about "promising to silently await"...) from speaking about AIT or any other topic.
Response is elsewhere.

The Chidambaram temple and the Podu Dikshitars – T. R. Ramesh
Guess who made this "miracle" happen.


Quote:Kerala temple’s iridium dome stolen

22/10/2011 00:20:26 PNS - ALAPPUZHA

The dome of the [color="#0000FF"]Sree Kumaramangalam Subramanya Swamy temple[/color] at Muthavazhi, Pandanad near Chengannur in Kerala’s Alappuzha district, which was said to contain iridium, was found stolen on Thursday morning. The temple had attracted hundreds of visitors from outside over three years back after news about iridium dome spread.

Visitors from even outside the State had been flocking to the sleepy village of Pandanad since May, 2008 after [color="#0000FF"]the administration committee of the temple claimed that some “outside” dealers had approached them saying that satellite images accessed by a German company had confirmed the presence of iridium in the dome atop its sanctum sanctorum.

They had also said that dealers had offered up to Rs 1 crore for the dome.[/color] Iridium is a metal whose availability in nature is 80 times less than that of silver and whose global production is said to be less than three tonnes a year.

As the news spread, the Department of Archaeology sent its experts to Pandanad to examine the dome and as people began to stream in from outside, the police had to tighten security arrangements. The local people and devotees had deployed their own security arrangements at the temple.

Local people in Pandanad said that the disappearance of the dome from atop the temple’s sanctum sanctorum was noticed early Thursday morning. The police held preliminary investigations in and around the temple after being informed by the temple administration committee of the matter.

The inspection showed that burglars had broken into the temple from its western side and had removed the roof tiles from inside the temple. Reports said that the Special Branch of the Kerala Police had some days back warned the local police station and the temple authorities of a possible attempt to steal the dome.

The sanctum sanctorum of the Pandanad temple, supposed to be 2,000 years old, was made of stone and wood, and roofed with copper plates. Researchers who visited the temple had said in 2008 that iridium could have been used for making the dome in an indirect manner.

A very hard, brittle and silvery-white transition metal of the platinum family, iridium is the second-densest element and is the most corrosion-resistant metal. It is one of the rarest elements in the Earth's crust.

And the comments:


22/10/2011 22:42:16 Temples.

There is [color="#0000FF"]a minister for Devaswom[/color]. But he need not be interested in Hindu affairs. HE MAY BE BUSY IN [color="#0000FF"]TAKING PART IN A FUNCTION ORGANIZED BY CONVERSION ORIENTED PASTORS ALONG WITH A FORMER CPM MINISTER AND MAYOR, IN WHICH THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO ISSUE I.D CARDS ETC.[/color] Posters are there all over Trivandrum. After taking part in such a function how much interest will be shown by the minister towards, Devaswom?

kashmir hindu

22/10/2011 03:12:18 Sonia Gandhi dealing in antiquities

[color="#0000FF"]Subramanian Swamy disclosed the role of Sonia Gandhi in dealing with antiquities stolen from Indian temples.There is reason to suspect her involvement in this case[/color]

GSK Menon

22/10/2011 02:25:35 Kerala temple's iridium

Why are Hindus not capable of organising a simple watch & ward mechanism or install CCTV systems ? We waste lakhs on fireworks, is bursting crackers a part of our religion ? Next week crores are going to be wasted on fireworks, yet, we do not take care to safeguard our temples. After the theft the asinine Hindus are lamenting, as usual.

I think the Indian Rare Earths or the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre will be able to detect the metal by using scientific instruments. The VHP should send a request to all scientists to help trace the metal.


22/10/2011 00:27:49 blame us hindus...

One crore had been offered for it. And the Temple Committee did not even post a security guard! Is it because we go by Com. Nayanar's philosophy of 'bhagavanu enthinaa paarraavu?'.

The days of the [color="#0000FF"]Padmanabhaswami treasure's[/color] similarly figuring in the news are not far off, if our vigilance is of this kind.
All related HK items from this very month:

How history repeats.

The Codes of Theodosius and Justinian repeated in India. Recognise them yet? Gradually cooking the unsuspecting Hindu frog.

All of this is *christianism*, though there still exist all too many Hindus who insist on not recognising (let alone exposing) christianism's hand.

And yet it's all the same as the christobritish did: secularly steal Hindu temple land and give it to christianism (or earmark it for "secular" christobritish imperial use. Anything at all, but that Hindus should continue to possess their sacred temple sites and continue to enact their heathenism there).

1. Andhra Pradesh:


Quote:Temple Land allotted to built Houses under Government schemes in AP

13/05/2012 14:17:54 HK

HUZURNAGAR (NALGONDA): In Andhra Pradesh , endowments department has allotted Temple land belonging to a 500 year old Sri Venugopala Sitaramanjaneya temple to built houses. A GO (no. 687) was issued recently allotting 52 acres for this purpose.

In India, biggest Real estate owners are the Church, Will any government dare to do the same with any of their properties?

2. Tamizhnadu:


Quote:Hindu temple lands up for secular grab?

13/05/2012 02:11:50 VSK Chennai Sandesh

The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Board of TN govt

administers over 35,000 Hindu temples. These temples and Mutts in Tamil

Nadu own 5,00,000 acres of agricultural and other lands. Non receipt of

proper rent or revenue from the lands affects the temple rituals and

festivals. Also, the Tamilnadu Housing Board has planned to acquire the

temple lands for construction of houses/plots.

But the Madras High Court

has passed an order on a public interest litigation petition by the

International Sri Vaishnava Dharma Samrakshana Society; the order has

taken note of the irregularities in the administration of temple

property. Meanwhile, disturbingly, the HR&CE Minister has informed

in the State Assembly that a database of 4.78 lakh acres of temple land

is being built.

All these goes to prove that a secular govt. in

administering Hindu temple properties is highly objectionable as shown

by an incident last week when the dead body of a vaishnavite saint (Sri

Balahari Ramanuja Mutt, Trichy), had to be at the kept on the road

because permission to perform the last rites inside the Mutt was refused

by HR&CE which administers the mutt of the seer.

There's nothing "secular" about the grab. Recognise christianism or ignore (i.e. excuse) identifying it at your peril.

Think about it - the christogovt's HR&CE (Hindu Religious Charitable Endowments) specifically takes over exclusively Hindu temples, assigns not even open communists but even open-christos to head Hindu temples, let's the temples themselves rot away, all while pocketing all temple donations to fund, subsidise and propagate christianism and islam in India. And now it's systematically selling off temple land to "secular" housing projects and even for christostalls and churches and mosques to mushroom on their sites.

Cryptochristianism - misperceived/mislabelled as "secularism" - is the garb under which christianism chooses to kill Hindu religion in India.

3. Still TN, but a comment shows that the same has already been happening in Kerala:


Quote:HR&CE Dept. should not behave like owners of Temple

20/05/2012 09:57:24 G Vijayalakshmi

It is a matter of grave concern that the TN Housing Board is contemplating construction of houses on temple lands. These are not Govt lands,but lands donated to temples by devotees for their favourite deities, and as such they were meant to be used only for religious purposes.How can any Govt misuse the trust of the devotees and use the land for non-religious purposes?

The HR&CE Dept of the Govt is at best only a Trustee and should not try to behave like the owner of the temples. The Govt has no right to sell or transfer the assets of the temples to any third person,which would amount to committing breach of trust. The HR&CE is duty-bound to collect the rents at market values from the people who

are occupying temple lands, and evict encroachers. The funds accrued should be used only for the upkeep/maintenance of the temples and for promoting Hindu Dharma.

It would bode ill for the people who freely enjoy temple lands/properties ,because it amounts to cheating Ishwara Himself,who is the owner of those assets. The TN CM Jayalalitha who had promised to retrieve temple properties must also ensure that those properties are not misused by various departments of the Govt.

(Oh puh-leese, Joylolita is a cryptochristian herself. Let's stop pretending otherwise.)

In this context, I would also like to state that a secular Govt has no business to administer only Hindu institutions. Hindus have as much right to manage their own institutions, as much as Christians and Muslims have. It is a well-known fact that the Church is the largest owner of properties in India, next only to the Govt of India. Not

withstanding the huge amounts of foreign funds coming into India from abroad for these christian and muslim institutions, Govt is doling out benefits to these so-called minorities, who are in majority all over the world, thus handicapping the Hindus. This is certainly contrary to the principles of Dharma. The Govt is guilty of pursuing adharma for selfish gains.

One of the comments actually dares to name the ideology behind these "secular" acts:

Quote:Spiritual Blindness of Phony Secularists

This can happen only in India. Why, because Hindus are passive, inactive, indolent, tolerant and are in deep denial.All over India, Hindu wealth, Temple land is taken over by pseudo secular governments and handed over to Muslims and Christians. In Kerala thousands of acres of temple land is given to Muslims and Christians by The Islamic/Christian/pseudo secular government. These phony secular governments have no passion for justice, fairness, and commitment for humanitarian and Hindu causes. This form of injustice is brutal and unfair. Temple lad grab is continuing because Hindus are not severely protesting. Hindus have to confront the corrupt politicians and denounce complacency. Hindus have to be real active and assertive. Hindus must act without being abashed or apologetic. It is about facing up to anti Hindu attitude and lack of self esteem. It's about coming out of the closet. I think it is about to tell the truth without fear.

Dr. Babu Suseelan

When something is pointedly anti-Hindu and there's no "Islam Was Here" mark on it, just put it down under the christianism heading. I guarantee that 99.9 (recurring) percent of the times, the culprit will have been correctly identified.

Quote:His (4th century Roman Emperor Julian's) world was full of ever-present helpers, 'manifest gods',179 and they lived in the cities' temples as much as in the caverns of the theurgists. They had been neglected, and [color="#0000FF"]Augustan verse had warned long ago that neglect had its consequences. 'Guiltless you may be, O Roman, yet still shall you expiate your fathers' crimes until you have rebuilt the ruined shrines and temples of the gods.' Julian looked on Constantius' reign as proof enough of that. Temples had closed and oracles had failed: to restore them was his duty to the Empire and the gods.[/color]
Belonged with ^

Another related HK item still from this month. Indicates more explicitly that the highly-organised theft of Hindu temple and temple land is christian in design and execution.

Christianism is just generally careful to make it *look* secular (cryptochristianism).

4. Kerala


Quote:Justice served after years of Hindu struggle against Manorama temple Encroachers

12/05/2012 14:35:35 HK

Following relentless struggle by Hindus, Kerala government ordered reclamation of Panthalloor Temple land from the clutches of Malayala Manorama family, who spearheads the subtle Christian campaign in Kerala.

(Sadly, one of the comments - copied near the end of this post - indicates that the christian threat to the Hindu Temple is not over yet - although it may proceed under a more secular-looking hereafter.)

The struggle of Hindus to regain Panthaloor temple from the clutches of Christian Malayala Manoram a family in Malappuram District is not a matter of today or yesterday. The ongoing campaign has been a battle of time immemorial.

It was following the effective campaign of Hindu aikya Vedi over the years against oll odds 400 acres of Temple land , Revenue department have taken a favourable stand. But considering the Anti Hindu stands of those in power the chances to Hindus to claim it back are grim. There is now already moves by Revenue department to take over the land.

The episode of fighting for the rights of Panthalloor temple property is just one among the numerous instances in the pages of those constant battles for the rights of Hindu community. In Kerala, especially in the region of Malabar, most of the land belonged to temples, which when tallied up to around lakhs of acres. Ironically, these temples that witnessed ownership of vast tracts of land, now stand in very dilapidated conditions, with not much financial prospects for any temple proceedings. But if truth has to be pointed out, the section that stands responsible for the sad plight of temples are the clever land usurpers and the crafty government machinery that stands hand in hand with their shady work.

Right towards religious freedom and religious worship, possession of temple and temple property for Hindus are civil liberties granted to Indians by the Constitution of India. The looting and usurping of temple riches and landed property, confiscating what belongs to them and ultimately using the same against the Hindu community is now a recurring pattern in Kerala society. This is the doom and destiny of the Hindu community, which no other community suffers.

Indian social scenario now witnesses the state of affairs where things are being executed at knife point, with the matter of religion being used conveniently. There are ministers who work for their respective religions, to take care of their Christian and Muslim flock. They are the very same people who handle 80% of the revenue income of Kerala Treasury. These people resort to favouritism, promoting those they approve of, to high ranks. They are the ones who steer the government machinery in the direction they please. Those who have come into power should realize that it is not a specific religion that voted for them into power. They have been brought to power by the votes of people who follow many religions.

It is indeed alarming to think of the situation where Hindus are being constantly and craftily being denied of their basic rights. When it comes to the Rights of Hindus or taking care of their grievances, there is no one in the Ministry to raise voice or stand in support. And those who come forward to protest against these injustice are termed as ‘Communalists’ and those who looted these Hindu properties like Manorama are termed as ‘Apostles of Secularism’!

Some of the comments:

Quote: paravind


Even after the expiry of the lease deed the land was under the possession of Manorama thugs for years.They amassed crores illegally form the property.What about getting it paid back to temple? The Hindu community should raise their voice for this.If they are not willing to pay it back,it must be reclaimed by attaching he owners other properties.


13/05/2012 05:48:42 What a Justice?

The land is scheduled to be acquired by the state government under the 1951 act to take over temple properties! If this goes well instead of manorama, Kerala state will own the land! This 1951 act is discriminatory and should be challenged in the supreme court! Governments can't make laws to prohibit religious freedom under the Indian secular constitution, but Hindus probably don't have proper legal advice to challenge this law. Now the fight should move from public square to legislature and court to get the property back to its real owners; temple trust!

Siva Priya

13/05/2012 00:22:26 Manorma/MRF involvments in religious conversions

Is it true that MRF in Chennai used to financially help and provides jobs for those who converts their religion to Christianity ? It was the same reason lakhs Hindus got converted.

If its true, then it has to be thoroughly enquired. A private organization involved in money making business can not be allowed of converting the religion of innocent people with their ill gotten money, by just providing employment and money is just like bribes.

It is true that Monorama has a hidden agenda, when it comes to religion and politics. But the Govt of Tamil Nadu has to take care of this information, dont allow our poorest people to become the victims of this feudal elements. Its the duty of the state Govts to protect our culture and values.
Post 1/2


Quote:Temple Robberies and Subsequent Murders: A Growing Trend in Kerala

04/07/2012 13:57:15 HK

Kerala may be God’s Own Country, but unfortunately some of the divinities are definitely not safe in the state. Bringing to light two such incidents, which are unfortunately, a faction of what actually takes place or stands reported.

A recent happening has been the gruesome murder of the caretaker of Kalluppaara Bhagavthy Temple, Gopalakrishna Kaimal. He was found murdered in a pond in the temple premises. The miscreants, after the deed, escaped with Gold dome . The horrendous deed was committed after tying up another person Chandrashekharan, who was along with Kaimal. The episode is supposed to have taken place in the wee hours of the morning.

Chandrashekharan was discovered in a gagged state, with cloth stuffed into his mouth. Police personnel from Keezhvaaypur and forensic experts made a detail study of the crime scene. The golden dome which was stolen was made of an amalgam, which includes [color="#FF0000"]iridium[/color].

[color="#800080"](See also post 86 above for an earlier case of a Hindoo Temple's iridium dome being "stolen" - i.e. by christoislamania.)[/color]

The next reported incident of temple robbery is from Sreekrishna Swamy Temple of Mavelikkara. This time, ornaments of the deity, worth lakhs were stolen. The Sreekovil, along with the north end gate was discovered in an wide open state.

The deity was decked with a gold crown of 5 sovereigns and waist chain of 3 sovereigns, which the thugs made their escape with. Needless to say, by divine grace or by miracle, the gold flute and other offerings made of gold, which was concealed in a cover, remained unspotted by the miscreants. It has always been a practice to lock the Sreekovil with the traditional intricate lock, which however was not done on that fateful day. The watchmen, who were supposed to be on duty were conspicuously missing from their duty spot.

Investigations are on to confirm if both cases of temple robbery are linked in any way.

A protest meet and hartal was called for by Hindu Aikya Vedi in Mavelikkara town on Wednesday.


Quote:Temple thefts continue in Kerala

06/07/2012 15:14:00 PNS | Kannur

In the third incident of temple theft in the past two days in Kerala, burglars stole the idol of Lord Mahavishnu shrine at Echillam near Aralam in Kannur district on Thursday night.

Burglars had stolen the dome of the sanctum sanctorum of a temple in Pathanamthitta and the ornaments of the deity of another shrine in Mavelikkara, Alappuzha early Wednesday morning.

The burglars had taken away the 0.5-metre tall idol (Balibimbam) made of five kilos of Panchaloha alloy after breaking open the sanctum sanctorum of the Echillam temple. The theft was noticed by priest Krishnan Namboothiri when he reached the temple for the morning Poojas at 5.00 am Friday.

The temple was closed on Thursday after the evening Poojas at 7.00 pm, Namboothiri said. According to the police, the burglars could have entered the inner circle of the temple after breaking open the lock of the building surrounding the sanctum sanctorum and stolen the idol after breaking the door using a machete.

A machete had been recovered from the crime scene. Some golden ornaments also had been stolen along with the idol from the Echillam shrine. Temple authorities and local residents said Echillam and neighbouring places did not have a history of thefts at places of worship.

On early Wednesday morning, burglars had stolen the gold-plated dome atop the sanctum sanctorum of the Sree Bhagavati temple at Kalluppara near Thiruvalla in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district after killing a temple employee while several gold ornaments of the main idol of the Sree Krishna Swamy temple at Mavelikkara in Alappuzha district were stolen in another incident.

The burglars had stolen the dome of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple at Kalluppara after stabbing employee Gopalakrishna Kaimal to death and tying Chandrasekharan, the watchman of the temple, to a pillar. According to the temple authorities, the dome of the sanctum sanctorum had been plated with ten sovereigns of gold and it could have contained Iridium.

This was christoislamism's handiwork (of that at least there is no question).

Also compare the above items with the timeline of destruction of South Korean Buddhist and Korean native heathen artefacts by christians. Many of which crimes - vandalism, arson even theft - were perpetrated "anonymously" and only a few christians were caught red-handed.

(See www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/2.html and subsequent pages on "Buddhism under Siege in Korea" by christianism, timeline of 1982 to 1998, although it's been ongoing.)

Though my first suspicion for culprit falls on christianism naturally, islam actually can't be ruled out. After all, the history of jihad against heathen India testifies to this as much as the history of the christian crusade against heathen India.

It is this line that makes it more christianism than islam:

"It has always been a practice to lock the Sreekovil with the traditional intricate lock, which however was not done on that fateful day. The watchmen, who were supposed to be on duty were conspicuously missing from their duty spot."

Note: Heathens may be many things, but they never terrorise their own Gods=religion. (By definition and hence in practice.)

E.g. even a heathen Chinese pirate of some centuries back is famously known for building a Daoist temple in specific honour and worship of his beloved Daoist Gods. <- Now people can argue whether this is ethically acceptable or not, but that is beside the point. Whether he was lawfully a criminal or not - i.e. whether he would loot from Chinese government ships or not - he was a most loyal adherent of his Gods and would never have looted from *them*. Same with any Hindoo criminals. (E.g. even I would never loot from loyal Hindoos or their Hindoo Gods.)


Quote:Temple treasure: Evaluation of Vault A contents begins

05/07/2012 14:03:02 PNS | Thiruvananthapuram

Vault A, first of the six secret cellars of the Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple, Thiruvananthapuram holding amazing treasures worth over Rs 100,000 crore, was opened on Thursday morning for evaluation and documentation of the invaluable artifacts, ornaments and other items kept in it.

An expert committee appointed by the Supreme Court for the evaluation and documentation of the six secret chambers in the temple has prepared detailed guidelines for the examination of Vault A. This vault is said to be holding 90 percent of the treasures which gave the Sri Padmanabha temple the status of the richest Hindu shrine in the world.

Vault A is holding a minimum of 300 pitchers made of solid gold, 2,500 Sarapoli Malas (gold chains studded with several diamonds and rubies), several stone-crowns and other items collected there over the centuries. According to the temple records, invaluable articles that had been given to the temple as offerings since Fourteenth Century are kept in this vault.

The cellar was opened once last year with the help of the Fire Force. Examinations were held after filling it with oxygen from outside to avoid accidents in the cellar. The vault is accessed after opening two doors – one made of metal and the other wooden – and removing a rock plate covering the entrance.

Preliminary assumption of the expert committee is that a minimum of four to six months would be required to document and evaluate the articles kept in Vault A. The decision to open the vault was taken by a joint meeting of the Supreme Court-appointed expert committee and the supervisory panel last week.

A committee the apex court had appointed earlier had estimated in July-August, 2011 that the six chambers in the shrine could be holding precious articles worth over Rs 100,000 crore. Vault A is also holding gold in several forms like nuggets and coins.

The vault was opened on Thursday as the scientific assessment of items in vaults C and D was over. Evaluation of the articles in Vault C was completed a month ago while that of Vault D was completed on Monday. Vault D used to be opened five times a year to take out items required for Poojas on auspicious occasions.

On Thursday morning, the Advocates Commission appointed by the Thiruvananthapuram District Court opened Vault A for the expert committee to start evaluation. The committee shifted the contents of the cellar to the specially arranged evaluation room within the temple. The items would be returned to the cellar in steel boxes after documentation and evaluation.

The committee is videographing and photographing each and every item that is being subjected to scientific evaluation and documentation. The installation of equipments imported from Germany for the examination and evaluation of diamonds and other precious stones was completed at the evaluation room by last Sunday.

Historians expect the evaluation of the articles in Vault A to bring up amazing information that could throw light on the history of Travancore whose princes had dedicated the entire assets of the kingdom to Sri Padmanabha, the main deity of the temple. The invaluable items would be shifted to Vault C after strengthening it to ensure foolproof security.

(This is christianism ordering that the Temple's sacred treasure be inventoried. Then when the time is right christianism will try to loot it.)

Read the above in conjunction with:

a. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=15990&SKIN=B

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]Sree Padmanabha's Treasure CD smuggled to Foreign countries[/color]

29/05/2012 12:42:48 Based on Media Reports

Following allegations that the details of the famed inestimable wealth of Lord Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple have leaked outside to foreign hands, the Central Intelligence agencies have swung into action. It has been alleged that a member of the core trusted committee himself is responsible for the leakage of all details pertaining to the wealth contained in the confidential CD. It is said that the details related to the wealth have now been transferred to foreign hands, for the sake of vested interests alone. Intelligence agencies are shocked about the fact that many details related to the wealth are now available in the form of CD and books. The matter has put a blotch and a question mark over the credibility of the trusted core committee members appointed by the Supreme Court.

Only 4 members of the trusted core committee have details pertaining to the contents of vault E, which contains the Lord’s crown, Sharapolimala, an icon of the feet studded with jewels, gold cauldron, jewels that are the size of coconuts. Till now census has been taken with regard to C, D, E. F vaults. The details related to the value of the treasure, which will surpass a million crores are hitherto known only by the committee’s Chairman, experts from Keltron and the Executive Officer of the temple. The details are transferred by them into the server that has been set up inside the temple. The password is known only to the 4concerned. However, the 4 of them do not know among themselves, the password code. Only if the 4 of them come together can the matter stored in the server be transferred to the CD. It is now alleged that the matter that has been transferred to the CD to be submitted to the Supreme Court has now reached the hands of foreign elements.

The big questions arise: How? Who has removed the seal that has been so meticulously cast over the CD cover? And how have the images now been transferred to a spirally bound book? All these queries for which answers are required, will be investigated in depth by the investigating team. Adissenting note which contains details about activities that are taking place, against the interests of the temple, has also been prepared by the temple’s Executive Officer.

The Royal Family has also been intimated about the details of the ‘anonymous’ person who leaked the facets about the treasure by VK Harikumar, member of the inspection team appointed by Supreme Court and Executive Officer of the Temple. The leakage of details has happened inspite of stringent Supreme Court orders specifying that no information regarding the wealth should ever seep out. A copy of the spirally bound book which features the leaked images has also been handed to the Supreme Court. However, the apex court, on its part has not asked for the same either. The intelligence agencies now suspect that the pictures have now reached different corners of the world.

All this, inspite of the heavy security measures adopted, to take care of the temple!

b. AFP via dawn.com/2012/07/06/karachi-police-seize-illegally-dug-gandhara-antiquities/

Quote:Karachi police seize illegally-dug Gandhara antiquities

[Photo caption:] A police official inspects seized ancient statues at a police station in Karachi on July 6, 2012. Authorities in Pakistan’s financial capital seized dozens of precious antiquities belonged to 2,000-old Gandhara civilization, dug-up illegally from the country’s terrorism-torn northwest.—AFP Photo

KARACHI: Authorities in Karachi have seized dozens of precious antiquities dating from Pakistan’s ancient Gandhara civilisation, illegally dug from the country’s restive northwest, officials said Friday.

The haul included statues of Buddha, life-sized idols, bronze artefacts, utensils and decorative plaques, Qasim Ali Qasim, director of Sindh province archaeology department, told AFP.

Police intercepted a flatbed truck in Karachi and found the antiquities from the 2,000-year-old civilisation hidden under plastic and wooden items, officials said.

Senior police official Latif Siddiqui said the driver and cleaner of the truck had been arrested and an investigation was underway.

Qasim said he believed the items had been dug up in Taliban-infested northwest Pakistan and brought to Karachi a piece or two at a time, ready for dispatch to Europe overland via Afghanistan and Central Asia.

“The thieves and mafias involved in this business dig in the northwest, which is filled with Gandhara sites with little control by the authorities,” Qasim said.

“They dug up ancient pieces, accumulated them in Karachi and then sent them to Afghanistan in the garb of a Nato vehicle when they saw Pakistan has reopened the route.”

Gandhara was a Buddhist civilisation that flourished around the modern-day city of Peshawar and in parts of eastern Afghanistan.

(Gandhara was not a "Buddhist" civilisation. It witnessed a phase under Buddhist-rule during which a lot of signature Buddhist artefacts were made.)

Interesting that the paki paper "Dawn" has disabled all comments on their page. I predict it was to save face: on account of all its jihadi visitors saying the Buddhist "idols" needed to be got rid off "so why not make money off of them (helps fund the jihad too) by selling them to the west"?

After all, similarly faithful islamaniacs in Mali have recently blown up mosques/masjids housings islamics for being centres of "idolatry" (they have a point there, at least the al qaeda types are consistent whereas other types of islamaniacs are not)


Quote:Timbuktu shrine destruction 'a war crime'

Islamist rebels in northern Mali smashed four more tombs of ancient Muslim saints in Timbuktu on Sunday as the International Criminal Court warned their campaign of destruction was a war crime.

(Like. I. Care.)

A mosque in the city of Timbuktu, Mali Photo: AFP/Getty Images7:47AM BST 02 Jul 2012

The hardline Islamists who seized control of Timbuktu along with the rest of northern Mali three months ago, consider the shrines to be idolatrous and have wrecked seven tombs in two days.

Mali's government and the international community have expressed horror and outrage at the destruction of cultural treasures in the fabled city, an ancient desert crossroads and centre of learning known as the "City of 333 Saints".

"My message to those involved in these criminal acts is clear: stop the destruction of the religious buildings now," ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda told AFP in an interview in Dakar.

"This is a war crime which my office has authority to fully investigate."

She said that Mali was signatory to the Rome Statute which established the ICC, which states in Article 8 that deliberate attacks against undefended civilian buildings which are not military objectives are a war crime.

"This includes attacks against historical monuments as well as destruction of buildings dedicated to religion," said Mr Bensouda.

On Saturday the Islamists destroyed the tombs of Sidi Mahmoud, Sidi Moctar and Alpha Moya, and on Sunday attacked four more including Cheikh el-Kebir's mausoleum as residents stood by helplessly.

Crying "Allahu akbar" (God is Greatest), the men carrying chisels and hoes smashed the tombs.

(Where are the Indian negationists who're famous for denying that christoislamics destroyed Hindu temples in India for christoislamaniac reasons?

I mean, the islamaniacs are yet destroying even masjids/basilicas/mausoleums/whatever of islamic saints for the crime of "idolatry" with the same cry of Deus Volt/Allahuakbar, so let's stop pretending, ja?)

"There are many of us watching them destroy the mausoleum. It hurts but we can't do anything. These madmen are armed, we can't do anything but they will be cursed that is for sure," a journalist said on condition of anonymity.

He said the destruction at the Djingareyber cemetery ended in the late afternoon, with four tombs in total destroyed. The Islamists also destroyed earthenware jars and other artefacts around the tombs.

The cemetery is situated in the south of Timbuktu in the suburb of the eponymous Djingareyber mosque built from mud in 1327.

Another resident of Timbuktu, a former tour operator, said the Islamists had also threatened to destroy the ancient mosques.

"This morning (Sunday) the Islamists told us that if there are saints inside the mosques, they will also destroy these mosques."

Several saints are buried inside the city's three historic mosques. Timbuktu is also home to 16 cemeteries and mausoleums, according to the UNESCO website.

(Timbuktu's faithful can say goodbye to all 16. Again, not that I care. These mausoleums/mosques were no doubt built on top of native heathen sites. So it's good that the space gets cleared. May the native heathenism take over the sites again.)

The Islamist fighters from Ansar Dine (Defenders of Faith) are among the al-Qaeda-linked armed groups which occupied the north of Mali in the chaos that emerged after a March coup in Bamako.

Their presence in Timbuktu and continued violence in the region prompted UNESCO on Thursday to list the city as an endangered site.

"It is Islam which is good," Ansar Dine spokesman Sanda Ould Boumama said when asked about the outpouring of anger and emotion over the destruction of the mausolea.

"God is unique. All of this is haram (forbidden in Islam). We are all Muslims. UNESCO is what?" Mr Boumama said on Saturday.

He said the group was acting in the name of God and would "destroy every mausoleum in the city. All of them, without exception".

(Is the Indian loser asso.. I mean bleeding hearts assocation listening? And can the Ayodhya negationism team hear this? The above gives all the reasoning they need. When the (more faithful) islamaniacs will blow up islamaniac saints' masjids for being "idolatrous", do ya think they'd have spared the thousands of Hindu temples with the moorties of the innumerable Hindu Gods? No they didn't. And they themselves have documented they didn't, as well as WHY they destroyed it.

The islamic faithful going on a rampage in Timbuktu just gave the Indian christomedia's lie to its face. No more pretending that islam advanced "peacefully" and got converts because of "caste issues" or some such concoction.)

Mali's Culture and Tourism Minister Fadima Diallo on Sunday urged the United Nations to take action to preserve her country's heritage.

"Mali exhorts the UN to take concrete steps to stop these crimes against the cultural heritage of my people," she told UNESCO's annual meeting in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.

"I am pleading for the international community's solidarity," she said, ending her emotional address by saying: "God help Mali".

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon deplored the destruction of tombs, with his spokesman Martin Nesirky quoting him as saying: "Such attacks against cultural heritage sites are totally unjustified."

Mr Nesirky added: "The secretary-general calls on all parties to exercise their responsibility to preserve the cultural heritage of Mali."

Ban also reiterated his support for ongoing efforts of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union and countries in the region to "help the government and people of Mali resolve the current crisis through dialogue."

The attacks were reminiscent of the Taliban blowing up the giant Buddhas of the Bamiyan valley in Afghanistan – an ancient Buddhist shrine on the Silk Road and a world heritage site – in 2001 after branding them un-Islamic.

UNESCO session chairwoman Yeleonor Mitrofanova told a meeting in Saint Petersburg that the destruction was tragic news.

"I appeal to all those engaged in the conflict in Timbuktu to exercise their responsibility – for the sake of future generations, spare the legacy of their past," she said.

[color="#0000FF"]In a matter of months[/color] Mali has gone from one of west Africa's stable democracies to a nation gripped by deadly chaos.

(=Consequence of declared jihad.)

The March 22 coup eased the way for Tuareg separatist rebels – descendants of those who founded Timbuktu in the fifth century – to carry out the armed takeover of an area larger than France they consider their homeland.

However the previously unknown Ansar Dine group fighting on their flanks seized the upper hand, openly allied with al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and have since pushed the Tuareg from all positions of power.

(The jihad is back on in Africa. Including among the 'improperly' converted. I think islamania is consciously consolidating its ummah into true ummah - and wiping out crevices of kafirs where these are found - and then will use that consolidated force of more zealous faithful to jihad the rest of the world afterward.)

The international community fears the vast desert area will become a new haven for terrorist activity and the Islamists have threatened any country that joins a possible military intervention force in Mali.

Source: agencies

Note how the christo world and international christo media goes all sad and vocal when these "cultural heritage" islamist dumps get razed by islamics themselves. The christowest will scream in typical hysterical frenzy - or else condemn solemnly - that this is all part of some "war crime", never mind that chances are 10 to 1 that the islamist "saints" housed in the masjid rubble were probably war criminals in their own right: who convert-or-killed the natives into islam in their time and got commemorated for this since then. (That's what christian basilicas of famous christian santas were often commemorating too: the forcible conversion of masses of natives to the 'true faith'.)

Meanwhile Hindu temple after temple is terrorised by christoislamania in India - with Hindoo temples' religious treasure including even moolamoorties stolen by venomous converts to christoislamism and Hindoo temple caretakers murdered - and one encounters not a blip in the international (forget national) christomedia. They maintain a most careful silence. This calculated silence is another weapon in their current arsenal with which they choose to wipe out heathenism - the native natural traditions of the world - all over the globe.

When the christowest shows any interest in Hindu temples at all it is only for reasons of christogreedy acquisition: as seen in how the christowest has somehow obtained the private CDs inventorising the sacred treasure of the Padmanabha Kovil and regularly acquires - via their own black markets - masses of Hindu temple loot from the "native" christoislamic go-betweens/middlemen procuring these things for them from India.

If people don't want these things continuing to happen to the temples of your Hindu Gods then: all Hindus can pitch in to buy every one of the christoislamic entities in India a one way ticket each to the pardees that is TSP (Terrorist State of Pakistan).

Make a partition forever. And every christoislamic hereafter born (or converted) on Hindu soil - cryptochristoislamics most especially included - can be shipped back to TSP, where it belongs.

But that is exactly what christoislamism doesn't want: it doesn't want *territory* after all, it wants all *humans* - wherever they may be - to have submitted to its non-existent gawd entity (the jeebusjehovallah). If a region of the globe had merely been uninhabited, the christoislamics wouldn't have much cared for it - unless they run out of space in their own turf. But if there exists some place where infidel kafirs still reside, then the christoislamics will make it their first priority to go and start their mindvirus infestation there and take the "nation" (by which they mean population) for christ/allah.
1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16168&SKIN=K

Quote:Our Temples are not your Business establishment

10/07/2012 13:50:10 HK

Thiruvananthapuram: Temples of Hindus are treated as a business investment by our so called ‘SECULAR’ government.When Minority power groups are making sure busy grabbing incentives from the Government , Government is busy looting Hindu religous institutions.

As part of their Temple looting agenda, Travancore dewasom board has introduced a membership program. From now on devotees have to take a 100 Rupees membership to be part of Temple advisory board.The matter was announced and published in the gazette on 5th June 2012. The form can be purchased from the dewasom board office.

According to Gazzette notification , The duty of this Temple advisory board is to assist temple authorities in looking after the comfort and well being of devotes., Providing assistance in ensuring that temple practices are done the right and scientific way,ensuring that measures has taken to keep temple premises neat and clean.

On top of all these the members should act as Marketing Executives to canvass devotees to donate huge amount for the temple and to encourage them to do offerings in temple of hefty amount.

The committee has decided that the advisory boards have a minimum of nine members and a maximum of fifteen. The tenure of each group will be for two years .however this is subject to extension in case of developmental work or unavoidable circumstances, says the notification.

Temples are sacred places for we Hindus, not any Trade union to take membership. Rich or poor both are equal infront of our gods and no government have the right to decide who should administer our temples based on their financial status.

If faith is the only qualification to be part of mosques and churches in our country, why should we Hindus have to take such discriminatory practices devised by those who have Anti Hindu agenda?

A comment:


11/07/2012 03:38:55 Not even a single paise..

Not even single paise should be put into dewaswom board run temple's fund which will reach the hands of a political leader. It will never be spent in the interest of hindus. If you want to do something donate in kind for making the rituals perfect.

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16133&SKIN=B

Quote:RTI Applies to Hindu Temple Alone!

02/07/2012 12:45:19 VSK, Chennai

The Commissioner of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HR&CE) issued a circular to appoint a public information officer for temples administered by trustees. Hereditary trustee of Sri Vengeeswarar Alagarperumal and Nagathamman Koil Devasthanam in Vadapalani filed a writ petition questioning the legality of the circular. Dismissing the writ petition, Justice Chandru said that the temple is a public institution and its activities are covered by the provisions of Right to Information (RTI) Act even if it is administered by hereditary trustees. Hindus feel that the administration of temples need to be governed by a group of eminent Hindus only and not by HR&CE Department. Hindus say is it not an injustice rendered to them?

From the bharatabharati blog

Comments organised in chronological order:

Quote:anonymous, on September 9, 2012 at 2:32 PM said:


[color="#0000FF"]Big temple symbol of religious integrity, says Vatican envoy[/color]

Earlier, he was directed by the temple officials to use the side entrance. An official on condition of anonymity explained, “We allow people of all religions when they are not in their religious attire. However, the envoy was in his religious attire.”

a response to this article, IS

[color="#0000FF"]Yes by making this secular statement, soon in near future there would suddenly appear a cross inside the premises and missionary will start claiming this as their miracle church and occupy the temple[/color]

Posted by boga at 09/09/2012 12:48


First they will declare it belongs to everyone, that 'it's universal' and 'a perfect example of interfaith harmony' etc. Or at least a universal tourist spot/'Indian' heritage.

Then they will sneak their crosses in, demand an alcove and start proselytising.

Quote:anonymous, on September 9, 2012 at 3:44 PM said:


[color="#0000FF"]“The king who built the temple remained a symbol of secularism and communal harmony.” said the Vatican envoy.[/color] Is it so!!! IS , Raja Raja was an ardent Siva Bhakt. The response to the New Indian express report by Boga is on dot with the comments or did the responder read the Hindu report and write this. The Hindu has censored the non-admittance of the envoy thru the main gate news. Editorial hypocrisy.


Earlier, he was directed by the temple officials to use the side entrance. An official on condition of anonymity explained, “We allow people of all religions when they are not in their religious attire. However, the envoy was in his religious attire.”

IBNLive has reported the denial of entry.


Quote:IS, on September 9, 2012 at 6:07 PM said:

The Tanjavur Big Temple is officially an ASI monument and not a traditionally functioning Shiva temple under the HR & CE Dept. (as far as I know; I may be corrected on this point). The ASI permits pujas to go on but I suspect no prana pratishta has been done for decades — it should be done every 12 years — as [color="#FF0000"]the ASI doesn’t want the temple building ‘damaged’ by traditional worship.[/color] So the Big Temple is an official GOI tourist attraction and I am surprised that the temple officials had the gumption to refuse entry to the bishops because they were in their cassocks. Normally anybody can enter and tourist guides take foreign groups in who are always inappropriately dressed (foreign tourists in India always think they are at the beach and dress accordingly). This is not a good policy because the Big Temple sanctum is built joining right on to the main hall (if I remember correctly) so there is not any distance between the Lingam, which is very large, and the tourists. They are separated by a railing only. Usually tourists are kept at a good distance from the deity in the temple sanctum in South India temples.

There is a good article by Sadhu Rangarajan on Raja Raja Chola I and the Brihadeeswar Temple at [color="#0000FF"]bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2010/09/22/rajarajan-the-emperor-of-the-three-worlds-sadhu-rangarajan/[/color]

Of course Raja Raja wasn’t a secularist and was not concerned about religious harmony because it was not an issue during his reign (not up with Raja Raja’s history; there may have been an issue between Shaivites and Jains which went on for some time in Tamil Nadu, but not between Hindus and Abrahamists).

And the bishop isn’t a secularist either, so why is he patting us on the back for an attitude he himself does not have?

[color="#0000FF"]What we do know is that there is no record of Christianity in Tamil Nadu during his period, 10th-11th centuries, which is important information because the Dravidian-ists, supported by the Indian Church, claim Christianity had a good following in Tamil Nadu then and contributed to the theology of Tamil Shaivism (which it didn’t of course).[/color]


Quote:the ASI doesn’t want the temple building ‘damaged’ by traditional worship.
This is christianism. It's most deliberately treating Hindu dharma as a dead religion - preventing Hindus from carrying out the necessary religious rites in their own temples - and instead turning such temples and their moolamoorties into "tourist attractions" for demonstrating "Indian" "civilisation". (Quite like the christogovt has done to famous ancient cave temples, where Hindus are also specifally disallowed from doing traditional poojas. Note, as was said about Rome and observed by the Hellenes: at first christianism particularly went after breaking the continuity of correct rituals at temples, before proceeding to ban Hellenes from temple worship.)

Hindus should reclaim all Hindu sites that the ASI/christian govt is hogging. These things were built by Hindoos for Hindoos to perform Hindooism in alone. They were not built by some loser "secular" (let alone cryptochristo) Indian govt.

Just excerpting the bit that caught my eye. Rest of the article (and its context) at link.

Oh, and the answer to the question "Who did it?"

=> Christianism.


Judicial Activism to Judicial Overreach to Judicial Encroachment: Birth of a Monster

Radha Rajan

07 Sep 2012


Readers are urged not to lose sight of the following facts:

- The central government’s SLP was filed only as an appeal against the Gujarat High Court Order dated 2 May 2006; to emphasise, the UPA government’s SLP in the SC when it was filed on 4 May 2006 concerned itself only with Gujarat and the Gujarat High Court Order

- In February 2005, a division bench in the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court comprising [color="#0000FF"]two Christian judges, Justices Ashok Kumar and Dinakaran[/color] [color="#800080"](Oh look! Cryptochristians)[/color], over-stepping their brief and transgressing the scope of a small case that was before them, ordered the Madurai corporation and all local municipal authorities and panchayats to demolish and remove all encroachments. Considering what we know about these two judges today, it may not be far-fetched to suppose that the judges knew exactly what they were doing and why. Moving swiftly to fulfil the orders of the Madurai Bench, Jayalalithaa’s men went on the rampage bulldozing everything in their path - homes, shops and Hindu temples. Over 250 temples were demolished in Madurai, Tiruchy and Kanyakumari, including temples that had stood for twenty, thirty and even fifty years. Some of the temples and other revered structures threatened with demolition were over a hundred years old! [color="#0000FF"]The samadhi of Muthuswami Dikshitar of revered memory and one of the three Mummurtis or saints of Carnatic Music, the hoary Bhoothalingaswamy temple believed to have been consecrated by Maharishi Patanjali and the dearly loved, famous Madurai landmark Ganesha-under-the-peepul-tree were three such ‘illegal encroachments on public land’ facing Jayalalithaa’s guillotine.[/color]

In this asuric orgy of destruction, only one church and one dargah were demolished.


Hearing on the UPA government’s SLP in the Supreme Court dragged on for two years with no decisive movement forward with regard to the appeal against the High Court Order asking for 1200 temples and 260 Islamic shrines to be removed in Ahmedabad. But in a bizarre turn of events, probably encouraged by the docility with which Hindus in Tamil Nadu accepted the order of Justices Ashokan and Dinakaran and certainly encouraged by the impotence of Tamil Nadu’s Hindus who stood by and watched Jayalalithaa’s government destroy their temples, Sonia Gandhi decided to aim high.

Sonia Gandhi’s UPA, surviving on the jizya being paid in varied forms, decided to offer jizya from the debris of Hindu temples from across the country. In an inexplicable leap even for judicial overreach, on 25-03-2008 the Supreme Court delivered the Order expanding the scope of Sonia Gandhi’s SLP. From Gujarat, the theatre of war against Hindu street temples had expanded to include all States and Union Territories.

“This Court, while issuing notice on the Special Leave Petition on 4th May 2006, had stayed the operation of the impugned order.

Learned ASG states that the Central Government after convening a meeting of all the concerned Secretaries of the respective States would try to take a consensual decision to deal with the problems such as in the present case all over the country and seeks time for this purpose.

Put up after summer vacation”.

It was within the powers of the Supreme Court to reject expanding the original scope of the SLP, to have confined the same to Gujarat and delivered a speedy judgment on the central government’s petition appealing against the Gujarat High Court Order of 2 May 2006.

[color="#0000FF"]Instead, in what is seen by ordinary Hindus as unwarranted activism, the Supreme Court went along with the UPA government and broadened the canvas to now include religious structures (the real target being Hindu temples) throughout the country.[/color]

23 September 2009 – “I had taken a meeting with the Chief Secretaries of the States on 17-09-2009 with a view to evolve a consensus on the problem of encroachment of public spaces by religious structures. I am glad to report that after the meeting the following consensus emerged:

(1) No unauthorized construction of any religious institution namely temple, church, mosque, or gurudwara etc shall be permitted on public street/public space.

(2) In respect of unauthorized constructions of any religious nature which has taken place in the past, the State Governments would review the same on a case by case basis and take appropriate steps. This will be done as expeditiously as possible.

In the light of the above, the matter may be brought before the notice of the Supreme Court for appropriate action. If any affidavit is to be filed a draft affidavit based on the above consensus may be filed in the Supreme Court. I understand the case is coming up for hearing on 29th September, 2009”.

(Signed Gopal K Pillai, Home Secretary, Government of India, to Gopal Subramaniam, Solicitor General of India)

29-09-2009 – After reiterating that no new temple, church, mosque or gurudwara should be allowed to be built on “public streets, public parks or other public places etc, the Supreme Court concluded its Order on the 29th September 2009 with, “In order to ensure compliance of our directions, we direct all the District Collectors and Magistrates / Deputy Commissioners in charge of the Districts to ensure that there is total compliance of the order passed by us. They are directed to submit a report within four weeks to the concerned Chief Secretaries or the Administrators of the Union Territories who in turn will send a report to this Court within eight weeks from today.

List this matter for further directions on 7th December 2009”.

(Justices Dalveer Bhandari and Mukundakam Sharma of the Supreme Court)


But but but... didn't Elst recently promise that Sonia Gandhi was harmless/unimportant/etc? And at most can perhaps be "pressured" by churches to facilitiate... stuff. (I.e. that she can at most be a passive actor for christianism, instead of the active one she is and this despite the pope's call to arms - on Indian soil - to convert Asia in the 3rd millennium. "Onward christian soldiers".)

It's all innocent onlee.

Anyway, Codes of Theodosius and Justinian.
I'm aware this thread is called "DMK's and AP Target - Hindu Temples"

But now a worse threat looms over Hindu temples. Much much worse. Hindoos should be afraid, because this is deeply bad.

A bunch of unheathen losers (Hindu of course) - looking to recapture their ancestors' heathen "culture" (warning bells) - are threatening to invade Hindu temples. In other words, for sentimental reasons, nostalgia, to claim a share in [ancestral] "culture" (or something). Menopause seems to be hitting Indians earlier this generation. (Is this a dietary thing?)

Better description: BR-types threatening to invade Hindu temples. ("BR-types" is such a great phrase! It so accurately describes them! I know it's almost mean, but it's true, therefore one can't fault it, or me for saying it.)


Quote:On The Need to Revive the Temple Culture « The Rediscovery of India by @Sandeepweb

Apparently the Hindoo practise of Hindoos visiting Hindu temples is now something called "Temple Culture". One that is moreover in need of ... uh "reviving". By unheathen Hindus. You know the kind.

It's like the uh.. "rediscovery" of Karnatik Music and of Hindu "art" - after Koenraad Elst (and gang) told nationalistic Hindus they needed to be into doing that sort of thing. (So where was their brain until that time?)

And you thought the article's title was scary. It gets much worse. ("How is this even possible?")

You know the poor Hindoos heathens are in deep trouble when you read the angelsk-powered alienated post-independence "nationalism=Hinduism" generation (etc etc) start their threats with:

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]How often have you heard this refrain or its variants: Naah! I don’t go to temples. I don’t like going to temples…I mean, there’s no point…all that noise, meaningless mantras and rituals…some are so unhygienic…I believe in God but I’m spiritual…after all, Hinduism is a personal religion and I don’t really need to go to a temple to pray….? How often have you yourself uttered this refrain? Answer honestly[/color]

Honestly, is it? Then easy. I don't know *anyone* like that. Anyone. Because I don't know any losers. (I mean in real life. Obviously not counting online which is apparently chock-full of loser vocalists, as seen just above, and which is where all the worst of the "we're Hindus, which means anything really" brigade seems to congregate. But I don't need to count them, as I don't make friends online.)

Oh and contrary to the soundbite excerpted above, the Hindoo temples are about the Hindoo Gods. Hardly the concern of "spiritual" persons threatening "belief" in something called "god" (whatever).

I'm still pinching myself to wake up out of this nightmare. But like the worst kind of nightmare, this one seems pretty real.

Ach nee, bij Donar, they've "discovered" Hindu temples. Now they're going to raid Kovils with their loser BR-ness. [And then next they will all "discover" Karnatik music and threaten to talk about that too (AAaahhhhhh). <- And that will be almost worse than all the Hindu nationalists/whatever writing reams about "art" AKA playing the experts at art connaissance the way they aren't experts at making any. (You know how the phrase goes: "Those that *can't*, talk about it?" <- And that coincidentally is what I always think when I hear of "art connaisseur" type Hindus writing about Hindu "art"/kovil architecture. Privately, I laugh at them. Hysterically. But then, I wouldn't know anything about art myself, unless paw prints over the carpet count?)

Man, and I thought alien dabblers were the scariest. Seems I was wrong again. It's the ethnically Indian losers who go about life treating Hindu religion as a fad: they jump on one side of the street when it all seems drab to them, and then jump the other way when the wind changes (when they think it's all no longer passé) and then they suddenly feel they need to "revive" it.

(And to see them use the word "revival": as if the endless stream of loyal-Hindoos who've ever been getting darshanam of their Gods in their Kovils don't exist, and only what the BR-types have been doing all along counts. They're such losers. Losers are *so* the bane of Hindu religion and of the poor Hindoos.)

So now the tourists who've taken a sudden interest in heathenism (with any luck it won't last) are threatening to go around fingerpointing inside Hindu temple sites accompanied by gushes of "ooooh aaaah, would ya look at that? It must be <insert elaborate bookish descriptions of Hindu iconography>". I.e. playing the sudden know-it-alls who've memorised the book, but don't know the first thing of living Hindu religion. (You know, that's the bit where it all works for you? Never mind.) Or even worse: perhaps they will even be making deeply .... "spiritual" (or whatever) expressions when they invade, playing at recapturing their lost Hindu "feelings"/"experiences". And wanting to take an "active" part in the occasion. Eeewwwwww. The Hindoos - i.e. the steadfastly loyal heathens - should file for a divorce from the gangrene. It's high time.

Is Elst's article on "Hindu survival" to blame? The one where he told his new-agey fanclub to "Go Do Hinduism (but remember rituals are really only for social purposes)"? Then does that mean BR-types read Elst? But surely they must have got the notion from somewhere? I mean, they can hardly have come upon the idea themselves as there's not a brain among them? [Sorry. Though the statement can only count as Below The Belt if it were untrue.]

How to send the urgent message to all the de-heathenised losers (on ALL channels) - and I don't care that they're of Indian ethnicity (irrelevant) - that they can do their sightseeing and regaining of "lost identity" outside of southern (especially Tamizh) Hindu kovils. Translation: Get Lost.

I seriously suggest Hindoos of other states issue the same ban, because Hindooo temples are not "Indian heritage" or "Hindu culture". They're HindOO religion. Notice the double-o: reserved for heathens who were *always* - and loyally - heathen.

Because, no NO, these things Do Not belong to "everyone" who calls themselves "Hindu". It belongs to Hindoo heathens only. I.e. those who were *always* Hindoo heathens - from childhood and all through their adult lives - loyal to the Gods. And it does not belong to the loser-type Indian Hindus who dilly-dally between sentimental religiosity in childhood, and foot-loose borderline agnosticism (at times coupled with nationalism) in their teens and twenties, and who then regularly (pattern!) rush back to fashionably dabble in Hindu religion - dubbed "Temple culture" by them now, since doesn't every loser want "culture"? - when they feel the middle-age of 30 or the old age of 40 creeping up on them.

I haven't even read the rest of the article but a glance over it has already shown me they're the self-declared expert kind (they're talking, right?):

- threatening to explain yagnyas to readers (even my old relatives didn't threaten to explain yagnyas to me, but then, they were Hindoos. They just did their thing, and us little ones watched/listened and, of course, played in the background).

- and threatening to explain what Hindu Temples "actually" mean. Maybe Sandeep-type persons will next write all this in pamphlet form and pass it round Hindoos who regularly visit their Kovils, all of whom are clearly in need of enlightening?

Whereas if I want to "know" about Hindoo temples, I ask Hindooooos.

But what is it about Indians that they reach menopause, get all emotional owing to the hormonal changes and hence prone to "finding" (discovering) "religion" at this stage in their little lives.* A la Yoginder Sikhand's even more extreme threat to u-turn - from extreme ant-Hinduness and not merely subversive alienation - into sentimentality, when he hit male menopause/when it hit him earlier this year. (He's even more unwelcome to attempt to revert. But as he sounds Sikh by name, he is probably/hopefully threatening to start dabbling in Sikhism and not Hindoo-ism. Phew.)

I mean, it's not like all these people have suddenly caught sight of the Gods and hence have a valid reason for u-turning into sudden religiosity. No. As always, it is sentimentality - the hormonal upheaval during their menopause - that caused them to hit reverse. One can't take these people seriously. Everything about them is unreliable. They're not steadfast. They have no loyalty. They blow whichever way with the wind.

They have no character. Eeww. They're like faceless entities that you can easily mentally-manipulate.

Nothing more unattractive.


=Secularism. And Alienation. And Subvertibility. (Self) de-heathenisation. And any eventual sentimental attempts at u-turns during hormonal flux, or because it's the fashion. Or as a last-ditch attempt by "nationalism" to salvage "culture" (i.e. to turn Hinduism into an heirloom of the Undead=Hindus in whom heathenism died a long time ago). Whatever the excuse, it's all gangrene. And gangrene must be kept away from Hindoo temples.

Anyway. And all this is why I know that (=prediction based on educated guessing, I'd be open to taking bets, but -hopefully- I won't be alive to see this happen) when today's and future Hindu generations - being so diluted - have finally killed Hindu religion (by subverting themselves out of it and subverting it), some centuries from now their pathetic ethnic descendants are going to get the brilliant idea of "let's reconstruct Hindu paganism" into their heads. Fortunately, nothing works for aliens, of course.

(A generation can be alienated. But long-term alienation in society produces aliens. I.e. no reversion to heathenism is possible. Heathenism ricochets off their brain.)

[* Must be like how in catholicism/christianism, they "backslide" until they hit menopause and then suddenly become "practising" catholics again and others become "born again" fundy types. But then christianism welcomes and promotes loserness: christianism was never particular about quality, after all, only quantity. Quite the opposite of heathenism, which values quality (of character) above all else.]

Disclaimer: If I sound mean and unforgiving in the above - <- hey, that can be like a one-line description of my person! (maybe I should put it on my CV? It's a talent, no? And one I seem to be forced to use repeatedly online...)

if I sound mean and unforgiving in the above, it's because, when it comes to human qualities, there's nothing one dislikes more than weakness of character (subvertibility/unreliability is included in that). I suspect it's something all humans instinctively dislike.

It's the first thing I sniff people for in the real world, to work out whose company I should studiously avoid.
Quote:BR-types threatening to invade Hindu temples.

They don't call it the "frenemy forum" for nothing!
Speaking of christian terror (since christianism IS financing islamic jihad against Hindus, which essentially means the jihad/terror is AT LEAST as much christianism's handiwork as that of islam), can see below how a most determined christoterrorist desperately tries to distract from christo-funded islamic terror by instead referring to the careful christian concoction of "Hindu terror". All because Hindus dare to protest the incessant mushrooming of christian terror centres (known as "churches"):

1. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...189&SKIN=B

Quote:Flutter over Bishop's Hindu terror remark

18/04/2013 23:43:37 http://newindianexpress.com/states/tamil...548344.ece

Bishop M Prakash, Chairman, Tamil Nadu Minorities Commission, created a flutter at a press conference held in the presence of Collector Archana Patnaik and Superintendent of Police T Senthil Kumar at the Collectorate here on Tuesday by saying that Hindu terrorists were objecting to the construction of churches.

However, he [color="#0000FF"]retracted his words after some electronic media persons played his recorded voice and said that his statement would have serious repercussions if it was published or telecast.[/color] Realising his blunder, he defended himself, saying that he referred to Hindu fanatics and not terrorists.

[color="#800080"](Look who's talking of terror. His brothers-in-christ all over the world are lavishing billions on the jihad. In fact, it's quite likely he collects for them, since he works in an official christist political position of "TN Minorities Commission" which is exactly the sort of place where ideas on funding and directing the jihad are brewed.

Deport Deport Deport the bishop and his gang to Pukestan.)[/color]

Going a step further to convince reporters he said, “I am a Christian but most of my relatives are Hindus. [color="#800080"](translation: "I am sadly still in the process of converting them to christianism")[/color] I respect all religions. [color="#800080"](translation: doublespeak for "Hindus are terrorists/fanatics like I just said")[/color] During my visit to various districts, Christians complained that Hindu fanatics are objecting and blocking the construction of churches. Christians also complained that Vinayakar temples are being constructed everywhere, but it is difficult to get permission to construct churches and mosques. It is the voice of the Christians and not mine. Hence I ask Collectors and SPs to permit the construction of churches in TN.”

[color="#800080"](Deport Deport Deport the bishop's gang - those christians he mentions - to TSP where they belong. The country was partititioned for a reason: so all the monotheists=terrorists could huddle together. Instead of huddling/conspiring together in India, as they're doing now, they can move to TSP and plot/rot there.)[/color]

When pointed out that the Collectors and the Superintendents of Police had the right to refuse permission in some cases to prevent law and order problem in their respective districts, Bishop Prakash said that the commission would cooperate with the Collector and the SP in such cases.

2. One of the comments at HK indicates why and hence where the churches are mushrooming:


Quote:how many Hindus are converting to Christians every year!!! I think a huge, i recently visit Palani temple, amazed that near this temple, too many churches seen, how it happened, so last week visit chennai, see that too many Auto Ricksha has Jesus poster! That means large no of Hindus[ Specially poor] converting to Xians, atleast Hindu organisations like RSS/ VHP should monitor otherwise this will go alarmly..
(Christianisation - and islamisation - of TN is indeed proceeding at a disconcertingly rapid pace. But there have been significant numbers of cryptochristists for over a decade now, trying to meddle with TN's future as a Hindu Indian population. Cryptochristianism should have been exposed long ago.)

Locus of church-building - such as is going on in the example of Pazhani above - indicates that missionising the unconverted heathens attached to the temple is christianism's primary target here: it shows that christianism is in deep consternation about how masses of Hindoos can yet be seen thronging to see the Pazhani ANDavar (+ Spouses) in his Kovil, and hence HAVE to suffocate/end such paganism by building churches all around it, to encircle the Hindus and create a bottleneck to finally throttle them into christianism. And to convert sacred Hindu space into christian space by first creating a christian majority region there. (A la what they've been doing near Tirupati etc. And have already succeeded doing in Kanyakumari.)

Actually, it's not just christianism that uses this technique as a means of trying to convert a heathen population...

3. And on the matter of how churches cornering Hindus in Hindu space eventually turns into outright encroachment on Temple lands:


Quote:Temple land encroached by CSI Church - Hindus protest in Erode

13/04/2013 01:06:49 VSK Chennai

Erode Hindus Demand “Throw Out The CSI”; 700 Women Devotees Court Arrest

It is the 15 acres of land in the heart of Erode, a district headquarters in Tamilnadu, [color="#0000FF"]usurped by the Church of South India (CSI),[/color] that hit the headlines once again. It belongs to the ancient Periya Mariamman temple, according to the 'Movement for Retrieving Periya Mariyamman Temple Land' comprising devotees of a Kali temple centrally located in the bustling commercial town. The Movement organised [color="#0000FF"]a Pongal (cooking rice Prasad) programme in front of the temple on April 4 , 2013 to demand the government to throw out the illegal occupants of the temple land, the CSI[/color] in this case.

700 women devotees tried to perform the pongal programme on the road in front of the temple and were arrested by the police. Thus the Hindus justified their demand for the temple land. The Movement is in fact a three year old struggle. (More than 3,000 women and members of the Movement took out a massive procession with lamps at Erode on February 15, 2013, urging the State government to initiate immediate efforts to retrieve the lands belonging to the temple from encroachers. A large number of women from different parts of the town gathered on the Eshwaran temple premises and lit the lamps before carrying them in a procession, which culminated on the Periya Mariamman temple premises. A unique Bandh that was total and without any untoward incidents was held on May 28, 2010 at Erode by the Movement pressing the same demand).

Because the Hindoos love their Gods.

But Emperor Julian said it better, of course: was it not something like "For zeal to do all that is in one's power is in truth a proof of piety".

Yeah, what he said. Yet more Proof of Piety by the Hindoos. Anno 2013.
2 items on Hindu temples many centuries old being destroyed and vandalised/deliberately de-sanctified by [the "secular" arm of] christianism.

1. Christianism always goes for a secular-looking murder of heathen temples where possible. In such cases, the "secular" cryptochristian government follows the tactic that the christoBrits did so well in destroying Hindu temples: "it's for secular/political reasons onlee". Yes of course it was.

Christians will screech about how a mere-100 year old church is "ancient" and that the government should therefore build around the ugly christian obstructions where they're in the way of national construction plans. Yet, the same christian govt that is so ready to fall in with the wishes of their christian sheep is, of course, ready to mow down yet another ancient Hindu temple. This Hindu temple is so old that it was already there (for who knows how long) in Tirugnyaanasambhandar's time: he famously visited it - it was already in existence 1500 years ago. To place it into perspective, the Temple already existed (those 1500 years ago) when the Roman empire was still around and a significant number of the ancient Hellenes yet survived. The temple was already around about a 150 years give or take after Julian. And 525 CE was about the time that Buddhism was introduced in Japan. I.e. whenever the Hindu temple may have been built in TN, it is older than anything Buddhist in Japan.

Oh, it seems the matter is worse than I thought. Last time I saw the news on this temple at the following site - which was some months ago - the Hindoos were celebrating an obviously pre-mature victory: the bhaktas' mass protest and appeal to save their Temple of their Gods had then succeeded - or so they imagined - as the christogovt pretended it was going to leave the temple alone. But you know christianism's motto: Try Try Again until the heathens' temples are all destroyed.

So the matter's back as main news/main appeal at:


Quote:[color="#FF0000"]Manampadi Temple under Threat

Save our temple

On the proposal from National Highways Authority of India to widen the Highway near Manampadi (between Thirupanadal and Kumbakonam - NH 45C) by grabbing a large area of the Temple, renovated by Rajendra Chola.

We earnestly appeal to each one of you to spare 5 minutes to lodge an online complaint to NHAI and also write to Tamilnadu Chief minister's cell. Your support for this noble cause will be highly appreciated.

The demolition spree of the National Highways Authority of India seems to be unabated. In the name of widening the road between Vikravandi and Thanjavur (NH 45 C), it threatened the Temple at Panayapuram during last year. Though the Temple belongs to the Chola period and sung by Thirugnanasambandar some 1500 years ago in Thevaram Hymns, the NHAI turned a deaf year on requests made by the locals and other devotees to spare the Temple. It went ahead and sent the surveyors to make marks which happened to be well within the Temple premises. This was an unbearable rude shock not only for the devotees but also to those who love our rich Heritage. Thiruvathirayan Thiruvarut Sabha swung into action by registering an online complaint with NHAI and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's cell. It also wrote letters to HR&CE and the press about the need to halt the proposed demolition. CM's cell acknowledged the complaint and routed the same to the Chief engineer of the project,based in Thanjavur. The locals also met Villupuram Collector and pleaded for his intervention. God 's mercy has finally saved the Temple and the talks on the proposed demolition got faded.

This Highway passes through a tiny village called Manampadi near Cholapuram,between Thiruppanandal and Cholapuram. Sri Naganathaswami Temple at Manampadi was renovated by Rajendra Chola and it is known for its marvellous sculptures. Since the Temple is not far away from the road, the NHAI may be of the opinion to grab it without any difficulty.

Now it is time again for all devotees to raise up and protest the step taken by the dept. HR&CE dept of the Govt of Tamilnadu should lead the fight and save the Heritage structure. We have already lodged an online complaint to NHAI and request others to follow suit. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister may use her good offices to impress the Central Govt to drop the proposal.

The TN CM (Joylolita again I think) is a crypto-catholic. Pleading to her is no good. Because this is all part of her intention (same as that of the crypto christian DMK govt before her). It's why she orchestrated the deliberated unjust arrest of the Kanchi Swamis.

The Tamizh version of the horrific news above can be read further down at the same link, at shaivam.org/events/evn-20130503-maanampadi.htm

It also offers details about where Hindoos can send their complaints, in case complaints may achieve anything more than temporary. It's possible that Hindus may postpone the evil day for a few months more, and keep doing so indefinitely until one day their vigilance wanes. And then ... christianism will pounce.

2. Recall that the cryptochristian govt-imposed "HRCE" department is the secular-looking hand of christianism behind dismantling (the sanctity of) Hindu temples. It is how a cryptochristian government works in a heathen nation, in the beginning.

The following is a Hindu temple that is older than the 14th century CE: since it's mentioned it was already there when the Kavi Kalamegham resided there and he's apparently dated to that time.

Quote:'Secular Carvings' - Atheist EVR and Fraudster Theresa adorn this century old temple!

02/06/2012 00:09:13

To know the extend of degradation happened to Hindu pride in Tamilnadu, have a glance at this ‘Secular Carvings’ which adorn this temple. No, this is not in any of those modern Ashrams by Missionaries to fool Hindus, But from a centuries old temple. This is only one of the temple which underwent ‘secularisation’ under Tamilnadu Government’s HR & CE department. To add salt in the wound in the Hindu pride they cleverly chose the likes of EVR ((Hardcore atheist who once garlanded SriRam with a garland of shoes ), Mother Theresa and Annadurai! Again money for all this ‘Renovation’ in this century old temple was collected in a massive fund drive among local devotees.

Read the full report at B Shantanu's blog


So that links the following article by Shantanu. There are more links in the body it, but see his own page for that.


Quote:Of Secular Carvings, Sacred Spaces and Agama Violations

1 June 2012 1,105 views 14 Comments

Dear friends, I am not sure how many of you will be shocked and outraged by what I am about to share with all of you. I was more than shocked and outraged, I was aghast and furious; and determined to do something about this. But first, a sad story of government invasion of sacred spaces (aka “management” of temples by government controlled “Trusts”), “secular” carvings, Agama violations and outrageous “renovations”. As some of you may know, I am very time-constrained at present so this post is more in the nature of rough note based on a few bullet points. It does manage to convey all the relevant points though. Read on:

The Kalamangalam temples in Erode Taluk

■Kalamangalam is located in Southern bank of Cauvery river 15 km from Erode to Karur road. It is one of the traditional “Kaani” Village in Poondurai country out of it 32 Kaanis, since Chera Maharaja times. It comprises 18 villages

■Kulavilakkamman temple (form of Badrakaliamman) is a “Kaani” temple for 18 villages. The village also contains Bhuloganayaki Sametha Mathyapureeswarar temple and Bhudevi Neeladevi Sametha KalyanaVaradharajar temple.

â– These temples are managed traditionally by Kanna Gothra Konga Vellalar community (see additional information on the Kongu Vellalar community here; also here)

â– The Kulavilakkamman temple is now under the management of HR&CE appointed trustees from Konga Vellalar community, since 1960s.

Apparently, the “commercialization” of the temple and the entry of “politics” into this sacred space started in 2007 when a massive fund-raising drive was launched (with publicity) for the purpose of renovation and consecration of the temple. I do not know exactly how much money was collected but it was enough to do a number of things in the name of “temple renovation”. These included:

â– Removal of statues of horses, cows and elephants on the ground that they were not in good condition (but photographs suggest otherwise)

â– Removal of the Nagar statues in the north west corner

â– Steel roofs around the temple premises that hid the view of the Gopura Kalasam (a major violation of the Agama Shastra; see this and this; also this for more on Agama Shastra)

â– Marble flooring that was slippery and another Agama violation

Around the same time apparently, a proposal was mooted to rent out the temple for marriage purposes and charge money for it. You can see some photos of the “work” here.

(That is typically christian handiwork. The same christianism that was behind insisting that women of a certain agegroup should be allowed in Shabari temple despite this specifically not being part of the temple's tradition, the same cryptochristianism that aggravated about how Tamizh songs *should* be sung to Chidambara Nataraja from a location where they were not meant to be rendered as per the temple's tradition and wanted the times for rituals at Chidambaram changed to the wrong times, etc etc.

But Hindus appear to obstinately refuse to recognise the obvious christian fingerprint - even when this is part of the very grip that is going to choke you to a brutal death.)

But worse was to come…

Sometime during the last few years, the eastern doors of the temple were replaced(?) with ones that had carved faces of – among others – EVR (who apparently once garlanded SriRam with a garland of shoes), Mother Teresa, Annadurai and Abdul Kalam (see here). The walls were further defaced by engraving the names of trustees on them.

Worse, the roof angles made for the “godown-like” structures initially carried the DMK symbol, Rising Sun which were eventually removed after opposition from the devotees (pl see pics at the link above & if you wish to see more, pl leave a comment below).

The final aggravating act for the devotees of the Kulavilakkamman temple was the consecration of the temple in February 2011 in violation of the established rituals and Shastras. Apparently, this was done in spite of the entreaties of the traditional Sivacharya.

The temple is a “living” example of Chola architecture and the Vijayanagara style – besides being a few centuries old – and on the basis of being a protected monument, it should not have been violated in this manner. Sadly, people who protested have apparently been threatened with false cases; unsurprisingly, no one is prepared to come out publicly on this. The story would have remain buried among the locals were it not for the effort of some keen Bhaktas who were aghast with these developments and decided to share it with the wider world.

Please share this tale of egregious and outrageous behaviour among your friends and family – especially those from Tamil Nadu. Needless to add, please keep an eye out for any such work or activities in any sacred places you visit. If you spot something like this, pl send me details and I will be happy to share it on the blog. As for this particular matter, a legal case is now being prepared, complaints have been filed and hopefully we will see a resolution in due course. Thanks to Radha-ji for alerting us to this and sharing with the wider community. I have additional photographs and links to some videos of these violations in case anyone is interested.

Related Post: On Ancient Temple, Mosques, Highways and Airports

Also read: Of Hindu Temples, Forms of Gods and Mother Teresa (Link goes to a piece on a UK Hindu temple that has acquired a statue or pillar engraving or something of "Mother Teresa" and apparently willingly hosts this grotesque monstrosity in the temple for whatever reasons. Not that I care about temples in the UK or irgendwo, anyway... They're built Yesterday in sites that - let's be honest - are not places where the Hindu Gods manifested, but are rather of a country that is the abode of the Gods of the natives.

A pity that Hindus didn't fashion a Donar vigraha or one of a Celtic God/dess out of respect for the locals' ancestral Gods and in memory of the ancient genocided heathen natives who died loyal to their Gods. Hindus could have offered worship to these asking for the welfare of their heathens and return to ancestral heathenism of their own peoples. But Teresa? Sigh.)

P.S. Poet Kalamegham of 14th century (who sung like dark clouds lashing rains) lived in this Eswar temple and hence the town was renamed after him as Kalamangalam from Mathyapuri. This village is in centre (madhya) of the river Cauvery’s length & breadth, hence the earlier name.

(Note: the references to "DMK" are merely references to christianism's temporary cover in TN, since DMK is a cryptochristian christianising movement, same as LTTE. The first step of all christianisation is de-heathenisation, after all. Christianism tends to do this by replacing local Hindu identity with intermediate identity via the temporary cover. Then christianism replaces this intermediate identity with itself: conscious christianisation of the de-heathenised. Like a lot of LTTE and DMK entities are actually christian.)

Anyway, anyone who can't see the hand of christianism behind all this, will doubtless be done in by christianism while never being the wiser for it. (Well, it's certainly one way of going and the old adage does go "ignorance is bliss" or something.) Hindus insist on being doomed to blindness, it seems.
^ Don't know the present state of the 5th century Temple to Shiva that was threatened above. BUT:


Quote:HR&CE razes Vijayanagar era temple

20/06/2013 03:44:19

In an act of inexcusable sacrilege, the beautiful [color="#FF0000"]thirteenth century Adinarayana Perumal Temple, Pazhaverkadu (Pulicat), was bulldozed and destroyed by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments department (HR&CE), on June 13, 2013. The ruination took place in the name of temple renovation, leaving devotees shattered, and reduced to tears. Since there was no advance information regarding the proposed razing of the temple, no preventive steps were possible in time.[/color]

[color="#800080"](It's how crypto-christianism works, duh.)[/color]

Adinarayana Perumal Temple, Pazhaverkadu, is one of the rarest architectures in south India. It is a marvel of laterite blocks, and is famous for its Ramayana miniature sculptures. The vimana (tower) was made using limestone. Now it is completely demolished.

Devotees from Chennai and neighbouring districts who visited the temple on hearing the news learnt that the temple had fallen into disrepair owning to local village disputes, and had been closed for over twenty years. [color="#0000FF"]Though it was the responsibility of the HR&CE department to protect the temple, it did not perform its duty. HR&CE charges hundreds of crores as administration charges.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Again: that's exactly how christianism works.)[/color]

Read full report by Gomathi Chetti @


Christianism is very clearly behind this. But Hindus tend not to see it. Never mind that the same pattern's been repeated in so many places in the world.

Anyway, I observe Hindus are left crying yet again. (See? Christian "magic".) There will be more to cry over soon, seeing as Hindus refuse to act.

(RSmith, in his work Julian's Gods informs usSmile

Quote:Sixty years earlier, Apollo had spoken through his oracle at Didyma to demand a general persecution of the Christians who hindered his prophecies: in the aftermath, his shrine and his priests had suffered for it.28 With the coming to power of Julian, he could look for better things. The Emperor became his prophêtês,29 and the Milesians were pleased to declare on a dedication in his honour that they tended the Apollo of Didyma.30 At Delphi, too, it is possible, someone who loved the god was willing to let the Emperor know his need:

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]Go tell the king: Apollo's lovely hall

Is fallen to the ground. No longer has the god

His house, his bay-leaf oracle, his singing stream.

The waters that spoke are stilled.[/color]

There is no knowing whether the author of those lines wrote in hope or resignation,31 but the poem bears eloquent witness to the bond that linked the Muses and pagan piety, and to the depth of feeling that the mixture could inspire. It spoke of things that Julian held dear and resolved to preserve.

"There is no knowing whether the author of those lines wrote in hope or resignation,"

It was resignation. I know it was.

I would pay in my blood to borrow the Hellenes' emperor Julian in the flesh for the Hindu cause for even just a little while.

And while I'm wishing in vain anyway for retribution and restitution, I throw in a plea most desperate to Father Zeus for borrowing the other famous God-like ones of his, like the Tydeides (Diomedes I mean) for offence, the [Telamonian] Aias for defence, and the famous unequalled Peleides of course, and also that other one of their esteemed company whose counsel was famed as equal to that of the Aegis-bearing Zeus himself. Indeed, all the armies of the Achaeans and of holy Ilios. (This time not to be led by the Atreidae, but over all to be governed by the mind and heart of the aforementioned Roman emperor, whose brain by all accounts is apparently equal to his brawn and bravery. And it's brains that Hindus really need.)

Because Hindus have no heroes to lead them, and are in disarray without leadership. The Hindu laity - a heathen species that, though exceptionally brave for a populace and ready to sacrifice even themselves when needed - having lost kShatriyas in positions of power, the Hindoo laity have at present been left with that Achilles' Heel that they are regularly hijacked by cowards pretending at being intellectuals (but who can't even argue their way out of a paper bag, I note/laugh/jeer) and who are often anti-Hindus and subversionists in disguise. And then there are of course the unspeakable traitors in our midst. And the subversionists and self-deheathenising and other such...losers.

So actual hērōes would make a welcome change therefore. I would have asked (of the Hindus' Gods) for our own ancient heroes, but I doubt these would now want to stir us even with their toe, blighted as we are under the traitors' curse and often falling of own accord under subversionists' vile spell (or with tendency to).

But, seeing as even the GrecoRomans were not given - in their hour of greatest need - all what I've asked for of their own Gods, then I reduce my request to the first one: please great Kronion and Helios too, give us at least that God-like Julian for a space. What may he not do for us? And he being compassionate beyond all reason, he may not kick us as we deserve, but might cut off the loathsome gangrene and free us from it and then wipe out the terrorisms plaguing the Hindu homeland and tormenting the Hindus. He would find he has a loyal and valiant gang in the Hindoos. The Hindu laity, after all, are deserving. They are guilty of no treachery and no self-subversion. They deserve no such punishment as is destroying them by means of others' crimes at present.

It was a nice dream. While it lasted. It is the waking to reality that is difficult.

Because I forgot. Nothing stopped the destruction of the Native Americans, the Greeks and Romans, the crushing of the spirit of Africans and various heathens of Europe/thereabouts. Why should Hindus matter any more than them? And especially now, when in our ignominy we compare less favourably even. Ach, Hindus should have made a sacrifice of the traitors. (But I doubt the Gods - Greek, African or Hindu or other - would accept it.)

[color="#0000FF"]Here's another wish then, I've wished for it long now: that Modi or any actively/consciously Hindu leaders and officials all over the country would take some southern Vedabrahmanas in tow and go on a yatra throughout the country and conduct both Paustikam and Abhicharikam yagnyas in every state. The Hindu laity in each state can chip in the material, monies, locality and organisation necessary to execute the event in their state.[/color] Also, do it as privately as possible, so crypto-terrorists/rakShasas don't start baying about the "environment" or shaheeding themselves by blowing things up, and so mlecchas/alien dabblers/poachers/converts/asuras don't know to come sneaking to peek despite being disinvited. Even in general, perhaps better not to make these some "public event", can leave that for happier yagnyas in the future.

[No doubt NSR or any other such hysterical anti-Vedic 'Hindu' harpies will shriek "NOOOO, not the Vedic rituals!" But they're always welcome to fall off a log/throw themselves off one, if that will make them happier.]

But are Hindus not so desperate yet? Then wait longer still and I am sure they will be, but then they may have nothing left to have to save.

And after all, all the ancient and later (but still old) kings from N to S and E to W, as well as Hindu lit even as wide-ranging as the likes of the Kama Sutra, affirmed self-evidently that the Vedam *works*. [IIRC even KS declared something in its opener along the lines of how "that abhichaarikam works is [so obviously] beyond all doubt" oder etwas.]

Why not try, therefore? What more than money or materia or a little more time is to be lost - especially compared to all of this kind as has been lost so far - if it turns out to be "wasted" effort. (Hope is already lost, and only desperation remains. Desperation then must suffice.) And every single fool's suggestion has been tried already. The converse is that Hindus themselves will go to waste. So can either try now or never again have chance to.


Quote:HR&CE razes Vijayanagar era temple

20/06/2013 03:44:19

In an act of inexcusable sacrilege, the beautiful [color="#FF0000"]thirteenth century Adinarayana Perumal Temple, Pazhaverkadu (Pulicat), was bulldozed and destroyed by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments department (HR&CE), on June 13, 2013. The ruination took place in the name of temple renovation, leaving devotees shattered, and reduced to tears. Since there was no advance information regarding the proposed razing of the temple, no preventive steps were possible in time.[/color]
But when the region becomes more significantly christian in terms of demographics, especially when it becomes majority christian region, it all starts looking less secular and just openly christian. As in:


Quote:Christian opposition to TTD's plan for Lord Balaji temple in Kanyakumari

15/06/2013 12:36:19 Courtesy VSK Chennai

Lord Balaji of Tirupati is due to come and reside in a piece of land (named as Tirupati Puram) offered by Vivekananda Kendra in Kanyakumari. Bhumi Pooja was performed for the construction of a temple for Lord Venkateswara on June 4.

The temple will have all the amenities on the lines of temple at Tirupathi with goshalas, veda padasala, marriage hall, anna prasada bhavanam. It all began thus: 5 lakh people participated in the Srinivasa Kalyanam (a ritual reminiscent of the marriage of Lord Srinivasa and Goddess Padmavathi) at the Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari held in the year 2010. Overwhelmed by this response, TTD officials were prompted to think the Lord’s way of conveying that he wanted to be in Kanyakumari.

Vivekananda Kendra has donated 4.68 acres of land to Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) for this purpose.

Meanwhile, Christuva Munnetra Iyikkiyam (Forum for Uplift of Christians) President Yesuraj submitted a petition to the Collector Nagarajan opposing the construction of temple, stating that as the minorities are not allowed to construct church as per law, the same rules should also be applied to the Hindus, the petition said.

A comment remarked on that last li(n)e by christoliar Yesurogue:

Quote:Hemambika Priya

21/06/2013 03:47:38 Christian opposition to TTD'S

I am unable to understand as to what is meant by " minorities are not allowed to construct church as per law", could you please clarify what is meant by this ? I have travelled to many European and American states, nowhere can we find such gigantic churches as in Kerala. The entire National Highway is dotted with [color="#FF0000"]gigantic churches, all sporting the newly copied trend of having a Kodimaram or Dhwajastambham.[/color] In fact some junctions are crowded with so many churches, road-end, turnings are all having a church of some kind. These were the people who were favoured by our Maharajahs by free gifts of land to construct churches. How the situation has now changed, even to construct in our own land we need their consent ! Awaken Hindus and re-establish your supremacy.

Quote:But when the region becomes more significantly christian in terms of demographics, especially when it becomes majority christian region, it all starts looking less secular and just openly christian.
Actually, whenever a region becomes a majority christian-hellhole, the situation just turns into India's northeast (or Greece/Rome etc): Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh etc etc, where Hindus get ethnicly cleansed and Swamis get openly murdered and temples openly demolished by christian terrorist outfits.
X-posting from the UPA's christian agenda (aka christian UPA govt) thread, since the following is about Hindu Temples:

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17820

Quote:RBI asks Kerala temple boards about gold stocks.

05/09/2013 11:15:45 www.business-standard.com

Temple boards in Kerala have received a letter from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) seeking details of the stock of gold in their possession, a temple board official said Thursday.

Speaking to IANS, a top official of the famous Guruvayoor Devasom Board said a letter has been received from the RBI seeking details of gold stocks it holds.

"I have passed on the letter to the managing committee of the temple, as all policy decisions are taken by the committee," the temple official, asking not to be identified, said.

The majority of temples in the state comes under the five different Devasom Boards, of which the Travancore Devasom Board is the biggest, with the famous Sabarimala temple falling within its jurisdiction.

Regional Director Salim Gangadharan of the RBI, speaking to IANS, confirmed that a letter has been sent, but clarified: "The RBI has no plans to buy gold, and this exercise is nothing but part of a statistical exercise."

Read More : www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/rbi-asks-kerala-temple-boards-about-gold-stocks-113090500771_1.html

Also important to note are the comments by some member of the ummah - desperate to peddle demonstrable falsehoods (but then, christoislam is the religion of lies, so I suppose one shouldn't hold it against the little islamaniac) - plus the responses given him by Hindu commenters like "JPS Nair" etc.


2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17803&SKIN=B

Hands off from our Temples

01/09/2013 13:03:29 G.V. Chelvapilla

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17802&SKIN=B

We will oppose govt's move to take over gold from temples: BJP

01/09/2013 13:01:08 PTI

Moral, or: Why christian protectionism by the "sensitives" among Hindus was a Bad idea (but too late now):

Quote:Detect the christian hand - same as in ancient Rome

Rome, 4th century:

'The most effective way for Julian to further his cause was to do all he could to ensure that the worship of the Gods was firmly linked to the material prosperity of the Empire in the minds of his subjects. That, above all, was what Constantine had done for the Church. Behind the success of his reforms had stood the brute force of money.135 Vast sums were spent on the building of basilicas, and there were grand endowments of land to the Church. That land, moreover, was to be exempt from tax. Clerics were excused the burden of costly public offices, even personally subsidized. There were food allowances for Christian widows and nuns. To pay for it all, Constantine looked to a source of funds accumulated over centuries: the huge treasure house of precious metals lying to hand in the ancestral temples. PAGANS, IT HAS BEEN NICELY SAID, HAD FINANCED THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION. 136 Julian's most pressing task in this connection was to do the same in reverse, to restore the temples as the perceived focus of public beneficia at the expense of the Church.137

A clear step in this direction came as early as 4 February 362. An edict decreed that temples of the Gods that had been put to improper use should be rededicated, and that those which had been destroyed by the Christians should be rebuilt at the Church's expense.138'

[The above's an excerpt from the excellent book "Julian's Gods" by historian R.Smith]

Could have seen that one coming at least.

If people can't tell it's christianism and very pre-meditated.... well, then, perhaps they shouldn't fight extinction. I mean, let's face it, the deliberately-dumb don't deserve to survive.

If it were "secular", then all religions - and the foreign monotheisms are more affluent - would have been equally affected. Either ALL religions or none of them would have been approached.

But that's not what's happening here. They're after Hindu temples onlee (i.e. they're once more after the majority heathen religion in the land). Which tells you that's it's christianism onlee that's behind it all.

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