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DMK's and AP Target - Hindu Temples
Post 2/2

  • swarajyamag.com/culture/india-has-abandoned-its-gods/

  • swarajyamag.com/culture/operation-hidden-idol-the-struggle-to-bring-back-indian-antiquities/

  • swarajyamag.com/culture/crowd-sourcing-an-idol-hunt/

Some of the comments are beyond anything: speaking of how the stolen moorties belong in "Indian museums", or speaking of them as "Indian antiquities" that can now 'at least' be seen by the whole world when housed in alien museums. They're such post-Hindus. Probably of the "atheist/agnostic Hindu" variety. Only these would call themselves Hindus and yet would speak of Hindoo moorties as "art" or as "world heritage" antiquities or as belonging in "museums". No heathen would ever speak so.

Why do these people even offer their opinion on matters pertaining to Hindoo heathenism=Gods, when they have Nothing to do with this?
Archiving one more related link:

Some also via indiafacts.co.in/weekly-hindu-persecution-digest-7-14-june-2015/


Massive protest against Govt. take over of temple in Kozhikode

(christianism via its "secular arm" of the cryptochristo govt if Kerala under christian Oomen Chandy)


Lord Krishna Temple Desecrated by Planting Buffalo Head

(uncaught but islam)


Amarnath Yatra : Jihadists begin terror spree; Centre warns of strict action



Hindus denied the right to cremate in Meghalaya

(christianism: Meghalaya is christian majority now)
Proof is in: one christist gang headed by a pastor had been caught by the police stealing and selling off temple murtis.

So it's just as I thought. It's the christians=terrorists infesting India that are stealing our temple murtis, smuggling them to foreign countries (=typical Indian christian tactic to enrich the west and destroy Hindoos in one stroke) and making crores worth of Rupees off them. Probably used to fill up the Vatican coffers again besides funding more evangelism in India. As was said of the heathens of the heathen Greeks & Roman: christians drained their temple wealth to convert the Roman empire.

Doubtless that's how the Italian catholics were making their money: using their native converts. And it's as I thought: this explains why the Vatican suddenly said it was magically out of the red and even that its bank balance was well into the positive instead.

(See Vatican finds millions of euros "tucked away" ~5 Dec 2014, Deutsche Welle

at msn.com/en-us/money/news/vatican-finds-millions-of-euros-tucked-away/ar-BBgnppY)

This news item was from back in 2010. No wonder the christomedia didn't report it.

The same continues to go on now, with increased frequency.

[Side-note: It was *really* hard to track down the news article in Internet Archive.

The current newstodaynet only archives back to 2012. Wonder why. It certainly sounded more Hindu some years back. Wonder if it changed hands to unHindus...]


via devapriyaji.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/சிலைகளைத்-திருடும்-கிறிஸ (சிலைகளைத் திருடும் கிறிஸ்துவ பாதிரியார்)

Q: Why are these Indian christoterrorists still alive again?

Image is still visible at the 2nd link above (sourced from [color="#0000FF"]atheismtemples.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/immanuel-export-idols.jpg?w=450&h=576[/color]) as well as Tamizh news from tamil.oneindia.com/news/2010/02/01/gang-arrested-stolen-idols-recover.html.

Quote:Idol-lifters in police dragnet

[Image: immanuel-export-idols.jpg?w=450&h=576]

Archives - Chennai

NT Bureau | Mon, 01 Feb, 2010,02:20 PM

[size="7"]Economic Offences Wing has arrested a seven-member gang including a pastor on the charge of trying to smuggle panchaloha idols worth several crores of rupees.[/size]

Briefing mediapersons in Chennai today, the Offences Wing Additional Director General of Police G Thilagavathi said based on a tip-off, a special police team went to a lodge at Periamet where the gang was staying and caught pastor Immanuel of Pallur in Vellore, Madasamy of Chelliyanallur in Tirunelveli and Pitchaimani

The team also seized a panchaloha idol of Krishna. On interrogation, the accused revealed that one Jaganathan and Velu of Vellore had been involved in lifting the temple idols from Tiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram and Vellore districts. He said the duo usually gives the stolen idols to the pastor.

The stolen idols were of Krishna, Rathai, Rukumani, Vinayakar from a temple in Eeralachery. The duo which handed over an idol of Krishna to the pastor buried other idols on the banks of a river.

The gang then decided to give it to one Marisamy of Kottankuppam in Puducherry who is involved in smuggling the panchaloha idols to foreign countries.

Later the team arrested Marisamy and recovered five idols of Mahavir which were stolen from a temple in Tiruvannamalai. Based on the information, the team also recovered other panchaloha idols which were hidden.

As many as 11 panchaloha idols worth about Rs 11 crore were recovered, she added. The team also arrested Pitchumani and Gangachalam in this regard.

That's it. Time to send all christians who are infesting India into ISIS territory and let the islamaniacs give them the end they deserve. They have no more right to stay in India and their lives should actually be forfeit too: let them try and retain it in ISIS occupied terrirory. All of them are not merely a liability but a threat to the native religionists of India.

(As in: of the TN temples dated, the one with oldest surviving remnants. Lots of ancient non-brick ones didn't even make it to survive as remnants up to the present.)

Temple to Murugan, btw.

Quote:Now we are able to piece together the history of the oldest temple discovered in Tamil Nadu which is located near Mahabalipuram. The original temple made of brick and dedicated to Muruga was built during the Sangam era (200 BCE to 300 CE). This temple was destroyed and the Pallava kings rebuilt it as a granite temple during 800 – 900 CE. This temple was destroyed as well. What is discovered now is remains of that temple.

The Frontline article describes the discovery in detail and has numerous pictures. It also talks about the various scripts and languages found at the site.

Quote:There are bilingual inscriptions in Pallava-Grantha and Nagari scripts in Sanskrit language on the walls of this temple.


This new temple has a vimana (tower) like the Shore Temple and it has been suggested that this temple was part of the seven pagodas which existed in that area

Quote:THE discovery of the temple complex has strengthened the arguments of those who believe that a string of Seven Pagodas (temples with vimanas) existed on the Mamallapuram coast. Although many dismiss it as a fanciful imagination, the discovery in February 2005 of the remains of a massive temple, dedicated to Siva, close to the Shore Temple at Mamallapuram, revived the debate about whether the Seven Pagodas did exist after all. After last year’s tsunami washed away the beach sand and revealed dressed rock in a square area close to the Shore Temple, the ASI excavated the spot and ran into the remains of a temple, which would have rivalled the Shore Temple in size and grandeur (Frontline, May 7, 2005). The Shore Temple, which is on the fringes of the sea, is said to be one of the Seven Pagodas and it is the only one that exists.[Another surprise in Mamallapuram]

Soon DMK/cryptochristist types will pretend that it was a "dravoodian temple" to a "dravoodian deity" or something.

No, it's a temple to the Vedic (i.e. Hindoo) God Murugan, the Divine Parent of all Tamizh Hindoos - and of all ethnic Hindoos - who are all of the Vedic religio by definition (being born of Murugan).

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