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War Against Maoists In India
Finally, one needs a comprehensive strategic and tactical approach, based on precise intelligence and integrating operations by small special forces units as well as larger formations. The Americans would have won the war in Vietnam thrice over if air-power was a decisive factor in counter-insurgency. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles will also not be of great use in areas where dense forests hide movements on the ground. Helicopter-borne operations can be useful only if there is precise information, trained troops and adequate post-operation evacuation arrangements. A coherent strategy that takes cognisance of all such aspects and a number of other issues will require informed hard work to conceptualise and substantial resources to implement, both of which have been conspicuous by their absence. It is high time that things changed.

[url="http://ibnlive.in.com/news/dantewada-ambush-celebrations-spark-protest/113103-37-64.html?from=tn"]Dantewada ambush celebrations spark protest[/url]

Quote:New Delhi: Not everyone is mourning the loss of 76 CRPF jawans who were killed in Tuesday's massacre in Dantewada. Clashes broke out at Jawaharlal Nehru University here on Friday night, after two radical student organisations DSU and AISA held a public meeting which was seen as an attempt to support the Naxalites and celebrate the massacre.

The meeting was organised by the Democratic Students Union (DSU) and the All India Students Association (AISA) on campus. Opposition groups like the NSUI, ABVP and Youth for Equality allege they even shouted anti-India, pro-Maoist slogans at the meeting. But the organisers say they were only opposing the government's Operation Greenhunt. Authorities at the university say no permission had been taken to hold the meeting.

Thousands of Maoists killed about 76 CRPF jawans in Dantewada on Tuesday.

The National Students Union of India (NSUI), Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Pari-shad (ABVP) and Youth for Equality (YFE) came together to allege that a campus function by the JNU Forum Against War on People was used by Maoist supporters to celebrate the Dantewada killings. But the organisers said the meeting was only meant to oppose Operation Greenhunt launched by the government.

The NSUI national general secretary, Shaikh Shahnawaz, recalled: "Members of Democratic Students Union (DSU) and All India Students Association (AISA) organised a meeting to celebrate the killing of 76 CRPF personnel in Chhattisgarh. They were even shouting slogans like 'India murdabad, Maovad zindabad'. How can this be allowed inside a Central university?"

To oppose the holding of the function, NSUI and ABVP activists took out a march to the venue where a clash broke out among the students. "How can an administration let anti-India activities take place? Such organisations which celebrate the death of security personnel should be banned, just like SIMI was," said a PhD scholar from Tapti Hostel, Bharat Kumar.

The university administration said no permission had been taken to organise the meeting. Condemning the incident, vice-chancellor B B Bhattacharya said: "By organising such a meeting at this point of time when the nation has lost 76 precious lives is very insensitive on their part. Moreover, they have not taken any permission, which is a typical JNU attitude of defying rules just for the sake of it. Now that they managed to get the desired provocation, the campus will see a series of ritualistic protests to seek media attention, which is unfortunate. A few students and our security received minor bruises."

Samar Pandey, a member of the JNU Forum Against War On People, said that permission had been taken for the meeting. "NSUI and ABVP students tried to disrupt the meeting against 'Operation Greenhunt' and misbehaved. We took permission and pasted our pamphlets," he said.

Meanwhile, the assistant dean of students, Sachidanand Sinha, said: "We will not allow peace on campus to be disrupted. We will take suitable action on Monday."

"This programme was pre-planned. There was no attention. It was just cultural-dance, drama," said an organiser. "While the programme was on, ABVP people came and shouted slogans. Then NSUI students joined it. Human chain was formed. One woman was punched very badly."
Quote:Clashes broke out at Jawaharlal Nehru University here on Friday night, after two radical student organisations DSU and AISA held a public meeting which was seen as an attempt to support the Naxalites and celebrate the massacre.

Why no arrest?
Quote:Raman Govt triples ex gratia for slain cops


PNS | Raipur

The Chhattisgarh Government, in an attempt to boost the morale of State police and ensure financial security to the bereaved cops’ families, has decided to triple the ex gratia amount for policemen losing their lives in action against the Maoists.

Soon after the Chintalnar incident, in which a head constable of the State police and 75 CRPF personnel were killed, the police headquarters prepared a proposal for increasing the ex gratia amount. A proposal was sent to the Home Department on Friday after Director General of Police Vishwa Ranjan returned from Bastar.

Acting on the proposal for increasing the compensation on par with Central forces, Chief Minister Raman Singh on Sunday announced the hike in the compensation amount. The families of bereaved cops will now get Rs 15 lakh against Rs 5 lakh as ex gratia. “The decision is aimed at ensuring financial security to the bereaved families,” the Chief Minister said.

A slain policeman’s family used to get a little over Rs 15 lakh, including ex gratia and insurance. But such a family would now get about Rs 25 lakh as compensation. The next of kin of each slain CRPF jawan in Dantewada last Tuesday would get about Rs 38 lakh, including Rs 13 lakh from the State Government.

There is a provision of Rs 15 lakh ex gratia and Rs 10 lakh as insurance for jawans of para-military jawans killed during action against terrorists or Left-wing extremists, sources pointed out.
[url="http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/expressindia/iKgY/~3/oiLaTODJF_k/"]Complaint filed against Arundhaty Roy over Maoist essay[/url]
Quote:Raipur Amidst outrage over the brutal killing of 76 security personnel in Bastar, a social worker in Chhattisgarh has lodged a complaint with the police against renowned writer Arundhati Roy, alleging that her recently published 32 page essay “Walking with the comrades” has "glorified” the outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist) and sought to justify its activities.

The complainant, Vishwajit Mitra, has lodged a complaint at the Telibanda police station in the state capital, pointing out that the essay—published in the March 29 issue of a weekly news magazine—its contents and photographs could come under the purview of an offence under Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act-2005. He has also sent complaints to the State Governor Shekhar Dutt, Chief Minister Raman Singh and Director General of Police Vishwaranjan, demanding legal action against Arundhati Roy, a Booker Prize winner.

Confirming receipt of the complaint against Arundhaty Roy, police said “We are examining it to find out whether any offence has been committed”. They refused to elaborate.

The complainant, Vishwajit Mitra, told The Indian Express that Arundhati’s essay had sought to not only “glorify” the Maoists but also denigrate the country’s established system, including the judiciary. “Referring to a Maoist ‘Jan adalat’, she says in her essay that “in most jan adalats, at least the collective is physically present to make a decision. It’s not made by judges who’ve lost touch with ordinary life”, he pointed out, alleging that the writer also sought to justify Maoist other activities.

“Let the police investigate into my complaint and take a position. I am also keeping my options open to move the appropriate court to initiate legal action against the writer”, he said.
^ More on that.

The following could also go in the christianism thread, the Nexus Between Anti-Hindu - sorry, Anti-Indian, since we are all seculars onlee - thread.


Quote:Friday, April 16, 2010

Chattisgarh police exploring legal options to book Arundhati Susan Roy as she justifies the Maoist attack

apr 16th, 2010

are there no provisions in the indian penal code regarding treason?

i suppose not. else half the netas + all of a certain university + the entire english language media would have to be charged.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: sri

Chattisg''h police exploring legal options to book Roy


Fri, Apr 16

Sumir Kaul Raipur, Apr 16 (PTI) Chattisgarh Police is exploring legal options to book Arundhati Roy for a recent article in which she sympathises with Left Wing extremists. "I have asked the legal experts to give their opinion and come up with a decision.

Director General of Police Vishwa Ranjan told PTI when asked about a complaint by Biswajit Mitra, a former BSP leader, who accused her of supporting naxals and demanded action against her.

Roy has come under criticism for her article on naxals -- "Gandhian with guns". The Chief of Chattisgarh Police said, "I do not know whether Arundati Roy has been wrongly influenced by others or she is actually a mole in the civil society.

How do I know." The 58-year old top cop of naxal affected state said it was difficult to take a position against supporters of naxals as one''s right to criticise in a democracy cannot be curbed.

"I have to establish a positive link if I want to put him or her (naxal supporters) behind bars," he said. The police chief said it was for the people to understand whether they have been playing to the gallery and strengthening anti-democratic forces.

"If bold and stringent laws have to be passed. Its for the lawmakers to realise and not for the police to go beyond its limitations," he said.

I salute people of Dantewada: Arundhati Roy


April 15th, 2010 IANS -

Kolkata, April 14 (IANS) Writer-activist Arundhati Roy Wednesday virtually justified the Maoist attack on the Central Reserve Police Force in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada, saying she saluted the people of the area who have stood up against the "mighty state".

"I salute the people of Dantewada who have stood up against such a mighty state. Was there any other alternative to the people of Dantewada? The tribals have been neglected for decades. And now when they have started protesting against this injustice, the government is waging war against them," said Roy while addressing a gathering in Kolkata.

On April 6, 75 paramilitary troopers and a lone policeman were massacred by the Maoist in Dantewada district in one of the biggest attacks by the Left wing rebels to date.

Roy slammed the government for "acting as agents of corporate houses" who want to grab forest land rich in natural resources.

"The government has launched operation green hunt to grab forest land and hand it over to corporate houses. They want to displace the tribals from their homes. We live in a fascist society. This is not democracy. The government should immediately stop this war which has been thrust upon its own people," added Roy.

Gautam Navlakha, a social activist and a speaker in the gathering, hailed the Maoists as patriots.

"Don't you think that they are patriots? They are fighting against the exploitation of the adivasis (tribals) by the state. Until and unless they stand up and fight against the government, it will not lend an ear to their demands," said Navlakha.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 4/16/2010 10:23:00 AM

Makes for another example for why christos and islamics are ultimately indistinguishable. Islamics cheered when their jihadis attacked the WTC, c.f. christoterrorist Susan 'Arundhati' Roy - and similars - cheer when her cryptochristian/maoist brethren massacre people. Etc. Etc. Then the twin ideologies christo-islamism also meet regularly, like in such things as when christo Susanna Roy and islamo Teesta Seetalwaddle lied and lied and then lied some more against Hindus on Godhra.

Not that there is nor ever was any distinction between christians and jihadis, because there's no distinction between christianism and islam. It's the way jeebusjehovallah is one word because it refers to the same fictional Thing.
What is the reason that maoist have some succes in India? what fake promises they make to people?
[quote name='HareKrishna' date='18 April 2010 - 08:02 PM' timestamp='1271600662' post='105972']

What is the reason that maoist have some succes in India? what fake promises they make to people?


Have you visited India
Quote:Solidarity of Civil Society with Security Forces

In yet another tragedy, on 6th April, 2010 as many as 75 CRPF personnel martyred their precious lives while on their duty, ambushed by an army of over 1,000 Maoists in the forests of Dantewada, Chahattissgarh. This is one of the ghastliest incidents having the potential of threatening the very existence of our democracy and the stability of our society.

The need of the hour is – all the right-thinking people should come out, speak out and act against such anarchical designs. Let us rise as one man and stand by our security & police personnel.


ECE Auditorium, Opp. University College of Engineering

Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad

Date & Time:

18th April, 2010 (Sunday) at 10.00 a.m.

Sri T.S. Rao, IPS (retd.)

Former Director General of Police of A.P.

Sri B.N. Ramesh, I.P.S.

D.I.G., CRPF, Hyderabad

Sri C. Umamaheswara Rao, IAS (retd.)

Sri P. Vijaya Babu

Editor, Andhra Prabha

Sri Sriramana

Senior Journalist & Writer

Dr. P. Sudershan Reddy, M.D., D.C.H.

Prof & HoD, Dept of Pediatrics, O.M.C. & Superintendent, Niloufer Hospital

Sri Nikhil Mishra

Group Manager, Oracle

Prof. B. Satyanarayana

Secretary General, A.P. Federation of University Teachers' Association &

President, Osmania University Teachers Association (OUTA)

Dr. G.B. Reddy

Associate Professor, Dept. of Law, O.U.

Sri R. Umamaheswara Rao

Principal, Rachana College of Journalism

Dr. P. Anantha Lakshmi

Lecturer, Railway Degree College

will speak.

Dr. T. Hanuman Chowdary

Former IT Advisor, Govt. of A.P.

will preside.

Organised by:

Social Cause

(A Registered Society with No. 614 of 2003)

All are welcome.

Dr. Somaraju Suseela

President, Social Cause


Roll of Honour – Martyrs of CRPF at Dantewada


1. Satyawan Singh, Dy. Comdt

2. B.L.. Meena, Asstt Comdt

3. Prakash Kumar

4. Jeetu Anand

5. Zamurulhasan

6. Sharvdev Singh

7. B.K. Sharma

8. Biswanath Raj

9. Brijesh Kr Tiwari

10. Ali Hasan

11. Rakesh Kr.

12. Ram Karan Meena

13. Yogeshwar Naik

14. Ved Pal

15. Shivappa

16. Bhutan Yadav

17. Vinod Pal Singh

18. Teekam Singh

19. Bhupender Kumar

20. Awdhesh

21. L K Kalita

22. Satrajeeet Ram

23. Manak Chandra Sharma

24. Rajesh K.

25. Devendra Yadav

26. Narender Kumar

27. Khalil Khan

28. Jamuna Prasad Giri

29. Ashish Kumar Bhagel

30. Sanjay Kumar Jalaun

31. M.C.M. Reddy

32. Manoj Kumar Pandey

33. D.Shekar

34. Navneet Kumar

35. Arender Kuamr

36. B. Mohan Rangan

37. Virender Singh

38. Moti Lal Ram

39. Udajveer Singh

40. H.K. Malik

41. Loes Xess

42. Rajaram Ekka

43. Suraj Kumar

44. Vijay Kumar

45. Mahender Kumar

46. Tara Singh

47. Ajit Singh

48. Rama Nand Yadav

49. Jiterder Kuamr

50. Praveen Kumar Raj

51. Sandeep Kumar

52. Satender Singh Yadav

53. Ranjit Kumar Yadav

54. Manoj Naugai

55. Dharmpaj Singh

56. Udai Veer Singh

57. Nahar Singh

58. Brija Nand

59. Sachin Kumar

60. Satish Chandra

61. Rajender Singh Rana

62. Shushil Kumar

63. Vinod Kumar

64. Rajesh Kumar

65. Lalit Kumar

66. Nirvesh Kumar

67. Amit Kumar Singh

68. K. Vijay Kr.

69. Pradeep Kumar

70. Surender Rai

71. Inderjeet Kumar Ram

72. Mahesh Singh

73. Shyam Lal

74. Sampat Lal

75. Amle Sopan

A thousand salutations to you all!

Your supreme sacrifices shall not go waste!!

Millions of us will rise into the fray …

to fulfill your mission of safeguarding the nation!!!
About 5,000 security personnel have been killed since Maoists unleashed war on the Indian state. For Maoists — or Naxalites or whatever we may choose to call them — this is a no-holds-barred war. But on the part of the Government, there is quibbling over whether the state should use the Army and the Air Force against the insurgents. A specious argument doing the rounds is that a country’s military should not be used against its own people. On the other hand, Maoists don’t give a hoot about killing fellow Indians which, by the same logic, are their own people. http://www.dailypioneer.com/249979/Long-...ahead.html
[quote name='acharya' date='19 April 2010 - 12:47 AM' timestamp='1271617790' post='105979']

Have you visited India


no,not yet

Activities of the Maoists are at different stages in the three states. While Kerala is in the organisational stage, the movement has somewhat advanced in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In the Maoist terminology, guerilla zone is an area where the ultras resort to hit-and-run strategy while countering the security forces. The might of the security forces will be higher than that of the rebels in guerilla.

Over a period of time, the guerilla war will be transformed into `mobile war' -- a stage when the rebels are in a position to call the shots. Some of the areas in Jharkhand and Orissa are nearing the mobile war stage.
War against Maoists has to be treated as war against crusaders... Maoists are frontman for the churches
[url="http://www.telegraphindia.com//1100510/jsp/nation/story_12431451.jsp"]UAVs made in Punjab[/url]
Quote:Chandigarh, May 9: Punjab — famous for its agriculture, textiles and bicycles — is now aiming for the sky.

A private firm will supply unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the eyes in the sky to be used to track Maoists in inhospitable terrain, besides the familiar job of watching enemy movements across the border. Ludhiana’s Bhogal Hobby Tech — a group better known for its cycles — will supply UAVs to the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Bhogal claims its UAV is similar to the Israeli version that Indian security forces use for training purposes. Each Israeli machine costs around Rs 16 lakh, while the Indian version will come for half the price.

“The IAF has ordered five UAVs and we expect the navy and the army to do the same,” company managing partner Manjeev Bhogal said. The air force placed the orders after conducting comprehensive all-weather trials.

An IAF officer at the Chandigarh air base said the locally-built UAVs would initially be used for training. “They can also be used for reconnaissance. They are as good, if not better, than the Israeli version. We will also be looking for India-made larger versions,” he said.

Powered by an 86cc petrol engine, Bhogal’s UAV has a wing-span of 14 feet. A handler has to fly the model for 25 hours before qualifying as a “pilot” — operating the device from the ground rather than in the air.

Manjeev promised better versions. “We can produce more powerful versions for the security forces.” The company, he said, can also design and manufacture UAVs that can carry loads — unlike the conventional ones that are not designed to fly with anything.

Defence officials believe UAVs can be used to protect sensitive installations, such as nuclear units.
Quote:50 killed in Naxal attack in Dantewada


PTI | Raipur

In a brazen attack, Naxals on Monday blew up a bus killing at least 50 people, including 20 Special Police Officers (SPOs), in worst-hit Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, the second in six weeks.

The passenger bus, which was on its way from Sukma to Dantewada, was blown up by Maoists between Gadiras to Bhusaras near Chingavaram village, about 450 KMs from here using Improvised Explosive Device with gelatin sticks.

The bus was thrown up several feet with the impact of the explosion and body parts were strewn along the roadside.

The attack, which took place at around 16:45 hrs, was seen as yet another violation of Standard Operating Procedures which prohibit policemen and SPOs to travel in civilian vehicles.

Strongly condemning the attack, Union Home Secretary GK Pillai said the killing of innocent civilians showed "wanton disregard" for life by Naxals.

"This pattern of killing unarmed civilians has been the hallmark of Maoist violence over the years. In the last two days, we have seen that a village sarpanch and five others were killed," Pillai said.

He said seven persons were injured and have been rushed to hospital where their condition is serious.

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh said the attack showed the desperation of the Naxals who were losing their support base.

Appointed Prime Minister of India is just sleeping, useless babu, what a curse on India?

Idiot won't allow State's to take action, he will do nothing himself.
[url="http://www.hindustantimes.com/Naxal-leader-rejects-Chidambaram-s-offer-for-talks/H1-Article3-545446.aspx"]PC makes fresh offer for talks, Naxals reject it[/url]

Why on earth Maoist will talk with cowards, when Maoist have upper hand. If cowards want to talk with Maoist, first they should bomb these guys, bring them to knees and then talk. But hey ho, I am advising to cowards who will run and hide holding Queens Sari.
Check this tweet from naxal champion genocide suzie


You'll see the liberation theology origins of the movement and the intimate coupling of xtianity and Indian Maoists
Maoists threaten to blow Rail Bhawan in Delhi

According to PTI report, the Railway Headquarter in New Delhi has received a letter on May 19 purportedly written by the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) threatening to blow up Rail Bhawan along with some other vital railway establishments in Delhi like Baroda House.
[url="http://www.hindustantimes.com/65-killed-as-Maoist-attack-Maharashtra-bound-train/H1-Article3-549604.aspx"]65 killed as Maoist attack Maharashtra-bound trainl[/url]

Inside Commie den and when appointed Prime Minister is in deep sleep.
mmm... must use technology to avoid such accidents/incidents in general. some gps based tracking and breaking system for railways.

On the moaists.. nipping them at bud is far cheaper than later. People at helm need guts to handle them.

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