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Jammu And Kashmir - 2
Quote:[url="http://www.dailypioneer.com/313351/Flag-marchers-rise-like-Phoenix-in-Jammu.html"] link[/url]

Flag marchers rise like Phoenix in Jammu

January 26, 2011 10:17:35 PM

Mohit Kandhari | Jammu

The Jammu & Kashmir Government and its police were left red-faced on Tuesday as thousands of activists of BJP’s youth wing surfaced from narrow bylanes in the walled city area in Jammu and marched up to Parade Chowk defying prohibitory orders imposed by the jittery administration.

For Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, who remained closeted with his coterie of advisors at his residence for most part of the day, the news of BJYM activists, atop buses and shouting slogans, “Hum Lal Chowk jayengey Tiranga wahin leharangey”, entering the city must have been a headache.

Ironically, the State Government had virtually blocked the National Highway by sealing the State borders with Punjab to thwart BJP’s plan.

Senior police officials had claimed that they would not allow even a single person to gain entry to the city.

BJYM activists, who waved the Tricolour, defied prohibitory orders at various other places across Jammu region and courted arrest. Police also used mild cane charge to disperse them.

[size="5"]Large number of women also stepped out of their houses wearing their nationality on their sleeves to join the protests at Parade Chowk.[/size]

BJYM leaders Poonam Mahajan, daughter of late Pramod Mahajan, national secretary Vani Tripathi, general secretary Nitin Navin, along with State BJP chief Shamsher Singh Manhas, staged a protest dharna against the State Government in Jammu.

Speaking on the occasion, Manhas said, “On September 12, 2010 when separatist forces had hoisted Pakistani flag at Lal Chowk the State Government developed cold feet and could not take any action against them and now when the leaders of the national party are reaching here to join the ‘Rashtriya Ekta rally’ to unfurl the Tricolour at Lal Chowk in Srinagar, the same State Government is taking repressive measures and murdering democracy by deporting them out of the State.”

According to BJP spokesman Jitendra Singh,”More than 2000 BJYM activists courted arrest in Jammu region in protest against the decision of the State Government to stop the Trianga yatra on the State borders.”

He said that the outrage against democracy would go down as a dark day in the history of independent India as the day-long developments were reminiscent of the British rule.

Throughout the day, Jammu converted into war zone with the heavy deployment of police force at vulnerable places.
PTI report....

Activists arrested in Srinagar

Quote:A number of Bharatiya Janata Party activists and leaders of separatist groups including the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front were arrested on Wednesday for violating prohibitory orders.

At least 16 separatist leaders, including JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik, were arrested as they tried to march towards the Lal Chowk in Srinagar to hoist the party flag on Clock Tower.

“Malik and other leaders including Bilal Gani Lone and Shahidul Islam of (moderate) Hurriyat Conference were arrested as they were marching towards Lal Chowk,” a spokesman of the JKLF told PTI.

He said the separatist leaders started the march from Maisuma locality towards Lal Chowk around noon.

Police intercepted the leaders and took them into custody.

Mr. Malik, Mr. Lone and several other separatists had gone into hiding over the weekend as they apprehended arrest by police to foil their ‘Lal Chowk chalo’ march.

The JKLF chairman had called for the march to Clock Tower to counter the BJP’s plan to hoist the National Flag.

The State government made unprecedented security arrangements to foil their plans.

Earlier in the day, a BJP supporter appeared at Regal Chowk, less than 100 yards from Clock Tower at Lal Chowk, carrying a National Flag, officials said.

Srikant, a resident of Gurgaon in Haryana, was apprehended before he could make his way to the venue for hoisting the flag and was taken to Kothibagh police station

Six other BJP activists were arrested near a hotel here for violating prohibitory orders, the officials said.

All of them were from outside the State. They have been identified as K.M. Reddy (Bangalore), S. Varman (Assam), S. Bose (Kolkata), B Bakshipatra (Orrisa), Rajesh Chaudhry (Lucknow) and Sresh Wadia (Gujarat).

In a late night swoop, police had rounded up at least 16 activists of BJP from Rajbagh and Jawahar Nagar areas of the city as they were reportedly planning to march towards Lal Chowk.

Some more BJP activists and leaders, including three MLAs of the party, were arrested in the run up to the Republic Day celebrations since last Saturday.
Pinhead Sonia and appointed PM failed to stop patriots of India on 26th January 2011.
Video of the 6 BJP workers trying to hoist flag

Quote:FRONT PAGE | Saturday, January 29, 2011 | Email | Print | | Back

J&K cops ‘offered urine for water’ to Ekta yatris

January 29, 2011 1:26:19 AM

Pioneer News Service | New Delhi

When separatist leader Yasin Malik and others marched to Lal Chowk with black flags, the police offered them hot tea and cigarettes. But we were arrested for trying to hoist the National Flag… When we asked for water, the police offered us urine.”

Dozen of BJP youth wing workers who have returned to the Capital — with fractured limbs and numerous wounds — narrated the story of brutality unleashed by the Jammu & Kashmir Police in Srinagar on January 26.

These youth leaders had to sneak into Srinagar and hide in small groups to continue with the plan to hoist the National Flag at Lal Chowk, after threats by separatists and prohibitory orders by the State administration.

While Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) chief Anurag Thakur and BJP leaders were arrested upon entering Jammu & Kashmir, a couple of youth wing workers made an attempt on January 26 morning to hoist the flag at Lal Chowk.

KK Upadhyay, an engineer from Gurgaon, was the first who tried. He was beaten up. The next group of workers came as close as 20 metres from Lal Chowk. No sooner did one of them take the flag out of his pocket and wave it, that several policemen pounced on him, snatched away the flag, tore it (the National Flag) into pieces and beat him up, fracturing his left hand in the process.

“J&K Police personnel were carrying posters — ‘Indian dogs, go back’. The arrested BJP activists were forced to take off their clothes in sub-zero temperatures. Third degree torture was meted out. Does Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have any explanation for this kind of an action? He should apologise to the nation,” Anurag Thakur told The Pioneer on Friday.

Bhrigu Bakshipatra, Rajesh Chowdhary, Mohan Reddy, Suresh Bagashia (office-bearers), Shyantanam Basu (executive member), Jitendra Meena, Virendra S Khinchi, Lokinder Singh Rajawat, Vijay Upadhyay, Vinod Rawat, Bhupinder Chowdhary, Ashok Bhati (from Rajasthan), RP Singh, Shikha Rai, Hiren Mishra (from Delhi), Pradeep Singh Vaghela, Harsh Sanghavi, Alpesh Sashikant (from Gujarat) and Jitendra Gupta (from West Bengal) had to be admitted to a local hospital after they received serious injuries in a police lathicharge.

The State Police, Thakur said, not only tortured party workers but also used obscenities against the BJP national leaders. Maintaining that his yatra was a success - as party workers managed to hoist the flag so close to Lal Chowk despite police cordoning off the area - Thakur said his next plan was to reach out to the people, students in particular, and expose the UPA’s pro-separatist polices.

“We have been successful in our endeavor to excite and rejuvenate India’s youth into proactively taking the cause of national integration and sovereignty,” he said.

Quote:Hara-kiri Express

The UPA/ Congress are in dire need of political genius, says N.V.Subramanian.

28 January 2011: In the context of the Centre/ Omar Abdullah's authoritarian mishandling of the BJP's flag yatra, some observations on democratic politics and political genius are in order.

Contrary to what the Congress/ UPA at the Centre and Omar Abdullah in J and K believe, democracy and democratic politics are about give and take. Democracy is not a zero-sum game.

There is no absolute defeat in democracy as there is no eternal victory.
Sixty and particularly the last thirty years of India's roller-coaster democratic politics should make that evident if nothing else.

Just as the UPA in the Centre won't concede the 2G scam JPC demand making a virtue of adamancy, so it thinks blocking the BJP in J and K is a victory won. It will turn out a pyrrhic victory.

A tricolour raised by the BJP in Srinagar's Lal Chowk while not only not illegal would have made no material difference to the J and K situation. Blocking it won't consolidate J and K's accession to India.

Rather, it will embolden the separatists. The clueless Centre and the incompetent Omar Abdullah never figured this from first.

This writer is not concerned that Jammu will wed more firmly in the BJP camp now. The situation may reverse. In time, the Congress could emerge victorious. Such is the glorious uncertainty of democracy.

But the impact of the flag yatra ban in Kashmir is what worries this writer.

Omar Abdullah may crow he has won a new political lease to ruling Kashmir. That begs the question. But how? Stopping the BJP? But it was never a force in the Valley. Nor will it be in the foreseeable future.

That leaves a second question, whose implication Omar Abdullah and his Central mentors would abhor.

The second question gets framed in this manner. By banning the tricolour in Lal Chowk, does Omar Abdullah perceive winning immediate reprieve from the separatists?

If he does so, does he understand the fuller, deeper and graver consequences of this so-called reprieve? Are Syed Ali Shah Geelani & Co going to sit back after seeing Omar Abdullah go on the backfoot for their benefit?

Unless the Central leadership -- which has zilch understanding of politics -- gets immediately proactive in cooling separatist ardour post the messed up flag affair, Kashmir will go on the boil again.

It is not enough to argue that Omar Abdullah hoisted the tricolour at the official twenty-six January ceremony. Lal Chowk has a special political significance for J and K that Bakshi Stadium, the official venue for the Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations, can never have.

All in all, the Centre and Omar Abdullah have mismanaged the situation in a way that shows them incapable of democratic political understanding.

Which leads to the second issue of political genius mentioned in the opening paragraph. One of the doughtiest illustrations of political genius ironically emerges from another BJP Ekta Yatra led by Murli Manohar Joshi back in 1991-92.

P.V.Narasimha Rao was the prime minister then. Save for A.B.Vajpayee, this writer cannot recall any politician of that generation as deep, profound and wise as Narasimha Rao.

Narasimha Rao had another astute politician in his cabinet, Arjun Singh. Although Arjun Singh and Narasimha Rao were bitter rivals, both contributed to saving J and K in their own indirect/ direct and distinct ways.

Besides the Indian Army, some first-class Madhya Pradesh police officers assigned to J and K contributed to preventing its separation in the tumultuous early-Nineties.

A few of these IPS officers were friends/ acquaintances of this writer. These included the legendary D.D.Gupta, Ashok Patel, and in a latter tenure, Vijay Raman (the man who got Ghazi Baba), who retires this month and should be a worthy advisor to any government.

Each of these police officers had been hand-picked by Arjun Singh for his anti-dacoity operations in Madhya Pradesh. Outside the army with counter-insurgency experience, Madhya Pradesh police officers with anti-dacoity skills were thought a good fit for J and K.

In the event, they proved more than able. But the political genius lay in Arjun Singh to identify them and to utilize them for his administrative goals in Madhya Pradesh.

This political genius classically is missing in the Centre today. And Omar Abdullah is too young and arrogant (carrying the halo of Rahul Gandhi's friendship) to even realize the absence of this quality.

But not only were top-grade Madhya Pradesh police officers fortunately deployed in J and K when it was make-or-break for the state. There was also the political genius of a prime minister, Narasimha Rao. He instinctively knew how to employ them to bring peace and stability to the Valley.

When Murli Joshi's Ekta Yatra neared J and K, there was initial anxiety in the local administration. Police friends called this writer unofficially to convey their concerns to the Centre.

Most reluctantly, this writer complied. It is always troublesome and in some ways improper (think Radiagate) to become a backchannel/ postman. But the silence at the Centre's end was deafening/ remarkable.

In time, message returned that everything was under control.

Most readers know how the Joshi yatra ended. No side won and no side lost. J and K's recovery not only continued but accelerated.

Full marks to Narasimha Rao for turning potential disadvantage into profit. The J and K establishment was left wondrous by the turn of events.

If the Congress's administrative experience both at the Centre and in the states is totaled, surely no other party can excel it. Which is why the current, hopeless, irretrievable mess in the Centre (2G, black money, prices, Adarsh, CWG, CVC, infighting...) and in J and K (Omar Abdullah's dispensation is unfit to be called a government) leaves this writer appalled and not a little astonished.

Omar Abdullah is on a course to self-destruction. And there is nobody in the political class of Narasimha Rao, Vajpayee or Arjun Singh on top in the UPA to apply the brakes on the Hara-kiri Express.

In Indina hisotry we had numerous instances of Hara Kiri express with people recluctant to step on brakes due to various factors. The most common facto was a failure to recognize that the train has no driver despite having an occupant.
This is an innovative attempt to counter the rising influence of "freedom movement" in J&K while providing an alternate space to pro-India elements in the Valley. Separatists and pro-freedom groups have so far dominated J&K politics.

While one outfit, with the backing of the home ministry, will be headed by former Ikhwans and ex-militant commanders Zubair-ul-Islam and Imran Rahi, the other is being launched by former militant commander from Anantnag, Liaquat Ali. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india...543397.cms
Jammu, February 26

In a development of far reaching consequence, the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) has discarded the state flag and emblem and adopted the national emblem, effectively distancing itself from the state’s emblems and separatist politics.

Jammu and Kashmir has its own flag and emblem. The state secretariat, both here and at Srinagar, hoists two flags — the Tricolour and the state flag — while the ministers also use the two flags on their cars. http://www.tribuneindia.com/2011/20110227/main6.htm
Kashmiris are provincial in their actions, but Kashmiri nationalists in their mindset. This faultline makes them turn out and vote for bijli, sadak, pani in elections, scrutinise the increase in Central grants in the state budget, makes thousands vie for posts in the police. It also makes them throw stones and spray "Go Back India" on the walls. It makes them kit out in Pakistani colours and also makes them compliment the administration for imposing section 144 to prevent violence that would hurt business.

It makes them admire India, its plurality, its progress and its strength; and resent it for these very reasons. As Naveed Tariq described it, "I think today two matches were telecast. One which the whole world saw was played between Indian cricket team and Pakistan cricket team and was played in the spirit of the game. The other which some Kashmiris saw was played between the Indian Army team and Kashmiris." http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india...843182.cms

JAGTI (JAMMU): Madan is one of the four lakh Pandits who fled Kashmir in 1990. Twenty years later, he has a home once again: a one-bedroom flat gifted by the government in a dust bowl called Jagti 10km from Jammu. Madan once owned a two-storey mansion in a small paradise called 'Haal' in Pulwama, among brooks and walnut orchards. In 1990, Haal emptied overnight. Today, the chinars, the glens and orchards are still there. But the houses are skeletal: burnt and looted.

Madan sits in the stifling Jammu heat. In the last few months, separatist leaders on talk shows and in press conferences have been urging Pandits to return. "I pledge that I shall protect you; come back," said Hurriyat hawk Syed Ali Shah Geelani recently. "We're incomplete without the Pandits. They must return," said JKLF's Yasin Malik a few weeks ago. Sajjad Lone and Shabbir Shah have expressed the same sentiment. They are all united in their love of Kashmiri Pandits.

Then why is Madan not catching the first bus to Haal and instead making do with his family of five in a tiny flat in Jagti? The answer is simple. Madan, like most Pandits, doesn't believe Geelani, Malik, Lone and Co. The Pandits don't believe Kashmiri Muslims want Pandits back.

The answer to their crisis lies in the reasons given for their 1990 exodus. Ask a Kashmiri of any hue why Pandits left, and there's a stock reply: "Pandits fled because of Jagmohan. He scared them. Otherwise there was no problem. They were tricked by Jagmohan." This statement is recorded in books and newspapers and mouthed in TV studios.

The Pandits, though, will tell you another story: of murders and village loudspeakers issuing threats. Jagmohan is rarely the central figure that Kashmiri Muslim makes him out to be.

Strangely enough, almost every Kashmiri also knows at least one Pandit family that was threatened or targeted; at least one neighbour who got shelter from militants; one Pandit colleague who was escorted to the bus-stand so that he could flee to safety. In Srinagar, everyone also knows at least one person who bought a house worth Rs 50 lakh for Rs 15 lakh; one person who acquired an established hotel or petrol pump for a pittance from Pandits.

In rural Kashmir, it's easy to identify Pandit dwellings. They are invariably large and always burnt. From Tral to Tangdhar a trail of empty shells stand lifeless, mocking the statements asking Pandits to return. Their exile created a vacuum that got filled. Before Lassa Kaul, the director of AIR in Kashmir was murdered, 70% of the staff was Kashmiri Pandit. Today, it's 1%. The same is true of other professions. In Madan's village, he still has 160 kanal of orchards. Now he contracts them at a rate he doesn't decide.

"To say 'come back' and also imply that it was our fault that we left, shows insincerity. If Kashmiri leaders are honest, they'd say, 'We're sorry. We regret shouting from loudspeakers asking you to leave your daughters behind.' Until this happens, I'll not return," says Madan's neighbour, an engineer, who fled with his five-month son in a quilt.

Other Pandits agree. Says one, "I thought of returning a few years ago. My neighbours welcomed me. There was TV crew. We hugged, cried and drank noon chai. It was like old times. Then the TV crew left and my neighbour asked calmly, 'Will you sell me your house?"

Tolerance in Kashmir

Who says Kashmiris are intolerant?



There is a common misconception about Kashmiri Muslims in the rest of India. Many in India think that Kashmiri muslims have no religious tolerance towards Hindus. That's why they drove out the Kashmiri Pandits from the valley by putting the fear of God in their minds. That is why they want to secede from Hindu majority India. This conception is far from the truth as I have understood during my four decade long stay in Kashmir. In many gatherings I have to put my point forcefully to prove that this common perception is totally wrong. Kashmiri muslims dream of an independent Kashmir---not because they hate Hindus, but because like all muslims of the world they too would like to live in and breathe the air of a Darul Islam country. In the case of Kashmiris this dream appears to be an achievable goal because they live close to the Dar-ul-Islam borders of the Middle East and Central Asia. For the muslims of Jammu, Punjab or Rajasthan this is obviously not an achievable goal---being surrounded by Hindus and Sikhs. The Kashmiri Pundits were forced to flee Kashmir in 1989/90 because they refused to fight with their muslim brothers for achieving an independent Kashmir. They were also suspected to be spies of India.
[url="http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/US-exposes-ISI-subversion-of-Kashmir-cause-FBI-arrests-US-based-lobbyist/articleshow/9289454.cms"]US exposes ISI subversion arrests US-based lobbyist of Kashmir cause; FBI [/url]
Quote:WASHINGTON: Federal authorities on Monday arrested a prominent US-based pro-Pakistan activist associated with the Kashmiri separatist movement, accusing him of funneling money from the Pakistani spy agency ISI to lobby US decision-makers.

In the process, the Obama administration's law enforcement brigade also blew open the Pakistan and its spy agency's two-decade long subversion of the so-called Kashmir cause.

The FBI swooped down on the Virginia residence of Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, a well-known representative of Kashmiri separatists in the US and detained him on charges of ''participating in a long-term conspiracy to act as agents of the Pakistani government in the United States without disclosing their affiliation with the Pakistani government as required by law.''

Or simply put, he served as a frontman for ISI's Kashmir agenda.

Another individual, Zaheer Ahmed, like Fai a US citizen, was also similarly charged, but he is at large and believed to be in Pakistan, according to US authorities.

Fai has been a familiar and prominent figure in Washington DC for nearly two decades, lobbying Kashmiri separatist cause as executive director of the Kashmiri-American Council (KAC) and dallying with senators and congressmen. US authorities now say the KAC was just an ISI front, funded by Pakistan's spy agency.

His linked with SAJA, India-unity..... what a big catch.
[url="http://www.indianexpress.com/news/fai-sponsorship-splits-j&k-panel-ansari-slams-padgaonkar/820798/"]Fai sponsorship splits J&K panel, Ansari slams Padgaonkar[/url]
Quote:The fact that Dileep Padgaonkar, one of the three Central interlocutors for J&K, attended an “international conference” organised by US-based Kashmiri separatist Ghulam Nabi Fai, arrested by the FBI for illegally lobbying for Pakistan and ISI, has not gone down well with another interlocutor, former CIC M M Ansari.

Reacting to The Indian Express report today that in 2005, Padgaonkar accepted Fai’s all-expense-paid offer to attend a conference on Kashmir in the US, Ansari said: “It is very strange and unfortunate. We need persons of impeccable integrity and character to resolve an issue as contentious as Kashmir. Was the Government of India aware about Dileep attending the conference organised by Fai before it appointed him?”

Ansari said that while he could not speak for Padgaonkar, if he had been in the same position, he would have “quit immediately”. Ansari said in Kashmir’s discourse, there was a general air of suspicion. Referring to Padgaonkar’s claim that he “had no idea” about Fai’s antecedents, Ansari wondered: “How can you attend a conference without knowing the credibility of the individuals and the institutions?”

Moron Singh is a Prime Minister, what else you can expect. Moron Singh had put India on sale, his masters are Italian Sonia, Oxford, ISI, UN, US...
[url="http://expressbuzz.com/opinion/columnists/are-they-just-%E2%80%98useful-idiots%E2%80%99/296511.html"]Are they just ‘useful idiots’?[/url]
Quote:S Gurumurthy Last Updated : 22 Jul 2011 01:08:27 AM IST

See this list of seculars and liberals. Justice Rajinder Sachar, author of the famous Sachar Committee Report on the state of Indian Muslims; Dileep Padgaonkar, one of the three interlocutors on J&K appointed by the central government; Harish Khare, the media adviser to the prime minister; Rita Manchanda, the India/Pakistan Local Partner for Women Waging Peace; Ved Bhasin, editor, Kashmir Times; Harinder Baweja, editor (investigations), Headlines Today; Gautam Navlakha and Kamal Chenoy, human rights activists, and; Praful Bidwai, well-known columnist. This is the illustrative list of popular Indian liberals who exert powerful influence over the Indian discourse — be it on Kashmir or secularism or on corruption or communalism or on Narendra Modi or Sonia Gandhi.

But this is not the list of probables for the Padma awards. This is the list of those who have been the guests of Ghulam Nabi Fai, who was arrested three days back by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the US for acting as the front man of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). The Washington Times (July 19, 2011) reported that Fai “was arrested Tuesday by FBI agents in a suspected influence-peddling scheme to funnel millions of dollars from the Pakistani government, including its military intelligence service, to US elected officials to help drive India out of the disputed Kashmir territory in South Asia”. Fai was arrested in US not for working to drive India out of Kashmir — as it is not an offence under the US law — but for the offence of funnelling ISI money to buy influence over US officials for Pakistan. Under the Indian law, the case against the Indian liberals in Fai’s list may well be one of sedition if they had known who Fai was, or if they had not, they could be well just his “useful idiots” as a former editor, R Jaganathan, wrote in his brilliant column in firstpost.com. But are they just useful idiots or more?

The 45-page affidavit by the FBI in the case has charged Fai with “conspiring to act as an agent of a foreign principal”. Media reports that the FBI swears in its affidavit that Fai, who floated the Kashmir American Council (KAC), was a front man for Pakistani interests in US in the garb of Kashmiri’s. The reports say that Fai “took dictation from his masters” in Pakistan. The media cites the FBI affidavit to say that Fai received at least $4 million — at some $500,000 to $700,000 every year — to manipulate the Kashmir debate in favour of Pakistan. And this is important. This is where the Indian liberals listed at the opening are party to advancing the designs of Fai. They had been attending the conclaves and meets organised by Fai, at the instance of ISI, to oust India from Kashmir.

The FBI seems to have worked meticulously to link Fai to his masters in Pakistan. It appears to have got the details of some 4,000 e-mail and telephone exchanges with his handlers in Pakistan. An accomplice of Fai seems to have confessed — as a confidential witness for FBI — that Fai was a henchman of ISI. According to the confidential witness, cited by the media, the ISI “created the KAC to propagandise on behalf of the government of Pakistan”. Fai could play this role unsuspectingly because he was originally from India, being born in Kashmir, with a master’s degree from Aligarh Muslim University. After becoming an ISI agent, according to reports, he began to do what Pakistan and ISI directed him to do, namely hold conferences and seminars funded by ISI for which he was sourcing the propaganda material of the ISI. According to the report, the confidential witness seems to have confessed that, “of the statements Fai makes, 80 per cent are provided by the ISI for Fai to repeat and disseminate verbatim. The other 20 per cent of the KAC’s messaging consists of Fai’s own ideas, which have been pre-approved by the ISI”. So Fai is a hundred per cent ISI mouthpiece.

Our liberals figuring in the list participated as important speakers from India in the conventions and seminars organised by Fai, now charged by FBI as an ISI agent. According to reports, Fai, assisted in his objectives by our liberals, was so effective in hurting India’s interests, that, to counter him, the Indian government specially had to appoint Wajahat Habibullah, a Kashmir cadre IAS officer who retired last year, as minister, community affairs, in its embassy in Washington. Imagine. On the one hand, the present media adviser to the prime minister and one of the three present interlocutors of the government on J&K had worked to hurt India’s interests in the way the ISI was conspiring to do, by participating in the seminars organised by Fai and funded by ISI to “drive out India from Kashmir”; and on the other, the government of India was forced to send out an IAS officer from Kashmir cadre to contain that damage. The result is that those who, through Fai, were part of the ISI design, are now part of the UPA government.

But could Fai with his mission to push Pakistan/ISI agenda “to drive India out of Kashmir” include in his efforts such important opinion-makers of India, unless he knew that their views would advance his master’s interests? Why would Fai not call an Arun Shourie? A Cho Ramaswamy? An M J Akbar? An Arnab Goswami? It is self-evident. Their views would stall, not support, the ISI. Undoubtedly, Fai knew that the views on J&K publicly held by our liberals in Fai’s guest list would further the cause of the separatists. Now, is it easy to dismiss that they were just “useful idiots”?

PS: [color="#FF0000"]Two of these liberals are still in high positions — one is an interlocutor on J&K appointed by the Centre and the other is the media adviser to the PM. Mr Prime Minister, this is evidence coming, not from our police, but from the FBI in the US, the country you love most! Are you listening?[/color]

The writer is a well-known commentator on political and economic issues.

E-mail: comment@gurumurthy.net

They are shameless, they should resign ASAP. I don't get it, why Moron Singh , if he is not involved himself, why he is keeping them on Indian Payroll. Fire them.
Quote:At the website:


for “KASHMIR YOUTH INTELLECT,” they have the following announcement

for an essay contest: KYI ESSAY CONTEST, 2011.

I barely beat the deadline with the attached essay. If you have any

comments, please send the same to satichou@gmail.com.




''Kashmir Youth Intellect'', a global academic group of young

Kashmiris, is pleased to announce an All India Level Essay Competition

titled ''Locating common ground for Resolution of Kashmir: Respecting

Local aspirations''. Kashmiris are also invited to participate. We

have the eminent and impressive panel of Judges who are the noted

Intellectuals and known widely. They are:

1) Dr. Angana Chatterji, Professor, Social & Cultural Anthropology,

California Institute of Integral Studies and Co-Convener,

International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in

Indian-administered Kashmir.

2) Ms. Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal, Executive editor, Kashmir Times and a

peace activist.

3) Mr Gautam Navlakha, Democratic rights activist and Editorial

Consultant, Economic and Political Weekly.

4) Professor. G.R Malik, Head of Department, English, Kashmir

University. An eminent scholar of the sub-continent, with a profound

knowledge of History of Kashmir.

5) Ms. Rita Manchanda, Program Executive of South Asia Forum for Human

Rights, Co-ordinator of women, media, peace and conflict programs of


6) Ms. Victoria Schofield, Internationally acclaimed author and writer

on Kashmir and related topics.

Known Fai buddies. Known anti-Hindus
1. http://vijayvaani.com/FrmPublicDisplayAr...px?id=2025

Return of Hindus to Kashmir - I

Mohan Krishen Teng

2. http://vijayvaani.com/FrmPublicDisplayAr...px?id=2026

Return of Hindus to Kashmir - II

Mohan Krishen Teng

3. http://vijayvaani.com/FrmPublicDisplayAr...px?id=2024

Kashmir Spring shines on Accession Day

Bhim Singh

27 Oct 2011
Afzal Guru hanged at last

Afzal Guru, convicted of plotting the Parliament attack 11 years ago, was quietly executed at Tihar jail yesterdayday. The hanging was carried out in dramatic secrecy amid fears that it could revive street protests in Kashmir. HT reports. 'Guru was not so bad' | Closure after 11 yrs | The scholar terrorist

After a restless night, prayers, calm acceptance

Government didn’t inform us, claims family

‘He spent most of his time reading and praying’

[url="http://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/Chunk-HT-UI-IndiaSectionPage-AfzalGuruExecution/36-injured-in-Valley-Omar-appeals-for-peace/Article1-1009387.aspx"]36 injured in Valley, Omar Abdullah appeals for peace[/url]

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