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Radicalisation Of Indian Muslims
<b>Transcript of the latest Bin Laden tape </b>

Now you see link,
sudden rise of HJUI, demonstration during Bush visit, riots, blast in Hindus religious site, fake blast in Jama Masjid, Bukhari new demand, Ajmer Sheriff mullahs had joined Chorus.

Even now idiots in India are sleeping.
This is the state of things today in India today:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Hyderabad street may be named after Khomeini

Hyderabad, April 24: With Indo-Iran ties on the boil, a local municipal corporator has come up with a proposal that could soothe some ruffled feathers. She is proposing that a street in the posh Banjara Hills locality here be named after the late Ayatollah Seyyed Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Ms Syeda Mumtaz Fatima wants Road No 7, Banjara Hills, where the Consulate-General of the Islamic Republic of Iran is located, to be named after Ayatollah Khomeini. Ms Fatima, corporator of the Darulshifa division in the city and standing committee member, belongs to the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) which has 36 seats in the 100-seat corporation.

The BJP prefers that the road be named after President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The issue is before the general body of the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad, which is the approving authority. Ms Fatima says she has the support of her party, alliance partner Congress and the Opposition Telugu Desam. This should give her the support to get the proposal passed.Ms Fatima told this correspondent that naming the street after Khomeini would strengthen Indo-Iranian ties.

“It will be a fitting tribute to the Indo-Iran and Deccan-Iran relations which date back 700 years,” she said. The corporator said the presence of historical monuments in Hyderabad with Persian architecture bear witness to the ties. There are more than 2,000 families of Iranian descent residing in Hyderabad, running restaurants, bakeries and the ubiquitous ‘Irani hotels’. The city also has a significant population of Shias. Ms Fatima says Tehran has streets named after Mahatma Gandhi and Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, and an auditorium in the Azadi Square named after shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan.

But deputy mayor Subhash Chanderji of the BJP is not amused. “We have high regard for people of other faiths, but we feel it would be inappropriate to name the street after Khomeini. Why not name the street after our own President, who has done yeoman service to the nation in the field of science,” he asked. The MIM corporator is confident that she would get the backing of a majority of corporators. “I am confident that it will be approved,” she said.

What next?, naming streets after Ghazni, Ghori, Abdali and Aurangzeb?
There are roads named on barbaric Muslim or other human right abusers in Delhi

Aurangzeb, ShahJahan, Akbar, Robert Mugabe etc

When BJP tried to change name of Aurangzeb road, whole congress and muslim went to all level to stop name change.
<b>MIM wants Urdu state in Hyderabad</b>
Ganesh S Lakshman
[ Thursday, April 27, 2006 02:27:15 amTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]
HYDERABAD: Just as TRS leader K Chandrasekhar Rao has begun crowing that a separate Telangana is nigh with the passage of a bill to that effect in the forthcoming session of Parliament, the <b>Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM), the paramount party in the Old City of Hyderabad, has raised a demand that would surprise all parties to the dispute: should Andhra Pradesh be carved up into Telangana and Andhra, Hyderabad should be made an Urdu-speaking state, or at least a union territory.</b>

The party's MP for Hyderabad, Asaduddin Owaisi, says a consensus is emerging with <b>the Muslim community of the city that there be a separate state for the Urdu-speaking people, just as there are several other linguistic states in the country.</b>

"Urdu played a great role in the Independence struggle. States so far have been divided on linguistic lines. There is a great churning within the Muslim parties as well as the intelligentsia that there should be a separate state for Urdu-speaking people," Owaisi told TOI.

Referring to the Telangana issue, Owaisi said, <b>"When there can be talk of two Telugu-speaking states, Andhra and Telangana, why not a state for the Urdu-speaking people?"</b>

As the representative of a party which is a partner in the UPA coalition, Owaisi said he met UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and submitted a memorandum to them seeking a second States Reorganisation Commission (SRC) as well as a Rs 10,000 crore development fund for Telangana.

"But let me make one thing clear. If Telangana is formed, Hyderabad should be made a Union territory. Warangal can be the capital of Telangana and Rajahmundry or some other city the capital of Andhra," he said.

The Muslim community here harbours an apprehension that<b> if Telangana is formed, it will end up in the hands of the BJP, as happened with the creation of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh</b>.

According to Owaisi, there being no strong Congress leaders from Telangana, the Grand Old Party nor the TRS's K Chandrasekhar Rao would be able to hold off a saffron surge.

Owaisi said leaders espousing the cause of the people of Telangana were speaking of the lack of any development in the region, but the plight of the Muslim community in the country was far worse.

"Muslims are the worst sufferers in terms of jobs, etc. Most of the localities in the Old City do not even get drinking water," he said.

It is because of these reasons that the MIM and the Muslim community is veering around to the formation of a separate state for Urdu-speaking people. "The idea is avidly being discussed both in the party and the community," he added.
Hyderabad cannot be a Urdu speaking state because 60% of the population (Hindus) do not speak the worthless language known as Urdu. Urdu has no place in India at all, especially after partition, this Urdu imposition has severely damaged all the native languages in Pakistan and any attempt to foist Urdu on Hyderabad can only be looked at as an attempt to destroy Telugu and make Hindus into slaves of Muslims as under the Bijapur Sultans and the Nizam's rule.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Telengana : 71 % Hindus
21 % Muslims
8 % Christians

Rayalseema : 68 % Hindus
18 % Muslims
14 % Chrisitians

(Breakaway) : 72 % Hindus
18 % Muslims
9.3 % Christians <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Where to find religious make up of Hyderabad?
Urdu is useless language for any purpose.
First they will demand for Urdu state later will ask for Urduistan country. Congress completly whitewashed Patel's great work.
Now the secrets of Jammat are coming out

Apologise to Muslims, Jamaat told

Staff Reporter

KOZHIKODE : The Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation (SKSSF) has asked Jamaat-e-Islami, which is supporting the Left Democratic Front (LDF) in the Assembly elections, to apologise to the Muslim community for having kept them from the mainstream for nearly six decades.

The SKSSF and the Samastha Yuvajana Sangham (SYS) leaders told presspersons here on Thursday that the Jamaat had propagated that <span style='color:red'><span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>acceptance of the Constitution, obeying secular Government, sending students to Government recognised educational institutions, accepting Government jobs, contesting in elections and exercising franchise were `Shirkka'.</span></span>
<i>This is against the constitution for any organization in India</i>

Now the Jamaat was not only recognising these but also extending unconditional support to the LDF.

They alleged that the Jamaat was using the elections to intrude into the Muslim community. They said the Jamaat was not commanding any influence among the Muslims of Kerala. The `unholy' alliance between the Communists and the Jamaat would not create any impact on the Muslim community.

They asked the Muslims to vote for parties that they would feel would dispense justice to them and other backward classes. Abdul Hameed Faisi Ambalakadavu, K. Moyinkutty and Abdusamad Pookkottoor, secretaries of the SYS, Musthafa Mundupara, secretary, Samastha Employees Association, Naser Faisi Koodathayi and Salim Edakkara, working secretary and treasurer of SKSSF were present at the press conference.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Where to find religious make up of Hyderabad?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
I don't know where you can find it but I am guessing that its nearly 40% Muslim and probably 55% Hindu or some more (after accounting for xtians).

Marriage brings misery for Dalit’s family
Tribune News Service

Batala, April 26
Marrying a Muslim girl from Srinagar against the wishes of her family has brought misery to the family of Vikramjit Singh, a Dalit youth belonging to the city. His teenaged brother, Kuljinder Singh, was allegedly tortured in illegal police custody, his other brother Ranjeet Singh, who lives in the Srinagar, is missing. The couple has gone underground.

Facing the brunt of cops and the girl’s family is Kamlesh, the mother of Vikramjit Singh. The hapless mother is attending to her youngest son, Kuljinder Singh, at the civil hospital here. Kuljinder had to be admitted to the hospital after being tortured by Srinagar police.

Talking to The Tribune she said after the death of her husband her two sons— Vikramjit Singh and Ranjeet Singh—had moved to Srinagar. They were working there as carpenters.

Vikramjit Singh fell in love with a Muslim girl, Abhita Rehman Sheikh, who lived in his neighbourhood. The girl’s father is a constable. On March 26 this year the couple came to Batala. As the girl was pregnant the boy’s family solemnised their marriage. Apprehending a threat to their lives from the girl’s family the couple moved an application in the Punjab and Haryana High Court seeking protection later they moved to an undisclosed place.

Later, the girl’s mother, father and a cousin came to Vikramjit’s house and asked his family to hand over the girl to them. Kamlesh told the girl’s family that they were not aware of the whereabouts of the couple. However, late in the evening cops from Srinagar barged into their house and assaulted Kamlesh and Kuljinder Singh.

Later, they took 16-year- old, Kuljinder Singh, to Batala City Police Station and kept him in illegal custody. Kuljinder Singh, said he was tortured by the Srinagar police while Punjab police cops present at the station remained mute spectators.

Kuljinder has bruises all over his body. He was released from the police station after the intervention of some local BSP leaders.

However, Kuljinder’s mother is apprehensive about the fate of her other son, Ranjeet Singh, who is working in Srinagar. She alleged that after the cops raided their house they have been trying to contact Ranjeet Singh but have not succeeded so far. She feared that Ranjeet might have been ‘‘eliminated’’ by the Srinagar police ‘‘the Punjab police should try to locate him in Jammu and Kashmir’’, she demanded.

The SSP, Batala, Mr L.K Yadav, said the Srinagar police was looking for Vikramjeet Singh as it had procured an arrest warrant against him from a court in Srinagar. A case under Section 366 of the IPC has been registered against Vikramjit by the Srinagar police.

However, the Srinagar cops did not inform the Punjab Police about the arrest of Vikramjeet’s younger brother and his alleged torture at Batala city police station, he added. A DSP level officer has been directed to inquire into the role of cops who had tortured Kuljinder Singh. A case would be registered against J&K and Punjab police cops if they were found guilty in the inquiry report, he said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The SKSSF and the Samastha Yuvajana Sangham (SYS) leaders told presspersons here on Thursday that the Jamaat had propagated that acceptance of the Constitution, obeying secular Government, sending students to Government recognised educational institutions, accepting Government jobs, contesting in elections and exercising franchise were `Shirkka'.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
UPA will never ban any Muslim organization; think about any statement from any Hindu organization will receive never ending bashing from media and Govt.

These type of statements are unconstitutional and Govt should put them behind bar.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->HC orders probe into wedlocks linked to conversions

Lucknow, Apr 27: Taking a serious view of the marriage of a Pune girl in Uttar Pradesh after she was allegedly converted into Islam, the Allahabad High Court today ordered an inquiry into all such cases by the Intelligence Bureau.

Justice Rakesh Sharma of the Lucknow Bench of the Court passed the order on a petition filed by the family of the girl.

The girl was allegedly converted into Islam and then married to one Mohammad Mausam Shah in Balrampur district.

The Court directed the SP (Balrampur) to investigate the matter and submit a report to it on May 11.

It observed that it was necessary to ascertain whether the consent of the girl or her parents was obtained or not before her marriage.

It was also essential to know whether the girl was minor or adult, the Judge said.

He directed that a copy of the order be sent to the state police chief and the Union Home Ministry.

Came via email, ENJOY IT - Latest dream <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Muglai-chicken-stan </b>is the Muslim response to Hindu Rashtra. Envisaging an united Islamic homeland stretching from Sind to Bengal via Kashmir, it is the very antithesis of Hindutva. No, we Muslims are not going to go to Pakistan as the Brahmins command. Instead we will break India once more and re-unite with our brethren in Pakistan and Bangladesh to form the greatest nation of the world - Mughalstan, "The Land of Mughal-Muslims" . Mughalstan is "Greater Pakistan", or "Pakistan No. 2". In other words, Mughalstan is "India's Bosnia" - a nation within a nation. Mughalstan will Inshallah consist of the following coterminous territories :

<b>PAKISTAN </b>comprising Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Sindh.
<b>BANGISTAN </b>or Greater Bangladesh, comprising modern Bangladesh, southern Assam and the surrounding Muslim-dominated regions.
<b>KHALISTAN</b>, the Sikh Nation of Sufi Muslims. The Sikhs or Nanakshahis are followers of the Muslim Sufi saint Nanak Shah; hence Khalistan is a natural part of Mughalstan.
<b>ROHILSTAN</b>, northern Uttar Pradesh or `Rohilkhand', with a 60 % Muslim population.
<b>MALWASTAN </b>or Malwa in Madhya Pradesh.
<b>BIHARISTAN </b>comprising the Muslim-dominated regions formerly known as `Magadha' in southern Bihar, and of course.
<b>KASHMIR</b>, the Crown of Mughalstan.
Each of these regions individually possesses Mughal-Muslim population exceeding 50 %, and hence these regions justifiably belong to Islamic Mughalstan instead of Brahmin-Occupied Hindu Rashtra.

The population of the resulting Mughalstan homeland is obtained by adding the Muslim populations of Pakistan, Bangladesh and North India, and subtracting the populations for Brahmavarta, Rajputana, Bhojpur and Brahuiland, which are envisaged independant ethnic nations. Using the latest population figures, one obtains

70 % Mughal-Muslim
3 % Vaidik-Brahmins
5 % Vaishya-Vaishnavite
15 % Sudroid-Shaivite
5 % Rajput-Saura
2 % Portuguese-Christian and others.
Since 70 % of Mughalstan's population is Muslim, Mughalstan belongs to us by birthright. The term `Mughal-Muslim' is analogous to the conventional ethnographic terms `Anglo-Saxon Protestant', `Sinhala-Buddhist' or `Russian-Orthodox'. Since each of these peoples have independant nations, it follows that the Mughal-Muslims deserve a homeland as well. Moreover, the creation of Islamic Mughalstan shall pave the way for the creation of Dravida Nadu in South India and Hindutva based states in Central India around Maharashtra.

This Mughalstan is the homeland for the dominant Urdu-speaking Muslims of the North who are mainly descendants of immigrant Muslims and have been historically referred to as `Mughals'. The Muslims of Southern India, however, are mostly Naumuslims or converts and do not speak Urdu as a mother tongue. Thus, the following Naumuslim states may be established in addition to Mughalstan -

<b>Nizamistan </b>comprising the regions around Hyderabad for the `Dakhini Muslims',
<b>Moplahstan </b>situated on the Malabar coast for the Moplahs,
<b>Nasaristan </b>for Sri Lankan Moors.

<b>Who are the Nau-Muslims ? </b>
Nau-Muslim literally means "New Muslims"; they are those Muslims who converted from various pre-Islamic religions - Brahmanism (Vaishnavism and Vedism), Shaivism, Buddhism, etc. They form approximately 10 % of the subcontinent's Muslims. Obviously, they preserved their Indo-Aryan and Dravidian mother tongues, which serves to discriminate them from the Urdu- and Mughali-speaking Mughal-Muslims. The Naumuslims, unlike the Mughal-Muslims, do not form a monolith, and consist of the following distinct divisions :

Moplah (Malayali-speaking Muslims)
Moor (Sinhala and Tamil-speaking Muslims)
Kannadiga Muslims
Ajlaf (Hindu-Bengali-speaking Muslims)
Following a major controversy during the Anglo-Brahmin colonial era regarding the origins of the Bangistani Muslims, the Government asked Abu A. Ghaznavi to settle the matter; after a detailed inquiry, he concluded that [7]

"Abu A. Ghaznavi ... calculated that roughly twenty percent of the Muslims living in Bengal were lineal descendants of foreign settlers, fifty percent had a mixture of foreign blood, and the remaining thirty percent, he claimed, were probably descended from Hindus and other converts."

These 30 % converted Bangistani Muslims refer to themselves as `Ajlaf' and speak Hindu-Bengali written in Bengali alphabets. The Mughal-Muslims living in Bengal speak Musulmani Bengali written in Islamicate alphabets, a dialect of the Mughali language. The relative preponderance of Muslims in Bengal does not, as suggested by Brahmanist Hindutva historians, attest to `conversions', but is due to the attested large-scale immigration of Arabi Mughals, in contrast to the Northern Mughals who entered via the Hindu Kush.

<b>What is Islamestan ? </b>
Islamestan means "Land of Islam" and is a synonym for `Islamic World' or `Dar-ul-Islam'; it includes all Muslim-dominated countries. In 2000 AD, the world was inhabited by approximately 1 billion Muslims, of which 300 million were Mughal-Muslims inhabiting Mughalstan. Thus, one-third of the world's Muslims inhabit Mughalstan, which is the most populous sub-region of Islamestan.

<b>What is Pan-Islamism ? </b>
A movement seeking to work for greater togetherness between the Muslims of the world. Shiahs, Sunnis and Sufis (including Sikhs) are viewed as forming one united Muslim community. Pan-Islamism refuses to distinguish between Sunni, Shiah and Sufi; all are treated as equal. Indeed, many Pan-Islamists only identify themselves as `Muslim' and not as `Wahhabi' or `Shiah'. This phenomenon has historically been most prevalent in South Asia, where the majority of Mughal-Muslims refused to accept Sunni-Shiah differences. Indeed, Shiah-Sunni intermarriages are universal, cf. Humayun's wife, who was a Shiah. It is indeed often impossible in the case of certain Mughal Caliphs to determine whether the person was a Sunni or a Shiah; it is only known that they were Muslim.

Neo-Mughals believe that Pan-Islamism is best achieved in a step-wise nature, namely first establishment of an Arabestan, Turkestan and Mughalstan followed by the union of these states in a global `Union of Islamestan'. Certain Pan-Islamists wish to restore the global Caliphate, others desire a loose federation.

<b>What is Bangistan ? </b>
Bangistan refers to the geographically well-defined region comprising East Bengali, Assam and West Bengal. This socio-economic unit was historically united as a province of the Mughalstan Caliphate, with the Mughal-Muslims forming the dominant race there, a fact confirmed by the detailed research of Khondkar Fazli Rabi [8] -

" It can safely, and without any fear of contradiction, be asserted that the ancestors of the present Musalmans of this country were certainly those Musalmans who came here from foreign parts during the rule of the former sovereigns, and that the present generation of Musalmans are the offspring of that dominant race who remained masters of the land for 562 years."

In other words, they are ethnically Mughal-Muslims indistinguishable from the Mughal-Muslims of Punjab. They also speak the same Mughali language; the only difference is one of dialect: the Mughal-Muslims of Punjab speak the pure Ghaznavid Zaban-e-Urdu dialect of Mughali, whilst the Mughal-Muslims of Bangistan speak the Musulmani Bengali dialect of Mughali. Indeed, the tragic conflict between Bengali Mughal-Muslims and Punjabi Mughal-Muslims has no historical roots: it was engineered by the Brahmins under Indira Gandhi.

<b>What are Rohilstan, Biharistan and Oudh ? </b>

These are those parts of Mughalstan which were illicitly annexed by Bharat in 1947 and which, as of 2000, are still Brahmin Occupied Territories.

<b>Rohilstan </b>, referred to by Brahmins as `Rohilkhand', comprises the historical Deoband region which was an integral part of the Mughal Caliphate. With Mughal-Muslims forming more than 50 % of the population, it is a natural part of Mughalstan.
<b>Biharistan, or Viharistan</b> , meaning "Land of Viharas (Buddhist shrines)", comprising the ancient Magadha nation just south of the Ganges. The Mughal-Muslims, finding this region depopulated as a result of the Brahminist-engineered Buddhist Holocaust of the 2nd century AD, settled in this fertile region, ultimately forming a majority in this province. Mithila and Bhojpur, however, remained non-Muslim, and these regions are historically not part of Biharistan. They are thus not part of Mughalstan.
Oudh is the Urdu name for the region known in Prakrits as Avadha. Excluding the Brahmavarta region of Kannauj, this region has been historically Muslim-dominated.
<b>What is Pakistan ? </b>
Pakistan stands for P - Punjab, A - Afghania, K -Kashmir and S - Sind and denotes these regions. The term thus denotes those parts of Mughalstan which were liberated from Anglo-Brahmin tyranny in 1947. The Mughal-Muslim leadership at the time laid claim to the whole of Mughalstan; however, as a result of the Anglo-Brahmin conspiracy, large parts were annexed to Bharat. Indeed, the Brahminists later managed to split the Pakistani and Bangistani parts of Mughalstan from each other under Indira Gandhi the Brahmin.

<b>What are Moplahstan, Nizamistan, Dakhnistan and Nasaristan ? </b>

These are the proposed homelands for the Naumuslims (converts) -

<b>Moplahstan </b>for the Moplahs (Malayali Muslims),
<b>Dakhinistan </b>for the Dakhinis (Marathi- and Dakhini-speaking Muslims) and
<b>Nasaristan </b>for the Moors (Tamil-speaking Sri Lankan and Tamil Nadu Moors).
<b>Dakhinistan </b>is also referred to as Osmanistan or Nizamistan. These homelands were proposed by Choudhury Rehmat Ali, the father of Pakistan.
However, the number of Naumuslims is rather low, and the regions in which they form a majority are of limited extent. Thus, they may not be feasible as economically self-sufficient units. Nizamistan is, in addition, land-locked. The shared bond of a common mother-tongue with the pre-Islamic peoples renders separatist tendencies among these communities less powerful.

This said, a certain section of Mughalstan supporters does wish to unite these regions, especially Nizamistan, with the nothern Mughalstan.

<b>What is Urdustan ? </b>
In the late 1990s, Kashif started a website called `Urdustan' devoted to Urdu poetry. Certain persons mistakenly assumed that this was an Islamist site, and the term `Urdustan' is sometimes erroneously used for Mughalstan. Mughalstan supporters object to the usage of Urdustan because :

"Urdustan" literally means `Land of Tents', because `Urdu' means tent, and the name of the language is in fact "Zaban-e-Urdu". The impression created is that of a rather inglorious nomadic steppeland. Mughalstan means "Land of Mughals", and conjures up images of Mughal imperial grandeur - the Taj Mahal and the Qutb Minar.

Bangladesh is technically speaking not an Urdu-speaking region and is hence not part of Urdustan. However, the Bengali Muslims are overwhelmingly Mughal-Muslims, the descendants of Arabi Mughal seafarers. They also speak Musulmani Bengali, which is a dialect of Mughali (but NOT of Urdu), and historically, Bengal was part of the Mughal Caliphate. Thus, Bengali Muslims do not consider themselves part of Urdustan, but do consider themselves part of Mughalstan.
Historically Urdustan is not recorded, yet Mughalstan is however recorded in the 16th century Babur nama. Mughalstan is thus a historical reality.
Tartar and Mughal are two different races; Mughal very clearly implies the Urdu-speaking Muslims, whilst the Tartars were pagan Mongols. Thus, the oft-repeated calumny that the Mughals are pagan Mongols is wrong.

<b>Mongols and Mughal :</b> Hindu fundamentalist historians often write that the Mughals were ashamed of their `pagan Mongol' descent. In fact, Mughal-Muslims are proud of their partial descent from the Genghizide rulers, whom they regard as Muslim and not pagan, a fact confirmed by Gengiz Khan's sermon delivered atop the Bukhara minar. The Khwarezm Shah and his then puppet Caliph are regarded as polytheists. Thus, Genghiz Khan's legacy was in fact Islamic to the core. The destruction of the minuscule Iraqi Caliphate of Bagdad was in fact a restoration of Islam. Additionally, Timur is accepted as a Muslim warrior who fought against polytheism. Of course, there were pagan Mongols, referred to as Tartar in order to distinguish them form the Muslim Mughals. In any case, this argument has no bearing on South Asia, where the Mughals are Muslims only.
Just as Sanskrit-speaking Brahmins are a minority and do not comprise all Brahmins, so Urdu-speaking Mughals, although the ideal in the past, are not so today. Mughalstan directly appeals to these persons far more powerfully than Urdustan, especially the Bangladeshi Muslims.

<b>What is this Islamic Supremacy ? </b>
These are Islamists who wish to subjugate all of South Asia by force and Islamise the populations inhabiting these regions. Islamic supremacists are very rare in the late 21st century, and there is no visible trend or base of support which would allow them to carry such a political program into effect. Islamic supremacists are generally an embarassment to Islamic nationalists.

<b>Is Mughalstanism anti-Hindu ? </b>
Neo-Mughals avoid using the misnomer `Hindu' as far as possible as they consider `Hinduism' an invention of the Anglo-Brahmin colonial era designed to further Brahmanist imperialist goals. Thus, Neo-Mughals accept that Vaidik-Brahmins, Vaishya-Vaishnavas, Rajput-Sauras, Sudroid-Shaivas each have their own civilizations and the right to their own cultures and, by extension, to their own homelands.

<b>Is Mughalstanism anti-Brahman ? </b>
Most Mughalstanists are far less anti-Brahmin than other movements. Dalit-Dravidian nationalists, for example, view Brahmins as a racial enemy who are to be ethnically cleansed. Mughal-Muslim nationalists by contrast accept that the Brahmin population in Mughalstan contributed significantly to the Mughal caliphate and many support the creation of a Brahmin homeland around Kannauj - Brahmavarta or `Land of Brahmins'.

However, all Neo-Mughals recognize that the Pseudo-Secular (ie. Congress), Hindutva (Sangh Parivar) and Communist politics of most Brahmins has caused enormous disruption and misery. Because of this, many Mughalstanists have become anti-Brahmin. Although most Neo-Mughals oppose anti-Brahmanism, nearly all tolerate anti-Brahmins as political allies, in part because anti-Brahmanism is an understandable reaction to Nehruvian Brahmin Imperialism.

<b>Is Mughalstan Against Hindu Rashtra ? </b>
No ! Hindu Rashtra can be established in Maharashtra, Utkal-desh and Gujarat, in short, those regions where Indo-Aryans dominate. If the Dravidians also desire a Hindu Rashtra, then they are free to do so, however, most Mughals would not consider this very likely - Dravidian nationalist based states are more likely in the South. Most Mughal Caliphs did not interfere in affairs south of the Vindhyas, and that would be the policy of Mughalstan.

Establishment of a Mughalstan would facilitate rather than hinder the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. In this case, the common enemy are the liberals. Lest we both are annihilated in the multi-cultural cess-pit, let us save ourselves and our heritage.

<b>Yes, the Mughal-Muslims will rise</b>.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
1993 data
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Table 1: Distribution of subjects by religion (%) Columns across page:

Delhi; Calcutta; Bombay; Hyderabad; Chandigarh;
Hindus -  84.7 - 98.3 -  72.2 - 69.1 - 60.3
Muslims -  7.3  - 1.3 - 8.4 -  23.5  -2.3
Christians-   2.7 -  0.3  - 9.4  - 6.7  -7.3
Sikhs  -  4.7 - - 0.3 - - 28.0
Others - 2.7 1.0 - 9.7 0.7 0.2
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>We were forced to fire: Vadodara police</b>
Sheela Bhatt in New Delhi | May 01, 2006 16:26 IST
Following the communal tension at Fatehpur, near the Champaner Gates in Vadodara, a large part of the old city has been placed under curfew. Two people have been killed and seven injured in the violence.

<b>"We were forced to fire at the crowd," </b>said Deepak Swaroop, Vadodara city police commissioner, while talking to rediff.com.

While giving chronology of the events, Swaroop said, <b>"The demolition drive has been on for the last 15 days, as per the master plan of the city. There were orders to demolish any kind of encroachment, whether it's a temple or a mosque or any illegal construction in the house of a senior officer.</b>"

He added,<b> "As per the order, some temples, too, have been demolished. Today it was the turn of the dargah of Rashidudin Rahimtullah, a Sufi saint." </b>He said no-one knows exactly how old the dargah is but 'it has been here for many decades'.

Since the Muslim community had been agitated over the possibility of the demolitions, Swaroop had arranged meetings between Muslim leaders, the city mayor and the municipal commissioner. However, no consensus was reached and the court did not give a stay order on the demolitions.

<b>"We were compelled to use force as a crowd of over 3000 people gheraoed the dargah. We first used tear gas, then we lathi-charged and only then did we fire, before the demolition work was completed,"</b> he said.

When asked why he did not delay the demolition, Swaroop said, <b>"I used to pray at a Sai Baba temple right across from my house. Even that was demolished a few days back and I could do nothing about it."</b>

Hemant Gandhi, a resident of Vadodara who witnessed the tussle around the dargah said,<b> "We expect more tension because there are two other dargahs on the list to be demolished and one of them is in the middle of a road</b>. We expect the tension to continue if the city corporation does not delay the demolition drive."

ia.rediff.com/news/2006/m...&file=.htm <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
The newspaper site is a shining example of the Muslim Indian mindset.
Dr. Babu Suseelan

<b>Brinkmanship in Vadodara</b>
Radha Rajan
Muslims are back in business, making up their sob stories as usual as the following article shows:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->State of Fear
- By Seema Mustafa

There is something about Union home minister Shivraj Patil that makes it appear that each time he speaks, the words are being dragged out of him. His is an amazingly successful impersonation of the reluctant maiden, which would have been fine had he not been the home minister of India. No one can fault Mr Patil on his appearance, with every crease and strand of hair in place. But the "there is nothing wrong, and if there is, it is being taken care of" attitude does not inspire confidence, particularly as he manages to completely play down the importance of the situation in the process, and reduces government reaction to a non-assertive response. Unfortunately, the attitude plays on the officials as well, with the government machinery under the home minister now appearing uncertain as to whether it should be "seized" of the situation, or whether it should follow the natty Mr Patil’s lead in insinuating that there is actually no situation at all to be seized about. One has to commend the home secretary, V.K. Duggal, for following a straight and narrow official line, and at least trying to fill in all the blanks created by his minister.

This is not to say that one expects the home minister to flap, but that he should at least be convincing in his authority. Unfortunately, the television persona is the same that meets Opposition leaders and delegations that meet him on issues as important and as varied as Gujarat, the Northeast, Jammu and Kashmir. "It is fine, we are doing all that we can, the situation will not remain uncontrolled, it will be controlled," says the home minister (or words to that effect). How? "Well, it is being worked out, we are in touch, we are talking to them, we will see what we can do," is the response. Those listening to him cannot be blamed for not exactly being infused with confidence.

The Ugly Indian was at it again in Gujarat. The mobs were out in Baroda this time, simply because the Muslims had dared to raise their voice against the demolition of a 300-year old dargah. How dare they even speak, was the message flashed down to the mobs that owe allegiance in Gujarat to its chief minister Narendra Modi; and the same Vishwa Hindu Parishad chaps, the same Bajrang Dalis, the same dirty policemen, the same administration had within minutes joined hands to wreak terror on the streets of Baroda. Helpless citizens of India spent a night in abject terror, calling every number they knew and receiving no response except hate-filled messages from the police control room, "Go to Pakistan." The mobs moved around freely, threatening, burning a young man alive in his vehicle, indulging in rampant arson, while the police insisted that there was no threat to the minorities, and Baroda was as peaceful as it possibly could be.

This columnist who started receiving messages and telephone calls from Gujarat from 1 a.m. that night — and for those with the same filthy communal mindset as the mobs on Baroda’s streets, let me tell you that the calls were not from Muslims, but from secular and concerned citizens of India comprising all religions — wanting people here to knock on doors to get some protection for those "trapped" in Baroda. "They will be butchered, the mobs are threatening a repeat of 2002" the messages screamed. And as one almost tearful activist from Ahmedabad said, "We have no refuge, they can kill us any time they want, we are here to die, not to live as there is no protection for us." It is a tragedy, if after over 50 years of independence, even a single citizen of India has to live for even a moment in complete and total fear, not of the mobs, but of the Indian state. We all must collectively hang our heads in shame.

Gujarat might have been controlled this time, because perhaps it did not suit the Ugly Indian to change the golden star for excellent development given to him by Montek Singh Ahluwalia’s Planning Commission — with all the happy progressives on board — for a black mark. But he has happily demonstrated yet again his control over the mobs and over the unhappy destiny that he is determining for the people of Gujarat with the full support of the BJP and the Congress Party. The minorities have to live in the ghettos he has prepared for them, and accept all that comes their way. If they — the Muslims, the Christians, the tribals — speak out of turn and demand rights as citizens of India, they will have to bear the price. This could be a night of abuse, threats; this could be largescale arson and the burning alive of human beings; this could be 2002 with rape, arson, murder, mayhem. It is for the Ugly Indian to choose, and for him to decide.

In 2002, the BJP extended total and complete support to the Ugly Indian to preside over the killing of 2,000 citizens of India. The frightening thought is that under the Congress-led coalition today, the man is still in a position to preside over the killing of as many, if not more Indians in Gujarat, at a moment of his choosing and with complete absence of remorse. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh convened a Cabinet meeting the morning after the night of tension to discuss the developments. Ministers made it clear that the government could not afford violence in Gujarat without paying a heavy price. Shivraj Patil was shaken out of his complacent slumber to keep an hourly watch over Gujarat, tiring and irksome for a minister seeking his solace in the air-conditioned corridors of 10 Janpath and not the dusty and hot states of India. But what is frightening is this entire argument that the Centre cannot do anything, unless the state requisitions it.

An inquiry committee has been set up to look into the demolition of the dargah. An inquiry committee must also be set up to examine the role of the police and the administration, to find out how tainted policemen are back in charge, and how a policeman or even a god for that matter, had the temerity to ask a citizen of India to "go to Pakistan." As an Army daughter I was taught early at home to hit out with all the force at my command against those sick people who kept hounding the Muslims with the "go to Pakistan" threat. I can only wish the civilian government will learn some lessons from our struggle for independence (in which the jingoistic nationalists did not participate), and help those who are feeling too helpless and vulnerable for no fault of theirs, to hit out hard against those who dare to point a finger at their identity and their patriotism. The policemen in Baroda should be brought before the law and made accountable. And so should their patrons in politicians’ garb. Also, a word of advice for the heir apparent. Leaders are not made by campaigning for their mothers, but in holding the hands of the victims of Doda and Gujarat in their hour of strife and grief.

Tailpiece: Pramod Mahajan is dead, and while one is sorry about the manner in which he died, it is somehow difficult to understand the completely hysterical media reaction. A weeping media — he was a good source — virtually canonised the BJP leader and imbued in him many a virtue that was not very visible when he was alive. Pramod was a dashing personality, but an ordinary leader who had won only one election out of the three or four he had contested, useful for sections of the BJP, a good fund-raiser, with contacts in the corporate world. The media hysteria does raise one question — if this was the coverage Pramod Mahajan got, 20 of the 24 hours on television channels, 20 of the 30 pages in newspapers (or some such figures), then what would we have done if Gandhi had been killed today? Surely, not much more space would have been made available for him than has been made available for this very ordinary MP, whose contribution to the party might be worth a mention, but whose contribution to the nation remains under a big question mark that even the frenzied media response has not been able to turn into a halo.

Acha so Muslims will not follow the law, they will raise their voice even if its an illegal dargah. Funny how the wh*re never mentions the Muslim mobs that were doing the rampaging to start with and the fact that they murdered 2 Hindus, infact the 2 Hindus that got killed find no mention in the article at all.

Funny how we didn't see her come out and write articles when Muslims were massacring Hindus in Mau, in Lucknow on the pretext of anti Bush protests and looting Hindu shops in Hyderabad nor did we see her write an article after 35 Hindus were massacred in Jammu.

You see "Islam is a religion of peace and Muslims are always the victims" and Hindu dhimmis better learn to stay in their place or else ....
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->1. There are nearly 52 Muslim countries. Show one Muslim country,
which provides Haj subsidy.
Khalid Azam wrote:
"Saudi Arabia itself subsidizes millions of dollars for Hajj every year to all Muslims of the world. Moreover, India's Hajj subsidy is not given to either the Hajis or to Saudi Arabia, but to India's government owned airline Air India. By citing "Hajj Subsidy", Air India then extracts a number of concessions from the Saudi Airport authorities that are not available to other commercial airlines. Furthermore, while the Haj subsidy is about Rs. 110-148 crores [Rs 1.1 to 1.48 Billion] , the government spends Rs. 450 crores [Rs 4.5 Billion]  on the Hindu festival of Kumbh Mela. The Haj subsidy will dwarf if all the government subsidies to various Hindu rituals and festivals were taken into account. It is also a shame that the BJP (a non-secular, Hindutva party), while in power, failed to remove the Haj subsidy despite the lack of opposition to it from the Muslim community. Will the VHP support the removal of the Kumbh Mela subsidy?"

Rebuttal: "Mr Azam, Your answer to question number 9 concedes that Government of India appropriates temple funds. There is nothing wrong in Goverment spending small fraction of money taken from Hindu temples on Hindu festivals. Same cannot be said about Hajj subsidy."

2. Show one Muslim country where Hindus are extended the special
rights that Muslims are accorded in India?
Khalid Azam wrote:"Malaysia. Hindus in Malaysia have far more "special" rights than Muslims in India." Rebuttal: "special rights Hindus enjoy in Malaysia exists only in your fertile imagination. Official religion of Malaysia is islam and minorities are treated like second class citizen, there are enough articles in the net, just learn to use google properly."

3. Show one Muslim country, which has a Non-Muslim as its President
or Prime Minister.
Khalid Azam wrote:" Senegal: It had a Christian President for 30 years while 95% of its population is Muslim. Nigeria: It has a Christian President while the majority of population is Muslim. Sierra Leone: It had a Christian Prime Minister while the majority of population is Muslim. Lebanon: With over 70% Muslim population, has elected several Christian presidents."
Rebuttal: "Muslims of Lebenon did not elect Christian president, Lebenese constitution reserves the president position to Christians and PM for muslims. PM is more powerful that President. You can see that Muslims have reserved the most powerful position for themselves. Person sitting next to me at work is a Lebenese Christian that's why I picked on Lebenon, given us better examples"

4. Show one country where the 85% majority craves for the indulgence
of the 15% minority.

Khalid Azam wrote "If the majority craves for the indulgence of the minority, then it isthe prerogative of the majority. VHP, in claiming to represent the majority, should ask the question to itself rather than to a 'secularist'.Moreover, predominantly Muslim Turkey's "indulgence" of its 1% Jewish population and predominantly Christian America's indulgence of its 1% Hindu population are far more praiseworthy than predominantly Hindu India's indulgence of its 15% Minorities which are subjected to regular riots and genocides every now and then."

Rebuttal "No, Secularists who claim to represent all, on paper atleast, should answer the question. However, you have inadverntly conceded that VHP represents majority and secularists represent only minority. Hindu population, for that matter Jewish population, of USA prosper not because of indulgence, but because of their hard work. Genocide of minorities in India happens again only in the rhetoric of secularists like you. Minoritiy population of India is increasing steadily. In fact muslims from Islamic Bangladesh are migrating to 'Hindu' India!"

5. Show one Mullah or Maulvi who has declared a 'fatwa' against terrorists.

Khalid Azam wrote  "Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar University in Egypt - Al Azhar is considered to be the highest institution of Sunni Muslim learning. Also among the thousands of Islamic scholars who condemned terrorism, some of the prominent ones are Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, Tahir Jabir Alalwani, Jamal Badawi, Muzammil Siddiqui, Zaid Shakir, Hamza Yusuf, etc. For a comprehensive list of statements against terrorism visit http://www.muhajabah.com/otherscondemn.php

No rebuttal here, this is the only sensitive answer given by Khalid Azam, and I appreciate that.

6. Hindu-majority Maharashtra, Bihar, Kerala, Pondicherry, etc. have in the past elected Muslims as CMs; Can you ever imagine a Hindu becoming the CM of Muslim - majority J&K?

Khalid Azam wrote  "Why not? Wasn't the King of Muslim majority Kashmir during Independence struggle a Hindu? Or is the VHP conceding that the rule of Kashmir's Hindu King was illegitimate and against the wishes of its people."

Rebuttal "Mr Azam seems to be very confused here. He has not answered the question. Maharaja was not elected by anybody, he paid a handsome amount to Brits and brought Kashmir. Kashmir will never have a Hindu CM, your 'why nots' notwithstanding"

7. Today Hindus are 85%. If Hindus are intolerant, how come Masjids and Madrassas are thriving? How come Muslims are offering Namaz on the road? How come Muslims are proclaiming 5 times a day on loudspeakers that there is no God except Allah?
Khalid Azam wrote : "The same argument can be extended to the rule of Aurangzeb. By this reasoning, if Aurangzeb was intolerant, how come there are thousands of temples from his time still surviving in present day India? How come Hindus were allowed to freely go to any of their temples?"

Rebuttal "Mr.Azam is confused as usual. First of all, Aurengazeb did rule the whole of present day India. In Northern India, where grip of Moguls was firm, one cannot but notice the absence of major Hindu temples, in comparison to say South India. Temples of North India survived only in those places where sultans did not have wherewithal to send destructive forces"

8. When Hindus gave to Muslims 30% of Bharat for a song, why should Hindus now beg for their sacred places at Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi?

Khalid Azam wrote "This rhetorical question can also be rephrased as "When Muslims gave 90% of India to Hindus for a song (remember 90% of India was ruled by Muslims at one point), why should the Hindutva Brigade be demanding and destroying the handful of Muslims mosques left standing?"

Rebuttal "Unwittingly Khalid Azam exposed his true nature. He feels that his forefathers gave away India to Hindus! He feels that he belongs to the master race who should rule India. The crux of India's problem lies here! Minority community feels that they are rulers. Mr.Azam you proved yourself to be person third rate intelligence and low integrity. This was the low point of your entire message.

Read history again Mr.Azam!

Resurgent Hindus and Sikhs defeated Muslims in 18th century. Hindus conquered as far as Attock, while Sikhs even conquered parts of Afganistan. Unfortunately victors also exhausted themselves, paving way for British.

Do us a favour Mr.Azam, do not repeat this 'Gave India in a platter to Hindus' story only in secular circles"

9. Why temple funds are spent for the welfare of Muslims and Christians, when they are free to spend their money in any way they like?

Khalid Azam wrote "Some temple funds are collected by government and spent in the general welfare of all people, not just Muslims and Christians. The government does this because the government owns the endowments to which these temples belong. Likewise, the government also owns numerous endowments to which Muslim and Christian places of worshipare attached. It just so happens that the places of worship of Muslims and Christians are not moneymaking centers - so the government does not have any incentive in raiding them."

Rebuttal "That's the whole point Mr.Azam, if Hindu money is good enough for general welfare, why not use minority money for that same lofty purpose"

10. When uniform is made compulsory for school children, why there is no Uniform Civil Code for citizens?

Khalid Azam wrote  "Currently, Hindus themselves have different Hindu Personal Laws in every state of India. Why doesn't the Hindutva Brigade first come up with a unified Hindu Personal Law that is uniform for all Hindus in every state across the country? Why doesn't VHP work on the Uniform Hindu Personal Law first before dispensing advice to other communities? Is it afraid of something?"

Rebuttal "Hindu civil code is applicable for all Hindus from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, I don't know from which school Azam graduated from."

11. In what way, J&K is different from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu or Uttar Pradesh, to have article 370?

Khalid Azam "Read the history of India."

Rebuttal "If anybody needs History lessons, it is Mr.Azam, read his answers to questions 8 & 12. J.K is just another Princelly state which joined Indian union"

12. Why Gandhiji supported Khilafat Movement (nothing to do with our freedom movement) and what in turn he got?

Khalid Azam wrote "The Khilafat movement was integrally tied to the freedom struggle of the nations occupied by Britain. Abolition of Khilafat was a colonial act just as the occupation of India was a colonial act. Gandhiji supported the Khilafat movement as a strategic initiative to defeat and undermine the British.

In contrast, one can legitimately ask why the so-called "Veer" Savarkar supported Hitler's Nazi Germany and its genocide of the Jews? What relevance did Hitler's massacres of the Jews have on the Indian freedom struggle? What in turn did he get by supporting Hitler? Here's a quote from Savarkar: "Who are we to dictate to Germany, Japan or Russia or Italy to choose a particular form of policy of Government simply because we woo it out of academical attraction? Surely Hitler knows better than Pandit Nehru does what suits Germany best. The very fact that Germany or Italy has so wonderfully recovered and grown so powerful as never before at the touch of Nazi or Fascist magical wand is enough to prove that those political "isms" were the most congenial tonics their health demanded.

India may choose or reject particular form of Government, in accordance with her political requirements. But Pandit went out of his way when he took sides in the name of all Indians against Germany or Italy. Pandit Nehru might claim to express the Congress Section in India at the most. But it should be made clear to the German, Italian, or Japanese public that crores of Hindu Sanghatanists in India whom neither Pandit Nehru or nor the Congress represents, cherish no ill-will towards Germany or Italy or Japan or any other Country in the World simply because they had chosen a form of Government or constitutional policy which they though (sic) suited best and contributed most to their National solidarity and strength"

SOURCE: Published on 30 November 1938 by a famous German daily, the "Volkischer Beobachter". Obtained from "NEHRU MEMORIAL MUSEUM AND LIBRARY, Savarkar papers, microfilm, r.n.1, part 2, March 1937-May 1938."

Rebuttal "Turkey was never a colony of British, Khilafat was abolished by consensus of victorious allies with the consent of many Turks including Ataturk. Rest of your message is usual mumbo jumbo, do us favour, stop shedding crocodile tears about jews"

13. Why Gandhiji objected to the decision of the cabinet and insisted that Somnath Temple should be reconstructed out of public fund, not government funds. When in January 1948 he pressurized Nehru and Patel to carry on renovation of the mosques of Delhi at government expenses?

Khalid Azam "The Somnath Temple was raided by several Hindu kings for its wealth before it was plundered by Mahmud Ghazni for the same reason. All of this happened several hundred years ago. So, it does not make any sense as to why Somnath should be singled out and reconstructed with government funds! There were over 10,000 mosques that were destroyed in India by the British - should they all have been reconstructed from government funds? In contrast, the damage to the mosques at Delhi, referred in the question, happened from the masses which were led by Nehru and Gandhi, so they were (as national leaders) morally responsible for the repair of those buildings."

Rebuttal "Friends, I am losing seriousness here, because Azam is
making me laugh with his idiotic comments. Mr Azam, If you think
Delhi mosques were destroyed by masses led by Nehru and Gandhi, don't
you think they should have rebuilt with congress funds?"

14. If Muslims & Christians are minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar etc., are Hindus not minorities in J&K, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya etc? Why are Hindus denied minority rights in these states?

Khalid Azam wrote "This is because Muslims and Christians are designated as minorities at a national level, not at the state level. In other words, neither are Muslims and Christians minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar etc nor are Hindus minorities in J&K, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya etc."

Rebuttal "No minorities are not defined at national level. Example, Konkanis are majority in Goa, but minority in Karnataka where they enjoy some privileges. Mr.Azam, you are quite a joker."

15. Do you admit that Hindus do have problems that need to be
recognized? Or do you think that those who call themselves Hindus are
themselves the problem?

Khalid Azam wrote "Both questions can be answered in the positive. Take for example the issue of Dalits and Caste System in Hinduism. Dalits, who have been labeled as Hindus, have grim problems that need to be recognized. But since it is the (upper caste) Hindus who themselves are the biggest obstacle to the Dalit caste problem, in a way the Hindus are themselves part of the problem."

Rebuttal "Same thing can be said about Minorities too, Muslim backwardness can be explained by the fact that there is little education is given to girls, etc. The minorities are themselves part of the problem. Why blame Hindus?"

16. Why post-Godhra is blown out of proportion, when no one talks of the ethnic cleansing of 4 lakh Hindus from Kashmir?

Khalid Azam wrote "Because the Gujarat massacres were carried out by the state/government while the violence in Kashmir (in which more Muslims have been killed than Hindus) was carried out by non-government actors. Is there any difference between a government and a terrorist in the eyes of VHP? Or does the VHP consider that government should play the role of a terrorist killing and plundering minorities?"

Rebuttal "Gujarat government did everything to stop riots, in which large number of Hindus died. In fact Gujarat government did much better job than congress & Lalu governments comparable riots in Delhi and Bhagalpur. It true that number of Hindus killed in Kashmir are less than non Hindus, this is because of two reasons: 1)99% of Hindus have left the valley, so there are many readily available for killing.2) People getting killed in large numbers in Kashmir are terrorists, and Hindus do not join terrorist organisations.

17. In 1947, when India was partitioned, the Hindu population in pakistan was about 24%. Today it is not even 1%. In 1947, the Hindu population in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was 30%. Today it is about 7%. What happened to the missing Hindus? Do Hindus have human rights?
See the answer to the question below:

18. In contrast, in India, Muslim population has gone up from 10.4% in 1951 to about 14% today; whereas Hindu population has come down from 87.2% in 1951 to 85% in 1991. Do you still think that Hindus are fundamentalists?

Khalid Azam "The question clearly hides another important statistic relevant to the declining population of Hindus - the statistics of the rising female feticide, a practice overwhelmingly associated with Hindu community. According to population survey reports, the sex ratio which was 972 females per 1000 males in 1901 was 933 females to 1000 males in 2001. New technology is now used to diagnose the gender of the child and female children are eliminated with precision. Rather than lamenting the decline of Hindus, the Sanghis should rather show some mercy toward their daughters and stop killing them - and recognize that women are the ones who are responsible for bringing in the next generation."

Rebuttal "Mr.Azam is making me laugh. The minority population of Pakistan is going down alarmingly irrespective of religious lines. Fact is, Christian, Sikh, Parsi, populations are decreasing in Pakistan. The feticide is just an excuse secularist give to justify genocide of Hindus"

19. Do you consider that - Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular, Mandir is Communal and Masjid is Secular, Sadhu is Communal and Imam is Secular, BJP is communal and Muslim league is Secular, Dr. Praveen Bhai Togadia is ANTI-NATIONAL and Bhukari is Secular, Vande Matharam is communal and Allah-O-Akbar is secular, Shriman is communal and Mian is secular, Hinduism is Communal and Islam is Secular, Hindutva is communal and Jihadism is secular, and at last, Bharat is communal and Italy is Secular?

Khalid Azam  "In order to understand what you are asking, you need to first answer the following question: Since when have the Hindutva warriors [proverbially] stopped beating their wives? Try to answer this question and you will understand the futility of the question above."

Rebuttal: "What is connection here?"

20. When Christian and Muslim schools can teach Bible and Quran, Why Hindus cannot teach Gita or Ramayan?

Khalid Azam  "Who is stopping Hindus from teaching Gita and Ramayana? Ramayana is in fact taught in government sponsored state syllabus in many states in India while no government sponsored state syllabus actually mandates the teaching of Bible or the Quran? Will the VHP campaign for the incorporation of Bible and the Quran in state syllabus along the lines of Ramayana? It should also be noted that the serial Ramayana has been broadcasting on the government owned and subsidized TV channel for several years now while no serial on Bible or the Quran has enjoyed any such broadcasting coverage."

Rebuttal "Religious literature laid foundation of many Indian languages, not many Indian lanaguages can be taught without these classics.

Mr.Azam, please get your facts right before making stupid statements. Doordarshan indeed broadcasted a serial bible. A TV station which broadcasted that serial was destroyed in Kashmir by your co religionists because they felt showing Abraham in TV is idolatry. "

21. Abdul Rehman Antuley was made a trustee of the famous Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Prabhadevi, Mumbai Can a Hindu - say Mulayam or Laloo - ever become a trustee of a Masjid or Madrassa?

Khalid Azam  "The Mecca Masjid as well as the famous Public Gardens Masjid of Hyderabad, for example, are both under the AP State Waqf board which is headed by a Hindu. Moreover, unlike the Hindutva Brigade, Muslims don't make a big deal of their famous monuments being run by Hindus. It should be noted that most of present day surviving monuments of Muslim legacy are under the care and supervision of trusts/institutions headed by Hindus."

Rebuttal "Mr Azam is confusing monuments with mosques"

22. Dr. Praveenbhai Togadia has been arrested many times on flimsy grounds. has the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi, Ahmed Bhukari been arrested for claiming to be an ISI agent and advocating partition of Bharat?

Khalid Azam "Togadia was caught distributing weapons and inciting masses to usethem to kill Muslims and Christians. Is the BJP sponsored Shahi imam distributing swords and asking Muslims to use them to kill Hindus?"

Rebuttal "Pravin Togadia never incited masses, he did exhort Hindus to defend themselves which is what makes secularists like you see red. You do not expect hindus to fight back"

23. When Haj pilgrims are given subsidy, why Hindu pilgrims to Amarnath, Sabarimalai & Kailash Mansarovar are taxed?

Khalid Azam "As indicated above, the government spends more money subsidizing arrangements for various Hindu festivals than it does subsidizing Air India in the name of Hajj Subsidy. Will the VHP lobby to remove government expenditure on these Hindu pilgrimages?"

Rebuttal "Alread answered"

24. A Muslim President, A Hindu Prime Minister and a Christian Defence Minister running the affairs of the nation with a unity of purpose. Can this happen anywhere, except in a HINDU NATION - BHARAT?

Khalid Azam "Sure. Saddam Hussein's regime also incorporated similar diversity with Tariq Aziz, a Christian as its Vice President. But you are not implying India is like Saddam Hussein's regime, are you? "

Rebuttal " There is a difference here, Mr.Azam. Tariq Aziz was not elected by anybody. Whereas Defence minister was elected directly and the president indirectly. By the way, you are the one who is livid in seeing USA toppling Saddam"<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Along with Kaleem Kawaja, Shaikh Ubaid - Khalid Azam completes the trinity of rascals that uses principles of secularism to push Islamic demagoguery on to unsuspecting Indians.

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