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Radicalisation Of Indian Muslims
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Muslims rage against The Da Vinci Code 

Posted online: Monday, May 15, 2006 at 1215 hours IST

MUMBAI, MAY 15 :  A powerful organisation of Indian Islamic clerics promised on Monday to help Christian groups launch protests if the authorities did not ban the screening of the controversial film, The Da Vinci Code.

Protest in India against the film have so far been low key, but several Catholic groups have threatened to stage street demonstrations and even to shut down cinema halls screening it.

Now, powerful Islamic clerics have joined issue with Christians, saying The Da Vinci Code is blasphemous as it spreads lies about Jesus Christ.

"The Holy Koran recognises Jesus as a prophet. What the book says is an insult to both Christians and Muslims," Maulana Mansoor Ali Khan, general secretary of the All-India Sunni Jamiyat-ul-Ulema, an umbrella organisation of clerics, told Reuters.

"Muslims in India will help their Christian brothers protest this attack on our common religious belief."

The Da Vinci Code is an adaptation of author Dan Brown's bestseller by the same name that suggests that Jesus married his female disciple Mary Magdalene and had a child with her. The film is slated for release worldwide at the end of this week.

The Vatican condemns the book and the film, and has asked Christians worldwide to boycott The Da Vinci Code.

In India, leaders of the two communities met politicians and police in Mumbai on Saturday, urging the authorities to stop the screening of the film.

"If the government doesn't do anything, we will try our own ways of stopping the film from being shown," said Syed Noori, president of Mumbai-based Raza Academy, a Muslim cultural organisation that often organises protests on issues concerning Islam. "We are prepared for violent protests in India if needed."

Several Indian Christian groups have said they would protest against the film, with one little known Catholic organisation even calling on Christians to begin a fast until death.

Last week, small groups of protesters marched in Mumbai and burned a copy of the book.

"We will picket in front of cinema halls that show the film. We are very hurt and very angry," said Dolphy D'Souza, spokesman of Bombay Catholic Sabha, which has 40,000 registered members.

Christians form about one percent of Hindu-majority India's 1.3-billion population, while Muslims make up around 13 percent.

Well, you know what "violent protests" means, so all Hindu dhimmis better get ready to take a few murders and rapes from Muslims & their Christian brethen.
<b>Buoyed by AUDF in Assam, Muslims float new party in UP </b>
Lucknow, May 15: Encouraged by electoral success of of nascent Assam United Democratic Front (AUDF) comprising Muslim bodies, Muslim political outfits and noted scholars of the community in Uttar Pradesh today launched a political party Peoples' Democratic Front (PDF) and decided to contest assembly polls next year.

<b>"The PDF with Shahi Imam of the Delhi Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari as its patron has been launched with a view to enabling the Muslims to share power on the basis of their distinct electoral strength", </b>president of the front and noted Shia scholar Maulana Kalbe Jawwad told newsmen here.

He said PDF would be fielding its candidates in the next assembly elections in the state as there are 147 constituencies in UP where Muslims can ensure victory of their candidates.

Jawwad said though Bukhari was supposed to be present at the press conference here, he could not turn up as he missed his morning flight.

<b>He said the decision to form a separate political outfit was arrived at a meeting of various smaller Muslim outfits like Muslim Majlis, All India Muslim Forum, Parcham Party of India, Indian League and Momin Conference.</b>

Jawwad said the doors of PDF were open to other Muslim outfits also and it would align with like-minded parties on the basis of their commitment to Muslim emancipation.

The Muslim political parties "have derived vigour and inspiration from the recently held assembly elections in Assam where a similar Muslim outfit has won significant number of seats on the basis of its own strength", he said.

<b>The AUDF won ten seats in Assam polls. </b>

<b>Jawwad charged the political parties with treating Muslims as "slaves" and alleged they "failed" to ensure that members of the community enjoyed their legitimate rights.</b>

He said attempts in this direction had also been made in the past but could not succeed because of lack of support from the Ulemas and proper cohesion between various Muslim political and religious groups.

The Maulana said PDF was confined only to Uttar Pradesh and Ulemas would not contest elections but justified the entry of religion into politics.

In reply to a question, Jawwad said PDF was not a religious outfit and doors were open to all marginalised and weaker sections<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-Viren+May 11 2006, 09:32 AM-->QUOTE(Viren @ May 11 2006, 09:32 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin--> And your favorite nemisis like BJP or RSS has nothing to do with this other than asking for uniform civil code so that all Indians are treated and respected as Indias?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

The very basis for the demand for a UCC by Hindus is the Sharia law. And the most objectionable part of that is polygamy. I am from Kerala where 28% of polpulation are Muslims. Believe me. present generation of Muslims in Kerala do not marry more than once. Even if Sharia allows that, they do not do it. Why?

There is only one reason, education. Educated Muslims are aware of the stupidity of polygamy. I think, the backwardness of Muslims, is to do with that, by and large,
And Mr. Khan's rejoinder of polygamy in Hindusim is utterly ridiculous. At least the law does not allow polygamy in any other religion except Islam.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->And if we have to discuss "Sati", it's not in our 'Bhagavad Gita' that Sati should be committed by widows. The origins of lie in war widows giving up their lives than being slaves and property of the invading hordes from West. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

I can not agree to this. Mahabharatha discribes a Sathi. Madri did Sathi in the funeral pyre of Pandu. Was it to escape from any invading hordes from the west?
<!--QuoteBegin-Viren+May 11 2006, 09:32 AM-->QUOTE(Viren @ May 11 2006, 09:32 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->pride isn't that fragile and the anti-Gujarat forces will have to try a bit harder.
Try answering a question I've repeadtely asked you. Why's no one talking about Neille, Assam when one Feb morning of '83, over 3000 muslims were killed in just ONE DAY. The Tiwari commission report and the findings are not published till date? Even a seminar on this topic organized last Dec was banned by the govt. Some of the culprits are very much alive and in position of power. Why's media silent about muslims in Assam while harping on muslims in Gujarat. Why are muslims in Gujarat voting repeatedly for Modi? The postor child for the Godhara riots (forget his name), who was relocated to Kolkotta by Sabrang and their naxal friends, returned back to Gujarat within 3 months!! Read the other threads, and you'll find a lot of answers.

Nellie was 23 years ago. There was no TV then, no internet, no discussion forums. I do not know whether you have gone through the news papers of that time. Surely it could have been discussed in detail in the news papers and other media of that time.

Comparing that with the media attention which Gujarat gets now is ridiculous. At that time no western media was allowed free in India. Naturally the attention was proportionate. But today the reports are live and more credible. Do not blame people for the information they get now.

If Nellie is discussed like Gujarat, will you get satisfaction? My dear friend, is it not futile to discuss an issue that happened 23 yrs ago? What will we gain from that?
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->If Nellie is discussed like Gujarat, will you get satisfaction? My dear friend, is it not futile to discuss an issue that happened 23 yrs ago? What will we gain from that? <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Why to discuss Gujarat also? What you will gain? It is over now.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->If Nellie is discussed like Gujarat, will you get satisfaction? My dear friend, is it not futile to discuss an issue that happened 23 yrs ago? What will we gain from that? <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
How can one claim to speak for victims affected in one place while conveniently ignoring other?
The very people involved are still in power at center and state - yes 23 years after the fact. And the affected victims who too are still alive, have yet to get a dime from Govt or for that matter a single disclosure from the one and only commission that investigated it. And let's not forget the current PM is elected MP from Assam.

I don't buy the dispropotionate attention. Since I haven't seen you post anything here with respect to riots post Gujarat '02, I can only assume your radio/TV is malfunctioning or all this is deliberately filtered by your ISP?

Note the "secular" sliding clock fast forwards or does a paki peddle back in either direction based on secular arguments, for example: to blame hindus for whatever go back 2000 years at drop of hat; then with same straight face, shrug responsibility for inquistions and massacres of hindus in India, do this while turning the clock to this minute minus one.
I'm sure there's couple hundred more one can come up with.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The very basis for the demand for a UCC by Hindus is the Sharia law. And the most objectionable part of that is polygamy. I am from Kerala where 28% of polpulation are Muslims. Believe me. present generation of Muslims in Kerala do not marry more than once. Even if Sharia allows that, they do not do it. Why? <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
It does not matter whether the present generation does not marry once or not, the law still officially allows them to do so & in a really secular country that would never happen and the demand for UCC is not just made by Hindus but even some really secular & self declared atheists.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->There is only one reason, education. Educated Muslims are aware of the stupidity of polygamy. I think, the backwardness of Muslims, is to do with that, by and large,
And Mr. Khan's rejoinder of polygamy in Hindusim is utterly ridiculous. At least the law does not allow polygamy in any other religion except Islam.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Actually Osama Bin Laden is pretty educated & so are many of the Islamic terrorists but almost all of them have multiple wives, so education by itself is not really a great antidote against Polygamy, even in the birth rate debate we see this standard secular arguement that lack of education and poverty are responsible for the high birth rate among Muslims but Kerala provides a wonderful contrast of these claims. The literacy rate in Kerala is almost the same for both Muslims and Hindus, even in terms of wealth Muslims are almost on par with Hindus in Kerala but their birth rate is almost double that of the state's average, interestingly Christians only have a slightly higher birth rate than Hindus in Kerala unlike Muslims.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Fatwa on families

Behrampore, May 19: A masjid committee has ordered the boycott of seven families in a Murshidabad village 215 km from Calcutta because<b> one of them had refused to pay Rs 6,000 as fine after a girl spoke to a male neighbour</b>.

They are being denied work in the fields, provisions from shops and bathing rights in village ponds.<b> "We follow the Islamic law at Bildharipara," said Mohsin Ali, the mosque secretary. Behrampore circle inspector Debendranath Das went there yesterday and told the panel to withdraw the boycott. "Or else we'll initiate a case."</b> <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>The wages of hate: Islamist terror in India </b>
Praveen Swami & Anupama Katakam
Two Lashkar cells targeting Gujarat are discovered, preventing major terror strikes. Their stories underline the disastrous fallout of the anti-Muslim pogrom of 2002.

"ISLAM IS our nation," thundered Mohammad Amir Shakeel Ahmad at a Students Islamic Movement of India conference in 1999, "not India."

Sitting in the audience was one of the founding fathers of the Lashkar-e-Taiba's Indian operations, Azam Ghauri. For months after the speech, intelligence operatives carefully monitored Ahmad's movements, certain that he was linked to Ghauri. Not the slightest bit of evidence emerged, though, that Ahmad had links to the Lashkar. Ahmad barked loudly, investigators concluded — but had no intention of biting.

Earlier this month, Ahmad's name surfaced again: now as a core member of one of two independent Lashkar cells assigned with executing major terrorist strikes in Gujarat. Operating without knowledge of each other's existence, the twin cells had been ordered to carry out bombings that would demonstrate the Lashkar's commitment to avenging the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 — and provoke a fresh wave of violence that would bring the terrorist group's dream of tearing apart India along communal lines closer to realisation.

Ahmad's story has once again cast light on the organic relationship between Hindu communal violence and Islamist terrorism. Coupled with emerging evidence on a separate Lashkar cell that was also planning to execute major terror strikes in India, investigations into the planned assault on Gujarat have thrown up evidence that makes clear serious political intervention — not just policing — will be needed if the growth of Islamist terror in India is to be checked.

<b>The twin cells </b>
Last month, the Intelligence Bureau learnt that a major consignment of arms was to be ferried through Maharashtra to a Lashkar unit in Gujarat. Late on May 9, after an hour-long chase, the jeep was found abandoned on the outskirts of Aurangabad. Inside, police found over two dozen kg of lethal RDX packed inside ten computer central processing unit cases, along with 11 AK-47 assault rifles and ammunition.

While nine arrests have been made, just where the explosives came from is still being investigated. Officials are particularly concerned that they were landed on the Maharashtra coast by sea — the same route used to move in the RDX used for the 1993 serial bombings of Mumbai. If so, it would suggest that Karachi-based trafficking networks of mafia baron Dawood Ibrahim Kaksar have once again been committed to the Islamist terror campaign against India.

Links between Islamist terror groups and the Karachi mafia have long been evident. Dawood Ibrahim-affiliated ganglord `Chhota' Shakeel Ahmad Babu, for example, helped transport several Ahmedabad residents recruited by the Jaish-e-Mohammad from Dhaka to Karachi in 2001. Another Dawood Ibrahim aide, Fahim Machmach, helped a separate group of terror recruits transit through Bangkok, including two Bangalore residents who identified themselves using the code names `Iqbal' and `Sohail.'

Machmach is alleged to have supervised a 2003 attempt on the lives of Bharatiya Janata Party leaders Bharat Banot and Ashok Bhat, using the services of a longstanding mafia hit man, Ali Mohammad Kanjari. Other mafia figures have also played a direct role in several terror attacks. Aftab Ansari, who executed a 2002 attack on the United States Information Service building in Kolkata, was recruited by Jaish-e-Mohammad co-founder Syed Omar Sheikh while both were in Tihar Jail.

While the Aurangabad cell may have tapped organised crime networks, the second cell used very different kinds of resources. At its core was Feroze Abdul Latif Ghaswala, a Mumbai-based engine mechanic of Gujarati origin, who had decided to join the Islamist jihad against India after the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom. He tapped his contacts among local clerics and, in the summer of 2004, was put in contact with Harkat ul-Jihad Islami operatives in Srinagar.

Ghaswala had initially hoped to cross the Line of Control into Pakistan for training in a Harkat camp. His contacts, however, eventually arranged for him to head east to Bangladesh. Under the tutelage of Mufti Abdul Hannan — a Peshawar-trained HuJI commander responsible for a 2002 assassination attempt on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as well as the 2005 serial bombings that rocked Bangladesh — he learnt the basic tradecraft of terrorism, such as fabricating bombs from easily available chemicals.

During his time in Bangladesh, Ghaswala met one of the Lashkar-e-Taiba's most aggressive young operatives, a Hyderabad resident named Asad Yazdani. Operating under the code name `Naved Gul,' Yazdani had joined the Lashkar in the wake of the Gujarat pogrom along with 13 other men from Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. After training in Pakistan, Yazdani had organised the assassination of the former Gujarat Home Minister, Haren Pandya, in 2003, as well as a series of bombings in northern India.

Using his riot-revenge credentials to good effect, Yazdani persuaded Ghaswala to work with the Lashkar. In June 2005, Ghaswala caught a Mumbai-Teheran flight, after obtaining a visa to visit shrines in Iran. Ghaswala's intentions, though, had little to do with piety. His handlers wished to ensure that there would be no documentation that ever linked him to Pakistan. A Lashkar operative helped him cross the porous border into Pakistan's Balochistan province, from where he was driven to a safehouse in the town of Bahawalpur.

After completing his training, Ghaswala relocated to Ahmedabad. Mohammad Iqbal, a Bahawalpur resident who had operated in Jammu and Kashmir under the code name Abu Hamza in 2002-2003, was assigned direct charge of the operation. Nine kg of high-grade explosive, along with two assault rifles and a Thuraya satellite-phone set, a communications system known to be resistant to penetration by Indian signals intelligence, were smuggled across the Bhuj border under his supervision.

Even as Iqbal and Ghaswala finalised targets, though, their operation was nearing its end. In February 2006, an Intelligence Bureau-led operation had led the Delhi Police to two Bangladeshi nationals from whom Yazdani had sourced explosives. Days later, Yazdani himself was shot dead. Delhi Police investigators developed information that became available in the course of this operation. On May 9, Iqbal was killed in an exchange of fire with the Delhi Police, while Ghaswala and an associate were arrested.

<b>Terror networks </b>
Despite the interdiction of the twin cells, though, there is plenty of evidence other Lashkar units are still active. The Delhi Police's failure to coordinate with the Gujarat and Maharashtra Police and the Intelligence Bureau, resulted in the escape of at least two Pakistan-trained members of Ghaswala's group, including a Bhuj resident instrumental in facilitating the cross-border movement of explosives, once news of the arrests broke. Nor have the men who helped Ghaswala make contact with HuJI been detected so far.

Just where are these recruits coming from? Few, unlike Ghaswala, have direct Gujarat pogrom links. Ahmad's story is instructive. A school dropout from an impoverished Aurangabad family, Ahmad, like thousands of other young men from ghettoised urban communities, found meaning and purpose in the now-proscribed ultra-right Students Islamic Movement of India. But his sole run-in with the law came after he was charged with being part of a mob that attempted to burn Vishwa Hindu Parishad banners.

Gujarat 2002 seems to have been the moment when many of Lashkar's new recruits chose to turn from ideological conviction to terrorism. In this, they are much like Azam Ghauri, Jalees Ansari, and Abdul Karim `Tunda,' the founders of the Lashkar in India, or the mafia figures who carried out the 1993 serial bombings, for whom the demolition of the Babri Masjid was a catalytic moment. While the numbers of recruits organisations like the Lashkar are picking up are small, they are large enough to point to a serious malaise.

Interestingly, none of the members of either of the twin cells had directly experienced the violence in Gujarat. Aurangabad has not had a riot since 1999; nor has it ever experienced the kinds of large-scale pogroms seen in Bhiwandi or Mumbai.

Part of the answer may lie in the fact the denial of opportunity, both educational and economic, as well as the ghettoisation of Muslims by sustained communal violence, has vacated space for organisations of the religious right.

Aurangabad has, as a consequence, seen the flourishing of organisations seeking to impose an Islamist social order. One example is the Islah Mashara, which was founded in November 2005 by three former SIMI members. The Islah promotes what it believes to be social order by beating up Muslim boys seen with Hindu girls, and harassing women who do not wear the burkha. Another Islamist group, the Markazi Majlis-e-Shura, has been seeking to build religion-based legal institutions.

Despite self-congratulatory official polemic on Indian Muslims' minimal participation in Islamist terrorism, there is real reason for concern. Not a decade ago, the Lashkar's pan-India operations were heavily reliant on Pakistani nationals.

As late as 1998, Cheema had to assign Pakistani national Salim Junaid for its operations in Andhra Pradesh. Junaid married a Hyderabad woman and set up a spare-parts enterprise to build a cover identity. Today, neither the Lashkar nor HuJI has great trouble finding local recruits.

India's covert services and police forces deserve not a little credit for preventing major terror strikes in Gujarat: one, ironically, that would have served the political interests of the perpetrators of the 2002 pogrom nothing. However, their work is a palliative, not a cure.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->When the anti-India movement started in Kashmir in 1989, she was one of the first to offer support.

"I was very glad to see our boys come out to fight with India," she says. "We told them we are with you. If you go for jihad, we'll support your women."

Ms Andrabi is clear that a Hindu "Brahmin India" has no legitimate claims over Kashmir.

"Our strong belief is that Kashmir should be part of Pakistan," she says. "We believe in Muslim unity. There's no nation in Islam, and Muslims shouldn't be divided into countries."

Ms Andrabi is not afraid to be labelled a fundamentalist. "I believe in the basic fundamentals of Islam. You can call me a fundamentalist if you like, I'm proud to be that."

"I don't believe in secularism, I don't believe that all the religions are good and that they're all based on truth."

Is the concern about radicalization of muslims or their reversion to Islam?
If you look at the past 1400 years muslims have always pursued jihadi agenda in varying degrees depending on the circumstances. The current period in India resembles the back to Islam movements of the late 19th and the early 20th centuries especially in Bengal and UP.

Hindus have consistently found ways to avoid studying the tenets of Islam and invent multiple theories to explain away muslim behavior. Even in this thread hindus bring up issues like Shah Bano, UCC, etc. which are peripheral to the main problem of Islam itself. The seperate laws, the occupation of Hindu religious places like Ayodhya, outbreeding the hindu community are all the tactics of jihad. Remember, the ultimate goal of a jihadist is to convert our Hindustan (Dar-Ul-Harb) in to Mughalstan (Dar-Ul-Islam). Every member of the muslim community that pursues the goal with violence or otherwise (Dawa, financing, political opportunism, outbreeding the kafir) is a jihadi.

What hindus need to do is address the problem of Islam itself and the growth and presence of muslims in what is left of Hindu India.

The following three books should be a must read for every hindu:

Understanding Islam Through Hadis: Religious faith or Fanaticism? by Ram Swarup

Jihad: The Islamic Doctrine of Permanent War by Suhas Majumdar

The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims by Andew Bostom

Also, visit the following site to keep tabs on the day to day activities of jihadis:

One more thing I need to add is that hindus need to be completely unapologetic about defending themselves against muslim agression. The secularists argument seems to be that in Gujarat more muslims died (~1000) that hindus (~250) and therefore muslims are the victims. But that is a flawed argument because the guilt or innocence is based solely on body count. By the same token one can argue that in 1971 war more pakis died (~10,000) than Indian jawans (~3000) therefore Pakistan must be the injured party. But we all know that if an aggressor suffers more during retaliation that does not abslove the agressor from the initial crime of starting the conflict.
Muslims kill hindus because their religion asks them to and hindus kill muslims to prevent them from doing so.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Jihadis hit again </b>
The Pioneer Edit Desk
UPA making India a soft target ---- There is no denying the fact that had the terrorists who set out on Thursday morning to blow up the RSS headquarters in Nagpur succeeded in their mission, jihadis both in India and abroad would have celebrated while the Government and its security agencies would have been left looking utterly incompetent in combating Islamist terrorism. It is another matter that no amount of subsequent opprobrium would have made the UPA regime even remotely remorseful, not least because its effete response to the scourge of Islamist jihad over the past two years has underscored its refusal to confront terrorism, thus converting the nation into a soft target for those who kill in the name of god.<b> By abrogating the Prevention of Terrorism Act on the specious plea that it militates against 'secularism' soon after it came to power in 2004, the UPA, more so the Congress, sent out a clear signal to jihadis of all shades of green that they can strike at any target of their choice without any let or hindrance</b>. If there were any doubts about the Government's pusillanimity, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has removed them by declaring a policy of zero tolerance towards "human rights violations" which is subterfuge for warning security forces that the regime of the day shall not tolerate tough action against terrorists. Leader of the Opposition LK Advani cannot be faulted for his taunt that "the phraseology zero tolerance seems addressed not to the enemy of the country but to those who protect the country." <b>Hence, it is not surprising that jihadis should launch increasingly daring strikes calculated to cause loss of lives as well as proclaim their ability to hit whenever and wherever they wish to - Delhi's markets on the eve of Diwali, Ram temple in Ayodhya, Sankat Mochan temple in Varanasi on the eve of Holi, Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, Hindus in Doda, tourists in Srinagar and now the RSS headquarters in Nagpur</b>.

Yes, on certain occasions the jihadis have failed in their mission to kill and plunder. In Ayodhya, CRPF personnel fought them back; in Nagpur, an alert police force acted on the basis of information before the terrorists could force their way through the main entrance to the RSS headquarters. But the credit for these successes can in no manner be attributed to the UPA Government, least of all to the Prime Minister and his Home Minister. On the contrary, they owe an explanation to the nation as to why and how terrorists are able to spread their area of jihad without facing the slightest resistance. It is not sufficient for the Government to despatch the Minister of State for Home to brief the Congress president about Thursday's incident - the country demands an explanation about the spurt in terrorism that has coincided with the UPA Government's weak-kneed overtures to Pakistan. Nor is it enough to mouth homilies about the need to maintain peace and harmony in the face of provocation. <b>The people of India, despite an irresolute Government at the helm that is unaffected by the death of innocent men, women and children more so if they happen to be Hindus, are firm in their conviction that Islamist terror can neither dampen the national spirit nor replace loathing with fear.</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Opening doors to Islamists </b>
Balbir K Punj
After sealing the fate of Indian academics with 27 per cent reservation, Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh is off on a nine-day trip to the Gulf to explore possibilities of cooperation in academics between the two countries. In January, Mr Singh had turned down IIM-Bangalore's long-standing proposal to start a Business School in Singapore. A delegation led by former Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong that visited IIM-Ahmedabad had described it as "India's loss".

However, later Mr Singh recanted, and IIM-Bangalore has now been allowed to set up a campus in Singapore. On May 14, IIM-Ahmedabad, in collaboration with Essec Business School of France, opened its Asian Centre in Singapore. Singapore Deputy Prime Minister S Jayakumar inaugurated it. Nobody from the HRD Ministry was present there.

Now for the contrasting picture: The current custodian of the HRD Ministry, Mr Arjun Singh, was present at the signing of the MoU between Jamia Millia Islamia and King Abdul Aziz University of Jeddah. This was to boost the number of Saudi students visiting the Jamia further. In 2003, the number was 38. It jumped to 104 in 2004. Mr Singh made it a point to assure the assembly at the function that the "status of Muslims in India will be enhanced". This was a brazen remark befitting a Minister of a Muslim country. As expected, he said nothing about the status of minorities in Saudi Arabia.

Why do we need any Saudi Arabian student to come to India at all? Islam claims that it has brought the world out of jahilia - spiritual darkness of the pre-Islamic world. By that logic, momins should congenitally be more scholarly than kafirs. Saudi Arabia has been attracting students from all over the Islamic world for studies on theology in the Islamic University of Medina and King Abdul Aziz University. These two universities, which primarily attracted the foreign students, peddled a Wahabi curriculum. "Both universities quickly became," as Dore Gold wrote in Hatred's Kingdom - How Saudi Arabia supports the New Global Terrorism, "hothouses for growth of Islamic militancy."

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>It is my worst fear that the UPA Government is trying to drag us into the Islamic orbit. Very soon Mr Singh might initiate talks with the Taliban, Hamas and Islamic Brotherhood as well. Let us not forget that in 1974 India had vainly tried to enter the Organisation of Islamic Conference. The reservation bogey, a ploy to divide the Hindu society, could be a similar bid to become a member of the jihad club.</span> Mr Singh kicked off his current term in 2004 with "de-toxification" of NCERT textbooks. He liberally funded Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia. Further, he espoused the cause of Muslim reservation and the minority-institution character of the AMU. India's emergence as a knowledge superpower is bound to receive a jolt by the ill-advised reservation policy.

<b>While Mr Singh signs an MoU to attract Saudi students, more than 20 Chinese universities are aggressively scouting around for medical students from India. Hundreds of students from India are now studying medicine in China. Chinese medical universities have excellent infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories and a network of affiliated hospitals that are far more sophisticated than our AIIMS</b>. But while our medical/engineering colleges are already woefully short on basic amenities and faculty staff, the Government is speaking of increasing seats with such nonchalance as if it were adding a few chairs to a house-full theatre. China has moved forward since the era of the Mao and the Cultural Revolution and rebuilt itself brick by brick. But in India, vicious rhetoric takes precedence over realism.

<b>India is encountering another joint vengeance. The Maoists of Nepal, who work in tandem with their counterparts in Bihar, have threatened to blow up Bihar's Assembly, Secretariat, official residence of the Chief Minister and 15 out of 30 targeted police stations in a span of two months, beginning May 29.</b> The UPA Government, prompted by its Marxist props, has let the Maoists in Nepal assume a moral high ground. They were projected as some kind of a resistance movement against a despotic monarchy. But all the while their ideological cousins in India were ravaging a functional democracy. The reconvened Pratinidhi Sabha was quick to clip the wings of monarchy. As with the monarchy, also gone is the tag 'Hindu' state of Nepal, the only country in the world to bear that appellation.

The Government of India was obsessed with 'restoration of democracy' in Nepal. But if Maoists were fighting only to restore democracy in Nepal, why are they waging a war against the Indian state? India is a functional democracy. But Maoists of Nepal and India are in a joint venture (read vengeance) to topple the establishments in Kathmandu as well as New Delhi. The Koirala Government is reminiscent of the Kerensky Government in Moscow. The Maoists would give a long rope to hang them with, like Lenin had said of Kerensky, before Bolsheviks took over Russia.

But the joint vengeance hardly stops there. There is good reason to suspect that Maoists in Nepal have the blessings of the ISI. <b>The road to establish the Asian Caliphate, possibly under Osama bin Laden, runs through the Himalayan Highway on which Hinduism's soft underbelly Nepal is located. Mirza Dilshad Beg, who was on the payroll of international terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, had wormed his way into the ministerial echelons of Nepal. Beg, who was later shot down by a gang member of Chhota Rajan, had established 'Islamic Yuva Sangh' with liberal funding from Pakistan and Bangladesh, through ISI's conduit</b>.

A string of madrasas on Indo-Nepal border often shelters the Maoists, who are bleeding the Nepalese Government. According to South Asia Intelligence Review (SAIR), Weekly Assessment & Briefings (Vol 31, February 14, 2005), one Ram Charan Shreshtha, a Kathmandu-based ideologue and organiser of the Young Communist League (YCL), a front outfit of the Communist Party of Nepal, Maoists (CPN-M) was believed to have developed close links with the ISI of Pakistan.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>According to intelligence sources, Ram Charan Shreshtha (an ISI mole and conduit for Islamic funds pouring into Nepal) was at one time fairly close to Prachanda (Pushp Kamal Dahal) and remained in constant contact with leaders of the Nepal Islamic Yuva Sangha. </span>There were dozens of more members of the YCL hobnobbing with the Islamic Yuva Sangha from time to time.

It is time the Hindu society put a check on this political degeneration and stood up against this jihadi-Leftist conspiracy.

Look at that site, another shining example of the mindset of IM's, in my entire life I haven't come across one IM site that is not obsessed with Hindu groups, all they talk about is how Muslims are being persecuted but don't tell the world about how they are the one's who do most of the persecution, here is them supporting Pan Islamic agenda openly:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->OIC’s Delayed but Justified Resolution

It says:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Further more Indian Muslims, like the Muslims world over, are part of one Ummah and if any Muslim condemns the resolution of the OIC he/she is violating the hadith of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) who said, “Muslims are like different parts of the body and if one part is in pain the whole body feels it.”

So what are the so called nationalist Muslims doing, what is stopping them from launching their own sites, nothing but they don't because nationalist and Muslim are like an oxymoron with some exceptions and we are expected to believe that these are great patriots.

I am not sure if there exist a "nationalist" muslim! Whichever country they live in, their heart is for mecca.
People like Abdul Kalam, Havaldar Hamid (PVC), Feroze Khan (recent Pakistan issue) are more "nationalists" than Hindus like N Ram, V P Singh, Arjun Singh, Mulayam Singh etc.
Mumbai edition of the HTimes, June 7/06
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Born in Kolhapur, shot in Kashmir-
A traitor, say parents; engineer's son is first state jehadi in valley

IRFAN ATTAR was a first-born, dedicated to God by a childless Kolhapur couple desperate to have a child. Eighteen years later on Monday, Attar’s anguished parents had to publicly denounce their eldest son a traitor to their country.

Attar, student of a madrassa in Bharuch, Gujarat, was shot dead in Kashmir a week ago, his body charred beyond recognition after a firefight with the army, the first Maharashtra Muslim to be so killed. Anti-terrorist squad officers from Mumbai are now in Kolhapur to investigate if there are others like him studying in Gujarat’s Islamic seminaries.

The police in Kolhapur — nestling in the Sahyadri Hills amid serene sugar-cane fields and chappals — are still waiting for confirmation that the teenage militant killed in Pulwama, Kashmir, was indeed Irfan, but to the Attars, the information they received and the circumstances were proof enough.

So in Kolhapur’s comfortable Tarabai locality, government engineer Mohiuddin Gajbharsaheb Attar and his wife Shabira unable to live with the stigma of terrorism, released a statement that read: “On the basis of available facts and circumstances, we have concluded that the slain terrorist is our son Irfan…We are Indians and are proud of our Indian identity. We condemn Irfan’s treacherous act and will continue to do so in the future.” How and when Irfan made the journey from Kolhapur to Kashmir, from small-town boy to jehadi, isn’t something his parents have figured out. They believed he was studying at the Bharuch madrasa. It was only after a spokesman of the terror outfit Hijb-ul-Mujahideen announced that one of their martyred boys was from Kolhapur, did the Jammu and Kashmir police contact the Kolhapur police.

“We sent our personnel to the madrassa in Gujarat where Irfan was supposed to be studying, but we couldn’t find him,” Kolhapur district superintendent of police Dr Sukhwinder Singh told HT. He said it wasn’t possible to identify Irfan’s charred body from the photos released by the Kashmir police.

Singh said DNA tests may be conducted. And the Attars home was raided anyway. The police found Urdu books and maps of India and Pakistan “with some markings”.

Police sources said it was likely the teenager was indoctrinated by extremists in Gujarat. Since the Attars were childless for years after their marriage, they dedicated their first son (they have three children) to God on the advice of religious teachers.

Irfan was educated in religious seminaries in Kolhapur’s Kagal and Uchgaon towns. Police investigation has shown that his father would send his son Rs 10,000 every year.

The Attars told the police that Irfan visited them on Id every year; his last trip home was in November 2005. Singh refused to say if the Attars were under suspicion. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Kashmir’s twin towers of Culture, Morality under fire

From the above article:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->As the regime found itself comfortably positioned in terms of militarily and politically managing the affairs, a number of NGOs were unleashed on Kashmir to achieve its cultural decimation. The NGOs mostly comprise shady characters masquerading as intellectuals who are commissioned to distort history, secularise Islam and install idols of Kashmiriyat and Sufisim to neutralise the influence of religion on the lives of the people. Some of these were even sent to perform Haj to accord them respectability in the society while they were actually engaged in uprooting its ethos and value system. The people are too gullible to recognise their intent. On the contrary, they are showered with the honour of laying the foundation of reconstruction of the most revered shrines in Kashmir, paving way for them to rebuild Islam of their own liking. The NGOs have proved to be an important tool in the hands of the regime to upstage a complete cultural coup in Kashmir.

<b>Fatwa against singing Vande Mataram</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->HYDERABAD: With the new academic year set to start next week and the admission process at its peak, several city--based <b>muftis issued a fatwa on Tuesday asking Muslims not to admit their children in schools where Vande Mataram is sung every morning. Children who are already studying in such institutions must be immediately shifted to other schools, the fatwa ordered</b>.  <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->

Muftis, including All--India Sunni Ulema Board president Moulana Syed Shah Badruddin Qadri Aljeelani, Moulana Mohammed Hasnuddin, Moulana Mohammed Mastan Ali, Nazima Aziz and Rizwana Zarreen of Jamiat--ul--Mominath, jointly issued the fatwa when some parents approached them seeking a shariah ruling on Vande Mataram. Several schools in the city start their day with a recital of the national song. “Vande Mataram was written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.

<b>It emphasises that Indians treat their land as God. Ours is a secular country</b>. Asking Muslims to do something like this cannot be advocated,” Moulana Badruddin Qadri Aljeelani told TOI after issuing the fatwa.

Even if these institutions offer quality education, they cannot force students to violate the shariah norms. <b>Muslims cannot compromise on Kalma--e--Tayyaba, the basic pillar of Islam which says there is only one God and Mohammed is the Prophet,</b> he added.

<b>Parents sending their children to such schools are committing the 'Gunaah--e--Kabira'.</b> Hence, stay away from schools which are not secular, advised Mastan Ali. According to Islam, there is only one God.

<b>The moment one starts believing in more than one God, it is treated as Shirk (anti--Islam),</b> said Moulana Mufti Hasnuddin. School authorities should not force Muslim children to either r<b>ecite Vande Mataram or any other rendition which is prohibited in Islam</b>, Mastan Ali added.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>Bukhari forms UP United Democratic Front</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid Maulana Syed Ahmed Bhukhari on Saturday announced the formation of a political front for the forthcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.

Addressing a press conference at the Jama Masjid, Bukhari said the formation of the Uttar Pradesh United Democratic Front (UPUDF), was necessitated as 'the so-called secular parties have deeply disappointed the Muslims in the 57 years of independence, merely treating them as a vote bank.'

<b>"Muslims supported with heart and soul all those political parties who raised slogan of secularism. But when the time came to fulfil the promises made to them, mode of functioning of all parties remained similar and even after passing of 57 years Muslims are deprived of their rights,"</b> he said.
Sharply attacking the secular parties, he said those parties hatched a well-planned conspiracy and compelled Muslims to vote for them showing the 'bugbear' of BJP.</b>

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