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California Textbooks - 2
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Yesterday was the Vijaydivas for Hindus!
Common Hindus were able to defeat Indian communist and German Fascist forces.
Witzel and Romila are not only lying but they are biggest fraud. I was present in every hearing. CDE have already accepted 85% of changes.

Indiatruth.org is organization started by people (FOSA + CAC) (communist group of India and Pakistan) who carried placard showing "Allah will destroy the terrorist State of India" during Kargil war.
Yesterday’s meeting Witzel's assistance Steve Farmer quoted “he is Atheist”. But his thesis is full of reference to Bible. Steve Farmer said that he does not believe in Aryan Invasion or Aryan Migration theory. All who says have no knowledge what so ever which includes Witzel and Romilla Thappar both of them are promoting her and his nonsense theory.
Yesterday’s meeting Witzel paraded Sikh Dalit (Khalistani). On one side they say Dalit is Hinduism problem and now Witzel is parading Dalit. And these Sikh Dalit claims that they are eating "Dead Animals" for last thousand years. They are cleaning toilets in India and also in USA. If its Sikhism problem they should add in Sikhism lesson in text book.,
They even parade Muslims and Christians against Hindus.

One of the FOSA member started abusing common Hindus and he was forced to remove from room by security people.

Why German Fundamentalist Christian Witzel and communist Romilla Thappar celebrating? They should check changes. Its shame they are lying. Common Hindus were able to defeat communist and Fascist forces.

COngrats every single Hindu parents and Hindus. United we can defeat these Christian Fascist and Communist forces.
Did you ask Bible Thumper/creationist Steve Farmer whether he is employed or not. It seems he is not.
<b>What should Hindu parents do about the CA Textbooks farce?</b>

A parent responds:


As I reached the end of this article, I felt myself thinking: This is just the beginning. That's not meant to sound sinister, I hasten to add, for the benefit of the authors. <b>The only thing grim about me is my determination! </b>

Parents tend to be a determined bunch, and thanks to all the red-blooded notoriety this issue has assumed, more parents have become aware that they need to remain aware.

Whatever the sages perched on the lofty spires of Harvard may say, we parents are the ones who deal with the steady deterioration in the quality of education in US schools. Don't get me wrong, most schoolteachers are wonderful. But when we happen upon the ones that make shocking spelling errors, mislead children about a word rather than admit they do not know, or simply do not care to help those lagging behind, what are we parents to do?

Well, for starters we work like hell with our kids at home, and open our veins to pay for supplemental instruction elsewhere. But we also have every right to stand up, speak out and hold the system accountable.

This need not be a negative and hateful act. If made and received in the proper spirit, critique can rejuvenate and enrich educational content. In reviewing a sixth-grade astronomy textbook, my research turned up a website corroborating my reservations about its content, listing several pages of glaring errors. I promptly made a copy and shared it with the principal as well as the science teacher.

Not even Professor Witzel, I am sure, would read malevolence into my doing that. Then why is it that the moment the text involves history and culture, the defenders of Business as Usual stop listening and start swarming about like hornets? We need to move this debate to higher ground.

The first question I had after reading this article was-- What exactly is meant by "Hindutva?" <b>To me, the word suggests knowledge, consciousness and pride in what it means to be Hindu. As a parent, my hope is to convey that sentiment to my child. Is that evil? </b>

On St. Patrick's Day at school my daughter is asked to wear green clothes, eat green apples, green doughnuts, read about the tradition, make artwork with that theme.

Does this amount to inculcating " Irish ism ?" Or, in order to participate in performances onstage with her class choir, when she is made to sing selections from the Catholic Mass and many other works with an overtly religious motif, should I do a Paul Revere among my fellow Hindus warning of a hidden conversion agenda in schools? Let's shelve the paranoia, shall we?

Professors Witzel, Thapar and their supporters have selectively picked on and repeatedly rehashed for ridicule just a few elements from many changes proposed by HEF and VF. Fine, if certain edits are not entirely acceptable as proposed, let there be further dialogue and investigation of mutually acceptable resolutions; let the theater of debate be opened to more experts with impeccable credentials. <b>And let those who cry "politics" and "hindutva" at every excuse cooperate in keeping unilateralism out of education. </b>

By harping on politics as being the driving agenda of HEF and VF, and expending much verbiage on "exposing" their "hindutva" affiliations, <b>Professors Thapar and Witzel transparently reveal their own priorities to be political. If it were not so, their article would have focused more upon the specifics of those textbooks, and less on character assassination of the opposition. </b>

I think of the climate in the US after 9/11, when airwaves and print were overtaken by apologists for Islam, when spokespersons for that faith were given a fair opportunity to proclaim Islam a religion of peace, to interpret the Koran in the proper light. Despite all the seething in private, I don't remember anyone from Harvard or anywhere else jumping in with their own selective and subjective excerpts from the Koran. It seems only we Hindus need external help to fathom our own faith and culture, and to tell us who we really are.

<b>This is not a video game, where a participant can walk off with a higher score and gloat about how many "hindutva" phantoms he slew. These are our kids, and this is our culture. We will not vanish at the flick of a switch. </b>


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<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Daily Letters | 1 Mar, 2006
I am surprised your magazine gives prominence to idiot leftists like Romila Thapar who are part of the leftist 'jhola' brigade from JNU. I don't know what is more asinine, her poisonous vitriolic against hindus or the distorted logic she uses in her article. It is rumoured Ms Thapar recently had plastic surgery where the surgeon took out fat out of her ar** and injected it in her lips so Ms Thapar is literally speaking through her ars*. My request to Outlook is not to give prominence to her by printing her articles as leftist fossil Buffoons like her are best left ignored. She comes out straight from a comic book. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> <!--emo&:roll--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ROTFL.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='ROTFL.gif' /><!--endemo--> <!--emo&:roll--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ROTFL.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='ROTFL.gif' /><!--endemo-->
came in email:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Debate being broadcast on NPR tomorrow (WBUR-FM: 90.9), you can visit this
sometime tomorrow and the shortcuts will allow you to play back the entire 'Talk of
the Nation' segment in which the debate will occur.

Should be a good augury for an international scandal involving Harvard Assn.
of Hate groups, ethics of Harvard Univ. and railroading in Alan Bersin's CDE
California Board of Education Committee Approves Most Hindu Changes to Textbooks
Hinduism Today

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, March 1, 2006: (HPI note: For continuity on this issue, please reference HPI articles here and here. The following report is drawn from first-person accounts of those attending the meeting. An article on this issue, current as of February 1, which appears in the April, 2006, issue of Hinduism Today, and Hinduism Today's testimony to the Board of Education may be downloaded in PDF form here. The article include six sample text pages of a lesson on Hinduism.)

By 9:45, every seat was taken in the main meeting room and the overflow rooms were pressed into service. More than 150 Hindus, including parents with their children, were here to attend this meeting which was part on an on-going controversy over the H indu chapters in ten 6th grade social studies books up for adoption by the State of California. Hindus had requested 152 changes ("edits" as they are called) be made to these books where they are inaccurate or not in accord with the California Standards which require each religion to be described respectfully. This meeting was the latest, and likely the last, chance to address the issues. Under discussion was a proposed set of edits worked out at a closed-door meeting January 6, 2006, with Board of Education staff, Dr. Shiva Bajpai and Dr. Michael Witzel. This unusual meeting arrived at agreement or compromise on many of the 152 edits, but left a substantial number, twenty or thirty critical ones, unresolved. These mostly had to do with the Aryan issue, caste, untouchability, women's rights and the Hindu concept of God.

This meeting was of a five-member committee formed by the Board of Education to listen to public commentary and make recommendations. By the end of the day, it was apparent that the committee had already decided in advance to accept the January 6 closed-door meeting results, and this meeting was only to fulfill the legal requirement for public input. As soon as the many speakers finished in the late afternoon, the Chairperson, Ruth Green, closed the meeting to further public comment. She said they had made a good faith attempt to hear from all sides, "a difficult task." She said their goal was to remain religiously and scholastically neutral. A previously prepared motion was then read and approved to accept the results of the January 6 meeting without change, meaning that no comments by any speaker impacted the edits. The committee procedure went so rapidly that one Hindu in attendance, of the Dalit community, stood up and said, "Excuse me, but many in this room have driven hundreds of miles to see what you would do. Could you explain what you just did." A committee member said "After due consideration of all the pub lic comment, we have just approved the edits and corrections [from the January 6 meeting] which were posted on the web site and distributed to you."

These committee recommendation still have to be approved by the full Board of Education when it next meets March 8 to 10, 2006. But as the Board will almost certainly approve them as is, there is not really any opportunity for further adjustments at this point short of legal action.

Hindus were not happy with this meeting, even though 75% of the edits they had requested were approved in some form or another. The 25%, however, represented key issues. Still, for a first attempt at altering the textbooks, it was a decent showing, said Khanderao of the Hindu Education Foundation, one of the key players in the process. Other communities, he pointed out, have been working for more than a decade on bias in the textbook. Here, he said, we have already made significant progress in our first attempt in California.

For example, when Hinduism Today first wrote about problems with the California textbooks in 1991, the Muslim Institute for Islamic Studies was already formed and working to change the presentation of Islam in the books. They have been so successful over the last 15 years that there is now a backlash against the presentation of Islam, with Christians and others considering it too rosy a history.

The Hindu American Foundation, which had entered the process later than the Hindu Education Foundation and Vedic Foundation, was displeased with the process the Board has chosen to follow. Speaking for HAF, Suhag Shukla told HPI, ""The public hearing today as well as the call by the State Board of Education for written public comment last week were unfortunately a farce. The SBE has made a mockery of what is legislated to be a democratic and open public process. Over one hundred and fifty committed Hindu Americans took time off of their regular weekly schedules an d travelled, at their own expense to address the subcommittee, even if only for sixty seconds. Instead of taking into consideration the evidence and comments submitted by the public, the SBE essentially read a pre-written motion reaffirming its flawed recommendations of February 27th."

Public testimony at the meeting went on for several hours, with groups getting two minutes and members of the public one. This included groups other than the Hindus who had requested edits to the texts. However, none of those edits were being opposed. For example, the Institute for Curriculum Studies, a Jewish group, thanked the committee for accepting all 256 of their edits and corrections, which included deleting any reference to Jews killing Jesus, and deleting any reference to Jews being considered "chosen people" as they said this had been a source of anti-Semitism.

The Hindu Education Foundation, Vedic Foundation and Hindu American Foundation all protested the Janua ry 6 results, with HAF submitting in writing a request to reconsider 18 key edits from the January 6 meeting.

Academics came supporting one or the other side. For example, Dr. Robert Goldman, a Sanskrit instructor at the University of California, Berkeley, testified that the Aryan invasion theory was outdated. He said recent archeology shows no invasion occurred.

Jayant Point said we should make sure our children are not ashamed. He pointed out the Muslims successfully removed any mention that a woman is required to provide 4 witnesses before she is believed in an Islamic courtroom, and that the textbooks don't mention that Christian scripture says a woman was made out of a man's rib and provided only for his pleasure. "So why," he asked, "is Hinduism singled out for such negative portrayal?"

Surta Suthe, a history professor at the University of California at Davis, pointed out that there is hardly any mention in the texts of slavery which ex isted in other cultures.

One group opposed the Hindu edits, the Friends of South Asia, a leftist political group, objected to any edits dealing with caste. They were joined by The Ambedkar Center for Peace and Justice, the Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America and the Coalition against Communalism.

Chetan, a student Monte Vista High School, said in her social studies class teacher told them widows thew themselves in the funeral pyre of their husbands and Hindus worshipped monkeys.

Bharka Patel, Monte Vista High School said that at her 2,100 student high school, 300 are Hindus. On Deepavali she organized a support group to teach about Hinduism. Only 15 students showed up, she said because Hindus are so embarrassed by the education given in the textbooks. "There is more to Hinduism," she said "than the caste system."

One student, of the first name Varijay, said a teacher told her class, "learning about Hinduism doesn't really matter." Her classmate s also teased her, saying, "A cow to you is steak to us." She said controversial issues should be studied in high school perhaps, but not presented in a 6th grade introductory textbook.

Samjana Prabhakar, said, "My daughter came home in tears after her teacher told her about sati, the ancient and rare practice of a widow throwing herself on her husband's funeral pyre. 'You say my teacher is always right,' the daughter cried, 'Will I have to go in the fire, too, if my husband dies? Then my children will be orphans.' It took me many years and multiple trips to India to undo this trauma. Students will remain in the dark unless the books are changed."

Suhag Shukla of HAF said, "Current edits still will not reflect the beliefs of religious leaders or practicing Hindus. Dr. Witzel infected a democratic process with false accusations."

Kama Kishor said, "If you insist on writing that Hinduism is a religion which promotes caste and other negatives, then since there are many reports of Catholic child molesters, you must say Christianity is a religion of child molesters. And since most terrorists are Muslim, you must say Islam is a religion of terrorists."

Ramesh Rao, asked, "Why ignore all the great contributions of Hinduism? It is the greatest pacifist religion in the history of the world and the fountainhead of world spirituality. Why is it so negatively portrayed?" Ramesh also injected some welcome humor in an otherwise somber meeting.

At the end of the public input section, several school children were allowed to speak. They had taken the day off from school to attend. One, Kartikeya Katir of Davis, California, said, "I am an sophomore at Da Vinci High School in Davis. During my studies about Hinduism in school I learned that: Hinduism is a man-made religion and that all other religions came from God; that my religion condones discrimination against a certain segment of society in India throug h the caste system; that my religion is based on myths and legends while all other religions are based on holy texts and revealed knowledge; that God in Hinduism is spelled with a small 'g' and God in other religions is spelled with a capital "G." None of this is right, and I feel hurt that you allow this religious discrimination against Hindu citizens of California to continue. I was taught this is the land of the free and home of the brave. On behalf of all students who believe these ideals, I encourage you to bravely allow us to have our own voice, as you do the Christian and Jewish faiths, so that we may also be free."

Dr. Munger, a member of the Curriculum Commission which had first heard the edits in December, was present for the meeting. Even though he had opposed many of the Hindu edits at the Commissions December meeting, he wanted to follow the debate. He said that it is a long process, and that the textbooks today are much better than 20 years ago, and that with all the edits that have been approved, next year's textbooks will be much better. "They are far from perfect," he said, "but will be better." He expressed great admiration for Indian civilization, and was very cordial to our reporter.

It is important to understand these issues in the light of the California laws governing school textbooks. It is likely that few of those testifying against (or in favor of them, for that matter) the Hindu edits at this meeting are aware of the California laws. The news reports appearing in the American newspapers show little or no awareness of these governing laws.

There are two documents which contain these laws. One is the "Standards for Evaluating Instruction Materials for Social Content," (here), and the other is the "History-Social Science Framework," (here). They are manifestly an attempt at social engineering through the school system. The idea is to educate children into a harmonious view of California's pluralistic society while not perpetuating stereotypes and prejudices of the past.

The first document defines the guiding principles. With regard to religion, it reads in full: "Purpose. The standards enable all students to become aware and accepting of religious diversity while being allowed to remain secure in any religious beliefs they may already have. Method. The standards will be achieved by depicting, when appropriate, the diversity of religious beliefs held in the United States and California, as well as in other societies, without displaying bias toward or prejudice against any of those beliefs or religious beliefs in general.

"Applicability of Standards. The standards are derived to a degree from the United States and the California constitutions and relate closely to the requirements conc erning the portrayal of cultural diversity. Compliance is required. .... 1. Adverse reflection. No religious belief or practice may be held up to ridicule and no religious group may be portrayed as inferior. 2. Indoctrination. Any explanation or description of a religious belief or practice should be presented in a manner that does not encourage or discourage belief or indoctrinate the student in any particular religious belief. 3. Diversity. When religion is discussed or depicted, portrayals of contemporary American society should reflect religious diversity." The Jewish groups often cited these principles in making edits, especially "adverse reflection."

The second document, the "Framework," lists in detail what is to be taught. Hinduism appears in section 6.5 on ancient history. It reads: "Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the early civilizations of India. 1. Locate and describe the major river system and discuss the physical setting that supported the rise of this civilization. 2. Discuss the significance of the Aryan invasions. 3. Explain the major beliefs and practices of Brahmanism in India and how they evolved into early Hinduism. 4. Outline the social structure of the caste system. 5. Know the life and moral teachings of the Buddha and how Buddhism spread in India, Ceylon, and Central Asia. 6. Describe the growth of the Maurya empire and the political and moral achievements of the emperor Asoka. 7. Discuss important aesthetic and intellectual traditions (e.g., Sanskrit literature, including the Bhagavad Gita; medicine; metallurgy; and mathematics, including Hindu-Arabic numerals and the zero)."

The Framework requirements governing other religions are far more philosophically and spiritually rich. For comparison, here is part of Framework section 6.3 on Judaism: "Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the Ancient Hebrews. 1. Describe the origins and sig nificance of Judaism as the first monotheistic religion based on the concept of one God who sets down moral laws for humanity. 2. Identify the sources of the ethical teachings and central beliefs of Judaism (the Hebrew Bible, the Commentaries): belief in God, observance of law, practice of the concepts of righteousness and justice, and importance of study; and describe how the ideas of the Hebrew traditions are reflected in the moral and ethical traditions of Western civilization. 3. Explain the significance of Abraham, Moses, Naomi, Ruth, David, and Yohanan ben Zaccai in the development of the Jewish religion. 4. Discuss the locations of the settlements and movements of Hebrew peoples, including the Exodus...."

The Judaism Framework section is far more comprehensive in terms of theology than the Hindu section is. Under Hinduism, students learn Aryan Invasion and caste more than theology, and the Bhagavad Gita is listed under "aesthetic and intellectual traditions ," rather than religion. Neither God nor religion is mentioned under Hinduism, while both appear twice under Judaism. The Framework comes up for review in 2008, at which times Hindus are planning to request changes to bring the teaching of Hinduism in line with the other religions.

California Hindus have achieved at least a modest victory on the textbook issue. Their successes, failures and lessons learned will be of strategic help in dealing with the same issues in other states, and even internationally. The Vedic Foundation and Hindu Education Foundation through months of diligent work have begun to change the depiction of Hinduism in US classrooms.
Thanks Piyush,

Please every one should contribute to HAF fund. Its very important. Start collecting money now.
From: Michael Witzel <witzel@...>
Date: Thu Mar 2, 2006 3:17 pm
Subject: Hindutva announces CA victory witzel_michael
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Though it is not yet the weekend, some amusing news about the CA
textbook story:

It took two days for the Hindutvavadins of CA and beyond to find out
that they actually have *won* the vote of the CA Board of Education's
committee on Monday (which voted 5: zero *against* the Hindutva edits).

How the Hindutvavadins have actually calculated their victory remains
a mystery, at least to the non-initiated. According to commonly used
math, 5 is 5 more than zero.

<b>They must have used "Vedic mathematics" that were invented by (sorry,
"revealed" to) a recent Shankaracharya (a sort of pope of Hinduism).</b>
Vedic math was then introduced in school curricula by the
nationalists in the State of Uttar Prasdesh in the early Nineties. To
be followed by Astrology courses in universities, nationwide, in the
late Nineties/early 2000.

See what we are up to in CA and elsewhere if these groups persist?

Below follows the victory bulletin of the Hindu Press International, a
Hawai'an outfit out of Kauai, whose orange clad Caucasian editor had
flown in from mid-Pacific, all the way to CA, to participate in the
irregular Dec. 2 meeting. Now he has even moved to Davis, CA. Just
like another favorite of ours, Vishal Agawal, who has fled cold MN for
hot Rosemont, CA, to continue his hate mongering blogging from there
(actually, out of his company, Medtronics, as was shown just now on
another list, ipactruth@..., Feb. 28). VA has composed some of
the most vituperative and libelous blogs about the CA process. He has
also given an "eye witness account" (speak: attack against anybody who
does not agree with Hindutva, from Committee members to individual
speakers: you know: "communists" etc. etc.) This is at India
Civilization Yahoo list, # 86614. (To follow, along with others, this

The HIP victory cries include "75% of Hindu edits approved". Sure, if
you count all the 10 or so cases where Bajpai and I agreed on Jan. 6
to change "gods and goddesses" to "deities," and similarly crucial
edits :-)

But not, where really counts: the position of women, the caste system
and Dalits, Hindu "monotheism", and well, yes, even the CA state
mandated "Aryan Invasion" ...

See below.

Unfortunately, this religious news bulletin is in stark contrast to the
despair of the Hindu American Foundation (a "humanitarian" organization
whose President has lauded the worst excesses of the Hindu right; his
effusion still is on their party's own website, the BJP).

The HAF openly declares defeat.

See next message, with an --as always-- confused intro by our
beloved Dr .K.

The HAF cleverly uses this defeat for fundraising.
No Vedic math involved here, but instead the one used in
"pseudo-secular" capitalism...

But then, even the $ bill says: "in GOD we trust" -- as if straight
out of the Hindutva edits...
Maybe *that* is what they were really after?

Cheers, MW
Witzel is full of hatred and nonsense. He is busy promoting Communist and his own agenda.
Witzel is just gone case. He is in a good company of Farmer. Let them do farming and grow lies behind Harvard drain. After meeting Farmer and his communist buddies, as we say in India - <b>"Ram milay Jori" or "Choro ki Barat"</b>

Let see who is Dhulay Raja in Choro Ki Barat
<img src='http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v130/indiaforum/dog-dress.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
Please identify him.

This useless Witzel is sitting here; he is neither Indian citizen nor Indian origin why he keeps poking his filthy nose in Indian matters. Does he know anything about India? Why he keep on bringing Indian state politics in Harvard school. He is just a low level instructor in Harvard. Let see how long he can retain his job. Can't speak or teach Sanskrit.
President Bush's current visit to India has evoked protests from Muslims and Communists of India. President Bush of US, who has come to India to strengthen friendship between the two countries is witnessing his effigies burnt all across India by CPI-ML and the Muslims.

Not a single Hindu has raised a voice of protest over the insult heaped upon their culture and tradition by the Californian State board of Education. There are no words but of optimism and positivity from the Hindus. While on the other hand, the groups that Michael Witzel and Stephen farmer hang out with are burning the effigies of the President of the United States of America. The very same group(s) whom Romila Thapar, Angana Chatterjee, Michael Witzel and the rest of the group sympathizes with are spitting on the very face of a democratically elected Leader of one of the world's Superpowers. These effigy burning hate-mongers and their sympathizers are the very same ones who are attacking eleven year old Hindu children who want to be respected and treated as equals by their peers. Young children who want their classmates to know and share the same idea of Hinduism as they are taught at home by their parents are being vehemently trampled upon by these supporters of hate-mongers who terrorise even innocent voters in many parts of India.

Children, who at home are taught that AHIMSA PARAMO DHARMA (Non-violence is the greatest virtue), and Vasudaiva Kutumbakam (This whole universe is one family) are now learning the hard-way that respect is demanded by hate-mongering, violence and vehement vituperation rather than by rational reasoning and respect for reality.

As if the abuse of alter-boys by the clergy did not satisfy these Hindu-haters, now they are seeking secret satisfaction from messing with innocent sixth-graders in California.

Here is a news item which shows how CPI-ML (whom Witzel and Romila Thapar associate with) is spreading hate and burning Bush's effigy. I guess this is not the Burning Bush talked about in Christian Mythology.
Very good points Sunder. I am hoping that the violent protests by the u-no-hu turn into a blessing in disguise. Most American people, officials in the administration, officials in Law enforcement and political leaders are clueless about Indian commies and their multiple morphisms. If the secret service did its home-work well prior to the trip, it should have found the u-no-hus right here in Berkeley and neighboring areas.

Have you noticed that the u-no-hus have been completely silent on President Bush's trip to India? Not a word from Angana, Biju, Akhila, Kaleem Kawaja and rest of the cabal.
Read this and figure out what this idiot is saying
<b>I have just one little difference with you. I doubt that many of the
Hindus who protested against distortions suggested by the Hindutwa
lobby frequent temples of worship. If they did, they would not be
protesting so vehemently against HEF and VF and their suggestions. I
think the sooner we convert temples of all religions into museums,
schools, libraries and community centers, the better off we will all
be. Our salvation lies not in reform but rejection of all kinds of
silly divinities. As for codes of behavior, it should only be guided
by logical (rational) thinking and analysis about the consequences
of various kinds of behavior rather than by blind faith in any kind
of divinity or traditions or whatever was our forefathers'
worldviews. In spite of this kind of belief, if I were to go to
temples and go through silly rituals, that would be pretending and
doing injustice to myself and to others. Temples, particularly Hindu
temples, are not vacuums to be occupied by us, they have rather
poisonous atmosphere that need to be avoided. </b>

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Have you noticed that the u-no-hus have been completely silent on President Bush's trip to India? Not a word from Angana, Biju, Akhila, <b>Kaleem Kawaja and rest of the cabal</b>. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
They are busy, very busy writing nonsense.

Do you know Indian communist (FOSA, CAC), Farmer, Witzel and his cronies had formed so called group, and they are planning to teach our kids with their perverted mindset.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Forget pathetic losers. </b>

""So Steve Farmer, a christian, bible thumper, and a prime craphead goes around making 10 year olds feel horrible about themselves, and his neo nazi, "linguist" advisor, who has spent all of 8 months in Nepal, which is his only connection to India and his only exposure to hinduism, are now "sifting evidence objectively", so that they can denigrate something they do not care to understand. These pieces of human garbage.. think that their low-IQ sarcasm makes them cunning linguists who make their points by speaking poorly of other people's cultures, and yet when these ******* neo-nazis belonging to the (latrine) known as "harvard university" are paid in the same coin, they break into rashes and start abusing all and sundry. What a couple of turds.  Also, any good references for where you nazis get your hatred for India and Hinduism from? It would be most interesting. Take care,  and make sure that you create all your American students in your own image as petty mental midgets pretending to be academics. Thooo!

PALAU   PALAU " <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Mudy: Pics sent, please check your email.
Check Pictures from 27 Feb event

<img src='http://hindueducation.org/ca/HEF_VF_Supporterx.gif' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>According to Witzel they are demoralized Hindus.
You are judge, No Witzel picture -</span> I don't want to scare you all.
<img src='http://hindueducation.org/ca/Youth4HEFAtCDE.gif' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Here are Kids who spoke thousands time better than so called Phds or hired crowd. They are our future. .</span>
I am sure they will never go to department where u-no who are professors or instructors or where they just teach essay on "How to clean Toilets"
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Mar 2 2006, 10:00 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Mar 2 2006, 10:00 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><img src='http://hindueducation.org/ca/Youth4HEFAtCDE.gif' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Here are Kids who spoke thousands time better than so called Phds or hired crowd. They are our future. .</span>
I am sure they will never go to department where u-no who are professors or instructors or where they just teach essay on "How to clean Toilets"

Fascists, every one of them. They killed thousands of muslims in gujarat.. <!--emo&:tv--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tv_feliz.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tv_feliz.gif' /><!--endemo-->

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