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Removing the Sheen from Zoroastrianism
In the "Removing the Sheen from Judaism" thread, we blamed Judaism for all of our problems, since it was the original Abrahamic religion. Maybe we were wrong, and our problems actually come from Zoroastrianism.

It is well-known that the Jews adopted concepts from Zoroastrianism when Cyrus the Great liberated them from the Babylonian captivity. Before the captivity, Yahweh was merely a tribal god who came to the rescue whenever the Jews got in trouble. After the captivity, Yahweh became more universal. Before the captivity, Satan was merely an angel who tempted men to disobey Yahweh's laws. After the captivity, Satan became an all-encompassing force of evil.

There is some evidence that the enemies of the Vedic Aryans were Persians. From [url="http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/rigveda/rv07006.htm"]Book 7, Hymn 6[/url] of the Rig Veda:

Quote:3 The foolish, faithless, rudely-speaking niggards, without belief or sacrifice or worship,—

Far far sway hath Agni chased those Dasytis, and, in the cast, hath turned the godless westward.

The term "Dasa" corresponds with "Daha(e)", the name of a Persian tribe.

According to [url="http://voiceofdharma.org/books/rig/ch6.htm"]Talagheri's analysis of the Vedas[/url], the Dasas belonged to the Bhrigu clan and rejected the worship of the Vedic gods:

Quote:The characteristic feature which sets the BhRgus apart is “open hostility to the gods themselves… One of the greatest of the BhRgus is everywhere said to have served as the priest and chaplain of the asuras, the demon enemies of heaven and of order (dharma).”

During the Raj, the British favored the Parsis over the natives when doing business.

Recently, I came across a website called [url="http://parsikhabar.net/"]Parsi Khabar[/url] where they post anti-India/anti-Hindu articles.

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