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Removing the Sheen from Zoroastrianism
In numerous Persian languages, the term "Hindu" has become synonymous with "slave", thanks to the medieval slave trade.

Pakistanis are starting to adopt Persian culture in increasingly large numbers.

Maybe our problems with Pakistan are not the result of "Islamic fundamentalism", but are instead the result of the spread of Persianized culture within Pakistan?

Go on any forum dominated by Pakistanis, and they talk about partially-cremated bodies floating in the Ganga.

Zoroastrians refused to bury or cremate their dead, because they thought it would pollute the earth/water/fire, so they would let vultures eat them in "Towers of Silence".

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Removing the Sheen from Zoroastrianism - by Meluhhan - 04-28-2012, 09:14 PM

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