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Prophet images protests in Patna
I don't even understand why Miyan pretends to be Non-Muslim. <!--emo&:angry:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/mad.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='mad.gif' /><!--endemo-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->London bombs inspire Indian film
One of Bollywood's <b>leading </b>producers , Mahesh Bhatt, is making a film inspired by last year's London bombings.

The film, Suicide Bomber, is about a <b>disenchanted </b><b>British Asian </b>Muslim from Bradford and is set in the UK and India.
Mahesh Bhatt says his film will seek to spread the message that Islam is a religion of peace and compassion. </b>

Bhatt has a reputation for making films on controversial subjects and will direct the film himself.

He says he thought of making the film in the aftermath of the 11 September attacks on New York's World Trade Center "when Islam was being projected as a barbaric faith in the West".

"As I have understood Islam, it's a religion of peace. It talks about mercy and compassion," he says.

<b>Bhatt blames the US for terrorism and suicide bombings in the Islamic world. </b>
He says that through his film he wants to demonstrate that "state terrorism by the West is the root cause of the birth of a suicide bomber".

"In my film, suicide bombers will be shown to be defaming true Islam," he adds.

'Radical Muslim'

The film is centred around a young British Asian Muslim, living in Bradford, who is out on a suicide bombing mission.

"We all heard the account of a young British Asian Muslim, whose suicide mission failed, following the 7 July suicide bombings.

"His account inspired me to do a film on the subject."

Bhatt's protagonist subscribes to a radical ideology to kill himself and others in the name of Allah.

<b>But he fails in his mission and flees to India where circumstances lead to him beginning to question suicide bombings. </b>

The lead role will be played by Bhatt's 21-year-old son, Rahul.

Filming will start in July and it will be ready for release in December.

Bhatt, who is known to speak out on issues close to his heart, has been a staunch opponent of the war in Iraq.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Suicide Bomber
<b>Muslim outrage intimidates U.S. media, freedom</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->In a speech to the National Press Club last week, Secretary Rumsfeld said of Islamic terrorists, "they will either succeed in changing our way of life, or we will succeed in changing theirs."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<b>Britons urge crackdown on Muslim protesters</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->But while some people praised Scotland Yard for judiciously avoiding violence by not arresting extremists on the spot, others said they feared that police are so worried about Muslim violence they are backing off enforcement of the country's laws.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>Islamic group urges Catholic school to move to Muslim faith </b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->AN ISLAMIC campaign group has called for a Catholic primary school to be based on the Muslim faith.

The Campaign for Muslim Schools said 90 per cent of pupils at St Albert's Primary, in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow, are Muslim, yet children are having to take part in Catholic rituals like saying the Lord's Prayer and attending mass.

Osama Saeed, co-ordinator of the alliance of Glasgow's main mosques and Muslim organisations, said he could see no reason why the main faith of the school should not change.

They should open Madarsa.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Hussain apologises, withdraws painting</b> 
Noted painter MF Hussain, who was booked by police for allegedly hurting sentiments of people by painting gods in nude, on Tuesday apologised and <span style='color:red'>promised to withdraw from an auction his controversial painting depicting "Bharatmata" in an obscene manner </span>
Now this Jack@$$ is still thinking to withdraw. Where are Azmi, Farooq Sheikh, Mahesh Bhatt and others to come out in favor of "Freedom of speech".
<b>California Schools Proselytize for Allah

by Kalavai Venkat

Tiny URL is http://tinyurl.com/7nhg8</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>'Arrest Hussain for insult to nation' </b>
New Delhi
Terming <b>MF Hussain's alleged depiction of Hindu deities in the nude as an "insult to the nation"</b>, the BJP has demanded the painter be immediately arrested and prosecuted for creating "disaffection" among communities. <b>"Being a good Muslim. Hussain should know the worldwide reaction over caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in a Danish newspaper. He too should refrain from repeatedly hurting the sentiments of Hindus,"</b> BJP general secretary Vinay Katiyar said over phone from Ayodhya. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Hussain is a pervert. <!--emo&<_<--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='dry.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>AMU stinks, says harassed woman student </b>
Vijaita Singh/ New Delhi
Farah, A post-graduate student of journalism at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), on Thursday narrated her plight at being a student of an institution which was more concerned about a dress code for women rather than providing them a safe environment in which to study.  

<b>"It is not safe for women. They are constantly subjected to eve-teasing and other modes of harassment,"</b> Farah told a crowded Press conference at JNU students union on Thursday evening. Farah had done her internship with The Pioneer in January.

On February 2, Farah was allegedly assaulted by two bike-borne youth near the office of the Vice-Chancellor.

"There is no mechanism to provide security to ensure the safety and security of female students on the campus. I am being threatened with dire consequences for raising my voice against the assault I was subjected to. The university administration has no interest in addressing the problem by arresting the culprits, who are university students," she alleged.

<b>Accusing AMU Students' Union (AMUSU) general secretary Farrukh Khan of chiding her for not wearing a dupatta, she said: "He used to tell me that he would one day make me realise the graveness of not adorning dupatta despite being a Muslim girl."Farah said that she was being spied upon and a continuous threat looming over her life. "We can go to any extreme to teach you a lesson," the victim accused Farrukh Khan of saying when she was called by the members of AMUSU for striking a deal.</b>

<b>"I was threatened that by taking the issue to the media I am bringing a bad name to the institution and that I should shut up. The Proctor warned me that they could even debar me from sitting for exams on the grounds of attendance and it was not a big deal for them," </b>added Farah.

<b>"Today a dozen men visited my hostel and shouted slogans saying that I should come out of the hostel immediately or else they would forcibly enter my room. The rate of eve-teasing in AMU is quite high, only it is not reported. The V-C told me that after your complaint we have installed patrolling vans inside the campus, what else do you want?"</b> she further added.

Reacting to the allegations of Ms Farah, AMU spokesperson Dr Rahat Abrar in a statement said: "An effort is on to malign the good name of the Aligarh Muslim University on the pretext of an alleged incident of eve-teasing. When the matter was brought to the notice of Vice-Chancellor Naseem Ahmad, he directly directed the Proctor to enquire into it and report the matter to the police."

"Since the culprits were not identified by the victim, immediate disciplinary action could not be taken. However, the V-C has issued an appeal to all the students exhorting them to cooperate in curbing this evil," Dr Abrar said, adding that "nothing could be more untrue than a suggestion that the girl students at AMU do not enjoy the kind of freedom they enjoy on other campuses, and that they are being forced to adhere to a particular dress code."

AMU is same. not surprised, I also faced same nonsense during my three days stay in AMU in late 80s.
Islam respects woman what a joke????

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Muslim women should not work with men or go shopping in areas where they could mix with strangers of the opposite sex, according to an edict issued by the influential All India Muslim Personal Law Board, which claims to represent the nation's 140 million Muslims.

Maulana Syed Nizamuddin, the board's general secretary, said the decision to ask Muslim women not to work in call centres and avoid any kind of job which involves interacting with men was part of a package of "social reforms we advocate".

He said that women were also dressing in western clothes, especially in the country's new shopping malls, and these often were "too revealing". "Men will gaze on them if they visit the market. It is extremely essential to cover their entire body. Better such errands are left to the men in the family," said Mr Nizamuddin.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->On 8 February 2006, there was news of Husain's apology and withdrawal of his derogatory painting of Bharatmata (Mother India) from an international auction. (The website of the auction even now shows that the painting has been withdrawn.) However, just a few hours later, in an interview on CNN IBN TV channel, it was stated that the derogatory painting has been sold in the auction.

If this is not deception and callous disregard for public sentiment, what is?

The interview was with Dr. Durgesh Samant (national spokesperson for Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, a forum of individuals and organizations that are working together to uphold Hindu Dharma) and Ms. Nafisa Ali (a social activist of the Action India organization, beneficiary of international auction proceeds). During this interview, Ms. Ali said that the painting was sold in the auction, benefiting their cause. She stated that the Bharatmata painting was beautiful, depicting Mother India in the purest form, symbolizing what India needs - female power.

Ms. Ali also advised Hindu groups to act for social welfare rather than protesting a painting, which is anyway sold. According to Ms. Ali, there is really no issue; it is apologized for and the exhibition is over.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

She should tell this to her Muslim brothers in India and rest of world. She should first fight for women right in AMU.

SOmebody should paint her naked picture with Hussain, which will show beauty and power of both perverts.
This low life loser pervert hussain, a big proponent of free speech, what does he think of the prophet's cartoons?
Can someone paint a pornographic image of the prophet and broadcast that?, let's see how muslim b*stards like hussain feel then.

I am not sure what point Siddharth Srivastava is trying to make. Zimble question, why cant Hussein employ his 'creative' energy to draw muhammad having goat sex ?
Tavleen Singh with a more coherent piece.

<b>Well the present cartoon controversy has turned violent and destructive and has generated considerable amount of tension in many parts of the world. The main contention of the Danish Newspaper is that it has exercised its right of freedom of speech and expression. This is a very important right of the individual in any democratic society. In India, Article 19 (a) (I) of the Constitution of India gives this right to the Citizens of India. However, no right is absolute and infinite as each right also comes with a responsibility. If this limitation is removed then the civilized society will be destroyed.

The framers of the Indian Constitution, therefore, after careful deliberation has also empowered the State to impose such reasonable restriction as is necessary for the reasons mentions in Article-19 ( b ) of the Constitution. Moreover, in the Indian Penal Code under Section- 151 the State is empowered to prosecute anyone who crosses the limits while exercising the right of freedom of speech and expression. These provisions have been retained in the statutes of the world’s largest democracy by successive parliaments duly elected by the people of India. Why this has happened, because it is necessary for maintaining the integrity of the nation like ours with its multi racial, multi cultural and multi religious population. These legal provisions have in way damaged the image of India as the world’s largest democracy.
The problem that has arisen in Europe is that its democratic institutions and systems developed at a time when there was no large scale migration of people of other faiths into Europe. Therefore, in most of the Western democracies the democratic principles are not fine tuned to be made applicable to a multi religious and multi cultural population. Even their political leaders are not much experienced in handling such a diverse population as has been seen in the recent unrest in France and now the cartoon controversy generated by the Danish newspaper. It is perhaps only in the United Kingdom, that the Government has handled the situation in a very realistic manner, which only speaks of their past experience in ruling over the Empire where the sun never sets. Credit should also go to the US Government and the US media, on there measured reaction and handling of the controversy.
Let us hope that better sense prevails on all sides and peace is upon all of us. </b>
In India every thing is selective, they didn’t banned any nonsense which comes out of pervert Hussain, last month they have arrested one person in Hyderabad who had drawn picture of Mohammad. Problem with Islam or Indian sicko p-sec politicians, they have selective amnesia. Why Iran is organizing Holocaust cartoon competition? Why Muslims came up with cartoon of Hitler with Anne Frank? Why they are dragging Jews into this mess? Indian law is selective and pathetic and in a hands of low level idiots. It protects only minorities.
<b>The problem lies in the fact that no Citizen lodged any police report or filed a petition before the court. Unfortunately, the Hindus are by and large very tolerant people and I think the apology of MF was considered sufficient by those who made the protest about the paintings. This is perhaps another sign of the sober behavior of an Indian while handling delicate issues. We normally do not get emotionally surcharged on each and every issue and have a general liking of peace and harmony prevailing in the Indian society at large. There have been minor aberrations in the past and it cannot be said with certainty that there will be no clash between different communities in the future. The media particularly in the West blows such small incidents out of proportion in order to show there cultural superiority over the Eastern people and unfortunately many amongst us play to their tune.</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The problem lies in the fact that no Citizen lodged any police report or filed a petition before the court.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
They did when he painted naked Goddess Sita, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Hanuman. Check Nafisha Ali statement and Azmi comments. They will not open their mouth for Mohammad picture. His pictures are not naked, what a big deal. It’s with grenade on his head, which shows power of Islam.

Problem is with Islam and its followers, they have selective amnesia.
<b>Well what has been shown in the cartoons in respect of the Prophet and what has been shown in the nude paintings of MF are not relevant. The point of objection for both Muslims and Hindus in such actions is identical. The action itself heats the religious sentiments of members of the respective faith. To what extent which group will feel outraged cannot be assessed in advance. The outrage will depend upon the tolerance level of the two communities.
In the present controversy, the central point of reference is what and to what extent an individual can enjoy the right of freedom of speech and expression.</b>


German 'Muslim test' stirs anger
By Ray Furlong

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