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Black Money
A number of suggestions sent by members of general public are worth considering with a lot of statistical data to support their comments. They will be discussed during the committee's meetings in the future, the official said. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news...007153.cms

The comments from general public, sources said, range from suggesting electronic database of all transactions to incentivising the informers of tax frauds.

"Some suggestions also say that tax enforcement and other agencies should be strengthened vis-a-vis their manpower and technical upgrade," a source said.
[url="http://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/SectorsBPOs/US-busts-another-scam-by-India-based-call-centres/Article1-839135.aspx"]US busts another scam by India-based call centres[/url]
Quote:US authorities announced, on Wenesday, that they have busted another payday scam, worth several million dollars, conducted on US citizens from callers in India.

A US court halted this operation following charges filed by the Federal Trade Commission. It was run by two California-based companies owned by Indian-origin businessman, Kirit Patel.

More than 2.7 million calls were made to at least 600,000 phone numbers in the US, said the FTC. Patel's business allegedly collected $5.2 million from consumers in less than two years.

The commission had stopped a similar operation run by an Indian businessman also out of California in February. The calls were traced to a call center in Hyderabad.

Hindustan Times had then reported that US authorities were looking at many more such scams being run from call centers in India. The latest is one among those that were investigated then.

How the scam works

Callers target US citizens who have either taken payday loans (to be returned by net payday) or have considered it by visiting websites offering such loans.

They receive repeated calls from people pretending to be US law enforcement officers -- such as Officer Mike Johnson -- threatening to take action if the owed sum was not returned.

This is also being called Phantom Debt scam also because callers are known to have targeted people who had no outstanding debts and forced them to pay by threatening them with arrest.

The Federal Trade Commission said that in one instance callers told a victim they would take away the person's children if the sum was not returned immediately.

Another consumer told the FTC, "The callers threatened me and claimed they would arrest me if I didn't pay them the alleged debt. One of the callers even contacted my neighbors and told me he was watching my house. The callers had a lot of personal information about me, including my work address."
Currently, long list of Indian origin people are involved in every type of financial crime in US. What's going on ? Finally, sickness from India had reached US.

Gupta, Reema Shah, Patel....
The question of black money stashed away in Swiss bank was an important point of political campaign in the parliamentary election of 2009. A series of data regarding the size of black money was released by different political parties.
Finally, Robert Vadra is exposed. As we know, Babus and 10 Janpath will protect him.

Watch , how government machinery will be used to protect Robert Vadra and his black money/loot.

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