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I generally buy from these people.

<!--QuoteBegin-shamu+Oct 1 2009, 11:23 AM-->QUOTE(shamu @ Oct 1 2009, 11:23 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->I generally buy from these people.

I have never used this but I have checked them, they are again looks like Discount Plan. Basically, they dalal work for other companies. They heavily advertise in all Indian sites. Somehow enroll majority Indian visitors.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->05-16-2004, 09:41 AM
We, InsuBuy.com, are brokers and advertise heavily on immihelp.com

Therefore, whenever you purchase insurance online after seeing an ad on immihelp.com, you are actually purchasing it through us.

We are brokers. Therefore, we work for our customers, and not for any insurance company. (Of course, insurance companies pay us commission and we do not charge anything to our customers. You should be beware of some agents that charge some add on fees of their own in terms of more application fee. Most people look at the premium, and don't realize sometimes that they are being charged more application fee. We never do that.) <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
If I have not mistaken they were also linked with N.Carolina Health/Discount scam.

BBB rating is A+, not clear whether it is for Discount plan or health Insurance,
last 36 month incidence report
I would second Shamu's suggestion with the caveat that it is OK if there are no prior conditions. If that is so and you need treatment for things like minor injuries, minor infections etc it should work fine. But preexisting conditions or their secondary effects would be a problem. E.g. if some one had diabetes and consequently had a vascular or neural condition that manifested then it might not be covered as it will be called consequence of preexisting condition. It might be a good idea to get a good health checkup in India before leaving for the desh just to clear any potential issues.
Discount Plan which is also called by Desi companies as Health Insurance, they don't cover anything. It doesn't matter whether it happened after entering US.

14-15 yrs back, I took AAA advise and bought Medical insurance for my parents. Full coverage for catastrophic incidence up to $1 million.
For small incidence, look for local clinics.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Devout criminal exposed by CCTV cameras</b>
Patiala (Punjab), Oct 21 : Technology in the hands of god proved to be the nemesis for a 'religious-minded' criminal in Punjab when he was caught with the help of CCTV cameras, police said Wednesday. The CCTV footage revealed that the criminal had looted a bank and had then made an offering with the stolen money to a Hindu temple here.

<b>Punjab police officials told IANS here Wednesday that Vicky, a criminal who was involved with an armed gang which had looted banks in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, was caught after CCTV cameras showed him looting a bank and subsequently the temple CCTV camera showed him offering a huge sum of money at the popular Kali Bari temple here. </b> <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->

The information about Vicky's criminal activities as well his religious bent came from one of his accomplices who was arrested earlier in October.

"We had busted this 11-member inter-state gang of bank robbers on Oct 11. On that day, we arrested six of the robbers while five others managed to escape. The police also recovered Rs.28.5 lakh in cash, out of the total of Rs.32 lakh stolen from a Haryana bank, from their possession," Patiala's district Police Chief R.S. Khatra told IANS.

The temple's CCTV clearly showed that Vicky came inside with a bag and continued to pull out several currency notes and put them in the offering box relentlessly. He continued to do this for several minutes even as other devotees made their offerings and moved on.

<b>Vicky has now told the police that he had given Rs.350,000 out of the Rs.32 lakh looted from the Haryana bank as an offering to the temple. </b>

Though the temple management have shown an inclination to return the money to the police, Punjab police officials have still not decided whether they should take the money from the temple.

"We will not take the money back from the temple now," said Khatra. <!--emo&:cool--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/specool.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='specool.gif' /><!--endemo--> <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Anyone heard of this?

[quote name='k.ram' date='29 December 2009 - 01:11 AM' timestamp='1262028807' post='103168']

Anyone heard of this?



<img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/angry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':angry:' /> Looks like a big scam to me?
Not sure where to put this.



Indian youth stabbed to death in Australia

Melbourne: A 21-year-old Indian youth with permanent residency in Australia was fatally stabbed in the abdomen by unidentified assailants here while on his way to work, the first death in a slew of vicious attacks on the community members.

Nitin Garg who migrated from Punjab was attacked in a park when he was walking towards fast-food joint Hungry Jack's restaurant where he worked part-time.

He staggered into the restaurant on the corner of Somerville Road and Geelong Road, West Footscray, about 10 pm local time last night (0330 HRS IST this morning) and pleaded for help before collapsing.

He was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital but later died, according to TV reports.

Police said the youth from Newport had travelled to Yarraville train station about 9.30 pm local time (0300 HRS IST) then walked along Anderson Street to Cruickshank Park, where he was stabbed in the abdomen.

He managed to stumble some 300 metres to the Hungry Jack's restaurant.

Homicide Squad Senior Sergeant Dave Snare described it as a vicious attack. He said at this stage there was no known motive and there was no evidence the youth was targeted because of his race.

"I think to draw any conclusion as to the motive may interfere with the investigation and would be presumptuous at this stage," he said.

Police were trying to contact relatives of the victim, a single man who had permanent residency in Australia abroad to determine if he had any family here.

Nearly 100 cases of attacks on Indians had been reported in Australia in 2009 as against 17 incidents of assaults in 2008.

But Garg who was the first Indian to be attacked this year, had been the only victim of such assaults to succumb to his injuries.

His friends said he feared for his safety following a previous attack, local media reported, without mentioning when it had happened.

His housemate Parminder Singh said his friend was nervous after being beaten up by a group of men at the Newport Railway Station.

"They were just drunk and they wanted to find anyone to beat," Singh was quoted as saying by ABC News. "If they find someone alone they just beat (them) because they know nothing is going to happen after that.

"What will happen? Police will not do anything, they will just take them to the jail or just let them sit there, they will give them food and all facilities so they're not scared of anything."

Police Senior Sergeant Snare said police had not found a weapon yet. "We've had forensic out at examining the scene out at Hungry Jacks and in the park and also, with the assistance of the SES (State Emergency Service), we've done a line search through the park area," he said.

Source: PTI
And another.


Quote:Police identify burnt body by rural road

15:37 AEST Wed Jan 6 2010

Police have identified a partially burnt body found beside a rural road in southwest NSW as that of Indian national Ranjodh Singh.

Mr Singh, aged 25, had been living at Wagga Wagga and was visiting Griffith at the time of his death. A passer-by found his body on December 29 beside Wilga Road at Willbriggie.

Inquiries led investigators to a Kookora Street home at Griffith where a search began on Tuesday night.

Griffith police Inspector Paul Smith on Wednesday described Mr Singh's death as "horrific" and repeated an appeal for public information.

"We are reaching out to all members of the Griffith community to come forward, including members of the local Indian community who might hold crucial information that could be the key to solving Mr Singh's death," Insp Smith said in a statement.

"To assist with the investigation we have appointed an Indian-speaking detective as a liaison officer, who speaks Punjab and Hindi, and I would urge anyone with any information no matter how small, to contact us."

Police also want to hear from anyone who was in the area near Kookora Street and Griffin Lane in Griffith between midnight (AEDT) on December 28 and December 29.
[url="http://www.centralchronicle.com/viewnews.asp?articleID=23931"]Indian ‘set on fire’ in Australia[/url]
[url="http://www.prisonplanet.com/exposed-naked-body-scanner-images-of-film-star-printed-circulated.html"]Exposed: Naked Body Scanner Images Of Film Star Printed, Circulated By Airport Staff[/url]
Quote:Authorities’ claim that virtual strip search pictures immediately destroyed proven fraudulent – use of devices needs to be halted now


“I was in London recently going through the airport and these new machines have come up, the body scans. You’ve got to see them. It makes you embarrassed – if you’re not well endowed,” said Khan, referring to how the scans produce clear images of a person’s genitals.

“You walk into the machine and everything – the whole outline of your body – comes out,” he said.

“I was a little scared. Something happens [inside the scans], and I came out. Then I saw these girls – they had these printouts. I looked at them. I thought they were some forms you had to fill. I said ‘give them to me’ – and you could see everything inside. So I autographed them for them,” stated Khan.

The story was carried by Yahoo News under the headline “Shah Rukh signs off sexy body-scan printouts at Heathrow”.

Khan’s reference to “girls” with printouts of his naked body scan can only refer to female airport security staff responsible for processing the images produced by the scanners, “professionals” who are supposed to instantly delete the images, according to Lord Adonis.
[Image: shiva_head2.jpg]

Shiva Neural Stimulation (16 Coil System) Psychic Technology

Spirituality & The Brain

Neurotheology, Magnetic Brain Stimulation, Deja Vu, Death, God, Sex, Love, and more.


Sounds like more of the usual New Age nonsense designed to dilute and pollute Hindu Dharma.

They're just misusing Hindu Gods' names to peddle their own freak views. Since Hindu religion is regarded as a free-for-all, and this is encouraged by the flying "swamis".
There wasn't any topic about Bildergerg ,masons,secret government and other secret organizations .

"First the Illuminati are really inbred families of European and North American traditional aristocracy and banking families. They control the U.S., England, Europe (except for Scandinavian countries, Germany and Italy; Italy kicked them out in the 1970's),Japan, Africa, Iran, Canada and Mexico. They do not control China, Russia (Putin kicked them out for the first time since 1917), India, South East Asia, South America, Cuba etc."


India kicked them out in Ghandi's day and they have never been allowed back. Having liberated themselves after 300 years of Illuminati (East India Company) rule, they do not intend to let themselves fall under their control again.

The Rothschilds used money looted from India to finance the American revolution. Their aim was to strengthen their hand against the King of England. That is why Freemasonry is so central to American history.


First of all, large masses of humanity freed themselves from a form of Masonic slavery known as Colonialism. These people then began to gain both economic and intellectual power. The biggest threat now is the rise of China and India.

conomic convulsion which will lead to the global shock we mentioned before, the world's economy will make an opening to China. China, of course, will ask for something in return. An exchange could be India. What does this mean? It means that China will be allowed to invade India under false pretences. The Bilderberg Club will supply India, and the Trilateral Commission will renew the armour of China. In this war, in order to reduce the world's population, the neutron bomb will be used.


However, there is a big schism in the secret government. Jay Rockefeller and Philip Rothschild support one faction, the Global Warming Faction. Opposing them is the War on Terrorism Faction supported by David Rockefeller and the JP Morgan descendants (Bush, Harriman, Walker etc.). The warming people want to sell 500 nuclear power plants to China and a similar amount to the rest of the world. The terrorism guys want to keep U.S. dominance by maintaining control over oil. Putin was a huge setback for them.

Does anyone know what happened to Bodhi's blog bharatendu.com?

It hasn't been working for the past week or so.

Did it move?
Where's Bodhiji these day?

[url="http://news.in.msn.com/business/article.aspx?cp-documentid=3625323"]An Indian now owns the East India Company[/url]

Quote:Acutely aware that he owned a piece of history - at its height the company generated half of world trade and employed a third of the British workforce - Mehta, now the sole owner, dived into the company's rich and ruthless past in order to give it a new direction for the future.
Where does this go? (And is the topic already posted?)


Quote:Indian toddler found dead, Australian police clueless

MELBOURNE: A team of homicide detectives are searching for clues a day after a three-year-old Indian boy was found dead near Melbourne airport following his sudden disappearance from a house 20 km away.

The body of Gurshan Singh Channa was found on Wildwood Road, Oaklands Junction Thursday night after a massive search following complaint by his parents who were staying in Lalor on a holiday.

The incident came to light after Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith visited New Delhi Wednesday in the wake of series of attacks against Indians Dawn Under.

An autopsy on the toddler's body has not revealed how he died. Further forensic tests will be conducted to ascertain the cause of death, police said Friday.

The boy's mother Harpreet Kaur Channa called the police 45 minutes after he went missing. Police said the boy was found in the same clothes he was wearing when he went missing - a grey top and blue jeans.

They, however, declined to give details of injuries he had suffered, or to speculate on the precise cause of his death, according to The Age.

Detective Inspector Steve Clark, who is heading the investigation into the case, said Friday an autopsy has been conducted but the results were inconclusive.

He said police were appealing for anyone who witnessed the body being dumped near Oaklands Junction or who saw the boy in the streets around his parent's Lalor home after he went missing.

Detectives were returning to Lalor Friday to re-interview neighbours and people who were living in the house with the boy's parents.

Gurshan's parents have asked to see the boy's body and arrangements will be made for them to see him at the Coroner's Court today, where they are also receiving counselling.

Quote:Sunday, March 07, 2010

Re: (India) Muslim strangles pregnant Hindu girlfriend to death in public toilet

mar 7th, 2010

what a perfect metaphor for:

1. india

2. women's day

3. mf hussain's exploits

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Ravi

(India) Muslim murders pregnant Hindu girlfriend in public toilet


Lover murders pregnant girlfriend in public loo

Soumittra S Bose, TNN, Mar 8, 2010


Tragedy struck Sakhre family of Bhankheda the second time in just over a month. It had lost eldest son Prateek, 28, to illness just five weeks ago. On Sunday when the family was preparing for the ritual after completion of one-and-quarter month of Prateek's death, the body of their second daughter, 20-year-old Pallavi, was found in community latrine for the women's, strangled to death by her lover. Initial investigations revealed that Pallavi was four months pregnant.

She was allegedly coaxed into physical intimacy before being strangled inside the congested latrine. Sources from Tehsil police station said that Pallavi was smothered before she was throttled with her own kameez and her partially naked body left. Police have arrested Pallavi's paramour Mohammed Shamim, alias Shammi, 25, a married man, for the murder. Police have applied the charge of murder (302 of the Indian Penal Code) but are yet to decide on adding rape charge. Pallavi was first year student of arts' stream in PWS college.

[color="#0000FF"]Shamim, a carpenter, was apparently having an amorous relationship with Pallavi for last two years. She had also undergone abortion once in the past. Sources claimed that Pallavi was demanding some money from Shamim to terminate her pregnancy and also wanted him to marry her. She had threatened Shamim, who is married to Rizwana Parveen and has a nine-month-old daughter, that she would go to his house on Sunday. Police said that this led to an altercation between them resulting in violent end. Sources said that Shamim's wife Rizwana already knew about the affair and was livid about it. Police said that Shammi had called up on Pallavi's younger sister Rinku's cellphone at 10 pm on Saturday. He wanted to speak to Pallavi who was sitting outside the home. [/color]

"My sister left home after the call," said Rinku adding that the family was busy preparing for Sunday's ritual when Pallavi sneaked out of home without speaking to anyone. Family members were worried when she did not return in the night. "We were not sure what to do. This had never happened before. But we did not approach the police," said Pallavi's distraught father Yogeshwar. Pallavi's mother Shardabai, who was sobbing uncontrollably, works with the Nagpur Municipal Corporation. The family wanted to resume searching in the morning as relatives and others were expected at the residence for the rituals. In the morning, it was left shocked when a few women from the neighbourhood raised an alarm seeing body of Pallavi inside the latrine.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 3/07/2010 10:10:00 PM 4 comments Links to this post

I don't get why people blame the loony woman's parents. It is entirely possible that she's capable of being a fool all by her own efforts - she seems old enough by now to stand solo: and this is *not* the Sexual Jihad targetting her unwitting side. ([color="#0000FF"]ADDED:[/color] If it had been the jihad, her pregnancies would not have ended in termination - but would have gone towards swelling the ummah - and she'd have been the islamic's wife #2 by now.)

What was she thinking? (Was she thinking)

- Her choice of freak is already married and she knew it. Since when is that dandy? (And his wife doesn't seem to have been in the know for the whole of it, so interruptions like "open marriage" or "they're swingers" can first wait for more information.)

- Add to the list that he's part of the army of islam.

Again: what was she thinking. Just because he thinks it was Routine to find an extra-marital sexual partner while married (including, one notes, all through his wife's pregnancy and thereafter - what a catch; how he got not one but two women I'll never know), doesn't mean she - what's her name, Pallavi - has to join in. Even though he's the one breaking troth (she's not married, and no one but the married are accountable for their own extramarital choices) - that's assuming they have a concept of troth in islam (I doubt it) - she doesn't need to help him with breaking it.

So not only is her love-interest quite happy adultering and islamaniac - proving she's got NO taste in people (really, isn't it past time to declare it a crime to be tasteless?) - it can hardly come as a surprise that he should turn out a murderer too.

Besides, in the US, IIRC from channel-zapping into crime documentaries and talkshows and from articles, one of the most common causes of death among pregnant women is due to a boyfriend going berserk or pre-meditating her murder. (Usually because of alimony, or because she's going to make things messy with his wife/full-time girlfriend, sometimes because she won't get it aborted, sometimes because she is underage and is going to tell on him unless she gets her way). "Crime of passion" or something I think is what they called it, not sure - going by TV. Anyway, a not infrequent way for the love affair to reach its fatal conclusion is just like that of Pallavi's: murdered in some public restroom, after the farewell intercourse (well, of course - it's for the show's encore). Rather common knowledge, or so I thought. Again, how tranquilised was she to not have seen it coming... I thought I heard Oprah Winfrey etc have a very large viewership in India - all the seculars surely watch (though I can't imagine who else would)?

Am going to make a little table of comparison between the hero and heroine of this latest romance - probably because I can't do such complicated sums in my head:

1. He's quite easy of mind with adultering. She was very willing to be the third wheel. (It's not entirely clear from the text, but it doesn't seem like she was asking to be Islamaniac's Wife No. 2 Of 4, but rather wanting her islamic all to herself without his 1st wife+kid tagging along at their party. Of course, I could be wrong: the angry muslimah wife's fury might merely have been about the prospect of a still/former kaffiri as co-wife, as other muslimahs before her have similarly vented, so who knows...)

2. She's a blackmailer - yeah, that sounds like Real Love to me. He's a murderer - that's even Realer Love - now going to jail. Hmmm, wait... I'm psyching that his 9-month old daughter wants him behind bars till the end and thinks he's a cowardly Loser for murdering people as his Solution to being haunted by consequences of his actions that he doesn't want to face.

3. He's an islamaniac. She's ueber secular.

Tally: How perfectly matched.

And while I'm complaining: why casually abort when it's not threatening her life and when she wasn't raped? In fact, since she imagines herself infatuated with her boyfriend, you'd have thought she'd think it was special enough to keep.

How about these teens-trapped-in-adult-bodies take responsibility for their actions for a change. Most people, when they reach a certain youngish age, realise the world *doesn't* in fact revolve around them. Then they start slightly considering how their actions affect others' lives now and again, and so try to not destroy the entire world in one go. (Even I have occasionally contemplated considering others - only contemplated, mind you; it usually ends in boredom.) But of course not these people and their 'earth-shattering' romance that they just have to tell the world about: "Angry married islamic boyfriend murders blackmailing secular infidel girlfriend in public toilet, after One Last Affair For Old Times' Sake."


What a horrid way to die. And what a waste of all the lives involved.

Absolutely none of this needed to have happened. If people just exercised their common sense once in a while.

Like I've always said (maybe not here?): there should be a ban on stupidity. And at the very least a tax on tastelessness (there's so much money to be made in that, I'm surprised no one thought to implement it yet).

Isn't anyone else tired of these childish and horrific Starcrossed Love Stories. Always some bad soap turning into a 2nd rate crime drama, with characters you can't remotely understand, that are so unreal and so people can't really care for. Why can't all the main actors commit quick-and-easy suicide in the first act itself, so we can be spared the predictable gory "denouement" already? Where's the remote control. I've watched this flick before, or all the ones it ripped off from (and they were all B-movies). There's only so much medeleven - what's that, compassion and sympathy? whatever - to go around: mine's very very very limited. I'd rather save the little I have for those innocent Congolese children who're getting stabbed and burned (or, if "lucky", abandoned) by the brutal christomaniacs like their jeebus-possessed parents, because of christianism=terrorism's false charges of witchery again. They didn't court danger. Life just dealt them a bad hand. Oh, and at least they're cute.
This most likely has nothing to do with any jihad.

Just a simple case of affair, jealousy the usual deal.

I don't know why at the blog they feel the need to waste their space on this sordid mess which probably doesn't even have anything to do with any love jihad.

She had no compunctions in offing the kid through abortion so I have no sympathy for this bimbo either. Too bad she was prgnant a second time when she got murdered.
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