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Miscellaneous Topics
Indian temple at 1900 paris exposition

The American couple took the 'saat fere' (seven rounds) around the holy fire and Saint put sindoor on Julia's forehead.

The two had help from the town's people to make all the arrangements.

'India's culture is very fascinating. We had heard about the Indian marriage system and wanted our marriage to be this way,' a beaming Julia said afterwards.

Jageshwar Shukla, the priest who solemnised the marriage, was also happy.

'Ninety percent of marriages conducted under Vedic system do not fail. I think that is why they chose it this way', said the priest. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/nri/n...546205.cms
Really Its too bad. I have seen it.
yes, European Union is in big problems. Economic growth is stagnating, ageing problem, muslim problem, less children, increase of poverty levels and many other problems. What to do about it? Many People are desperate in Holland.

I want to leave Holland in future and go to India if I have enough money.


The top 5 banks control 70% of deposits! Financial reform is a joke! Big became bigger! No secret but the Banks have more arrogant since they control Congress. America is under Financial Oligarchy which every one is aware but the public keep voting GOP who are shills for Banksters!

We are heading for a crisis worse than 2008, the question remains when and NOT if!

I had the same pre monition from 2005 thru 2007 during the housing bubble about the excess leverage and fraud in FIRE Economy.I was prepared for 2008 but what didn't lose in 2008, i lost during 2009 and 2010 due to aggressive interference of the Govt into 'free market' to save the Banksters at a significant cost to rest of Society.

Now i am ready for the next one, thanks to options and inverse Etfs! But it will be 'very tricky' b/c Govt is owned by the same criminals who will try and try the 'same' but results will be different, this time. Majority in 401k and other pension funds will lose again. They may even legislate and force every one to invest their pension funds in Treasuries! QE3 will be here, soon!

Just like in 2008, most don't know how to react to BEAR market especially it is the kind in 70s- death by 1000 cuts!
Most of the list of participants consists of bankers. With a few politicians. What could they possibly want to talk about Pakistan? Notice the last 2 years also had Pakistan in its agenda. Is it to make it an economic hub? is it to provide it with more finance ? What is it?
I would second Shamu's suggestion with the caveat that it is OK if there are no prior conditions. If that is so and you need treatment for things like minor injuries, minor infections etc it should work fine. But preexisting conditions or their secondary effects would be a problem. E.g. if some one had diabetes and consequently had a vascular or neural condition that manifested then it might not be covered as it will be called consequence of preexisting condition. It might be a good idea to get a good health checkup in India before leaving for the desh just to clear any potential issues.
[quote name='BlessedAgni' date='17 June 2010 - 03:08 PM' timestamp='1276767002' post='107026']

Most of the list of [url="http://www.bilderbergmeetings.org/meeting_2010_2.html"]participants[/url] consists of bankers. With a few politicians. What could they possibly want to talk about Pakistan? Notice the [url="http://www.bilderbergmeetings.org/conferences.html"]last 2[/url] years also had Pakistan in its agenda. Is it to make it an economic hub? is it to provide it with more finance ? What is it?


Well, the "geopolitical" status of pakistan has certainly changed since then, what with being labeled as a haven for terrorists, the drone attacks, and the taking out of bin Laden (as reported). Pakistan is being progressively pushed into a corner and being provoked. To serve as a nucleus for a world war 3, maybe? China has already stated its support for Pakistan.

Under the guise of humanitarian operations, the (ig)nobel peace prize winner is taking "kinetic action" (mind you, not war!) against Libya for the "greater peace", and planning for the same in Syriya etc.

The latest Bilderberg conference was held around 10th June in Switzerland. These are the global power brokers who are the secret movers and shakers of the world.
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u-mihtgTm0&feature=player_embedded[/media]Swedish Racemixing State Propaganda

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u-mihtgTm0&feature=player_embedded"]My link[/url]

Chiku Banvasi went to have a bath on the banks of river Narmada with his uncle at about 10 a.m. Saturday. When flash floods suddenly consumed the river, Chiku was left behind. Relatives and villagers jumped into the vicious floods, swimming down river to miraculously rescue the young boy from the treacherous waters. The Telegraph reports that Chiku lost consciousness after swallowing water in the river, but received medical treatment and is now in stable condition at a local hospital.

Problem is only with home page or also with internal pages.
I wonder what is the typical number of posts in the board in a day. I would imagine 10 at most, so what keeps people from writing about their opinions? There must be scores of topics to write about including Jan Lok Pal that has been hogging the limelight. So what stops the people from voicing their opinions, I wonder?
Its hard that Europe to burn because it is the most developed continent since past...
I am so happy today that I want to share my success with you all, especially to the aspiring Indian PMPs, you can do it too

As soon as I came out of the test center with 'Congratulation - you passed' form; I called my Wife, my biggest supporter.

Then I am here wanting to share my study tactics which can prove to be helpful to someone.

I've prepared for the PMP exam for almost 4 months. All my training and studies were all done online, no formal class sessions on centers. I passed at the first attempt!

Here is how I passed it:

Studied PMPBok - 3 times

After completing three rounds reading of the PMPBOK guide, started reading Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep. I find Rita's book not reader-friendly and requires “excessive” time and effort...

Started solving chapter wise exercises on Rita and Andy Crowe. I understand memorizing ITTO would not help. Crowe was highly recommended and as I discovered, rightfully so. It has a companion website that was useful.

PMChamp.com - I went through pmchamp's intensive online pmp training...it's an effective learning process for me, all the knowledge areas were well explained...I can thoroughly recommend this coaching program by Vinai...the tricks gave me the "confidence" to go for the real test because the mock sheets are updated for the 2011 new exam format

Studied HeadFirst Book - 3 Times...head first lab test will help you understand the process sequence as applied in project scenarios...watch out for those choices that really sound right/practical

If a chapter/topic is very new to you, use HeadFirst, then follow it up with Rita.

HeadFirst makes it easy, while Rita is very detailed to the point. PMChamp training is like Headfirst meets Rita.

Pmzilla Final PMP Exam (200 tough questions) - finally day before the exam I attempted mock exam of pmzilla's 200 questions ... indeed very helpful! and tougher than the actual exam...hehe

Took the PMP Exam (sat there for 4 hours without break). In the exam itself, I marked any questions i was unsure of or any involving formula calculations. As others have said, don't forget to review the code of ethics and conduct from the PMI website and know your formulas.

About exam: Not easy; Not too tough; Not wordy.

The real exam are totally different than any of the questions that you see from other sources. At least they are not identical. However, the ideas are the same. I would suggest you to understand the rationale of the questions in preparation for question variances. I did not memorise the ITTOs, but I think I could have got two more questions right because of that.

It's a great joy to share the news of gaining my PMP certification

I thank my wife and my kids for supporting and adjusting with me for the past few months.

Best Wishes for all PMP aspirants.
Learn [url="http://www.sportsinfotrack.com/"]golf basics[/url] and share basic tips.
If you're about to eat something, then don't read this. It's not all... let's say "hygienic" (:great saveSmile

I recall some rich Indian woman whining some years back (not on IF, but in real life), about how she was "Soooooo Embarrassed" about the commonwealth games - which was then held in India - going downhill (as if it personally reflected on her). Turns out that it's been going down the *drain* in the UK Olympics this year.

And to think that a gutter inspector is actually needed on this case.

(Obviously I don't really care about this topic. It's only for settling the score.)

1. theaustralian.com.au/sport/london-games/sewage-forces-sailors-out-of-olympic-games-village/story-fne3b3ke-1226434563224

Quote:Sewage forces sailors out of Olympic Games village

From: AAP July 25, 2012 10:31AM

OLYMPIC sailors have been forced to temporarily abandon the athletes' village in southwest England after sewage came out of their showers.

Australian gold medal hopeful Nathan Outteridge was forced to spend a night in a hotel overnight after the foul-smelling effluent bubbled up into a bathroom area.

"On the second night there was some issue and there was s[*@!] coming out of the downstairs shower," he said.

"They did a good job and got us out of the village and put us in a hotel and they fixed it overnight.

"It was just a minor drama - it happens."

(Surprised he didn't just say "Shit happens" with a straight face. Literally true as seen in this case, after all.)

A number of other sailors were forced to temporarily abandon the village, which is a stone's throw from the Olympic sailing venue in Weymouth.

All have since been allowed back and the problem fully rectified.



Also at Sewage flows from Games athletes' showers

2. And if the athletes have had it bad, it's been even worse for the Olympic staff: "it looks like a prison camp" said a Spaniard on taking in the exterior. Another speaks with experience of the interiors: "It's like a slum inside".

Anyway, the grimy details - so we won't here lame Indians whine about "oh-my-gawd, what about:


Quote:Ten to a room and one shower for 75 people: Inside the 'slum' camp for Olympic cleaners

They sleep in portable cabins, some of which have been leaking in the rain, at the campsite in East London

The bad weather has left the site flooded with stagnant water, forcing the cleaners to use abandoned crates as makeshift ‘stepping stones’

‘It is like a slum inside,’ says one worker from Hungary

By Katherine Faulkner

PUBLISHED: 22:23 GMT, 15 July 2012 | UPDATED: 20:07 GMT, 16 July 2012

Cleaners at the Olympic Park are being housed ten to a room at a huge temporary compound.

The campsite in East London, hidden from public view, has 25 people sharing each toilet and 75 to each shower.

They sleep in portable cabins, some of which have been leaking in the rain.

[Photo caption:] Grim: Cleaners at the Olympic Park are being housed ten to a room at a huge temporary compound, pictured. The campsite in East London, hidden from public view, has 25 people sharing each toilet and 75 to each shower

And the bad weather has left the site flooded with stagnant water, forcing them to use abandoned crates as makeshift ‘stepping stones’ to move around the site.

Hundreds have come from abroad to work at the Olympics despite promises that the jobs would go to Londoners.

On arrival, some were horrified to be told there was no work for two weeks. But despite this, they were made to pay the cleaning company £18 a day in ‘rent’ to sleep in the overcrowded metal cabins, which works out at more than £550 a month.

Others who had come to the UK desperate for the jobs turned back, describing the camp as ‘horrible’, with showers and toilets ‘filthy’ from over-use.

[Photo caption:] Poor conditions: The bad weather has left the site flooded with stagnant water, forcing the cleaners to use abandoned crates as makeshift 'stepping stones' to move around the site. This image shows how close the camp is to the Olympic Stadium

Andrea Murnoz, 21, a student from Madrid, said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when I saw the places people were sleeping.

‘When I first saw the metal gates and the tall tower in the middle, it reminded me of a prison camp. It looks horrible.

'I was thinking I would apply for a job, but I have changed my mind. My two friends signed up, but I think they are regretting it.’

Cleaners at the camp have signed gagging orders preventing them from talking to the Press and have been banned from having family and friends visit ‘for security reasons’.

One worker, from Hungary, said conditions were ‘very bad’ inside the camp but he had nowhere else to live. [color=color=blue]‘It is like a slum inside,’ the 24-year-old said.

‘The toilets are dirty and the space is very little.’

Another, also from Hungary, said: ‘When we saw the camp, we were shocked. When we came to England we thought accommodation would be much nicer.[/color]

[Photo caption:] Employment: Hundreds of people have come from abroad to work at the Olympic Park

‘Some of the cabins have been leaking and we have been told to fix them ourselves.

Two girls have left already because they did not want to sleep in a room with men they didn’t know.’

Plans for the accommodation were backed by London 2012 organiser Locog and waved through by the local council, Newham, even though environmental health officers said the toilet and shower facilities were ‘unlikely to be adequate’, while landscape architects said the sleeping arrangements were ‘cramped’.

But councillors decided that because the camp would be only temporary, concerns about the housing and welfare of the workers were not ‘justifiable reasons for refusing planning permission’.

Any accommodation where more than two adults have to share a room is considered ‘overcrowded’ under housing laws. Health and safety guidelines state that employers should provide at least five toilets and five washbasins for every 100 people.

Craig Lovett, of Spotless International Services which runs the camp, said the number of toilets and showers per person exceeded requirements for temporary accommodation and that there were internet, medical and entertainment facilities on-site.

He said shift patterns would reduce pressure on the facilities.

He said unexpected heavy rain had been a ‘pain’ but the company was working tirelessly to sort things out.

[Photo caption:] Messy: Some who had come to the UK desperate for the jobs turned back, describing the camp as 'horrible', with showers and toilets 'filthy' from over-use

He added: ‘This is not a prison. Nobody is forced to stay there. Many of our staff have come from areas where there is extremely high unemployment and are very happy to be working in the Games.

‘There will always be a couple of disgruntled people on site
, but it’s a shame they didn’t come to talk to us to air their grievances because there are certainly processes in place for them to do that.’

A Locog spokesman said: ‘Cleanevent [part of Spotless] have assured us that the accommodation they are providing their workers is of a suitable standard.’

[More photo captions:]

+ Plush: The conditions at the cleaners' camp are in stark contrast to the Olympic Village where the athletes will stay

(You mean the one where "sh-- was coming out of the showers"??? Uh... paaassssss.)

+ Luxurious: Athletes in the Olympic Village will have access to a nice bar area complete with comfy armchairs and games

+ Workers fit out the container city in Hainault Forest with mattresses ready for the contract Olympic staff

+ Machinery is used to lift the heavy bedding to the upper level of the container housing so the rooms can be kitted out

3. The above also contains the following news clipping:

[Image: article-2174034-14138D2F000005DC-65_634x373.jpg]

4. And so we get round to how it's more than just the plumbing and staff housing that's been falling apart:


Quote:British security firm quizzed over Olympic 'shambles'

[Photo caption:] ...The head of private security giant G4S has agreed under questioning by British lawmakers that the firm's failure to provide enough security guards for the Olympics was "a humiliating shambles".


The head of private security giant G4S agreed under questioning by British lawmakers Tuesday that the firm's failure to provide enough security guards for the Olympics was "a humiliating shambles".

Chief executive Nick Buckles said he expected the company would eventually be able to supply 7,000 of the 10,000 staff it had promised. An extra 3,500 troops have already been drafted in by the British government to plug the gap.

But he insisted that he would not resign over the scandal and said that G4S, one of the world's biggest security firms, would still claim its £57-million ($88-million, 72-million-euro) management fee for the Olympics contract.

Asked by one member of parliament's Home Affairs Select Committee whether it was a "humiliating shambles" for G4S, with the Olympics just 10 days away, Buckles replied "I cannot disagree with you".

He also admitted that the firm had taken on the Olympics contract to boost its reputation rather than for profit, but agreed when the committee suggested that reputation was now "in tatters".

Amid mounting pressure for him to quit his £830,000-a-year job, Buckles insisted he was the best person to see the contract through.

(But note that for the olympics he's to be paid £57 million, see next post. Not surprising that he refuses to resign despite the clamour for it.)

The staffing shortfall only came to his attention on July 3, Buckles said, adding: "Day by day we started to realise that the pipeline and the people we thought we were going to be able to deliver we couldn't."

He said G4S only raised it with the government on July 11 when it was sure it would not be able to fulfil the contract.

"We have a significant manpower shortage against the plan. Clearly that shortage is going to manifest itself from this day forward until the Games," he said.

Buckles said G4S currently had 4,200 people working and that the "minimum we can deliver" by the start of the Games on July 27 was 7,000. But when asked whether he could guarantee they would all turn up he said "I can't, no".

G4S shares slid 1.85 percent to 249.90 pence in early morning trade on Tuesday, after suffering heavy falls on Monday.

It emerged Monday that in addition to the military support at least eight police forces have had to deploy extra officers at Olympic venues across Britain -- reportedly after employees of G4S failed to turn up to work.

The company, which is set to lose up to £50 million for failing to meet the obligations of its £284 million Olympics contract, has insisted that extra police should only be needed for a few days.

Britain's interior minister Theresa May denied on Monday that ministers knew last year that there would be a shortfall.

The extra troops pledged by the government last week brings to 17,000 the total number of military personnel lined up for Games security.

The government came under further pressure Tuesday as a report said that the Border Agency -- which has been under fire in recent weeks over hours-long immigration queues at London's Heathrow airport -- has cut too many employees.

Over 1,000 staff more than initially planned have lost their jobs in the last year and the Border Agency has now been forced to hire extra people to deal with the workload, the National Audit Office said.

The first athletes and Games visitors began arriving at Heathrow on Monday and the Olympic Village opened in Stratford, east London.

Meanwhile nearly half of the British population believe their country is inadequately prepared for the Olympics while many have concerns over security at the Games, a Comres poll suggested.

Of the 2,000 people questioned, 45 percent said they felt that Britain seemed poorly prepared for the Olympics while almost 40 percent said the fact that the government had been forced to provide extra troops made them more concerned about spectator safety.

London mayor Boris Johnson admitted on Tuesday that there would be "imperfections and things going wrong" in the coming weeks, adding that it was a "ginormous" task to stage the Games.

5. And to round it all off:


Quote:Olympic briefs: Poll finds British public unhappy with preparations for London Games

Lucy Carne in London From:

News Limited newspapers July 18, 2012

ALMOST half of Britain believes Olympic preparations are a shambles, a poll has found.

The last-minute scramble to deploy troops to fill a shortage of security guards has raised public concern over Olympic safety, according to a Comres poll.

Of the 2000 people questioned last weekend, 45 per cent believed Britain was “poorly prepared” for the event that opens next Friday.

Almost 40 per cent also feared for the safety of Olympic spectators because of the gap in protection.

Harriet Harman, the Labour deputy leader, accused the British Government of being “dangerously incompetent” with security.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson admitted on Tuesday there would be "imperfections and things going wrong" in the lead up to the Games, saying it was a “ginormous” task.

THE embattled boss of security firm G4S has apologised for the Olympic security staffing crisis.

During a grilling from Britain’s MPs on Tuesday, chief executive Nick Buckles said he was “deeply sorry” and admitted the company’s reputation is “in tatters” after the government was forced to bring in an extra 3500 soldiers and police to compensate.

But Mr Buckles insisted the company would still pocket its AUD$86.5m (£57m) “management fee” for the contract.

Asked by the home affairs committee, chairman Keith Vaz, why the global security giant wanted to still claim its fee, Mr Buckles said: "We've managed the contract and we've had management on the ground for two years. We still expect to deliver a significant number of staff.”

Mr Vaz replied: "I find that astonishing.”

G4S will also pay all military and police costs caused by its failure as well as any accommodation costs incurred, Mr Buckles said.

OLYMPIC football venues have been scaled back to avoid the sight of empty seats as organisers failed to sell enough tickets.

Organisers abandoned hopes of filling the venues, with up to 500,000 tickets to soccer matches withdrawn from public sale.

The London Olympic Organising Committee (LOCOG) admitted it had sold about half of the 2 million available football tickets.

A further 150,000 tickets were given away to school kids.

About 250,000 football tickets are still on sale with a further 200,000 to come online.

Organisers are still yet to sell 50,000 tickets to other sports and 250,000 will be released from a contingency pile this week, including seats to beach volleyball, fencing, table tennis, taekwondo, judo and volleyball.

LOCOG chairman Seb Coe said: “It’s always a challenge; you’ve got lots of venues and lots of matches and you don’t know until late on who is going to be playing.”

WEAR your wellies – that's the message from Olympic organisers to spectators heading to London’s washed-out Games.

People heading to the equestrian and rowing events have been warned to take their wellington boots as Britain’s worst summer in living memory continues to turn outdoor venues into a sodden mess.

LOCOG chairman Seb Coe said that the Eton Dorney rowing lake and the Greenwich Park equestrian venues were waterlogged.

Coe said resurfacing was underway to accommodate crowds, but warned spectators to dress for the weather.

“This is proving quite a challenge to us,” he said. “We've got waterlogged sites, we've got resurfacing taking place, particularly in some of our more sensitive sites, our more rural sites.

"At the risk of sounding like a father about to usher their kids off on an Outward Bound trip, let me make the obvious point that we are a northern European country and people do need to be wearing the right footwear and the right rainproof clothing.”

LOCOG director of communications Jackie Brock-Doyle said: “For the more rural venues people should bring wellies.”

What was that about slumdogs and millionaires again?

(By the way: remember the mass number of slums still around in Britain in... was it the 1920s or 1930s? Post WWI, pre WWII, in any case. The British govt didn't know what to do with them. And the slums multiplied further under the massive unemployment at the time. Pity they didn't make a movie about that. But it's been recorded in history books at any rate, and even been briefly referred to in some novels and movies.)

Security at this year's Olimpings *is* a bit of a worry. The UK police already caught some 7 or so pakis bringing in weaponry to blow people up for allah, scheduled to take place around this time. But I don't think - more importantly the British govt doesn't seem to think - it's caught all the jihadis intent on mischief at the games yet. And then there's this whole mess with the hired security firm. Not very reassuring...

Quote:Has Dark Matter Finally Been Found? Big News Coming Soon

by Clara Moskowitz, SPACE.com Assistant Managing Editor | February 18, 2013 07:57am ET

IIRC the news is scheduled for in about a week's time.


Sorry, ^that^ news was a year old (uh, obviously). While I actually managed to work that out shortly after, forgot I'd put a link on IF. Ironically, had read the follow-up the year before, but didn't immediately connect this last back to the above news item because I was mixed-up about the chronology.
Couldn't find Sumishi's thread on Big Brother type stuff - at least, not under a thread title of 'Big Brother'. So posting these here.

2 items via runningblind.com

(belongs to "Josh Goebel, the creator of Pastie, Invoicie, and Snag the Flag ..." which are sites offering web services)

1. runningblind.com/post/79561068470/critical-crypto-bug-leaves-linux-hundreds-of-apps-open

Quote:14 Mar 2014


Quote:Critical crypto bug leaves Linux, hundreds of apps open to eavesdropping

Hundreds of open source packages, including the Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Debian distributions of Linux, are susceptible to attacks that circumvent the most widely used technology to prevent eavesdropping on the Internet, thanks to an extremely critical vulnerability in a widely used cryptographic code library.

The bug in the GnuTLS library makes it trivial for attackers to bypass secure sockets layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protections available on websites that depend on the open source package. Initial estimates included in Internet discussions such as this one indicate that more than 200 different operating systems or applications rely on GnuTLS to implement crucial SSL and TLS operations, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the actual number is much higher.

Ok… so OS X, iOS, and now Linux? I’m not usually a believer in conspiracies, but isn’t believing the NSA did it intentionally and maliciously better than believing that we’re idiots and did it to ourselves by accident?

2. runningblind.com/post/79068516804/yahoo-webcam-images-from-millions-of-users-intercepted

Quote:9 Mar 2014

Yahoo Webcam Images From Millions of Users Intercepted by GCHQ ?

Quote:Gruber: There’s no other way to describe this than Orwellian. Government agencies spying on and collecting images of innocent citizens. Outrageous.

For a long time even wanna-be-geeks have known that most email is not secure or private (being transmitted plain-text and all). It’s time we started to intrinsically know that about any and every non-encrypted service we access online.

If it’s not encrypted assume it’s pretty much public and that everyone is watching (or could be).

I agree with Gruber on how outrageous this is but as it becomes easier and easier to store and aggregate large amounts of data it shouldn’t surprise anyone that governments are doing this.
About the blue bit in the following:

[quote name='Husky' date='26 February 2014 - 10:19 PM' timestamp='1393432887' post='117076']

10. This one just mentions Doniger in a comparison on how christoism gets away scott-free:


Uh, some western scientists ARE scientists (not alleged) and they're hardcore atheists. Sagan :love:, Attenborough :love:, etc. are atheists (not "religious" atheists, whatever that means) without being militant atheists.

Dawkins is a missionary atheist, but in his position I'd totally do the same: I mean, some one has to pull the plug on the creationism madness, and if it means actively speaking and writing about the idiocy of moronisms, then there's really no choice. Poor man, he could be getting on with exciting research, but the matter is so serious, he's sacrificing years of his life in the battle with idiot religion (aka the mono-moronisms), talking on the mind-numbing topic of invisible non-existent entities.

Evolution is not a "theory". It's a fact. 4004 BCE my foot. Our planet itself is IIRC about 5 billion years old. Our universe is some 13.7 billion years old, also demonstrable. And our universe is apparently just one of the multi universes in the metaverse that contains them.

[color="#0000FF"][* Bacteria type life forms can exist on many planets and are thought to possibly exist on the icy moon of Jupiter - the one that's ice on the surface but thought to be water underneath. The red/pink streaks are thought to be large bacterial colonies. Anyway, a planet with improved conditions for carbon-based life forms can result in complex life then. And then all you need really is time. Our planet has had so much time already, it's witnessed 5 mass extinctions of huge numbers of dominant species. "Intelligent" life of our kind also just requires time and good odds once complex life has formed.][/color]

Today, christianism is making it hard to teach evolutionary biology in schools. And it won't end there. Tomorrow they won't let cosmology as revealed by physics be taught either.

Christoislam is such a disease. Ban Ban Ban.


First off, the above should say moon of Saturn not Jupiter. Since there are SO many moons, and since I've never been to either Saturn OR Jupiter, I got them confused. (And also because Enceladus isn't the only moon subject to Orbital Resonance.)

And now the important news:

Cassini has apparently confirmed that Enceladus* does indeed contain an ocean of liquid water under its icy surface. (*Saturn's moon. The Cassini mission was sent to investigate Saturn and its moons including Titan. Caroline Porko (sp?) - who from interviews reminds me of the blueprint/the inspiration for the awesome Capt Kathryn Janeway; there's certainly some facial resemblance IMO - was on the team that did the preparations/planning for the Cassini mission, I believe. Still waiting to find out the results on her team's hypothesis of whether under Titan's atmosphere there's indeed oceans and glaciers and the like of methane etc. Titan - another moon of Saturn - is special because from what I seem to remember it has atmosphere: apparently Titan is large enough that it has sufficient gravity to retain its atmosphere, at least thus far. C.f. how Mars lost 2/3's of its atmosphere due to its lower mass and hence gravity than Earth, and so the relentless Solar Wind has just blown 2/3s away over time. IIRC, it's thought Titan may have been a planet at one stage, but that it fell into Saturn's gravity field and thus started orbiting Saturn.)

Anyway, back to Enceladus. From what I remember:

The reason for Enceladus having a body of liquid water (albeit under a surface of ice) - despite this moon of Saturn being so far away from the Sun, compared to Earth - is because of "Orbital Resonance" I think it's called: while Enceladus orbits Saturn, Saturn (perhaps in tandem with an aligned Titan and/or any larger floating debris of Saturn's myriad discs?*) exerts a sudden but regular increased gravitational tug on Enceladus during its orbit circle. *Or else owing to Enceladus' coming closer to Saturn at certain points of its orbit, or something.

These gravitational tugs/stresses on Enceladus' body naturally cause heavy internal friction inside the moon, as it literally bends out of shape, which friction creates such heat as is sufficient to melt the ice and keep it liquid under the surface even at such a distance as Enceladus is from the Sun. (IIRC, Orbital Resonance is also what seems to go on in the case of Io or was it Europa - forgot the specific moon of Jupiter that has constant volcanic eruptions - for said moon to indeed have active and in fact constant vulcanism.)

Further, Cox had already covered how, since (preferrably liquid) water is the primary necessity for Life (based on our understanding of the only life we're familiar with: that on our planet which is carbon-based life), Enceladus having been confirmed as containing liquid water proves that it is indeed the other place in our solar system that's most likely to have life, as was also hypothesised. Cox had summarised the existing theory popular among scientists that the streaks of pinkish colour on the icy surface of Enceladus may well point to bacteria. So: woohoo. Life. Beyond Earth. If they can confirm bacteria, no doubt they will next monitor for evolution taking place among the Enceladan (sp?) bacteria. It will give us an example of how evolution in a planet other than Earth proceeds (so far we've only had Earth as the sole example for the evolution of life, as pointed out by Cox and Sagan and Attenborough and others: from simple prokaryotic to eukaryotic to the complex life form explosion during the Cambrian era**. :or somethingSmile.

Bij Donar, this is so exciting. I can't even think straight.

And NASA's apparently released pictures.

** My biology and physics - and indeed every subject - is rather shady, to say the least. Please look up your high school textbooks.

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