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Riots In India

Kawaja, the Maryland-based Taliban supporter, is from Lucknow. In posts on the "IndiaUnity" Islamist-Communist_Terrorist (ICT) forum, Kawaja bragged that he could make one phone call and riots in Lucknow would start or stop- and that they called him for advice when riots could be started.


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->  LUCKNOW: Lucknow shut down on Saturday after days of violent protests against US President George W. Bush in which at least four people died and which have raised tensions between Hindus and Muslims.

Shopkeepers went on strike backed by the Bharatiya Janata Party, in protest at days of anti-Bush rallies by Muslim groups that closed largely Hindu-owned shops.

On Friday, a protest erupted into a clash between Muslim and Hindus, with both sides using guns and knives. Police opened fire to disperse the riot.

At least four people died of gunshot wounds, but it is not clear who shot them.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>Leaders appeal for peace in Navi Mumbai </b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->After three days of violence in Navi Mumbai on the outskirts of India's commercial capital, there are signs that the situation may be returning to normal.

Leaders of two communities who were involved in the violence appear to have made peace after the police agreed to conduct an enquiry into the police firing on Thursday in which three people were killed.

The two groups embroiled in the violence belong to the <b>Mathadis </b>and the <b>Agari </b>communities.

The violence started a day after Holi when the Agaris allegedly attacked the Mathadis. <b>Both groups are Maratha sub-castes</b>.................
The patch-up comes after the state government ordered an inquiry into the<b> police firing </b>on Thursday that killed three people.
<b>3 killed in Aligarh communal clash</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Three persons were killed and nine injured, six of them seriously, when members of two communities indulged in firing and pelting stones, prompting the authorities to impose indefinite curfew in three police station areas in this communally sensitive city on Thursday.

The members of a particular community on Wednesday evening removed the decorative lights put up at a temple in view of the 'navratri', leading to a clash with members of the other side in Sabzi Mandi and Dahi Wali Gali areas.

Muslim can't live with Hindus.
I am again waiting for a Press release from Kwaja with real twist. <!--emo&:angry:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/mad.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='mad.gif' /><!--endemo-->
Notice the reporting "members of a particular community" who is this particular community?

During the Gujarat riots the headlines were like "Hindu mobs out to kill innocent Muslims" but when Muslims start something (which is practically almost always the case) it changes to "members of a particular community".
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Notice the reporting "members of a particular community" who is this particular community?
Dork Desi Media (DDM) at its best. When ever they use particular community, by default it means Muslim.
Any Hindu festival and Indian Muslims can't control themselves.
Riots in Aligarh on Ramnami
Link - Hindi newspaper
Recently one small temple was built near Dahiwali Masjid, Muslim protested and it went into court. Court gave permission to Hindus for prayer during Ramnami. On Wednesday Hindus decorated temple and put loudspeakers. Muslims objected and started throwing stones. DM and ACP were able to calm down both communities. Later at night hell broke and rioters started rioting. Petrol bombs etc were used. Rioters looted shops and burned down school and storage house.

<img src='http://img.jagran.com/news/060406/7aprp506t.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
<img src='http://www.amarujala.com/today/alig.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
Now you can guess who were rioters

Rajesh -R-TV news Photographer
Devinder Kuman - TV Channel
Khaniya Lal - RAF Jawan

All admitted to hospital
Naved - Died
Sayyad Majhar Ali
Mahraja Ali

As usual Mullah Yadav suspended Police Commissioner and DM.
Tension in Agra
Same story here
During Ramnami, blood stream from "Katti Khanna" was dirverted towards Hindu temple during Ram Nami puja.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Aligarh brass gets marching orders after firing deaths </b>
Deepak Kumar Jha / Aligarh 
Aligarh residents are still to come to terms with the violence that took place on Thursday on the occasion of Ram Navami festival. For more than four decades, celebrations have taken place at Mata Ka Mandir in Dahi Wala Gali in Old Aligarh without any conflict though the temple is located in a narrow lane opposite a mosque in the Kotwali Police Station area.

However on Wednesday night, some local leaders of the ruling party in the State <span style='color:red'>Zamir Ahmad and Naseer Ullah Khan took the position that they would not allow the celebrations in the temple, which led to the building of tension in the area</span>.

District circle officer NP Singh reached the spot to diffuse the situation at around 11 PM on the fateful day but had to return with a broken nose under heavy stone pelting.

The police was informed about the situation but while they were sanitising the area to zero in on the culprits, they were pelted with stones, something unheard of in Aligarh.

"We have been offering obeisance in the temple for years but this time perhaps it was planned to create a tension. How else did they accumulate stones and other missiles to target us and the security officials," said resident Manoj Kumar.

<b>The makeshift temple where a 'havan' is performed everyday is under police protection for the first time in 14 years. Next to the temple is a Piao (Water tank) on which is carved, "This is in service of the people - Year 1940". The mosque is just a couple of yards from this Piao</b>.

According to the city administration, <b>what complicated matters was the fact that some members of another community objected to the decorations at the temple for Ram Navami following which matters worsened and police had to resort to firing leading to the death of six people and injuries to several others.</b>

The Uttar Pradesh Government on Friday suspended the city superintendent of police SK Verma and additional district magistrate Satya Bhan while district magistrate RK Singh, SSP Ajay Anand and circle officer (city) MP Singh were transferred. Bhubaneshwar Singh was appointed as the new District Magistrate and Akhil Kumar the new SSP. When asked why senior officials were suspended and transferred, <b>IG Agra Range Rizwan Ahmad said that the situation did not warrant firing and the officials were found to be guilty of doing so. "They could have used minimum force to control the mob,"</b> he added.

The situation in the curfew-bound city continued to be tense while fresh incidents was reported in the Bhujpura locality on Friday morning. The Rapid Action Force has been deployed in numbers in this historic place situated on the GT Road. Curfew continued to be clamped in five police stations areas of the Old city and CRPF, RAF and PAC men along with the civil police were patrolling the streets. Administration was distributing food packets within the affected areas.

DM Bhuvneshwar Singh told the Pioneer that on<b> Friday Namaz were offered in the mohallah mosque</b> after an understanding reached between the district administration and leaders of the community. "The Friday prayers passed off peacefully. It will be brought under control at the earliest. Senior district officials are monitoring the situation and we have circulated our contact numbers to all and sundry in the affected area to provide us with information," said the newly appointed DM.

Earlier in day, Minister of State for Home Sriprakash Jaiswal visited the injured in the medical college but kept away from the violence affected areas. Police official said that Leader of Opposition in the UP Assembly Lalji Tandon was detained at Kanpur while on his way to visit the riot-affected areas.

"Former city BJP MLA KK Navman had been taken into custody on charges of instigating riots. Besides 80 arrests have been made under both preventive and substantive offences. We are combing the area to take stern action against the anti-social elements," said the IG Agra Range.
<b>SSP removed, two officials suspended as Aligarh remains tense</b>
PAC and RAF deployed in the curfew-bound areas
Aligarh: Soon after two senior officials were suspended in wake of the riots here, the State Government on Friday removed the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ajay Anand even as the death toll rose to five with recovery of one more body this morning.

Akhil Kumar, district police chief of Kanpur (Dehat), takes over as the new SSP, an official spokesman said in the State Capital, adding that Anand has been attached to the Director General of Police (DGP) office in Lucknow. Earlier, the State Government had suspended ADM (City) Satyabhan and SP (city) S.K. Verma of Aligarh for failing to control the violence. D.P. Singh has been appointed the new Aligarh SP (City).

Five persons were killed in the violence in the communally-sensitive town, forcing authorities to impose indefinite curfew in three police station areas on Thursday.

Reports of fresh incidents of firing and stone pelting were reported from Bhujpura bypass after a corpse was recovered this morning. A large contingent of police, Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) and Rapid Action Force (RAF) have been deployed in the curfew-bound areas where as the situation was described as `tense'.

<b>Lalji Tandon prevented from going to Aligarh</b>

According to a report from Kanpur, Leader of the Opposition in Uttar Pradesh Assembly and senior BJP leader Lalji Tandon was on Friday prevented from going to Aligarh rocked by communal violence.

Heavy police force was deployed at Kanpur Central railway station before the arrival of Delhi-bound Gomti Express at the platform and police took Mr. Tandon from the station to the circuit house, denying him the permission to go to Aligarh.

Not pre-planned

Virtually admitting administrative failure in Aligarh, the Uttar Pradesh Government on Friday said the recent clashes there could have been averted by positive administrative action.

Talking to reporters in Lucknow, State Principal Secretary (Home) S.K. Agarwal, however, denied that the violence was pre-planned.

Cong seeks judicial probe

Meanwhile in Delhi, the Congress on Friday demanded a judicial inquiry into the clashes in Aligarh, saying Thursday's incident was not a Hindu-Muslim riot but a sign of lack of adequate precaution on part of the administration.

Describing the situation in Aligarh as serious, party spokesman Rajeev Shukla alleged that the five people who had lost their lives had been killed by police.

While some people were injured, others were still missing and it reflected on the poor law and order situation in the State, he said. -- UNI and PTI
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Meanwhile in Delhi, the Congress on Friday demanded a judicial inquiry into the clashes in Aligarh, saying Thursday's incident was not a Hindu-Muslim riot but a sign of lack of adequate precaution on part of the administration.
Ya they were secular riots, started by Muslims. <!--emo&:argue--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/argue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='argue.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<b>Fresh violence breaks out in curfew-bound Aligarh</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->In a fresh incident of violence in this curfew-bound city, a person was shot dead in Tantanpada Gali under Delhi Gate area on Saturday afternoon taking the toll to seven.

The middle-aged person was allegedly fired at from close range.
Meanwhile, the two-member high-level committee comprising principal secretary agriculture Arun Kumar Mishra and DG Police Headquarters SK Rizvi to probe the outbreak of communal violence has started its job. It has been asked to submit report within a week.
Taking serious note of violence, UP government has already suspended six officers including DM RK Singh, SSP Ajay Anand, SP City SK Verma, ADM Satya Bhan, Circle Officer MP Singh and an SHO.
Meanwhile, Maulana Bukhari, the Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid, was stopped at Ghaziabad en route to Aligarh.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Ominous disquiet
Sir—The recent communal violence in Aligarh highlighted the failure of the State Government to provide security to the common people. All the six casualties reported so far are of innocent, <b>unarmed Muslim youth due to unprovoked police firing.</b> The guilty must be punished and an impartial inquiry into the incident must be constituted. The law-and-order machinery seems to have collapsed in Uttar Pradesh, which can be understood from the response of Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav who initially regarded it as “just a minor incident”. Aligarh is a sensitive town and once the indefinite curfew is lifted, things may again go out of hand. Suspension of some officers and transfer of a few others is not the solution. A vigilant administration is the need of the hour.
Suhail Sabir
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Sure, rioters were unarmed innocent, all shot by police firing. Ofcourse looting, throwing acid on police and buring shops are not a provocation.
And now Pali in Rajasthan inflicted. Same story.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Tension erupted as some people belonging to the minority community objected to processionists passing through their Mohalla. Police escorting the procession tried to defuse tension and enable Mahaveer Jain's followers to take out the rally but the minority community people threw stones from behind and came openly with swords.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Now Syed Firdaus fellow will write an article on why he wont live amongst the Jains.. <!--emo&:grenade--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/grenade.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='grenade.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Tension in Aligarh after Hindu cremated as Muslim </b>
  Aligarh Pioneer News Service
THEY CLAIMED that the victim was a Muslim labourer who had been killed by Hindu rioters in Aligarh. However, only a day later, the victim turned out to be the son of a Hindu MLA and the rioters Muslim.
Triloki alias Vicky, the 25year-old son of Devki Nanda Kori, the BJP MLA from Sasni in Aligarh, had disappeared from his home in Sasni Gate area on Saturday morning. Later that day, Aligarh broke into communal tension over the shooting of a youth in the Delhi Gate area in the hands of "Hindu" rioters. The youth later succumbed to his injuries in the Malkhan Singh Hospital.

Arriving on the scene, the local administrative officials, including the District Magistrate Bhuvnesh Kumar were quick to declare that the deceased youth was Arif, a Muslim labourer, and he had died as a result of some personal enmity with his assailants.

Surprisingly, the doctors too appeared to have placed a black hood on their heads while conducting the postmortem and confirmed in their report that the deceased was a Muslim and the body bore all the "telltale" signs distinguishing a Hindu from Muslim.

When nobody came forth to claim the body on Sunday, it was interred in a grave according to Muslim rites by an Aligarh NGO, Manav Sansthan, and this gross negligence on multiple levels would have been covered up with Vicky reported as "missing", had the local television channels not broadcast the images of the people who had died in the riots during the past five days.

<b>The broadcast came as a shock to the family of Devki Nandan, the BJP MLA from Sasni, Hathras who realised that his son, who they thought was missing, had in fact been killed in the riots and cremated as a Muslim</b>. In deep agony over the plight of his beloved son the MLA immediately contacted the Aligarh District Magistrate who arranged for the body of the so called Arif to be exhumed in the presence of the family of the MLA who immediately recognised the body as that of Vicky.

Talking to this newspaper,<b> Mr. Devki Nandan claimed that his son had been identified as Arif by Rizwan Ahmed, the Inspector-general of Police, Kanpur Zone</b>. He said that his son had run out of his house in Sasni gate area in the morning to save a girl from being dragged away by rioters during curfew and had disappeared immediately after that only to come back in the form of a deadbody.

<b>He said that being a Hindu, his son had never been circumcised as claimed by the administration and he even had an "Om" tattooed on his right shoulder, so there was no question of his being identified as a Muslim, instead, it appeared to be a deliberate attempt to make all the riot-victims to appear Muslims to hide the true nature of the riots.</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Shivlinga controversy ends </b>
Varanasi: The controversy over installation of a Shivlinga in a temple adjoining a mosque here was resolved today with both sides agreeing to maintain status quo in the matter, police sources said.

<b>Tension gripped Hartirath locality following installation of the Shivlinga of a bigger size sparking protest from the minority community yesterday, they said.</b>

Police managed to broker peace between the two sides before the situation could get out of control.

The district administration invited representatives of the two communities and authorities of the two religious shrines for a meeting to break the deadlock.

<b>At their meeting today, it was agreed that the temple authorities would instal Shivlinga of the same size and colour as the earlier one which developed cracks after a tree fell on it following a thunderstorm.</b>

The two communities also agreed to maintain peace and communal harmony, the sources said adding RAF and PAC personnel deployed in the area would remain stationed there till calm returned.

Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent of Police (Varanasi) G K Goswami suspended two police officials -- SHO Ajay Srivastava and Sub-Inspector Rambriksh -- for allegedly keeping senior officials in the dark on simmering tension at Hartirath
Kerala sits on riot report indicting Cong govt, Muslim League

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->2003 marad massacre: Judicial commission’s report slams Cong govt, police officers, bureaucrats for cover-up, warns of extremists funded from abroad
KOCHI, APRIL 25: <b>The judicial commission probing Kerala’s worst communal massacre in Marad in 2003 has severely indicted almost every arm of the Congress-led United Democratic Front Government: politicians, police officers and top bureaucrats. </b>

It has also found that the massacre was a planned conspiracy involving extremist organizations, including those funded from abroad, organisations, it said, successive state governments have used to cultivate “vote banks.”

And that at least one senior politician belonging to the Muslim League, part of the ruling Congress-led front, had advance knowledge of the conspiracy.

The report of the commission, set up in 2004 and headed by District Judge Thomas P Joseph, has been kept under wraps by the state government which received it two months ago. It has been accessed by The Indian Express.

The report asks the state government—which declined to allow a CBI probe—to hand over the investigation to a special investigation team. Its reason: the state police not only botched up investigation, it planted false leads and avoided looking at the wider conspiracy.

Marad, a sleepy fishing village off Kozhikode, hit headlines on January 3, 2002 when Hindu and Muslim extremist elements were quick to hijack what began as a trivial altercation over drinking water at the public tap.

A couple of Hindus and three Muslims lay dead the morning after.

This was the first communal eruption in this village of 275 Hindu and 191 Muslim families. The police did round up a few men, almost all were found to belong to mainstream political groups, Congress, CPI(M), BJP and the Muslim League. Police later found several had a dual identity as members of a rash of extremist outfits.

No chargesheet was filed for a year and a half— until after Marad erupted again, much more violently, at sunset on May 2, 2003. Armed men chopped and hacked eight Hindu fishermen to death on the beach. One assailant was reportedly hacked by mistake in the melee. The killers then escaped into the local Juma Masjid.

The commission’s report notes the submission of then Kozhikode Police Commissioner T K Vinod Kumar that hundreds of local Muslim women converged on the mosque to prevent the police from entering it to catch the killers.

While the police tried to reason with them, a nearly 300-strong armed Hindu mob gathered as well threatening to attack the cops if they didn’t catch the killers.

Driven to the wall, the cops opened fire after lathicharges and teargassing failed, injuring one man. Vinod Kumar’s deposition asserts that ‘‘the conspiracy was hatched in the Marad Juma Masjid and other places.’’

The cops later confiscated a huge cache of arms from this mosque, including explosives.

By then, the communal rift in Marad was total. The Sangh Parivar had driven away all Muslim families from the village, not allowing them to return and rapidly converting Marad into a saffron bastion.

So much so that even then chief minister A K Antony had to plead with the Sangh leadership to be allowed into Marad after the incident.

Local Muslim families, all 191 of them, had to live in exile in relief camps or with relatives elsewhere, for over a year. The Antony Government did not dare to help them get back to their homes.

The Muslim League, meanwhile, vehemently opposed demands to have the Marad massacre probed by the CBI. Though Antony said his Government would consider a ‘‘partial CBI probe,’’ the Government later submitted to the commission that it decided not to have a CBI probe since a partial probe was not ‘‘procedurally possible.’’

The commission, however, dismisses this Government view saying it would not stand legal scrutiny. Its report cites a Supreme Court order asserting that such a probe was indeed possible, and adds that the Government’s stubborn unwillingness to have the CBI look into the massacre was ‘‘mysterious’’.

But the commission’s documents are more revealing. One is the deposition of N P Rajendran, president of the Calicut Press Club, which the Government sought to help restore peace in Marad. Rajendran told the commission that Muslim League state secretary and then state Industries Minister P K Kunhalikutty had asked him while he was at the Chief Minister’s residence for the Marad meeting: “Where’s the guarantee that the CBI, if allowed to probe the incident, will not arrest me or Panakkad Syed Mohammed Ali Shihab Thangal (Muslim League supremo)?” The commission’s report also says a senior Muslim League leader knew about the conspiracy that later led to the killings.

<b>Its other key findings: </b>

• Coming in for strong indictment is then Kozhikode District Collector T O Sooraj, currently director of Industries. The commission has observed that allegations that the Collector was a communalist cannot be dismissed as untrue

The Collector had taken custody of the mosque from where the police had seized lethal weapons. But, the commission noted, he allowed Muslim League leader E Ahmed, then an MP and now Minister of State for External Affairs, to enter the mosque and offer prayers, even as an explosive situation prevailed in the area.

• The commission dismissed as ‘‘untrue’’ the Collector’s deposition that intelligence officials had not alerted him about the possibility of violence.

• The commission has taken a serious note of the deposition of state DGP K J Joseph, that the then Assistant Commissioner of Police (Kozhikode) Abdul Rahim “failed to investigate and take prompt action in Marad.’’ The DGP deposed that Rahim not only ‘‘hid the truth from his superior officers’’ but also tried to establish that the key accused in the massacre on the beach on May 2, 2003 were not guilty.

• The report talks about the presence of extremist outfits with foreign links operating in Kerala, and slams the current and previous state Governments for their failure to take any effective action against these elements, being ‘‘interested only in the vote banks.’’

The commission has asserted that there was a much larger conspiracy than what the police crime branch has revealed in Marad, and it must be probed.

What happened in sleepy Marad

• On Jan 3, 2002 a couple of Hindus and 3 Muslims were killed after a trivial altercation over drinking water.
• No chargesheet filed for over a year
• On May 2, 2003, 8 Hindu fishermen hacked to death, killers escape into mosque
• All 191 Muslim families driven out of the village by Sangh Parivar
• Cong ally Muslim League opposed CBI probe, Govt agreed
• Then Kozhikode district collector T O Sooraj indicted for bias in favour of Muslim League
• The commission dismissed as ‘‘untrue’’ Sooraj’s deposition that he had no intelligence alert
• State DGP said ACP “hid truth” from superior officers.
• The report talks about the presence of extremist outfits with foreign links operating in Kerala 
2003 marad massacre happened after Gujarat riots, but we never heard any noise from CAG or FOSA or other commie or Congress group.
Vadodara clash: Centre sends advisory to Gujarat

Why central never send advisory to J&K or UP or Haryana? Till Muslim kills Hindus it is OK.

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