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Majid Menace Memon
<b>Majid Menace Memon</b>

Many gullible Hindus of India don't know who are traitors of India who are sitting right among them, even though they (traitors) are not disguised as such, but once again, Hindus are what they are -- gullible, nonchalant, busy folks working for loaf of bread and a packet of bidis.

I am sure they did not ponder much either about recent news report of one Majid Memon being shot at, nor did they invoke any interest as to who is this Majid Memon and why he got shot at.

Majid menace Memon is a  five star criminal lawyer of Mumbai who lives in a Posh Bandra residence (Almira Road) who mostly takes the notorious Muslims as their clients for a hefty fee when the case involves extortion or murder, but does not charge much when this staunch Muslim criminal (himself) thinks that Islamic Ideology is involved as was the case with ghatkoper Bomb Blast, Muslims who became free due to his subterfuge which is his baye hath ka khel --  easy job..

He is also assisting many Muslims involved in Bombay Bomb Blast which he thinks was more of a retaliatory attacks than a crime in itself. The guy is well entrenched with high level people of the society and has strong connection with Muslim Mafia who he needs to change the outcome of the judicial act. According to informed sources he is connected with ISI and Ibrahim Dawood with whom he speaks through third party phone (never uses his Nokia).

The guy is a tax cheat who collects higher amount of lump sum value abroad whenever he goes to Dubai-London-Singapore-Hongkong he gets paid there. Here is how he handles his cases with four pronged modus operundi:

Rule number one: Few judges are friendly with him who he takes them into confidence and corrupts them by hefty bribe.

Rule number two: When a perticular judge is away from his clutches, he has his Muslim Mafia henchmen who call the judge over the phone and threaten him/her for their life.

Rule number three: The crucial factor in any case is witnesses and key witnesses. He tries to bribe them.

Rule number four: When everything else fails vis a vis witness, he threatens those witnesses with murder through his henchmen.

Don't think he makes miracle with the law being a criminal attorney, he himself is a criminal who employs these outlaw tactics on such crucial subjects as witnesses along with those judges that he knows.

In the case of Ghatkoper Bomb Blast, the bus conductor was a key witness who in the beginning had said that he had seen couple of potential murderers that he can identify, but when the time came for him to identify those -- he failed, more, the guy became hostile, started non cooperation with prosecution -- clear cut sign that he was bought with money or coerced with threats. And with his negative testimoney, all those accused are roaming free, not only that, they are thinking to sue our government for wrongful confinement.

He did the same maneuvers with one of his client name DESAI who had murder charges on him and he set him free -- no witness came forward to prosecutions rescue and the guy walked free despite claiming to the police that he did murder his American wife during interogation/confession.

Its high time our intelligence agencies (CBI) grill this attorney and tape his e mail/voice mails to find the facts and bring him closer to justice sooner than later.

Enough said.
Keshto patel

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