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A Destitute Hindu
A Destitute Hindu

Sometimes I feel, India may not be a rudderless ship (136 Billion Forex), it is that Indians may be navigating International waters without a compass (they lack CDC). Or there are too many captains of the calm sea on board S.S.INDIA, (mind you I never said M.V.INDIA, big difference -- one is steam ship, the other a motor vessel) But does not the GOI know that too many cooks spoil the broth?

This is what is exactly happening with our India, if New Delhi is something to be looked at, For we have quasi junk, dormant, do-nothing PMO on one side, untutored MEA on the other hand which is busy producing mother of all blunders a la Korea (yes, nukes are big mistake of India), Nepal (no Indian arms for it, only Pak-China), Vatican (mourning blunder) and finally a queen Sonia with crown sans Indian Monarchy, with yes mam stooges a la Ahmed Patels.

Too many crooks spoil the brothel.

With above unique qualities full of petty character, why do you think western nations would give us any respect? Don't these nations fully know, that even a country like Sudan is better than India on certain terms?

Sudan, being a pariah state of course, nevertheless, this tiny winy country has never been stamped as soft state, lamb state, comatose country, rudderless ship and all other contemptuous names synonyms with India. This smaller country is capable of defying UN a la Darfur, do what they think is good for them a la China (although it may not be), but they have the resolve, which India lacks big time.

What good is your gun if you cannot fire it?

When is the last time we played a hardball with pony Bangladesh - leave mighty US alone for a moment? In an international arena India is like a burger with bone, whiskey without alcohol, that nobody desires. Look at Mister Modi who was cloned as Castro by State Dept scientists because he possesses all the qualities to be the future Prime Minister of India.

Writing is on the sky, Look at the pregnant Falcons flying with a womb (nukes).

Indians should not be asked what is wrong with them, everything is wrong since inception of Mughul Raj of India, Mahatma Gandhi's FIR was filed in Urdu language, Jawaharlal Nehru was upbeat on Farsi than Hindi language, our Rajya Sabha members a la Shabana and Kuldeeps are busy protecting Islamic terrorists and questioning our police instead (ansal plaza), rather they should be asked what is right with them. If Indians cant care for their own survival -- nothing is right with them -- never will be.

Gone are those days of cavemen's world, where crime did strike first, police came later, right now we live in a lawful society bound by ethics n constitution and not otherwise, hence the onus is on our premiers and chiefs of the Indian high command to ensure that they deliver the prudent and conducive environment for us Indians to live in which we should be free from corrupt clutches of Laloos, Shahi imams of India and Dawoods of Pakistan and survive peacefully -- to thrive in India seems to be the luxury.

Haji Mastan is long dead but long liveth Dawood Ibrahim with star and crescent empire of Islam, who with his giant robotic arm, transfers Indian resources to Islamabad, with his multi million extortion empire, whose victims are exclusively Hindus -- there is no stop to Hindu misery; http://www.indiacause.com/columns/OL_050324.htm

I am sorry, but our own secular Hindus are not realizing what is waiting in the wings for them, come September. Why do they always think hunky dory despite Sabarmati Express a la Godhra, Ghatkoper Bomb Blast, Coimbatore Bomb Blast, Bombay Bomb Blast, where a series of fifteen massive explosions rocked the length and breadth of Bombay, India on Friday, March 12, 1993? The blasts, which killed at least two hundred and twenty-eight people and injured more than 1,200, reportedly struck several Bombay neighborhoods simultaneously.

Don't worry, that was, after all, the same thinking of those rich Hindus of Hyderabad under Nizam's rule and those of Noakhali, who got decimated and got converted ultimately. It would be your turn next, if you don't mend your ways of Ishwar-Allah and Ram-O-Rahim a la Gandhi.

Nearly half a million Kashmiri Hindu Pundits are still knocking some doors without success.

Hindus better be proud villains of today than a poor victims of tomorrow.

Turn the tide on phony seculars by thinking 3D.

Keshto Patel.

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