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Befuddled Bongs Of Bengal
<b>Befuddled Bongs of Bengal</b>

If someone asked a teenager student of India about what is common with Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Vivekanand, Satyajit Ray, Sharmeela Tagore, Kajol, Saurav Ganguly, Eden Garden, Sunderban, Black Magic ?

It should be no-brainer for him or her.

Welcome to the land of Jute AKA West Bengal! The land of Banerjees and Mukherjees, the land of infamous International Icon, do-nothing Jyoti Basu.

Dada ki khober? kaimon?

If we keep harping on the heritage of West Bengal it would be an endless session of praise for this land of fertile minds a la Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, founder of Bhartiya Jana Sangh, who was allegedly murdered by congress high command.

But alas! with all the above pearls of this beautiful necklace called Bengal is of no use, this necklace has been sold to the highest bidder after the independence - The anti national elements comprising of communists and Muslims who have destroyed Bengal beyond repair, who don't deserve these pearls, For, neither they appreciate their value nor do they have such a prowess to appraise the quality of those pearls - They are busy doing what they are doing -- eroding these pearls of Hinduism beyond recognition with their subterfuge, which would not only destroy Bengal yet again, But would destroy India big time due to anti national's future representation of Jehadis at Lok Sabha - a law manufacturing unit of India - Imagine India where laws would be passed with Jehadic acquiescence.

Today west Bengal is brimful with Muslims of Indian origin and that of Bangladesh, who have found a natural abode in west Bengal due to some common factors, that of common language, quasi same environment where they can mix their identity and remain undetected, coupled with lax laws of the state and conducive political agenda of vote greedy communist politburo of the West Bengal sans national interests.

There is a scientific principle which says "water finds its own level," until the advent of lasers, the level was still checked by water. But the point I am coming at is this; Muslims are working on same principles as water and are finding their survival and thrift among naive Hindus where they mix up only for a required time till the situation be ripe for them to revolt.

Needless to say that above demographic time bomb comprising future jehadis, would not have no communist or congress fuse built into it. It would be naive to believe that person like Jyoti Basu does not have a hands on experience of ghastly murder and mayhem of Hindus during the direct action day in Calcutta and Noakhali with 77 percent Muslims, where million Hindus died and got converted by Muslim atrocities called jehad by Muslim league. How is it not possible for communist supremo senior Jyoti Basu da to not remember the golden words of H. S. Sahrawardy - " Muslim India means business" -- "Larke lenge Pakistan marke lenge Pakistan."

Somnolence or slumber, you define brothers.

The past heritage of Bengali babus is laid waste due to the upcoming jehadi culture of Islam which is already knocking many doors in several Muslim majority districts of West Bengal (nine of them) with vicious message of their gruesome Prophet who was a Warrior himself, thus no stranger to a bloody sword; http://www.faithfreedom.org/oped/KeshtoPatel50324.htm

The now high command of reins of West Bengal should immediately reverse their course in favor of Hindu ethos and its interests in order to not repeat the same Direct Action Days of the past, which are sure to be cloned if the situation is left unchecked.

I am less interested in West Bengal's IT drive which would fill some pockets and create employment temporarily, something that would be ultimately taken over by Islamists of the future if Muslims are not stopped today. What good is Ambani's wealth for example if his factories would be looted by Muslims of tomorrow? Noakhali and hyderabad is the best example where rich Hindus became not only penniless, but they became destitute Muslims by subsequent threats, lets look and learn my Hindu brothers.

But are we ready for such a transformation which involves our mindset and ideologies, coupled with greed? Does not look like, if we examine the mahatma Gandhi of the past, with misplaced ideologies of ishwar Allah, which did not stop Pakistan anyway, and those of present Mulayam, Laloos of India, ready to sell Mother India for a song to our willing enemies.

What is wrong with these present brainy Bengalis? Why they want to mix ground beef in their rosgullah? why they cant stop their sharmilis going at nawab's haveli a la patuadi? Bengal has been split into two already, so is beautiful Sunderban, what more do they want to their detriment? why cant they be street smart as other Muslims are and chart their course for their future, which would involve their future generation vulnerable to same Direct Action Days if no action is taken NOW. Learn from YOUR own history if not Islam per se. Anything else would be uncivilized, looking at the crystal ball of the keshtos with 3D spectrum.

I am lost for words when I see that Bengalis look more at Jyoti Basu than Bose.It was, after all Subhash Chandra Bose, who was mainly instrumental in India's liberation war, it was him who put his life and limbs on the stake, it was him who Britisher were afraid of if we go by the words of Lord Clement Atlee, http://library.flawlesslogic.com/gandhi.htm and not duratma Gandhi who did not do enough, yet got acclaimed to the hilt, despite his gifting Indian territory to Pakistan on silver plate, thanks to Nehruvian secular cabal. Lest we forget, Bengal is the cousin state of famous Bihar of Laloo fame.

There is an adage which says "you can take the horse to the river, but you cannot make him drink," Hinduwadis are saying this to treacherous seculars who must act now in the interests of nation -- majority of which are Hindus, them (seculars) included.

With all the above, I am sure Subhash Chandra Bose must be turning in his grave in whichever part of the globe he be, for his Tyag is in vain, West Bengal is getting ready for one more split, Bengal tiger would be extinct sooner than later, with all these jehadi poachers at work.

Peace be upon his soul.

He remains my BOSE.
Jainake ami bhalo bashi.

Keshto Patel.

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