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Pak-16 India-18 Us-20
<b>Pak-16 India-18 US-20</b>

Was it the bolt from the blue when we heard that the US machinery peddling their combat birds to nuclear cheat Pakistan and offering some goodies like F-18 to India?

Not so for 3D thinkers who can separate chaff from the grain.

Recent reports indicating above subject have their own spins and objectives, everything that emanates from oval office does, hence this is not an exceptional case to fool India yet again, Indians have been deceived time and again by US warlords, albeit this time the offer came with a lollipop as a pacifier.

The purported future delivery of Falcons to a terrorist country (Pakistan contributed to 9-11) which can be modified to carry nukes should go against the tenets of nuclear ayatollah (Washington) but it did not. As long as the bottom line being who would be at the receiving end. And this is where American shoe fits well as always since the Pattons and Sabre jets of the past.

Does it occur to US that Falcons can be turned into a red crowned Crane (china's national bird to be, china does not have a national bird yet) the same way as stinger (Afghan War hero), which got reverse engineered to Anza-II? (Pakistan supplied a stinger specimen to China.)

Turn the blind eyes on both Pakistan and China, one is ally and a bulwark against Hindus, US declared Dawood a terrorist, yet does nothing to get him as long as he is busy fleecing hindus of India.The other (China) is major power to reckon with who threatened US with mushroom clouds over Los Angeles, year 1995,  over Taiwan issue by asking US tersely what they would prefer - LA or Taipei.

Clever ploy by gringos to pin down Indians, It is here that cheat and caveat chip in when something has to be dealt with Indians by offering obsolete F-18s from nowhere. Well, it had to be something in offer as a carrot, knowing that India is making their own steel birds and they have the latest and best thrust vectoring sukhois. Americans knew Indians wont bite F-18 bait, but something was to be there on its plate for Indians as a pretext to sell Pakistan its falcons and yet be even handed. And they did.

Anyway, in the case of India, this dime was worth a nickel.

And now Lockheed Martin says (in its new offer) F-16 block 70 http://us.rediff.com/news/2005/mar/27martin.htm can be produced in India in its collaboration with HAL when Indians did not show any interest in block 50. But here is a clever trick again, US is only pitting us Indians versus Russians who have already declined to offer akula nuke sub to India as promised http://indiareacts.com/nati2.asp?recno=3227&ctg= if we went ahead with French scorpene. Similarly, think what is forthcoming with regard to russia versus this supposedly F-16 issue. Grand rift between our only reliable supplier Russia and India who is dependent on it for sukhoi and other spares. India should not put itself in a situation like an omelet from frying pan to fire vis a vis Russia.

I am sure it was a cake walk for Lockheed Martin CEO to persuade pentagon on its Block-70 offer to Indians on the following grounds:

India already possesses the best - Sukhois. http://www.tgarden.demon.co.uk/writings/ar.../050113hol.html
USA has already come up with better replacement, FA-22 Raptor.
Dog fight is a dodo for the US which relies on pre-empt doctrine of shock n awe with the dance of cruise missiles and an nocturnal aerial bombing with stealth fighters.

On the other end we hear about US promising India to make it a big power of 21st century http://www.niburu.nl/showarticle.php?articleID=6976 by collaborating with new Delhi on nuclear energy and a high tech cooperation. Who is US fooling here? Just last week Condi Rice had chosen her Pakistani origin senior advisor Shirin Tahir-Kheli for UNO http://sify.com/news/fullstory.php?id=13692412 for possible roadblocks against Indian permanent membership

By offering Pakistan F-16s and denying modi a visa in one week, USA has come out from covert to overt as an enemy of India where nothing India is able to do because Indians don't have long march ICBMs with city busters which can land on American shores, neither India has legal International fangs (veto) and to make this matter worse there are 2 million Indians in America who would be hostages between the rivalry of the two. After the Sep-11 the backlash on foreigner looking brownies have multiplied many folds coupled with diabolical Patriot ACT.

In the case of Pakistanis, its a moral victory, something to write home about, because Pakistanis were eyeing Falcons for long time now, their wait is over.

With falcons stationed at Islamabad and being modified to carry nuclear weapons and be able to give tougher fight to Indians in a future war, India is a looser.

And the winner of the event is...................Mr.USAAAAAAAAAA.

Keshto Patel

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