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The problem, of course, is little knowledge of Hinduism. See, Barkha Dutt may be a Hindu(?), but it just doesn't matter. Most urban Hindus today are really Hindus only in name.

They visit the temple once in a year, usually on New Years Day(!), and then forget about it. The closest they come to Hindu ritual is their own marriage. Between the fire of their marriage and the fire of their cremation, the rituals and Gods of traditional Hinduism barely register their presence in the minds of these philistines.

Any practicing Hindu woman <b>must have performed or seen performed Varalakshmi Pooja</b>. How come people like Barkha Dutt have never posed the question of <b>male participation</b> for this pooja? The reason these people don't pose the question is they don't practise the pooja anymore. They are completely unaware of it.

God help these creatures, and may God save the traditional values of Hinduism.
<!--QuoteBegin-vishwas+Jul 10 2006, 12:12 PM-->QUOTE(vishwas @ Jul 10 2006, 12:12 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Lavanya,
The problem, of course, is little knowledge of Hinduism. See, Barkha Dutt may be a Hindu(?), but it just doesn't matter. Most urban Hindus today are really Hindus only in name.

They visit the temple once in a year, usually on New Years Day(!), and then forget about it. The closest they come to Hindu ritual is their own marriage. Between the fire of their marriage and the fire of their cremation, the rituals and Gods of traditional Hinduism barely register their presence in the minds of these philistines.

Any practicing Hindu woman <b>must have performed or seen performed Varalakshmi Pooja</b>. How come people like Barkha Dutt have never posed the question of <b>male participation</b> for this pooja? The reason these people don't pose the question is they don't practise the pooja anymore. They are completely unaware of it.

God help these creatures, and may God save the traditional values of Hinduism.


Thanks for your reply. It's not about personally practising all those rituals but the ability to understand that faith is above everything. Why do women like Barkha have to even link it with something like feminism? Isn't it clear and apparent that a God who's celibate has his own ways and methods for people to realize him. God has given both men and women their share of advantages and disadvantages. Why can't feminists like Barkha Dutt realize it?
Barka <i>may</i> have a case if there is a general gender ban on all women !

Only women between a particular age span are barred.

Hindu women themselves do not participate on holy occasions during certain personal days.

It must just be cussedness coupled with anti-hindu feelings which make people like Barka rant in this fashion
What more can one expect from a secular, feminist and modern Indian except anti-hinduism? It's a leathal combination.

Cencus says that hindu's still make up close to 80% of India. But in reality the number is much much much lesser. In some parts of India (like bengal for example) I doubt if hindu's exist anymore <!--emo&:blink:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='blink.gif' /><!--endemo-->

Being hindu is not about being on top of all our customs, knowing vedas by heart or participating in rituals. The main criteria is the word "sraddhA". w/o sraddha regular paricipation in rituals becomes just a drill. Few hindu's have sraddha left for their culture and religion.
Did the program "We The People" also register the references and other more extreme parallels from other faiths especially Abrahamic religions? There can be several examples, but glaring one being - Can/do muslim women offer namaz inside Eidgah or mosque?

I am not trying to compare Bharatiya religions with Abrahamic. The status of women is of course much more respectful in Bharatiya faiths. I will try to post a detailed reply later.
Yes, Barkha did refer to other religions but the main focus was on Hinduism but that's not the issue. The issue is choice of audience. She invited mature people to defend and represent their respective faiths but when it came to women in Hinduism, all that she could get was an immature 23 year old lad from Kerala. This is not the first instance. The same happened when the Shankaracharya issue happened. She invited Swami Agnivesh and all those paid audience who were tutored to talk against Shankaracharya. I challenge Swami Agnivesh's competence to talk on Hinduism. This man has never liked this religion and leaves no opportunity to come to this forum and bash it to his heart's content. Why does Barkha have to even invite sombody who has never liked the religion? She could have invited someone who had the competence to talk on such traditions. She was clearly trying to make it look like a Hinduism bashing debate.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->thehindu@vsnl.com, letters@thehindu.co.in, <openpage@thehindu.co.in>,

Re: <b>False accusations in The Hindu by a foreign academic</b>

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the leader page article by Paul R. Brass
titled, "Organised riots & structured violence in India" in The Hindu
of August 23, 2006 URL:

I consider that the following statement is defamatory and you owe it
to your readers to retract it with an apology: "Moreover, it was much
more highly developed and elaborately organised within the network of
militant Hindu organisations radiating out from the RSS than from any
comparable network of Muslim organisations, at least in northern

I would invite your reference to a comparable and equally
irresponsible statement made by a US Think Tank called Rand
Corporation which was effectively rebutted; there has been no answer
forthcoming from Rand Corp. to this rebuttal of an academic's false
claim that RSS was a Hindu religious cult. http://tinyurl.com/mboxq

In the name of research, the publisher "Three Essays Collective" of
the forthcoming book and the author Paul R. Brass are indulging in
mud-slinging against an organization whose workers saved thousands of
lives during the holocaust of Partition. You will also do well to
invite the attention of your readers, the writer of the defamatory
article and the publishers of the book to read the history of
partition and the articles which have been published in NewsToday at
the following URLs heralding the work of RSS.

Unsung RSS heroes of Partition days a six-part article by V. Sundaram
in six issues of Newstoday of July 2006 . URLs:


Hindu is a civilizational heritage and do not belittle it with
flippant 'religious' bigotry and do not foment communal frenzy by
publishing such partisan articles.

The immaturity of Paul R. Brass despite his position as Professor
Emeritus of Political Science and South Asian Studies, University of
Seattle is best described by Prof. Ashutosh Varshney who had something
telling to say about Brass who had, "spent 40 years of his life
studying one city, Aligarh". Varshney also suggested that Brass had
produced nothing of value from his labors. The point to note is that
American academics like Brass arrogate to themselves the ability to
analyse the society in Hindustan and pontificate about the Muslim
problem, without ever stepping beyond Aligarh. So much for
intellectual honesty.

Why are communists in Hindustan promoting such foreign academics?

I hope this opinion communicated by this letter will be published in
full, in the leader page of The Hindu. I understand that you have a
new policy for airing readers' opinions. I hope the policy allows this
comment to be published; if there is any problem, I would like to meet
the Readers' Editor Mr. Narayanan.

Thanking you for your consideration.

Yours truly,
Dr. Jain letter -
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Before penning this article, which supplements the article of Sunil Chatterjee (India Tribune Aug 18,207)  on unsung heroes and the article by Dr. Harishchandra on India loses territories (India Tribune Sept 1,2007) I add a paragraph about utter hate-Hindu mentality of UPA of bankrupt leaderships, de facto controlled by Italian Christian (pre-Rajiv waitress of England) Antonio Maimo (Sonia).  ASI or no ASI, the affidavit was filed by UPA (ultra perilous ass) which in way can escape responsibility and must  bear full blame. Such asinine assertion is no different from that of Iranian president that holocaust never occurred and is figment of Zionists. The secularist, who go on cashing Gandhi name to catch votes, have complete amnesia in forgetting last words of Gandhi "hey Ram" and has prayer began with "Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Patit pawan sita Ram.) That Ram setu has been inexistence since ages worshiped by Hindus and such can not be done with for any exigencies. If Hindus and alike do not come out of their comatose, next axe will fall on Shiv Ji, 24 Jain Tirthankers, Gautam Budha, and so on.

Sunils' article does not give real reason for British leaving India. Gandhi satyagrah would have hardly done that which is evident from Winston Churchill's statement' freedom to India over my dead body."  Why then change of heart? Not so because new P.M.Clement Atlee. Real suppressed reasons are (i) awakening in the army ( top officers attending political rallies) caused by INA organized by supreme commander Bose, (ii) l946 strike by Navy cadets who paraded on streets of Bombay, (iii) spread of communism with China becoming red and arm supplier to freedom fighters in Asia ( see what Aaoists are doing in Nepal) and would have supplied to communists in India turning it also red which USA did not want, (iv) unions had become strong that rails would not move at their call, (v) Hindu-muslim riots had flared up which "good governance could not control. (vi) Allies had won WWII but Britain was destroyed by bombings , had become economically bankrupt under debt, and could not have contained freedom movement, armed insurgency not precluded (French had to leave Indo china). ETC.

In fact Nehru was responsible for creation of Pakistan by refusing to retract his statement that parliament will have power to bring changes. That was after the agreement was reached and signed by all parties. Gandhi did not exert his clout and make the statement that parliament will not have power to change agreed format. Jinnah used that an went back from agreement and parroted Pakistan
It was the British which had set up Indian National Congress with the view that it would hand over power to it when forced to leave so that its economic interests could be preserved which it eventually did after creating Pakistan as constant threat to India.
Nehru and Gandhi had money to go to London for 9 month barrister diploma whose curriculum included socialization so that people would be loyal to British. In fact Moti Lal Nehru wasvery loyal o British until his request to pardon Majar Sokhta was turned down by the Viceroy. Manjar , in his essay on benefits of British rule, had raises questions and asked how could that rule be beneficial to India for which he was  rusticated from school. Dr. Singh: What a god governance?. Nehru's loyalty to British is evident from the fact that he retained all the British officers, including C.inC and Mount Batten, whose loyalty was towards Pakistan. It was reported in Dharma Yug ( around l958) and C in C hatched a conspiracy against Gen Carriappa under which British officers would surrender Kashmir to Pakistan and put blame on Carriappa. It was Iron Man Sardar Patel because of whom not only conspiracy failed  but India was saved from princely states becoming free and US bases and parliament building bombed by Muslims. In his Aminabad Park, Lucknow, speech, Ptael bluntly told Muslims that riding on two horses was not going to work (Do ghoron ki sawari nahin chalegi). He remained firm against noises made by Muslims. It was most unfortunate that he died so early.
Nehru/Gandhi are glorified when they made blunders. In real democracy Nehru would have remained P.M. until death. Gandhi forced India to give Pakistan Rs. 55 crore, threatening fast unto death, even when Pakistan had attacked Kashmir. He forced Hindus to stop  what was repercussion to what was happening in Pakistan Hindu women and children being openly raped, Hindus butchered, unimaginable cruelty watched by white civilized world. He did not have nerve to undertake fast unto death for what was happening to Hindus in Pakistan. They asked Muslims to come back to India and whole lot came back. Gandhi's morality needs to be looked in view of claim made an African that he is son of Gandhi.
Nehru's blunders include (i) his running to UN dominated by USA and pledging plebiscite when there is no such provision in Act of British parliament under which Pakistan was created and Muslims would certainly had opted for Pakistan, and ordered cease-fire, not giving army few days to finish mop up operation when Kabalese were on the run. (ii)arrogantly rebuffed Jan Sangh Mps calling them CIA agents when they raised the issue of China building roads towards India not for picnic, (iii) withdrew Indian army from Tibet(in existence from time of British) resulting in China running over Tibet and Tibetans living in exile in India, (iv) kept Indian army of WWII rifles no match for Chinese attacking army, (v) created politics in army by appointing junior person as C in C who had no combat experience, (vi) did not stay in India when China attacked and in Colombo gave press statement that he had ordered Indian army to throw away Chinese beyond McMohan line, (vii) refused to utilize services of retired generals, including Carriappa who offered free services and would have made India victorious, (vii) injected Islamism in politics (which now has become vote bank politics of Muslims voting en block dictated by mullas) by putting up a Muslim candidate against veteran freedom fighter Acharya Kriplani because that constituency had significant Muslim votes
These selfish corrupt secularists have become so much power-drunken that they want to cling to their gaddis, chasing vote bank, regardless of what happens to originals (Hindus) and the country
Dr. Harish chandra's article reveals that Nehru threatened to fight Bose if he attacked British ( what a loyalty) which explains why Bose went underground. If he had surfaced during pre-independence, British would have tried and convicted him just as they did to Dhillon, Sehgal, Shah Nawaj. If he had surfaced after freedom, Nehru would have handed him to British which is also evident from the fact that he totally banished INA whose members became unemployed. Bose was also threat to Nehru and his design to build his dynasty after Patel gone. So the commissions did not get to the facts, including no plane crash. Bose originally wanted to go to USSR after escaping from India but had to go to Germany. So he may have gone there after WWII
Most unsung heroes of freedom fight did not join government saying their job was done with freedom which Nehru exploited.
Harischandrs ought to have probed pre-Rajiv life to Maino also to find if there has been any Mofiaism in her upbringing in Italy. Being waitress indicates that her educational background had not been that high. Even having lived in India for so long, she can not rightly pronounce Hindi words from her written speech. That exhibits bankruptcy of Congress that it has no better talented person to head it or be P.M. ( which did not become because of her foreign origin although she fully defacto controls )- Shame on Congress
Under Nehru and co, Hindus have been relegated to degraded status, Muslim getting so many favors even after fighting for and getting Pakistan. These Muslims got Pakistan then what right they have to ask for more rights in India?Muslims can have four wives , Hindus only one, Hindu code bill passed by parliament applies only to Hindus, three talak and not civil laws control, haj , and not Hindu pilgrimage, is financed by Govt.. Hindus practice birth control, muslims not. Mathematically, a time will come  when muslim population will overtake Hindus and that will complete total Islamisation of India where Hindus will have to undergo same rapings and butchery of l947 repeated. Think how many muslim invaders settled in India who have multiplied to present Muslim population of India and Pakistan combined. In l947 Suhrawardy Goondas chanted slogans on street of Calcutta that "hans ke liya hai Pakistan, Lard ke lainge Hinustan"  and that would then become reality. If Hindus run population race with Muslims, India will have population explosion.

After Muslims, Christian (devotees of Christ who preached taking someone wealth was sinful) invaders plundered India reducing it to totally pauper state, no paved roads, no industry, no electricity in villages and many towns, no running water and sever system, most citizens living in villages in mud huts with leaking roofs, police, prosecutors, judges corrupt where witnesses were herded and coached to lie under oath to convict innocent people, laborers worked on Rs. 7 to 8 per month, office people worked on Rs. 20 to 30 per month ( they felt lucky to have jobs) framers under the thumb of money lender and tax (lagan) collector sharks even having to work for them free, and so on. What good governance Dr. Singh who forget Congress slogan of abolishing zamindari instituted by Angrezee Raj.
Pl. permit me to sing songs of good governance of Angrezi Raj in field of education from reality of my biggest home state U.P. All the farmers and laborers were totally illiterate putting their thumb impressions on any document they had to sign and money lender and lagan collector sharks fully exploited them. There was only one engineering college with 30 seats ( 15 for EE and 15 for ME added around l947), there was one medical college (at Lucknow), 4 to 5universities. Villages did not have even primary schools and children, of parents wanting them educated, had to walk 3 to 5 miles one way for even primary education in rain or heat studying under diya light. Mediocres, with money, could go to England and return with Angrezi tail which permitted them to practice in highest court, become professor rank heads at universities bypassing Indian educated talents. College and school principals were stooges of the Raj so much so that they even stopped kavi sammelans and mushiaras when poets sang any patriotic poem.

If you decide not to publish my e mail article and e mail supplement, please forward all my e mails to you to Sunil Chatterjee and Dr. Harishchandra. I want to emphasize that I am not Nehru-Gandhi hater fundamentalist Hindu. I was only 14 when I participated in 1942 quit India movement launched by Gandhi. In 47, I had seen in Lucknow camps plight of refugees fleeing from Pakistan telling their miseries. When I heard of Gandhi assassination, I did not eat and rushed to railway station from Luucknow Unv. Hostel with only Rs. 10 in my pocket but missed the train for Delhi. A truck drive took a dozen of us for Rs.10 each to Kanpur where we got train for Delhi. I became penniless. That train reached late because chain pulling so when I ran on foot to Raj Ghat, pyre had already been lit and I could only see burning flames on pyre. Next day I returned home hungry because of no money and no vendors in Delhi traveling without ticket both ways. Because of situation there aws no checking on trains.. I was at Johns Hopkins U. at Baltimore when I heard of Nehru's death and I again did not eat. When Indians wanted to celebrate Hole, I argued against it telling that Nehru had only recently passed away and we must pay him homage by not celebrating Holi. What I have expressed are the facts which have been suppressed. Sacrifices of veteran freedom fighters are going down the drain in India because criminals have taken over the politics and political governance. This pains me very much even when I am no more Indian citizen but my roots were there where I was born
Dr Jain is trying to publisg his letters in IA and rediff, but IA now bought by HT and HT is Congress mouthpiece, so he is very unhappy person.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Dear Editors Prashant & Pallavi: Previously I had sent some articles for publication. If you do not publish them, you can atleast forward them to two authors referenced in them by e mail. Thanks.
Below is another article requesting publication.  .

                        GANDHI VS.  TODAY'S GANDHIVADI

1.      When some one asked Gandhi why he traveled third class, he replied because there is no IV class.Today's Gandhivadi travel Ist. Class air-conditioned or by plane in luxury class.
2.      Gandhi wore simple dhoti made of yarn spun by him on his charkha which is in Congress flag. Today's Gandhivadi do wear Khadi solely to exhibit their loyalty to Gandhi and catch votes exploiting his name. But their clothes are very fancy not of yarn spun by them.
3.      Gandhi walked with his danda. Today's Gandhivadi travel in fancy cars (preceded and followed by fleet of cars) burning imported petroleum draining Indian currency.
4.      Gandhi practiced nonviolence. Today's Gandhivadi resort to violence and hire goons to threaten voters and do their biddings.
5.    Gandhi did not join government even when he could have taken any top post saying his job ended with freedom. Today's Gandhivadi cling to gaddi by hook or crook.
6.    Gandhi walked surrounded by his devotees. Today's Gandhivadi walk with security people and their hired goons.
7.    Gandhi had very few possessions. Today's Gandgivadi have houses full of all the luxury items and have amassed wealth far beyond their incomes.
8.    Gandhi's three monkeys have vanished replaced by CAT- corruption, abuse of power ( even by their family members), terror.
9.    Gandhi practiced truth (even as lawyer). Today's Gandhivadi consider truth to be virtue of fools.
10.  Gandhi preached swedeshi. Today's Gandgivadi  are soaked in videshi, even their president is born in Italy as if Congress is devoid to brains to be president of  the organization and she cannot even read properly Hindi script when giving speech even when she has lived here for so long.

Dr. M.K.Jain<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
from a IF Member who bcc-ed it to me..
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->IMPOTENT SECULARISM OF A ?? SECULAR NUCLEAR POWER !!! - By Anonymous

In response to
Link to thestatesman

Posted Dec. 25th 2007 Internationally regarded as a Day to Bring Peace on Earth.

"May be it is the state of Gujrat that now can demonstrate that it espouses true "secular" Humanistic values by giving shelter and protection for Taslima Nasreen when the "Larger UPA governed India and Communist controlled West Bengal" have proven impotent to enforce so-called secular values in a "Secular" country where majority of the population believes in Dharma Sahishnuta and Sarva Pantha Nirapekshata (freedom of failth and belief with compassion for all Dharmas and neutrality towards all the paths chosen by the people to attain spitiuality. )   It is a "National Shame" that a powerful country claiming to be a world class nuclear power or aspiring to be one, harboring a "National Dream" to be a secular democracy, cannot protect one single woman with 800 million Hindus and nearly 120 million Muslims and other rational prople. They should all collectively have the means to think rationally and hold out against the onslaught on this helpless messenger of women's rights who is erroneously and unfairly depicted as an enemy of Islam by a few bullies who are highjacking Islam itself. - Anonymous


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