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When India Broke Its Piggy Bank
<b>When India broke its piggy bank</b>

All along those 40 plus vote greedy congress blue years of ruling and fooling gullible Indian masses of Hindu stock and placating Mohammedans for their survival, when left their legacy to BJP in nineties, India was all but bankrupt nation (900 million of FOREX good only for a week's import) at the verge of default. For mismanagement, permit raj, embezzlement and corruption were congress's hallmark. Please note here that even the exchequer becomes orphan without finances. What a hand over

Why do you think Bank of England became our favorite international pawn shop where we pledged our 400 tons of gold by chartered flight? This is another matter though that India possesses approximately 33,000 tons of gold worth 400 billion dollars at today's governed prices at bullion exchanges, against the official reservoir of 400 tons.

Thats when India broke its piggy bank. At that given time all that glittered was gold for India. For it was only and the last choice to save ourselves on default that would have automatically applied brakes on India's future borrowing as a defaulter nation on the lines of Somalia and Sudan.

More, future loans were not forthcoming anyway as there was a coercion by IMF/WB whose stalwarts with veto power were reluctant to ink any deal with India as long as we don't open our economy. The situation thus demanded that India do what it has been told to - And Mr. Man Mohan Singh relented, not that he wanted to, he was forced to. It is noteworthy that even Saudi has a veto at IMF among crucial 11 members who can make or break any nation by choking their economy by not sanctioning loans adequately or releasing them in timely fashion.

India was lucky enough to have not defaulted, otherwise those nuclear ayatollahs of  state department were hovering like vulture to feast upon indian cadaver by rolling back India's nukes under future financial blakmail. Nuclear Walmart pakistan is no concern to them - India is.

US is India's stealth enemy with unwritten charter, let General S. Padmanabhan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd.) testify on my behalf with his book - The Writing on the Wall: India Checkmates America 2017

US has junked all the international treaties and replaced them with their own pre-emption doctrine thus making sure we live as per the laws of jungle where dog eats dog. Lamentably here that Indian elephant errs by considering a chinese lion and pakistani heyna as a enemy while leaving the poacher alone - Mr USA.

It is here that BJP kicked in with nationalistic qualities and vigor with Atal Advani combo of dove and hawk who took the helm of this sinking Indian ship and started to patch it by floating it by virtue of issuance of India's resurgent bonds which were sold instantly than expected. This is where Advaniji (a Sindhi lawyer) played a crucial role by visiting Sindhi businessmen in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, London and persuading Indian Diaspora to help India Inc. at that crucial juncture.

So far in India he is the only national leader of courage and character who had galls to show his displeasure at state department official and almost shout at them with regard to Pakistan's terrorism when there was high alert of war scenario between India and Pakistan. And his acumen to cement Indo-Israeli relation in defense and counter terrorism, bring the MOSSAD knowledge home at RAW doorstep - What a match maker in Indo Israeli marriage!

You have to believe above when you hear Israeli Ambassador talking about him in the following manner:

"Mr. Advani is a very unique man. I like him very much. Ideologically and personally he reminds me of some people from an earlier generation of Israelis."

Qutbuddin Aziz, former minister in Pakistan embassy in London, wrote an excellent article, titled 'Dangerous Nexus between Israel & India.' It was published by a prominent Pakistani newspaper on April 1, 2001.

Aziz writes: "Top secret details of Indian Home Minister LK Advani's visit to Israel in June 2000, show that the deals he has struck with the Israelis would make India and Israel partners in threatening the Muslim world with diabolic conspiracies to fragment and cripple it as a political force in the world. The details of his meetings with Israel's rulers, particularly the heads of the Israeli Home Ministry and its intelligence agencies, Mossad and Sabak, reveal that the arrangements he has made for joint Indo-Israel espionage operations in key areas of the Muslim world would make the Indian embassies in these Muslim countries the eyes and ears of the worldwide cloak-and-dagger Israeli spy network.

I think in today's India (where nationalistic qualities are hard to come by) people like Advaniji should be considered our national asset besides Lata Mangeshkar, and others, leaving Ayodhya issue and subsequent stereotype rants of SABRANG and FOIL who are flourishing in India with ISI funds. It was the cocktail of such anti national forces who persuaded the editor of Rediff, Ajit Balakrishnan, to axe Varsha Bhosle who wanted to expose their ties to ISI, by challenging these NGOs to produce the proof of origin of funds utilized to fight Hindus and hindutwa.

BJP delivered what they had promised - Nukes, even by deceiving a institution like CIA and ruffling their feathers in the process where couple of heads rolled due to this.

No wonder that shree Advaniji tops ISI's hit list while sonia walks tall, and the irony being that our majority hindu folks dont realise this. Mahatir mohammed of malaysia, freind of ISI, did not extradite Ottavio Quattrochi under a big conspricy to save sonia despite Interpole's red alert.

Our nation owes a big salute to BJP Inc who transformed our bankrupt nation into a solvent one with approximately 130 billion USD of FOREX never thought of. And boys what a luxury for congress once again to loot and plunder this hard earned savings of India.

Consider this; As soon as congress stepped in at Delhi they showered a largesse of 24,000 crores on Kashmir - entire GDP of Republic of Vanuatu, without putting a simple condition that those displaced pundits be rehabilitated first, remember no country can thrive wherein the majority is trampled upon.

If Hindus of India don't unite together and vote for parties like BJP to counter Muslim's voting en masse who thereby help congress, then India (which does not have adequate gold and crude deposits) will not have a bright future under the hung parliament of tomorrow. We wont be able to amend our constitution for the likes of UCC reform beside other important national issues.

Hindu fusion (unity) should be the soup of the day.

Think 3D

Keshto Patel

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