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Monitoring Anti-hindu/india Activities Abroad
[url="http://www.dailypioneer.com/291845/Serial-sedition-Will-Govt-act-this-time.html"]Serial sedition: Will Govt act this time?[/url]
Quote:Under pressure from the BJP to act against controversial Booker prize winner Arundhati Roy for her latest reiteration of azadi for Kashmir, as the Congress-led UPA Government continues to weigh legal options, it turns out, social networking sites like the Facebook not only had the instant emergence of ‘Arrest Suzanna Arundhati Roy’ — like petitions no sooner than she made her opinion public a couple of years ago but also dished out the course of action.

The ‘arrest Roy’ petition on Facebook, addressed to the Government of India and the Prime Minister, demands arrest of the 49-year-old author-turned-political activist under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act of 1967 (amended in 2008).

“The offences listed under this law include any assertion or statement ‘which is intended, or supports any claim, to bring about, on any ground whatsoever, the cession of a part of the territory of India or the secession of a part of the territory of India from the Union, or which incites any individual or group of individuals to bring about such cession or secession’,” the petition points out to back its demand.

Roy’s remarks on Kashmir aren’t new. She has been there and done that on earlier occasions too, only to invite customary rebuttals like “Kashmir is and will remain an integral part of India”.

But often dubbed by critics as the ‘one-book-claim-to-fame’ author, Roy does seem to have perfected the art of hogging the limelight courting controversies with her opinions perceived by many as “anti-national” and a direct challenge to the law of the land. Be it her espousal of the cause of Kashmir’s azadi or her support to the Maoists; be it her terming as “unconstitutional” the Supreme Court’s death sentence to Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru or her assertion that the Mumbai terror attacks were not akin to US’ 9/11 and could not be seen in isolation.

Not surprising then that pro-Pakistan websites and organisations have more than lapped up Roy’s remarks. In fact, much before her latest statements on Kashmir they had already gone around to highlight her reported assertions about how “Pakistan will win hands down” in case of a referendum in Kashmir in an interview to David Barsamian, her co-author of Checkbook & Cruise Missile: Conversations with Arundhati Roy.

Her statement to an English daily in 2008, when she visited the troubled State, that “India needs azadi from Kashmir as much as Kashmir needs azadi from India”, too got circulated big time. Roy has been reiterating this assertion ever since.

“For the past 60 days or so, since about the end of June, the people of Kashmir have been free. Free in the most profound sense. They have shrugged off the terror of living their lives in the gun-sights of half-a-million heavily-armed soldiers in the most densely militarised zone in the world…. …Hadn’t anybody noticed that in Kashmir even minor protests about civic issues like water and electricity inevitably turned into demands for azadi?” Her opinion in an article in an English weekly magazine the same year saw responses ranging from demands for booking her on charges of sedition to praises of being bold enough to speak out her mind.

But that didn’t deter her from speaking aloud her mind, even on an issue as sensitive as the Mumbai terror attacks. “November isn’t September, 2008 isn’t 2001, Pakistan isn’t Afghanistan and India isn’t America…. The Mumbai attacks are only the most recent of a spate of terrorist attacks on Indian towns and cities this year. Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Guwahati, Jaipur and Malegaon have all seen serial bomb blasts in which hundreds of ordinary people have been killed and wounded…”

“In much the same way as it did after the 2001 Parliament attack, the 2002 burning of the Sabarmati Express and the 2007 bombing of the Samjhauta Express, the Government of India announced that it has “incontrovertible” evidence that the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba backed by Pakistan’s ISI was behind the Mumbai strikes. According to the police and intelligence agencies the Lashkar operates in India through an organisation called the Indian Mujahideen. Two Indian nationals have been arrested in connection with the Mumbai attacks. So already the neat accusation against Pakistan is getting a little messy,” she wrote in her piece in UK’s Guardian newspaper.

If she justified the ‘war’ waged by the Maoists against the corporates wanting to have control over natural resources like minerals, water and forests, she termed the Operation Green Hunt against them as a ‘war’ by the Government to move tribal people to ensure the hundreds of “secret” MoUs the States of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and West Bengal signed with the corporates translated into real money.

Her run-in with the Chhattisgarh police establishment too was much publicised. When asked why the State Government did not act against her, Chhattisgarh DGP Vishwaranjan said, “I don’t want to comment on a person who has been discredited across the nation. She had visited Chhattisgarh and went around meeting hardcore Maoists and their sympathisers in Dantewada and other places. She keeps on refuting her statements and we don’t want to give her that much importance.”

In 2006, Roy, who was jailed for a day for contempt of court in 2002, yet again took on the judiciary. She said the Supreme Court’s ruling that Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru must be hanged ‘to satisfy the collective will of the nation’ though there is no proof of his involvement is in itself “unconstitutional”.

With the latest controversy surfacing, whether the Government will or can act now remains to be seen.
[url="http://www.dailypioneer.com/291828/Deny-Arundhati-claim-to-fame.html"]Deny Arundhati claim to fame[/url]
[url="http://www.dailypioneer.com/291667/Serenading-the-secessionists.html"]Serenading the secessionists[/url]

Those who spewed venom and espoused secession at a seminar on azadi in Delhi last week are criminals who must pay for their treasonable act
Quote:It can no longer be ignored as self-seeking antics of a publicity hound. Social celebrity and political busybody Arundhati Roy has truly crossed the line this time. Encouraged by the prominent publication of a despicable article that claimed India too needed azadi from Kashmir some months ago, she went overboard at a secessionist gathering in Delhi last Thursday, saying Kashmir ought to get azadi from “bhookhey-nangey (starving and naked)” India. She went on to repeat her earlier disparaging remarks on the country of her birth, calling India a “hollow superpower” from which “I dissociate”.

If so, Ms Roy, the only honourable course left for you is to renounce Indian citizenship and migrate to whichever country will take you. I doubt if too many would enthusiastically lap up someone who is an avowed traitor. If she can do this to India, they would think, it must speak volumes for her moral fabric (if she has any in the first place). And nobody loves traitors and spies; they remain suspect, often despised, even if given shelter in another country for reasons of political expediency.
Quote:I have a serious issue in this regard with my friend and predecessor as Pioneer Editor, Vinod Mehta, who has been Roy’s principal sponsor through the columns of Outlook magazine. I know Vinod loves iconoclasts and, contrary to his amiable persona, has an anarchist streak, but he has done great disservice to the country by allowing her to spew venom against India by repeatedly publishing her voluminous, rambling essays oozing hate. This is not the first time I am saying this; nor is this behind Vinod’s back as I have conveyed my feelings upfront on occasion. Criminals do not deserve a respectable platform; denying traitors the ‘oxygen of publicity’ is the only way to snuff out their diabolical machinations.

Arundhati Roy was not the only hardline India-basher and secessionist at Thursday’s Delhi seminar. A man who is proud to say he wants Kashmir to merge with Pakistan was the main draw at the gathering, presided over by SAR Geelani, acquitted by the Supreme Court in the Parliament House attack case after being initially sentenced to death. Incidentally, the acquittal order specifically noted the Court’s regret at not finding clinching evidence against him. They also collected an assortment of other secessionists, including a few ageing but vitriolic wannabes from Punjab, Nagaland and Manipur.
Quote:I doubt if our namby-pamby Government will have the guts even to lodge FIRs against the criminals who blasphemed India sitting in the heart of the national capital. I am even more distressed that Friday’s newspapers largely ignored Roy’s and Geelani’s outrageous sermonising and reported only that a shoe was thrown at Geelani and that Kashmiri Pandits tried unsuccessfully to disrupt the seminar. A strident critic of vandalism by goonda groups in newspaper/television channel offices, for once I regret the demonstrators failed in their mission on Thursday.
[url="http://www.dailypioneer.com/291666/Privilege-of-being-Arundhati-Roy.html"]Privilege of being Arundhati Roy[/url]
Quote:US professor deported for ‘political activism’ in Valley


Thu Nov 04 2010

Even as the J&K government said today that US academic Prof Richard Shapiro was not on its watchlist, it has emerged that the Centre decided to deport him from the Indira Gandhi International Airport on charges of continued “political activism in the state while on a tourist visa”.

Sources said the government decided to take action against Shapiro, who held a tourist visa, because of his partner Angana Chatterji’s involvement with the International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Kashmir and her association with the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition for Civil Society (JKCCS).

Chatterji was travelling with Shapiro when he was denied entry.

[color="#FF0000"]Sources said the professor “was misusing his tourist visa to visit J&K where he was conducting activities not in line with the purpose for which the visa was issued”[/color].

On Monday, Shapiro was sent back from New Delhi airport when he was on his way to Kashmir with Chatterji, who is also an anthropology professor and co-convener of the human rights tribunal. Last year, the tribunal had come up with an extensive report on mass graves in

Kashmir, saying “2,900 unidentified persons were buried in these graves after being killed by security forces”.

“We have no information about his (Shapiro’s) deportation. He was not on our watchlist,” said Senior Superintendent of Police Javid Riyaz. “We didn’t deport him. He was deported by the Immigration authorities”.

When contacted, the press section of the US embassy in New Delhi declined to comment, saying “we have no information about the issue”.

“This is a serious issue. Whether you call it eviction or deportation, you can’t separate him (Shapiro) from his family. I am his family,” said Chatterji, who is a US citizen of Indian origin. “This puts across an ugly image of India”. <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

Chatterji said Shapiro was stopped after initially being allowed to enter the country. “When we arrived at the airport, they stamped his (Shapiro’s) passport for entry permit. But when I went to them, they detained me. Then they called him again and put a cancel stamp on his

papers,” said Chatterji.

“When I asked them if this was deportation, or if there were any charges against him, they said no. They said that he is not to be allowed in India. They didn’t give any reasons,” said Chatterji.

When asked why Shapiro had been deported, Foreigners Regional Registration Officer, Delhi, Ajay Chaudhry said he had no knowledge about the same. “I have no idea,” he said.

CHatterji is not married to Shapiro, only live-in-relationship or live-in to get Phd.

[url="http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/US-exposes-ISI-subversion-of-Kashmir-cause-FBI-arrests-US-based-lobbyist/articleshow/9289454.cms"]US exposes ISI subversion arrests US-based lobbyist of Kashmir cause; FBI [/url]
Quote:WASHINGTON: Federal authorities on Monday arrested a prominent US-based pro-Pakistan activist associated with the Kashmiri separatist movement, accusing him of funneling money from the Pakistani spy agency ISI to lobby US decision-makers.

In the process, the Obama administration's law enforcement brigade also blew open the Pakistan and its spy agency's two-decade long subversion of the so-called Kashmir cause.

The FBI swooped down on the Virginia residence of Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, a well-known representative of Kashmiri separatists in the US and detained him on charges of ''participating in a long-term conspiracy to act as agents of the Pakistani government in the United States without disclosing their affiliation with the Pakistani government as required by law.''

Or simply put, he served as a frontman for ISI's Kashmir agenda.

Another individual, Zaheer Ahmed, like Fai a US citizen, was also similarly charged, but he is at large and believed to be in Pakistan, according to US authorities.

Fai has been a familiar and prominent figure in Washington DC for nearly two decades, lobbying Kashmiri separatist cause as executive director of the Kashmiri-American Council (KAC) and dallying with senators and congressmen. US authorities now say the KAC was just an ISI front, funded by Pakistan's spy agency.

His linked with SAJA, India-unity..... what a big catch.

His linked with every single anto India activity is San Francisco Bay-area, demonstration in different US university etc.
Just to re-fresh everyone memory.

[url="http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:UIO3zfJFpkoJ:www.outlookindia.com/feedbacks.aspx%3Ftyp%3D100%26val%3D230382+SAJA+%22Ghulam+Nabi+Fai%22+kashmir&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&source=www.google.com"]"Forum calls for peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue[/url]
Quote:"Forum calls for peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue

WASHINGTON, Aug 28 (APP)- Speakers at the one-day dynamic 'Discussion Forum On Kashmir' held in San Francisco recently called for resolution of the Kashmir issue by peaceful means, on the basis of grant of the right to self-determination to Kashmiri people. It was organized by the 'People For Peace In Kashmir' and Social And Cultural Anthropology Program at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

The speakers were Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy well known physicist from Pakistan, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai from Kashmiri American Council and Akhila Raman a researcher on the Kashmir Conflict. The audience included people from various diverse groups- Indians, Pakistanis, Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims, besides Americans.

Zulfiqar Ahmad, Peace and Security Program Officer for South Asia from Nautilus Institute at Berkeley, introduced the speakers and outlined the principles for the discussion forum and the fact that ultimate arbiters of the dispute should be the Kashmiri people and that any solution should respect the syncretic Kashmiri culture.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai highlighted the fact that the long-standing Kashmir dispute had become a nuclear flashpoint which needed an urgent solution, putting an end to the pain and suffering of not only the majority Kashmiri Muslim community but also the minority Kashmiri Pandit community."

... etc.



FOSA , anti India organisation infested by anti-India, Indians.

Why Akhila Raman is not in jail ?

Quote:Interesting name you mention here Dr. Akhila Rahman. Who's this? I'm aware of this code coolie called Akhila Raman who went to labor at other places under Pakis (literally) So has she married her takloo Paki friend and is now called Ms. Rahman now?

This FOSA California cartel of Raman, Chatterji and Gera never miss an opportunity to devor anything hindu like some maggots devoring some rotten meat. Of course the comparison isn't fair since I'm being too kind to FOSA Ms. Raman, Chatterji, Gera et al and grossly unfair to maggots.




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