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Demographic Politics And Population Growth - 2
The number of births to Muslim mothers in Israel stagnated between 2000 and 2010, growing only from 35,740 to 36,252. In contrast, the number of children born to Jewish mothers grew from 91,936 in 2000 to 120,673 in 2010, a growth rate of 31 percent.

The “total fertility rate” of Muslim women in Israel is said to have fallen from 4.57 per woman per lifetime in 2000 to 3.73 in 2010. In contrast, the TFR for Jews grew from 2.67 in 2000 to 2.96 in 2010. This is a very high figure for a fairly well-educated population, the highest in the world for any developed country. In comparison, the much-celebrated TFR among whites in predominantly Mormon Utah was 2.45 in 2002.
Have more kids, Mizo church tells couples

12/03/2013 12:56:02 http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/...918615.cms

AIZAWL: The 45th general conference of the Presbyterian Church Women Wing being held at the Republic Veng locality in Aizawl passed a resolution that an awareness campaign advocating women to conceive more children should be launched.
Popular Front pamphlet urges for demographic explosion of Muslims in Kerala

11/05/2013 05:36:35

Decision to slap UAPA on PFI activists right: Thiruvanchoor

By Athul Lal A G - KOZHIKODE - The New Indian Express


As the Popular Front of India (PFI) carries out a state level campaign against the slapping of UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) on 21 of its activists, after a raid conducted in a training camp in Narath, Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan has categorically stated that the evidences unearthed by the police team are sufficient enough to prove that the action taken by the police is right.

“The State Government has no intention to register false cases against any persons or organisations. The investigating officers have charged sections of the UAPA on the arrested PFI activists after analysing evidences gathered from the raid. The latest developments of the enquiry have further vindicated the police action. Moreover, the government has passed all the evidences to the Ministry of Home Affairs,” Radhakrishnan told Express.

Soon after the raid at Narath and the arrest of PFI workers, the PFI leadership had launched a counter propaganda against the action, alleging high-level conspiracy, and kicked off a state-wide ‘Jana Vicharana Yathra’ against the UAPA. It also brought out a list of incidents of bomb explosions in which CPM and RSS men were implicated but were not booked under the UAPA. “The police have slapped the draconian provisions of the much-maligned UAPA on PFI workers who were engaged in physical-fitness activities in Kannur.

Whenever the police raid CPM or RSS training camps they book them only under normal laws. This is a clear sign of a police bias against Muslim youths. A section of the police is working not only to harass but also to cook evidences against the organisation,” alleged O M A Salam, general secretary, PFI.

According to the police, the preliminary evidences gathered from the probe are more than enough to prove that the accused were involved in anti-national activities.

“Unearthing bombs and lethal weapons from various political outfits is not unusual in Kannur. We have imposed UAPA charges not just because of the bombs and swords.

In this case, there are strong evidences of suspicious foreign fund flow, links with terrorist outfits, human shooting targets, community-wise statistics of people, literature showing the necessity of increasing the population of Muslims etc.

Besides, the police recovered a comprehensive list from PFI worker Khamarudeen’s house which details attacks perpetrated by Bajrangdal from 1992 to 2009. All these evidences have prompted the police to slap UAPA,” a senior police officer said.

There are intelligence reports suggesting that the PFI might attempt to divert the case through a counter propaganda, including allegations of police torture against the arrested men, sources said.

Right now, Africa's population stands at 1.1 billion, but that is expected to increase four-fold, to 4.2 billion, by 2100.

40% of humans will be Negroid

The tidal wave will sweep out the arab muslims from the middle east and eventually negrify Europe

Fearing extinction, displaced Kashmiri Hindus advocate three-child norm

July 3, 2013

Jyeshtha Krushnapaksha 11, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Fearing extinction, the internally-displaced and persecuted Kashmiri Hindu community has decided to advocate a three-child norm so that it is able to sustain its numbers and not evaporate into extinction. Apart from holding the forced exodus of the community responsible for the dwindling growth rate, the community leaders have blamed the community itself for the negative growth rate. They have said that it is not just the one-child norm but also the “delayed marriages and delayed child-bearing” which have played havoc with community and accused the “more self-reliant and self-sustained” families in the community of being “complicit in this crime of self-annihilation”. Other factors responsible for the decline in the growth rate among the Kashmiri Hindus, according to the community leaders, are premature menopause in women, hypo-function of the reproduction system, lack of adequate accommodation and privacy.

Only a few days ago, the concerned community leaders adopted a resolution making a fervent appeal to all parents to take responsibility to educate their children about the dimensions of self-destruction. The resolution, inter-alia, read: “The ruthless and genocidal destabilisation has been of catastrophic implications for the demography of Kashmiri Hindus. In exile maintaining and perpetuating our demography is a prime task for all of us. Our own responsibility in creating a growth rate which can arrest the trend of dwindling numbers in our stock is a prime responsibility for all of us.

RSS joint general secretary Dattatreya Hosabale said on Saturday that Hindu families should adopt a three-child norm to prevent "demographic imbalance" in society.

Addressing the media during the ongoing RSS national executive here, Hosabale said a "demographic shift" has been taking place due to conversion, decline in birth rate and largescale infiltration from Bangladeshis.

Bigger Hindu families would prevent minorities from gaining the upper hand in terms of population in certain parts of the country, he said.

Stating that family planning should not be made applicable to any particular community he said "demographic balance" is necessary for balanced development. The growth rate of children in the age group of 0-6 years was 15 per cent among Hindus and 18 per cent among Muslim , claimed Hosabale, adding that "elite Hindus" should seriously review family planning. "We do not have enough youth to join the Armed Forces due to the present one-child norm,'' he said.

Orthodox Population Grows Faster Than First Figures in Pew #JewishAmerica Study

27% of Jewish Children Are Orthodox Homes — Huge Jump


By Josh Nathan-Kazis

Published November 12, 2013, issue of November 15, 2013.





American Jewry Loses Middle as Orthodox and Unaffiliated Grow

Can Orthodox Buck Movement Toward More Liberal Branches of Jewish Faith?

The Orthodox population is growing even faster than earlier reports from the Pew Research Center’s recent survey of American Jews suggested.

A new analysis of data from Pew finds that 27% of Jews younger than 18 live in Orthodox households. That’s a dramatic jump from Jews aged 18 to 29, only 11% of whom are Orthodox.

“Orthodox birthrates in just the last few years have been soaring,” said Jewish sociologist Steven M. Cohen, who requested the new data from Pew. “The sky is falling for the rest of the population.”

Pew Survey! Click Here! Click for more on the survey.

Previously published Pew data suggested that growth among the Orthodox was tempered by high dropout rates. No data was previously available on the proportion of Jewish children in Orthodox homes. The new figures show that the demographics of today’s Jewish children are radically different from those of even today’s Jewish young adults.

“There is a trend afoot, and in the next big population survey like this, we will see the beginning of a switch, whereby Orthodox Jews will eventually likely be the majority of American Jews,” said Sarah Bunin Benor, a professor of Jewish studies at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. She, like Cohen, was a member of the Pew study’s advisory committee.

The Pew report was based on interviews with 3,500 Jews across the United States. In its analysis of its research, Pew described a gradual decrease in Jewish identity among the non-Orthodox, and a gradual rise in the overall proportion of Jews who identify as Orthodox. The study reported that 10% of Jews were Orthodox, just 2% higher than a roughly approximate study 10 years ago.

The new numbers give those findings a different cast.

As a proportion of the community, the Orthodox population more than doubles when you compare the demographic slice of middle-aged Jews with that of Jewish children based on the new data, according to Cohen. “Every year, the Orthodox population has been adding 5,000 Jews,” Cohen said. “The non-Orthodox population has been losing 10,000 Jews.”

The nationwide findings are in line with a 2012 study by UJA-Federation of New York. The study reported that 60% of Jewish children in the New York City area live in Orthodox homes.

Much of the growth appears to have come from the ultra-Orthodox including the Hasidic sectors. Though Pew did not break out age data for that subgrouping, the survey found that of the 10% of Jews who identified as Orthodox, only 3% said they were Modern Orthodox.

The factors driving down the non-Orthodox population were explored thoroughly in early coverage of Pew and discussed widely in the Forward and elsewhere.

Less noticed were the exceptionally high birthrates reported by Orthodox Jews. Low levels of retention among older Jews who grew up Orthodox distracted from the birth rates and gave the impression that enough children were leaving Orthodoxy to keep the population relatively flat.

The new data challenges those assumptions.

High ultra-Orthodox birth rates are often visible in news media anecdotes For instance, when Israeli ultra-Orthodox rabbinical leader Yosef Sholom Elyashiv died in July 2012, he was said to have more than 1,000 living descendants.

Pew puts data to those anecdotes. The study’s numbers suggest that the Orthodox birthrate in the United States is far higher than that of most other religious groups. Pew found that Orthodox Jews averaged 4.1 children per adult, while America’s. general public averages 2.2 children. The Orthodox number is higher than the average for Protestants (2.2) and Catholics (2.4). Hispanic Catholics (3.1) come close, but still fall short.

These birth rates, which are helping to push the demographics toward an Orthodox majority, remain confounding to outsiders.

“Orthodox life is very, very different than a conventional lifestyle,” said Alexander Rapaport, 35, a father of seven. Rapaport lives in a Hasidic community in Brooklyn’s Boro Park and runs the soup kitchen network Masbia. He described a social structure designed to encourage and support large families — and that structure has apparently succeeded in more than doubling its share of the Jewish population in less than two decades.

Rapaport’s wife had the couple’s first child when Rapaport was 21. Their total of seven (so far) is about average for their community. Their latest, a 3-month-old, wears baby clothes passed down from a cousin born a year earlier.

“My wife didn’t buy any new stuff for my daughter,” Rapaport said. “My sister gave her all her stuff that she had for her daughter.”

Food, Rapaport said, is also inexpensive. “Most people in New York think of food, they think of eating out,” Rapaport said. In his community, it’s “chulent and gefilte fish eaten at home.”

Besides economizing and informal support networks, Orthodox communities rely on government aid programs to subsidize their child-heavy lifestyle.

In Rockland County, N.Y., the Hasidic village of New Square receives Section 8 housing subsidies at a higher rate than anywhere else in the region. In New Jersey, schools in the Orthodox city of Lakewood get more federally backed E-Rate telecom subsidies than schools in any other municipality. Half of the people living in the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic village of Kiryas Joel, in Orange County, N.Y., are on food stamps; a third are on Medicaid.

Some of that government aid goes to cutting school prices. For secular parents, the price of private school can often be a factor in family planning. Religious school tuition could make having large numbers of children unfeasible, but ultra-Orthodox schools are inexpensive. Hasidic men contacted by the Forward reported that Hasidic families pay between $200 and $400 per month year-round for school and summer camp.

Catholic elementary schools in Brooklyn cost $3,500 for the school year. Tuition to the Abraham Joshua Heschel School in Manhattan begins at $34,000.

Large families, however, don’t only create burdens on the parents. Older children are often tasked with raising their younger siblings. The result, according to Lani Santo, executive director of Footsteps, which helps people leaving Orthodoxy, is that a disproportionate number of their members are the eldest in their families.

A survey of 70 Footsteps members found that 30% were the oldest of their siblings. T

“The oldest children are burdened with a lot of the responsibility of taking care of younger children, and that could lead to resentment,” Santo said.

That could be a factor in the Orthodox dropout rates, which remain substantial. According to Pew, among Jews aged 18–29 who grew up Orthodox, 17% say they are no longer Orthodox.

In a political atmosphere leaning toward austerity, it’s feasible that cuts to welfare-type programs could affect ultra-Orthodox Jews’ ability to maintain their large families. But William Daroff, senior vice president for public policy and director of the Washington office of the Jewish Federations of North America, said he doesn’t believe that cuts would affect Orthodox family size.

“My sense is that the Orthodox birth rate is more about Halacha than it is about governmental subsidy,” Daroff said.

Contact Josh Nathan-Kazis at nathankazis@forward.com

ihad bil Atfaal (Jihad by the babies) is unfortunately a little known concept within the Islamic realm. However, it is the most convenient among all kinds of jihad and has seen a lion’s share of the Muslim population of the world become mujahideen, striving hard in the name of Allah. Jihad bil Atfaal has been sanctioned after the coming together of Qiyas and Ijtihad. The former by reinterpreting the living daylights out of every single scripture that exists, and the latter because illustrious scholars like yours truly, have the luxury to give whatever verdicts they want, whenever they want, just because we have a massive bush hanging down our faces and can pronounce Arabic using more internal organs than are necessary.

Jihad bil Atfaal is farz (mandatory) for every Muslim who possesses a reproductive system and is old enough to use said system for the noble cause. This particular form of jihad became mandatory the day Dar-ul-Harb developed that particular weapon of mass destruction which threatens the existence and sustenance of Muslims all over the world: contraception.

The kufaar have used this weapon to spread their anti-Islam conspiracies for many a century. Kahun Papyrus in the year 1850 BCE was the earliest infidel to use the anti-Islam arsenal; and his audacity is commendable considering he threatened the existence of Islam two-and-a-half millennia before it came into being. From that moment onwards, the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks to Medieval Europeans all sowed the seeds of this conspiracy which eventually mushroomed to its destructive self in 1909, with Richter Richter developing the munitions from silkworm gut. Since the day the first contraceptive was used in Dar-ul-Harb, every baby that we have produced through Jihad bil Atfaal has been a key to eternal hedonism aka Jannat-ul-Firdos.


“And since the region has become a perpetual war zone, any endeavour to curtail the production of the mujahideen or any drop in Jihad bil Atfaal would be fatal in Pakistan’s quest of taking over New Delhi, Tashkent, Washington, and Jupiter.”


This deadly contraceptive artillery has been designed by the West to restrict the number of mujahideen. Militaristic history reveals that while disparity in skill, strategy and weaponry can be a factor, most battles throughout the course of history have been won by the army that outnumbers its opponent. And therefore, there is no better struggle for the uplift of Dar-ul-Islam, and for its security, than mating like bunnies.

I can give you a long list of fatwas declaring birth control to be haram, but let’s think about it logically: what possible good can come out of limiting the number of children one has? Do we want to have small families like those kufaar? Are we daring to challenge Allah’s promise of taking care of all of His creations? Or are we supporting the enemies of Islam by limiting the production of mujahideen? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Generation Z scholar and hence, I do realise that we need to keep our ideology in synchrony with modern times. Therefore, I concur that there are certain conditions where the use of contraceptives is acceptable. Like for instance, you can use contraceptives in your alone time, when you don’t have a partner, or when there is no intention of indulgence in any kind of sexual activity.

Let’s look at the mathematical ramifications of this jihad. Pakistan, the hub of most other kinds of Jihad, is also the proud epicenter of Jihad bil Atfaal. A population of 183,428,000 means Pakistan is flying the flag of Dar-ul-Islam on the population front, along with Indonesia with 237,641,326. With a production rate of 4.3 million mujahideen per annum and a Shahadat rate of 1.2 million per annum, the total mujahideen force in Pakistan by the year 2034 should be in excess of 285 million. And since the region has become a perpetual war zone, any endeavour to curtail the production of the mujahideen or any drop in Jihad bil Atfaal would be fatal in Pakistan’s quest of taking over New Delhi, Tashkent, Washington, and Jupiter.


“Another fact worth considering is that, as we all know, one Muslim is equal to at least 10 non-Muslims. Therefore, killing one potential mujahid through contraception would give the enemies of Islam a boost of doing away with 10 soldiers. Yes, that’s the number of mujahideen you kill every time you use a contraceptive.”


And of course Jihad bil Atfaal is the reason why Islam happens to be the fastest growing religion as well.

Pakistan is ranked sixth on the list of most populous countries, two spots behind Indonesia, with two of its biggest enemies India and the US ranked, second and third respectively. To beat these nemeses in this population war, Pakistan would need to counter the contraceptive weapons and firmly grip the concept of Jihad bil Atfaal, especially since the Chinese might not provide too much help on this particular front despite sitting pretty atop the population rankings.

Another fact worth considering is that, as we all know, one Muslim is equal to at least 10 non-Muslims. Therefore, killing one potential mujahid through contraception would give the enemies of Islam a boost of doing away with 10 soldiers. Yes, that’s the number of mujahideen you kill every time you use a contraceptive, which is accompanied by an unfathomable amount of hell fire and a decrease in the honey and milk quota in the afterlife.

Jihad, struggle, is never a cakewalk and Jihad bil Atfaal is no different. It makes no religious or logical sense to try and forestall Allah’s manoeuvres and do something against His wishes. If He wishes you have a child, you have it; if He wishes your financial situation gets messed up, you deal with it; if He wishes your country’s poverty level rises, it’s none of your business; if He wishes the resources per capita decrease below the bare minimum, you figure something out and if having a child wasn’t a part of your plans, you make new plans. For, the Almighty is all-powerful and all-knowing.

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid is a financial journalist and a cultural critic. Email: khulduneshahid@gmail.com, Twitter: @khuldune. - See more at: http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2013/12/...2dsVj.dpuf
[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='08 September 2012 - 12:39 PM' timestamp='1347087687' post='115686']

This thread has gone on for 9 years, despite this, I doubt a single Hindu reader has raised fertility. Thats why I think we are a dying race


[size="3"]3. [/size]

Kerala Church's new prayer: Make babies

29/12/2013 03:17:40

He is a 47-year-old bank officer and she is 43. The Catholic couple in Thrissur, Kerala, have two daughters aged 20 and 16. When the younger one shifted to a hostel for her class XII a year ago, the two, says the husband, felt a sudden emptiness.

She started talking about a third child. Age deterred them, as well as the fact that she had undergone tubectomy. But seven months ago, they took the plunge, she underwent reverse tubectomy and they are now awaiting a third child.

Some may chuckle at their decision to have a child at this age but the one place where they will receive a warm reception is their Church.

The Catholic Church that had taken the lead in ensuring family planning in Kerala in the 1960s and ‘70s — in a departure from its conservative beliefs — is now encouraging members to have four or more children to stem a decline in numbers.

The economically, educationally and politically powerful Catholics form a chunk of the state’s 19 per cent Christian population. In fact, the prosperity of Catholics in Kerala has been partially attributed to their early adoption of family planning.

A combination of factors is responsible for the decline in Kerala’s Catholic population — the number of Christian migrants to European and American countries, the rise in the number of employed women who decided to limit the number of their offspring and late marriages by the educated.

Such has been the fall in numbers that in several parts, three- or four-formation houses for fresh recruits have been merged due to shortage of novices for nunhood.

Eager that the call for more children should not be seen as a measure to retain numbers, the Church underlines that it’s part of its pro-life stance, which extends to objection to abortion.

The Church shifted its focus from anti-abortion to promotion of bigger families in early years of the last decade.

Later, it started offering incentives to couples begetting four or more children.

Now, the family apostolate departments in dioceses have teams to preach the necessity of increasing the community count to every prospective bride and groom.

Fr Jose Kottayil, secretary, Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) Commission for Family, says, “The Church is promoting responsible parenthood. We are asking healthy and financially sound couples to beget more than three. Our drive to break the one- or two-child norm has now got the attention of non-Catholic Christian segments. We want all communities to promote bigger families and a culture of pro-life. We don’t want to give a communal colour to this initiative.”

Dioceses planned a show of bigger families to take on a state government-appointed panel that said the number of children in a family should be fixed at two.

The commission for the rights and welfare of children, headed by ex-Supreme Court judge V R Krishna Iyer, said in 2011 that families with more than two children should be denied government benefits and those campaigning against family planning should be jailed for three months. It also suggested facilities for free-of-cost termination of pregnancy.

As Christian and Muslim organisations warned the government against implementing the recommendations without deliberations, the report was put on the backburner.

“The recommendations galvanised young parents to demonstrate big families. The dioceses came forward to recognise couples with more than four children,” said Kottayil.

A rough estimate by the KCBC Family Commission shows the Church has around 10,000 young couples with four or more children.

Gatherings of such couples are regularly held across Kerala. Last month, one such meeting was held in Thrissur. The archdiocese of Thalassery in North Kerala held a festival of life on December 14 for couples with five or more children, with the youngest one born after January 2011.

Although the KCBC has no strict framework to promote bigger families, the message has been conveyed: Church-run hospitals are offering reverse tubectomy at low rates; they have cut or waived the bill on delivery of a fourth child; the tuition fee for the fourth child has been waived or reduced; the fourth child is given preference in admission in unaided schools run by the Church.

The message: Financial constraint should not come in the way of begetting children.

Dioceses also have other strategies.

To learn about it read complete report @


Each Hindu couple should have five children: VHP's Ashok Singhal

HOPAL: Vishwa Hindu Parishad convenor Ashok Singhal said here on Saturday that unless conversions were stopped immediately, the day would not be far off when Hindus would be reduced to a minority in this country.

Addressing a press conference, he said it has become "imperative" for each Hindu couple to have five children.
1. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/quick-notes-peak-car-era-indus-drought.html

Quote:•[color="#0000FF"]The new India story: Delayed pregnancies, lower fertility[/color]


Secular unHindu types (the kind that give birth to anti-Hindoo generations) have started slowing down/stopping altogether with reproduction. Score 1 for Hindoo heathens.


Quote:The new India story: Delayed pregnancies, lower fertility

Last updated on: February 26, 2014 20:41 IST

Abhishek Mande Bhot

Why are several young couples in India delaying having their first child? We find out

[color="#0000FF"]After five years of marriage, Sunita Rajasekhar* gingerly brought up the topic of having babies. Her husband, who had married her on the condition that they wouldn't have babies, shot down the idea.[/color]

[color="#800080"](More fool Sunita. If she knew he didn't want kids, why did she marry him? Oh no, wait, don't tell me: she thought she could "change" him. Mwahahhahaha. World's Oldest Mistake. Tsss.

Alternatively, she didn't see herself ever wanting kids when she married him - no sense of foresight - and then suddenly she changed her mind and he didn't. Again: more fool Sunita. This also happens with lots of men who think they don't want kids but then they later do, but the women they married still don't want kids.

The moral: think before you marry person X. "Oh, but I loooooove X! It's the only one for me!" Except the world is filled with people you are likely to easily experience similar chemical reactions for given time and opportunity. And anyone not blinded by infatuation would know that.)[/color]

Sunita and her husband have been seeking a counsellor's help of to save their marriage.

(Sunita's wasting her time. Biology is more powerful - don't underestimate the Selfish Gene, she's clearly not the one in charge here - so she may as well stop trying to make her marriage work and Move On sooner rather than later. It's wrong to burden her spouse with kids he clearly doesn't want, and since her biological self is not going to let this go and clearly she's too weak to resist it - she caved into wanting kids now, didn't she? - she may as well act in accordance to its agenda rather than any she imagines she has set for herself.)

[color="#0000FF"]Across urban India, their story is a common one with working couples.[/color]

Often, "since both (husband and wife) are career oriented, neither wants to give up their professions for kids," said Dr Namrata Kacchara, a senior gynaecologist at Paras Hospital in Gurgaon. "A better lifestyle and living conditions further puts them in a situation that they both have to work to make ends meet. There is a constant struggle between them as to who shall be doing what and to what extent."

It is also not unusual for such couples to change their mind later, pointed out Dr Firuza Parikh, Mumbai-based IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) specialist, in an earlier interview with Rediff.com

"Many of these people who are double income and don't want children," Dr Parikh said, "by the time they are 37 and 38 they come back saying that look we thought we won't have children but I think it is time for us to have children."

By then, it is often too late to conceive naturally.

Am I the only one who's cheering that these people - like Sunita's child-hating husband - aren't going to leave copies of themselves?

Australia is a country where the western couples of that age where they could raise a family refuse to. Not because of circumstances or fears for their progeny's future (which are valid) but because most of these couples *hate* children. Which is some really sick mentality: who - except psychos - hates children or animals? It's one thing if you don't want children for reasons like being too poor or living in a ticking christoislamic timebomb (e.g. India) where you see no future for heathen kids, or if have convinced yourself that you'd make a lousy parent, or if think you might produce the kind of kids that turn into christoislamics/ruin the re-heathenisation process (=Julian's fear and reason not to have kids). But to *hate* children? Ugh. Must be Dahl's Witches disguised as human couples...

Don't ya just love the insipid way India's clueless journalists ask debile questions like this (and manage to come up with the wrong answers):

Quote:Why are several young couples in India delaying having their first child?

[color="#0000FF"]The real answer is in publicly-available UN documents targeted at the 3rd world. Look for documents on "gender equality". Which admit that they are actually all about how to reduce the population of the 3rd world by getting more women into the workforce - not just by delaying marriage and the age when they start having children (so they can have fewer by the time their childbearing window ends) - but also so that these women can be made so mentally-confused that they will trade in what females of any (mammalian) species tend to naturally 'want' in exchange for the pie-in-the-sky of "career" to chase after instead.[/color] The beauty of the con is that it will work until things are too late: until the stupid "progressive" women who fell for the "career" ruse - usually the fembot types and all those who listen to fembots - get so old and realise that the "career" distraction that the west wanted these 3rd world women to chase after has prevented them from doing the one thing that *nature* drives all men and women (and other male and female animals) to do: reproduce and raise the next generations.

"Career" is not something other animal species chase after, note. It is not a mammalian thing and was a recent invention/fraud.

It takes a great deal of social engineering - courtesy of lots of US and Euro thinktanks behind these decades-old UN policies and social-engineering projects - to convince human animals that what they "really" want is not what comes natural to the human life cycle (that of raising a litter) but "Career" - a totally artificial construct that Nobody who had half a brain ever wants.

Proof that Indian fembots are brainless: they were the easiest to convince and convert out of human females' natural behaviour patterns. (I think parting these types from their money may prove to be equally easy, so maybe con-artists should add these guys/gals to the top of their list of who would make good potential future victims.)

That this population reduction owing to "career-orientated" next generations is a UN policy success story is also seen in China. I have frequently heard from a great many contacts that younger generations of Chinese refuge to oblige the suddenly altered Chinese law (now Chinese couples are encouraged to have 2 children, apparently) and either don't want kids AT ALL or just one (further, some Chinese women don't want to get married/be in a relationship, let alone have kids). Again, the reason cited is that men and women have become too career oriented for kids even when they opt to get married. And men and women have become alienated owing to psy-ops against Asian males, and this has created the notion in E Asian females that they will lose the freedom they think they have as "career" persons when they get married to a man and fear they will end up being "subjugated" to the alleged Asian "tradition" of "patriarchy".

There was a link posted at the Rajeev2004 blog last year or so on the Japanese case as well: same reasoning for women not marrying and the constantly decreasing number of couples. (Previously, the problem for Japan was that fewer people were having kids/more than 1 kid, now even the marriages/couples have reduced drastically in number).

But note however that heathens are still marrying and having kids both in Japan and China. (And India, Taiwan, etc.) Though heathens are under enormous pressures in Japan (numerically, and owing to a greying population) and China (numerically, and government discrimination means Daoists keep their heads below the radar). In India, this is another reason the west targets the destruction of the majority heathenism: the west knows that if India becomes less heathen it will have fewer kids. Consider how many of the easy converts to christianism had stopped having kids once they were told this was best for them by western instructions delivered via the church. But now the catholic church worldwide is afraid it's losing numbers to secularism in the west and so wants to grow its ethnic convert populations (it would have preferred future western christian generations, but Beggers can't be Choosers) and that is why in Kerala the church has now chosen to go against western policy of restraining the flock's population growth*, even as it targets more heathens for conversion. But the inconvertibles - i.e. heathens - continue to be told by the christogovt in India to stop having kids/have fewer and get the social engineering project of alienation and fembot-ism.

* Eventually, the western backlash will be felt by the christians in India too if the latter's numbers become noticeable.

As for the growth of islam in India, the west knows that islamic numbers only grow in dar-ul-harbs and stabilise (and even go down due to internal cannibalisms) in dar-ul-islams, since dar-ul-islamic society regresses to a pre-stone age state - especially in an islamised 'South Asia' etc - where the pressures are immense: a permanent 3rd world.

The great danger facing heathen reproduction in India - i.e. heathens producing future generations of heathens - is actually not from the christoislamic love jihad or the pseculars (heathens don't seem to want to marry pseculars at all), but rather the increasing number of non-heathens of Hindu parentage who yet call themselves "Hindus" and who circulate themselves within heathen society and thus illegally snag for themselves an arranged marriage with heathen Hindoos: upon which the heathen-ness of the heathen spouse becomes wasted and their heathen line is broken, as any children born of this abhorrent alliance are all non-heathen and the next generation is secular, and then the next generation after that is anti-Hindu or outright christian. It all goes downhill at that point when heathen parents don't do their homework and remain ignorant about prospective brides/grooms and thus get their poor kids married to non-heathens masquerading about as "actual Hindus".

2. And I seem to find an increasing number of reports about "progressive" Indian muslim females marrying western non-muslims (and not bothering to convert these either). I can't seem to locate the examples I had come across but have instead found:


Quote:Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia, who is married to Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Azmi's son, clearly mentioned on Twitter yesterday night that she doesn't believe in what her father-in-law said about women. [...] The actress' statement suggests that she is not defending Abu Azmi's sexist comments. Whereas, his son Farhan Azmi was deeply embarassed and apologised saying, "He made statements that were completely not him, he's upset with himself and only I know how bad he's feeling right now. Deep inside, he's very sad. Whatever he said, it was politically wrong", reports Bombay Times.

[color="#800080"](I.e. Farhan Azmi only thinks they're *politically* wrong: wrong for the political landscape. But once India is islamic, roll in the sharia. No?

But the point of this post followsSmile[/color]


[color="#0000FF"]Says a source close to the family, "Ayesha's sister Natasha who aspired to follow her sister into films has now given up her starry dreams and is getting married to a foreigner. Can you imagine, at a time when Ayesha's sister is tying the knot with a foreigner, Ayesha's father-in-law says it's against Indian culture for Indian women to be seen in male company? The Takia household is swarming with relatives and Natsasha's husband's relative from abroad. The family has been deeply embarrassed and ashamed by Abu Azmi's remarks."

While Ayesha was busy with her sister's wedding celebrations Ayesha's mother confirmed her younger daughter's marriage.

Said Mrs Takia, "My daughter Natasha is getting married on January 11 to Joakim Lindstroem. He's Swedish. And he's a traveler, just like Natasha. The house is currently filled with guests."

The Swede Lindstroem might be another of the increasing number of western persons that is not converting to islam and is yet getting an Indian muslim female to run off with him.[/color]

Score again.

Every little thing counts.

Oh, and I recall another Indian celebrity (actress?) - though of a psecular/anti-Hindu variety - called Bipasa Basu declaring that she (and her christian boyfriend) didn't want children either. Score again.

Hindoos may end up winning by accident: if we wait long enough (not only will we be extinct but) our enemies will have started making existential blunders too.

[color="#0000FF"]"Who will extinct first? The good (Hindu heathens), the bad (christo-islami-communists*) or the ugly (seculars)?"[/color]

(* Christoislamicommunists actually also belong under "ugly".)

Perhaps the real "quandary" that the west will have to wrestle with is: where will the christo west's old (delayed, infertile) couples kidnap - I mean adopt - kids from, when they have convinced India and E Asia to stop having kids? After all, the christowest feeds only on heathen societies and doesn't kidnap pakistani/iranian islamic offspring.

At present, Christo-aliens are mainly kidnapping from Hindoo Vanavaasis who tend to still be having children, despite repeated christo-western projects over the years to sterilise these heathens, but eventually one can foresee a time when Vanavasis too will turn into the urban Indians (de-heathenisation goes hand-in-hand with population reduction and correlates positively with modern urbanisation) and will cease to produce kids as well.

Kerala is a state where various communities, be it majority community or minority communities, live in harmony. Granting incentives with the sole purpose to increase the population of a particular religious community is an intriguing idea, especially when family welfare and population control is part of federal policy. St Vincent De Paul Forane Church in Kalpetta has promised 10000/- to Catholic couples on the birth of their fifth child. This novel initiative by the Catholic Church with intentions to augment the Christian population in Kerala has become a widely discussed issue. USA based Catholic News Agency were the first to expose the news to the public. We at dool news contacted Salu Mecheril, the regional coordinator of the programme and confirmed the news.
Leaked muslim census 2011



2011 = 34.2, 2001 = 30.9

West Bengal

2011 = 27.0, 2001 = 25.2


2011 = 26.6, 2001 = 24.7


2011 = 19.3, 2001 = 18.5


2011 = 16.9, 2001 = 16.5


2011 = 14.5, 2001 = 13.8


2011 = 13.9, 2001 = 11.9


2011 = 12.9, 2001 = 12.2


2011 = 12.9, 2001 = 11.7


2011 = 11.5, 2001 = 10.6


The only good news is Bihar

to salvage assam

we need to knock some sense into the Mongoloid racists

and need to import Bangladeshi Hindus, and Bhaiyas
Akal Takht Jathedar asks Sikhs to have four kids to raise population

Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh on Wednesday asked Sikhs to produce more children. He said every Sikh couple should have at least four children, as the Sikh population is growing at a much slower rate in comparison to other communities...The Jathedar said he was issuing the appeal because he was concerned over the 'decline' in the Sikh population in the past years. He said the Sikh population has reduced substantially since the time of Sikh Gurus. He blamed family planning for it and alleged that the central government had been advocating that fewer children should be produced.
M > 30% = 35 seats

M = 21% to 30% = 38 seats

Thats the maximum extent of muslim vote bank, for the next 100 years

So even by 2100, when demographics stabilise, Muslim seats > 73

Even now, most of these are won by psec
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