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A Simple Demand For Justice
Hi Mudy,

No news as yet. All the news space is being taken up by Ambanis and Reliance. That is the it is - isn't it. Icons from politics or corporate take the front seats. They also escape from the administrative scrutiny most of the time unless it becomes a big issue. Icons from other strata of society - like this slot of Religion, Society, etc. - especially connected with Hindus take the back seat.

Well, probably we need to wait till tomorrow to get our News papers.

VASANT KAMAT. 9.45 PM 6.1.2005
I think it has spilled over to next day. The below story is the only one I have heard. In meantime the judicial custody has been extended till Jan 19th.

Kanchi Seer case: Pinpoint the evidence, SC tells TN police

Kanchi Seer's judicial custody extended till Jan.19

It appears to me that just because Seer is head of the MATT he has to face all the consequences of a conspiracy hatched much at a lower level. Shankarraman an accountant perse could not see the vision of Seer nor his love for hinduism or hindu scriptures. NOT CROSSING THE SEVEN SEAS - as provided in those days was a much traditional view. Shri Shankaracharya, learned as he is, might have seen the value of Hindu scriptures or Indian scriptures - Vedas and Upanishads - to the humanity. Probably for this purpose he wanted to visit China. Buddism has travelled from India to these countries. Why not then Hindu thoughts, spirituality and discipline as spelled out in our scriptures. He has been victim of mundane administrative requirements and legal requirements which in his spiritual innocence he may be not aware of. No spiritual minds will aware bother about these requirements of material world. This always happens in corporate world. We experience that a Technocrat does not know much of administrative aspects of an Organization. Much the same if he is commercial guy - he will not bother of Technical and HR aspects of running an organization. Shri Shankaracharya being a spiritual head as he is, is not expected to know the intricacies of these aspects. His innocence is being exploited in this area.

However, once in this web, he has to go through these processes and proceedures which is very unfortunate.

However, court has to acknowledge this and give bail to the Seer till he is proved guilty without any scope for doubt.

While hardaned criminals can come out like this enjoying the benefit of doubt why not the Seer.

Supreme Courts insistance for pin-pointed evidence is an indicator that Seer's release on bail is not far away.

Let us pray for that to happen at the earliest without further delay.


Hopes went to winds.

It was a disappointing day for all the devotees of the Seer!

Comments of his Hon'ble SC judge to the Government Advocate to pin-point the evidence on the previous day had a inbuilt hope that the Hon'ble judge is not fully convinced about the arguments and there is no indication of clinching evidence that gives the Hon'ble judge a reason to deny the Seer bail. However, the satisfaction is that Hon'ble judge has not negated it also and opted for reserving the decision. Hon'ble judge has choosen to weigh the evidence and arguments for few more days before he pronounces his judgement thus making all the Seer's well wishers to wait in anxiety for another 10 plus days.

However, it also means that Mr. Tulsi has to work hard to bring in more solid evidence before this day arrives. Police are groping in dark. This won't help much this time !

Let us all hope this message is loud and clear to all of those who are playing behind the scene!?

VASANT KAMAT 07.01.05 11.00 PM

Seer was given conditional bail was a heart warming joy, however was very short lived with the arrest of junior Shanakracharya - Shri Vijayendra Saraswati. The pattern is emerging. When the senior Shankaracharya Shri Jayendra Saraswati's case was overblown and the case of police was weakened with contradiction in their own evidence, an author emerged from no where to claim sexual abuse! A lady was blamed to be absconding with whom the Seer was supposed to be having non-ending night discussions and had sexual relationships also!! When both were not sustained before the public nor before the court came another case of criminal conspiracy!!! Manager of the Muth was arrested!!!! When SC asked the counsel repeatedly to pin-point the evidence they knew that the end has come to their effort. Came the arrest of junior Shankaracharya!!!!! The plot is open and clear - An open and shut case of political harrassment - for what purpose no body knows !!??

It is right that BJP (Ex-PM Shri Vajpayee, Shri Advani and others) with some respectable past leaders and Ex-President Shri Venkataraman approached PM. VHP leader Shri Tagodia, with his hard hitting opposition has promised some concrete action.

It is time that the right minded people, who matter and mobilise opinion, make their point with little more firmness that the issue gets immediate attention of Central and State Governments !!??


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