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Corruption And Misuse Of National Money IN IIT Kanpur By Director And Administration
Corruption in IIT Kanpur

Everybody will be thinking that how and why I am against the administration of I.I.T. Kanpur what I have personal benefits. You are thinking, I say no? But this is not true. I wish to clearly state here that I am fully against the corruption as well as Administration till rectification in the entire process and moreover if anybody will be gainer, only & only I will. I am watching the future of our country in the students of I.I.T.K. Although I passed my childhood as well as young hood because I am aged about 60 years.

I have seen so many circumstances/incidents with my naked I in current passed in my life and became helpless with tears in eyes. The Administration in corruption still gradually day by day and the entire I.I.Tians/ Employee are watching and understand the whole process on deaf and dump.

In last Eight years, I have seen which I have not seen before? I found scene the fear able faces of either Prof. or students a unforeseen lines of their faces always, which drastically hamper their working style, who is not knowledgeable but backbone of future of our country. The knowledgeable professor/ students/administrator are forcibly set-aside. A person not know the administration rules, conducts etc. simply by a upper division clerk run the entire I.I.T.K. in the shadow of our Hon'ble Director. I became stund and curious to knowing the original picture behind the original facts. The actual facts which was run in a very planned way was simply 'corruption' and hidden the other unparliamently way by our Hon'ble C.P. Singh 'Assistant Registrar' (Legal Cell) of mercy hand of our Hon'ble Director Sri S.G. Dhandhe.

During the course of investigation I found the misuse of National money/property in Hitlersahi way (andaj) more than 500 crores in past Eight years. Even though they do not hesitate to violate the prescribed process, norms of Administration, for exemplary account one, which is completely under control by Govt. of India. Accounts two and Projects Accounts is not highlighted and in future the bundles of scandals will be opened.

In this context, I have served a legal notice to Chief Secretary, M.H.R.D. which is annexed herewith, in which the entire stories can easily readout.

Importantly, I pin down with tear eyes that the brilliant students belongs to middle class family are maximum harass and mentally and financially way to inspire and put the position for suicide in last three years.

As example, no students come forward and say/speak a word in any way, otherwise and humiliation and hitlersahi is behind the whole career will be spoiled by the Administration.

A media lab is one of the major projects of I.I.T.K., a senior technician (Telephone) appointed as In-charge Media spoke person/contact person inspite of so much so talents in this fields are available there but to my surprise how and why the qualitative person aforesaid appointed named Sri Ravi Shukla Ji. Here most importantly pointed out the reason behind 'National Money' as flow like water. Student can not meet with media during the course of suicide.

To my great surprise the Warden's are residing 3 to 5 Km. from the Hostel. It is necessary to highlighted that after suicide by the student I.I.T.K. firstly investigated and assure that they are completely safe and thereafter they reported to police to do the rest formalities.

Recently a case of suicide was a student, who allegate the whole Administration of I.I.T.K., in this connection a committee form by Administration in their own safeguard.

The whole aforesaid information is not for entertainment, Gossip or a story, requested to please read it and try to understand the feelings of sufferer. I am awaiting your valuable opinions, suggestions in the interest of IITK.

Encl. Below attached scanned copy of notice which is issued to several authorities related to IIT kanpur and Indian Government.

R. P. Mishra

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