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India-Forum Journal Update
<i>New Articles - Nov 2004</i>

Secularism as a Tool of Adharm -by Satya Sarma

The Kanchi Conundrum Ramesh Rao

The Reign Of Ramaraya And The Battle Of Talikota
Hauma Hamiddha
<i>New Articles - 2004</i>

The World of Myth --Prof Ramesh Rao

Multiculturalism, Population Explosion, and Political Correctness --Prof Ramesh Rao

Gandhi&apos;s Uses -----Prof Ramesh Rao
<b>A Simple Demand For Justice</b>

<b>Deeds of the Bahmanid Sultans </b>
<b> Time for Action </b>

by S S Mani
God's Children by Supraja Seshadri.

Supraja, a 15 year old girl, goes to school in Jakarta. Supraja was assigned a school project to write an essay in first person, as someone from a particular moment in our history. The assignment was to narrate about a person's society, culture, economy at any given time in history. She decided to write about a schedule caste person's point of view. Her inspiration was the book "Hinduism Rediscovered" on caste system and Sri Ramanuja's life history. Needless to say her essay was much appreciated by her teachers and she received full credit. Just like her teachers we were bowled over by her inspirational essay and have decided to publish it on India Forum. Kindly post some words of encouragement and we will pass it on to her. Thankyou.
Dual Citizenship? Or Dupli City?
by Narayanan Komerath
The Lashkar-e-Pinocchio Rides Again
by Narayanan Komerath.
<b>India Under Siege : Strategies And Action </b>- <i>Dr. Babu Suseelan</i>
Denials, Diversions amongst Leaders Indelible Deeds

by Veera Vaishnava
Faith, Diplomacy and India

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The motivation behind writing this article is to explore a relatively new area of Religion, Diplomacy and International relationships. This aspect is far too relevant as the inevitable globalization and new diplomatic methods resulting in international law is underway at tremendous pace to be ignored. One cannot but revisit the assumptions and the bases of nation-state entities and policies. This article presents the motivations, rationale and fundamentals and importance of this new study to the security of India and Hindus. It is intended to be a discussion paper on this very issue. The sincere hope is to raise the awareness, level of discussion and debate, and work it into a new framework that addresses Hindu issues in this new global politics paradigm.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>Miraculous birth of the Macaulay gotra </b>
<i>Kalavai Venkat</i>
Alerting Naked Emperors in an Age of Academic Arrogance
<i>Narayanan Komerath</i>
<b>Red Badge of Umbrage</b>
By Narayanan Komerath
x post
<b>Red Flag in "Cool" San Francisco</b>
By Veera Vaishnava
<b>P-6 and Nuclear Truth</b>
By Narayanan Komerath
<b>Exploring Religious Conflicts? RAND as New Religious Media (NRM)</b> --Dr. S. Kalyanaraman
<b>The Great Rising of 1857 - Part I</b> --By Anand K
Better Study Islam : Kalavai Venkat
<b>Open letter to Dr. Sandeep Pandey</b> - <i>A former AID donor</i>.
<b>Sultans in Svarga [Hindu heaven]</b> : Hauma Hamiddha

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