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Bollywood And Propaganda
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Jan 28 2009, 03:39 AM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Jan 28 2009, 03:39 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Headlines

<b>SLUMDOG protesters ransack cinema in India...

Don't call us dogs!

'We will burn Danny Boyle in effigy in 56 slums here'...

Say children were exploited... </b>

Where are Chatterjees, Teesta, Roys crowd?

Intercepted a memo from "United Intellectual-NGO-HR Activists for Peace" on this:


We the Peaceful would like to add the above violence by slum dwellers to our growing list of atrocities committed by Hindus. Half of the violence was done by Hindoo Fundoos; the other half by Fundoo Hindoos.

End Memo

PS. Members: Do not forget to attend the High Tea (JNU Secular Tiffany's) at 3 pm when Professor Chatterjee will talk about "Interactions between the Aryans and Bramhins in the Caucasus: Newer light on the planned annihilation of the Dravidianist Dalit Muslims by a nascent terrorist Upper Caste Sena".
<!--QuoteBegin-dhu+Jan 27 2009, 10:10 PM-->QUOTE(dhu @ Jan 27 2009, 10:10 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Slumdog Millionaire: Another Husain?       </b>
Himanshu Jain

Were Ajmal Kasab to see Slumdog, he would feel vindicated about his Mumbai killing spree. <b>All propaganda elements used to lure Muslim youth towards terrorism are strangely present in the film.</b>A riot by Hindus and exploitation by the rich and famous create hurdles in the way of Slumdog’s young hero.
[right][snapback]93933[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The events surrounding this movie are an exact a microcosm of what's going on India: not content with supporting, condoning and facilitating islamic violence against Hindus, christianists are actively <i>inciting</i> it through the usual christian <i>brainwashing</i>. Like the christian nazis of yesteryear, and the Kenneth Haywood of last year (or the year before), the catholic Danny Boyle of the UKKK has been hard at work trying to organise more islamic terrorism in India. And in this, the motion picture academy and golden globes of AmeriKKKa (and all the positive movie reviews of their kind and their converted plants in India) are only intended to help.

In this <i>one</i> film, Boyle - and one can accurately anticipate that there is a very catholic ecclesiastical backing to all this - is providing <i>both instigation for more islamic terrorism and simultaneously the apologetics</i> that is supposed to come afterwards.
(Generally, the apologetics for christoislami terrorism is handled by the christian media in India and the international 'psecular' christian media overseas.)
But the apologetics takes the same form of lying here as well: christians need to manufacture fictitious Hindu assailants to support their false history of Hindu intolerance and of "Hindu tyranny" of the alien invading terrorist ideologies. The lies are meant to keep the global and local christoislami sheep in the perpetual brainwashed zombie state. But the reality, known to all inconvertibles in the world, is that christianism and islamism are the most terrorist and deadly diseases ever.

Am seeing the similarity:
1. Lying <i>christo</i>media plotting during actual christoislami terrorist attacks against Hindus in Bharatam, where they always work round the clock to turn victims into the aggressors each time ("Hindus deserved being attacked by islamic terrorists, because of kandhamal, babri, blabla, babble);
2. And lying <i>christo</i>films plotting apologetics for terrorist islami infiltrators from TSP and BD through fictional Hindu oppression and intolerance.

Christianism is always the same. It can't help opening its mouth only for lies to spew forth. It all started with the jeebus lie. And from there their lies only grew - all to keep their Big Lie propped up. No lie is too low for the faithful followers of christianism.

<!--QuoteBegin-dhu+Jan 27 2009, 10:10 PM-->QUOTE(dhu @ Jan 27 2009, 10:10 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Slumdog Millionaire: Another Husain?       </b>
Himanshu Jain

Slumdog denied Indian society this credit, and in fact paints Indians as intolerant and anti-poor. An alien attitude, compatible to a Western audience, is projected upon India, to win accolades for a British director[right][snapback]93933[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Not surprising, since christianism always superimposes its own crimes on its intended victims: christian intolerance and hatred of the poor is not only alien to Dharmics, it is in particular a very christian sentiment. Hindus don't have a problem with poverty: traditionally frugality is respected and the willingness to enter into it an aim of life. Poverty was never something to look down on.

Also, no one can forget that christoBritain and the other christocolonials MADE rich India poor in order to make the destitute thief christoBritain and the rest rich, just like christcolonial countries made every non-christian nation poor during the grand age of christocolonialism.

Therefore, the movie is no more than christian gloating on the <i>sole</i> christian accomplishments in Bharatam (and the rest of the world): genocide, mass poverty, mass famine, arming islamic terrorism, conducting christian terrorism, christian brainwashing, christian lying. So what else is new.

<!--QuoteBegin-dhu+Jan 27 2009, 10:10 PM-->QUOTE(dhu @ Jan 27 2009, 10:10 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Slumdog Millionaire: Another Husain?       </b>
Himanshu Jain
The scenes are provocative and unnecessarily suggestive of a larger agenda;
Slumdog has a sinister agenda; it is tailored to the prejudices of a western audience, to reinforce bias about India and particularly the so-called plight of its Muslim citizens.
[right][snapback]93933[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The agenda is very christian (without islamism to do their dirty work for them, they have no hope to <i>break or take </i>India. They want one or the other, they absolutely can't bear India being free and heathen).

Interesting that there are still orthodox Russians - and Greeks, on the web - who argue very convincingly that catholicism (and consequently its subcult protestantism) has always used islam against them. And everyone knows that catholicism's original, traditional great rival is orthodoxy: Greece, at least until islamists got Byzantium (and who now have all of the Anatolian part); and Russia and Serbia even now. While christianism's original, traditional enemy/victim is all paganism.

(Some Greeks and Russians are even convinced that catholicism manufactured islam as a toppling power. But I'm not too sure about that... However, since Caesar's Messiah is entirely about the manufacture of christianism for the same purposes, and since it turns out that mohammed never existed either, their claims don't seem quite so outlandish anymore. I suppose in that sense one can see the western christian crusades against islam as being no more than trying to subdue their purposefully engineered disease - islam - that had gone renegade and was gradually turning on them.)

<b>ADDED 2:</b>
Have thought about this some more now.
Compare also the use islam has served western christianism with respect to orthodoxy (and the world's heathen nations) with how western christianism used that other christian spin-off - communism - with surgical precision against orthodox nations. Catholicism's subcult of protestantism (<i>WASP</i>y US) plays games with communism in S America. Both western christianisms use communism in unconverted Asia.
via email
"Slumdog Millionaire" belongs to the genre of movies like "city of
joy", "fire" and "Mr and Mrs Iyer." It is another reinforcement of the
western "manifest destiny" or "white-man's-burden" view of India - the
constructed image of the "other" that the narcissistic civilization
that is the "west" needs in the process of defining its own self.

Colonized peoples in all cultures and all times in history, (whether
politically colonized or remaining colonized at the psychological
level after the political colonization has ended) must be constructed
in terms that the colonizer can comprehend and control: in the case of
India and Hindus -- as irrational, obscurantist, superstitious,
primitive, divisive, territorial, violent, destructive -- and
therefore, poverty-ridden, downtrodden, immoral, corrupt -- and
therefore -- in the ultimate analysis, unfit for self-determination or

This basic process of imagining the other remains the foundation for
present-day economic-cultural imperialism via "manifest destiny" as it
was during the euro-colonial era via the "white-man's-burden."

Such dialectical image lies at the nexus of a complex game of
representations and imaginary projections. It is a play of mimesis.
'Mimesis' is the fundamental human capacity and subconscious tendency
to imitate and mirror what is different from one's self, or rather,
what is one's self-understanding of oneself.

Mimesis is to imitate and mirror, in other words, one's
"disowned-self" - the opposite of one's ego ideal, individual or
collective. This assumes more intense forms when different cultures
are confronted with one another, often in unequal, exploitative

The colonizing power, which in this case is also a narcissistic power,
feels the compulsion to construct a variety of imaginary
representations of the "other". Projecting their own deepest fears and
the most disowned aspects of their collective subconscious, the
narcissistic west (which itself is devoid of a sense of self, and
which is a guilt-ridden civilization) has to project an "anti-type" of
themselves (as they love to see it) in the mirror of the "other,"
which is the "Orient" - and more specifically - India.

Therefore -- as was in the days before the age of electronic media,
when Katherine Mayo pioneered this whole process by her "Mother
India," followed by a truckload of works to the same ultimate aim and
purpose - the film medium, with a more instant and wider reach and
many times more visual, verbal and vital effect, must be put to full
use - either by the west itself, represented by likes of Dominique
lapierre, Richard Attenborough, or -- now -- Danny Boyle, or by the
"native informants" of the west -- the purchased cultural prostitutes
in the form of Deepa Mehta, Aparna Sen, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and the
like. And the "money" used for the purchasing are typically "critical
acclaims", "awards", "reviews" and "film-festival-entries."

Seen in this light, it can now be understood why the very predictable
and very expected ingredients will be brought out and used too in very
predictable and pre-practised ratios, whenever one needs to cook up
yet another dish that serves the narcissistic palate of the west, for
it to gratify itself with "narcissist supply" and reinforce its
narcissistic sense of grandiosity.


(1) The slum -- the foremost basic ingredient, complete with lepers,
beggars, naked urchins, goons, horribly amputated sub-human humans
begging by singing Surdas or Meera bhajans (read: in the name of
Hinduism) etc. - must be first used in liberal amounts.

Subliminal message and image-reinforcement no.1 -- (a) India = slum,
India = poverty, (b) India = hunger, India = primitive/barbaric
inhumanity (amputated child beggars) and finally (d) India = Hinduism
= obscurantism /superstition / regression = poverty/hunger (begging
with Hindu bhajans), therefore, Hinduism is the culprit and the source
of depravity, and so it is the "advanced west's" burden to "rescue the
heathens" from it and replace it with its own value system and
morality and religion.

The other "ingredients" or "components" can then easily complete the recipe:

(2) Muslims = the victims and Hindus = unprovoked aggressors;

(3) Muslims = secular and suffering and Hindus = the powerful hostile majority;

(4) Authorities (policemen) picking on Muslims = Hindu = Hindutva
misrule and minority oppression;

(5) Riot victims = always Muslims (to be shown as always in panic or
running mode) - thereby successfully reinforcing Hindu India into a
hostile, savage jungle where minority lambs and sheep have to spend
their entire lives constantly running and trying to hide;

(6) Christian nuns = benevolent rescuers, selfless servers and
constantly in the risk of getting raped anytime. "Confirming" that
Hindu-majority India can have no decent human rights performance, and
Christianity (read: western helping hand) has no welcome or
appreciation from the barbarians;

(7) Blue-bodied Rama = Hindu icon = inspiration behind the violent,
fanatical, irrational, insensitive, dehumanised Hindu; inspiration
behind "Hindu communalism" (the Sangh parivar -- Rama connection
established) = a dark ("blue" -- as also in Kali) symbol that can even
turn a pre-teen kid into a raging bloodthirsty hate-filled fanatic;

8. Bombay police = the authority, the ruling power, the law-keeper of
Hindu India = always picking on the Muslims = intolerant and
suspicious of help from outside = helps the Hindu fanatics with the
power of their uniforms, therefore making the prevalent law-and-order
situation, human rights records and civic/public life and insecurity
of minorities under Hindu majority rule "very obvious";

(9) The Christian church = the white, Christian first-world western
"helping-hand" trying to make things better for the Hindu masses,
trying to rescue, humanize and enlighten them, but constantly hounded
by the hostile, savage heathens, who cannot go on with their evil if
the church is allowed to flourish and people are made "aware" and

(10) Amnesty International = another form of the white, Christian,
first-world western hand, extended to the downtrodden dehumanized
Hindu India, but which is not allowed by the authorities, law-keepers
and the public (the powerful and unrestrained Hindu majority) to do
its work for the poverty-ridden heathen Hindus in peace, but is
constantly harassed and forced to try to work under very "challenging
and hostile conditions."

With these ingredients -- the essential 'masalas,' the great Indian
feast of cow-caste-curry (to use the phrase coined by Rajiv Malhotra)
is served before the champagne-caviar-and-red-carpet circuit at Cannes
film festival.

The narcissist has his fill of his essential narcissistic supply. In
fact, he satiates himself with it, gloating over the fact that only
his modern, advanced, first-world, Christian west holds the key to the
emancipation, humanization and the enlightenment of Hindu India via
foreign direct investment, globalization, evangelization, Amnesty
International, Deepa Mehta, and Miss Teresa (Saint of Gutters).

After the cooking is done, carefully suited to the palate of the
targeted customer, the terms and phrases can be pulled out from the
ever-ready stock-in-trade pile of high-sounding "critical-review"
argot -- "intricate and cleverly structured," "breathless," "as drama
and as a look at a country increasingly entering the world spotlight,"
"a modern fairy tale," "a sensory blowout", "one-of-the
most-upbeat-stories-about-living-in-hell-imaginable", "bright, cheery,
hard-to-resist movie", "a
deep-dish-audience-rouser" .... and so on.

The more a film on India is pessimistic, dark, pejorative, and
dehumanizingly objectifying, the more thrilling for the narcissist is
his ego-masturbation. For now, he is done constructing an image of the
"other" vis-a-vis which he can feel very good about himself and can
gather a sense of grandiosity -- by way of the film being more
"breathless" and "a sensory blowout" and "bright, cheery
hard-to-resist" - with the occasional self-reminder that it is still
after all a movie on the "other's" "living in *hell*".

It is really as simple as that. There is no mystery at all, and there
is no reason why you or anyone else should miss it and wonder why
"contemporary film making seems to have appreciated little of these
ground realities" and why "instead we find a rehash of the old and
improbable rags to riches story in an ultra-regressive style."

It is also not at all a question of whether any side got the
*historical records and facts* straight, so that we need to ask: "When
was the last time in Indian History when an unprovoked Hindu
population took to violence?" The things is, this kind of a thing is
not refuted or controverted in the first place -- never is it attempted
-- it is only and simply *evaded*.

But there is the other side to it -- the side that is always up to us
to actualize. Colonized peoples -- the "other" -- in all cultures, are
never just passively informed by Western representations of it, even
when they are made to internalize that representation over a period of
time. They too, remain creative agents, who retain the freedom to
rethink, reshape and redeploy themselves in new ways in response to
and even in subversion of the pecking order.

The Hindu diaspora in the west exemplifies that in many ways, big and
small. As was in the previous century, Indians today do not by any
means have to remain passive and unreflective (save only being
reactionary and touchy), merely restricting themselves into a
two-options-only perimeter of consciously or subconsciously
accepting/internalizing the projections and representations imposed on
them, or reacting to them in ways that play into the hands of the
"other" and reinforce their constructions in their minds even more.

On the contrary, we too have (in fact, more than any other colonized
society and culture anywhere) the potential, the ideas, the creativity
and the resources to engage in a variety of appropriative and
subversive strategies. Mimesis is always a two-way street, and peoples
colonized or targeted for colonization have their own forms of
mimesis, their own ways of returning the favour by imaginatively
representing the colonial other -- through mimicry, parody, and satire
they can seize upon the narcissistic imaginings of the narcissist
themselves, by turning them on their heads and manipulating them as a
source of "counter-hegemonic" discourse. And I will say that we have
failed to do that, to make use of that opportunity so far, right from
the time of the "City of Joy" through "Fire" through "Slumdog

But one fine example of a start in that direction will be - for
instance -- a Madhur Bhandarkar film. Tasting, sounding and feeling the
way only a Madhur Bhandarkar film can taste, sound and feel - with
perhaps, a title (in tune with those like "Fashion" or "Page 3″) like
.... "Secular." Or "Foreign Aid."

And that should be entered for the Cannes film festival. And that
would be a very fine and deadly example of holding a mirror up to a
narcissistic civilization.
^ A repeat of Bodhi's #141?
Are you both on the same mailing list? <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-Husky+Jan 29 2009, 06:20 PM-->QUOTE(Husky @ Jan 29 2009, 06:20 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->^ A repeat of Bodhi's #141?
Are you both on the same mailing list? <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->

<!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo--> May be, my friend.. may be..
The Coming Storm - Indian Realist


One thing I have been noticing for the past several years is that Muslim separatism in India is being shrewdly promoted by the White Christians as a way to Balkanise this country. (So what’s new? They did the same in 1947.) All the Western literature, history books, news reports and movies (including ‘Slumdog’) are being engineered by them to deliberately instigate Muslims of India against the Hindus. This is simply a repetition of what the British did in the decades leading up to Independence and Partition. The establishment of Muslim League in 1906 was called by an Indian Muslim scholar himself as a “command performance” on the directions of the Viceroy. The Whites think they can repeat the trick.

Be careful of Americans and Britishers and their designs on India. They are the real enablers of Muslim separatism. From their international support to Hurriyat Conferenc to the demand of Muslim reservations in the Indian army, the people who are organising this command performance are the Whites. They are driven by the urges of White supremacy and pagan hatred.

The “Muslims are victims of Hindu persecution” messages in the “Slumdog Millionaire” have to be seen in this light. There is a lot of strategy that goes into these things. They are not simply a product of ignorance of the White director. These anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim messages are actually psyops against our race to deepen internal divisions and create hatred between social groups.

That is why I laugh at these innocent babes-in-the-woods who are praising ‘Slumdog’ and telling me to “simply enjoy the movie” or appreciate the “marvellous camera-work” or “Hey, chillax, dude! It’s just a movie, yo!” They have no idea about the serious games being played by very established and sinister international players. The real masters of this command performance of Muslim Ulemas have to be identified. They live outside the borders of India.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>Reflections on “Slumdog Millionaire”</b>
January 27, 2009

Review by Rajeev Srinivasan. Hope he watched a pirated copy.
<b>Slumdog Millionaire distorts Indian reality, conceals India's prosperity</b>
By Aditya Pradhan

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The story of Slumdog Millionaire, on the other hand, encapsulates almost all the dirt and squalor that one could conjure up in the slums of Mumbai. Eyes being gouged out of young children who are introduced into beggary, <b>children dipping into sewage tank (very similar to the scene in Steven Spielberg’s black & white classic Schindler’s List) </b>and garrulous prostitutes in dingy rooms lining both sides of narrow lanes all make up for picture postcards of Mumbai slums. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Interesting take - but then he goes ahead and compares 1/6th of humanity with persians, canadians, scots and gays. In general its a good one.
The "Don't eat us, Eat them" christotactic vis-a-vis islam.

<b>latest limey exploit in "war on terror": begging pakistanis to not attack them</b>
A comment on this news mentioned earlier by Viren on the Mumbai Attack thread:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Time to beg?
<b>Don't attack us please, UK ads to say on Pak TV</b>
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> Raja said...
    <b>One</b> of the reasons why Danny Boyle produced that abominable movie on Hindus and employed mainly moslems in the movie. And the West is too eager to please moslems is evident in this 3rd rated movie getting all the possible awards on earth!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Yes, the cowardly christobrit response to paki terrorism: "Don't attack us please... attack the Hindus of India instead."

Britain pleading with islamism. First sign of impending total defeat.
<img src='http://graphics8.nytimes.com/adx/images/ADS/19/17/ad.191795/sdm_aw_nom_120x60_v2.gif' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

This ad are everywhere in the web

in slumdog, the hero wins by answering a question, 'Who Wrote Darshan Do Ghanshyam', as 'Surdas'. In childhood, he being a muslim boy, was beaten by hindu mobsters to memorize the Surdas bhajan for singing while forced to beg -- this way he knew the correct answer!

But the reality is, this famous song has nothing to do with Surdas! Surdas only wrote in brajabhasha unlike the khadiboli of this song. Even a child knows this.

This bhajan was actually written by poet Gopal Singh Nepal for a hindi film 'Narsi Bhagat' in 1957.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Tuesday, February 17, 2009
<b>Timesofindia.com: Godhra film bags honour in Pak</b>
feb 17th, 2009

nandita das, although pretty, is a bimbo.

it's bimbos like her who convert and marry somebody like the mohammedan TV guy in the US whose sad tale is below -- he *had* to cut her head off, because she tried to divorce him.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

This page was sent to you by: Karyakarta
<b>Godhra film bags honour in Pak</b> timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/4139533.cms?frm=mailtofriend

Actor-director Nandita Das received the best film award for her directorial debut, Firaaq, at the 7th Kara Film Festival in Karachi.

Log on to : http://www.timesofindia.com
Message from Karyakarta
The Lahore brigade is back to the old "people to people contact" game. A state founded on Jihadi genocide awards a commie film based on the "contours of communal holocaust"!!!! What a travesty of truth!!!

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 2/17/2009 10:25:00 AM

<b>1 comments:</b>
Sameer said...

    You call her pretty?
    She does roles of all such nature, anti-hindu.
    She looks to me like a two-dollar Pros*****e (They look better than her). Sorry to use that expression, I feel there are prettier girls who act than her. She is a media hype like all those pro-leftist stupids (like Slumdog Movie).
    2/17/2009 12:39 PM<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Cross-posting, with an opionated comment at the end.
<!--QuoteBegin-dhu+Feb 20 2009, 02:36 AM-->QUOTE(dhu @ Feb 20 2009, 02:36 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>The new proselytisers</b>

Tarun Vijay

Nandita Das created a stir by scripting and directing Firaaq. It's a soul-stirring movie. The director and the scriptwriter, Nandita has tried to be as honest and candid with the celluloid as her deep-rooted commitment to her political ideology. Terrifyingly impressive was the way she used the silence as a tool to etch her message on the spectators' minds disturbing the perceptional status quo.  The actors lived the characters they were explained to represent. And she admits frankly, 'it's a political movie'.

As a filmmaker and a journalist, I would give her full marks for a political statement that has been registered so strongly that this film is going to have better effect than a hundred thousand peoples' gathering.

Surely, more than a movie it's a political statement. She is a person, with strong colours of ideology and she has done what she thought she must do. Firaaq will certainly get rave reviews in the Indian media. Already she has received quite a few international awards, and like Slum dog Millionaire, it has passed the test through firang eyes and hence must be all the more acceptable to the 'progressive secular, peace loving' people here who have a large, global heart and express their feelings in English.

Apart from its technical qualities of cinematography, editing, direction and script it almost convinced me that barbarism begins with Hindus.

There would be a couple of critical articles or comments, if any of the secular press tsar cares to publish them, criticizing the movie on ideological points or for the depiction of the events, which they may find completely wrong and devastatingly hateful. They will forget that this is a political movie that would sell, as the west firang lands needs a Jamal or a Mohsin to be rewarded to help them cover the feelings  emerged  post nine eleven in the  Bush era.  Having heard Nandita on the movie and seeing the clips, I too would have converted to her views if the Godhra incident was not vividly clear in my mind.

I would have turned to take Nandita's autographs with a sense of admiration if I had not heard the cries of Seema, whose father, mother and brother were slaughtered with butcher's knife in Doda, before her eyes, when she was barely seven, in the name of a Jihad, my secular friends interpret differently. I tried to ask a question- who were those Hindus killed and brutalized barbarically during Gujarat riots? Its impossible for me to keep mum or justify what happened post Godhra, which saw innocent Muslims being killed so ghastly that no words are enough to express that hurt. The colour of the tears of a mother, whether Hindu or a Muslim are alike. But dividing dead bodies and deciding levels of mourning on the basis of their faith should be as unacceptable as the killings of the innocent citizens. Killing truth and colouring facts must also be called as a pogrom of civility.Nandita has done exactly that. Pray , why? So If I can admire her qualities of  script writing and her directorial debut, shouldn't I be expected to appreciate, on the same level of objectivity,  the organisational capabilities, commitment to the ideology  and the power to motivate-even well educated- as exhibited in the personae of Osama bin Laden? Or should the motive and the message should also be a factor to print our appreciative hymns? And shouldnt the timing she has chosen to release the movie-just before the elections be also noticed and underlined? In fact the secular messengers of new gospel of hate have turned into the aggressive proselytisers setting their worldview as a prerequisite to enter any socio-political or literary regime. They have successfully monopolized the world of various media establishing English as the only vehicle of intellectual discourse thus keeping the doors to higher echelons of elite and decision makers shut to those who belong to the Indian language groups and represent the real ethos of the land. Though to make profits, these very secular groups would sell Bhajans and show religious serials while attacking the very spirit and the protective shields to such a tradition in the very next programme. They can't imagine winning votes with speeches in English or going to the common voter with a wine glass or a beer bottle in their hands. Yet, in their social circuit, they would raise the flag of pub-culture and look at Indian language speaker with the contempt of a British sergeant. Just have a look at the loan forms of the banks. The last paragraph says-those blind, illiterate or signing in a vernacular language must get their signatures attested by someone who knows English.  Can this kind of an instruction be tolerated in UK or US for their national languages? Even using the word 'vernacular' for the national languages is a colonial and a derogatory one. But who cares? They look at Indians as slum dogs, are alien to the threads that weave a fabric called India and treat the 'natives' like Kipling's Ramu. So when a Diana came or any other western royalty comes, they are made to cuddle a slum dweller child with a running nose or taken to an orphanage for a photo op-showing western compassion for the underprivileged. Indian Prime Minister would be never asked to give alms to the homeless sleeping on the stairs of St. James in London or offer grants to an NGO in NY working for the victims of child abuse or the teenaged mothers. Compassion must remain virtue of the rich and powerful, you know.

It is this English speaking elite that determines what India must be reading or thinking or how Hindus must be behaving. They read about Hindus through Oxford or Cambridge publishers and show the temerity to sermonize those Hindus who have imbibed their Dharma in their genes and lived every bit of it, making Kumbh melas possible and taking dips in Ganga on the chilling mornings of Kartik and Magh. The secular proselytiser visits Kumbh, not as a devotee but as a photographer to take pictures of bathing Hindu women and sadhus using mobile phones, as if being sadhus they ought to live as cave men. The pictures they wire to press agencies are essentially depict the weird, intoxicated, obscene and the unacceptable face of uncivilized Hindus to the west.

They don't know a bit about our faith, or what Magh, Amavasya or Saptami means. They take Sanskrit degrees  in English and tell us, what's the use of such knowledge in today's modern world? To be futuristic means denouncing all that you have preserved since ages.  That's an alienated crowd of people with an accent, detached from Indian realities.

They tell us, you bad guys, you demolished our Babri. Yet, not a single political party can dare to promise in its election manifesto that if they are voted to power, they would re-construct Babri over the make shift temple of Ram in Ayodhya. Their influence on the Indian masses is hardly worth noticing, yet their control on media and political power centres make them important and be counted. Their intellectual terror is so overpowering that today most of the national parties in India work execute their proceedings in English. Poor and often unauthorized translations are dished out in Hindi or any other Indian language. The language, idioms and the attitude of this secular English speaking elite, controlling all the control boxes of media, advertisement and governance remains alien to the indigenous fragrances which they dismiss as folk or ethnic contours, only to be enjoyed in a Suraj Kund melas.

The secular code is-abuse and misrepresent the facts about the opponents, use a pub incident in Mangalore more importantly than the anguish and pains of the soldiers demonstrating at Jantar Mantar, turn every news desk and edit control station into Godhra-throttling the other view point, take salaries from those who provide huge donations to cow sheds in Rajasthan yet write columns on the most enjoyable beef in Mumbai. Lynching the other voice and launching pogrom of truth is the hallmark of the Anglicized secular power centers. Unless you convert to their view point and be ready to say 'build a toilet on Ramjanma Bhumi', delete Kashmiri Hindu woes from official list of concerns, forget Godhra victims treating them as expendable waste, ask questions about the motherhood of a Muthalik and front page it giving respectability to the Hon'ble Minister for Shopping and Cosmetics.These are the essentials one must have to get baptized in the brave new secular order.

One isolated incident of the Hindu right would become a globally circulated representative of the Hindu intolerance and terrorism. In fact these seculars are the most intolerant groups who would like to impose their worldview on others and the unyielding would find them charcoaled o their pages.

None of us accepted the way Mangalore happened. Who cares whether Valentine day is celebrated or not. If someone says to me 'happyValentine day', I will just smile and say-same to you. That's it. Those who find it a nice way to feel joy must be free to do so. But why I must say-'yes, the Valentine day is the biggest symbol of love, amity and happiness', and feel elated seeing obscenities on the streets to prove I am an educated modern person? To each one, his one. I must be ready to accept every happy occasion of any colour or faith or stream to smile and send compliments, but should it become as mandatory as a fatwa? If you have a freedom to celebrate a day, don't I have a freedom to express my opinion about it if I find it completely unacceptable to my values? But the secular fundamentalist wont let you have that freedom with his kind of moral policing.

Wait for the day they have turned into a day of Hindu-baiting, and any small time headline seeker would burn a card, or even intimate the media in advance, 'sir, I am burning a card to protect Indian culture, (like they protected our civilisation by beating girls in Mangalore), pl. mera picture lena'. And the entire media would oblige. It is this farce that has to be countered.

But my questions to those who use incidents like Gujarat riots for awards and rubbing salt on Hindu wounds, was -why forget Godhra and Doda and Anantnag and Kishtwar. And the way Maoists' kill commoners and the security persons in Maharashtra and Chattisgarh and 'use' their women cadre. They will never do that. In the case of Kashmiri Hindus, they wont like to earn displeasure of the Jihadi Muslims. And why should they portray Communists, their ideological friends in bad light?

I think it's self-defeating to react to such situations as a complainant. If you feel injustice has been done, prepare to counter the wrongs through legitimate instruments.

Nandita did what she felt was right and did it quite courageously without bothering what the other side would feel. What did you do to present Doda or Godhra to the world? Who stopped any other Indian to make a movie on the pains and sorrows of Seema or to document the desecration of temples in Kashmir and record the woes of Hindus who had to pass through weird massacres like the one we saw at Wandhama?
[right][snapback]94747[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->I appreciate Tarun's essay. All except the unnecessary praise. It merely encourages curiosity and moreover will lead to the opposition's arguments of "even the Hindutvadi side - like Tarun Vijay - has admitted that the film cannot be faulted on the scores of execution and faithful adherence to ideology" (where they will replace the word 'ideology' with the word 'principles' to make it more flowery).

1. Their side will never extend us the same courtesy. Instead, it lies about us, spits on our murdered dead and then makes movies to spit further on them before declaring our people deserved it. It calls on more jihad and more terrorism and more persecution. It is not merely an apologist for persecution, not merely a facilitator but an <i>inciter</i>.

2. There is no actual point to praising the beauty of a she-demon intent on devouring you without mercy. Likewise, no point in praising a movie that masks a horror of lies in a pretty and consistent presentation.

3. Too much divergence from the main point of critique: around half the article is in some respect praise or positive appraisal of the film. This will confuse those like me with our half-baked English, and we may miss the actual point.

4. Related to point 1: <b>the above movie and slumdog millionaire are merely the same as the christonazi propaganda movies against the Jews, Roma and Russians as 'untermenschen'.</b> The nazi movies were also considered cutting-edge and well-executed movies in their time. And they were: both technically and 'intellectually' (use of propaganda). It does not change that they were instruments of destruction. I do not see the Jews and other victims complimenting those movies.
That any Hindus should now compliment Nandita's movie shows either 1. programmed dhimmitude; 2. the need to be seen as psecular or progressive or even 3. the need to exhibit an appreciation of 'art' that supposedly transcends the <i>most basic</i> expectation of common decency (expectation of truth and truthfulness). Always best to keep expectations of honesty as essential fundamentals to which all other kinds of appreciations must be subordinated.
<b><i>Truth</i> is beauty.</b> <- And the converse of that statement. (Be this in representing fact or in creating fiction or anything in between.)

Hindus should not compliment the mechanisms intended for our future destruction. Let it not be said we - or any of us, however few - were in love with our wannabe murderers.

From Tarun's review, it sounds very much like Nandita has plagiarised the style - I refer to the use of silence as described - from a Japanese film I'd seen. Communistas are so unoriginal.
More christism trash! - like all the children who truly need the help are going to be watching the oscar !!!

The slumdog slur is not as important as this new golden "opportunity" for westerners to declare their utmost and intimate familiarity with India. Every obtuse gora fool will now become an "expert" on India and no contrary argument will be entertained - after all, the movie is about love, hope, makes you "feel good", declares the "good news", and, most importantly, is "realistic" - so what's the problem. In contrast, any Indian watching <i>Chandni Chowk</i> does not put on a pretense of <i>knowing </i>China. This is the difference between Theological Orientalism and heathen discourse.

<b>They've started calling Indians 'slumdogs': Aadesh Srivastava</b>

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Bollywood composer Aadesh Srivastava says he is embarrassed to walk on the streets of the US after Oscar-nominated 'Slumdog Millionaire' because 'they have started calling Indians slumdogs'.

'I'm so upset. They've started calling Indians 'slumdogs', just like 'coolie' was a 'slang' in Britain. Now in the US I feel slumdog is a 'gaali' (slang) for Indians. Mumbai has given me everything,' Srivastava told.

'To see the city being shown as a place of dirt, filth and crime only is very humiliating. Even I can make a film on child prostitution and paedophilia. But it won't get Oscars because I am not a 'gora' (white),' added the composer.

Based on Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup's novel 'Q & A', 'Slumdog Millionaire' is about an impoverished teaboy who wins a quiz show. Directed by British director Danny Boyle, the story is set in the slums of Mumbai. While Anil Kapoor, Freida Pinto and NRI Dev Patel played main leads, A.R. Rahman composed the music for the movie. It has got 10 Oscar nominations, out of which three are for Rahman.

The film was lauded in the West, but it has been criticised by some in India for showing its ugly side by concentrating on grinding poverty.

'What right does the director have to show Mumbai as a slum? Now we are considered a slum city in all parts of the world. Humlog kahin mooh dikhane laayak nahin rahe (we're unable to show our face anywhere),' said Srivastava, who watched the movie in Los Angeles this week.

Srivastava applauds fellow composer Rahman's music in the movie, but says he'd never be part of a film that makes India look like a slum.

'I'm so upset. It's a disgusting movie. Being an Indian it was doubly humiliating to be watching the film with Americans. Even if Steven Spielberg asked me to compose music for a film that makes fun of India, I won't do it,' he said.

<b>Being a diehard Amitabh Bachchan fan, Srivastava is appalled by the way the Big B is shown in the film.

'I puked when I saw that kid smeared in sh1t asking for Bachchan saab's autograph
. What the f...k was that? Does Danny Boyle know what Bachchan saab means to us Indians? Who would dare approach him like that?</b>

'We applaud people who come to our city and spit in our faces!' he said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>"I come from a country and civilisation that gave the world the word that precedes silence and is followed by more silence. That word is 'Om'. So I dedicate this award to my country,"</b> said Kerala-born sound technician.

When informed about the celebration in Kerala, he said, "I am really happy. This could be one of Kerala's biggest moments.<b> It is the perfect Shivratri gift for Keralites."</b>

Resul is Hindutava and RSS plant. LDF and Commies must march towards Sea for mass sucide.
Came across this link off a comment in vijayvaani I think.

Check out how the christomedia is anxious that people should understand the SlumMovie's blatant message as its 'concealed' subtext instead.
No, the message is that islam is a victim of Hindu Dharma in Bharatam and that Hindus are villains. The reality is that this work of pure fiction is christian propaganda against Hindus - a la the christonazi dawaganda against the Jews.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Barbara Crossette: Slumdog Millionaire captivated global audiences, but in India, it strikes a different nerve--as a tale of personal recompense and revenge by a young Muslim victim of Hindu persecution.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Slumdog Subtext</b>
By Barbara Crossette

February 23, 2009

The extraordinary success and resonance that Slumdog Millionaire has garnered from audiences around the world has not been universally matched in India, where there has been revulsion and occasional protest at the portrayal of the brutality and squalor of Mumbai slum life. Indians can be very prickly about the country's image abroad, <b>even if the picture is painfully accurate.</b>
(Really? Where does one see Hindus go about randomly murdering muslims in daily life? On the contrary, islamaniacs daily and at will go about rioting, murdering, abducting and raping the Dharmics of India. There was another instance just today where a court convicted several christos and a number of islamics for gangraping a Hindu girl. This is the reality of Bharatam: pagans terrorised by christoislamania.
The christopropaganda SlumMovie does not paint an accurate picture at all. It's like if Barbara Crossette were to argue that a movie depicting christians, including christonazi germany, as the victims of Jews throughout history was painting an 'accurate picture'. What a typical christoterrorist this barbara is. By the way "Saint Barbara" never existed either - the catholic church removed it from veneration too. No wonder that, like Santa Barbara, Barbara Crossette is a lie/liar too.)

But there is another undercurrent in this film, almost a subliminal message, that is less talked about but of equal concern to Hindus. The improbable story of an orphan tea boy rising to instant wealth and celebrity through a popular television quiz show is in its way also <b>a tale of personal recompense--if not revenge--for a victim from India's largest religious minority, the Muslims.</b>
(The victim is entirely fictional. Only christoterrorists have an aptitude for turning reality on its head and turning fiction into reality.)

As Jamil Malik, the fictional contestant, tells his story to police interrogators (and sees the past flash into his own mind at each stage of the contest) it becomes apparent that almost every step of the way, in answer to question after question, his knowledge has been informed by Hindu persecution and violence.

What was that boy dressed as a blue-skinned god carrying in his right hand? The image is seared in Jamil's mind: it came with the Hindu mob that murdered his mother and other Muslims. Who was the author of the words to a commonly known Hindu hymn or quasi-religious song? Jamil knew the answer because it was a tune orphan children were forced to learn before being sent into the streets to beg. He sees in his mind a boy who can sing it well being blinded by having his eyes scooped out with a heated spoon. Blind children are even more pathetic and lucrative as beggars.

The scene at the dhobi ghat, the communal laundry where Jamil is beaten by police as he takes on the role of an impromptu tour guide to two clumsily portrayed Americans, is a little harder to parse in religious terms. But yet another dose of the violence that attends his young life is clear, and the $100 bill he receives from the shocked tourists leads indirectly much later to another giant step up the quiz show ladder with the question, Whose face is on the $100 US bill? Jamil's blinded childhood friend, still begging at the time of the assault that earned Jamil the money, remembered that the man with no hair on top of his head but a lot on the sides was Benjamin Franklin.

The irony is rich, if tragic. Jamil is not expected to know these things. That he does, however, owes everything not to the benefits he has received from life but from his marginalization, deprivation and vulnerability. This life is not just the lot of Muslims, of course. Millions of Hindus also suffer at the bottom of the economic and social ladder.

Still, any Muslim watching this film could not miss one of its most arresting lines. Near the end of the film, when Jamil's brother Salim, who has fallen in with gangsters, sinks into a bathtub of his crime boss's money after seeing Jamil win the top prize on television (and just before Salim shoots the boss) he murmurs <b>the universal Islamic words of praise and thanks: "God Is Great."</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Read the above carefully. It is a christian terrorist explaining to the audience the actual message of the movie that they should memorise and take for reality (in case they didn't get it). That is, she is telling the audience what they should take/learn from it.
And this one is linked off HK where the comment referred to it as "Notable director from Kerala Shri.Priyadarshan had given his views on this lousy movie and it's certainly a nice one."

A Malayalee director on the SlumMovie. Note particularly the latest two christo comments.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>It’s mediocre at best</b>

India Today expert view on
Column: It’s mediocre at best

Let’s get this straight. I have no problem with Slumdog Millionaire shooting the slums of Mumbai. I have an issue with its version of realism. Jamal is electrocuted all night and in the morning he’s as fresh as a daisy? Amitabh Bachchan’s chopper has no other place to land than in the shitpots of Juhu? And you call that a riot? It’s as if it was photographed by a child. The entire movie has been badly shot.

The compositions are bad, the tones are poor. I think movies such as Shankar’s Nayak, Mani Ratnam’s Bombay and Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya have shot slums much better. What saved the film is A.R. Rahman’s score which is rooted in India and Resul Pookutty’s sound effects which have got everything right, from the soundscape of Mumbai trains to the voices in the crowd. And what is it about our culture?

When a foreigner calls us slumdogs, we listen? And when an Indian calls a barber by his name, we protest? It’s nothing but a mediocre Bollywood film, which has used references from several Hindi films very smartly.

And it’s because every country sends its best films to the Oscar except us. What do we send? Eklavya. All the Academy wants is drama that hits the heart directly. which we don’t give them. If Slumdog Millionaire is winning accolades internationally it is only because they know no better. India is not Somalia.

We are one of the foremost nuclear powers in the world, our satellites are roaming the universe. Our police commissioner’s offices don’t look like shacks and there are no blind children begging in the streets of Mumbai. This is absolute and intentional exploitation of India.

—The writer is a well-known Indian filmmaker<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
The christo comments.

Check out the auto-regurgitation of the descriptions of the Godhra riots which christo TV channels got from supposedly 'actual perpetrators' who were of course never taken away by the police for their public - even if scripted - confessions to horrific crimes:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Posted by: <b>Robert</b> (brownbear1985@yahoo.com)
USA | February 24, 2009 | 01:39 IST
Wow, a Bollywood director complaining about a lack of realism? And then stating there are no blind children begging on Mumbai's streets? How do you get around Mumbai, Priyadarshan? Via magic carpet? Bollywood people are always complaining that the Oscars don't pay any attention to India--then when attention IS paid, Bollywood people claim they don't care! Sounds like sour grapes or jealousy to me. And please, to act as if Bollywood technology is for the most part anything but laughable--that is most certainly not "realism." And for the commenter who wrote about the "disasterous ideologies" opf the west,what about the Gujarat riots, cutting foetuses out of Muslim women before they were burned alive? If Hinduism is so "self-sufficient" what is the Shiv Sena doing conducting pograms against migrant workers from the south? A little more realism here if you please.
(Uh, the christo-congress minion Raj Thackeray was conducting pogr<b>o</b>ms against N Indians.)

Posted by: <b>Aries (arian</b>@rocketmail.com)
Mumbai | February 22, 2009 | 02:47 IST
Looks like Priyadarshan comes from a different India from that I know. There is nothing in the movie that is exagerated. Reality is much worse.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->(These guys should stop stealing the names of Greco-Roman Gods (Aries) and stick solely to names like 'arian' from the 4th century christocult of arianism instituted by arian.)

But yeah, the "reality is much worse": the mental slum created by christianism is inconceivable. All that lying creates a bog that drowns any independent thought.

At least Kazhakstanis protested Borat - even though that was a comedy and only really made fun of the ignorance and narrow-mindedness of AmeriKKKans, not really aimed at Kazhakstanis (no one outside of Kazhakstan would have for a moment thought the film was realistic about its inhabitants, whereas the AmeriKKKans in the movie were caught on candid camera). Meanwhile Indians fall all over themselves about this british movie which has something or other to do with some fictional India.

Priyadarshan: "India is not Somalia."
Apparently not. Somalians I am sure have some self-respect.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>christist Evangelist director Using Islam to Batter Hinduism</b>
feb 25th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <info
(As per VivekaJyoti, the following is
From: Gautam Sen
Date: Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 3:09 PM)

<b>Christian Evangelist Producer Using Islam to Batter Hinduism</b>

Danny Boyle, maker of the film Slumdog Millionaire, is evidently a <b>committed Christian</b>, the kind who is usually keen to advance the interests of his faith. T<b>he agenda of his Catholic Church is to convert Hindu India into a Christian enclave like the Republic of Korea</b> , which is apparently what Slumdog Millionaire wishes to further by portraying the grimly violent nature of Hindus.

And of course the West and their lowly scum politicians (from Lord Morley and Lord Wavell to whippersnapper Miliband) have long used Islam as the battering ram with which to undermine Hindus.

<b>This explains Boyle's espousal of the Teesta Setalvad version of the fate of Muslims in India in the film, also the excuse of Pakistanis terrorists for killing Hindus.</b> I am glad Vikas Swarup made more than the standard thirty pieces of silver for selling India down the river since I remember him pretending to be a militant patriot when he was a diplomat in London . But, hey, the money, was too good to turn down and he got to become friends with the pucca, gora sahib and Hindu-baiter, extraordinaire William Dalrymple!

<b>And of course the fierce evangelical NDTV and the execrable Barkha were all over Boyle earlier this evening.</b>



<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><b>See in particular the first link</b>

Didn't need Rraajjeevv's earlier post to confirm the suspicion that Danny Boyle was a christoterrorist pursuing christoterrorism in this film. That bit became obvious. But Hindus in general refuse to understand the extent of christianism and its methods. They don't seem to be aware of the sort of mental manipulations it is capable of. And in this they make the biggest mistake: they seek to conceal such information from others (through some wrong sense of respecting others' ideologies - even where these are terrorist ideologies).
When this is the <i>only</i> information that Hindus need, and need to get in large doses for them to see the pattern of mental manipulation and not fall for it.

Psecular conditioning is such a threat to Hindus, because it advocates silence when silence is something we can <i>not</i> be engaged in.

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