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Destruction Of Hindu Culture From India
<b>UPA to make communal violence a federal offence</b>

May 21, 2004 22:39 IST

The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance proposes to enact a separate comprehensive law on communal violence under which investigations will be carried out only by central agencies and prosecution by special courts.

On Ayodhya, the UPA will await the verdict of the courts while encouraging negotiations between the parties to the dispute for an amicable settlement, a draft of the common minimum programme circulated among allies and supporting parties today said.

The draft said the government would enact a comprehensive law on communal violence providing for investigations by central agencies, prosecutions by special courts, and payment of uniform compensation.

The draft said the UPA is committed to the implementation of the Protection of Places of Worship Act, 1992.
<b>It said the UPA would amend the Constitution to establish a commission for minority educational institutions that will provide direct affiliation for minority professional institutions to central universities</b>.

<b>The document said the UPA would promote modern and technical education among all minority communities and the social and economic empowerment of the minorities through more systematic attention to education and employment will be its primary concern</b>.

It proposes to set up a national commission to examine the issue of backwardness and adequate representation of <b>all religious and linguistic minorities and to make recommendations on the issue</b>.

On administrative reforms, the draft said the UPA would prepare a detailed blueprint for revamping the public administration system and promotion of e-governance on a massive scale.

The Right to Information Act will be made more progressive, participatory, and meaningful, it said.

<b>It also said the UPA would take a leading role to drastically cut delays in high courts and the lower judiciary and expand their legal aid services.</b>

<b>Cry, my beloved India</b>
Francois Gautier
I have met many Congress leaders over the last 35 years; many of them are nice, intelligent and balanced. I could not understand, therefore, how so many of them - saying "we are no good, you are the only one; please lead us to salvation" - could debase themselves live on television, one after the other, in front of Ms Sonia Gandhi, while she listened with a slightly bored expression on her face. If she had wanted, she could have stopped it right there, saying her decision was final. But she sat and listened till the last Congressman and woman had finished wallowing in dirt before her.

I am a born Christian and a Westerner, but after scanning the Indian media during these last 10 days and seeing how much Capital's newspapers rooted for Ms Sonia Gandhi and her children, I am a tad bewildered. A senior columnist like Dilip Padgaonkar said that her becoming the Prime Minister of India would have been in tune "with the highest Vedantic ideals". I wondered why is it that in a country so ancient, men and women of substance are looking for leadership from a lady, who, regardless of her qualities, not only belongs to another culture and religion, but is also basically unaware of the realities of India?

To put it bluntly: Why do Indians have such fascination for White skin? Every man here is looking for "a fair bride"; women spend a fortune on creams to preserve their "fairness"; Indian intellectuals, however brilliant, often ape their White counterpart even as the best brains of this country migrate to the developed world leaving the land of their birth.

<b>Ultimately, Indians have to ask themselves if they want a Government which reflects the ancient Vedic values of this land or a Government which is going to make India a pale copy of the West? </b>I have written over the years that the Indian voter always casts his or her vote in a mature manner, but this election has proved me wrong. Look at Tamil Nadu. At one time they wipe out the DMK; next <b>they drub Jayalalithaa after she enacted the anti-conversion law, and stopped free electricity to farmers. And now she has backtracked on all these decrees. Is this what democracy is about?</b>

The BJP too has some hard introspection to do. How is it that in five years of Government it managed to get so little positive feedback from the press? Let me tell you my experience. There is a very nice man - I won't reveal his name - whom I knew in the late 1980s as a journalist and who was later in the PMO at a very important post under Mr Vajpayee. While our ideas concurred before he came into the Government, I watched how power made him shift his focus; from the essential, his attention, and that of the PMO, shifted to the most superficial matters. In the office, they brainstormed about how best to project a positive image of Mr Vajpayee and the BJP. I must say they failed miserably. I hope now he has returned to his senses. It is always best to stick to one's ideals rather than worry about what people will say about you.

Ultimately, Mr Vajpayee will have to shoulder the blame. I remember interviewing him for the first time in 1998. But the man, however nice he was, had very little of substance to say. The entire election was fought on his image and the BJP lost because of that. And who cares about the Indo-Pak peace talks or even India beating Pakistan in cricket? It made no difference to the election outcome.

I, however, feel bad for the two pillars of the BJP, two soldiers who have weathered so many battles - Dr Murli Manohar Joshi and Mr LK Advani. The former was the only minister who was true to his ideals and implemented his ideas, however much he was criticised. The latter is a good, decent, incorruptible man, who would not hurt a fly, whatever his detractors may say, and would make a good prime minister. Unfortunately, Mr Advani and Mr Joshi did not get along well - for whatever reasons - and this is the saddest thing in the history of the BJP. It would be essential now that they forget their differences and face the problems together for the good of the country.

<b>The two will, of course, face the hostility of most of India's intelligentsia, who would rather root for Ms Gandhi than for their own people. Christian missionaries and European colonisers could never do much against India on their own; it was always <span style='color:red'>Hindus who betrayed Hindus</span></b>.

Cry, my beloved India. Look at what thy children are doing to thee!
We can be pretty sure this was a one-sided affair initiated by the communists.....

<b>BJP man burnt alive to avenge CPM leader’s murder</b>

Statesman News Service
GOPIBALLAVPUR (Midnapore West), May 23. — Adikanta Dolui (45), Satra gram panchayat secretary and BJP loyalist, was burnt alive by a mob allegedly backed by the CPI-M at Birsachowk Bazar in Gopiballavpur yesterday. Around 40 shops and houses were robbed and set ablaze following the murder. The rampage was reportedly the fallout of the murder of senior CPI-M leader and the party’s Gopiballavpur local committee secretary, Ardhendu Satpati, near Birsa
Bridge around 1.30 p.m. yesterday.
An hour after Satpati’s killing, about 1,000 men, armed with bows, arrows, tangi and knives, raided homes and shops belonging to BJP supporters at Birsachowk Bazar in search of Satpati’s killers. A scared Doloi had taken refuge in the house of one Mr Sudhir Das. The men dragged Doloi out of Mr Das’ house, chopped off his limbs and set him on fire after sprinkling petrol on him from the tank of his two-wheeler parked nearby, eyewitnesses said. The murder took place in the marketplace on Gopiballavpur-Hatibari Road.
The mob then set fire to about 40 shops and houses after robbing them. Several two-wheelers and bicycles parked in the market were destroyed in the blaze. The police posted in the market reportedly watched in silence. “All the crimes, including Doloi’s murder, were virtually committed under police escort,” alleged Mr Nityananda Doloi, brother of the deceased. No one has been arrested though 12 BJP supporters were apprehended today from their native village, Tikaetpur, only a kilometre away, for Satpati’s murder, Mr Prasanta Mahapatra, BJP district committee vice-president, alleged.
On getting the news of his brother’s death, Mr Doloi and others rushed to Birsachowk Bazar from Tikaetpur. But the police chased them away with sticks and tried to intimidate the women, including Doloi’s widow, by assaulting them. When they resisted, the police opened fire in the air, Mr Doloi and Mr Mahapatra, who lives in Tikaetpur, said. “Even my brother’s widow was not allowed to see or touch her husband’s body,” Mr Doloi said.
All houses were found locked at Tikaetpur. Apprehending police torture, residents had fled their homes. The BJP vice-president claimed that five of their party workers went missing since yesterday’s violence. However, Mr Sadhan Mandal, DIG, Midnapore Range, who accompanied the Midnapore SP, Mr Praveen Kumar, to the spot last evening, denied allegations that the Birsachowk violence occurred in police presence. He said no arrest could be made as no complaints were received from Doloi’s widow or any relative.
However, Mr Doloi said they were not allowed by the police to go out of the village to lodge complaint with the Gopiballavpur police station which is 18 km away.
At Pachiara in Kesiary, five houses, belonging to Trinamul supporters, were set ablaze allegedly by CPI-M cadres when they took out a victory procession in the area yesterday.
Three CPI-M men were arrested.
Day after the election, the hinduunity site was blocked both in Hyderabad and in Mumbai.
Changes Again in School Texts with New Government in Delhi <!--emo&:flush--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/Flush.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='Flush.gif' /><!--endemo-->

DELIH, INDIA, May 21, 2004: Among the many changes expected in India as
a result of the change in government, one is a reversal of school history textbook changes made under the BJP government. Such changes included removing the "Aryan Invasion" theory and fixing other areas which were inaccurate in the light of recent historical research.

This report on Rediff.com states:
The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government on Friday promised to spend six per cent of the GDP on education and pledged to take immediate steps to reverse the trend of communalisation of education that had set in the past five years during the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance government. In the backdrop of controversy over 'saffronisation' of education and
slashing of fees in IIMs, the CMP said, "The UPA will take immediate steps to
reverse the trend of communalisation of education that had set in the past five years" -- which likely means a return to the Marxist theories of history which dominate that academic field in Indian universities.
Not sure where this belongs...

Sainthood for Sonia

Head Pope,
Saint Manufacturing Unit,

Dear Pope John Paul II,

Sir, with due respect towards all the pains you are taking for producing saints
in this old age, for this wretched world, I would like to register a strong
protest for overlooking the most saintly woman on this earth. Her majesty, Madam
Antonia Sonia Maino now more popularly known as Sonia Gandhi (SG). Yes, she is
the same woman who descended from Rome to save and convert the most uncultured
and ancient civilization on earth.

Dear pope, her life is full of miracles, sacrifices, sufferings, pain and
selfless service for self centered Indian public. Though even this ungodly
country do have her devotees who having understood her powers revere her like
God, their sense of gratitude is overwhelming, they are ready to lick her feet,
kneel on their knees and do whatever it takes to please her and have her
blessings, and these sort of people are the only hope for this country, of
course after SG. Her followers are usually found in groups and have many names
like congress, marxist, leftist, secularist and media. So, whatever I'm writing
they are going to vouch for it entirely.

Dear pope, this is the same India where one of your saint designate Mother
Teresa (MT) has converted the poverty stricken and leprosy beaten city of
Calcutta into a metropolitan. Now, Sir, you could imagine how much more SG is
greater than MT, if you compare Calcutta in relation to India. Yes, what a
brilliant mind, you have guessed it right 1SG = 10000MT's.

Sir, I know your compulsions that you can beatify any sacrificing, kind-hearted
and selflessly serving soul, but for being christened as saint that person need
to perform at least two miracles. The height of her greatness is such that she
could be the only saint in the world who can be made saint even before
beatifying, as she is an expert in the field of miracles, and the best part is
that you don't have to search for proofs as she performs all this on live

So here goes the first incident, her powers had made 150 spineless men and women
stand on their feet!!! When they were singing her praise and offering their
prayers to her. Some were crying, others astonished and some other disappointed
but they all were equally mesmerized by her charm as she was in the process of
performing the greatest sacrifice in the history of India which no Indian has
ever done. Sir, you can have best spinal surgeons in the world and get them
checked. I am ready to bet her sainthood if they find even a single bone in
their body, but I know it won't be necessary as their being spineless is miracle

The second incident though it is attached with the first one but the
participants and their peculiar condition makes it a very special case indeed.
So when the first miracle was taking place many brain-dead men and women were
seen across various news channels, who by grace of her saintliness were alive
and managing to shower accolades on her and yet other's came out writing
scintillating pieces about her sacrifice and glory in the morning newspapers.
This miracle further goes on to show the fundamental mistake biologist were
doing by proclaiming brain as the most important human organ for survival
because there are some who can do away with it completely.. of course with the
help of her mercy.

I know it is going to be a long letter but have patience miracles doesn't come
cheap even by going at your own breathtaking pace of producing saints. She might
even have performed more miracles than all your saints taken together.

Another mind boggling case of miracle, a man shoots himself from point blank
range.. horrors of horrors.opps. grace of grace... he survives. Here, SG
surpasses all other saint's in the miracles history. I would like a new
designation created for her, probably it should be called Super Saint. Now, what
any ordinary saint would have done in this case, a man shoots himself, the
bullet gets in the brain and comes out from the other side and the man survives
or the bullet remains in the brain and the man survives, but both are very ugly
ways of performing miracles, a lot of blood and flesh, but can you guess what
our super saint SG has done. I bet you can't, so here is the complete story -The
man shoots himself from the point blank range and.. hold your breath..he misses
the target!!!! Neither blood nor flesh that's what you can call a clean miracle.

When this was happening, another man in a vain attempt to stop her from
performing the sacrifice offered his life by trying to self immolate himself,
but our kind-hearted SG would have none of it and the man came out round and
sound from the burning fires with just his scarf being accepted as token of his
loyalty and faith in her by the fire.

She has performed all these miracles in just one single day so it could be
anybody's guess how many more she had performed so far. In her life full of
miracles, take this for granted, nobody can measure the depth... I mean the
height of her greatness.

Now for the sacrifices, first she had left the land of God and Pope, Italy for
the land of ungodly, communal people. A developed country for an underdeveloped
one. A land of monotheism for the land of polytheism, but don't doubt her she
had always remained true to her religion and faith. Ok I know she married a
Hindu. or was he a Parsi. or a Jew .forget it, who cares, but that was the
sacrifice she has to made to save millions of Indians, but in spite this she had
given her son good old Christianity and made sure that her daughter marries a
christen only, so from now on there will be only christen crop in their family.
So apart from a good heart she has got a great mind too.

She had worn traditional oriental dresses in place of trendy western dresses, so
that ordinary Indians will not feel any inferiority complex from her. She had
learnt their language, so that they can understand her kind words of wisdom.
Some says she has even saved some money from the Bofors transaction in a Swiss
bank account, so that she can save India if the bad days befall it. She had
sacrificed her freedom of movement, so that her security guards can earn their
living. she had revived the grand old party of India from just 121 to a
who.oooooo..oping 145 seats in the parliament so that Indians can have a Secular
Growth instead of GDP Growth, moreover these ungodly Indians needs spiritual
rather than material growth.

She had sacrificed her mother in law and her husband on the pavements of... I
mean altars of Indian democracy. Hang on I know some people have imposed these
sacrifices on her but look at the pain part and suffering, you can use it in the
beatification process, as her kids were just in their early 20's and she has to
raise them without their father, here you must understand the rich and famous
remains teenager till they reach 50 and their pain of loosing their father is
much more than any ordinary child losing both the parents.

But you know saints have great appetite for sacrifice, so she performed the
greatest one of them all, inspite of stiff resistance from her chest beating
followers. No, no she has not sacrificed her life and anyway her life is too
valuable to be sacrificed for the wretched Indians and also life is too cheap in
India to be termed as a sacrificial entity.

Well it's befitting a woman from your own land has to be capable of such acts of
magnanimity ...Now! Lo and behold..the supreme sacrifice. she refused the prime
ministership of this country. Though she had taken 9 days, but she didn't want
to give a crude shock too blatantly to her followers, if she had done this on
the first day itself thousand might have died in the sorrow and grief and then
again she had to summon enough powers to perform all the miracles she had done
afterwards. Moreover the icing on sacrificial cake is that, she will do all the
work, burn the midnight oil and run the whole country from behind the scene and
somebody else will take credit for it, and look how compassionate she is, even
for her enemies, as her first priority is secularism, a lot of material growth
might not be possible and if in this case some ignorant and arrogant Indians
points a finger on her, they will have committed a sin and have to suffer the
burning fires of hell on the judgment day, but she mercifully saved them and I
think even her worst detractor will live and die in piece due to her mercy.

She told her followers like Jesus Christ (JC) "you sheep's I will be your
shepherd" and appointed a loyal head sheep to lead them after her. So my dear
pope she can take her heard of sheep's wherever she wants to - to secularism, to
Christianity or to God, wherever she may wish, and she had got more sheep's than
even JC ever had.

Sir, I request you to anoint her as the Messenger of God and if not that, at
least a Super Saint. I think her followers would even go to the extent of
christening her as god but for the fact she could not convert all the public
into her herd of sheep's.

Someone, who has been spared by her divine grace.

A relative lightweight even by the standards of meghalaya politics called P.R. Kyndiah has been made cabinet minister in charge of the crucial tribal affairs ministry to spite P.A. Sangma, the tallest tribal leader from the north east.

Now P.R. Kyndiah is a christian, was chairman of the 25 member christian MP's group in the 13th lok sabha. Expect to see state sponsored christian evangelism
perpetuated by this guy especially on the tribals of the mainland.

The blighters have gotten bold. It is ok to lie about history but not to communalize it (what does that mean ?).

The following passages are about babar, Note the contrast between the eminent historian and Guru Nanak. Who would you rather believe Guru Nanakji or the NCERT textbooks;

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Ncert textbooks,Moghuls and Guru Nanak

NCERT Text Book on Medieval India and Guru Nanak

Guru Nanakji lived during the beginning of the Moghul empire(1469 CE-
1539 CE). Babar had just conquered Delhi in 1526 CE and died within a
few years in Kabul. But even during this short period, great
destruction was wrought by the Moghul. Let us see first what Indian
children are taught in the Class XI textbook on Medieval India
written by our own eminent historian Satish Chandra.(page 223,
Medieval India, NCERT,1996)

"Thus there was no atmosphere of confrontation between the Sikhs and
the Moghul rulers during this period.Nor was there any systematic
persecution of the Hindus, and hence no occasion for the Sikhs or any
group or sect to stand forth as the champion of the Hindus against
religious persecution. The occasional conflict between the Gurus and
the Moghul rulers was personal and political ([I]oh really , and what
does that mean [I]) rather than religious . Despite some display of
orthodoxy by Shah Jahan at the beginning of his reign and a few acts
of inolterance, such as the demolition of `new' temples, he was not
narrow in his outlook, which was further tempered towards the end of
his reign by the ifluence of his liberal son, Dara".

Now let us see what Guru Nanak has to say about this golden age of
amity between the Moghul and the Hindu.

"Khurasan khasmana kiya Hindusthanu daraiya,
Aapae dosu na deyi karta jamu kari mughlu chadhaiya,
Aiti mar payei karlande tain ko drdu na ayiya,
Karta tu sabna ka soi,
Je sakta sakte kayu mare taa mani rosu na hoyi,
Sakta sihu, mare paye vagaye khasme sa parsai,
Ratan vigadi vigoye kuttin muiya saar na koyi …Mahla 1.360

Translation – Having lifted Islam to the head, you have engulfed
Hindustan in dread,
Such cruelties have they inflicted, and yet Your mercy remains
Should the strong attack the strong, the heart does not burn,
But when the strong attack the helpless , surely the One who was to
protect them has to be called into account,
O' Lord , these dogs have destroyed this diamond like Hindustan, (so
great is their terror that).
No one asks after those who have been killed, and yet You do not pay

And what of Guru Nanak's account of the young brides whose youth,
jewels, honour, have been snatched away by the invaders on the orders
of the Moghul babar ? We share in his anguish,

Ikhna vakhat khuvai ahi iknaha pooja jayi'
Chauke vinu hindvandiyan kiyu tike kadhayi nayi,
Ramu na kahhu chetiyo huni kahni na mile khudai… Mahla 1.417

Hindus have been forbidden to pray at the Muslim namaz, Hindu society
has been left wthout a bath without a tilak,
Even those who never uttered `Ram' , even they can get no respite,
not even by shouting `Khuda ,Khuda',
The few who have survived Babar's jails wail…The desolation which has
come over the land,
The entire races which have been exterminated, which have been

Now I am not a Punjabi and I cannot verify the authenticity of these
translations, so if somebody who is knowledgeable notices any
discrepancy, I beg their forgiveness and I have certainly intended no
disrespect to the great Guru.

There are many such passages in Guru Nanakji `s writings. These are
merely cited for illustrative purposes. Now if you had to choose
between Guru Nanak and eminent historian Satish Chandra , I ask you
who would you believe ?

The only consolation is that he can do little damage in this ministry. What <b>composite </b>culture is he gong to promote ?

The one thing that i have noticed is the old bravado and arrogance of the Congress is gone. I do not know whether this is good or bad but it is clear, that the tail (CPM) is wagging the dog.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->I'm no culture connoisseur: Reddy<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><i>Then why are you in charge of the ministry ?</i>
IANS[ MONDAY, MAY 24, 2004 08:14:29 PM ]

NEW DELHI : Confessing he was no "culture vulture", S Jaipal Reddy who took over as culture minister on Monday said he would like to project India 's ancient and composite culture that had benefited from all sections of society.

"I am no connoisseur or cognoscenti of culture," Reddy told reporters as he took charge of the ministry along with information and broadcasting.

"But I know India is a proud, ancient and glorious civilisation that has benefited from all sections of society. We need to project our ancient, <b>composite</b> culture."

Almost appearing to defend his charge, Reddy wished this ministry were taken as seriously as it was in France .

"I wish we could understand culture as politicians do in France . Culture is a very prestigious and important portfolio in France ."
At this moment Congress want to stay in power by hook or crook. They will toe Commie agenda at any cost.
Lets see how long they can do.
<!--QuoteBegin-Kaushal+May 25 2004, 08:16 PM-->QUOTE(Kaushal @ May 25 2004, 08:16 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->
Almost appearing to defend his charge, Reddy wished this ministry were taken as seriously as it was in France .

"I wish we could understand culture as politicians do in France . Culture is a very prestigious and important portfolio in France ." <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
I wonder what this Culture minister would say about France banning
the wearing of overtly religious symbols, including headscarves, skullcaps and large crosses, in schools and other public places. This is much like "civilizing missions" into Africa, where natives were offered citizenship in exchange for their total assimilation into French culture.

Isn't this cultural assimilation in the books of progressives in Congress and Communists' book "Fascism"? In fact when natives did not abandon and repent for their african culture, they were treated like secon-class citizens. These pinkos know that removing the signs of outward religious adherence restricts the ability of those individuals (read HINDUS) to feel as if they are part of a larger movement, and thus reduces their power. And to counter it, they promote overt and covert xtian and islamist agenda to stay in power.

That is why hindutva is such a dangerous phenomenon for them. One good thing is it shows these pinkos are ruling out of fear and suppressing any hindu movement considering it as a threat. They should know pluralism and tolerance in Bharat did not start on Aug 15h, 1947.

My two cents...
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Key Internet service providers, including Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited, India's largest ISP with more than 800,000 subscribers, have blocked access to a web site, www.hinduunity.org

The web site is run by a Hindu activist from the US, Rohit Vyasmaan, and logs about 17,000 hits a day.

The site has been blocked on the basis of a request from the Mumbai police commissioner's office in a letter sent out to ISPs on April 28.

Sources at the Mumbai police commissioner's office said the directive was issued because the web site published inflammatory material against Islam. Joint Commissioner of Police (crime) Dr Satyapal Singh, a decorated officer of the Indian Police Service, authorised the note.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Mumbai police gag hinduunity.org

Probably this websites deserves to be taken offline.

But how many think the mumbai police will try to block anti-Hindu sites like

What one can expect when country is run by minority?
When insulting Hindus are prime objective of current leaders.
Well people have elected them to rot , let it be.
<b>Delhi Govt to replace NCERT curriculum with SCERT </b>
Press Trust of India
New Delhi, May 27

Taking a lead in "de-saffronisation" of education, Delhi Government announced to replace the "distorted" curriculum of NCERT with that of State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) in the government-run schools of the capital.

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, who met Union HRD Minister Arjun Singh to apprise him of the changed curriculum, said the new text books will be introduced from this session and will be applicable up to VIII standard.

IX standard and above, for which examinations are held on all-India level, will continue to have NCERT books to avert disharmony in syllabus, she said.

"Over the years, distortion of facts had occurred in text books and education was being tilted towards a particular ideology affecting the secular ethos of the country," Dikshit told reporters citing the cause behind the move to shift.

On the books being introduced, the Chief Minister said these were "strong on facts of history, reinforcing secular ethos of the country" and "nothing had been done to distort history."

The decision to introduce this curriculum was taken a year ago, she said, adding the go-ahead was given after "good feedback" from experts and students.

She hoped that with Congress-led government taking over, "distortions" in higher education will also be done away with.

Singh, while hailing Dikshit for the step, said these books were good and could be used by NCERT also. He said he would make a suggestion in this regard at his upcoming meeting with NCERT officials.
What do we feel about the separation of Pakistan?
57 years after Mother India was divided into two parts, what do we feel about it? There is a definite tinge of regret that a once-mighty nation was carved into two and will never probably become one again. But owing to the very reason of why pakistan separated and afterwards the path taken by pakistan, do we not feel an overwhelming relief that those animals do not belong to India of today? I would say that the net of it is in favor of pakis and BDs staying away from India as we know it.
Now I try to think of what it is that I would like to save in India and Hinduism if push comes to shove. Firstly, what does it mean 'push comes to shove'? It means in another 5 decades, the demographics of India may have altered to an extent where it is impossible for BJP or a like-minded party to ever win an election - it may not be able to win even a seat in the parliament if the demographics trend continues. How do we envisage living in an India where BJP or any Hindu revivalist party has no representation in the national Govt? Will the rulers of India in such a scenario have anything for the Hindu masses? Will there be Hindu masses at that time or will it be a barely Hindu majority nation where the majority of Hindus would be opposed to a political representation of Hindus? After all, the majority of Cong and left still bears Hindu names (Mukherjees and Chatterjees and Patils and Singhs) and probably visit temples and perform Pooja at their homes. If a Hindu is not interested in a political representation of Hindus then do we consider him/her a Hindu, just because he/she visits temples and has the idols of Hindu deities in his/her home? if a Hindu is not alarmed by the conversions and infiltration of illegal immigrants then is he a Hindu?
I consider it axiomatic that Hindus DO NEED political representation in a so-called secular democracy that is India. So it follows that those Hindus that are not interested in such a representation - are pseudo-Hindus and are more detrimental to India than the BDs and Pakis.
So having established what I consider a 'push comes to shove' scenario, what is it that I want to save and what may have to be given up?
Sorry for the rambling.
POTA- VHP Press Release


(Issued to the media as a Press Statement)
Repealing POTA may attract hundreds of 9/11 &
Spain type blasts in INDIA

New Delhi, May 28

When the world is preparing itself to protect its civilians from Jihadi Terrorism, Indian Govt is repealing the Anti Terrorism act (POTA). After 1989, in just one decade, over 10,000 Army & Police jawans & over 40,000 civilians were killed by Jihadi terrorists in J & K.Thousands of Terrorists were arrested but not a single one was
convicted due to insufficient legal provision to deal with terrorism.
Later on our Parliament was attacked and the Jihadi attackers were
convicted only due to POTA.

Attorney General of USA John Ashcroft & FBI Director Robert Mueller
have jointly warned the world about Biological, Chemical & Nuclear
Terrorist attacks by AL QUEDA on over 60 countries in next 3
months. U.K., USA, JAPAN, RUSSIA, CHINA, & other Asian
countries are taking strict measures to crackdown Jihadi terrorists.
UK has arrested Islamic cleric ABU HAMZA this week for preaching
Jihad & cancelled this Malawi’s citizenship. ITALIAN Govt has started
stopping vehicles on the streets to nab suspected Jihadis, JAPAN
has raided homes of JIHADI suspects.

Along with International Intelligence reports, even our Army Chief has given presentation to the new Defence Minister that there are still 80 to 100 terrorist training & support camps in POK, with 3500 to 4000 well trained Jihadis ready to enter INDIA.

On this extraordinary background of worldwide alert, when Jihadi
threat is looming large on entire world & INDIA, repealing POTA
means opening INDIA to JIHADIS & making our country a safe
heavens for Terrorists, when world is being tough on them. This way
new Govt is endangering every Indian civilian, our Economy, our
families & our national security.

Terrorism. The govt, which is sitting in power with the help of people who have direct links with the party/organization creating Pakistan & Taliban, should immediately take steps to curtail Jihadi Terrorism. At the cost of safety of majority, this minority appeasement will not be tolerated by Majority of INDIA.

Playing in the hands of Jihadi terrorists & repealing POTA at this
stage may attract hundreds of 9/11 and Spain train station type blasts in INDIA and new Indian Govt will be entirely responsible for the catastrophic damage to India.
Any addition or deletion in this letter / Press Statement other than
those in the Editorial sections in the accredited media and only for the purpose of printing in their respective media will attract due legal action.
<b>Some heads may roll in NCERT, ICHR </b>

Barkha Goel/ New Delhi
Heads may roll in the NCERT, ICHR and possible restructuring in the National Museum, Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts (INGCA) could be on the cards. Hectic lobbying for the filling up the vacant post of Director, National Museum, are on within the Human Resources Ministry (HRD).

The HRD Ministry is abuzz about the likely changes in portfolios of officials in the near future. However, the agenda of the Left and the Congress differs. The Left has an axe to grind regarding the saffronisation of textbooks. With the director of NCERT scheduled to retire on July 12, the question of his successor is being debated on.

<b>Regarding the "de-saffronisation" of textbooks, the ministry officials feel that the immediate move may be to withdraw new textbooks, which were brought in during the NDA Government and replace with older ones</b>. <!--emo&:thumbdown--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif' /><!--endemo-->

The director of Indian Council of Historical Research, D N Tripathi, who was appointed in February this year might be changed to suit demands of the Left, desiring a stronghold in the ICHR. Mr Tripathi is also one of the members of the review committee set up by the NDA to look into the NCERT textbooks. However, there are differences within the Left regarding the names doing the rounds. While the CPI(M) is backing historians like Sabyasaachi Bhattacharya, K N Pannikar, Harbans Mukhiya and Irfan Habib, the CPI is promoting B N Jha, Musherul Hassan and K N Shreemaali. <!--emo&:thumbdown--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif' /><!--endemo-->

National Book Trust (NBT) Chairman Brij Kishore Sharma's days also seem numbered. <b>His directive to the NBT to publish books on the cultural heritage including biographies of Vivekananda, Dr Raghubir, Rana Sanga and Vir Savarkar, may seal his fate.</b> <!--emo&:thumbdown--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif' /><!--endemo-->

Some structural changes could be made on the Congress agenda, as the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) and INGCA were earlier under the HRD Ministry and later shifted to the culture ministry. The Congress may be pressing for changing the heads of these institutions as party president Sonia Gandhi was removed from the position of INGCA chairperson in 1999 when the then Culture Minister Maneka Gandhi ordered an investigation into the misappropriation of funds. She was also forced to step down from chairperson of the NMML.
<!--QuoteBegin-Abhijit_ST+May 27 2004, 01:31 PM-->QUOTE(Abhijit_ST @ May 27 2004, 01:31 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--> What do we feel about the separation of Pakistan?
57 years after Mother India was divided into two parts, what do we feel about it? There is a definite tinge of regret that a once-mighty nation was carved into two and will never probably become one again. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
The problem is further fragmentation of India is already underway and part of it may be irreversible.
1)Kashmir is largely gone from my view point (To me my Hindu identity is primary and Indian identity is a secondary derivative of that). Kashmir was once a Hindu stronghold which had defeated Mahmud Ghaznavi and produced master pieces that were accepted as being of pan-Hindu value by the Indian elite. Now that it has been Islamized I do not see any way of reversing it. On top of this the Moslem conquerors of Kashmir have successfully sold the case to the world that they are the owners of the land and all its culture is Islamic.
2)The North-East is fatally infected by Christians and unlikely to be easy to revert- now the poison has reached Assam, which like Kashmir had been firmly within Hindu territory.
3) Bihar, parts of Madhya Pradesh and their descendent states are all in a state of profound misrule making them impossible to revert in the current administrative and legal frame work.
4) Nepal- a Hindu kingdom is losing its Hinduhood rapidly and degenerating into the red fringe.
5) Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia- the modern Indian influence is fast dwindling in these nations that once looked upto India.

So on the whole the Hindus are on down-turn.
This is one way of looking at things.
The optimist would remark that until 100 years ago the Nizam still rule Hyderabad and Moslem bands terrorized several parts of India, but now these places have reverted to Hindu rule. However, I tend to take the pessimistic view for Hindus have simply failed to organized.
Secularism- the ideal of separate church and state is not for Hindus, but was foisted on them by the subversion of their elite during the freedom movement by the British. I see secularism as a foreign rule by proxy and needs to be overthrown by a Hindu national movement just as the other foreign rules were fought by the Hindus.

This will at least save the core of Hindustan, the fringes that are going away will be even harder.
<b>VHP to launch agitation for 'Amarnath Yatra' extension</b>

For Haj special flights are arranged at common man expense. But for Hindus, to perform religious duty one has to launch agitation. Pathetic !!!

For Hindus -<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Another resolution passed in the meeting demanded extension of the yatra to two months and scrapping of registration and <b>registration fee on the yatra</b>, he said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Hi Hauma,

Don't lose heart!

Read Ramayana & Mahabharata and see how the heroes won in the end.

As G. Subramaniam has suggested, Hindus need to increase the birthrate & become more violent.

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