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Srilanka - News And Discussion
Norwegian Government Funding for LTTE Film - My Daughter the Terrorist

<!--QuoteBegin-dhu+Apr 23 2008, 09:33 PM-->QUOTE(dhu @ Apr 23 2008, 09:33 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Politics in Priyanka’s private prison visit</b>
By Sandhya Jain

<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Rediff now says that the Vadras wish to have their children baptized and SPG has checked out the venue of a Delhi church in this regard.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Is there some requirement for confession before baptism?

Confession prior to Baptism is generally undertaken when Baptism involves older persons, and that too, the confession is by the person being Baptised. Thus, it is unlikely that Bianca, alias Priyanka, Vadra visited the LTTE assassin on a religious mission connected to her children's Baptism. Most likely the reason for her visit is something to do with her family-LTTE connection - possibly to pump the LTTE assassin for information (?)
Srilankan Army takes over Madhu Church

<b>In keeping with President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s promise to Pope Benedict XVI last year during his visit to the Vatican, Sri Lanka Army’s 57 Division on Wednesday took over the full control of the Madhu Church</b> after nine years under the LTTE control, without any resistance from the Tamil Tiger rebels.

In February 2007, 57 Division led by Brigadier Jagath Dias was tasked to capture the Madhu area including the shrine. The operation commenced from north of Omanthai parallel to the A-9 main road. In order to capture the Madhu area, a plan was mapped out at the Colombo Army Headquarters under the command of Army Commander Sarath Fonseka. According to the plan, troops were tasked to not enter four square kilometers around the Madhu church to prevent causing any damage to the church. For that purpose, a ‘No War Zone’ had been declared.

Despite heavy resistance from the Tigers, troops were able to reach Thampanai village boundary. The village was a secure location as the Tigers themselves had used its geographical location for protection. Due to this reason the troops were unable to make any progress beyond that village for over ten months.

At the end of last year, Seven Sinha Regiment led by its Commanding Officer Lt Col. Kithsiri Liyanage made a breakthrough as they took full control of the Thampanai village. According to the plan, troops were instructed to surround the church and cut off all entry/exit roads to the Church without harming the Church.

Under the leadership of 57-2 Brigade Commander Lt. Col Senarath Bandara, three battalions – 10 Light Infantry from south of Palampiddi, 7 Sinha Regiment from Sinnapandivirichchan and Parappakandal road while Seven Light Infantry from Periyapandivirichchan started to move towards the Madhu church.

The Army specifically engaged in a slow and painstaking tactical measure in order to avoid any military operations within the Madhu "No War Zone".

After isolated clashes and some fierce battles that stretched throughout the last five months, the troops were able to reach the vicinity of the Church premises two weeks ago. With the intensifying of fighting the sacred statue of ‘Our Lady of Madhu’ was shifted two weeks ago forcibly by the LTTE and all the Church officials had been withdrawn.

Due to the modus operandi of the Sri Lanka Army the LTTE started to withdraw amidst the increasing military pressures outside the no war zone. Few weeks ago ‘Malathi’, ‘Radha’ and ‘Charles Anthony’ brigades of the LTTE withdrew from the area after shifting their heavy guns. A small LTTE element led by a terrorist leader ‘Gopith’ was the last LTTE group to remain at the church.

On Thursday exactly at 1.30 pm, 7 Sinha Regiment led by Lt Col. Kithsiri Liyanage entered the Madhu church after nine years. With them the 7 Light Infantry led by Lt. Col Ranjith Abeyratne also entered the compound.

According to sources some walls of the Church have been damaged due to LTTE mortar fire. The 10 Light Infantry led by Lt. Col Jagath Kodithuwakku also later joined with the other two battalions at the church.

Now the entire area has been cleared of booby traps and other kinds of explosives set by the withdrawing Tigers.

In August 1999, the Sri Lanka Army withdrew from the area including the Madhu church.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
An LTTE-Sonia family link?

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Tuesday April 29 2008

S Gurumurthy

The LTTE suicide squad did plan and eliminate Rajiv Gandhi. But, why did the LTTE do it? Was there a larger conspiracy that extended beyond the LTTE as the strike force? Was the LTTE the author of the crime or the mercenary for some one else or for some purpose that yielded some benefit to it? These questions persisted even after the actual assassins were brought to book. The Narasimha Rao government appointed the Jain Commission to go into the conspiracy angle to the murder.

In its interim report the commission did exceedingly good work to bring on record evidence about the political forces involved in promoting the LTTE in Tamil Nadu that made the crime possible. Yet it made a mockery of its main work, the conspiracy angle. It floated dubious and wild theories, involving Mossad! CIA! Besides adding confusion, it ended up trivialising a very serious exercise. This also robbed the commission of its credibility.As the commission�s final report proved a flop, the Vajpayee government appointed a Multi- Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) in 1998 to unearth the conspiracy angle.

But the person who first demanded, but, ultimately made, investigation into the conspiracy to murder Rajiv Gandhi irrelevant was none other than his widow Sonia Gandhi. Her attitude to the investigation and suspected actors in the murder dramatically changed. Her conduct in 1997 when she was working to enter active politics was a stark contrast to her attitude after taking over the congress leadership on the Jain Commission issue.

In 1997, she demanded that the DMK which, the Jain commission had said, was part of the conspiracy, be sacked as a partner of the UF alliance and pulled down the government when the demand was not met. Her party insisted the entire facts about the conspiracy be investigated and revealed.

Addressing a meeting at Amethi, Sonia hinted that the DMK was a fan of the LTTE and charged that those who doubted the Jain commission report were diverting the attention from the investigation into the conspiracy to murder Rajiv and demanded that the probe be completed expeditiously (Indian Express 2.2.1998). But, once she took over the party leadership, she not only ceased to evince any interest in pursuing the Rajiv Gandhi murder conspiracy, but also began allying with the alleged conspirators themselves. The developments, put together, reveal a shocking picture.

The year after taking over the Congress, Sonia Gandhi makes a secret move. In the year 1999, she told then President Dr K R Narayanan privately that �neither she nor her son and daughter wanted any of the four convicts� sentenced to death for Rajiv�s assassination �to be hanged�, and pleaded that no child should be orphaned by an act of the State. Noted the Indian Express (Nov 20, 1999) that before her plea for mercy to the Rajiv killers the Congress party was the leading opponent of mercy to them. This silenced the party once and for all. What transpired at her private meeting with the President was revealed not by Sonia, but by Mohini Giri (the former chairperson of the National Women�s Commission) and on that basis Nalini�s death sentence was commuted to life. (Frontline Nov 5-18, 2005).

Then, in February 2004, there were reports, editorially commented by the Island newspaper in Colombo on Feb 20, 2004, that Eduardo Faleiro, her emissary, had a secret meeting with the LTTE chief Prabhakaran at Killinochi. Island had also referred to reports that Sonia�s mother Ms Paula Maino had met Anton Balasingham, LTTE�s point man in London, in connection with the electoral alliance between the DMK and the Congress. While Eduardo Faleiro at least made a feeble attempt to deny the meeting, Paulo Maino would not even deny that.

Third, the Paulo Maino meeting preceded, and the Faleiro meeting succeeded, the unbelievable U-turn of Sonia Gandhi to forge alliance with the DMK which was accused by her own party in 1997 of being part of the conspiracy to murder her husband. The DMK-Congress alliance seems to have been agreed upon sometime in December 2003. In January 2004, Sonia met the DMK chief and concretised the alliance. The coming together of one of the alleged conspirators and the victim of the conspiracy made a mockery of any further investigation into Rajiv Gandhi murder. For the last four years there is not a single word spoken by Sonia on pursuing the Rajiv Gandhi murderers and on unearthing the conspiracy or for the extradition of Prabhakaran or Pottu Amman.

This is despite the fact that, when, on April 10, 2002, Prabhakaran met the press at Killinochi, he did not even deny that LTTE was involved in Rajiv assassination. Fourth, the LTTE too responded favourably to signals from Sonia that she was not against LTTE. On January 27, 2006, Anton Balasingham, told an Indian TV news channel that the Rajiv killing was �monumental tragedy� and asked the people of India to be �magnanimous to put the past behind� and deal with the LTTE.

Fifth, Sonia did not object to the inclusion of the DMK woman MP in whose house Sivarasan the main killer of Rajiv Gandhi had stayed for which she was detained under the TADA, as a minister in the UPA government. Sixth, the MDMA which was appointed by the NDA government after Sonia rejected the Action Taken Report on the Jain Commission, has virtually become defunct under the UPA regime. Since 2004, she has not uttered a single word asking what the MDMA is doing. And finally now in March 2008, Priyanka Vadra, Sonia�s daughter makes a secret visit to Vellore jail and meets the first accused in the murder of Rajiv, for over an hour.

Media reports say that they sat by each other�s side, cried and professed goodwill towards each other! No one knows what transpired between them. The meeting clearly illegal, looks almost a conspiracy, would have remained a secret had the media not exposed it. Priyanka said that neither Sonia nor Rahul or Priyanka believe in hate or anger, and that the visit was her way of coming to terms with the Rajiv Gandhi murder.

Moral high ground seems to be a cover for undisclosed political strategies. But where was this high moral ground when Sonia angrily pulled down the UF government on the ground that DMK, a suspected co-conspirator with LTTE, was part of the alliance? Is Rajiv Gandhi�s assassination a personal affair between the Sonia Gandhi family and the LTTE for the former to punish or pardon the latter? LTTE has neither confessed nor regretted its action for the Gandhis to pardon. The LTTE is even today unrepenting.

The prosecution case is that the LTTE supremo decided to avenge Rajiv Gandhi for sending IPKF to Sri Lanka and betraying the LTTE. But that was no personal decision of Rajiv Gandhi. The assassination was an act against the state of India.

This is how it should be seen and pursued. Neither Sonia nor Priyanka nor the Congress has the right to pardon the criminals who have challenged the sovereignty of India.

QED: Sonia Gandhi family and the LTTE connection is mysterious. Is the maverick Dr Subramanian Swamy right after all in his theory that LTTE and the Maino family have had links before?


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Why did Priyanka Vadra meet Nalini Sriharan? T V R Shenoy

reader comment:

Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi is a KGB mole who was planted very tactfully into the then PM's family. While she was in London, she loaned a lot of money to Rajiv and entrapped him into a relationship. Madhav Rao Scindia was also in London at the time and was kind of aware of all this. When Indira Gandhi opposed their marriage, a leading communist at the time convinced Indira that 'in the larger interest of Indo-Russian relationship' she should agree.

After marriage, esp. during the 80s, she made huge money in most defense deals. The net result is that her once 'humble' family in Italy is today worth $2 BILLION!! Rajiv got to know of all this once the Bofors scandal happenned and while on a trip to Russia,warned her that he'll clip her wings. Within weeks of returning, Sonia had arranged his assassination with the help of LTTE. After the death of RG,all people whom RG disliked bcame SG's coterie:Arjun Sing, Amika Soni etc., It was Ambka Soni who wastrying to reduce the punishment of RG's killers. Madav Rao Scindia who had a fair idea of SG's reality and past was increasingly bcoming suspicious, so even he was eliminated in an 'un-investigated' air crash!

So why did Priyanka meet Nalini? The answer is 'to placate her' otherwise NALINI WILL SPILL THE BEANS ABOUT THE TRUE FACE OF SONIA!!!

Find all the text above too fantastic to believe?? Just do a search on the net with the text KNOW YOUR SONIA and you'll see for yourself.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
insufferable Norwegian(?) monk in Sri Lanka

I din't know that there is a royal family in Jaffna and they are already christianized.

The Royal Family of Jaffna

They seem to be fully controlled by Netherland.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Buddhist monk desecrates Hindu temple in Colombo Sri Lanka
Friday, 5 September 2008 - 9:05 PM SL Time   

Colombo Additional Magistrate Ajith Anawaratne Wednesday ordered to remand the Chief Incumbent of Grandpass de Mel Watte Buddhagaya Viharaya, Sri Sapugasyaye Dhammanada Thero and three of his associates for destroying the adjoining Sri Muththumariamman Hindu temple in the early hours on Wednesday.

The Sri Muththumariamman temple is located in highly Muslim populated Khettarama in Grandpass.

On Tuesday, the consecration (Kumpaapisheakam) ceremony was held in which hundreds of devotees took part. During the night that followed, the Buddhist monk and three of his associates got into the temple through the roof and smashed the newly built Amman statue, Vishnu statue, Ramar statue and Sivalingham.

However, residents in the surrounding area alerted the Police. The police rushed to the temple and arrested the culprits and produced them at the courts on Wednesday.

I guess this is the "brotherhood" between Buddhists and Hindus that so many Hindus are fond of.

Pictures of the defaced murtis:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->I guess this is the "brotherhood" between Buddhists and Hindus that so many Hindus are fond of.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

theravAdin-s have had this streak in them for some time. The brotherhood comes when the Mullah is demanding the bhikkhu to chose between his head and foreskin.
In Bhutan, the mahayanists/vajrayanists have expelled 1 lakh hindus

In Myanmar, the remaining hindus have been forced to declare themselves as buddhists

In Thailand, the natives like the chinese and hate the Indians
Hindus are the only ones yapping about "Dharmic brotherhood". Doesn't get us anywhere.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The "deadly triangle of LTTE+ NGO+ Christian extremists exposed       

Police investigating the seizure of suicide jackets in Mabole on February 1, two days prior to Independence Day celebrations, have arrested 3 Christian priests from a fundamentalist religious sect and recovered several suicide kits.
Under interrogation the priests have confessed that they had brought down around 30 suicide cadres from Mannar to Kandy and Nuwara Eliya.

They also admitted to transporting several suicide kits and weapons to these areas.

Events unfolded when Civil Defence Force personnel K.M. Gunapala and R.M. Gunawardena who were deployed in the Mabole area arrested a suspected LTTE cadre close to the premises of the Colour Guard Company around 8.30 a.m. on February 1.

They were able to arrest the suspect Velupillai Gangadharan after a women tipped off them about two people who had left a parcel there at Mabole. The parcel contained two suicide kits, eight detonators, eight batteries, and six remote controlled devices. The parcel had been transported to Mabole to be given to a person called Suresh.

Due to prompt action by the Seeduwa Police in setting up road blocks, police were able to arrest the person suspected to have transported them to Mabole area in a van bearing the licence plate number 57-7399 at the road block at Kala Oya around 1 p.m.

The arrested person was later identified as a pastor of a church in Mannar which is a branch of Four Square Church, a Christian evangelist group.

The pastor had divulged that he had dropped four more people in Matale and Nuwara Eliya prior to his arrival at Mabole to drop two other people on February 1. The suicide jackets they brought to Mabole had been given to them by a person from Nuwara Eliya.

Police who conducted further investigations into the incident also revealed that the Christian priest identified as Nagulan had on previous occasions transported arms to Colombo concealed inside the seats of his van. After searching the priest's church at Pahankammukotte in Mannar, security forces were able to recover three suicide kits, two claymore mines and three magnet bombs.

Investigations are currently continuing into the involvement of other priests and Christian extremist groups in transporting suicide bomb kits to the south.


The changing stripes
T R Jawahar

He might be on the run and under terminal siege at home, but Veluppillai Prabakaran is having a good run in TN now. The sudden escalation of temperature on the Sri Lankan issue here is really a lifeline to one of the most wanted terrorists of our times. For if the TN blackmail of the Centre succeeds, VP will get a new lease of life. Of course, the people of the State are being fed the familiar alibi of solidarity with Sri Lankan Tamils. Well, of all the cries of woes coming across the Palk Straits, we all know which one is heard and heeded the most here!

After ensuring that no one else remained to fight for the Tamil cause, the supreme tiger has managed to pass muster under almost all the political skins in TN. To their credit, the MDMK and the PMK have never hidden their affinity to the LTTE. The two parties have been too vocal in their support, at times even warranting an extended ban.

Thirumavalavan's Viduthalai Chiruththaigal is extended family, as the name, intentionaly or inadvertently suggests. Its leaders are known to frequent Vavuniya till quite recently right under the noses of the authorities of the two nations. The DK and its breakaway factions have a known history of Tiger riding. Though his voice has been drowned by other megaphones this time, to Nedumaran, VP is the only Tamil that exists in Lanka. It is not difficult to guess where the sympathies of the fledgling DMDK of V'kanth lie; after all the origins of 'Captain' is tinsel legend.

No one knows the stand of the BJP. The AIADMK of course, has been steadfast in its opposition to the LTTE. The Left is a new entrant to the Eelam politics in TN. Actually it was the comrades who set the political ball rolling with a fast that eventually fizzled. That leaves the DMK and the Cong. While all the aforesaid outfits have been somewhat consistent in their behaviour, the DMK and Cong have made a virtue of contradictions. These two parties have played a variety of political games on the issue, at times at each other's throat as antogonists, tangoing often as partners or simply engaging in friendly bouts while under one umbrella. From dare devilry to duplicity all tricks have been on parade. If the SL issue is now a diplomatic and emotional maze it is primarily due to the self-serving antics of these parties.

To the Cong first. To its Prima Donna specifically. If the LTTE today is less of a menace in the eyes of many, the credit must go in great measure to Sonia Gandhi. She has single handedly engineered a revival of its fortunes here and emboldened all the elements that have laid low for tactical or legal reasons after Rajiv's death. Rajiv's murder was a national calamity for it was a revenge killing for a decision he took as PM. It was also a personal tragedy, no doubt to his family and friends. But it was the Congress that mixed that personal grief with politics and made it a heady cocktail that caused cataclysmic convulsions in the nation and in TN.

The party brought down a government in 1997 because it could not support an alliance in which the DMK was a part. It is common knowledge that between 1991 and 1998, Sonia and family have on many occasions expressed displeasure at the tardy progress of investigations into Rajiv's assassination, particularly w.r.t to DMK. She made a spirited defence of the Jain Commission and dubbed criticism of it as an attempt to divert the investigation. In a virtual direct attack on K, VP Singh and Chandra Shekhar, she said in Amethi in 1999: 'There are some people in the political arena of the country who facilitated the murder of my husband'. And referring indirectly to G.K.Moopanar's alliance with DMK, Sonia said:'There are people who are aligning with fans of my husband's murderers due to the politics of power'. But soon, with the prospect of power blooming before her, the bloody clot thawed and the DMK became the most trusted soul mate. And worse, the PMK and MDMK are part of her bandwagon even without getting off their tiger-mounts! But if political pragmatism can provoke a personal leap of faith of this magnitude, does it not call for a special kind of mindset? But why bother! Dead men, even if they happen to be husbands, tell no tales, much less object!

With that somersault the Cong lost all moral authority to cage the tiger. But the idea looks to be to engage. It was Sonia's fervent pleas that forced the law of the land to commute Nalini's death sentence to life. It was a blatant interference with the judicial process, rather a perversion of a judicial verdict that sought to punish the enemies of the nation. This too became a saintly personal affair, as Sonia disposed of what the law had proposed. Very recently, Priyanka's meeting with Nalini in jail was downright improper and again this too passed under the family's divine right of passage above law. The clamour for N's release gained momentum only after that. Given such trends, would it be wrong to expect a shift in India's Lanka policy at the behest of the super PM? Indeed, Prabakaran has only to say sorry to Sonia by e-mail or SMS for 'bumping off' Rajiv, and not just pardon but even Indian paratroopers would be at his doorstep ahead of the Lankan army, for a sensational airlift. Now, with such soft-hearted saints strutting around dispensing amnesty at random for whatever reasons, can anyone blame petty PMKs and vociferous Vaikos for holding tigers by the tail?

For the DMK, the Sri Lankan Tamil cause and even the LTTE are political bargaining chips. Commitment is subject to self-interest. No wonder, K could shelve self-respect and align with the very party that accused him of complicity in murder. But that's a petty price. Now he has made bold to sacrifice MPs for Tamil's sake and Tamils' sake. That too his own daughter's own post itself. But then how was the ultimate rationalist, under whose thumb the mighty Congress and the UPA regime lie, unaware of the military aid that the Indian Government is supposedly giving to Lanka? Obviously, the sudden rush of Tamil blood is provoked by other calculations in which SL Tamils figure least. But then with Tamils right under his nose here in TN getting the short shrift thanks to power cuts, traffic jams, inflation etc where is succour for those across seas? In any case, not all Tamils answer to names like A'Giri & K'Mozhi! But if we may suggest, why not quit as CM of Tamils' nadu rather than exiting distant Delhi?

And as if the legitimate SL Tamil cause has not been belittled and destroyed enough, alternately by Sinhala chauvnists, the LTTE itself and the politics here, another familiar dimension unfolds: filmdom's protest! We now know the script by heart: The SL Tamil cause will be served as speaker after hails the CM for serving the, er., SL Tamil cause! For the Cine Minister, pardon, Chief Minister, who has appointed himself as the sole arbiter of Tamil identity, that's ratification enough of his Tamil credentials coming as it does from those who matter most to him. No matter if there are hardly any Tamils in tinsel town!

Op-ed in Pioneer, 28 Oct., 2008

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->EDITS | Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | Email | Print |

Man-eaters turn tail in Sri Lanka

Sandhya Jain

Sri Lanka, which gave the 20th century its first elected woman Prime Minister, may now be taking the lead in asserting the primacy of the civilisational ethos of its native majority. It is a lesson of special significance for India, whose Hindu majority has been struggling for legitimacy in the public domain since the tragic betrayal at independence.

Misplaced sympathy for Sri Lanka's Tamil minority should not mislead India to pander to the separatist and murderous Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam at the cost of the island's Sinhala-Buddhist majority. As Buddhism belongs to India's religio-cultural spectrum, a more rewarding initiative would be to foster dialogue and amity between the two groups, shunning the ethnic divide that is a colonial legacy. The Tamil and Sinhala religious and political leaderships have a responsibility in this regard, and the forthcoming eclipse of the LTTE is the best time to unite the ravaged nation.

For Sri Lankan Tamils, this should be a moment of introspection regarding the LTTE's aims and objectives, religious make-up of its leadership, and its penetration and manipulation by outsiders. While many issues have been fudged, it is undeniable that the movement's chief ideologue, late Anton Balasingham, was a Christian. His widow, Adele Ann, an Australian, is now settled in Britain; it is inconceivable that she had no other connections.

The LTTE's links with Pakistan's ISI are well known. It has had links with gun-runners and drug-peddlers, whose back-connections are not difficult to trace. And now, Pakistan's patron, America, according to Mr Robert Blake, its envoy to Colombo, wants a political solution without the military defeat of the LTTE. He argued in Chennai recently that a solution would negate the LTTE claim to being the sole representative of Sri Lankan Tamils; improve the human rights situation; and persuade Tamils overseas to stop funding the LTTE.

Surely America knows that whether it is the Sikhs in Britain or Canada; or Tamils in Britain, Norway, South Africa, Australia, Canada and the US, separatist movements funded by religious or ethnic diaspora are always funded at the instance of the host country. That is how the huge sums of money involved move smoothly across borders. An Indian expert notes a CIA estimate that expatriate Tamils are raising $ 450 million annually to train and arm terrorists; they will most likely be trained in Britain and smuggled into Sri Lanka via Tamil Nadu.

Western training and arming alone explains the LTTE's unexpected acquisition of air power, whereby it attacked the Vavuniya military complex with a plane, artillery, and suicide commandoes, and the Sri Lanka Air Force base at Anuradhapura last October. These attacks justify President Mahinda Rajapaksa's determination to decimate the LTTE. Rather than submit to American pressure to negotiate with the LTTE, Colombo should use international laws to detect and seize LTTE funding, and arraign Western nations providing training and arms to the Tigers at The Hague.

Colombo is on the verge of a decisive victory at Kilinochchi. The Tamil Tigers are in fact so unnerved that they are begging Indian Tamil political parties to take up their cause with New Delhi, and negotiate some kind of truce with a resurgent Sri Lankan regime. There are many reasons why New Delhi should not do so.

One, India suffered enormously under the Khalistan movement, which had the backing of Pakistan's ISI and the fulsome protection of Britain and Canada. Two, India is suffering jihadi terrorism, and cannot pander to terrorists who target civilians with impunity. Third, India has experienced a painful partition and cannot countenance armed minorities using murder and mayhem to divide a nation in the name of self-determination. In this connection, New Delhi should ask Ms Jayalalithaa to explain the meaning of her support for self-determination for Sri Lankan Tamils, and how this is compatible with her opposition to the LTTE as a terrorist organisation.

The crux of the matter is that the LTTE, initially armed and trained by Mrs Indira Gandhi's Government, maintains a formidable presence in the jungles of Tamil Nadu; fear of the barrel of the gun turning their way is making Tamil politicians support the lethal Vellupillai Prabhakaran. Ordinary Tamils, however, are indifferent to the LTTE, as evident from the poor response to last Friday's DMK-led 'human chain' protest against the alleged genocide of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka.

Yet political compulsions forced the DMK to call an all-party meeting (boycotted by ADMK and others) to press New Delhi to intervene with Colombo for a ceasefire. National Security Adviser MK Narayanan did request the Sri Lankan Deputy High Commissioner to advice Colombo to exercise restraint in military operations against the LTTE; he conveyed India's concern for civilians suffering in aerial bombings in the area, and dismay over the alleged shooting of Indian fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy.

As this was not deemed adequate to placate the LTTE, the DMK launched a 'resignation drama' -- Mr M Karunanidhi's daughter Kanimozhi and other DMK MPs sent their resignations from the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha to the Chief Minister. Ms Jayalalithaa derided the gesture by challenging Mr Karunanidhi to make DMK quit the Union Cabinet. That all posturing was purely political and aimed at the forthcoming general election was proved by the arrest of ADMK ally Vaiko for making a 'seditious' speech while defending the Lankan Tamil cause. The irrepressible Jayalalithaa forced Mr Karunanidhi to arrest his own followers in the film industry under the same clause!

It bears reiterating that India cannot forget the LTTE's role in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991, even if we agree that the decision to send the IPKF to Sri Lanka was a mistake. New Delhi must also remember that the LTTE systematically eliminated moderate Lankan Tamil leaders and scuttled all chances of a peaceful solution to the island's problems as its goal was not the welfare of the Tamil people, but a separate Eelam with the LTTE as sole upholder of the Tamil cause.

Mr Karunanidhi has confessed that he personally begged the LTTE not to assassinate TELO leader Sabarathinam, but the latter was nonetheless murdered in 1986. India owes nothing to that vicious bunch; it should, however, caution Colombo that a military victory over the LTTE is not a mandate for Sinhala chauvinism in the island-nation. 
<!--QuoteBegin-ramana+Oct 28 2008, 02:18 AM-->QUOTE(ramana @ Oct 28 2008, 02:18 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Man-eaters turn tail in Sri Lanka
Sandhya Jain
Misplaced sympathy for Sri Lanka's Tamil minority should not mislead India to pander to the separatist and murderous Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam at the cost of the island's Sinhala-Buddhist majority. As Buddhism belongs to India's religio-cultural spectrum, a more rewarding initiative would be to foster dialogue and amity between the two groups, shunning the ethnic divide that is a colonial legacy. The Tamil and Sinhala religious and political leaderships have a responsibility in this regard, and the forthcoming eclipse of the LTTE is the best time to unite the ravaged nation.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->[right][snapback]89539[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->While I agree with the rest of this paragraph by Sandhya Jain, I disagree with the use of the first two words. It's not "misplaced sympathy". Hindus in SL are put upon from both directions:
- by the LTTE and
- by the Sinhala govt that is retaliating on the Hindu population instead of the LTTE.
SL Hindus have every right to live peacefully in what is after all just as much their land.

Sri Lanka should oust LTTE <i>and</i> the rest of christianism from their island. Their common enemy (christianism) is the one that is intent on keeping their issues unresolvable, even while it makes converts from both SL Hindus and Buddhists. Isn't it curious that - where everyone else in the island is only losing repeatedly - christianism is the only thing that is making gains. <- I wonder what great bloodthirsty 'miracle' is effecting that.

Missed these earlier:
<!--QuoteBegin-Pandyan+Sep 22 2008, 07:12 AM-->QUOTE(Pandyan @ Sep 22 2008, 07:12 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Hindus are the only ones yapping about "Dharmic brotherhood". Doesn't get us anywhere.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->There's just one thing. Buddhists cannot find much (any?) support in Buddhist teachings for vandalising Hindu temples.

In any case, Mahayana Buddhism is certainly very different from SL Theravada Buddhism. For instance, my Taiwanese classmate is part of a Bauddha society that went to do volunteering service in SL after the major Tsunami from a few years back. I saw from their news coverage (the link was sent me by my friend) how they helped in Hindu communities as well. They cooked with them and comforted them and everything. (And before someone suspects: NO, they were not doing this for the purposes of converting anyone; they are only interested in converting lay *Taiwanese Bauddhas* into conscious Buddhists, getting their younger generation back to vegetarianism again, etcetera. They're not interested in converting others.
They only went to SL because they found they had the money and time to donate. And because SL was a Bauddha country - even if not all there were Bauddhas, and even though none there were Mahayana Bauddhas - they naturally felt called upon to do what they could.)
While I don't know SL Buddhists, it is a mistake to think they are the standards to judge other Buddhists by or that they are even representative at all. Every single E Asian (and Thai, Cambodian and Laotian) Bauddha I know is rather like the Taiwanese friend I mentioned. They are very humane and not even remotely religiously belligerent.

Yes, historically Buddhists have shown a lot of intolerance to the religions they were competing with (for example, apparently lots of defaced Hindu temples in TN - more than just the example HH posted not too long ago) - even when there was no LTTE for them to cite as a reason. But this is not a defining characteristic of all Buddhists let alone of Buddhism itself. Just because I am not interested in converting to their Dharma, it does not mean I refuse to see that their natural tradition *can* coexist with ours. That's why I think that even when in the case of SL it may take serious effort, it is not entirely impossible (given enough time, and zero involvement/meddling from christianism).

And Yes, I do think there is a connection between Dharmic religions - and between all Natural Traditions that have ideas corresponding to Dharma and similar views on conduct. The way I see it, the core thing we share is that with goodwill we may all co-exist. (This is what is utterly absent from christoislamicommunazism. They will not let anyone survive who does not submit to their ideology; they are intent on obliterating all natural ways of life.)

<!--QuoteBegin-Bharatvarsh+Sep 22 2008, 03:56 AM-->QUOTE(Bharatvarsh @ Sep 22 2008, 03:56 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Buddhist monk desecrates Hindu temple in Colombo Sri Lanka
Friday, 5 September 2008 - 9:05 PM SL Time
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->I guess this is the "brotherhood" between Buddhists and Hindus that so many Hindus are fond of.[right][snapback]88309[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->It is misdirected bitterness: he should be targeting the christo LTTE (and their funders) from where all SL's misery stems. I'm not excusing this guy - how can I; I am writing this against my own natural opinion, forcing myself to consider the full scale of the mass deception going on in SL where both sides are getting fooled Big:
Christo LTTE is undercover christian terrorism - carrying out an insidious internal sneak attack against Hindus, while more openly attacking Buddhists <- but again doing so under a Hindu guise, such that when such Buddhists retaliate it is against Hindus, never against christianism.
Dhu, is there a term like "false flag operation" that describes this scenario?

Christo LTTE wants to present Hindus' anti-LTTE sentiments as being 'anti-Hindu'/anti-Tamil. While it goes without saying that I'm for the Hindus in SL; <i>of course</i> I'm against the christo outfit LTTE.

Oh look. Christoconditioned DMK in bed with christo LTTE in India; no longer just flirting with each other across the waters:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Pro - LTTE DMK activists target Subhramaniya Swami and Rajiv Gandhi</b>
25/10/2008 06:04:31  HK- Based on Media Inputs

Madurai : DMK hooligans of Karunanidhi spearheading Anti India agitation in Tamilnadu vandalised the office of Janata Party in Madurai and Statue of Rajiv Gandhi in Chennai.

Attackers claiming to be lawyers openly shouted anti-India slogans. The police, who were supposed to have guarded our offices, were conspicuous by their absence. The attack cannot have taken place without the blessings of Karunanidhi. There will be no peace in Tamil Nadu unless the DMK regime is dismissed forthw ith, Told Subhramaniya Swami President of Janata Party.

<b>The staunch position taken by Swami against Ramsethu destruction at the behest of DMK, irked DMK activists. The entire office was completely destroyed.</b>

As Reported by IANS

"Over a hundred people claiming to be lawyers broke every chair, table and tube-light in our office. They also assaulted me brutally. Since the police picket posted here for protection was removed, we were defenceless. For whatever it is worth, we have filed a complaint with the police," the Janata party spokesman told 

<b>"The protestors shouted slogans vowing to chase all Tamil traitors</b> like Swamy who were collaborating with the Sinhalese chauvinist regime in Colombo <b>away from the borders of Tamil Nadu," R. Nagaiyan, a witness said.</b>
(What are anti-Hindu anti-Indian traitors doing in India? How about they go swimming where there's a strong downward suction?)

Gandhi, who was assassinated by a female suicide bomber in 1991, and Swamy are considered to be symbols against the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam - who are currently facing losses against the Sri Lankan army.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Shanth  October 26th, 2008 at 2:05 pm

Nishka October 25th, 2008 at 2:34 pm

There was separatism in early 60’s in TN. CN Annadurai disbanded the idea of separate Dravida Nadu after Nehru passed a law baring parties with separatist ideals to contest elections. DMK won in 1967. Since then Dravidian parties have never lost control of TN. I am seeing that generation fade out. However strong anti-brahmin emtions are alive. Hindus themselves vote DMK.

DMK is at the forefront when giving suport to Chrisitians. they have helped them flourish in south TN. Today the process of reverting to Hinduism is delibrately hindered by DMK. It is giong to take a huge fight to re-establish Hindu values in TN. Christianity is spreading like cancer. all this will help DMK achive its cherished dream of a separate Dravida Nadu.
(There is more to DMK than just the belief in Dravidoidism. This mob movement is particularly christoconditioned, and some in it are known to be more than just your average publicly 'unaffiliated' non-Hindus: declared christos. Not that that is a surprise when even their DMK religion originated from a bishop.)

<b>Recently strong supporters of LTTE in SL issued statements asking Tamils not to worship “North Indian” gods like Lord Ram.</b> Look at the way they fan hatred against the idea of India.
(The conclusion of the subsequent sentence is inaccurate. It is LTTE trying to stab at Hinduism, though it is cloaking this as being merely anti-Indian or anti-N-Indian or anti-'Oryan'. Again, the only thing that is gaining anything here is christianism.)

In the current leadership only Jaylalitha is opposed to LTTE. God knows how TN will vote.
SOme Muslims and Christians have joined this support LTTE movement now.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Even when the christians in TN are so anti-Hindu, they pretend support for the 'Hindu' cause in SL. But it is only the christoLTTE cause (that of undercover christianisation) that they are supporting: they are supporting their christoterrorist brethren. And islamaniacs support anything anti-Hindu.
Another comment from the same person, same link:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Shanth  October 25th, 2008 at 10:29 am

@ Nishka October 24th, 2008 at 11:07 pm

I have been following LTTE and Srilankan issue since 1983(when I was 7 years old. too early for a 7 year old). You are right. LTTE has/had many christians in their ranks. For ex Anton Balasingham was one of the examples. Dilipan, Karuna etc are all Chrisitians. <b>they killed Hindu leaders like Padmanabha, Sabarthinam etc.</b>
(And still no one calls LTTE for what it is: treacherous, anti-Hindu, christoterrorist outfit.)

You are right again to say that LTTE wants Christian supremacy in Srilanka. They are against Buddhists and HIndus. They even killed Muslims.

Why should a Christian country Norway show so much interest in SL affairs. They mediate. There is no doubt that LTTE is Chrisitan fundamentalist org.

Rajiv gandhi called LTTE guys in Feb 1991, just 2 months before his death and asssured them of support in his next term. Despite that MOSSAD and CIA were influential in executing this plot. BCCI(bank of Credit and commerce International) broke due to Nick Leeson in singapore. one of the accounts belonging to LTTE in London in BCCI had 88 million dollars deposited in it. Source of it was traced to Israel and US. The details obtained by an Indian sleuth was lost along with his suitcase in London Heathrow. Nobody knew anything about it later.Dhamu the assasin who killed Rajiv was also a Christian.

LTTE has been receiving help from Chrisitists for a long time.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->(I pasted this for the first 3 paras above. Don't know about all this Rajiv Gandhi, Mossaad, CIA, bank stuff - but leaving it in here in case anyone can explain.)
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Abrahamics using Pagans as human shields</b>
(I wouldn't call the christoterrorist LTTE abrahamics, I would call them christoislamics)
nov 5th, 2008

velupillai prabhakaran, anton balasingham and other christists are hiding behind the poor tamil hindu population.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Krish


"It is a fact -- acknowledged even by External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee -- that the LTTE has placed tens of thousands of innocent civilians around its bases as human shields. Does anyone believe Sri Lankan soldiers shall value the lives of these Tamilians when Prabhakaran himself is prepared to sacrifice them?"<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->What kind of statement is that final one (rediff)? Christoterrorist (and head of the christoterrorist LTTE) prabhakaran <i>wants</i> the Hindus dead (he's not merely 'prepared to sacrifice them' <- that sort of processed reporting makes it sound like the christomaniac wistfully considers it a loss).
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Bharat  November 19th, 2008 at 2:34 pm</b>

<b>BJP vows to end Lankan Tamils’ plight</b>

Chennai, Nov. 18: In its first poll promise to the people of Tamil Nadu, the BJP today said that it would solve the problems of Sri Lankan Tamils, within six months, if the party was elected to power at the Centre.

Despite, India’s opposition to a military solution, Sri Lankan president had announced that he would continue the war against Tamils, who are Hindus. Sri Lanka’s refusal to stop the war is an insult to the Indian government. This shows that the UPA government is not respected by other countries and the prestige and influence of India have come down, after Manmohan Singh took over as Prime Minister

<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->So BJP will expose LTTE for the christoterrorist organisation that it is, so that the Sinhalese Buddhists attack the christoterrorists behind all the LTTE terror and leave the Hindus alone? <!--emo&:cool--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/specool.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='specool.gif' /><!--endemo-->
The following article is best read after revisiting Dhu's post #97 that contains the article LTTE And Churches Protect Each Other:

Many instances of the use of 'Tamil' in the article below can be replaced with "christoterrorist of Tamil origin", but the reason I am linking to the following here is not to argue about this.
Rather: compare how in India the christoterrorists keep talking up Buddhism in order to beat Hinduism with it, whereas in Sri Lanka it is the exact opposite where they pretend to care about Hindus.
Christoterrorists HATE Hindu Dharma in India, and they HATE Buddhism in Bauddha countries. It is the same hatred. Christoterrorism is a hatefilled religion. And in Asia, they always try to <b>use</b> the other native traditions of a country in order to destroy the majority tradition in that heathen nation.

<span style='color:blue'>Sri Lankan Tamils, the ‘Cats Paw’ of the Church</span>

Good to read the entire article and the comments on that page.
1. It's obvious how the behaviour of christoterrorists in the comments section is exactly the same pattern of response employed by christoterrorists in India comment ing on articles by Hindus exposing christoterrorism. (For example, accusations of 'communalism', and "look how you are dividing the country", "you are racist/fundamentalist/intolerant/...", appeals to "us minorities" - when there's no Us: christos are separate from Hindus.)
2. Sri Lanka undergoing exactly the same problems as India:
- Christoterrorism setting up of two (or more) local populations against each other until they the hatred takes a life of its own.
- English language elite and christoterrorism.
- No true independence from christocolonialism.
- Psecularism: christians in SL beginning to whine about communalism and talk down anyone stating the facts about christoterrorism. That's because power/subversion of christianism in SL is some years behind that of India.
3. Still, <b>look who's married to the head of SL: a christian woman with christian sons.</b> Intimated by a christoterrorist at that link, who comments very psecularly:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->This article clearly shows that there are devious people who are attempting to capitalise on the multiple religious persuations in Sri Lanka to further compound the problems in the country. AND THIS WILL CERTAINLY ALIENATE A SIGNIFICANT SEGMENT OF THE SINHALESE PEOPLE, TOO, INCLUDING <b>PRESIDENT RAJAPAKSE'S WIFE AND HIS SONS.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->This - Sri Lanka's own Sonia - tagged along with her husband to Guruvayoor Kovil in Kerala in order to terrorise 'pay respects' to our God. Yeah right. She's a terrorist, a crypto terrorist:
<b>Temple in upheaval over Sri Lankan First Lady's faith</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sri Lanka [Images]n newspapers, which followed up the story, probed the Sri Lankan first lady's religious antecedents. The reports said Shiranthi, a Catholic by birth, converted to Buddhism. The reports also mentioned her <b>religious contacts with Christian leaders in Sri Lanka, including Oswald Gomis, the archbishop of Colombo.</b>

Rediff India Abroad Managing Editor Aziz Haniffa, a keen Sri Lanka watcher, says Shiranthi was born Christian. "She converted to Buddhism before she got married to Mahinda Rajapakse," he said. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->She's a crypto christian - and christoterrorists of SL (like the christo of the comment a bit further above) know her real religion and that of her sons all too well. As would the archbishop of Colombo and other christian leaders who she keeps religious contact with.
Her conversion is for public purposes only, since a declared christian in power will make the christian course of events in SL too blatantly obvious to the populace.

In fact, if she hasn't already, she will soon have her husband converted to christianism too (he already visited the pope's funeral, something no heathen in his/her right mind would do). And once he's converted, they will still keep up an outward show of being heathens while continuing to destroy the island nation. That is what crypto christians do when in charge: Prachanda the christian maoist usurper to power in Nepal, christian leaders of LTTE Prachanda and gang, catholic Ambika Soni with her big pottu/bindi, catholic Sonia Gandhi making a show of being sympathetic to Hinduism, AP chief minister YSR trying to keep his name Samuel hidden for as long as he can, the folks at NDTV et al, your average crypto christian Indian man/woman practising inculturation in order to marry into Hindu communities to then destroy and convert them.

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