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Srilanka - News And Discussion
The Cathlic church, Tamil and LTTE - Part I

The Catholic church, Tamil and LTTE - Part II

The Catholic church, Tamil and LTTE - Part III
Cross posting - since I was looking for this here and found it in the (equally appropriate) christianism thread:
<!--QuoteBegin-Husky+Oct 19 2008, 03:05 PM-->QUOTE(Husky @ Oct 19 2008, 03:05 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->^

Is the LTTE a Hindu terrorist group?

Excerpt. I've highlighted a few lines in blue, but the entire thing is worth reading:
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Many of LTTE’s top leaders and many of the LTTE cadres have been Christian or Muslim, including the following:

▪ Anton Stanislaus Balasingham: The chief political advisor, strategist and mentor to LTTE for over two decades.

▪ Marcelin Fuselus (nom de guerre: Victor), a senior LTTE commander from Mannar after whom the LTTE’s Anti-Tank Unit has been named.

▪ Charles Lucas Anthony (nom de guerre: Lt.Seelan), from Trincomalee, the first LTTE fighter to die in combat

▪ Many of the Tamil Tigers are Christian, including the late Miss Dhanu (Thenmozhi Rajaratnam) who was Rajiv Gandhi's suicide-murderer

▪ Norwegian film maker Beate Arnestad’s recent acclaimed documentary film on the LTTE, “My Daughter the Terrorist”, follows two young, Catholic Tamil females, with the nom-de-guerre 'Tharsika' and 'Puhalchudar', who have been LTTE fighters since their teens and have become part of LTTE's elite force, the Black Tigers.

Tharsika's mother, Maria, says that her daughter, the main character in the documentary, had wanted to become a Catholic nun when she was young. This same girl, Tharsika is now shown wearing a LTTE uniform and kneeling before a statue of Mary and Infant Jesus and crossing herself during worship, in the documentary. This shows that the LTTE accommodates Christian religious beliefs in its ranks.

▪ Jesumy Fernando (nom de guerre: Kennedy) is a LTTE commando who was captured on a raid on the sole airstrip of the Sri Lanka army's sprawling Palaly base in Jaffna in 1994. The LTTE received him back in a prisoner exchange with Sri Lankan Army POWs on 28 September 2002.

▪ “Second Lieutenant” Robert Kanthamarajah Uthayakumar who was killed in an army ambush near Kirumichchai on March 5, 2005.

▪ Lawrence Thilagar, former International spokesman of the LTTE and now the TRO Project Co-ordinator.

▪ Basheer Kaka, a Trincomalee Muslim, was first made in charge of training the LTTE members in the eighties and then was promoted LTTE’s Batticoloa leadership in the nineties.

9) Hence, in Sri Lanka, the biggest supporters of the LTTE have been the Tamil Christian clergy, from the Catholic, Methodist, Anglican and evangelical churches.

To this day, not a single Tamil Christian church or clergyman has condemned the LTTE as being pro-Hindu or anti-Christian.

Normally, Christian groups, lead by the likes of John Dayal, are quick to condemn any organization that is pro-Hindu or anti-Christian.

10) The Sri Lankan Police investigating the seizure of suicide jackets in Mabole on February 1, 2008, two days prior to the Sri Lankan Independence Day celebrations, have arrested 3 Christian priests from a fundamentalist religious sect and recovered several suicide kits.

Under interrogation the priests have confessed that they had brought down around 30 suicide cadres from Mannar to Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. They also admitted to transporting several suicide kits and weapons to these areas. Police were able to arrest the person suspected to have transported a parcel (containing two suicide kits, eight detonators, eight batteries, and six remote controlled devices) to Mabole area.

The arrested person was identified as Nagulan, a pastor of a church in Mannar which is a branch of Four Square Church, a Christian evangelist group. After searching the priest's church at Pahankammukotte in Mannar, security forces were able to recover three suicide kits, two claymore mines and three magnet bombs.

Read more at: The deadly triangle of LTTE + NGO + Christian extremists exposed. www.srilankawatch.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=172&Itemid=1

11) A senior Christian priest, Rev. Sam T. Jayathilakarajah of the Achchelu Methodist Church and his brother, Dr. Jayakularajah enthusiastically gave shelter and performed surgery on injured LTTE members (including Pulenthiran and Seelan) after they attacked the Chavakachcheri Police station in 1982.

12) A second Christian priest, Father Aabaranam Singarayar provided a constant supply of painkillers to these LTTE members as they recuperated from surgery. This is confirmed by Maj.Gen. Sarath Munasinghe, the head of the army intelligence unit of Sri Lanka, who arrested interrogated both these priests.

13) A third Christian priest, Father Anton Sinnarasa was also arrested by the Sri Lankan army for sheltering the LTTE members and for his involvement in the LTTE bank van holdup at Neervely, where 81 lakhs of rupees was robbed on March 25th 1981. In September 1983, Father Sinnarasa later escaped from custody during the famous Batticoloa jailbreak. He slipped away to Canada a few years later and continues to lead LTTE-front activities in Tamil-dominated suburbs of Toronto under the name “Anton Philip”.

14) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran a detailed report on another Christian priest, Father Francis Xavier who is a leading organizer and fundraiser for the Tamil Tigers in Toronto, Canada.

Read the three-page feature about him at: Whose Truth?

15) All the top people in LTTE’s front charity group, Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), now under FBI scrutiny in the USA, are Christians:

▪ Mr.K.P.Regi, Executive Director of TRO,
▪ Mr. Lawrence Thilagar, TRO Project Co-ordinator,
▪ Mr. Lawrence Christie, Planning Director of the TRO
▪ Mr.E.Robert, Administrative Head of the TRO Accelerated Rehabilitation Project.
▪ Mr. Vincent, TRO's Director of Tsunami Rehabilitation and Construction
▪ Mr.P.Mariyanayagam Croos (Cruz), President of the Mannar TRO,
▪ Ms. P.Mariina Croos (Cruz) of the Mannar TRO
▪ Yude Genoba of the Mannar TRO

16) Not surprisingly, the TRO works in alliance with the Church of South India in the Tamil areas of Northen and Eastern Sri Lanka.

Reverend Father A.Jeyakumar, Reverend Father S.E. Arnold, Reverend Father P. Anukular and Reverend Father J. Thevarudchelvam from Mullaitivu Diocese (Church of South India) and Mr J Rajanayagam from Jaffna Diocese (Church of South India) are the chief guests at TRO functions held to distribute fishing nets, boats and houses to the Tsunami victims.

17) The top 3 Catholic Bishops of Jaffna, Mannar and Trincomalee-Batticaloa (Rev. Thomas Soundaranayagam, Rev. Dr. Joseph Rayappu and Rev. Kingsley Swamipillai) regularly meet the LTTE leadership and grace LTTE events.

18) The LTTE supremo, Velupillai Pirapaharan, named his first born son with a Christian name, Charles Lucas Anthony, in memory of his dead comrade. Would any religious-minded Hindu father ever give his son a fully Christian name?

19) In April 2008, LTTE desperately appealed to the Sri Lankan army to stop the shelling and rocket attacks of the Catholic “Our Lady of Madhu” church in Madhu; and even helped the Catholic clergy to carry away the sacred statue of Mary beyond the warzone, when the Sri Lankan army’s barrage hit the adjacent “Infant Jesus” church.

20) The LTTE is indeed secular. Many of the Members of the Sri Lankan Parliament from the LTTE-affiliated political party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) are either Tamil Christians or Tamil Muslims.
(NO. Not secular.)

In February 2008, the LTTE appointed a Muslim lawyer, Rizwan Mohammed Imam, to be the TNA Member of Parliament from Jaffna.

Other key TNA Members of Parliament from Vanni are Selvam Adaikkalanathan (a Tamil Catholic from Mannar) and Solomon Cyril from Jaffna.

In the past, the LTTE had appointed another Christian, Joseph Pararajasingham as the TNA MP from Batticaloa before he was assassinated.

21) Since the eighties, the LTTE has embarked on a rigourous campaign of de-Sanskritisation, i.e. a removal of Sanskrit names from their cadres and changing it to Dravidian names.

Prabhakaran became Pirapaharan; Dinesh became Tamilchelvan and so on. Would any Hindu group do that?

22) Simultaneously, with the de-Sanskritisation, in order to show the LTTE’s secularism, several other LTTE leaders adopted a Christian or Muslim nom-de-guerre.

▪ The Head of LTTE’s Military Intelligence “Colonel” Shanmuganathan Ravishankar was renamed “Charles”.
▪ The first Black Tiger, Vallipuram Vasanthan was christened Captain “Miller”.
▪ The Amparai district LTTE Economic Division Head became “Henry”.
▪ The LTTE spokesperson, Rasiah Ilanthariyan became “Marshall”.
▪ The commander of LTTE’s Vinothan brigade was renamed "Jim Kelly", and another LTTE commander was renamed “Robert”.
▪ The LTTE delegate to the Thimpu talks, Sivakumaran became “Anton”
▪ And Lt. Col. Thambirasa Kuhasanthan was renamed “Nizam"
▪ The LTTE head of the Victor anti - armoured artillery unit was renamed Lt.Col. “Akbar”
▪ The LTTE head of Sathurukondan area (Batticoloa) was renamed “Gadaffi” after the Libyan Muslim dictator (Muammar Gadaffi)

23) The LTTE is alleged to have murdered the 61-year old Hindu priest, Parameshwara Gurukkal, as described in the article: Pathetic plight of Eastern Pillaiyar Temple Priest.

To maintain its balanced, secular nature, will the LTTE dare to murder any Christian priest? I hope not.

Now, after reading all this proof, why would anyone in their right mind call the LTTE a Hindu group?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->I disagree with the charge that the LTTE is a supposedly secular terrorist org. It is christian. It is merely using Hindus as cannon fodder and for the sake of hiding its terrorism behind the Hindu (or, failing that, secular) label.
In the meantime it has made lots of converts: the non-existence of jeebus has never stopped christianism from performing its 'miracles'.
It quoted Sri Lankan officials as saying they are unsure whether Prabakharan is in Mullaitivu, the LTTE’s last outpost, or has already escaped - possibly by aircraft but more likely by boat. We have surrounded them from all sides and the only option for them is to jump into the sea, army chief Lt-Gen Sarath Fonseka said.


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Britain’s LTTE: Upended Tigers and Opium-Drugged Lions</b>     
Ramtanu Maitra
19 Feb 2009

On Jan. 25, as the Sri Lankan Army moved in to capture Mullaitivu town, the military capital of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), better known as the Tamil Tigers, it became evident that this 15,000-strong terrorist army will be homeless within weeks.

In London, the first overseas headquarters of the Tigers, set up in 1984, the crisis is now at hand. Her Majesty’s Service, which has maintained these terror warriors for more than two decades, in hopes of gaining access to a port in the Tamil-majority area, to establish a British naval presence in the Indian Ocean adjacent to India, is finding its dreams vanishing in thin air. We present here a case study of but one element of London’s hydra-headed international terrorist apparatus.

The routing of the Tigers by the Sri Lankan military and capture of  Mullaitivu, the strongest Sea Tiger (sea-wing of the LTTE) base, and the last of the urban settlements under the Tigers’ control, has put the Gordon Brown government on the spot. The Tigers had been hoping that London would intervene against its former colonial subjects to stop the war and save the warriors.

But Sri Lanka, with close ties to China, India, and the United States, put the derelict British on notice and carried out a relentless military campaign to oust what some “experts” considered for years to be an “invincible” force.

<b>Pinch Hitting for the Terrorists</b>
Even with the handwriting on the wall, the opium-drugged British lion did not stop whimpering. Addressing a Tamil diaspora meeting, jointly organized by the All Party Sri Lanka Parliamentary Group and British Tamil Forum (BTF) at the Westminster Parliament on Jan. 27, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown wrung their hands in anguish. Miliband sounded desperate when he said Sri Lanka should go for a political solution that safeguards the rights of the Tamil community.

“We are calling for every right of the Tamil people; political, cultural, and religious rights are respected. We are serious in our attempts. We also call for open access for journalists. But the first step is to stop the killings. We will use every possible tool available to us to stop the killings,” Miliband said, with the sanctimoniousness for which the Foreign Office is famous.

To begin with, Miliband knows that Colombo was going after a group of militants, acknowledged by most nations, other than such British “half-crown” colonies as Australia, as terrorists, and that the Tigers do not represent the Tamil community of Sri Lanka. Miliband’s lying comes naturally to him: It is part of the training bestowed on him by Her Majesty’s Service.

But, Miliband did issue a veiled threat when he said: “We will use every possible tool available to stop the killings.” <b>The world is aware of what tools London has used to make the Tigers as powerful as they have been.</b>

<b>‘Terroristan’ on Display</b>
A few days before the Sri Lankan military captured the Tigers’ Mullaitivu base, the trial of Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar, known as “Shanthan,” came to the Kingston Crown Court in South West London. Shanthan, widely known as the “numero uno” Tiger operator in Britain, was first questioned in 2004, when he was caught buying military uniforms and equipment at an army surplus store in Southsea, Hamsphire, England; he was not arrested.

The surplus items on his shopping list included 250 pairs of combat boots, 251 army-style ponchos, 30 machetes, 152 trenching spades, and 110 pairs of U.S. military handcuffs, according to court records.

Shanthan was arrested for the first time in 2007, under the U.K. Terrorism Act 2000, and subsequently released. He was re- arrested in 2008. Of note: Britain had proscribed the Tigers as a terrorist group in 2001.

Why, then, was Shanthan not arrested in 2001? During the trial following his 2008 arrest, it came to light that Shanthan was not simply a Tiger; he was also an agent of MI5, the British national security service.

This case has an eerie similarity to that of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who was recruited by MI6 (foreign intelligence service) and sent to Kosovo in the 1990s. Later, Omar Saeed was sent to join the jihadis in Pakistan, where he kidnapped and slit the throat of the Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl.

Evidently, these were the kind of “tools” Miliband was threatening to use in Sri Lanka to protect the empire’s interests.

At the trial of Shanthan and three other Tigers, at the Kingston Crown Court, Jonathan Laidlaw QC prosecuting, said the men were among 300,000 Tamils living in Britain, and added: “As you might expect because of this country’s close links with Sri Lanka and the large Tamil community which lives in the U.K., the authorities through its agencies such as Special Branch, held regular meetings with [Shanthan].”

Between 2004 and 2007, the Special Branch (the U.K. investigative unit) continued to meet Shanthan; in 2007, his home in Norbury, South London was raided. Shanthan was found to be in possession of equipment which could be used in improvised explosive devices (IEDs), along with high-powered magnets of the type used to attach limpet mines to Sri Lankan Naval vessels. The Kingston Court also exhibited two lists found with Shanthan, which included equipment that could be used to track boats and plans to manufacture in Taiwan 7,500 printed circuit boards with timing and switching functions that could have been used for a “nefarious purpose,” the court was told.

Laidlaw said: “Shanthan as head of the LTTE in London was the co-coordinator of the procurement exercise. He was in contact with senior LTTE figures in Sri Lanka, receiving their orders and requests and, on occasions, buying equipment himself.”

<b>Britain’s Undeclared War against Sri Lanka</b>
In other words, British intelligence, the paid functionaries of Her Majesty’s Service, was conducting warfare against the Sri Lankan government, by providing the Sri Lankan terrorist group with the weapons to endanger the nation’s security.

But the Shanthan case was only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The link between the British establishment/security services and the Tigers does not begin or end with Shanthan’s procurement of military equipment as an MI5 agent. In fact, Britain had long been one of the most important centers for the Tigers’ fundraising activities, others being some of the British “half-crown” colonies - Australia, Canada, Norway, and South Africa.

One of the most important elements in this operation was bring to London <b>Anton Balasingham, the “theoretician” of the Tigers, and asset of the British intelligence services.</b> Balasingham, whose wife Adele is Australian and holds a British passport, was often in the Tiger-zone to meet the group’s supremo, Vellupillai Pirabhakaran, who also held a British passport. Despite the fact that Balasingham was negotiating on behalf of the Tigers for a ceasefire with Colombo, as late as 2006, and the Tigers were proscribed as a terrorist organization by Britain, he remained free from 1999, when he moved to London with his wife, until 2006, when he died. It is evident that Balasingham was acting as a liaison for the British establishment, passing on valuable information to Pirabhakaran.

Since Balasingham’s death, Adele, who was involved in the peace talks, as the secretary of the LTTE delegation, has become the spokeswoman for the LTTE, and was reported holding occasional fundraising events in England.

A former Indian cabinet minister, Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, went on record saying: “Balasingham was a terrorist who at least once has publicly and arrogantly relished the assassination of [former Indian Prime Minister] Rajiv Gandhi. In 1995 he had warned the then President of Sri Lanka, Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga, that she would face the same fate as Rajiv Gandhi if she confronted the LTTE.”

<b>London’s Drug Mercenaries for Hire</b>
It is almost a certainty that neither the upending of the Tigers in Sri Lanka, nor the death of Balasingham, nor the arrest and exposé of Shanthan will sever the links between Her Majesty’s Service and the Tigers.

While these developments may bring about a lower level of threat to Sri Lanka, there may be a greater threat to other nations in the crosshairs of Britain and the Tigers. The collaboration would continue because British officials and diplomats have often visited Wanni (the heart of the Tamil-dominated area in northern Sri Lanka) and met Tiger leaders in Kilinochchi, the “capital” of the Tigers, now under control of the Sri Lankan military.

In a unique report on the financial operations of the LTTE, the August 2007 issue of Jane’s Intelligence Review wrote that, with financial and procurement structures well organized and strategically positioned around the globe, the group has a profit margin that would be the envy of any multinational corporation - some US$200 to 300 million per year. While some of this amount comes from the Tamil expatriates worldwide, much of it is generated through drug trafficking, gun running, smuggling of contraband items, and even running prostitution rings.

In 2000, the Swiss French-language daily Le Courrier raised questions about LTTE fundraising in Switzerland, of nearly 1 million Swiss francs (US$600,000) per month, in addition to using “drug money” to finance its 54 offices throughout the world, and to buy weapons. Further elaborating on the far-flung Tiger operation, the article said that the “Tamil Tiger octopus has long tentacles.”

In 1999, a Tamil commando was arrested in New Delhi after a shootout which led to the seizure of 14.5 kilograms of heroin. Further investigation by the Indian police revealed a network of <b>drug traffickers which involved a Mumbai-based drug-lord, Ali Khan, and two LTTE members.</b>

By 1999, the LTTE’s credentials as major drug traffickers had already been established. Studies by Indian diplomatic sources indicated the LTTE was operating freely inside Myanmar in the 1990s, making and distributing heroin. Investigations later provided alleged proof of collaboration between a section of the Myanmar military and the Tamil Tigers.

Over the years, Tamil drug smugglers with direct links to the Tigers have been arrested in Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, and Canada. Diplomats have concluded the Tamil Tigers’ “independence” fight has become overshadowed by its outside businesses, first and foremost, drugs.

The drug money also played a major part in keeping the Tiger militia armed. However, the northern Sri Lankan port of Jaffna and a large pirate fleet maintained by the LTTE armed forces play a relatively minor role in the anti-Colombo war, compared to its role in drug trafficking. In the Indian state of Manipur, located in the northeast, bordering Myanmar, the LTTE has developed a base. This group of Tigers broke off from the Sri Lankan resistance, and instead, became a part and parcel of militias that bring in guns and drugs from Myanmar and Southeast Asia, and sell to various militant secessionist, ethnic, and jihadi groups that operate in northeastern India and Bangladesh.

There exist many reports of the Tigers using the drug money to purchase sophisticated weapons and ammunition, either directly from the Indian traffickers, or from their contract people in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Besides the submachine guns purchased from Israeli arms dealers, the LTTE is said to have gotten supplies from Afghanistan (U.S. and Soviet ground-to-air missiles), Ukraine (explosives), Cambodia, and Myanmar.

But beyond the traditional drug- and gun-running, the Tigers have been accused of running assassination squads in Europe, targeting dissident Tamils. Their objective is to control the Tamil diaspora in Europe, to collect money. This ring of Tamil Tigers, believed to be centered in Norway, attacks rival Tamils to prevent them from competing for the money in the diaspora.

It is evident that the estimated $200-300 million raised annually from these activities, can corrupt many politicians and maintain many assassination squads. In Britain, the Tigers have continued to raise funds at functions open to the public, and attended by British parliamentarians. The British have facilitated fundraising for the Tiger terrorists on British soil, since 1984, and are in no mood to abandon them. The Tigers have openly held events in the U.K. to celebrate suicide bombers and fund their terror war against sovereign nations. British politicians attend these events in exchange for money and votes from terrorists and their dupes living in the U.K.

For instance, on Dec. 8, 2007, a row broke out over the attendance of three Labour Party MPs - the high profile Keith Vaz, Virendra Sharma, and Joan Ryan - at a several-thousand-strong expatriate Tamil event, organized to pay respect to those who died in the “Tamil liberation struggle.” Vaz jointly chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils with Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes, who sent a message to the rally.

<b>Threat to India</b>
The LTTE has already launched an anti-India campaign through its websites. The campaign accuses India of not exercising its authority to pressure Colombo to call a ceasefire. The anger of the Tigers has been directed against the Indian government and the Congress (I) party, the largest party in the ruling coalition, UPA.

<b>The objective of the Tigers ostensibly is to rev up the Tamils in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, across the Palk Straits, against India’s refusal to protect the Tigers.</b> A large section of Tamil expatriates living in Europe, Australia, South Africa, and Canada also seems to have joined the British-Tiger lobby, saying Colombo could not have succeeded in ousting the Tigers without military help from New Delhi.

A senior Indian intelligence official noted recently that the target of the most vicious campaign of the Tigers is Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. The Congress (I) is projected as the “Sonia Congress” and the “Dynasty Congress,” and the government of India as the “Sonia Establishment.” The official pointed out that keeping in view the dangers of a negative impact of such attacks on the minds of irrational elements in the Tamil community, it would be prudent to strengthen the security for Mrs. Gandhi.
(Bahahaa. What's that 'senior Indian intelligence official' been drinking?
Good luck to LTTE in taking down their *own* religion's Queen.)

The author is South Asian Analyst at Executive Intelligence Review News Services Inc.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->I am sure the christian terrorist outfit "LTTE" will now attempt to transplant their terrorist services to Bharatam, as they have already started doing. In India the LTTE will no longer sing their deceptive song of '(christo)Tamils' are oppressed by the Buddhists, but '(christo)Tamils are oppressed by the Hindus' <- an oxymoron if ever there was one, when Tamizh is synonymous with Hindu, it's a term designating a subset of the Hindu species.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Reminiscences: Serving with the Indian Army in Sri Lanka by a former Head, Intelligence,</b>
feb 26th, 2009

<b>war crimes are being perpetrated on the tamil civilians of sri lanka by both the sri lankan army and by the LTTE. </b>

unfortunately the LTTE has become so identified with the tamils that it is difficult to give the hindu tamil civilians the attention they need. <b>the LTTE, which is really a christist entity, has essentially hijacked the poor hindu tamils</b>, who have been victimized ever since independence.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri

Subject: For SG and GT: Reminiscences: Serving with the Indian Army in
Sri Lanka - by a former Head, Intelligence, IPKF 1987-1990


<b>Reminiscences: Serving with the Indian Army in Sri Lanka

By Col. R. Hariharan</b>

"Meet this Army officer. He is the man who killed our son," the middle
aged man pointed at me as he introduced me to his wife. My wife was
shocked. But I knew his pain, so I was nonchalant. It happened in 1989
in my own home in Chennai. I knew them quite well in Jaffna. In fact,
their house was the first one I visited when I set foot on the red
earth of Jaffna on August 5, 1987 as part of the Indian Peace Keeping
Force. His 18-year old son was also there. The handsome young fellow
was a "Tamil Tiger" of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. In Jaffna
everybody called them "Boys."

... deleted

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 2/26/2009 10:33:00 AM 0 comments<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Stuff that I already linked to in another thread, but that actually belongs in this thread:
1. http://www.christianaggression.org/item_di...S&id=1141381467
A neo-colonial conspiracy
By Sandhya Jain
February 26, 2006

2. http://www.christianaggression.org/item_di...S&id=1136168172
That anti-Portuguese feeling in Lanka
See the section "Prior to the advent of the Portuguese ..." upto '...was more," adds Prof Endagama.'

3. http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx...EID=8249&SKIN=W
Comments by 'narendran', 'biju' and 'pvas'

4. Stable link to document on Norwegian funding of LTTE
See also section "The Solheim / Karuna dispute". Refers to the Norwegian Eric Solheim. And Karuna Amman who broke away from the LTTE and has his own army.

5. http://haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?P...249&SKIN=W
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Muthu 23/02/2009 05:50:23
<b>Anita pratap .... all falls in line</b>
Anita Pratap married to the Norwegian diplomat . Yes all the above converted ones doing all this mess is very evident.
Haindava editors must investigate this.
Read this and one will know. One must investigate the role of Anita pratap, vis a vis Norway in Sri lanka.

6. http://www.christianaggression.org/item_di...S&id=1127194746
Colombo Clans, Goon Squads and the Church
How the events of 1983 have "a rather sinister christian claw in who got blamed for it"

About the Anita Pratap mentioned here:
<b>23/02/2009 05:50:23  Anita pratap .... all falls in line </b>
Anita Pratap married to the Norwegian diplomat . Yes all the above converted ones doing all this mess is very evident.
Haindava editors must investigate this.
Read this and one will know. One must investigate the role of Anita pratap, vis a vis Norway in Sri lanka.

http://tamilinsight.org/mydesk/blog/tamil-...y-anita-pratap/ <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->In the above:
- The Norwegian connection has to do with how Norway has been funding the LTTE.
- The Norwegian government guy working with the LTTE was Eric Solheim - the one who disputed ex-LTTE Karuna Amman when the latter brought it out into the public about how Norway was in fact funding the LTTE. The Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT) people found out Eric Solheim was the one who was lying and Karuna Amman's accusations were all true.
- In the last link given in the quoteblock above, this Anita Pratap waxes on and on about "Tamil Identity". I'd never heard of her, so I assumed she was Tamil. I was wrong.

Thought I'd look around a bit on who this Anita Pratap was. What I found was predictable and not unanticipated.

<b>Anita Pratap:</b>
- Indian, not Sri Lankan
- journalist. Started in Indian Express. Wrote for Sunday and India Today.
- at one point was a journalist for CNN (no longer) and Time too.
- writer for Outlook

<b>It gets more interesting:</b>
1. She's not Tamil, but from Kerala.
2. She's a Kerala Syrian christian catholic. Of course. Her name - before she married her first husband - is Anita Simon.
3. Her first husband was a Hindu and they had a son called Zubin (after the Parsee orchestra conductor???). They got on badly, divorced and she got custody over their son.
4. She met the Norwegian ambassador to India at some party (on Valentine's day, perchance?) and married him.
5. Guess who the best man at this christoterrorist wedding was? Yes, none other than buddy Eric Solheim.
6. Eric Solheim gifted Prabhakaran - christoterrorist and head of christoterrorist LTTE - a TV, because Solheim apparently knew that christian Prabhakaran was obsessed with watching TV. (Not my interpretation, see data further below.) Sounds like Solheim knew Prabhakaran well enough.
7. Anita Simon still keeps her Hindu ex-husband's surname. Crypto-christianism is important in a christoterrorist's line of work.
8. In 1984, back when her journalistic career was still starting off, Anita Simon became the first person to ever interview Prabhakaran and he became so fond of his christoterrorist link with the press, that he gave her many more interviews to tell his side of the story.
Note how it was in 1984, how she is a christian, how she was still starting up in the field and yet how she magically bagged an interview with a terrorist who hadn't been interviewed yet. It's a miracle! Yes. That must be what it is. Makes one wonder: was Prabhakaran already a (crypto) christian convert by 1984?
9. Deeply moved by the lifestory of the head of the christoLTTE, Anita Simon - like her fellow Kerala Syrian catholic christoterrorist Suzanna Margaret 'Arundhati' Roy - decided to write a book. Called Island of Blood. And yes, it would include her views on Sri Lanka.

So, here's the supporting data for the above.

A. http://www.tribuneindia.com/2001/2001102.../above.htm
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Anita Pratap</b>
Her name would be known the world over to people who take interest in current events, read periodicals or watch TV. She’s been in the print and electronic media for over 20 years, in the forefront covering the <b>Afghan Civil War, the Naga rebellion, the Indo-Pak confrontation on the Siachen Glacier, LTTE’s battles against the Sri Lankan army</b> and much else. She has been <b>on the staff of The Indian Express, India Today, Time and CNN.</b> She has won more awards for journalism, national and international, than any Indian journalist. And she is very easy on the eye: tall and curvaceous.

<b>Anita (nee Simon) was born in Kottayam (Kerala) to Syrian Catholic parents.</b> Her father was an executive with Tatas and had postings in different cities. In 11 years Anita changed seven schools. She took her Senior Cambridge from Loreto, Calcutta, winning all the prizes and topping the list in English. She then joined Miranda House, Delhi. She was again the topper in English literature in BA honours which she passed in 1978. An academic career was wide open to her. Being a restless person, she opted for journalism and took a diploma from Bangalore University. <b>She was immediately taken on by Arun Shourie, then Editor of The Indian Express.</b> After a short stint in Delhi, she asked to be transferred to Bangalore where her parents were living. There she met <b>Pratap Chandran</b>, a senior reporter and married him. He was a Hindu, she a Christian but that posed no problems with parents on either side being Malayalees. Anita Simon became Anita Pratap. A year later their son Zubin was born.

The marriage soon went on the rocks. The divorce was fiercely contested over the custody of the child. Ultimately Anita won because Zubin meant more to her than any other person in the world. Having done all she wanted to do with journalism and reporting for TV channels, <b>Anita turned to making documentary films.</b> She would still have been making documentaries but for a chance <b>encounter with a stranger at a cocktail party at Maurya Sheraton.</b> She left the party early. So did the stranger. They exchanged greetings while waiting for their cars. "Why are you leaving early?" he asked. "I have to be with my son; he is waiting for me. And you?" He replied, "I too have a son at home waiting for me." They got talking. They had much in common: Both were divorcees with sons to look after. They decided to meet again.<b> He was H.E. Arne Walther, Norwegian Ambassador to India, and 15 years older than her. Anita agreed to marry him. Now she is Her Excellency Anita Walther.</b>

I asked her if she had at any time been close to death during her years as reporter. "Many times," she replied with a smile. "In Afghanistan with bombs falling a few feet from me. In Sri Lanka with bullets whizzing past my ear. But once I was in hunt for an authentic story, I lost all fear and went for it."
(She was quite safe: her christoterrorist brethren of the LTTE would have protected her.)

It occurred to me that quite a few Indian women journalists have shown more guts facing danger than their male counterparts: Tavleen Singh bearding Bhindranwale in his den, Pinki Virani cocking the snook at Bombay’s underworld dons, Barkha Dutt interviewing Pakistanis when tensions between the two countries were extremely high.

<b>Anita Pratap has recorded her adventures in Island of Blood: frontline reports from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and other South Asian Flashpoints (Viking-Penguin).</b>
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->There's a picture of her at the top of the page. Why is the christian terrorist wearing the <i>Hindu</i> sari? Scare warning: more pictures.

<b>Two things about the above article in TribuneIndia:</b>

1. Don't know why Arun Shourie helped her into journalism. "Why not encourage more christosubversion? Seemed like <i>such</i> a good idea at the time." There's still no undoing colossal mistakes even when they were made out of ignorance. Because the repercussions have been that she is now directly connected to Eric Solheim and the Norwegian govt's funding of LTTE, AND she is directly connected to christoterrorist Prabhakaran and his christoLTTE getting sympathy with her christian 'reporting' and her book. And she's been trying to influence "Tamil identity".

2. And what's with this description of her marrying her first husband: "He was a Hindu, she a Christian but that posed no problems with parents on either side being Malayalees." Huh? Since when do Malayalee Hindus randomly intermarry with christoterrorists just 'cause they happen to share the same geographical space?

B. Moving on.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Solheim who was the bestman at the wedding</b> of the Indian journalist <b>Anita Pratap, who was the first to interview the convicted murderer Prabhakaran</b>, to the former Norwegian ambassador in India should know his curry powder just as much Prabhakaran knows his gunpowder.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

C. NationMaster (via wackypedia) has the following to say on the page devoted to Prabhakaran. Note how it is very important to the cryptos (from the LTTE no doubt) who wrote the page that they do not mention Prabhakaran's christianism, which is a known fact, see further below. But you can tell they were cryptos who wrote the wacky page on him because they accuse Hindu Dharma of treating women badly and other missionary dawaganda etcetera.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>It is widely known that Prabhakaran is a television addict and that Eric Solheim gifted him a 6 foot television set [11].</b> Erik Solheim (born January 18, 1955 in Oslo, Norway) is a Norwegian politician and the current Norwegian Minister of International Development and an international peace maker involved in resolving the current civil war in Sri Lanka. ...<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Copying and pasting the line about the TV has somehow inserted Erik Solheim's data in there as well. Useful.
BTW, really *great* way EriKKK has of going about resolving SL's civil war: by funding the christoterrorist outfit LTTE. After all, it's the *christian* way of 'resolving' conflict.

Same nationmaster link - check this out:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Sunday interview</b>
In <b>1984</b>, the Indian newsmagazine <b>Sunday</b> featured an interview with Prabhakaran in its March 11-17 issue. <b>The interviewer was Anita Pratap[12], then a rookie journalist covering the Sri Lanka conflict. Prabhakaran would later offer her many more interviews, allowing Pratap to bring him and his motivations to life. She documented her insights into the conflict in her book Island of Blood: Frontline Reports From Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Other South Asian Flashpoints (2001).</b>

Beyond the obvious publicity that followed, the cover photograph was the first picture of Prabhakaran that the Sri Lankan authorities had even seen.[2] Before the publication, authorities had been using a childhood picture found in a family album.[2]

Though <b>he does not give too many interviews,</b> some of his interviews point to his ideologies and also perspectives on various issues pertaining to Eelam and the struggle for independence.[citation needed]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Doesn't anyone else find all this miraculous?
1984 is significant because it indicates something about Prabhakaran at that point itself.

D. http://www.sandeepweb.com/2004/04/13/servi...-prataps-style/
<b>Servility, Anita Pratap’s Style</b>
April 13th, 2004

Read in full.
In it, Sandeepweb shows how Anita Simon ('Pratap') - writing for Outlook - was trying to push fellow-catholic Priyanka onto the Indian populace and is a big fan of the catholic Queen Sonia besides. <- I hope no one here had a massive attack from this terribly unexpected revelation.
Shows how yet another crypto christian terrorist is trying to implement the Vatican agenda. "But they're all really innocent." Sure they are.

E. As promised: support for the fact that Prabhakaran - head of LTTE - *is* a christian. Example - journalist Sandhya Jain (and Rajeev Srinivasan too) already knows he is:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Whispers from Kathmandu suggest that Prachanda, would-be President-King of the former Hindu kingdom, is a Christian. There is little reason to doubt these voices, as similar murmurings about LTTE supremo V Prabhakaran proved correct, and Sri Lanka's Tamil Hindus admit that the organisation does not serve their political, economic or cultural interests in any way. Its objective is to provide its covert Western backers a foothold in the region.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->(By the way, Sandhya has since confirmed that Nepal's maoist Prachanda is a <i>christian</i> maoist, because she mentions it quite matter-of-factly in a later article.)

The christoterrorist Anita Simon, her Norwegian ambassador husband, the best man at their wedding Norwegian official Eric Solheim (who ensured his govt was funding the LTTE) and their friends the christoLTTE continue to meddle in Sri Lanka.

This is cryptochristianism: calculated behind-the-scenes destruction of Natural Traditions.

Meanwhile Anita Simon - a KERALA SYRIAN CHRISTIAN - talks about some "Tamil identity" (no mention of Hindu as being an inextricable essential in being Tamizh) at: http://tamilinsight.org/mydesk/blog/tamil-...y-anita-pratap/
Who is she when it comes to Tamizhs anyway? Hindus can speak for Tamizh people, Tamizh Hindus can speak for them. And christos imagine even christo Tamizhs can speak for them. But she is NONE of these things. Who IS she.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>The island of Anita Pratap</b>
1 Oct 2001, 0248 hrs IST, Sanghita Singh, TNN 

she has moved like a nomad. in the middle of war, crisis and violence... seen children with mangled limbs and their distraught mothers... heard cries of excruciating pain... but gulped it down like a shot of bitter medicine. because anita pratap was busy putting up a brave front, delivering as a journalist, getting news and breaking stories. ‘‘i finally realised that i needed to let it all out. i have come at close quarters with some of the most horrific scenes of life as a war correspondent.’’ thus was born island of blood, anita’s first book, ‘‘a ventilation” she was “desperately seeking’’ which has collected itself through a career chart spanning stints with time magazine and cnn as delhi bureau chief. the emotions were so pent up that when the first reader of the manuscript david davidar (subsequently, the publisher of the book) called, anita was sobbing like a child. ‘‘david said over the phone... it’s brilliant! and i just broke down. through this book, i was actually unfolding part of my life that even my very near ones were not aware of. when zubin, my son read it, he was like ‘mum, you went through all that and i had no clue’. the aim of my book is to be able to humanise conflict, to be able to look at emotions and not simply intellectualise war and violence.’’ to be able to cherish the ordinary and see bounty in life’s little treasures is what anita has learnt through her experiences. ‘‘i have lived life according to my own diktats.’’ and this attitude has helped her realise the bigger picture of life. ‘‘i had zubin at the age of 22. within four years, my marriage broke down and i brought him up as a single parent. i waited till zubin was settled in college... and then, i knew i had to look at myself too. that is when i got married to arne walther.’’ as marital bliss settled in, anita prepared for her next baby looking through the window at the maple tree in blossom back in oslo, her husband’s —and her —new home. island of blood took root there. ‘‘the book has been in the offing since 1987. finally, i thought i had the peace to write it. i went to my parent’s place in kerala and that is where i completed it.’’ a chapter of her completed, anita is drifting into newer territories. a second book is already in the making. ‘‘i can never sit idle. i need to be moving to feel the real self.’’ a nomad no less even now. anita pratap knows how to jump from the island of her own self to reach out.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Vraiment, c'est trop profond pour moi.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->So, the Tamil Tigers are mainly a secular-nationalist movement. At least as far as the nominally Hindu members are concerned. But there is also a Christian presence in the movement, and it has gradually gained in importance. Both LTTE ideologue Anton Balasingham and the suicide bomber who killed Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi were Christians. <b>The Sinhalese tend to see</b> the LTTE as a Christian-led and Christian-teleguided movement, which to them explains <b>"Christian" Norway</b>'s attempt to broker a peace agreement effectively legitimating Tamil rule in the north. Hence the famous cartoon showing a padre hotly denying any LTTE involvement all while a tiger's tail is showing from underneath his clerical garb. The Tiger martyrs are not cremated after the Hindu custom, but buried after the Christian fashion. Given the Sinhalese Buddhists' prior and long-standing resistance against missionary efforts at converting them, the Christian angle to the Eelam problem exacerbates the religious animosities.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->It is not merely the SL Buddhists' perception that LTTE is christian. And it is not only Anton Balasingham and Rajiv's assassin that are christian in the LTTE (- and not only Prabhakaran and his heir, unmentioned in the above). A whole host of catholic and also protestant (including new evangelical) churches and representatives are in on it, not even limited to SL. The catholic church of S India is on it too.
There is a very <i>real</i> christian drive behind the LTTE and apparently even in the aggressive conversions going on among Sinhalese now.

Anyways, whatever. Dharmics of the subcontinent continue to be swatted like flies. They all get played with only the invisible puppeteer (christianism) as the ultimate winner in every game. Game -> set -> match.
The concerned populations need to <i>try</i> to foresee the future based on the entire present-day configuration of the board and the moves already made, instead of merely focussing myopically on the present. Rome wasn't brought down in a day, but when considered from the distance of time, the path to its destruction by christianism is so clear. A series of very significant events, but whose significance in the scheme of things escaped the unfortunate Greco-Romans - it was too in their faces for them to see the bigger picture. If they had the chance to do it all over again, I don't think they'd contemplate making the same mistakes.

A theoretically easy-to-implement solution that will pay <i>huge dividends</i> to Dharmic civilisations and Dharmics: all Dharmic societies ought to boycott christianism in its entirety. <i>Entirety.</i> Teach every generation what christianism (and islamism) entails. This ought to be implemented now, while the christians don't have their own <i>declared</i> political parties in power (<- because if that ever happens, things will become like S Korea - but with the difference that unlike Korean Buddhism, India/SL are too far subverted and conditioned to bounce back: once any degree of alienation has set in, there's no regaining the lost ground to get back to the original mental state. I know Koreans. And there is <i>no</i> comparison. I'd like to think it's only because they're not victims of the sort of grand experiments that Indians have been. Unwilling -> unconscious -> still unconscious but willing. Score.)

Not that Indians - Dharmics of the subcontinent - will implement the above suggestion, of course:
- they tend to be in love with the idea that christoislamism is "also valid". It will destroy them, yet until the very end (or just before) their response will remain: it's "also valid". Have to admire the stubb.. uhhh.. the steadfastness.
- a long-drawn out and painful suicide is such a romantic way to go after all. (Hmmm, I remember now. There was a reason I generally tend not to interfere in the business of others' romances...)
About the blue bit:
<!--QuoteBegin-Husky+Feb 28 2009, 06:45 PM-->QUOTE(Husky @ Feb 28 2009, 06:45 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->http://voi.org/koenraad-elst/lanka-the-ary...on-at-last.html

<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->So, the Tamil Tigers are mainly a secular-nationalist movement. At least as far as the nominally Hindu members are concerned. But there is also a Christian presence in the movement, and it has gradually gained in importance. Both LTTE ideologue Anton Balasingham and the suicide bomber who killed Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi were Christians. The Sinhalese tend to see the LTTE as a Christian-led and Christian-teleguided movement, which to them explains <b>"Christian" Norway's attempt to broker a peace agreement</b> effectively legitimating Tamil rule in the north. Hence the famous cartoon showing a padre hotly denying any LTTE involvement all while a tiger's tail is showing from underneath his clerical garb. The Tiger martyrs are not cremated after the Hindu custom, but buried after the Christian fashion. Given the Sinhalese Buddhists' prior and long-standing resistance against missionary efforts at converting them, the Christian angle to the Eelam problem exacerbates the religious animosities.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->[right][snapback]95035[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->Will someone who is in communication with Elst consider telling him that the Norwegian government's funding of the christian terrorist outfit LTTE is not the same as an 'attempt by Norway to broker a peace agreement' in SL? He seems to be aware of Norway's "intervention" in SL, but not about the nature of that meddling (I mean intervention). His statement makes it sound as if their dealings in SL are purely objective and benevolent, which they're not. I think the above article needs to be updated to reflect this fact.
SL war on christoLTTE turns into genocide of Hindus:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Tuesday, March 03, 2009
<b>genocide in sri lanka</b>
mar 3rd, 2009

we have been talking about the war crimes trial of duch in cambodia.

there are several other <b>genocides going on right now: most obviously of hindu tamils in sri lanka</b>, buddhists in tibet, hindus and buddhists in bangladesh.

the worst hypocrites are the DMK, who shout about the tamils in sri lanka, but are actually only interested in the converted christists amongst them (ie. the LTTE). my conjecture is that the DMK couldn't care less if all the hindu tamils in sri lanka were wiped out, so long as they get their money via the loot of the telecom department (see the pioneer's expose on the instant billionaire a r raja of one of the DMK-type splinter parties http://dailypioneer.com/144696/The-scam-...cade.html) or the ocean transport sector (see t r baalu's antics). the "dravidians" are making hay while the sun shines.

the "dravidians" are worthy allies to the kkkangress.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->What is the christoterrorist government of India doing? Too busy saving the top christoLTTE members no doubt.

I'd thought SL Hindus only had 2 enemies: SL govt and christoLTTE. But actually,
<b>SL Hindus have 3 enemies:</b>
- SL govt/SL Buddhism - it gets played so easily by christianism (even after they have been able recognise christianism's aggressiveness against themselves, they still can't recognise how Lankan Hindus ought not to be their targets)
- christoterrorist LTTE and christoterrorism
- christoterrorist govt installed in India (including DMK), and the Indian apathy that proceeds from the ignorance imposed by christoterrorist 'Indian' govt of what's going on in Lanka. More christo-conditioning.

Who will help the poor Hindus of Lanka.
1. Here. A professional - Radha Rajan - saying it:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Church activity and investment in Tamil Nadu is directly linked to the continuing civil strife (I refuse to call it ethnic conflict because it is palpably false and misleading) in    Sri Lanka    . The church is working towards the creation of a pan-Tamil nation out of the territories of Tamil Nadu in India and the North and East of Sri Lanka; and the <b>useful idiots</b> in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, facilitating the diabolic objective, must wake up to the truth that the pan-Tamil nation they are working for is a Christian state like East Timor. (Give url of monograph) The church penetrated the Maoists of Nepal and Kandhamal in Orissa, the church’s creepy fingers have touched Chandrababu Naidu, Jayalalithaa and now Navin Patnaik; if the communists are Patnaik’s new bed-fellow, the Christian Maoists of Kandhamal probably played pimps. It is time the so-called decent elements in the Tamil Nadu Bar and judiciary realized that their reputation has been held hostage and their strings pulled by the invisible hand of the church in    India    and foreign churches. 

A sizeable segment of the well-educated, social and political Sinhala elite in Sri Lanka is also Christian but the Christian segment, while visible and powerful, is still in a minority vis a vis the Sinhala Buddhists; the Sinhala Christian political ruling class is tamed by its dependence on the powerful Buddhist clergy for its legitimacy. <b>The invisible church behind the Sinhala Christian ruling elite seeks to control the state apparatus even as the visible and assertive church seeks to control the voting populace among the Tamils.</b> The church, with Machiavellian intent, is thus playing both ends of the game. The civil war in    Sri Lanka    while seemingly between the Sinhala and Tamil speaking people, now being given the brazenly false Hindu-Buddhist conflict colour, is actually the Church manipulating the people of    Sri Lanka    through well-directed and choreographed civil strife aimed ultimately at creating a separate and secessionist Christian Tamil state.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Elst's assessment in his article on Lanka (somewhere above) was wrong. The Sinhalese are not imagining a christian hand in LTTE. LTTE <i>IS</i> the christian hand. And the Sinhala side is infested with christianism too (Rajapakse's wife isn't the only christoterrorist. Reading news articles on Sri Lanka shows they have LOTS of cryptos in their midst and their media is also getting infiltrated).
<b>All of Sri Lanka's catastrophe is entirely christian.</b> The pope gave the signal to convert Asia. The Dharmic Indian subcontinent gets the first nod. The christoterrorists sleeper army (especially cryptos) from Nepal to Lanka didn't know how fast to act.
Hindus keep forgetting that around 3 quarters of the christian population of India is catholic. And christian sects have a working deal: no stealing each others' sheep, or stepping on each others' toes until heathenism is finished off. Until then they <i>generally</i> obey the rules of christian cooperation.

LTTE christoterrorises the SL Hindu and Bauddha populations, but the christoterrorists among the Sinhalese are the ones trying to go about converting the Buddhists and spreading christoterrorist fictions about the Buddha, defaming the monks etcetera. That's what christianism does.

Why is it Indians always get played. The dravoodian and oryan fable is firmly entrenched in SL as well. Everyone's bought into it already. Especially the LTTE and even the Sinhala side.

2. http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx...EID=6091&SKIN=B
Part of comment by <b>pvas 23/04/2008 07:23:08</b>:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Below is an excerpt from the LTTE webpage, that clearly spells out its ideology.


"Tamil Christianity in Sri Lanka today is an integral part of Eezham Tamil identity.

Contrary to the impression of many, Christianity hasn’t come into Tamil heritage with the advent of the Portuguese. It had come long before, almost at the time of the birth of Christianity in West Asia. It made an impact and survived in the old Tamil society, the descendents of which are the Syrian Christians of Malabar.

When the Roman Catholic faith came along with the Portuguese to Asia, Mannaar, associated with the activities of St. Francis Xavier, was one of the first centres – a Tamil Christian centre, established through martyrdom.

For centuries, the Tamil Christian heritage of Mannaar has evolved its own culture, literature, art forms etc...." <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The above parrots <i>christian</i> claims: the st thomas fable ('christianism's arrival in the subcontinent') and the positive spin on xavier.

3. Following from the LTTE (eelam) page.

- Predictably makes reference to the Nehru's superimposition of the Oryan-dravidoid fantasy on Ramayanam. Note that this nehrooism is also quoted by the DMK head goonda Karunanidhi as well.
- It imagines that an obviously christian Paul Peiris is a secular authority. The page refers to him as some kind of objective authority <!--emo&:blink:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='blink.gif' /><!--endemo--> in trying to establish who came to the island first.
<b>- The following quote of the Sinhala Buddhist side shows christian belief in oryanism:</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Before him the great <b>Buddhist revivalist Anagarika Dharmapala</b> (1864-1931), <b>whose earlier name was Don David Hewavitarne</b> took the name of Anagarika (in Pali meaning "the homeless one") and Dharmapala ( meaning "the guardian of the doctrine") in his book History of an Ancient Civilization (1902) wrote:

Ethnologically, the Sinhalese are a unique race, inasmuch as they can boast that they have no slave blood in them, and were never conququered by either the paga Tamils or European vanadals who for three centuries devastated the land, destroyed ancient temples, burnt valuable libraries, and nearly annihilated the historic race .... <b>This bright, bueautiful island was made into a paradise by the Aryan Sinhalese before its destruction was brought about by the barbaric vandals .... For the students of ethnology the Sinhalese stand as the representatives of Aryan civilization ...</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->- Note the Chelvanayagam referred to below is a CHRISTIAN.
And that it was the CHURCH that dubbed the bill as Sinhala Only:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->THE SINHALA ONLY ACT OF 1956
As predicted with remarkable foresight by <b>S.J.V.Celvanayagm</b> in Parliament during the debate on Citizenship Bill ( 1948) the next blow was dealt to the Tamils when the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Government of Prime Minister S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake enacted <b>Sinhala Only</b> as the Official Language in June 1956. The enactment of this Act, quite contrary to the hitherto official policy of recognising both Sinhalese and Tamil as Official languages, made Tamils second class citizens in their country of birth overnight.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->About the christian Chelvanayagam and the background to how it was the church that started referring to the language bill as 'Sinhala only'
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The new Government of the Independent Sri Lanka was initially towing the British line but eventually with the masses taking over the reigns of power the much awaited, progressive legislations were introduced. For instance, at the time of independence (1948), only 6% of the country’s population was conversant in English, the official language of the time. As a result 94 % of the country’s population was in the dark, being governed by the English speaking elite. Swabasha was introduced in 1956 to overcome this anomaly. With that move the foundation of the English speaking elite started to crack. The vested interests of the Church reacted to this in all possible ways. Even though there was provision for reasonable use of Tamil in the new legislation the Church propagated to the world about the unreasonableness of the legislation. The fact that there was a disproportionate amount of Tamils in the state service due to a one sided education policy for centuries gave credence to the ‘Tamil grievance’ as a corollary of the swabasha Bill. <b>The church baptized the bill ‘Singhala only’</b>

<b>They found a very willing ally in Chelvanayagam, son of a clergyman, who was more Anglican than Tamil. He was obsessed with the thought that ‘How come these uneducated Sinhalese, being only a few million in population, could have a country of their own when the Tamils numbering 50 million could not have theirs’.</b> According to him the ‘Singhalese were not big enough to govern us the Tamils’. The elite Tamil community who themselves had lost their privileges after the exit of the British was a good breeding ground for ‘alleged discrimination’. Chelvanayagam was not interested in implementing the reasonable use of Tamil because he would rather keep the ‘grievance’. He instead used this as an opportunity to introduce the first steps of the bifurcation plan in the form of Bandaranaike Chelvanayagam Pact where he demanded the land rights to North and the East. His strategy for total separation eventually was ‘little now and more later’. The B-C pact was rejected by the discerning public giving more propaganda matter to the Church and the Tamil elite.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Chelvanayagam's christoterrorist intentions spilled over into Tamil Nadu, as that of the church in SL has always done. In fact, the church many LTTE christians belong to tends to be the Church Of <i>South India</i>.
Instead of quarreling among themselves ,can't the political parties just think of the public that has elected them and work as one for the nation?Any party you vote the story is all the same in every country actually.
Dude, read more, understand things better before posting two liners in every thread.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>tamil christists (dmk?) doing their thing: SUPPORT TERROR, COMMIT TREASON, GET AWAY WITH IT! - II (Law unto themselves)</b>
mar 23rd, 2009

LTTE (christist-dominated) and <b>their supporters in tamil nadu (christists and crypto-christists)</b> go on the warpath.

btw, for those who don't believe pirabakaran is a christist, his son's name is charles anthony. do a google search.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

(Law unto themselves)
... deleted
Posted by nizhal yoddha at 3/23/2009 10:52:00 PM 0 comments<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>Catholic Church, an ally of Tamil Tiger terrorists</b>
By Ranjan Jayakody, Mohan Gunaratnam and Ranjit Surendran

(Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Desperate situations call for desperate measures and desperate measures can leak out material factors that may have begot or moulded certain movements, their hidden agendas and even ultimate intentions. It has been suspected for a long time that the powerful force behind the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was the Catholic Church continuing with the Catholic Portuguese colonial traditions of atrocities and carnage that was led by this church in Sri Lanka.

This is not strange or peculiar to Sri Lanka. This is what the Catholic Church has been doing in South America, in the Philippines and other countries where murder and mayhem were the methods used for brutal subjugation of people. The fact that the Catholic Church played a major role in the genesis of the Tiger movement under the cover of Tamil liberation is widely known. But this was hardly suspected that it was a powerful force of such magnitude that it has turned out to be and with such overseas clout that Prabhakaran’s role is an utter minimal factor centred on Sri Lanka and perhaps South Asia.

The real power is certainly overseas and signs of it are now leaking out in a major way. The Catholic Bishop of Jaffna, the Rev Father Thomas Soundaranayagam has unashamedly made several false accusations about conditions for Tamils in Sri Lanka with absolutely no conscience whatsoever.

How can a cassocked guy like him and that too a Bishop of the Realms lie wantonly to claim that Tamils in Sri Lanka suffer extreme privations even without water, toilet and food and other essentials? Suddenly one morning, while in Tamilnadu recently, he must have realized he was in Sri Lanka and wondered where the toilets were. What he saw outside his window must have shocked him.

Bishop Soundaranayagam, who has kept his peace all these years, has suddenly roared into the circus arena like a show animal determined to safe the Tigers. He has no concern for the civilians who, it is now known, were persuaded by the Catholic clergy like Father James Pathinathar to become human shields. Is this a last desperate move by him to save the Tigers? How dare he utter such falsehoods in Tamilnadu?

Talking about toilets, surely Bishop Soundaranayagam is aware how well provided people of Sri Lanka are and in contrast, he should have come to know what this situation is like in Tamilnadu. A feature some months ago proposed to Gopalaswamy that he must get involved promoting toilet facilities in Tamilnadu instead of helping the LTTE to promote terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Now that the LTTE is virtually finished in Sri Lanka, Father Soundaranayagam appears to have decided to sow seeds of desolation and despondency in Tamilnadu working around the corrupt politicians there. At a time when politicians like Gopalaswamy and Nedumaran are suspected of being privies to the assassinations of Rajiv Gandhi, Amirthalingam and several others, it is outrageous that the people of Tamilnadu are tolerant towards such people who can create Tiger terrorism in their state and the ones in the neighbourhood like Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Tamilnadu is certainly the inevitable option for the Catholic Church to help father this ruthless terrorist force, and for the mini-politicians of Tamilnadu all that matters are the funds that will flow to them. Prabhakaran will be gone but the underworld network he has helped to create will survive and along the southern coasts are settled people from the smuggler village of Valvettiturai who have mastered the art of smuggling over the decades. There is no doubt about the fact that what this movement will opt for is International Terrorism as hired killers for there is lot of money in it. It is to be observed with much concern, the Catholic Church is a dominant factor along the southern coast of Tamilnadu.

Even before the Government of Sri Lanka demands an explanation from the Catholic Church to explain and identify their relationship with the LTTE, it must come out into the open and explain their stand. This should be directly related to the LTTE that has no political ideology whatsoever but only wanted to set up a mafia state and towards which indulged in several killings of Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim political leaders and intellectuals.

When the Muslims were ruthlessly chased away from Jaffna, the Catholic Church remained silent. Most of the Muslim families in Jaffna lived in close proximity to Catholic families. It was the Catholic Church that became the loot keepers of the LTTE especially whatever was heisted from the banks. It was also known that during the early days arms were imported into Jaffna and this was aided by the Catholic Church. It was also suspected church premises were used as torture chambers as well.

Reports meanwhile are fast pouring in from angst-ridden and tortured Wanni residents who have managed to escape from the claws of the Tigers having been forcibly marched and herded as human shields, a major weapon far too often used by this terrorist group. On more than many occasions they were aided in this horrendous act by the clergy of the Catholic Church.

Time and again, the Sri Lanka Guardian has warned that the Catholic Church is heavily involved with the LTTE right from the 1970s. Unfortunately, these warnings were not heeded. Today, desperate moves are being made to save the LTTE and even countries like Mexico and Puerto Rico whose citizens may not have heard of Sri Lanka, are being pressed into service. They are of course Catholic states.

Just before the current crisis erupted in Wanni into a large scale catastrophe, the Rev Father James Pathinathar was actively involved in persuading, even to the level forcing, Wanni residents to flee to Mullaitivu, obviously at the behest of the Tigers to create a massive Human Shield for them. The Tigers knew they would need this as the last hope to achieve a ceasefire. People like Father Pathinathar and the Catholic Church also know that if forced to the ultimate, the Tigers will subject the civilians to slaughter which would give a terrible name to Sri Lanka.

While the Non-Catholic Church remained aloof to this horrendous conspiracy to their honour and credit, there were a couple of foreign-funded fundamentalist protestant priests with massive funds from the US who worked closely with some INGOs and NGOs many of whose representatives have conducted themselves against the Government of Sri Lanka and the people.

One such claiming to represent a phony church appears to have helped Father Pathinathar with the herding of the civilians and also provided certain communication equipment to Pottu Amman. He is also reported to have sought the help of Minister Douglas Devananda on a different matter altogether. Minister Devananda was obviously not aware of his two-timing nature; rather multi-timing activities. He should have checked the antecedents of this priest.

We have confirmed news that on March 27, a group of parents who have escaped from the Tigers reported to the military a horrendous account of their experience focused on a priest who was living with them in the No Fire Zone (NFZ) in Puthumathalan. He forcibly helped the Tigers to recruit more than 550 children and young people.

In order to ensure the safety of their children, some 600 of them were sent to a church just south of Puthumathalan to protect them from the Tigers who were on a ruthless rampage to recruit children. The priest resident in the church, which we presume was Father James Pathinathar, had promised the parents that he would not allow the LTTE to take away their children.

However, when on March 24, a large group of Tiger cadres most of them females arrived, despite the parents informing him about this, the priest allowed them to go into the church. When they ordered the children to go with them, the priest vanished from the scene.

In sheer desperation, several teenagers attacked the Tiger cadres followed by some of the parents. While some fifty children managed to escape, over 500 of them were forced at gun points and taken away in Tiger vehicles. A grandmother told the Daily Mirror that she was able to save her 17-year old grandson after overcoming a female cadre. This youngster, the grandmother who saved him and their entire family have managed to escape to the protection of the armed forces.

The grandmother said: “The life in this area is like living in hell, the priest is openly helping the LTTE to recruit youth. In the night the priest in LTTE uniform used to go with other LTTE cadres to forcibly recruit youth.”

She also said that most other parents are still in the church although they had a chance to escape, hoping the children will come back. It has been well known that the female cadres are the most ruthless of the fighting force having looked up to Prabhakaran as their hero. It is also known that their induction into the force begins with the devastation of the qualities that make women the natural genre of tender loving care. As a result, they become animals.

As horror stories unfold, it is becoming more and more evident that there was a dastardly conspiracy headed by the Catholic Church in which many of the INGO and NGO volunteers were fully involved. The kingpin in this conspiracy appears to be the Catholic Bishop of Manner, Rev Father Joseph Rayappu, who was often the first person consulted by foreign visitors to Wanni and whose fellow workers or volunteers were active there.

One has to also wonder why the Catholic Bishops in other parts of Sri Lanka are silent in this matter of very grave concern. Whoever has the ultimate responsibility and obligation to The Vatican should have taken to task, the Catholic clergy that has given comfort to the brutal Tigers. Since they have not, it would certainly be presumed that either the Catholic Church is an ally of the LTTE or worse, they certainly begot this terrorist movement which means that Vatican has not dispensed with The Inquisition and wants to have the Third World under its thumb at all times.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>RSS Pracharak from Sri Lanka died in road accident</b>
09/04/2009 06:45:09  HK

COLOMBO : RSS Pracharak Sri N. Rameshbabu (39) in Sri Lanka from 2003 onwards passed away near Colombo on 05.04.2009 Sunday because of a road accident.  He along with three persons took some necessary materials to conduct a camp from Colombo in a van on 05.04.2009 evening.  There was a heavy rain at that time.  The van skid down near a place called Varakapola 60 kms. from Colombo.  In that accident Rameshbabu got severe injuries in the legs.  The other three persons in the van also got some injuries.  Some local people rescued them and sent the Mahilas to the nearby hospital for treatment.  After some time they were taking Rameshbabu in a passing Army vehicle to the same hospital.  Unfortunately on the way to the hospital the army vehicle met with a fatal accident in which Rameshbabu and three others died on the spot.

On hearing the information RSS activists from Colombo and various districts went to the hospital.  The mortal body of Rameshbabu was handed over on 6th evening. The body was brought to Colombo. There was a Shradanjali programme held at Colombo in a hall near Borella. More than 300 people attended the Shradanjali.  Pujaneeya Swamijis of Ramakrishna Mutt, Colombo, Chinmaya Mission, Sri Lanka and Swami Poornananda Giri from KadirgamamTemple attended and spoke in the meeting.  Two important officials from the Hindu Ministry, Government of Sri Lanka also spoke on the occasion.  Rich tributes were paid by many Hindu cultural organizations of Sri Lanka.

On 8th the body was sent to Tiruvananthapuram airport. By 10 a.m. the body was received and taken to Eranial Seva Kendram.  After Pushpanjali and by  swayamsevaks and local people many karyakarthas from Vivida Kshetras spoke.  There was ‘Aathma santhi prarthana’.  After that the body was taken in a procession to his nearby native village called Eranial Konam.  Above 1000 persons participated in that procession.  There was a Shradanjali programme  held around 6 p.m. The message of Pujaneeya Sarsanghachalak and other adhikaris were read in that.  RSS Kshetra Sanghachalak Ma. Vanniyarajanji, Kshetra Pracharak Sri Sethumadhavanji and Prant Karyavah Sri Rajendranji spoke in that programme.  After family rituals there was Antim Pranam and Prarthana.  Around 6.45 p.m the body was cremated.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
2005 news, but I don't think it has been mentioned yet:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Christians kill 3 Hindus, injure 37 with grenades in Eastern Sri Lanka</b>

Posted January 10, 2005
[TamilNet, January 09, 2005 08:56 GMT]
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka

Two hand grenades hurled in a clash between Christians and Hindus killed at least three people and wounded 37 in a part of eastern Sri Lanka where international aid workers are helping tsunami victims, police said.

No aid workers were injured or near the explosions, officials said. U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, in Sri Lanka to see tsunami damage, was in Colombo at the time of the blast.

Two suspected Christian assailants were arrested soon after the attack in a Tamil rebel-controlled area late Saturday, said V.H. Anil, a police officer in the eastern town of Valaichchenai.

Three persons were killed and thirty eight persons were injured in a grenade attack on a tsunami funeral house in Vahaneri. The incident took place Saturday night around 9 PM when several people were gathered to attend a funeral of tsunami victims. An eight year old boy was among the three people who were killed, sources said.

<b>The three persons who were killed were: Mr. P. Mahenthiran (38), Mr. T. Tirusan (8), and Mr. N. Ananthan (24).

Thirty five persons with injuries were admitted to Valaichenai Hospital and 3 persons with injuries were admitted to Batticaloa Hospital, Police sources said.

The attackers came in a 3-wheeler and threw two handgrenades at the funeral house and the reason for the attack is not known, Police sources said.</b>
(Reason is christianism.)

Vahaneri village lies 38km northwest of Batticaloa town and is 3km from Vahaneri junction on the main Batticaloa-Colombo road.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
I'm ignoring the bits on "Tamil" in the following.

The bits on (I)NGOs and christians is what's interesting, and so are the parallels with the Indian psecular (christian) media supporters of terrorists who are simultaneously naysayers of Modi/nationalist government.

SL's president Rajapakse - in spite of his rather troubling choice of christian wife - seems nationalist and not ready to betray his population. Why can't Hindus have that in Bharatam. (Except NO christoislamipsecular spouse allowed, for *any* reason at all: we've had that before with rajiv and sonia. And look how grand that turned out. Never again.)

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Christian evangelists: Write ups and Prophesies by NGO vultures</b>
Posted March 3, 2009

March <b>2009</b>
Source Link

Herold Leelawardena

<b>There is no doubt that Tisaranee Gunasekara has all the hallmarks of a bias writer. So has Jehan Perera, Neville Jayaweera and all those writers that are part of the NGO clique. They write about human rights and all kinds of rights of the minority but not the rights of the majority or the rights of the democratically elected government. At times, they even write to justify the cause of LTTE if not their deed. They neither see nor hear any evil by LTTE. They are silent when human bombs of LTTE explode.</b> One slip by the government these people make a great hue and cry about it. Read some of their write-ups, you can be sure that their end game is to give a part of this country to Tamils.

These people write as if their harts have been bleeding for Tamils for ages. But, they are not even social workers or community workers or been elected by Tamils. Truth is; these people are been paid and employed by the so-called international community to get what they want done. It is interesting to note that China, the most populated country or Russia, the successor to one of the two super powers do not form a part of this international community, and neither they nor the nonaligned countries do not contribute to its wishes.

All states in this so-called international community except Japan are Christian countries of the west that breed Christian Evangelists, the NGOs and the INGOs. Out of the most active members or supporters of the so-called international community, British, Dutch and Portuguese had been rulers of Sri Lanka, either in full or part of it. Of them, Portuguese bought down the most evil monks, Franciscans and Dominicans to Sri Lanka, who for almost five hundred years had aimed to proselytize all the Sinhala Buddhists to Christianity with wickedness that only LTTE could beat. <b>The goal of the Christian Evangelists is to finish that unfinished business of their forefathers and turn Sri Lanka a Christian country.</b>

RanilW had planed to commemorate five hundred years of their service to us.

<b>Together with the NGOs and the INGOs, Christian Evangelists want to divide this country or at least devolve power to regions on racial basis through a federal constitution. Evangelists believe that would weaken the Sinhala Buddhists and thereby to do what they want.</b> This clique favored ChandrikaK in 1994, because they thought she could turn Sri Lanka federal. When the so-called international community realized the ineptitude of ChandrikaK, they put a man called Liam Fox to get her and RanilW to agree to help each other to do the job. Although an amendment to the constitution was introduced, RanilW realized that aim of ChandrikaK is to hang on to power, and he just backed off from the agreement with her.

When the so-called international community grasped ChandrikaK is the worst leader ever, she could do nothing properly, and no one could do anything with her; they simply dropped her and elevated RanilW as their blue-eyed boy. Thanks for her greed; RanilW had managed to elect himself as the Prime Minister in 2001.

A Lot of Buddhist people sold RanilW as a good Buddhist to Sinhala-Buddhists. Venerable monk Galeboda Gnanessara is only one of them. They made a considerable backing in 2001for him to elect as the Prime Minister. However, RanilW disappointed them in every aspect, and not many are with him today.

<b>RanilW not only had failed miserably with his peace efforts, but also let NGOs and the Christian evangelists take over the country. So much so, we saw the best Colombo Christmas gala ever in 2002.</b> It is a myth that UNP administration under RanilW would have done a better job in managing the economy today. If policies of RanilW were in force today, no doubt the JVP vote bank would swell.

Anyway, the so-called international community had used carrot and stick method to get what they want during the administration of RanilW. The carrot had been 4.5 billion dollar loan to Sri Lanka to reconcile with LTTE. Although RanilW had dutifully signed a peace treaty with LTTE at the very outset, not a dollar of that money was released. Cash was held back as a stick until he implements a federal solution.

The International community did not know carrots and sticks are for donkeys and not for cultured people like Sinhala Buddhists. The word �federal� is anathema for Sinhala Buddhists for they know that Tamils will use it as a step towards separation. <b>When RanilW let the international community, Christian Evangelists, NGOs, and INGOs use government media to spread the goodness of a federal system, Sinhala Buddhists realized RanilW is about to con them and turn their country federal. So, they had decisively rid most of the MPs of the UNP at the first opportunity, and elected forty-eight staunchly nationalistic MPs from the JVP and the JHU. Ever since, the power of the Nationalists was on the rise and the federalists were on the wane.</b>
(Why can't Hindus repeat this in Bharatam? But then, christianism's grip is more powerful in our country. Amd SL doesn't have the same kind of movie industry or even media proliferation. Much of that in India is now owned by anti-Hindus.)

There had never been a big enough voter bank or a massive membership for either the JVP or the JHU to elect that many MPs. In fact, it was a protest vote against both RanilW and ChandrikaK. Once President ChandrikaK was gone and President Rajapakse had been elected, voters that had voted for JVP and JHU shifted back to SLFP fold gradually. One could see this trend clearly from all the local and Provincial Council election results. The change of voter pattern was due to the change of policies and not for the change of the face of the President. Once President Rajapakse had been elected, good times have begun for all Sri Lankans at last.

In spite of people continually reject his policies, RanilW steadfastly hanged on to his beliefs that have been based on misconceptions. The international community, the NGOs, the Christian Evangelists and their bosom friends remain his icons. They preached the gospel; Sinhalese have been discriminating Tamils and therefore they have a problem, and the only way to remedy it is to join the two provinces North and East on racial basis and give it a con federal status. RanilW not only hanged on to such beliefs but also to failed economic policies of Bush as well. If the UNP ever to regain its lost voter base, not just RanilW but its policies too have to be change back to more pragmatic policies.

Except for RanilW and his bosom friends, almost all Sinhalese knew LTTE would not settle for anything other than a separate state � Elam. If one read Tamil web sites, he would find out that almost all Tamil Diasporas are either LTTE, or LTTE sympathizes. The ISGA forwarded by LTTE is the solution they want. The Sinhalese also knew that only a few Tamils would accept a federal province as a solution to their so-called problems. Even then, they suspect; it will be a stepping-stone for Elam. Let us face it; aspirations of most Tamils are much more than that. That is the bitter truth. So, very few Sinhala Buddhists would support full powers of the thirteenth amendment be given to provinces, let alone beyond it.

<b>As far as Sinhala Buddhists are concerned, RanilW is a foreign agent and MahindaR is nationalists. For that reason, Sinhala Buddhists by far had voted Mahinda Rajapakse at the last Presidential election.</b> Those Sinhala Buddhists that voted RanilW were the ones that have put on green glasses or selfish plutocrats.

<b>Christian Evangelists, NGOs and INGOs hate anyone or anything being nationalistic. So, they loathe the manifesto of President Rajapakse because; it promises to defend the unitary nature of Sri Lanka. Hence, the said writers write anything under the sun to pressure the government to change its course and adopt policies of the opposition in its place.</b> In their frenzy, they charged that narrow win at the presidential election does not give the president a good enough mandate to start a war with LTTE. These people do not perceive that subsequent elections win by the government with a broad margin means; people continue to approve President�s manifesto with a bigger margin.
(Christopattern is the same everywhere.)

There said to be at least eighty million Tamils live all over the world. Sixty five million of them live in Tamil Nadu. However, none of them has a country to call their own, whereas twenty million Sinhalese has. When parts of India were ceded to form Pakistan, some Indian Tamils felt more as Tamilian than Indian. Not surprisingly, they have aspired to have a part of India as a separate country for Tamils. When three Tamil states had made demand for separation, India had made all such aspiration illegal.

Tamils were the privileged race in Sri Lanka during British rule. They had foreseen well in advance that they would loose their privileged position after the independence. This anticipated loss of privileges is the real grievance for Tamils, and they wanted to avoid it. Hence, long before Indian Tamils demanded a separate state, Sri Lankan Tamils have asked the then British rulers to divide Sri Lanka and give one part of it solely for them.

If the so-called unfair treatment against Tamils by Sinhalese is the reason for Tamils to demand Elam or federal or con federal, why did they propose British to divide Sri Lanka during their rule? How could Sinhalese treat Tamils unfairly during the British rule? Hence, this whole affair of unfair treatment is a made up fallacy to get a separate country. That is why Sinhalese say; federal is a stepping-stone for total separation. The so-called international community and their bosom friends know this as well.

In spite of such facts, Sirasa, the Tiger backer and Kothalawala, the evangelist backer were at the forefront to promote the wish list of the so-called international community at the last presidential election. <b>They used all electronic media and a colossal amount of money to demean MahindaR as a warmonger and uplifted RanilW as a peace lover. So much so, a whole heap of NGOs, all types of Christian Evangelists, Embassies of Western Countries and their backers divided the nation to think that way at the election time.</b>

A few Buddhist monks also sold RanilW as a good Buddhist to Sinhala-Buddhists. Venerable monk Galeboda Gnanessara is one of them. Such people had made a decisive role in 2001for him to be elected as the Prime Minister. But, RanilW had failed to satisfy them in every aspect. It is a myth that RanilW or the UNP knew how to manage the economy better. RanilW not only had failed miserably with his peace efforts, but also let the peace proponents such as the NGOs and the evangelists take over the country.

Sinhala Buddhists would fight tooth and nail to keep this country unitary. <b>More they see NGOs and Christian evangelists demean their culture, more they turn pro unitary; because they knew, that is the only way to keep the vultures at bay. Likewise, more they accuse MahindaR is a warmonger, more they prefer to line up behind him to defeat terrorism. Sinhala Buddhists voted MahindaR because they thought; he would protect their 2500-year-old culture.</b> If anyone cares to read past write-ups of these people, he would have noticed that their aim had been to denounce the Sinhala Buddhists as bigots. So, almost all others had voted RanilW at the last presidential election because; they wanted to elect an anti-Buddhist.

<b>Once MahindaR was elected as President, the dirty clique started to make predictions to scare the public at large as well as the President. However, none of their predictions has ever come true.</b> Tisaranee wrote to The Island Online on June 20, 2008, to predict; the President�s insensitivity to the views of the EU would make Sri Lanka loose GSP+.
(Reminiscent of the misleading predictions of "Hindu fascism" by India's christofascist media when the BJP came to power last. Or when Modi came to power again more recently in Gujarat. The christian body can't stand a secular Hindu being in power anywhere, nor even a nationalist one.)

<b>The EU�s ambition had been to barge into our country and deflate our fight against LTTE terrorism in the guise of checking labor laws and human rights to extend their GSP+ tax waiver</b>. Our President stood firm against trading our sovereignty when trade with the EU. Tisaranee wrote that write-up in such circumstances. When EU realized their error, they had extended the GSP+ within few months. Tisaranee�s prophecy has not come true. She also wrote in the same write-up to say that she does not expect Rajapakse to conclude the war. That is another prophecy going off cause for we all know where LTTE stands right now.

<b>On June 4, 2006, Tisaranee wrote to Sri Lanka Front Line, this time to warn President Rajapakse; �if power is not devolved sufficiently to NE, the EU might consider Tigers as a necessary evil to counter the obduracy of Sinhala hardliners.�</b> Everybody but Tisaranee knows; LTTE is now a spent force. Today, LTTE hold less than 70 sq km, and that also with a human shield.
(We have our own terrorist emotional support base in the christomedia and fiction writers of India. Eg. Suzanna Arundhati Roy and the gang suporting islamoterrorist mohammed afzal and inventing stories about the Godhra riots to make Hindus look evil.)

They cannot plant human bombs to kill or maim civilians as they used to do in the south. The last hurrah of their toy planes had also ended with a flop. Apart from and Pottu and Peripharan, all other top rung LTTE are dead or on the run. In shot, LTTE is now a spent force. Not just the EU, even the God has any use of it. They could only shoot the civilians that are running away from that 70 km or plant human bomb on refuge centers. They could shoot fleeing civilians but not outside 70km that they line up the human shield. The army will no doubt kill Peripharan and all remaining terrorists, soon.

Tisaranee is naive to think that President Rajapakse would listen to her silly suggestions or be scared of some writer on a pretended EU action or something like that. No power in the world could replace the word �unitary� in the �Mahinda Chinthanaya� with the word �federal�. That is a true prophecy, not like Tisaranee�s prophecies that gone astray.

<b>In another write-up, she says Sri Lanka will be a bankrupt country at the end of term of President Mahinda. This woman is deaf and blind to see that President Mahinda has started so many projects during his first three years in office.</b> Hambantota port, Norochchole power plant, Upper Kotmale power project, Moragahakanda project, Uma Oya project, Matara-Colombo express way, Fly- Overs, Rural roadways are only some to name a few.
(Much like all the Doom predictors in India's christian media concerning Modi.)

What has RanilW done during the first three years of office as Prime Minister? Not a single project of the caliber of Hambantota port; the project �peace� and �the peace talks� was the only perceptible thing. We all know it was �peace� for LTTE but not for us. In the light of such misleading notions, we should not waste our time reading their prophesies, or crock of sh1t but put them in to a dustbin as garbage.

For the last so many years, these <b>parasites</b> knew very well that LTTE would never accept a �federal� deal. Yet, they propped up LTTE while promoting �federal�, because they know that the more power to the periphery means more disputes there will be. That means; they have a job to do, and could remain here to solve disputes for a long time to come.

Sinhala Buddhists want peace, real peace with no NGO vultures hanging on our shoulders.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Narayanan, Menon meet Rajapaksa, discuss current situation</b>
PTI | Colombo
Amidst concern over the political fallout in Tamil Nadu of the ongoing army campaign in Sri Lanka's north, National Security Adviser MK Narayanan and Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon on Friday held talks with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and discussed the current situation.

It was not clear whether the Indian special envoys, who rushed here this morning, put forward the demand for an immediate ceasefire during their 90-minute meeting with the President at his official residence 'Temple Trees'.

"It was a very cordial meeting and they discussed the current situation," official sources said. There was no comment from the Indian side.

Narayanan and Menon arrived in Colombo by a special aircraft and were flown to the President's house in a helicopter. They left for home immediately after the meeting.

<b>India had yesterday asked for an immediate end to "all hostilities" as it reviewed the situation in the island's north where thousands of civilians are trapped in the conflict between the advancing army and LTTE.

"The Government of India has been monitoring with deep concern and anxiety the evolving situation in Sri Lanka, in particular the condition of Tamil civilians in conflict zones," External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee had said on Thursday after a meeting convened by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to review the situation in Sri Lanka.</b>

Home Minister P Chidambaram, Defence Minister AK Antony, Narayanan and Menon also attended the meeting.

The decision to send the two top officials was also taken at the meeting, which came against the backdrop of demands from political parties in Tamil Nadu, especially Congress' main ally DMK, for a ceasefire in the island nation.

The ruling party had also given a call for a bandh in Tamil Nadu on Thursday demanding a ceasefire in the fighting between the Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE.
<b>Karunanidhi demands immediate ceasefire in Lanka, goes on hunger strike</b>
drama before election
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>India welcomes S Lanka's decision to stop combat operations</b>
PTI | Chennai
Home Minister P Chidambaram on Monday welcomed the Sri Lankan Government's announcement that combat operations in the northern parts of the island nation have reached a conclusion, saying it meant cessation of hostilities.

<b>"It means cessation of hostilities.It means to the Government of India that the Sri Lankan Government has put an end to the ongoing offensive,"</b> he said.

Chidambaram, who spoke to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, informing him of the Sri Lankan Government's decision, told PTI from Kariakudi where he is campaigning that "Sri Lanka's announcement offers solace to us. The next course of action on the issue will be decided in consultation with all."

"I think we all should welcome the development. More needs to be done. The Government of India will do more. The Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh), the NSA (M K Narayanan) are in touch with the Sri Lankan authorities. We will try to do more. But for now this means there is cessation of hostilities," he said.

Chidambaram said New Delhi's understanding was that Sri Lankan Government, which launched a decision combing operation against LTTE, has put an end to the hostilities.

He welcomed <b>Chief Minister M Karunanidhi's decision to call of his indefinite fast demanding unconditional ceasefire, following Colombo's announcement.</b>

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