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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
Post 1/2 on musicians, Carnatic music and music labels

1. Yesudas' christo albums use Hindu terms regularly for christianism e.g. refers to christian heaven as "Swargam" etc. IIRC, he badmouthed the pujaris of the Guruvayoorappan Kovil for not allowing him into the Kovil premises on a singing occasion at the temple (the Kovil has rules of non-Hindus not being allowed, I think). Well, fact is, he's not a Hindu. And his badmouthing those who serve Bhagavaan loyally at Guruvayoorappan indicates he's an anti-Hindu. If he were not anti-Hindu, he'd have quietly accepted that he was not invited. No one asked him to convert.

I know people tend to be touched by christists singing Hindu songs and doing Hindu dances. Maybe it's time to stop. Ask people to revert first if they want to perform these things. Else tell them to - I don't know - stick to choir practice or something.

2. On the other side, there is the Tamizh cine-singer Chitra (IIRC sang Kannamoochi Yennada from Kandukondain x2), who has some classical training I think.

Her inculturation tactic works from the other end:

- She has a lot of (light music) albums of Hindu stotras in Tamizh and Samskritam (even dared to sing the LS, I doubt she has mantra deeksham for it)

- These albums were released by Malayala Manorama, which IIRC is a label of the catholic newspaper/mouthpiece of the same name

- She made two albums of Jeebus songs.

3. And in Tamizhnadu, there's cryptochristo music labels mushrooming all over: releasing Hindu shloka recitation albums and Hindu carnatic albums at first (for which unwitting Hindus are frequently employed: to rope in a Hindu audience for the label) before the label slowly transforms into christianism.

Some are in the intermediate phase - the "universalising" phase:

- calling yoga "spiritual",

- having Buddhist (even Tibetan Buddhist <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':blink:' />) covers on albums containing exclusively Veda mantras and stotras composed by Hindu acharyas.

The Buddha album covers are for presenting Hindu stotras as "It's all generic interchangeable Indian 'chants'" (which preceeds the declaration that "it's all equally christian", like christianism tries with Tiruvachagam). "Chants" is new-age terminology, BTW. Just like calling Yoga "spiritual".

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