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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
[quote name='Husky' date='29 September 2011 - 06:51 PM' timestamp='1317302039' post='113082']

Why can't I ever find an Indian voice that claims to represent Hindu interests that I can recommend unconditionally? Why should I have to forever quote Hellenes (I thank their Gods for them. But I would so much like to have at least one of our own kind, whose words I could confidently recommend, and Not have to trace everything they say to see if I still trust them, and then only to be disappointed. And thoroughly disappointed, as in this case.)


I too have this problem, Husky. Given the multiplicity of attacks on Hinduism and Hindus, I suppose it is inevitable that there will be a multiplicity of responses. Perhaps, it is unrealistic to expect a person to be unflinchingly opposed to all approaches by non-Hindus. Eventually, people like Rajiv Malhotra are going to make peace with some milder attacks on Hinduism, in order to appear reasonable.

Apropos this, let me commend you Husky, on your unflinchingly hardline approach. Your views, as they are, need to articulated without fear or embarrassment. Thank you for doing this.


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