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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
Post 2/2 on musicians, Carnatic music and music labels

4. An example of a famous cryptochristian music house is "Amutham", which Sudha Raghunathan is a managing director of. It's a label that "specialises" in carnatic music. But there's more:

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]Dr. Winston Panchacharam (USA)[/color] has been the spark of inspiration for the birth of Amutham Music. It’s a matter of pride and privelage that Amutham music has Padmasri Sudha Ragunathan as its managing director.

Entity is clearly not a Hindu: which Hindus would call their kid Winston? (Having said that, you'd think even christians of Indian origin would have more sense than giving their kid the same name as Adolf I mean Churchill. But then Indian christians loved the christobrits even in the midst of the deadly famines the christobrits inflicted on the unconverted Indian population.)

[color="#0000FF"]But to the more important point:

Amutham has a "devotional" section. Which has a Christian and a Hindu and a Sanskrit section (exactly where is there a difference between Hindu and Sanskrit here? And since when did "christian devotional" belong under a label that works with "Carnatic music"?)[/color]

There's way more dubiousness concerning Amutham. But moving on to related companies:

- Amutham releases "Carnatic" and "Sanskrit" music

- while Kalakendra releases "Bharatanatyam" DVDs by the now-cryptochristian org Kalakshetra. (Kalakshetra was originally Hindu since its founding in the early half of the last century. But it has been infiltrated and taken over by not-so-crypto-christianism. Rather like the Chindu and certain other famous English Language Media houses were once upon a time Hindu and are now in christian and cryptochristian hands. Note how education, media and govt were taken over. Temples are being christo-taxed to a slow death, while funding christoislamism. And now Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music are infiltrated.)

Anyway, both Amutham and Kalakendra appear to be labels under the [color="#0000FF"]"Swathisoft"[/color] umbrella. IIRC, it is Swathisoft that released a Tirukkural album by Tamil Maiyam. I "suspect" this is the same Tamil Maiyam of catholic inculturationist "Father Gasper Raj" who was funding the christo LTTE while releasing an inculturating album on Manikkavasagar's Tiruvachagam (to raise funds for christianism again - from unwitting Hindu victims).

This was covered in depth at:


The Catholic church, Tamil and LTTE - Part II


The Catholic church, Tamil and LTTE - Part III


The aforementioned "Swathisoft" company has a "Sanskriti series" of albums or something. It tends to deheathenise all references to Hindu Gods on albums about Hindu Gods. It slowly de-Hinduises Samskritam (which is why they start by calling all Hindu stotras/texts in Samskritam as a separate "Sanskrit" genre) before turning Samskritam into a "universal" language - soon to be claimed for christianism, but you know this, since this was a long-term plan of christianism. Which is why Dr Swamy suggesting that every "Indian" learn Samskritam is a bad plan. Besides, Samskritam is Saraswati. Those infested with christoislamism should be kept away from Hindus' sacred Mother.)


Quote:Why would Christian Church copy Hindu Scriptures?

The answer is here. "Such, indeed, is the exuberance and flexibility of this language (Sanskrit) and its power of compounding words, and when it has been, so to speak, baptized, and thoroughly, penetrated with the spirit of Christianity, it will probably be found, next to Hebrew and Greek, the most expressive vehicle of Christian Truth." - M. Monier - Williams (1861:54)

Monier-Williams believed that at a time before English rose to such primacy in India and the world. At present, and in foreseeable future, English is the vehicle of both de-heathenisation and christianisation.

But christians still pursue Samskritam for the purpose of infiltrating (and not inculturating on it: it cannot target the masses for conversion anymore, so any enterprise on this end they know is going to require large amounts of effort with little dividend, whereas English does the opposite almost effortlessly). Christian infiltration of Skt is for the purpose of targeting the class of Hindus for whom Samskritam remains important.

There's now two strikes against Sudha Raghunathan. Plus long ago, I think I saw a comment by Radha Rajan on Sudha being involved in some controversial topic. I can't remember the topic, but I recall that Radha Rajan said that Sudha had been her classmate. Will try to find it.

Hmmm, things becoming a bit clearer now - or at least, less likelihood of "it's all an innocent mistake":


Tigers’ Eelam: Nothing ‘Hindu’ or ‘Tamil’ about it – II

B R Haran

02 Jul 2009

The International Tamil Centre, another front organization of the LTTE, was started by one [color="#FF0000"]Dr. Winston Panchacharam[/color] of New York; it celebrated its third anniversary in Chennai on 8 June 2009. Dr. Winston Panchacharam brought two Americans with him, Bruce Fein, US lawyer and specialist in international law, counsel for Tamils against genocide; and Francis Boyle, American expert on international law, to ‘lecture’ on the occasion.

Sudha Ragunathan, a leading Carnatic singer and [color="#FF0000"]‘local head’ of the ITC, organized the event[/color] along with her colleague and local secretary Manimekalai Kannan. The main speakers at the inaugural function were known ‘Dravidian’ ideologues Dr. Ramachandran, Vice Chancellor of Madras University and R.M. Veerappan, former minister and President of MGR Kazhagam. Though both speakers spoke about the glory and antiquity of Tamil language and Tamil culture [color="purple"]("language and culture" is meant to replace the Hindu identity; same as how Yoga being described as "spiritual onlee" replaces the Hinduness of Yoga)[/color], they refrained from talking about the Sri Lankan Tamil issue. As the theme of the conference was “Rehabilitation of Sri Lankan Tamils,” a seminar on the subject was held wherein Prof. V. Suryanarayan, South Asia and Southeast Asia specialist, and Bhagwan Singh, Consulting Editor, Deccan Chronicle [color="#800080"](catholic mouthpiece)[/color], participated apart from the two Americans, Francis Boyle and Bruce Fein.

And in a comment, Radha Rajan wrote:

Quote:Sudha Raghunathan is my college mate and a good friend. I spoke to her on the issue expressing grave reservations about being associated with such dubious persons and organizations. While Sudha's ignorance may be plausible no such fig leaf can be claimed by Prof. Suryanarayan who is Member National Security Advisory Board.

Radha Rajan

03 Jul 2009

That's three strikes against Sudha Raghunathan then: organised and promoted a christoLTTE-funding function, has an important part in the inculturating cryptochristo label Amutham which is mascotted by her friend Winston (fundraiser for christo LTTE), and Sudha is apparently a fan of one "Jaggi Vasudev" of "Isha" "Yoga" - whom Amutham and Swathisoft peddle - but who is .... let's say, Shady.

I don't know what to make of the picture of Velukkudi Krishnan (famous Sri Vaishnava orator) at


- There's no comments in the text on that page about him, only a picture with his name as description.

- But there's lots of audio albums released by Amutham that feature him on the cover.

Is he one of the many innocent Hindus roped into performing so that christianism can make money out of him and his Hindu audience, or does he know more? If the former, someone has to warn him away from Amutham. And warn the Shri Vaishnavas away from Clooney.

5. What can Hindus do about it all?

Well, the very basics is: don't fund it. Vote with your wallet.

Get albums made by Hindus and released by Hindu music houses. Look at the covers, and read the blurbs on the backcovers. Do they demote the Hindu Gods to "ideas" or "symbolism" ("this God symbolises blablabla"). Do they describe a Hindu shloka or song album as being for "health and wealth effects, release from stress, blablabla". Does the cover have ugly untraditional images of the Hindu Gods or no images of the Gods at all, but new agey symbols? Does the cover pretend the Hindu album of Hindu stotras by Hindus is magically Buddhist? Does the album text pretend Yoga/Bharatanatyam is something "spiritual" and avoids speaking directly of Hindu Gods/religion at all? Etc.

In such cases, don't chance it. If you must have an album (because you know the artists are Hindu even if the label is christoterrorist): you are likely to find the album available in some torrent download somewhere. Go ahead, drain the money that funds christianism.

- If you want to support the Hindu artist, write to them and warn them away from cryptochristian labels.

- If you think the music label is Hindu but following a "spiritualising/universalising and globalising" trend set by christian "carnatic" music labels, write to the label.

Also, Hindus should fund Hindu labels that publish Hindu albums/media items by Hindu singers/musicians/dancers. Support your own kind.

Sigh. Wish Radha Rajan would interrogate Sudha Raghunathan about Amutham's "christian devotional" section and whether she minds that this fits with Pope John Paul II's "Conversion of Asia in 3rd millennium" speech and the inculturation project.

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