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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
^ Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know the identity of the spouse. Or the involvement of Theosophy. Theosophy is the colonial-era equivalent of subverting Hindu religion into some sort of new-ageism.

But it appears that it is with the takeover of Kalakshetra by the christian Leela Samson in a recent year that the Hindu Gods were removed from there, and it had moved visibly into inculturation:


Quote:Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai, an Institution established for promoting Hindu Dance forms, is used for inculturation by its Jew-Christian Director. She has removed the Nataraja and Ganesh statues from its premises, which is certainly a matter of concern for Hindus (Hindu Voice, Sept. 2007).

1. Forgot to mention that other obvious example: the Kosmic label, originally from Chennai where it started with traditional Hindu albums, and which set up shop in I think California also. It is yet another label that presented Hindu stotras as new-age, then peddled these in the west as "relaxation/unaffiliated spiritual music" complete with the occasional entirely unrelated Buddha cover on albums of Hindu stotras (how dare Hindus differentiate).

Then Kosmic proceeded to make crossover-christo albums next to new-age ones, which is at least explicitly visible in the California branch: with aliens drawling out what's apparently meant to be the Gayatri mantram etc (not that Hindus or their Gods would recognise it, plus aliens have no right to these things) and then IIRC the same aliens are seen singing albums to Santa Francis Assissi I think it was, also released by Kosmic.

But there are many examples like the above.

2. christianizingbharatanatyam.blogspot.com/2011/09/anitha-rathnam-nothing-is-interesting.html

Quote:"Nothing is interesting in Ramayana for me"

Bharatnatyam dancer [color="#FF0000"]Anita Rathnam, [/color]part of Leela camp, associated herself with Inculturation specialist Rani David and claims in her 2007 event in Maryland: "Rani David laid down facts and demonstrated that [color="#0000FF"]Christianity existed along with Bharatanatyam and Sanga Thamizh, but history lost in time has given Christianity a western outlook"[/color]

Rajiv Malhotra's response at the link indicates that he mistakes Anita for a naive Hindu. I'm betting she's a calculating cryptochristian.

Analogy: Rani David is one of the "miracle healing" frauds that christianism is so famous for (a la Benny Hinn) while Anita plays the "invalid" person "randomly" selected from the audience who becomes "miraculously healed". The rest of the audience - not in on it - represent the onlooking Hindus being targeted, who are unaware that Anita pretends to be distinct from christianism while mouthing christianisms in order to convert Hindus to christian views by pretending she's originally one of them.

Note how the christian says "Christianity, Bharatanatyam and Sanga Tamizh" but no mention of Hindu.

I'm sure this is related to how christianism's history-writing intends on making it "Established History" that Hindu religion was "introduced" into the regions of Kerala and even TN in a late century. (Topic already alluded to in the Buddhism thread.)

3. Anyway, treacherous danseuses making public statements or acting publicly against Hindu religion and for christian objectives reminded me of another one of some years ago. (File under "cryptochristianism", there's little left to differentiate between people so far gone into christianism and full/conscious christians) -


Quote:Oct 23, 2005

[color="#FF0000"]Padma Subrahmanyam[/color] in Dubious Function

Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam was once upon a time a Bhakta of the Kanchi Math. I have known the entire family to promote themselves in public life as Bhaktas of the Math and they have been benefited by the grace and blessings of the present Acharyas of the Math. In fact, the family in its entirety has benefited from the well-publicized fact that they are recipients of the grace and blessings of the Acharyas.

Last year, when Pujya Acharyas were arrested and great calamity fell upon the Math because of Jayalalithaa, this family was conspicuous by its absence in any protest, public or private. This family has not visited Pujya Acharyas even once after the release of Pujya Acharyas from prison.

This in itself is unforgivable that a family which publicized for self-promotion their closeness to the Acharyas when Pujya Acharyas were at the pinnacle of their importance should abandon their Gurus at a time of crisis just because they are personally beholden (Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam's book was financed by the TN Government because she and J are friends) to Jayalalithaa.

Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam is Vice President, Hindu Dharma Rakshana Samiti and was also closely involved in the organization of the Hindu Dharm Acharya Sabha (HDAS) in Chennai last year.

I personally find it extremely offensive that she participated yesterday at a function in Chennai for the release of a DVD on Jayalalaithaa and present at the function were Badr Sayeed (AIADMK) and chairperson of the TN WAKF board, Janab K Mohammad Khalifa Sahib, Managing Trustee of the Nagore Dargah and reverend M Azariah, former Chennai CSI Bishop.

I find it disgraceful that this kind of Gurudroham is countenanced by us. Self-respecting Hindus cannot have her as the Vice President of the Dindu Dharma Rakshana Samiti nor can we have her associated with the HDAS. She cannot protect Hindu Dharma by being seen at a function to honor the Asuric and the Adharmic. This report with a photograph is on page 5 of today's Deccan Chronicle.

I request those who have any contact with Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, President Dharma Rakshana Samiti and Convenor HDAS, to express our protest in extremely polite language. Pujya Swamiji must be made aware of our outrage but must not be treated to any disrespect or impolite language please.

From: Radha Rajan (radharajan7@gmail.com)

Date: Oct 23, 2005 8:34 AM

Subject: Padma Subrahmanyam in dubious function

I thought I'd read that "Padma" did more than merely snub the Kanchi Shankaracharya after he was framed by christianism... Yupp, I did, right here on IF itself:


where Sandhya Jain wrote (2009) to Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha/HDAS' Swami Dayananda Something Something (sorry, I can't be expected to remember everyone's name):

Quote:r Most unconscionable, however, is your persistent association on public platforms with the chartered accountant S. Gurumurthy and dancer Padma Subrahmanyam, who worked overtime to malign the Acharyas in Tamil society when this atrocity took place.


r Whatever her calibre as a dancer, Ms. Padma Subrahmanyam has no status on matters of Hindu Dharma. Yet it is said that you, as Convener, HDAS, sent her to represent Hindu Dharma in some bogus inter-faith dialogue with the Vatican in 2006! The veracity or otherwise of this information has been denied to us, despite persistent attempts, and is missing on the HDAS website.

4. Sumishi, you have wonderful optimism. (Almost everything about you keeps reminding me of a certain other IF member who went missing some years ago... Maybe your long-lost twin?)

5. Vishwas, you will soon enough tire of my complaining on IF, trust me.

The hardlining is because I am getting angry. Not at christoislamism - it's being its typically evil self, and one can't expect better - but at Hindus' would-be representatives (in the English language).

[quote name='vishwas' date='29 September 2011 - 09:02 PM' timestamp='1317309896' post='113087']Eventually, people like Rajiv Malhotra are going to make peace with some milder attacks on Hinduism, in order to appear reasonable.[/quote]This is utterly unacceptable. There can be no compromise. And that too for such worthless reasons as individuals appearing reasonable to the enemy of Hindu religion? And Hindus' religion must be sacrificed bit by bit for that? Not for any reason, and certainly not for this.

Malhotra's response to the enemy was essentially "Don't inculturate, but by all means dabble - even christoislamics welcome". Yet dabblers in themselves account for a large number of Hindus' enemies.

The problem is that, as happened with Yoga also, English-language vocalists for the Hindu side always argue in terms of "if the christowest just acknowledges it is Hindu, they are welcome to do it too". That is the response that is given by people who merely want recognition (flattery) before they will share. (Aseem Shukla of the Take Yoga Back movement expected the world to acknowledge that Hinduism gave the world Yoga, and seemed to be content with that.)

The fact is, Bharatanatyam, like [Hindu forms of] Yoga, is not shareable: it does not belong to the world. It is Hindu religious practice, for Hindus alone.

Hindus should be adamant and make the right and complete arguments at all times. No half-measures. Not unless Hindus want to end up in more trouble, the way Yoga is now "universal" -> "christian". (Good luck "Reclaiming Yoga". It's too late. Hindus think the Enemy will let them? Of course the good news is, the aliens don't have actual Yoga. They just have access to the word. But the Alien Dabblers have realised they don't actually have yoga and are working hard to change that.)

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