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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic


Quote:krishna nee begane baaro...

jun 6th, 2012 CE

yet another reason why i like karnataka: this song was composed at the great krishna temple in udupi.


and k s chitra sings a very good version of it. do you know a better one?

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 6/06/2012 02:07:00 AM 3 comments Links to this post

Labels: carnatic music, krishna

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OverTheHill said...

Going backward in time, try

...Palghat K V Narayanaswamy (The man with the silken voice)

...M S Subbalakshmi (channeling the divine)

and, harking back to an almost forgotten era

...B S Raja Iyengar, who used to sing at in a voice that would go through the roof, a full octave higher than us lesser mortals, a sort of male soprano.

BTW if you visit Bangalore, watch the show dAsa vANI on Sankara Channel, it's all about PurandaradAsa and his compositions and done in a folksy conversational style by a first-rate expositor accompanied by a vocalist with violin and tabla/mridangam support.

6/06/2012 9:28 AM

nizhal yoddha said...

thank you, overthehill. i am, alas, totally ignorant about carnatic music, but as i age, i find it to be more appealing. i will try and find the versions from the great singers you have mentioned.

i wonder if rajan parrikar is reading this, and can give us some insight too.

ignorant as i am about classical music, i find that sometimes it is amazingly evocative. i once listened to a thumri, and i had never even heard the word thumri before, and it affected me greatly emotionally -- i suppose this is what 'rasa' means: the evocation of emotion in the viewer/listener.

i also find that certain saxophone riffs -- there is one in pink floyd 'shine on you crazy diamond part IX' and another in phil collins' 'one more time' -- affect me deeply.

6/07/2012 9:44 PM

OverTheHill said...

There's a lot of math in Carnatic music, so it should appeal to the comp scientist/elec engr in you.

The Katapayadi system of naming raagas is a neat example. (More generally the system uses letters to represent numbers and serves as both a mnemonic aid and a coding mechanism. Maadhava used it in his work.)

Here is a delightful corollary of its use in raaga naming: based on the system the raaga Simhendramadhyamam should really be written Sihmendramadhyamam- Fred Damerau redux.

6/08/2012 8:55 AM

Who doesn't love Krishna Nee Begane Baaro? (I think it means "Krishna Nee Vegamaa Vaa" in Tzh.)


1. Did Nizhal Yoddha just peddle Chitra the cine singer, known from Kandukondain x 2's Kannamoochi song? You know, the Chitra who famously also released a minimum of 2 jeebus albums, and gawd knows how many more? (Her releases are generally under the Manorama publishing label, which I think is christian and related to the Manorama christo-mouthpiece in Kerala.)

In any case, I had heard the rendition of Krishna Nee Begane Baaro by the Chitra I speak of lots of times. (Recorded off MusicIndiaOnline a long time back, since other versions weren't easily accessible and I had no money to purchase quality music and so had to listen to whatever was available. The only other version I remember on MIO was Yesudas', whose singing always annoyed me: has a patronising, terribly cliche and over-acting male voice, not my cup of tea, even since his Sindhu Bhairavi days where he overdid the Jaya Jaya Swamin. Though I never held his cliched voice and singing against him, in more recent years I found out he also releases christian pseudo "carnatic" albums - being a hardcore inculturator, so too his son - and uses Hindu terms for his jeebus songs, like Swarga and Deva etc.)

Anyway, said Chitra's version of KNBB - like all her attempts at Hindu songs - is a light music rendering, a cine sound, not actual Karnatic at all. She's classically-trained (but most of Indian cine music was based on Hindu classical until a recent decade), but that doesn't mean she can sing Karnatic.

I'm really hoping the "K.S. Chitra" recommended by the Rajeev2004 blog is another being: one who doesn't peddle jeebus and whose KNBB *is* Karnatic. Else he just peddled christian inculturation to his large number of readers... :yikes:

2. Now to what's more important to me personally:

OverTheHill suggested Subbulakshmi - though he misspelled her name - for Krishna Nee Begane Baaro. Wait wait wait. I am *sure* I own all her officially released albums and individual tracks - including live performances - and I have *never* heard her Krishna Nee Begane Baaro (not counting the extremely low quality - barely audible - bootleg/fan-recording of her live performance at Udupi, which I also have, but which specifically doesn't count since it's hard to properly enjoy). I'd give a good deal of money to have an official recording of MSS' KNBB.

I hope OverTheHill didn't just "guess" that there must be an [official ] MSS version of KNBB, the way he guessed (wrongly) at the spelling of her name. And if he's telling the truth, is he at all going to reveal to the reader *where* to get the missing KNBB by MSS song? My life I mean my collection is not complete without it...

3. Said OverTheHill:

Quote:There's a lot of math in Carnatic music, so it should appeal to the comp scientist/elec engr in you.

All music is pure maths. It's just that you don't need to *be* a mathematician to be good at it: neither to compose in it, nor to render it, nor to appreciate/recognise its beauty. In fact, not all mathematicians are good at any of these things. However, music often appeals to mathematicians including also geniuses among the autistic.

Anecdote: a famous British physicist professor (still in his early/mid 30s I think) - IIRC cosmology is his field? - used to be a rock star in an apparently *known* rock band. (Let me guess, he owned a synthesizer... Wouldn't that be Typical.) But he seems likeable, so I guess I shouldn't make fun.

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