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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic

Quote:Another milestone in Hinduisation of the Church

14/07/2012 01:46:22 GSK Menon

Newspaper, Malayala Manorama, dated July 6th 2012 has reported on page 2 that Vallom Forona Church, hosted the Arengtram of 16 Christians, who learnt Shinkari Melam.

These are traditional Hindu temple music played exclusively on ceremonial occasions. The Church which is on a Hinduisation spree has now adopted this practice also. Already Hindu Nilavilakku and temple Dhwajastambham have become an integral part of Church worship. The prayer pattern of a community is itself undergoing a mass transformation. Christian converts, who renounced their Hindu religion, traditions and culture are realising their stupidity in accepting a foreign religion. The Bible expressly prohibits the use of musical instruments in worship that is why orthodox Christian groups do not play music. Christians need to rethink about their continuation in this religion itself? Why borrow from other religious systems and pray to a foreign god ?

I happenned to see an evangelical program on TV. The stage carried a big banner proclaiming "Jesus the name above all names". Ironically, the pastor hosting the show was retaining his Hindu name Manoj. In yet another evangelical program I heard the speaker exhorting the new group of converts to retain their Hindu names. What is this religion which does not want to use its own names but prefers the names of Gods of other religions? Does it make any sense? On the one hand the Pope is ordering to use only Christian names, but evangelical missionary gangs are seen exhorting not to change their Hindu names! Ultimately, these converts become CCC - Confused Christian Convert.

[color="#800080"](The church insists that christos keep Hindu names in public for cryptochristianism purposes (a temporary measure).

Like the church equally insists that (especially) christowomen marry Hindu men and baptise all children, regardless of whether they manage to convert the "Hindu" spouse and his family or not, though the christowomen are encouraged to do this also.

But I forgot. Sensitivities are such that many batting for the home-team specifically don't want cryptochristianism exposed. <- As long as they don't suddenly decide "realise" later on that it needs to be exposed... Because that would be beyond Hypocrisy and deep into the realms of Utter Idiocy, after all. As are most things that people work out too late. There's no points for coming to the right conclusions at the wrong time, ya know. Still adds up to the wrong answer. Sadly it doesn't result in individual fail marks, but a collective one - aka extinction - at the end of this rainbow.

Well, it's not all bad news/not all ignominy: at least there are Hindoos like GSK Menon who aren't blinkered and keep drawing attention to cases of inculturation that many of us - me especially - would never have noticed, were it not for their constant watchfulness.)[/color]

Let us pray that the misguided converts return to Hinduism, Hindu culture and traditions. It is time to bid goodbye to the desert god.

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