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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
(As usual only the linked articles and stuff in blockquotes are important.)

Apparently Stanford is busy laying the groundwork for claiming Keertanas belong just as much to "Indian" christianism as it does to Hindu religion, even though it is exclusively Hindu being an expression of the Hindus and a worship of exclusively the *Hindu* divine.

Particularly look at the section they have carefully advertised for speaking of "Tamil christian keertanai". (Not that keertanas are Jewish either, but they are - or at least were - far less prone to inculturate than christianism.)


Quote:Thursday, April 18, 2013

May 5- Translated Tunes: Negotiations of Space, Genre, and Identity in Kirtan Conference

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From: Bernadette Marie White <bmwhite@stanford.edu>

Date: Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 2:56 AM

Subject: May 5- Translated Tunes: Negotiations of Space, Genre, and Identity in Kirtan Conference

To: southasia@lists.stanford.edu, southasiastudents@lists.stanford.edu, southasiafaculty@lists.stanford.edu, hs-events-announcements@lists.stanford.edu

Please distribute widely.

see image of flyer at the linked rajeev2004 blog entry

it states, with a carefully-structured context/lead up and trail off:


Across Religious Communities in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu

<Jewish example in Maharashtra, studied by Hebrew University and presented at Stanford>

2:50-3:30: Zoe Sherininan (University of Oklahoma), "Tamil Christian kirttanai: Musical Style, Theology, and Social Identity

The rest of the flyer has to be read to see the full effect of the context and to be able to properly observe the process which Stanford employs in claiming Keertanas as "equally christian" (and note that it is christianism doing this: it always does this. Claiming Keertanas for christianism under the culture etc garb is a christian project, even though Stanford sounds like a "secular" university):

1. It talks about the "transformations" of Keertanai in India in terms of geography/space and "genre" (they mean language). The first transformation they show as happening in India in the west and south. The example for the second transformation is given in how keertanas have moved from Hindus father tongue Samskritam to their mother tongues like Marati.

2. Then the christo project at Stanford carefully embeds "christianism" as a "mere" third example "in this sequence" of transformation of keertanais under a heading on "transformation/transferral of identity", between the above two legitimate examples of transformation.

But note how the other two examples - that of space and language - are legitimate because they are internal and *natural* to Hinduism, and a continuation of the natural expression of Hindus in *their* space and *their* languages.

The christian so-called "example" - as merely another case and one of identity transfer of keertanai to christianism - is false. Not only is it utterly illegitimate (there is no keertanai in christianism, and it comes only from deliberate stealing by christians) but is not even a natural transformation that they pretend it is: it is deliberate and very conscious inculturation on Hindu religion. It is the theft of Hindu religion after these very things were attacked by christians for being "expressions of Hindus' paganism" not so very long ago. It is not transformation but it is indeed transference. Or to put it in the more appropriate terminology: it is Replacement Theology. They blast Hindus for this, then the sheep want these things for themselves because their alien christian masters realised that their native sheep don't have *any* culture (something the native sheep also realised and which made them have a very understandable and justifiable inferiority complex, hence their plagiarism). The aliens are jealous that their little sheep can't *do* anything and can't *create* anything, whereas the Hindus have created pristine divine music - inspired directly by/derived directly from the Hindu Gods - whereas the non-existent bozo jeebusjehovallah is unable to inspire anything creative in the sheepified. So the alien christos have to help their native cannibal sheep in stealing the much-coveted Hindu achievements (actually Hindu religion) from the Hindus and donate them to christianism.

With this conference/presentation, Stanford is laying the foundations for "establishing" keertanais as equally "christian": as but part of some "natural process of transformation", rather than allowing it to be exposed as inculturation, as blatant plagiarism born of a rabid envy innate to missionary religion.

Laying this groundwork now is necessary so that next time Stanford/christian institutions throughout the world - AND especially also their Indian christian sheep referring to their masters' "journal articles" on the subject for "authority" - can start speaking of "christian keertanai" as if it is a natural phenomenon and not the deliberated rip-off from Hindu religion that it is. [And as a consequence, Hindus - particularly in TN, which is targeted with the very example cited - will have to qualify all their keertanas with "Hindu keertanai". But that is only the tip of the iceberg they will face.]

Now did Stanford invite Hindus to give recitals at this presentation too (so they can introduce christian keertanai alongside as "equally valid", and use any unwitting Hindu participation/presence as "validating" the invention of keertanai as "also christian? Or is it just the usual traitors - of Hindu antecedents - that were invited over to join in the good ole christian fun? You know, the kind that treat keertanas and carnatic music as "mere art" etc and seek only to be recognised as artists or at least as connaisseurs, and therefore are desperate to be seen at exactly such events?

And here's what Hindus did to invite this problem: NRI Hindus helped promote aliens' new agey howling in (allegedly) Indian languages as "keertanais" even after said alien "converts" repeatedly intimated in print (as was posted earlier in IF **) that the "kirtans" they were howling weren't about the Hindu Gods/Hinduism really (and could be about anything actually - hence also implicitly christianism) and were rather about some "universal feeling" that these things invoked in the listener. In other words, Stanford's advertising of Keertanas as music associated with the [carefully unnamed] "Divine" is only to transfer (or "transform" to use their euphemism) Hindu expressions concerning Hindu divinity into expressions about the non-existent nightmare known as jeebusjehovallah.

NRI Hindus should never have promoted alien howlings of keertanas. New ageism=alienation from heathenism and a step towards universalising the heathenism before it can be claimed/ingested by christianism. "Hindus" c/should have known that. More fool them. But then, NRIs' definition of fitting in into *western* surroundings quite often tends to be in trying to peddle their religion to everyone and as "universal", rather than them practising their own religion in private (a la Daoists do) and thus retaining their own heathenism instead of subverting themselves into new-ageists desperate to acquire foreign attendance.

** Some relevant quotes from that article from back in 2009, which had already foreshadowed the developments:

Quote:(alien new-ageist encroaching) Kirtan singer Krishna Das, among the most popular artists, says kirtan is not about religion, even though the chants come from Hindu tradition. "It's just about doing it, and experiencing," his web site says. "Nothing to join, you just sit down and sing."


I (Anjali/Angela, a cryptochristian inculturating NRI female of Hindu ancestry) was repeating the names of the same Hindu deities I learned about as a kid during religious instruction. Indeed, the words weren't entirely free of connotations even for my co-worker and roommate, who came with me to the kirtan and are not Hindu or Indian. They told me later that while most of the chants didn't mean anything to them, they both instinctively refrained from singing "Hare Krishna," which they thought was affiliated with the movement in India. ... My roommate is already planning on going back because she says kirtan cleared her head.

But because these new-ageists - alien dabblers and Indian subversionists like Anjali - have been peddling Keertanas among abroad and apparently it's catching on among however small a number of aliens, clearly the christowest is growing alarmed at any such trend and hence wants to help repackage keertanas as "equally christian" too, the way they did with yoga etc.

There's a couple more things to note about the Stanford flyer. In their sudden interest in and desperate promotion of keertanas (and their self-declared expertise in the matter, as always happens), there is tacit acknowledgement by the aliens at Stanford that *Hindu* (i.e. Hindu religious) music and musical expression - and Keertanais are exclusively Hindoo onlee, not "all-Indian" or "culture" something - is masterful. That's why they want to claim it for christianism now; they want it to persist [but in the mangled, perverted, i.e. christianised form] even as they aim to kill Hindu religion. That's why they want their sheep trained up to claim it.

Also, as the christian agenda speeds up and more things are ticked off their to-do list (i.e. as Replacement Theology becomes more blatant), it means the christians already envision an end that is in sight for Hindus. Maybe not this decade, but definitely "in time" - as they have already designed/made plans for the "Indian" christian culture" that they feel ought to exist in christian, post-Hindu India. The irony is that many self-declared Hindus actively and even eagerly cooperate in siphoning off (knowledge of) Hindu religion to alien climes. Astounding is also their blindness to inculturation as an (actually violent) means of conversion rather than the innocuous-sounding "indigenisation" that some Hindus still *choose* to perceive this process as or as the "universalisation of Hinduism" (or the equally terrifying and abominable "conversion of the world to Hinduism") that many new-agey Hindus want to promote. Meanwhile, others are downright traitors and admit they just want to see Carnatic music adopted by "everyone" in the world including local christians and muslims, and thus "appreciated in it's own right, separate from Hinduism": they want it separated from Hindu religion, to use it to promote their Indian culture as "superior". (It's a pity one can't sell them.)

Note these are almost if not completely exclusively angelsk-speaking Hindus and all-too-frequently NRI Hindus. Though all the examples of traitors just alluded to that I can recall at the moment (the ones that wanted to sell Carnatic music as universal and want to consciously deHinduise it) tend to specifcially be from my own backyard: TN.

In another entry at the rajeev2004 blog, it appears Rajeev Malhotra has declared that the west is 'reexporting our ideas to us' (paraphrased from short-term memory). That's what a lot of Hindus have been saying for the last few decades (or perhaps longer, but I wasn't around then). In fact, I've also heard them argue repeatedly that the west is trying to widely propagate the notion throughout the world that these Hindu ideas are western (and at times christian) in origin, not merely trying to re-export them to "Indians" in particular.

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