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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
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Related to posts 5 and 7, and posts 22 and 26 above, which are about inculturation on carnatic music.


Quote:Sunday, February 02, 2014

Carnatic music: the latest target for inculturation

Got to acknowledge the Christists for their systematic, determined and relentless assault on Sanatana Dharma.

After Christo-Yoga, Christo-Natyam and

Christo-AyurVeda, it is now Christo-Carnatic music in Church choirs!

[color="#0000FF"]Some (many) stupid people with Hindu names will, no doubt see a fine example of "secularism" and "composite culture" in this plagiarism too and fail to see the inculturation technique of the Christists, their ideology and their motivations.[/color]

[color="#800080"](The irony is Buddhism etc plagiarised features from Hindu and Asian religions in this way.)[/color]

Like this eminent person


Quote:"..Purists too are not averse to the idea. Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri says, "Music is a religion and singing Christian songs in Carnatic style is an interesting way to combine two religions. Christians all over the world adapt local customs and sing prayer songs in local languages."

Exactly, why would they want to do that, i.e. "adapt local customs, languages etc."? Out of a sense of the famous "Christian charity"? Gasp, do I hear the word "conversions" or "soul harvesting"?

Of course, heathens like us are supposed to know that "All religions are EQUAL. All religions teach the SAME THING". This was drilled into us by the Nehruvian "secular" state. Unfortunately, some of us with a "communal" bent of mind were poor students or weren't paying attention!

Posted by karyakarta92 at 2/02/2014 04:37:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post

And the news article itself:


Quote:Carnatic music gets a Christian touch

Dec 1, 2009, 01.55AM IST TNN[ B Sivakumar ]

CHENNAI: It's a music tradition that's believed to have divine origins. The lyrics of traditional Carnatic music compositions are usually devotional or philosophical in nature, drawing on Hindu religious tenets and now Christian choir groups too are setting their hymns to classical ragas and talas.

The words may not be so different from the hymns sung at prayer services, but rather than standing behind the priest and singing to the organ, these choir singers sit cross-legged on the floor as a traditional Carnatic ensemble, complete with violin, harmonium and mridangam. They even wear pattu pavadais, silk saris and jasmine flowers. And the trinity they sing praise to are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Limsas, a choir based in Purasawalkam that sings at religious congregations across the city, starts its kutcheri' with a small prayer and the traditional sa pa sa'. Beulah Santhi, the choir teacher, teaches people aged between four and 40 Tamil kritis, all in the name of Jesus, written by various composers. They have a book of 400 Christian kritis in Tamil set to different ragas, which clearly mentions the raga and tala in which the songs should be sung.

Santhi, a music teacher in a private school in Vepery, came to Chennai from Nagercoil in 1990 and started the Limsas choir in 2000, after parents and students requested her to teach them Christian songs set to Carnatic music. "Many of these songs were written 50 or 60 years ago, but no one has been singing them," says Santhi, who is a graduate in Carnatic music from Sathguru Sangeetha Vidyalaya, Madurai. "Most choirs tend to follow the western style of singing."

Santhi teaches her students the basics of Carnatic music from Janta Varisai' to gitam, just like any other teacher. But instead of Sri Gananatha', the first gitam for a Carnatic music student, the children are taught a song praising Jesus in the same raga and tala.

Class begins with Santhi tuning the harmonium to set the scale and asking the children to identify the raga. The 30 students begin the song with tala and swaras, as in any other Carnatic kirtana. The choir has a tight schedule in November and December during Christmas and New Year.

[color="#800080"](To takeover the Hindus' December Carnatic season, note.)[/color]

Community leaders and members have responded positively to the music, says Santhi, and enjoy it though not all of them understand it.

There is surprise in some circles too. Musician and composer Paul Augustine says, "Singing choir songs in different ragas is rather new. Though the audience doesn't dislike the concept, they find it hard to sing along as they do with a regular choir." He says his music group has at least two songs in an album of eight set in the Carnatic style.

Fr Jegath Gaspar Raj of Tamil Maiyam, says, "[color="#0000FF"]The community needs Carnatic music teachers in every church[/color] so that the members can learn and popularise the songs of composers like Vedanayagam Sasthriyar in Thanjavur."

[color="#800080"](Christist Jegath Raj is a famous fundraiser for the christo LTTE, now predictably fundraising for converting TN. He also released some western classical symphony version of Mannikavaachagar's Tiruvaachakam=sacred tamizh text on Shiva, as the first part of their inculturation attempt on Tiruvaachakam as being equally about jeebus and therefore about jeebus all along. With this album and his Tamil Maiyam he hoped to raise money for christo LTTE/christianisation of SL's Tamizh Hindus. Now Tamil Maiyam's money is going towards christianising India's Hindus of TN.

I think the same Tamil Maiyam released a "Thirukural" album, published by "universalising" label Kalakendra/Swathi Series/Swathisoft. A la how label Amutham of which Sudha Ragunathan is the director plugs for LTTE-supporter Winston Panchacharam and has a "christian devotional" section next to "carnatic" and "sanskrit" devotional sections. No mention of "Hindu" I note.)[/color]

Purists too are not averse to the idea. Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri says, "Music is a religion and singing Christian songs in Carnatic style is an interesting way to combine two religions. Christians all over the world adapt local customs and sing prayer songs in local languages."


(Writer's likely cryptochristian. Probably one of those Opus Dei types that were said to work in christomedia specifically for such purposes as inculturation, christian PR and Hindu defamation. In this case it's inculturation: to introduce the notion of christian carnatic and then gradually get audiences used to it and create legitimacy for it)

1. I don't know when Bombay Jayashri became a purist. She is just one of many vocalists. And she sings on islamic "devotional" albums too, and does bollypoo cine-music too. (And she was last caught plagiarising Hindu composers for her "own" composition for the movie Life of Pi.)

2. She's long regarded Carnatic music as no more than "art" (I know this from people who know Sudha Raghunathan* and Bombay Jayashri and probably every living major carnatic singer and some musicians). [As an aside: Sudha Raghunathan revealed that she didn't sing Hindu carnatic songs to her kids but sang English lullabies to them instead. Then again, she's the kind that's a "devotee" of that anti-Hindu fraud Jaggi Vasudev who IIRC - as per his own father-in-law - murdered his wife. Jaggi is also promoted by DMK supremo Karunanidhi.]

But look at Jayashree's typically christoconditioned statement here:

Quote:Music is a religion and singing Christian songs in Carnatic style is an interesting way to combine two religions.

Note how she does not acknowledge that Carnatic music is Hindu religion at all. She only says that "music is a religion". And she clearly recognises that christianism is a religion when she speaks of it as the 2nd religion. But she makes no mention of Hindu religion. Traitor.

This is what both new age/christo-conditioned Hindu-types who "universalise" Hindu religion do, as well as what cryptochristians do. I wonder which side she falls on now. After all, her dear friends include that anti-Hindu AR Rehman. He's not the only anti-Hindu who leaped to congratulate her for her oscar nomination for her plagiarised composition: IIRC virulent anti-Hindu Shabana Azmi also congratulated her, who would never congratulate Hindus. (Correct: firstpost.com/bollywood/indian-film-fraternity-celebrates-bombay-jayashrees-oscar-nomination-584880.html)

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