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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
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The recent generation has been turning Hindu carnatic music into "art" - divorcing carnatic music from Hindu religion. That is why this happens. One can hardly see even Mridangam players wear their sacred facial marks (veeboothi/kungumam or chandanam-naamam) anymore. They come without marks, looking like christians. How can you even play the mRidangam like that? You can always tell it's an actual Hindoo from his wearing his marks when playing the mRidangam or other instrument, or when singing.

The female Indian vocalists - as also instrumentalists - still dress Hindu, but the de-heathenising among them see this as part of "dressing up" for it.

And then 20 something female singers sing in new age bands with christo band members - e.g. the horrid-sounding "yoddha" is one such band - in (lame) western gear and then dress up to sing carnatic music (badly) for katcheris. People have turned it into a mere art.

Time was when you could hear the Sisters from Mumbai singing krithis and stotras and you knew they meant every word they sang about their beloved Gods.

(IIRC DK Pattamal's niece is still a devout Hindu, I forgot her name. Nityashree.)

Another annoying feature is that a lot of these modern carnatic types - men and women - like to speak in English in interviews. It's another status symbol to them - like dressing up and singing as an art. But not everyone in their audience understands English - I have relatives who don't. And frankly, I often don't understand their "English". Why can't these people speak Tamizh (especially on a Tamizh-language program)? Who do they imagine is their audience anyway? They're like the Indian elite - who also regularly snub the native language speakers.

Indians are such lame wannabes. It's like their whole goal in life is to become something they're not (and then they typically whine when they realise they've permanently lost something important. And then this cycle starts again.)

[color=b;ue]In future, I predict christians will try to insinuate themselves into Hindu carnatic concerts, and Hindu carnatic concert venues - facilitated as always by the new age traitors on the Indian side (like Jayashree above).

Christians will first start by entering shows like Carnatic Idol.[/color] At present this is still exclusively Hindu. And the audience is exclusively Hindu too, which is *exactly* why christians will be going to pollute this: to secularise it into "all-Indian carnatic" and to force their christian songs on the increasingly stupid listeners. Then that will be one less program that Hindus can watch. But some families looking for prestige for their kids will still send their kids to sing on such by-then christian-infiltrated shows.

Next, christians will start trying to organise katcheris in common with Hindus: crashing not just venues, but also wanting to take part in local Hindu carnatic competitions and concert seasons. And then the traditional Hindu audiences - who are the only ones who ever go to kutcheris - will be forced (by Jayashree types acting as facilitators for christianism to get a foot in the door) to have to listen through songs by christos on jeebus interspersed in the programme. Either that (and which will de-heathenise the Hindu audience to be more "accepting" of christianism and accomodate it more and more in all Hindu spheres of activity), or the insubvertible Hindoos will be forced to stop going to the christianism-infested katcheris, which will kill katcheris and gradually carnatic music among Hindus, and christianism will start pretending that "therefore" carnatic is theirs.

It's what christianism (and other missionary religions) always does: seek to insinuate itself into the private sphere and space and activities of heathens - and the Karnatic crowd was so far the most unreachable - in order to be able to evangelise them: forcibly exposing Hindus to christianism.

I am sure December season will start including christian carnatic over time, and then albums released of December season will start containing these christian terrorisms on them, and then general studio-recorded carnatic album compilations will start including them too. (I mean, doesn't Sudha Raghunathan's amutham label already have a christian "devotional" section? What's stopping companies like hers from mixing christianism in a bit more by putting christian songs on otherwise Hindu albums?)

This is going to be a nightmare for devout Hindus. All thanks to the few new-age christoconditioned traitors inviting christianism and facilitating its inculturation program. Karnatic audiences were almost the last place (other than temples and veda paathashaalas) that Hindus were free from christian infiltration, and guaranteed of Hindoo religion. Contrast with how a few new-age cult-peddlers invited aliens over to dabble in Hinduism, and now these alien 'converts' feel they have a right to terrorise Hindoo temples in India despite these ancient temples not remotely belonging to the modern cults that inducted the aliens.

Stupid new-age Indians such as at the tamilbrahmins site/forum are to blame. These last specifically discussed a year ago how they wanted to secularise Karnatic music and change its subject matter to the secular topic of love songs so it could finally have appeal to westerners (Indians always need western approval and seek western appeal) and so as to let Indian christians and islamics have a share in Karnatic music by making it "universal". I don't ever see non-brahmin Hindoos sell carnatic music. Only the angelsk-speaking - often NRI - tamil brahmins do so. Traitors.

And as I recall it's usually tamil brahmins - mostly NRI - who sell Vedas to aliens too. (However Indians from all over India sold Yoga and local Tantra practices though.) It's always the same with modern tamil brahmins. Anyway, they'll get what they worked for, though they may in time not like it and start whining - the way NRIs started whining about how yoga has been appropriated by aliens and christos.

Modern "Hindus" are *always* doing this. They create problems that can never be fixed - usually consciously (but with no thought to the actual repercussions) - and when it turns out ugly, as it *always* does, they start whining about it. Well, they may not have asked for extinction, but they worked for it and the traitors at least most certainly deserve it for their treachery.

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