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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
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Several online Carnatic sources are already infiltrated if not set up by christians: they slip in articles about "christian carnatic", or the need to universalise carnatic music so that christians can share in it too, etc. Karnatik-dot-com contained a short story with a mention about carnatic music being "equallly christian and islamic" just because christians and islamics have dabbled in it. And it also hosts the following article:


(Note: visiting any pages on the original site raises money towards some charity - which may not be Hindu, for all I know - which is why I link to the archive.org page)

Quote:Articles on Carnatic Music

Popularity of Carnatic Music, Part II

by Raghavan Jayakumar, PhD


Recently, the seamless blending of Carnatic music with other forms of music by A.R. Rahman has brought a new level of acceptance of Carnatic musical phrasing. While some may be upset with the loss of rigor and purity of Carnatic music in film music, I believe that this is a powerful medium for the listener to get comfortable with Carnatic music. A great merit (which perhaps offends a section of Carnatic music lovers) is that film music is not restricted to devotional songs and therefore has broad appeal.


Devotional Music- In South Indian culture, the use of music in worship and on festive occasions has been the cornerstone of musical learning and practice. It is considered auspicious and joyful to sing and listen to Carnatic music and is perhaps a major source of musical satisfaction. This form of practice does not necessarily demand a high level of musical accomplishment and therefore the informal rendering increases participation immensely. While the method stabilizes the popularity of Carnatic music among south Indians, it is also restricted mainly to practicing Hindus and remains a limited context.

[color="#800080"](Villain thinks that Carnatic Music has no deeper purpose to Hindus than being "perhaps a major source of musical satisfaction" etc. He finds Hindus are hogging it, and limiting its spread, so here comes the kreatur's "brilliant" suggestion - can tell he is de-heathenised and doing exactly what christianism wantsSmile[/color]


One of the things that is [color="#0000FF"]owed[/color] to people of the world, is the availability of Carnatic compositions for people of all walks of life. Already Carnatic music is ahead by having compositions in many Indian languages. Why not have compositions in English, French, German, Arabic etc. And over and above that [color="#FF0000"]why not have Christian, Muslim and Jewish prayers composed in Carnatic music.[/color] Here is a veritable treasure trove for creative aspirants. The marketing of these NEW compositions will have to be undertaken with the help of both the parochial interest groups and groups that work to promote integration. If Carnatic music is to attain its deserved place in the world, it has to acquire a universal character. I believe that this expansion is its destiny and will capture the imagination of all peoples much as Hinduism has.

(O hou toch je smoel.

Typical of universalists. They always want to peddle a part or else all of Hinduism as "universal". And it's always the traditional Hindoos who end up getting tormented by the fallout.)


In closing, I reiterate that Carnatic music is the music of the Universe. It belongs to all the people of the world. Practitioners and rasikas have a duty to help Carnatic music break its shackles and barriers to fulfill its role in world culture. Ultimately, Carnatic music will be a vehicle for the promise: "Engum Shaanthi Nilava Vendum, Aathma Shakthi Oonga Vendum- Ulagile"-(Peace shall reign everywhere, Spiritual strength shall rise all over the world).

(Look how he typically universalised the Hindoo notion Aatma Shakti by translating it into English.)

back to Popularity of Carnatic Music, Part I
And further idiotic suggestions at the link.

The whole goal of this SuperMoron and his Unmitigated Moronism is that *carnatic* music must be peddled and universally adopted. He clearly does not care for Hindu religion but loves carnatic music as a dead thing of itself - by forcibly divorcing its intrinsically Hindu religious nature - and wants desperately that it should be universally adopted (because he likes it*, but not deeply: since only Hindoos can appreciate carnatic music properly and to its full extent). In order to ensure universal adoption, he wants to peddle it in trashy movies, as carnatic-light, in alien tongues ("globalisation"/internationalisation), and of course as a universal means of some universal spirituality so that christoislamania or Judaism can have an equal claim. (Note how the only religions that christoconditioned know or care about is always the monotheisms, because that's what their mind is attuned to.)

* Can compare with the tamilbrahmins forum which wanted "westerners" to start liking Carnatic, in order for these Indians to feel superior about themselves (since western opinion is important to such Indians: they seem to wilt and die without it).

I'm starting to see extinction as a good thing. Considering the rate at which modern "Hindus" are selling and destroying/mauling Hindu religion by handing Hindu religion piecemeal over to christianism for pillaging/raping, it would be far better for all of Hindudom to extinct and quickly: before every last thing is sold off and christianised=butchered.

These are not modern Hindus' things to sell. Not their "heritage". These sacred things are Hindu religion. It belongs to Hindoos alone. Our Hindoo ancestors put together and safeguarded these sacred things for us, so we may still practice them and follow in their footsteps. But now, having ceased to be deserving of these Hindoo things, these things should be removed from the world. And since modern Hindus insist on holding on to the shell but not the Hinduness in these things - and will not let go - then both must be extincted together: both the increasingly-mauled Hindudom and the Hindus stuck with the treacherous gangrene which they won't amputate. Fortunately, time will ensure extinction. Let's see modern Hindus escape that: this fate is becoming more inevitable by the day. "Come Death and welcome."

And the news was:


Quote:Carnatic music gets a Christian touch

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