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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
^ About alien cryptochristians inculturating on Hindus' religion.

This post is on christians in India inculturating on Hindu religion,

and how Hindus have gone through this grief before.

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18893

Quote:Jesus, the Sole Yogacharya: New Conversion Agendas by Christian Church.

23/07/2014 10:24:33 JanmabhumiDaily

The Christian church's conversion agenda now has a fresh tool: ancient India's Yoga. A centre initiated by a private hospital of Muvattupuzha is now embroiled in a controversy after making specific attempts at conversion. The aim is clear: proselytizing via a fake message that Jesus is the 'one and only Yogi'.

The centre's website has indicated that it has now become common the Yesu Namaskaram, with an affiliation from Physical Education and Sports University of Tamil Nadu. However, nowhere in the University website does it indicate an affiliation to the particular centre.

The class, under the guise of Yoga lessons, with the title 'Yesu Namaskaram' has been initiated by a retired nun of Kottayam Medical College. It is said that the place is witnessing large scale efforts in religious conversion.

The nun is said to have learnt the basics of Yoga from Vivekananda Kendra, Bangalore and then begun her own centre. She teaches all Yogic Asanas, including Suryanamaskara, but with the message super imposed that Jesus Christ propounded of Yoga.

After having gauged from the general trend that Yoga is now attracting major sections of society, it is confirmed that the church has devious schemes of 'Christianizing' Yoga. Sources have indicated that all those sitting in the apex body of the congregation too have put in their consent in promoting the same. Another of their secret agendas is the amassing of wealth using Yoga.

2. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/thiruvananthapuram/Christhave-Namaha-set-to-go-viral/articleshow/45638524.cms

Quote:RELATED KEYWORDS: Technopark-based-Alokin-software|Christhave-Namaha|Apples-App-store|Android-version

Christhave Namaha set to go viral

B Sreejan, TNN | Dec 25, 2014, 01.41PM IST

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: This Christmas, Android mobile users can freely download Jesus Sahasranama, similar to the thousand names in Vishnu Sahasranamam, from Google play store and listen to 'Amen, Christhave Namaha' with tamburu shruthi in the background.

Jesus Sahasranama and Jesus Namavali the two mobile apps were launched here on Tuesday by Technopark-based Alokin software. Jesus Sahasranama is already available as a paid app in Apple's App store. "Android version will ensure that the app reaches more people in different strata of society", said Rajeev Sebastian, CEO of Alokin software.

The sahasranama and namavali are the works of renowned Sanskrit scholar KU Chacko, who was a professor of Sanskrit at Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha, and first published Jesus Sahasranama in 1987. "The free mobile apps will help popularise our venture," said Chacko. Chacko has also written Yesu Suprabhatham, Kristhubhujanam and Giriprabhashanam modelled on Hindu prayers.

Indigenization of Christianity is the state policy of the church in India. Various denominations in Kerala have incorporated the traditional lamp and temple flag post as part of church architecture and rituals.

"Indigenization" of christianism is a euphemism for the inculturation-and-reinterpretation part of its christianising India agenda.

Two important comments:

Quote:Ashok Kini (Kochi, India)


Bronze: 101

With due respect to the author, I regret to say that many of the names used in the Jesus Sahasranama namavali are copied/lifted from Hindu texts like Vishnu Sahasranama. Particularly the use of following names as that of Jesus is absurd 1. Govinda 2. Achyutha 3.Thrivikrama 4. Shankara 5.Shambu and many more. Govinda means cowherd, when was jesus a cowherd. He was a shepherd. Maheshwasa means one with bow full of arrows, when has jesus taken a bow in his hands. I request the author to come with an original work. In my humble opinion, this is not assimilation. This is just "appropriation" and shameless plagiarism.


Manoj S (Kerala (now in Delhi)) replies to Ashok Kini

Indian christians and hindus do not have much difference in culture... christians now give hindu names to their children, they practice 'ezhuthiniruthu' (vidyarambham) in churches, they give impartance to 'rahukalam" etc. so this also should not be an issue for both christains and hindus!!!!

Note: the 2 comments to the TOI article above are discussed further below in this post.

3. More stuff to read on the massive inculturation/appropriation project afoot in Kerala and TN is in the following recent 3-part series on christian inculturation by B.R. Haran at indiafacts:

a. indiafacts.co.in/christian-inculturation-tamil-nadu-blasphemes-thirukkural/

read in conjuction with the very important indiafacts.co.in/pattanam-excavations-prove-myth-st-thomas/

where Romila Tapar is documented peddling the St Thomas Myth (making Romila a cryptochristian too), and christianism invents "democratic archaeology" to oust objective archaeologists and invite christian frauds to forge Thomas into India's history to create a fake history of indigenousness and to eventually replace Hindu religion as the native religion. South India is *very* much a severe target of the conversion spree right now. And the designs on Pattanam, contrary to popular imagination, is not so much with an eye to Kerala - which is already significantly christianised - but with an eye on Tamilnadu.

b. indiafacts.co.in/christian-inculturation-hinduism-religious-prostitution/

c. indiafacts.co.in/christian-missionaries-target-every-single-component-hindu-society/

Am going to try to skip past the obvious problems that all Hindus would be aware of to the contentious points.

As seen above, the above is another classic case for why it's a Terrible Idea to teach un-Hindus and anti-Hindus yoga, Samskritam or anything.

The source of the problem is - repeat - Hindus' romantic notion that a mere acquaintance with yoga and Samskritam etc will "Hinduise" non-Hindu and anti-Hindu Indians. No, all it did was arm them and allow further inculturation.

Rather like Buddhists and Jains only further inculturated on Hindu religion the more they learnt of it.

Emperor Julian's statements via IIRC RSmith, reposted from here:

Quote:'If your own Scriptures are sufficient for you, why do you nibble at the learning of the Greeks?' (229c). The comment hints at the writer's outrage at the uses to which Christians have put the cultural heritage of the Greeks - an outrage plain in remarks that Julian makes elsewhere. Two of his unplaced fragments set out the issue succinctly:

[Let us ensure] that they [the Christians] may not, by sharpening their tongues, prepare themselves to take on the Greeks in debate ... for as the proverb has it, we are struck by our own arrows. For they arm themselves from our own writings to do battle with us.75

[1] On the first comment to the TOI news piece:

Christos encroaching on the concept of sahasranamas etc and the names of Hindoo Gods - including uniquely identifying names of Hindoo Gods (like Trivikrama) is not unlike what Buddhists and Jains did. The only difference is that Buddhists and Jains did it much before christians did.

For example, the Buddhist-Tara Sahasranamam etc is another case of Buddhists plagiarising features from Hindu religion for devices to peddle Buddhism with. The Jain sahasranamam referred to in Silappadikaaram likewise stole Hindoo Gods' names (and even "Veda" as a name), just as the christians are doing now - see further below.

E.g. Buddhism stole the names of Hindu Gods like "Yogeshwara" (now repeated by christians, who are using it for jeebus now, as seen in item #1 above with "jeebus the yogacharya") and Maheshwara and EVEN NeelakaNTha, see posts 241 and 242 of the Buddhism thread. Buddhism then grafted these Hindoo God names onto the Buddhist invention "avalokiteshwara", and then used it to try to encroach on Hindu temples and sites to Shiva and eventually Vishnu. That is, Buddhism's inculturation was also for 1. proselytising, same as in christianism's case, and for 2. acquiring things that Buddhism didn't have: i.e. stealing from Hindu religion to enrich Buddhism, just as christianism steals from Hindu religion to enrich the other pauper christianism.

And likewise, Jainism had done the same too:


Quote:Ilnago (Ilango, Hindoo author of Silappadikaaram, dated variously between 2nd century BCE to 5th century CE) was very familiar with 'sahasranamam' which means 1008 names of any god or goddess. In the Indra Festival 1008 kings bore on their heads gold pots filled with holy water and performed the bathing of Indra.

In the 'Natukan Katai' section Jain nun Kavunti says, "my tongue will not say anything other than the 1008 names".

The Hindu concept of 1008 names is used for Jains here.

In the 'Urkan Katai', the poet sings of 1008 gold coins.

Most of the Jain names listed earlier are Sanskrit terms, some are common to Saivite Gods: Jinendra, Siddha, Bhagavan, Dharma, Punya, Purana, Deva, Sivgathi Nayaka, Thathva, Sarana, Karana, Kumara, Sankara, Isa, Swayambhu, Chathurmuka, Arka, Veda with the Tamil suffix 'an' (Eg. Nayaka will be Nayakan in Tamil).

Uh, most if not all those names are Hindoo Gods' names. Arka is Surya's name, Chaturmukha is taken from Brahma, Kumara is Kumara, Dharma when without qualification is Yama. Other epithets are very common to Hindoo Gods: Deva and Isa are Vedic/Upanishadic term for the paramapuruSha. Etc etc. Jinendra was already used for Vishnu, Siddha when without qualification is a reference to Shiva, Bhagavan but also Tatva and Karana are typically Hindoo descriptives of the Gods re-interpreted into Jainism (Bhagavan was also hijacked by Buddhism, like Brahman was). And does one need to say anything at all about Sivagati and Shankara?

And don't miss the "Veda" at the end of that list of "Jain" teerthankara names. Tsss. [Jainism seems to have inserted Veda among the names like it did Purana (and Dharma and Punya and Deva): i.e. declaring that all key components and features of Hindoo religion led back to Jainism instead. = what christianism does too.]

But oh look, what a coincidence: like Jainism, christianism has also encroached on the name Isa and now Sankara too (see TOI news article above). And christianism will probably continue to do what Jainism and Buddhism did and steal a great many more Hindoo Gods' personal names, and then similarly declare that it was the "original" and that Vedic religion was the "plagiarist" and "invader".

While the blogger of tamilandvedas.com refers to the obvious and undeniable Jain inculturation on sahasranamas and appropriation of Hindoo God names as being merely "a commonality shared with Hindoo Gods incl. Shiva", the same uncalled-for magnanimity is not extended to current christian inculturation on these same names: Hindus are not yet ready to say that "jeebus too has sanskrit names already seen in Hindoo sahasranamas, including those 'shared' with Hindoo Gods like Vishnu and Shiva".

Q: why do modern Hindus not allow christians to get away with it, when the same Hindus continue to pretend it didn't all happen with Buddhism and Jainism too, which have now got away with *exactly* the same crime as christianism is presently engaged in? Hindus prefer to talk about how Buddhist and Jain encroachment on similarly-structured stotra literature (and mantras and Gods names and moorti fashioning and temple building and poojas and rites like yagnyopaveeta ceremonies and circling the sacred fire during marriage etc) are suddenly merely things shared "equally" between Hindu religion, Buddhism and Jainism, but when christianism does the same it is outed as an inculturationist.

In fact, Elstians and other new-agey Hindus use outward similarities like how Buddhists (and Jains and Sikhs) also use "OM" and "Swaha" and forms of mantras and even do the oxymoronic "Buddhist" "gomas" (homas) in Japan - all of which are classic cases of inculturation, by the way - to argue that "therefore" Buddhism and Jainism (and the now-independent Sikhism) are non-distinct from Hindu religion, "Hindus must agree".

And now that christianism has also taken over the OM and the gaayatree mantram (there are youtube videos on this, see HaindavaKeralam) and many mantras from our Vedas and Upanishads, the same new-agey Hindus should argue - unless they want to be seen for hypocrites - that christianism is non-distinct from Hindu religion/Hindus must roll-over and accept christian inculturation too.

Yet can see this very same double-handed dealing in even the likes of Malhotra who conveniently refers to "digestion" of Hindu religion only in terms of aliens and foreign missionary ideologies, but he refuses to notice that the missionary Indic religions already did the same. In fact, he lumps them with Hindu religion and his work essentially insists that Hindus may not distinguish between the Vedic=Hindu religion and the later inculturating missionary ideologies, by virtue of their being Indic too (which seems to be an excuse for not objecting to *their* pillaging, despite them being spin-offs that compete just like christianism).

The real problem is that Hindus' Vedic religion has since ancient times been the victim of inculturation and appropriation by missionary religions (be they Indic or otherwise, does it really matter? when it is the *same* crime for the same purpose: evangelisation and acquisition). And this problem is compounded by modern Hindus' hypocrisy in not recognising that they criminalise christianism uniquely for a crime that Buddhism and Jainism are no less guilty of.

And BTW, Buddhists and Jains are at it still, doing the same thing that christians are doing: using backprojection of their own late religions to declare that Hindu religion came later, that Hindus' Vedic religion supposedly inculturated from Buddhism/Jainism/christianism instead (in complete and demonstrable inversion), and ejecting Hindus' religion as non-native while presenting Buddhism/Jainism/christianism as native to India. (The Buddhist and Jain cases are already discussed in length in the Buddhism thread.) And all are doing it for evangelisation purposes.

So where's the difference?

It's all because of modern Hindus' lack of discernment: they prefer to look at current outward similarities between Jainism/Buddhism and Hindu religion to conclude that they're related, forgetting that the outward alike-ness came about by deliberate inculturation on the part of Jainism/Buddhism, no different than what christianism is doing now. And there's the actual difference: the timing. Christianism has started late, current Hindus can see the game going on before their eyes and object. But wait 2000 years and Rajeev Srinivasan's direct descendants will declare (oh you know they will, if Rajeev is any indication) that Trivikrama is a name of jeebus and that Onam is some allegory involving christians, like Rajeev did for Buddhism (and Witan for dravoodianism).

[2] On the second comment to the TOI news article:

Christians have now inculturated on 'ezhuthiniruthu' = vidyaarambham. Jains also inculturated on vidyarambham and a whole lot more: all the rites that punctuate a Hindoo's Vedic life. Including homas during marriage and the yagnyopaveeta ceremony. Yes, Jain copying is as bad as Buddhist copying with their "gomas" centred suddenly around Buddhist/Bauddhified entities.

So when tomorrow, christians conduct weddings with homas and circling the sacrificial fire, and when christians have upaveetam ceremonies (which I think "Mangalorean" [Goan] christians already do), and when christians perform gomas with jeebusjehovallah as the centre of the rite, Hindus surely won't complain? It's nothing that Buddhism and Jainism didn't do, after all.

And when jeebusjehovallah worshippers come out with their own spins on Ramayanam and Mahabharatam - and the Trivikrama vs Mahabali account - no doubt Indiafacts entities like the one who wrote an article about how all Ramayana variants are equally valid can declare that any upcoming christian Ramayana/MBh is also "equally" valid. No? Why not? So what if some more centuries have elapsed from Valmeeki and Vyasa's originals and the further traditionally-Hindoo variants, since if the Jain and Buddhist inculturationist versions are extended equal validity to the Hindoo original and Hindoo variants, then so can christian inculturating spin-offs that appear tomorrow acquire equal validity for plagiarising of the same Hindoo source. Given enough time, christian variants too will be "old and ancient and established".

IIRC one of the comments to this post's first-linked article - at HaindavaKeralam - complained about how the extent of christian inculturation is so far gone now that christians would probably next start on pillaging from the Ramayanam. But then, christians wouldn't be the first to do that and get away with it, would they?

At least the logic of the christoconditioned (else cryptochristo) Manoj S - the 2nd comment pasted here from the comments section of the TOI article - holds with that of most other Hindu (nationalist) vocalists including Malhotra, who also argue based on current outward similarity between Jainism/Buddhism(/Sikhism) and Hindu religion that these are all related. [In fact, though Malhotra - who has turned the word digestion (appropriation) into a phrase - has tried to warn against digestion of Indic traditions, he is unable to recognise that Hindu religion was the victim of digestion by other Indic religions long before the west or even christianism got in on the action.]

The current christian encroachment on Vishnu's personal name Trivikrama is - just as Buddhist encroachment on Shiva and other Hindoo God names was - a precursor to christians further christianising the sacred Kerala Hindoo festival "Onam". Christians may well start claiming Trivikrama temples after that, like Buddhists and Jains (and Bauddhified) have been claiming Hindoo temples in India especially the south.

That christianism plans its takeover programmes well in advance is already seen in the very important article indiafacts.co.in/pattanam-excavations-prove-myth-st-thomas/

Christians have already been attempting to claim Maariamman is "mary" for some time, to encroach on all Maariamman temples. (Buddhists already tried that with Maariamman temples in TN and Bhagavati temples in Kerala too not to mention with Aiyyanaar temples in TN, just like Buddhism encroached on Taoist temples to a Daoist Goddess in E and SE Asia after Buddhism had encroached on her as "Guan-Yin". It's what Buddhism does.)

Where Maariamman is concerned - note Maari is a famous name of Durga from Durga and Lakshi sahasranaamas and Devi Mahatmyam etc - christianism has already started with this multi-pronged christian encroachment project by encroaching on Ardhanaareeshwara, since Maariamman is usually depicted with features of Ardhanaaree: crescent moon in her hair (since the Shiva half is Shashidhara), trishoolam, damaru in hand etc.

The important part of this post is

all the links and text in quoteblocks

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