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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
TOI, the famous crypto-christian paper promoting inculturation, is at it again:


1. Note the invention of an allegedly "ancient" Indian "christian" art form, which is essentially a pillaging of Hindu religious expression in theatre, martial arts and dance (dubbed "Indian" here by the christists, to avoid admitting the theft from Hindu religion), but with some superficial christoportuguese elements dashed on top, to pass it off like it's an "Indian" catholic evolution.

= exactly what christianism earlier tried do to Bharatanatyam etc. Now christianism has just decided to inculturate on Bharatanatyam and carnatic music wholesale, after explaining away - or rather "re-interpreting" (into a christian POV) - the Hindoo-isms in it.

2. Just like the sudden nouveau Buddhist encroachment on Ayyappa (which the likes of Rajeev Srinivasan and his sycophant readers bought wholesale), christianism has christian designs on Ayyappa.

It always starts like this: pretending they are re-enacting Indian mythology (=first step: renaming Hindoo religion into "Indian" mythology). Then again, did not Rajeev declare that Ayyappa was all-Indian having Buddhist and islamic connections (the islamic connection is a *known* late addition from recent centuries, while the Buddhist nonsense is the recent invention, from a few decades back).

Then again, if Lokesh Chandra's drivel on Sabarimalai/Ayyappa - peddled hard and repeatedly by Rajeev Srinivasan - didn't get a murmur of protest from the usual gaggle of visible "Hindus" spamming the internet, then why should anyone complain about the above (and subsequent) developments?

(Oooh, sudden thought: Like Witan fell for dravoodianism concerning Trivikrama-vs-Mahabali, and Rajeev got Bauddhified over Trivikirama-vs-Mahabali as well as Ayyappa at Sabarimalai, wonder which "Hindu nationalist" vocalist will next fall for the christianism slowly being drawn around the Hindu God Ayyappa?)

It's like PK: why object to its anti-Hinduism, when no one objected to the same sort of nonsense happening closer to home (again, the example of Elst lecturing to Hindus that "the MBh reveals Krishna to be a womanizer, please don't be in denial", or Rajeev Srinivasan-Lokesh Chandra's Bauddhified tripe).

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