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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
1. hinduismtoday.com/blogs-news/hindu-press-international/to-make-yoga-the-common-man-s-choice--modi-government-to-drop-all-references-to--om--from-promotion/14315.html

Quote:To Make Yoga the Common Man's Choice, Modi Government to Drop all References to 'Om' from Promotion

on 2015/4/20 17:56:27 ( 258 reads )


NEW DELHI, INDIA, April 18, 2015 (Times of India): To make yoga an aam [Hindi for "common," as in "common man"] lifestyle choice in a country where religious symbolism often attracts high-voltage political controversies, Modi Sarkar is dropping all references to Om -- the traditional mystical invocation related to Hindu spirituality and yoga practice -- in its coming high-powered promotion of this ancient discipline. Senior officials involved in the government's extensive preparations to celebrate the June 21 International Yoga Day told ET that the brief is to keep the effort "free of controversy." Therefore, there will be no reference to aum in the 33-minute Common Yoga Protocol that's been prepared by the department of AYUSH (ayurveda, yoga & naturopathy, unani, siddha and homoeopathy), as well as all literature and video being prepared for the June 21 celebration.

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[Image: 3.%2BJesus%2BSaffron%2BSadhus.jpg]

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[quote name='Husky' date='23 April 2015 - 05:45 PM' timestamp='1429790842' post='117654']

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[Image: 4.%2BHindu%2BJesus.png]

Oh look, that's exactly what Buddhism (and Jainism too) pulled on the Vedic=Hindoo Gods. (Actually Buddhism also pulled it on Taoist Gods and Goddesses and Shinto ones. It even tried it on Greek Gods in Hellenised parts of Afghanistan. For instance, Buddhism turned Hercules the son of Zeus into a Bodhisattva fraud.)

Then enough time passed and Buddhism tried to encroach on Hindoo temples via its inculturation on Hindoo Gods. (E.g. the Avalokiteshwara fraud I mean fiction.) And it encroached on Taoist temples via the Buddhist inculturation on Taoist Gods (e.g. the Avalokiteshwara fiction again) etc.

Still more time passed, and today's Bauddhified "Hindus" (i.e. "Hindus" in love with Buddhism and who know more about Buddhism's inculturating fictions, including especially the recently-invented ones, than about Hindoo religion and Gods, they're that far gone) start believing in the Buddhist inculturation on Hindoo Gods and speaking of "syncretism/composite culture", that it must be equally Buddha/Bodhisattva and equally a Hindu God, and that this is "authentic", that Buddhism should have equal claims on the Hindoo Gods. And tomorrow the same types of ignorant Bauddhified will start claiming the "legitimacy" of Buddhist encroachment on Hindoo temples in TN. Tamil Hindoos should tell Bauddhified "hindoos" from other parts of the subcontinent to Stay Away (or else).

Anyway, the point of the above is to remark that the same process, given enough time, will happen with the jeebus inculturations on Hindoo Gods too.

Having inculturated on Vishnu by turning jeebus blue and giving him a shankha and chakra, and by presenting jeebus in the pose of Krishna in the Gita with the chariot and 4 horses,

in time, the evil jeebus-demons will - like their ancient Buddhist counterparts did with Vishnu, Shiva etc - start encroaching on Vishnu temples and declare that this is "actually jeebus" and hence "belongs to christianism" and "isn't a Hindoo temple but a christian church".

Later still, they will argue that "therefore, the people worshipping at these 'temples' were 'originally, actually' followers of Jainism I mean Buddhism I mean christianism, who were duped by the Vedic swindle/brahmanism into thinking these were Hindoo temples to the Hindoo=Vedic Gods instead".

That is EXACTLY what Buddhism and Jainism have done w.r.t. their missionary literature claiming Hindoo temples and their moorties.

And that is exactly what christianism will do. Hindoos do not seem to know this part of their history. But they would be wise to learn from it and be prepared for it.

Who says christianism is unlike the Indic religions? In behaviour and methodology, it is very like the Indic missionary religions/replacement theologies that sought to replace Hindoo heathenism aka Vedic religion aka Sanatana Dharma.

And just like Buddhism and Jainism consciously attempted to look more and more Hindoo by inculturating on Hindoo heathenism, so too christianism is starting to look more and more Hindoo by inculturating on Hindoo heathenism.

Doesn't mean that any of these missionary religions are actually related to the religion of the Hindoo Gods: just 'cause they look outwardly increasingly similar to Hindoos' heathenism, doesn't mean they're *actually* similar.

The minute jeebusites start referring to the word "dharma" (maybe they will encroach on it as theirs, the way Buddhism and Jainism did), Hindus will be forced to refer to it as a Dharmic religion. (And for the same reasons: inculturation on outward forms and terminology given twisted I mean re-interpreted meanings.) And then, christianism will also become as equally related to Vedic religion as Buddhism, Jainism etc are, so that "Hindu" "nationalists"/vocalists who've so often been seen claiming that Hindoos' heathenism = Buddhism = Jainism may start adding christianism to that running equivalence.

It is all the same (stupidity) after all. Now's not the time to start developing some powers of discrimination, so late. And let's not be partial either: let's not discriminate against christianism. No one wants to discover they're a hypocrite, after all.

This tendency to equalise is going to become a lodestone around modern Hindus' necks and all because they couldn't distinguish their own ancestral religion - where it begins and ends - from the other, later, inculturating Indic religions. <- It's actually Not all "the same" or "similar" to Hindoos' Vedic religion. Well, no more similar than christianism is to Hindoos' heathenism.


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