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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
HK site's been down. Checked their twitter account and it's still active.

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HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate · Apr 10

Dear ArchBishop how cn u call 4 Convr'sn &Opose #Gharwapsi in 1 breath?

Admit tht urs z a failed busines model & Quit




Call 4 intensive Evangelisation by Catholic Bishop Arch Bishop undr d pretext of dwindling Xian population

https:// pbs.twimg.com/media/CCPrWOsW4AAcwuU.jpg

Could explain the following (oh look, this degree of inculturation is what Buddhism and Jainism did too - and now they also pretend to have been originals, even as Hindoos are made to believe it by the process of gradual Bauddhification, so "tomorrow" by a process of gradual christianisation, Hindoos will be made to believe the following christian inculturations on Hindoo religion point to christianism being "a continuation of Hindoo religion too"):




Xian Manorama want 2 opose #Gharwapsi & promote ChristhuBhagvadgitha

Y promote the duplicate whn Original available?

(You mean, like Buddhism and its plagiarised Jatakas - plagiarised from Ramayanam etc and other Vaidika literature - which Buddhists used to promote Buddhism as a replacement of Vedic religion, when the originals were available? Same thing. Same reasons: for proselytising to achieve replacement.)


[Image: CBmGxlkW0AANZX1.jpg]
(Note style of drawing is a total plagiarism from traditional Kerala temple paintings style.

I figure christianism converted a traditional Hindu artist and now he's painting the jeebus fiction with Hindoo heathenism's artistic styles that had been taught to him when he was still a heathen.

The alternative is that christianism merely hired a still-Hindoo artist using lots of moolah to depict The Jeebus Falsehood in Hindoo imagery style. Can still see Hindoos make jeebus/mary statuettes, just like southern Hindoos have since longer been making Buddha images etc. even when their religion was the victim of proselytisation and inculturation.)




@mediacrooks amazing but true. "siluvai alwar" by rural theological institute in madurai http:// fcraonline.nic.in/fc3_verify.aspx?RCN=075940046R&by=2011-2012 …


[Image: BmOmz-3IQAAMx-f.jpg]

The competing Indic religions copied the Hindoo style of sacred imagery too. Although, Hindoos had foolishly started making images for Buddhism first: Hindoo Rajas commissioned Hindoos to make them. But then Buddhism started making their numerous Buddha and Bodhisattva fictions look more and more like Hindoo Gods - i.e. inculturation - and elsewhere [in Afghanistan] made these look like Greek Gods and heroes instead, and elsewhere [in Japan] like Shinto Gods and elsewhere [in China and Chinese regions] like Taoist Gods, and elsewhere like Bon Gods. SAME thing. Same criminality at the end of the day. And clearly the inculturation worked: lots of people buy that it's all "equally" Buddhist or even "originally" Buddhist.

And this:




Surprised? It's not #Sabarimala going Ayyappa devotees.But another form of #kerala Evangelist plagiarism for survival


[Image: CCmpRMXWYAA5j5B.jpg]
(Note the image on the umbrellas: jeebus and another christofiction are depicted together in Gita's Krishna-and-Arjuna pose)

More pictures in the above series:

https:// pbs.twimg.com/media/CCmpSS0W0AAFzfZ.jpg

https:// pbs.twimg.com/media/CCmoxXxW0AAYuyP.jpg

https:// pbs.twimg.com/media/CCmo3N9WAAEojle.jpg

Like the Bauddhified Rajeev Srinivasan - who declared that Sabarimalai must have been Buddhist (because the Bauddhified/cryptoBuddhist Lokesh Chandra declared so, based on LC's terrible 'scholarship' and outright *twisting* of facts)

- again: just like Bauddhified Rajeev Srinivasan based himself on LC's nonsense to imagine a history where "Buddhists must have pilgrimaged to Sabarimalai long ago" and that Shiva and Vishnu and even Ayyappa (of all Gods) could be conflated with the fake Avalokiteshwara of Buddhism,

likewise, future Hindus - christianised - will be declaring that jeebus is non-distinct from Vishnu/Krishna.

[In fact, it might be - probably will be - Rajeev Srinivasan's own progeny/progeny of his relatives.

Subvertibility seems to be inherited. The inverse is sadly not true: insubvertibility is not necessarily inherited.

Something to look forward to.]

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