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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
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Christians inculturating on Kerala's Hindoo festival Vishu:

1. Here's the Hindoo version

https:// twitter.com/HKupdate/status/588116252276744192


[Image: CClonShWMAE9EaO.jpg]

2. And here's the christians, having encroached on Kerala's Hindoo festival Onam (and even Vishnu's name Trivikrama, for this purpose), have now moved on to turning Vishu into a jeebus festival. Same time, but deity replaced:

https:// twitter.com/HKupdate/status/587952069451087873



#InferiorityComplex of Evangelical #copycat 's-Xian #Vishu

Follow pagans as desert religion can't fascinate natives


[Image: CCjTSoPWYAALPup.jpg]

Look how in Kerala the christian demons - spurred by their catholic bishop (see previous post) to "intensively evangelise" - have encroached on Vishnu. Since Vishnu is one of the central Hindoo Gods of Kerala.

Worrying that christianism will repeat what Buddhism did: Buddhism, after encroaching on the names and appearances of specific Hindoo Gods, went and encroached on the temples to these Hindoo Gods.

[Worried also that Rajeev Srinivasan types will next declare - as RS did for Buddhism - that the ancient Hindoo temples to Vishnu (Trivikrama and Krishna etc) in Kerala "were once temples/churches to jeebus". And that all references to Trivikrama are actually references to jeebus, the way RS declared that "Shaastaa is a reference to Buddha". And that because christists in Kerala now have jeebus in yoga and Gita pose that Hindoo Gods in Yoga poses and Krishna's Gita pose is "actually jeebus", the way RS declared that Ayyappa is sitting and that Buddha is often in a sitting yoga pose and that "therefore" Ayyappa was Buddhist. Etc etc.]

"That's mean". No it's not mean. It's what Rajeev Srinivasan factually did - documented somewhere in the Buddhism thread. Even he is prone to this (and many have parroted him blindly). So many more will be prone to falling for similar frauds too. Tomorrow someone quite like him - another "Hindu" nationalist - will be promoting christianism by encroaching on Hindu religion (Gods, their moorties and temples and poses and stotras) in the same manner. It's very scary, but clearly it's very plausible, being the reality in the likes of RS and Witan etc.

The church is no doubt banking on such subvertibles. Indians are so easy after all: many de-heathenise easily (can be easily Bauddhised by Buddhist inculturation or merely recent Buddhist dawaganda. So why can't they be christianised in the same manner? Like many "Hindu" bharatanatyam dancers are peddling christian rewrites of the Hindoo history of Bharatanatyam and the Tamil Sanghams.)

The important stuff is the images in this and the previous 2 posts.

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