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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
More evidence of christianism's intent to subsume Samskritam even while getting this banned among Hindus.


Quote:Those unconvinced about credentials of desert god are singing about the glory of Amrithdhara,

10/05/2015 12:34:22 GSK Menon

I was watching Surya TV Malayalam channel, when I saw a shocking title of a Christian Fellowship Centre program, which was titled "Amrithdhara" !

Do these people have any belief in Amrithdhara ? What is Amrithdhara ?, Amrith is the nectar that emerged as a result of the churning of the Milky Ocean referred to in Hindu Scriptures. "Dhara" is the anointment from head to toe of Hindu deities in temples by different substances. Therefore "Amrithdhara" has nothing to do with foreign faiths and beliefs.
Yet, the converts are forced to subscribe to doctrines, beliefs, customs and rituals which are anathema to the desert religion. Read the foreign scripture, it starts with a stern warning by different desert tribal gods who admonish that they should not be worshiped in the Heathen/Pagan mannert . Yet, here we find evangelists forcing converts to use Hindu lamps, Dhwajastambham (which represents the Spine of the deity inside the sanctum sanctorum. These desert religions claim that they do not believe in idol worship, I want to know which desert god's spine is now protruding in front of churches ? ).


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