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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
More spam.

Related to posts 196 and 197 from the SD thread / follows on from them in a way.


Uh, what's "international" about yoga?

What, no "international raindancing day" to imitate=dabble in the rain dancing practices of Africans, NA native Americans and IIRC heathen (=Taoist) Chinese kings?

I mean, if yoga is 'international', then so should native American rain-dancing be, surely? But the native Americans sensibly disagree. Modern Hindus are the insensible ones.

Typical article though. Wants to have the cake and eat it too.

Hindus want to both universalise all things Hindoo (=ethnic Hindu) and will object when this invariably gets out of hand.

Don't know what people were thinking was going to happen.

What has happened - of everyone=all the subversionists trying to turn yoga into a universalism, and then often into christianism or islamania too, having removed Hindoo heathenism out of it by the universalisation process - is exactly the only thing that could have come of all this. And anyone with half a brain could have foreseen that. But modern Hindus don't *want* to see it: because they are still bent on peddling & universalising Hindoo heathenism, i.e. turning it into a new age travesty. Which is why their argument is still that "anyone may dabble, just acknowledge it is 'Hindu'".

Then such people deserve everything that they're getting. Love their heartburn about aliens not acknowledging them. :Mwahahahahaha:

If Hindus feel they've "lost" yoga now (or that they will in the future) it is entirely their Own Fault. No one else is to blame.

Can see this in the BJP "Hindu nationalist" govt's determination to de-heathenise yoga and sell it to India's christoislamaniacs too.

Apparently islamics object only to the Hindoo mantras in Surya Namaskaram. If I was a muslim or christian I'd make damn sure I go nowhere near any part of it, the entire thing is intimately connected to Soorya Bhagavaan onlee (who most certainly is NOT the jeebusjehovallah), and has all kinds of side effects when you do it wrong (including with wrong views as to what or who is its ends), such as skipping mantras or pretending the ritual practice has to do with jeebusjehovallah instead (like the christian clone of Surya namaskaaram into 'yesu namaskaram' tries to project this as).

Yoga is not for dabblers and can have very unpleasant and non-transparent side-effects, as the west is but slowly discovering. (I could have told them that. But is anyone else sniggering that many western dabblers are increasingly crashing and burning, and horribly? Just deserts.)

The solution is simple, but will never be implemented by today's Hindus - not until it's too late (as with everything that modern Hindus do: too late in realising any sense at all, since they never think before they act):

- acknowledge and declare openly, repeatedly, consistently and in unison that Hindoo religion is an ethnic religion and tell all alien dabblers (including "converts") to turn on their heels and do whatever else: anything but any part of Hindoo heathenism.

The west has no - and never shall have - deekSham into anything Hindoo. Again: this is an ethnic religion. As are all things that belong to it. The west is only good at one thing: kicking away its own ancestral heathenism and dabbling fruitlessly in others'. (E.g. Arthur Avalon. ConfusedniggersSmile

- state the truth publicly: that there is NO yoga and no initiation into anything actually Hindoo in the west. All that they ever got is Hinduism Lite, including the Vedicist dabblers and the pretenders to Shaiva/Shakta initiation. And they're all demonstrably deluded in their conclusions.

The fact that the west does not have actual yoga or tantra is essentially admitted by the Harvard-backed digitisation programme of heretofore inaccessible (to the west) tantra and yoga manuals in India. That programme openly admitted that the west has never had access to actual yoga/tantra - i.e. that the west has only learned new-ageism - and it expressed the hope they could now learn actual yoga/tantra by spying yet more on ancient Indian written materials on the subject. Nice self-delusion.

The west is good at imitation. At "reading" Skt and pretending it understands what's written. And that's as far as they will get here too. Because learning Skt does not at all mean that you can become an expert in heathen practices (e.g. see so many Indians - like Suhas Mahesh or whoever writing at swarajyamag - translating away at Skt shlokas from sacred stotras and drawing novel conclusions because his perception is alien. And the west is even more alien, even when more willing to be new-agey/neo-pagan.)

- Most importantly/obviously, and this too is a fact, should state that without Hindoo cosmological views, it's not yoga. And so others are merely plagiarising the outward forms, like all inculturationists do.

In short, Hindoos should in unison issue the L/D/Nakot Declaration of War.

And like these native Americans, need to tell all other "Hindus" that Hindoo heathenism is NOT "shareable"=universal. This will never go down well, of course, since the primary advocates for turning Hindoo heathenism into a new-ageism (that it's "a universal spirituality") are modern "Hindus". They're gangrene. They'll never learn that what they're doing is directly killing Hindoo heathenism. That they number very much among its murderers.

As already mentioned often enough, the west already stole from yoga to create "exercises": that's what pilates is. The 'creator' of pilates is admitted to have taken from yoga and secularised it into an exercise. So there is no reason for the west to market the mere exercise it does under the "yoga" label, since what they're doing is just more pilates albeit more blatantly a copy of the outward form of yoga.

The exercises the west does and calls yoga is NOT yoga.

The west already dabbles in yoga as if it were part of some new age buffet. Even backsliding christos are in on this - and I agree with the Vatican and fundy christians that there is a fundamental disconnect/mutual exclusivity between yoga and christianism.

So the western/Middle-Eastern/Paki marketing of "yoga" as some neutral spiritual something - so neutral now that it can be magically re-attached to christianism or islam - is just a new-ageism. Not yoga.

The dabbling demon west - fond of "converting" into this and that eastern religion, or mixing and matching bits of this and that - and christoislamic inculturationism on "yoga" will gain nothing from their imitations and dabbling.

Of course it's all still plagiarism of aspects of genuine yoga, but fruitless.

That such plagiarism has come to pass at all is still the fault of "Hinduism Lite" peddlers. This is a modern problem, since only modern "Hindus" invented the problems of "anybody can convert" and "let's universalise Hinduism". It started with NRIs trying to exert their self-confidence (or rather, wanting their egos stroked). Then don't whine when choking on these mistakes.

When Hindoos' ancestors came up with their "the whole world is one family" phrase, they Never had christoislamania in mind. They didn't know about this, it was beyond their ken. When ancient Hindoos thought of teaching yoga to worthy people, they never had the west in mind: which has genocided everybody else thanks to its christianism (and by far most of the modern west has been *bred* by christianism, while most all the heathens were genocided long ago. What remains is almost entirely a genetic product of christianism's artifical selection process. This becomes more evident when Hindoos meet heathens of unbroken lineage from Asian nations.)

So stop trying to "redeem" the west. It can't be done via Hindoos' heathenism. It can only be done by the west's own ancestral religion. And the fact that so many in the west - most noticeably those dabbling in yoga or other aspects of Hindoo or Taoist or Shinto heathenisms (or indeed "converting" to any of these) - are not pursuing a sincere and proper return to their ancestral religions but are dabbling in Others' stuffs to any degree is a Huge Indication that they're still possessed by christianism, and have not yet been released to their own Gods.

All the more obvious in christoislamics dabbling in Hindoo stuffs.

The obstructions to yoga that Pata~njali lists will ever plague the dabbling demons (as it so obviously already does). Because they're dabbling. And because that's all they can ever do. It is clearly futile for them: like a human leaping repeatedly off a cliff and pretending that "this time I will finally fly". Never going to happen.

For the Pakis or Indic muslims wanting to do yoga: revert to Hindoo heathenism already. There is No Other Way to get anything out of it.

For aliens: now would be a good time to revert to your own ancestral heathenism. And anyone who still doesn't, owns to being a dabbling hypocrite/new-ageist.


Yoga is now "international"?

More proof for: "Only death cures stupidity."

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