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Inculturation: the OTHER christian conversion tactic
Not inculturation by christianism.

Outright theft by the west, here the cosmetics industry. But not sure of the thread in which this should be archived.

Quote:JagoBharatVasiyo > gopi thomas • 20 hours ago

Aveda is one such company started by an American by stealing Ayurvedic knowledge and plants from India and starting a cosmetics company and then sold to I believe L'oreal for billions. This is just one such example. There are lots more like this. And what we got in return, absolutely nothing.

How the illegitimate is legitimised by merely exchanging hands. Rather like the theft and smuggling of Hindoo vigrahas into western museums, where they pass from "private collections" purchased from smugglers (or stolen first-hand) to museums and it magically becomes legal.

Surprised Hindus still haven't gone to war over these things.

In contrast, AmeriKKKa would have nuked nations or otherwise genocided people over the same.

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